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Now why would once why do with two hands I mean, just because it's more interesting than one hand what is it one hand enough wait yeah we never told you two hands it's gonna be both hands if you're gonna go go all the way. What's. Good on carry back and welcome back to base camp our favorite showed a film that's not actually out there in the wild but is inside this studio which is actually restaurant called 101 BK, here in Columbus Ohio, that has a fire and two of my best friends you guys ready to do this I am are, we gonna keep the fire though cuz it's warming up outside, you know yes the fire is an aesthetic, that is a part of base camp fire, on the mountain or a fire in a fireplace doesn't. Matter I'm on two vests, today yeah I'm layers you wearing six in total touch. Yeah, well. Just in case imagine, what would happen if some sort of polar ice cap happened all of a sudden you guys needed to borrow some clothes I'm here for you guys so you have allowed me this cool. Vest no way man this is vintage this is an original this is all me okay, so we've been reading the comments in the comment section and we, have listened. To what you guys have said and you, want to see a video, of us analyzing. A sting. Video. You. Guys know what we're gonna start right. No we're just right the beginning at the beginning which, was a. Harvest. Area yes the, harvester, ants those infamous, little venomous creatures we're trying to find out the answer you do ants bite or sting because. We didn't know that at the time and unfortunately I was the guinea pig in this situation, yeah. Yeah. Get. To that yet but if you guys are ready I think I'm ready Mario, are you brave I'm great, you're brave right I'm briefed I know I've read out there watching is brave and of course I'm brave if you guys are ready let's dive hands. First right into the heart strands. I'm coyote Peterson this, morning we're gonna answer the quite a few I mean gotta still say my name today I look. Up. To. Then. Eventually rolling, around on the ground as we got to the more painful ozox. Logo. You know I don't know if anybody notices, that like if you really go back and look at the first episodes, of breaking trail the logo is not as defined, as later episodes, yeah that's kind of the fun part about having a youtube channel it's just like the continual, progression and, improvement, of your hiatus yeah when we first don't look over like man this is awesome like it could be better, yeah what could be better is Bruce it out a bit right yeah. Hasn't. Changed I actually could it be better still I think maybe we should spruce, it up again up maybe so guys what do you think tell us in the comment section below should we revamp the breaking trail logo. Alright. Let's keep going Oh. Check out those be real shot states, has, a reputation of, being like a slowed.

Down The pace you know the, intro that's right this is where I really started writing those epic voiceovers, reptile, it's cowboy country, cowboy country why, is it right there let me tell you guys about writing scripts real quick okay it's all about finding creative words, to get the audience engaged into, into, the episode right okay cowboy country I was really proud of that that got my attention right yeah yeah Oh cuz I got the cowboy hat on like you know I picture myself is like Clint Eastwood going. Up against the harvester ants and now we would like include maybe like a sound effect it'd be like a whip. Yeah. Can. We get some whip cracks in there when we sit a cowboy, country. Video. Hang, on what that. Little crater right there Oh ease the, soap Yujin hmm let's not talk too much about that that might be enough that's. What I'm saying yeah that's, a little preview jump in the gun more yeah yeah sake. Jenny. Mess. Now check. I've snuck venomous, animals, in some pretty big spider that's a big spider hands comes any less nerve-wracking, to pick up a tarantula, that's actually kind of a small tarantula, but you're saying they. Are much more afraid that's a good one you. Shot. And. There they are, the harvester, had stored in. Living in many areas in the backyards, all, right pause it for a second with these cool shots are harvest rands mister. Wildlife biologist, now at the time we know a whole lot about harvester. Ants so you decided to do a little research before I actually put my hands in there you gotta remember guys when we do these bitin seeing episodes they are calculated, we don't just randomly, go out there and say hey we're, just gonna get bitten in some Westfall I guess I don't say I'm just gonna randomly get bitten soon my stuff you, do a lot of research beforehand, don't we do yeah and I actually picked. Up a book for us alright oh yeah this thing of the wild it's good buck and our, buddy entomologist. Justin, Schmitt has a lot of information about harvester, ants and we found out they, have one of the most toxic venom, in. The insect world six. Times stronger. More, toxic, than like bee venom Wow. Yeah but, it's a very small package like small venom, dose yeah in fact their, venom can be potentially, more toxic, than like many snake Venom's but. The ratio the size they're just small so I'm not gonna inject a lot so I'm listening, to all this I'm listing, off these things in my fingers most toxic, crazier. Than snakes well like why would you put your hands and, amount.

