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My name is Tam. I'm 18. Look a bit old huh? All my friends say that. This is Trang, my best friend.

She's outgoing and likes to follow her instinct. I'm a little bit more introvert but I have a strong character and quite stubborn. I love writing and rarely think like others. I always feel like an outsider. For real! Time's up! Can I top up 3,000 dong more? What are you doing? Why so focused? Who's that? My bae! Uhhh…you have a boyfriend at this age? Your friend is so focused too. Her bae? Hey girl! Is that your bae? She's talking to you.

Yes? Your bae, is that your bae? My idol. Idol!? What are you watching? It's gonna take a few years for you to understand what I'm watching now. As children, we tend to use our time very carelessly. We barely spend our time with our parents. But little do we know when is the last we can hear their voices.

Tam! Go home! Tam! Yes? 5 more minutes Mom! There are things that you can't take back. Sometimes, 5 minutes means forever. You miss mom? I miss her too. But anyways, don’t be sad. You still have me.

I promise you, I won't let you feel lonely. That's right, my dad is the man of his word. Let me introduce you, this is auntie Phan. Let her take care of you from now on. And I'm Trinh. Tam, can I talk to you for a second? I'm doing my homework.

I can see that. You may not like me a lot now. But that's alright. Slowly, I will grow on you.

I'm just a widow. I heard that your mom passed away a long time ago, so I want to stay here to take care of you and your dad. I want to care for you like you're my child. And Trinh too, She sees you as her older sister.

I always hope that one day, our family can be happy together I really wish for that day. Yeah? Yes. My family welcomed new members today, but I don't feel happy at all. Mom, I miss you so much! Dad, why don't you knock? Let your sister sleep with you tonight.

Oh dear lord, stop yawning! What on earth are you doing? I twisted my arm! Oh, I thought you were about to hit me. I'm just swinging my arm, hasn’t hit you yet. So do I have to wait to get hit first before I can say something? Why do you chop so much cabbage? It's for your damn mother! The way you talk is like cursing at her! Ain't I right? Her damn stepmom! You… I told you, your new step sister, she may only take your bed today, but she will take your dad tomorrow. How can you say such things!? There is this kind of stepmother, that kind of stepmother. You always talk nonsense! She's THAT stepmother. What now? Are you arguing with me? I'm not!!! So you want to fight me instead I don’t dare to do that.

If you're neither fighting nor arguing, then shut up. I am! I'm not saying anything. In order to shut up, you need shut your mouth.

Granny, this is so much work for you. Not at all! You know, since the day they came, I haven't come over to say hi yet. I feel bad! That's why when you go home, you bring a bit back for your family. Yeah?

Sure Granny. Oh my God! This is my grandma's "a bit"! My arms hurt just from chopping! Have fun eating all of that. You whine so much. Next time don’t bring it over if you don't want to! Hello? Giang? Come pick me up. I'm done. Are you really in a relationship with him? He's such a gangster.

Granny is worrying sick, and you never listen. He's my type, just ignore me! You're not eating with me? No, why? It's your house. I can't swallow anything when looking at your stepmom's face Are you Tam's friend? Yes. Cause you didn't say hi, I didn't know.

Oh, hi auntie. Tam, tell your friends to have some respect for your parents. Ahhh, lunch timeeeeee God, this chicken is good. Put that down! Go help out your sister, go! Stand up! It's alright, I can do it. Just let her learn to help out.

I heard something about making Trinh do something, right? She doesn't know anything, don’t force her. She can do it. Go help your sister, hurry! Can she do it? Of course she can! Honey, we have to let her get used to helping out. Tam, have a sit.

She can do it, she's good. Yeah, breaking things already… I told you, don’t let her do anything. She'll break everything. Urgh, this girl! Trinh, what the hell are you doing? They have a saying, that...something...yeah, whatever. Let's eat! Bring out the bowls.

Tam, show your sister how to help out around the house. Sure, don’t scold her dad. I can do it myself. Why though? Look at her face. Such a poser! What kind of girl is that! Giang's here, I'm going now.

Bye uncle, bye auntie. Why don’t you stay here for lunch? Nah that's fine, I have something else to do. Bon appétit! Auntie, I made the salad just for you! Oh, send my regards for your grandma. Sure! Ok, let's eat. Wait, I can't. It's time for me to go. You guys enjoy your meal.

You have to go now honey? I need to get there as soon as possible to sort out some work. And also, I won't come home tonight. I'll stay with Long, my friend in District 6. I'll comeback early tomorrow. Dad, remember to not skip meals! And don't smoke too much.

Okay! I have to go now. Bye guys. Bye Dad.

Ah Tam, I saw that your mom's stuff in this house is getting old. So I want to change it. Is that ok? Oh… Don’t be shy. Is it ok or not? No, I understand. If you think it's inconvenient, just change it. I just need your confirmation, cuz I already changed everything.

