Survival Girl Prepare For Lunar New Year In Jungle - Combination Episode - Making Woven Bark Fiber

Survival Girl Prepare For Lunar New Year In Jungle - Combination Episode -  Making Woven Bark Fiber

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"Intro" Let's go check on the fish trap Come on buddy Good boy He's afraid of this stream He wants me to carry him over Let's go Haha, playful little puppy He has been sick lately and sneezes a lot Face full of dirt and booger Come on, let me clean you up Oh refusing Does clean up your dog always hard like that? Let's see if we catch anything today If I caught a fish I would release it Today is Land and Kitchen Gods day, it's our tradition to set free a fish Oops!!! It never rains but it pours! Look like nothing here and I wet my shoe I think I should find somewhere closer to my camp to place the trap Barefoot on rocks, yep, it hurt Luckily I can step underwater now without worrying about wetting my shoe anymore Okay, there are leeches in this stream, so no more barefoot "A beautiful butterfly" "And a grasshopper" Finally back "home" Looks like Strippie have some kind of "water-phobia" I have to carry him again Today is "Land and Kitchen Gods" day, which mean there 1 week left to Lunar new year On this day, because of Gods absence, we have to put up a bamboo tree with wind chimes to scare the evil away Looks like its windy out there, perfect Let's make the wind chimes Split this bamboo for the chimes Make a slit for cord tie Tie them up Put them together Sound great Peach blossom (A lunar new year icon) Let's hang the wind chimes up Time to secure the bamboo tree Beautiful sunlight On a special day like this, everything seems more peaceful Look at that, two bulbul bird Oops! I make a sound More bird If I want to track along the stream, barefoot is a bad idea Let's make something alow me to work more comfortable with water Measuring Cut the excessive-end Let's weave this with some vines Almost done Cut to fit Perfect! Smash this vine to make a rope A simple twist to make it stronger Pull the rope through Slide to the back Adjust to fit Make a loop to secure Now I can freely work Let's clean this creek Follow the stream for a better trap spot Time for some traditional food Let's make a pair of chopsticks first Clean rock for cutting board Time to prepare the ingredient Let's boil some water first Come to this side buddy, I'm blowing up fire He just wanna sit on his old spot Let's soak up the dry ear mushroom and clear noodle first Draining Chopping onion Small dice Ear mushroom Spring onion Carrot Clear noodles Mix them up, with salt and pepper I'm on a food shortage, so there's no ground pork A veggie spring roll Let's wrap them up with rice paper Have to make it tight, so it's not gonna unwrap when frying Deep fry Oooh, sizzling Strippie wake up by the sound Golden brown Let's try them Hot hot hot Did you hear that sound Crunchy and Crispy What a good way to end a beautiful day Today is the first day of the lunar new year, time for a little celebration Heavy rock with a sharp edge Clean it up first A primitive tool to crack open a coconut Split along the crack line I bet Strippie haven't tried coconut before He seems really like it Take out the coconut meat Strippie love coconut The hard inner shell is suitable to make a bow Let separate it out Clean the husk Dry husk can be used as fire starter Cut them into small piece Sugar and mix Now, let's prepare the carrot Cut the top Scrape the skin Make some small "V" cut along Flower shape carrot pieces Sugar and mix well Marinate them from 4 to 6 hours We already have a heated floor, but I think I need a small blanket for Strippie at night Let's use this tree for measurement I need to make a frame Measuring and marking Grown-up near a silk-making village allows me to understand the principle of a looms Let's recreate a simple one Plug multiple small sticks onto the ground Need to change 2 main pile for strength and height Use this to hold the vertical sticks Secure them Use a horizontal long stick so that it can move up and down Tie them into the common base Two small birds visited me Done It seems work Make a simple weaving shuttle Start weaving This process is long We need patience Smaller shuttle is easier to weave About 5 hours of work Finally finished Tie it up to secure Haha, a warm and soft blanket for Strippie The fruit is done marinating I also upgraded the stove with a bigger room to add more fuel Let's make some sweet snacks The sugar needs to be boiled to a dry cover dust There it is, nice caramel color Let's do the same with the carrot Did you guys hear that sound Looks like we have a bird singing contest here Tiny sweet carrot flower Look like there are some tea tree over there A hot cup of tea will be perfect to enjoy this special day A tea flower Let's clean it up Tear down to small pieces Tea and candy. So we need a table Prepare the material Carve a small slot to lock them in This will keep the leg steady Just make it simple The charcoal stove burn a lot hotter Tea is done Let's make a simple cup Almost forgot the cherry blossoms New year, new me. Hope this year will be easier for me Thank you all for supporting me for the last month It's been a tough time but with you guys beside me, i think i can do anything This is just a start and i think a bright future is waiting for us Once again, thanks for being with me on this journey. Wish you all a luck, health, fortune, happiness new year Luna, from My daily life

2021-02-17 12:14

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