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Men Take, them off the shelves but don't want to be seeing, it so, they make it look as if they're reading books about railways, so quite. Often that sweater where we both end up, and. You have a cat behind, you. And. This is the, Scottish. Room. So. This room is full of books about Scotland, and, Scottish, history in Scottish, literature. Poetry. Is. A fairly big collection. Of books and maps as well actually. Prints, in fact here's one of week tone. There's. Week tone in 1818. So. The bottom the hill which is not filled needs. To be. Shiny. And. Here is Natural, History and wildlife. And. Authority. Birds. By. Cats. That's, good, question probably the antiquarian, businesses. For. Me that's like, where the. Whole history of books is it's, it's. Tied. Up in that section. But. I like the Scottish. Rite. Fatty. So. Hello. Our. Interview. I have. Four. Questions, to warm, up it, will be disordered, questions. So, okay, do you prefer long or short books. 500. Pages, I prefer, shorter yeah, same. Here, classic. Or more contemporary. More. Contemporary. Okay. Tea, or coffee. Tea. Okay. And reading. Only your, favorite, book to, the rest of your life or every. Other book, except, your own favorite every, other word ah. So. I want my subscribers. To get to know you a little bit better, so. I have. Some, questions, from them so, what's. Your favorite. Books. From, your, childhood. Mmm. That's a good question, I. Think. Probably. How. Did you define childhood. Before. 15. Okay. So probably. In. At, that time the, book that kind of spoke to me most was the Catcher in the Rye. This. Boys, like it the boys relators, okay. And your, favorite, classic, except. I. Think again. Depends, how you define classic, but I think probably I. Have. A friend who, has introduced, me to lots, of, books. In, translation which, I hadn't read before and. I, think probably the, best. One, the. Most interesting one. One. That I suppose would be defined, as a classic, that I've only, recently discovered is. Bulgar, coughs master, and margarita ah. Mystery. And email, goes out that in the Polish yeah, it's, a great book I think. Of, those talking to a journalist, earlier today who said it it's like. One. Big long, acid. Trip. Yeah. If you're made to read it then it's not so good choose. To read it. But. Have you ever thought, about setting. Up your, bookshop, in maybe bigger. City. Or bigger town, yes. I have actually when I first bought the shop I thought it would be. Maybe. Possible to open another branch. Yeah. But. Then I realized quite how much work is involved in, running, one shop. So. Running more than one I think would be, you'd. Need a good, manager, and, also. Rent. An end property, rent in Edinburgh is prohibitive. Which is well, it's the same everywhere you look at and, the, high street everywhere book shops are closing down because they, can't afford rent. So. Something, has to change soon, by. The rain has to get cheaper or. There's. Gonna have to be some sort of economic incentive.

Maybe. It will help, and. We. Say, like don't, judge a book by it's cover but. Have. You ever judged. A client. For a book they but yes. Every. Everyday. So. You can almost always, tell. What. The customers going to buy almost, immediately. And. It's terrible because I hate I hate stereotypes. I hate generalizations. When. You work in the business. For a long time you, start to see patterns so. Imagine. That I. Open. The door and, come. Here, and you, see me contemporary. Fiction. Maybe. Oh maybe maybe, classical, fish in this other fiction, okay, am, i right. Different. People, tell. Me like three. Features. Like. Of the, worst, and the, best kind. Of client, oh. God. They're all bad. There's. No good ones okay. No sir okay so the good ones are. You. Want to start with the worst. Start. With the wars and the. Worst. Are. From. Part of England called Yorkshire, why. I'm. Gonna get they're, gonna kill me for this, because. They are so mean. They always ask for money off they. Always ask for a discount. They. Come up to the counter with two, books and say, yeah. I want a bulk discount. Two. Books is not bulk. So. All. Most of that exception I would say that your, true customers, are the worst. The, best are those that, know what they want they know the shop they know where everything is. They, go where they -. The right section find, something bring it to the counter, pay. And, don't say. Those. Are the two ends of the spectrum so really. People. Who just come in give you the bird go give the money rather take the book no. Hassle that's fine, and, in the middle I suppose. The. People who come, in ask. If, you've got a bird, and. Usually, I don't so. I have to say no and, then they spend the next half hour telling, you about why they want that. And. You. Know. Yeah. So. Yeah. So those are the kind of three extremes I saw, like, I said four. So, you don't like any other form. Of book. Except. This paper one. I. Listened. To the radio. But. Not really audiobooks, but I have. No objection to audiobooks, and. Actually. To be honest I have no objection, to the Kindle. Because. I think if, you look at what's happened with ebooks. The. Kindle sort of peaks and. The. There is an argument that people who read, books on, the Kindle, wouldn't. Be, buying, books, otherwise. So. There's. It's almost adding, to. The people group of people who read books. And. Obviously. You know if you're traveling. A lot yeah. Kindles, quite convenient, yeah but, I've. Tried. To read a book on the Kindle and I. Didn't. Know. I would rather have, you. Go on holiday with a bag, full of books and no spare clothes, then. Lots of spare clothes in the Kindle okay, and, have, you ever heard about. Like. This, internet. Space, book, you know. Okay. And, have you ever listened. To book. Review on Internet. No. I. Read, book reviews in newspapers. Actually. No I probably have read a few reviews online. But. I would, tend to when. It comes to book, recommendations. I, rely. Almost entirely, on my friends, mm-hmm. So if they suggest, a book then. I read. It a normally if it's a friend I'll give you a copy so. Yeah. Most, of the best books I've read in the last couple of years last, few years have been recommended. By actually, one particular friend, and. There. Was only one out, of about 10 I think that, she recommended, that I thought yeah. That's not great. But, the rest of them have been absolutely. Brilliant, I'm asking, because me. And Tamiya, this, other girl yeah we, are making, films, and. Sharing. It. YouTube. About the books so booktube. Yeah. So. It's like books to ground yes, yes. Same. Thing so thank you for. Talking. And. See, your star. Yeah, no. It's, been a great. Pleasure having you guys over here thank, you so much Kuya. Movable. Use the. Hajima, King Garon Hashanah time. So boost arrows, mafias after, the. Taxing gun is tripping nakulan, repress or diminish, on medium. Called, scoop you Alan a private to. Be warned about Spain teaching, silicon, up children line up teacher. -. Emissions, he. Purpose - she ditched a fingering. Peach. Patrol. Seduction, ski in the top of the. No. Pardo sister Cecilia McCarthy. Dupree hi DJ such as a band if Adam were to user permissions.

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