Sis, I know you'd agree, so I make some changes in our room as well. What? I replaced the photo of your mom. You're not happy? Please forgive me. I couldn’t sleep these days. Your mom's photo is right there, it's like she's looking at me… I'm scared to death! Why did you do this? I already told you, I'm scared.

How can a photo scares you? Gosh! It's a photo of your mom, not mine! How am I not scared? Why do you have to hang a photo of a dead person in your room. Scary AF! You are not allowed to do that! What are you doing? How dare you yell at her? She's right! She's scared, so she said that she's scared. In this house, the only person who scares of no one, is you! Aren’t I right? I'm sitting right here, and you dare to bully her like that? Remember, I'm your mom! Am I saying something wrong? What are you staring at? You should learn how to talk to adults. Bad manner! I like this side of you so much. The series still have many upcoming episodes, honey. She dare to replaced your mom's photo? I didn’t do anything to her, and she treated me like that.

Fuck this! I'd flip the table in her face if I were you. Stop it! Don’t be like that. Everyone knows you're gangster, no need to advertise. Granny, they keep bullying her because she's too nice. You can sleep here with me tonight. Then tell your dad what happened when he comes back tomorrow.

Let me call Giang, and he'll have his gangster group to come by and give them a lesson! Who are you threatening in this house? Put up with it! Granny, gosh! They bullied your granddaughter, and you told me to put up with it. So are you saying that everything can only be solved with violence? Put up with it! Ok! I will! I will learn how to put up with shit. Otherwise people will think I'm uneducated! Trang! Just let her go. I know her. She's saying all that but she doesn't dare to do anything. She wouldn't do anything stupid.

But, poor her... Her parents died when she was little, so I'm the one who take care of her. But it's hard for me to not worry, especially with her being like that.

But lucky, she's lucky to have you as her friend. I want you to have this. Granny, why are you giving me this? In case…something happens to me, you take care of her for me.

Treat her like your own sister, take care of each other! Do you get that? I love you so so much dear. Where were you last night? I slept at Trang's. Your mom raised you here or there? You can say anything, but don’t talk about my mom. Shut your mouth. If your mom can't teach you, let me.

You should teach your daughter first. You fucking brat! You want to sit on my head as well? Why? Why weren't you home last night? Why did you hit me? I didn’t do anything! What happened? You see… They weren't home last night, and none of them tell me anything. I didn’t go anywhere! Shut up! It hurts! Why did you hit me like that! She's my daughter, let me teach her. You teach yours. I can't teach her anymore. Do you trust me? I slept at Trang's last night.

The only mistake that I made was I didn't let auntie know. But I don’t deserve this. She suddenly acted like this the moment you came home. She was gone for the whole night, and I was worried sick. You see? They always say stepmothers don't love their stepchildren! But not me! I love her.

Come on! Tam, I don't want to choose side. But…I feel like she really cares for you. Don't you dislike her and then have some negative thoughts about her. She is my wife now anyways. Trinh is also my child now.

Don’t put me in this awkward situation. I'm not putting you in any situation. Who told you to bring them home? I hope one day, you'd understand.

No, I won’t. Why don’t you understand me? Tam… Tam! I'm going to work now. Honey, she was out all night, maybe she's tired now. Just go, I'll talk to her. You're working night shift tonight? Please, talk to her for me. I know what to do, you should go now.

I feel so uneasy leaving like this. Tam, open the door. Why the hell do you keep locking the door? Have you been dead this whole time? I can't wait forever! Hey, I'm talking to you! Where are you going? Have some respect! This is not your own room.

What an attitude! Where is it? Tam, did you take my face cream? Why don't you answer me? Did you take it? Trinh! What? Have some respect when you talk to me. It's "did you SEE my face cream", not TAKE. No one takes anything from you. And I haven't seen anything too. We good? Tam! Wake up! Let's talk a bit sweetie. How did you get in here? I accidentally read your diary.

And surprisingly, the main character is me. Why did you write so much about me? How dare you take my stuff? Don't yell at your sister. If you write about me, then you have to let me read. Let me read some for you. What are you doing? Just let me read it out loud for you.

Such a good writer! Everything sounds so real! "Mom, they beat me, and they steal my dad from me" "Why are they so cruel to me?" Tam, in your eyes, am I that evil? Why are you staring at me like that? This is how evil looks like! What the hell are you doing? How dare you? I should be the one who ask you that. I'm your mom, how dare you write about me like that? Evil? There are lots of things that needed to be done if you want to see how evil I am. Once human is tired of memory book, they create Facebook. It’s like a door, opens to connect people It’s a mirror, reflects who we are. Use a hammer! It won’t break if you use your hand.

Oh, are you writing diary? Wait, I thought you have a notebook? She burned it. What? She did what? Fuck, I'll burn her house down! Take me there. I'm begging you, you burn her house means you burn my house! Sit down. You act just like a gangster now. Evil women like her exist because of naïve girls like you. Just let me be.

I can't act like you. Why do you write so much? I want to keep up with all the important events in my life. It's fun to read it again sometimes. You should try it. Seriously!