Of These I'm sure everybody out there asking, is the, director paid you to do it now it's my fault that we do well, no actually in, all fairness this one is to blame on my mom because, here's. The true story my mom had gotten stung by one of his harvest rien cent and this was actually filmed in her backyard in Tucson Arizona and she said if you guys are gonna go out there exploring around watch out for the harvest rien mount the other day I got stung by one and it packs a wallop and you guys know how we don't listen to our moms actually, kids out there watching listen, to your mom's trust me otherwise you're gonna end up like me but my mom said don't, go into the harvest ramp mouth so really we should probably get stung by those harvester ants more I'm gonna do some research to see how bad this really is and that's, really how it all came about so how is it your mom's fall she clear-- listen so do it if my mom mom, if you had not told us about the harvest Rance I wouldn't have gotten curious, it's like when your mom's like don't eat the whole thing of ice cream just take a single boy oh it's, all ice cream or maybe if you just listen to your mom yeah that's, right kids the moral this story is listen, to your mom or your dad or your aunt or your uncle or anybody, that tells you not to mess with harvest your aunt's including, me it, hurts all right let's keep going. There. They're much bigger than like say it uh normally in Ohio it's not a bulletin, but it's I mean you can see, there's. Some too large what. I was thinking they're, tough to me in my pants back that up but was, that really gonna work, why didn't I took my pants at least into my socks that is the worst. Job ever and actually, I learned from this when, we did the fire ant episode, when we get to the fire ants you'll notice I do tuck my pants into my socks I am. Just saying my pant legs safety. First right I. Guess. I I didn't, really think about the fact that they were gonna crawl all over my body other understand my hands. They. Are pretty big. How. Many ants Mario, would you say we're down there in that hole man. Well that's, just like the tip of the iceberg, so harvester. Ant nests are some of the deepest, and most cavernous. Of all ants in North America actually so that that.

Actually Will go down maybe two to three feet deep Wow and there could be thousand, off of harvester ants in there so what we're seeing here is just a fraction. Of a fraction just, a fraction yeah yeah, you don't want to fall through that. But. What most people don't realize is that many species including. The harvester ant also, have the ability to sting the, reason for the video a lot of times people ask like why did you do the, harvest rant video the real reason is besides. Your mom telling you not to do it do you want to do it anyway is the fact that a lot of ants sting and at the time like I won't be honest I didn't really know that I thought, that like you know if you were bitten by a fire and that's what causes reaction, in fact it's it's a sting sure, and we're like oh wow this is a great point that we need to or their audience so that, is the real reason why this all began yeah and in all fairness living in Ohio I mean from Florida you knew about fire ants in Ohio I don't think we have any ants that actually, sting at least nothing that I've ever been stung by so for us this was a new experimentation, in the name of science, yep all right let's keep going boy, is it a wop wop. It's. A Burger King I, love, Burger King. Really. That angry with me at this point they're just gonna. Really put his hands in here now why why, go with two hands I mean, just because it's more interesting than one hand is, it one hand enough yeah, we never told you two hands yeah, you you immediately, were like symmetry to well, I figured for the camera shot it would be a lot easier to have both hands and for the audience out there watching be a lot more entertaining than to just be like you, know I'm over here like Oh snoozing. With one in now it's gotta be both hands if you're gonna go go all the way yeah. That's, fair enough right now real quick the ants actually harvester. Ants are actually pretty docile they. Actually, tend to get around to me well, that's when you put your hands in and you disturb them so this is a great example of they're, just hanging out and, you come in as a potential, predator and then no, threat at this point intruder, intruder, yeah, yeah, let's see what happens. You, can see I'm actually standing on the mound all the grass and is dead yeah and that really is your mom's backyard you can see like these little pavers here these little little rocks and then papers, behind you I think I was getting some lemonade at this time were you I think so is that where you were yeah I think she gave me some wonder we didn't have better shots in the south, go. Through with this yeah. What would I like about, this episodes articularly, with the shots is that like distinction. We. Had no formulas at this point for the sting video so we, had to get really creative with how to film that's like even yourself ego approach first. And it became like a real signature, to audition videos, so it. Is fascinating to see all the little bits and pieces that made it into, future videos after this, that's. This oh yeah. Speaking of something that made it I'm, really proud of this little encounter yeah why don't you tell everybody out there about your little encounter, because this was like your pride and joy okay upon the making of this episode so, quick, story so up to this point coyote, was the editor of the show you were doing all the editing I was, doing all the uploading, but I was also making all the graphic assets so like updating, the maps lower, thirds, I was, kind of getting used to using After, Effects it's a program for editing for those either do those kind of things the. Aunt was the very first After. Effects project that I made on my own so it. Was a big deal for me I didn't know if it's even gonna work I told you I can't I think I'm gonna make this ant counter, and, you're like can you do that I'm like I guess. I can try but it's sweet look. At it it totally worked yeah everybody. Loves that encounter, it, does countdown well it gives you an idea of how long I had to keep my hands inside though they came out and honestly my hands are pie and they're a little bit longer than what oh there's an ant on the corner of the screen there my handsome probably in there feel a little bit more than him what is that right there, I just notice on your thumb what's, that for that's my Gila monster bite that's. For another video. So. You can see the progression once, once, starts biting what, happens there really is a pheromone, and.

They're All angry so. You started getting multiple, bites. Bites. And stings. That's. A nice shaky shot right there was that the jvc. What's. Called to the front lines I think I was like you can see that well it's forming on my hands already 60. Seconds, seemed like a lifetime, I like this next shot you can see him going up my arms oh yeah and then there's a shot you can see them on my back right, there and close look, at him there's a lot of them on me that people don't realize how many went up my pants, they moved really quickly I remember trying to get the screen grab for, like the thumbnail on this video and, when. You when you pause it there like blurred they're moving so fast yeah the, pain became, much. I. Was. Done the, ants that's the true meaning of ants, in your pants right there and the thing was they were like still getting up into my pants actually got stung in places that we couldn't show on camera well you were not happy right now I was not. One. Of the most painful stings oh gosh, there she knew much, bigger than the harvester ants I don't know what I was thinking you can click, another ant out of my pants right there. Just. Several stings did you feel bad laughing, at that point Mario well. This was definitely our first intro, into him. Getting stung in it and I, was trying not to laugh but I did not feel bad laughing because I just, thought he was crazy sound. Like what are we doing I think a lot of people out there watching thought I was crazy too yeah I thought I was crazy at the time and actually what most people don't realize is after, this cuz we didn't keep filming after I had to go like take a cold shower like, my arms all swelled up we actually got some of the b-roll shots after the fact when all the welts started forming like it was it was crazy like that venom definitely, put me out of it it's kind of amazing how this video came together in general because we did there was a real plan now that he's winded. It's actually an episode that almost didn't happen because of how hodgepodge a lot of the shots were and like keep watching till the ending here you'll see like I just have to like throw an outro done the, crew and I counted 63, sting zones and the, effects of the venom lasted. For nearly a week which. Included, searing pain during the first couple hours trip, following my swelling yup tenderness, and periodic. Itching the issue is actually a lot worse than I meant adopted, me that was the worst part is probably pitching, after. Wow. That's. A great shot great little Bureau shows yeah I got that shot yeah yeah that's got a he's got a little seed so, it just shows you their harvesting, abilities, mmm, that's true and all fairness that well cuz a lot of people think that maybe answer out there to get you they're not they're eating pollen and plants, and other little things for their larvae so these dads are cool just don't stick your hands. Don't want to human hands unless, you're worn lizard cuz more lizards feast on the harvest rates so you dress up a horned lizard costume and go out there the ants probably aren't gonna like you maybe, maybe, we should do that next time are there more in lizard costumes, oh my gosh guys I got a great idea for this Halloween a horned, lizard costume, Ryan. What do you guys think write in the comment section below horned, lizard costumes, I'm talking we'll have a meeting yes.

Now. Did they all start stinging because like right there like they kind of you could see they're crawling up you're not. Singing. In unison not, as fast as the fire ants and I don't want to get too much into the fire ants at this point and you also notice that this is me placing my hands in the answer this isn't once we evolved into holding a single insect with entomology. Forceps, so the ants were more exploratory. And like Mario said once, an initial sting, was induced, that's, when they start releasing the pheromone and then everybody, goes into attack mode in. This. Just. Maybe the. Bullet challenge, isn't. Too far there, the bullet, ant challenge, so this video came out I think in a February. February. 2016. And. Then we climbed the insect sting pain index throughout, the course the rest of this really did kick it all off it really did and to. Be fair. All. The bullet ant talk really was like a flu shot no you sort, of cleverly, work that yeah we. Had no plan to like do this thing and at this point. Get, those GoPro shot everywhere I remember how clever you you thought you were getting that you work it was a great shot but everybody likes wait to see what this yeah, and. I used to go pro those readings all the time get it really cool like perspective, so that's great did you see the crew comes Mario right here so Smith the color harvest, rates. And. Now there's the tease for the Soul peaches right there so maybe we'll have to go back and analyze the so pigeon episode it's um. That was actually one of the most terrifying. Situations, I've ever been in when I had to get chomp out the sole PG but again, I don't want to get into that too much right now so well, there it is our first sting. Analysis. Video and really the first intentional. Insect sting that I ever, took so, I did, I did pull a picture, out of the archive that I took from the shoes or, guys picture we need to get something up on the screen that says archive. Everybody, always asked Mario my question. Do you guys ever get stung when is Mario gonna get stung when is marketing, it's done and the, truth is guys. Just. From being there yeah and I, don't. Do well those things and, to illustrate that point checked. Out this photo look. At that one, harvester, and sting a harvester, ant crawled, up my pants, stung, the back of my knee and, literally, left the welt like this could you imagine what would happen to me if I did what you did yeah you probably had to go to the hospital which honestly could happen to a lot of people if you're stunning your body reacts the wrong way so it's, definitely, important to note that like your, reaction pretty. Extreme my reaction pretty bad for getting stung 60, times but remember.

Guys We, do a lot, of research before I take any of these stings so the last thing you ever want to do is intentionally. Wander, into a nest of any sort of ants bees wasps ants avoid, them at all costs again they're not out there to get you only, gonna attack you if you disturb their home or their environment hmm, I tell you what guys that was pretty, cool to see the beginnings of the sting I, don't know I'm really enjoying this whole audience inspired, review, process, like I really like you guys picking out the videos that we decide, to dissect, on base camp yeah it's pretty cool to watch the video see how we progress you, know just, our filming techniques, and just in general with just what we've been filming yeah well I can tell you guys this much there is a bite one coming up very soon we're technically, there was a bite there but I'm talking about a true, bite the first big bite on the brave rollers channel so you can guess what it is and write it in the comment section below and yes. Guys just I want to take a moment to pause everything, that's happening because every, video the one question everybody wants to know when. Is the executioner. Wasp coming, guys, we've, already filmed, it, is epic. And it will be out later this year but we'll do you throw in the bullet in as being the king of sting guess, you guys have to wait and find out what, else do we have coming up soon or what do we just finish that we're about to announce coming up soon right you guys love announcements, so we just finished the West Coast tour and we're getting ready to announce the Midwest. Tourist. Asking. Yes, we are coming to the Midwest and guys just because we announced a tour doesn't mean that we're gonna stop touring it's going to be going on continuously. Now probably. For the rest of our lives, yeah I would say all right you know one, other place like for. Everyone outside of the United States the. Rest of the world we are going to tour international, yes as well so don't worry it may take us some time but we will get there United Kingdom we will get there India we will get there rest. Of Europe and all over the place we're definitely gonna get there and Iceland. I know you guys have been asking we will definitely be coming to Iceland just cause Iceland's ethic and I want to film there and you go on tour there anybody, out there from Iceland. Iceland. We can go okay. So you guys ready for an outro yeah that's, pretty much the announcements, oh yeah the old teasers right okay right do it I'm Mario LD koa and I'm coyote Peterson and, I'm. Mark tins be, brave stay. Wild we'll, see on the next base camp adventure, yeah those might be our best one yeah what. This. Thing's had to start somewhere and that, somewhere was. The Southwest so, make sure to return to the deserts of Arizona and, watch, as my climb up the insect, sting pain index began.

And Don't, forget subscribe, so. You can join me in the crew on our next big adventure.

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Yes come to Iceland! Me and my kids would love it :)

Get stung by the bot fly

I really like the basecamp videos! I love hearing what went on behind the scenes, and what it took to put the video together.

I completely agree to you be a horned lizard for Halloween.

React to the extreme cactus attack that you did

Exploration collective gold religion where cross error gentleman gene paper advance impossible.

Congrats and u crazy but amazing!!

I mean this coyote is good, but I miss the old one. Daily videos everyday, getting stung by everything. We were so hyped for bullet ant, now the channel was destroyed cause the hype train is gone, no daily videos, and basically he’s trying to get views now, he doesn’t clickbait but yeah. Sorry if your his fav yt ber, And this offended u

i really enjoyed this video, of course i emjoy all your videos but i like the three of you sitting there and talking to us

I love you guys

Horned lizard :D

AbSoLUte mAD LaD

Idk y the fk im watching these type of videos

I didn't watch this before.

Coyote, why haven't you done a video with a copperhead yet?

Guy gets stung then a person ask are you ok??..clicks on newer video of him getting hurt again asks the same question smh..



How about a base camp episode for the lionfish that was one of my favorite series of episodes

Can you get stung by just a bee just so we can see hw if feels after all those stings.

Damn got excited at first thinking this was a new video

Get bit by a spider

5:08 OMG I thought his hat was on fire lol

Hey Coyote, why not get bitten by a black mamba in the face? I think you'll be able to walk it off after.

Guys do a Base Camp video of Coyote getting bitten by Giant Desert Centipede

I think that is a great idea coyote

revamp the breaking trail logo yeeeeeeeees

gives me chills thinking about it.

I was recently stung by something I couldn't identify. I stepped in what looked like an ant mound barefooted (on accident of course) and was swarmed. The only really dangerous ones I thought we had around here were fire ants but these things swarmed and bit/stung with just as much pain. The weird thing is they looked like spiders, not ants. They were black in coloration but they CLEARLY looked like spiders. But to my knowledge there are no spiders that build mounds and live in colonies like that so what in the world could they have been?

Congrats for the subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do a snake attack

Please visit Sri Lanka in your Asia tour.

A SHARK bite congrats on 10M jk I think its a Horned Lizard.

Nice to see a video not targeted for kids

I think not because you are crazy.

I was watching BEFORE u started the sting thingy thing. Where u would get stung and move on to the bullet ant.

If you go to Iceland, you should definitely go to the Westfjords in the north cause it's one of the most wild and seperated environments you can find in Iceland, there's loads of opportunities to find orcas, dolphins and maybe even arctic foxes if you're lucky, and it's also the most beautiful part of Iceland in my opinion, especially with the gigantic waterfall Dynjandi.


Oh ya 10m

im not

Of course Ants Sting It's not like they are like: "Look! There is a Human that is 200 times bigger than me, lemme bite him/her with my small ant teeth"

I've gotten stung by one when I was 12. I remember crying a lot.

Coyote I can tell you really love animals and was curious of your thoughts on the way animals agriculture is harming wild life across the planet, would you be willing to try a vegan challenge or something in that ball park to raise awareness and help reduce the damage we've caused to these animals and environment

Come to Bosnia for a butt load of snakes. It's quite miserable for me :(

u mist leaf cuttents and army ants

cyote will you ever come to New Zealand. I found a spider in my back yard it lives Auckland New Zealand I think that every one would like it it is called the sheet web spider it is massive it can bite but can't injuse venom I cort one and then did some research  although we have one of the safest country's in the world we do have a little island   that you can snorkel over to called goat island it would be an amazing beyond the tide video thank you love your videos

Yes, but the title of any BW's video never specifies whether it's "Base Camp" or "Breaking Trail" or "Beyond the Tide" or "On Location", etc... As for the thumbnail, if you look on the top right corner, that campfire logo indicates Base Camp. I'm not a big fan of Base Camp either, but as long as he does regular videos too, then I'm pretty much ok with it.

Jeff O This is an episode of base camp. The title does not specify that. The thumbnail and the title is misleading as it seems like this is a brand new "stung by" video

How do you mean? The title matches the video.

Umm, do you people have ADHD or something? He mentioned the executioner wasp in this video.

i se bit of rivalry going on there :D


I got stung by harvester ants fire ant and faro ants so not only one who did

C0ngratz on 10 Mill

You sound really similar to Charlie Day

I dont even no why people eont like this vid He SACRIFICED HIS PAIN FOR THIS!

how bout miniessota

coyotes have layers

In Sweden, we have like zero venomous animals.

yes you should

How is he not dead yet

I love the Ohio love

Congrats on ten million subs

I've no idea what kind of ants we have in the UK, but I do recall a point in my childhood where I was bitten by a LOT of red/brown ants. I was probably between the ages 5-7 years old & I was living in Surrey, England at the time. It was one of those sunny days with blue skies & I was in a classmate's back garden, where they kept a slide, etcetera. However, I didn't realise that the slide was swarming with lots of these tiny reddish-brown ants; & I was invited to go down the slide before my classmate could have a go. By the time I slid down & onto the grass; they were crawling ALL over my legs, thighs & (regrettably) my butt. My mum had chosen a skirt for me that day, so my skin was totally unprotected; & they were biting me EVERYWHERE! I went to my mum in tears & she had to swat the ants off with a tea-towel (given by my classmate's mum). There could be worse ways to get stung/bitten, but unluckily for me; my Asperger's Syndrome makes me HIGHLY hypersensitive to pain (etc)...

Caribou pack

You should try the explotion of the Colobopsis explodens

Get stung by the Japanese wasp

HAR POGO 4:34 - 6:43

Only thing i can say is *OUCH*


Come to Canada

I have questions 1. What is the most painfullest animal or bug you encountered 2. What was the most amazing animal you encountered 3. What was the most poisonous one you encountered 4. Can you do more with foxes

TCU Horned Frog’s

It doesn’t matter what training you have if you are silly enough to put your hand in biting ants. Any crazy person can do that any day!

Go for it

I love the base camp introduction


I wanna see you with cockroaches. Will they bite?

Trie to be biten by an bobbit worm!!!

I cry every time we get stung bitten stuff like that

So maybe FINLAND will be seen❤️❤️

Wear a horned lizard costume to my epic Halloween party and you would be my hero. Basically, DO IT.

Coyote looks just like my Columbus Public Schools, middle school science teacher. Is this a conspiracy?

I like coyote because he sounds a lot like Charlie Day lol. That makes everything he does that much funnier and interesting.

yo shud change the logo

Now I’m curious. But Nota’s curious as this. I’ve never been bitten/stung by an ant, so I’d rather get bitten by a black ant

Not as*

Next coyote should get shot by a twelve gage shotgun

A video in a video... weird

quite possibly my new favorite show

A wasp crawled on my foot last week in my house, hes still flying in my house chilling today, he is actually flying close to me a lot? Is that coincidence or no

How he still alive

can we get a whip crack. nope lol

I've done this before.


Congrats on 10 million

And do a horn lizzard costume

You should make the logo better

Eat almost all of da

#10 mio sub


I love the episodes where we get to see Mark and Mario

Coyote is like onions, onions have layers

I ant sceed

I got singed by a fire ant 2-5

U learned

Go out with the new go in with the old


Can you do the crocodile feeding frenzy

do a shark

Come to New Zealand. I would love to meet you.

I want to see him try the Jack Jumper ant sting, some say it's worse than the Bullet Ant.

You doing all these video gives me the heebie-jeebies

f*ck yea! #horned lizard


That's actually a pretty large species of ant. How big can it be compared to the bull ant?


Poor arm what gets stinged

Come back to Texas, east texas/west louisiana

Horned lizard costume

Coyote don’t listen to mark and mario! You can wear a horned lizard costume if you want! Lol

The reacting that he has is my react when I get bitten by a regular ant

nice video

Great job Coyote and crew

Your vids should be episodes on NG

I did like the ant counter.

Good job

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