Huh, my life has nothing significant to be called an 'important event'. Tam! There may be no such thing as an important event in her life… …but mine is full of it. And…they are all sad. OMG! Tam! Gosh! Put it out! I can't even talk with all this smoke.

Do you know I was sleeping? It's been 49 days since dad passed away, why do you keep burning these? I'd die inhaling all this smoke! Do you hear me? Dad's death is not enough for you? You want to take the whole family with him? What? What are you staring at? Aren't I right? What now? You don't even talk to me now? Mom! Come here and settle this! Gosh! So smoky! What are you doing? Honey, your sister is right. It's so smoky. Are you planning to burn the house down? Your dad is gone, from now on, I will rearrange the order of this house.

Who give you the right to do that? Huh? You should learn how to behave around me, before I change the way I treat you. Mom? Do I need to change my behavior as well? You should learn how to be quiet. "And just like that, three years have gone by" Everyone has to learn to survive, so do I. Three years have passed, I still live with auntie and Trinh.

Why are you making that face? Who does anything for you to make that face? Look at your damn face! Business is down because of your damn face. Your face brings bad luck to everything. Day by day, I learn to put up with everything.

Like a habit. I abuse you? Tell me, AM I ABUSING YOU? Not sure for what reason, maybe…because I'm stubborn. It's alright, everything will be ok. Everythings will be okay. No one can be bad forever.

Tam, sit down. I want to talk to you. What now auntie? Just sit down first. There is no reason why we can't talk to each other. Be fast, please. Sign this for me.

What is it? What does this mean? I'm selling the house. You see, it's old. The house is this big, but there are only 3 of us… I don't make any money, and your dad already passed away… This piece of land is a fortune now. I'll get the money from the sale to take care of you guys. Please sign it for me.

Are you done talking? You want me to say something else? What you're saying is such a joke? This is my parents' house, no one is selling it. You get it? Tam! Be nice to me. You know I am super hot-tempered. Once I'm triggered, I can't control it. I tell you in advance, that is already so nice of me.

You know me. If I want to sell, only God can stop me. I don't think you know my temper too. Hello? "Tam, where are you?" I'm at home. I don’t know what happened to Granny, but she cannot breath and her eyes don't look normal.

What's wrong with her? I can't call the ambulance. Come over and help me. Bring money! Trang! Hello? Give it back to me! Open the door! I already told you, you can't beat me. Stay in there and learn how to treat your mother right! Call me when you decide to sell the house child! Open the door! Damn, she's been saving quite a lot. Tam, you haven’t been honest with me at all.

Open the door! So noisy! Let me play some music for you. Gosh, why are you calling me at this hour? Hello? What? You're standing in front of my house? You're so drunk! If you're this drunk, why didn't you just go home? What if my daughter's home and she sees you? Go away. Come to me baby. You are so drunk! Stop complaining! Go home already.

What? You want to drink more? Baby, have a drink with me? You're really drunk! Drink with me a bit, baby! Gosh, I don't drink. Stop drinking, please. Then let me have a piece of you. Stop asking for a piece of stuff! Do you have condoms? Nah, just do it already. You're a fuckboy, what if something happens? I'll be damned if I get pregnant now.

Let me go buy condoms. No! Urgh! Let me go buy! Baby! Giang! Did you take my money? Don't lie to me! You're the only one who knows about the money I hid under the bed. You came to my house the other day, did you take it? Asshole! Do you know my grandma is very sick now? Is that how you fucking treat me? What are you doing? Baby, you're back! Come here. Let me go! Get off of her! Get off! You brat! You take my house, and now you want to take my boyfriend too? What are you doing? What is your plan now? I don’t know. Just go to Sai Gon first.

I can't stand that woman, so I left. Why are you coming with me? I have my own problem. What problem? Don't be nosy. In short, Granny is dead, I'd miss her if I stay here. So if you go, I go.

Where's your boyfriend? Urgh, don't talk about him! Do you know anyone in Sai Gon? I have a phone number of my dad's friend, Mr. Long. Oh. But my dad died a long time ago, I'm not sure if he'd help us. It's ok, there are both good and bad people in this life. Just think of him as a good person, and he'll be good. How much money do you have? Around a dozen of millions.

Damn, that much? I work at the internet shop, and I've been saving. Oh. You? Hundred-ish. Hundred of millions? No Tam, hundred of thousands! Hundred of millions means I work as a hooker, Tam! Gosh! Just sleep, I'll wake you up when we're there. Hey! Thank you for always being by my side.

Tam, listen! You are my only bestfriend. I'll be with you no matter what. Happy? Now sleep. Hey! Hey! We're in Sai Gon. Excuse me! Have you seen my friend? She got off a while ago. "Tam, I know what I did betrayed the friendship that we have all these years" "I don’t ask for your forgiveness. I just want you to have sympathy for me, that I have no other choice" "If I don’t give the money to the gangster, they'll hurt Giang" "If you see me as a bestfriend, then please help me this one last time" "And if you don't, then think of this as helping out a person's life" "I'll be forever in debt of your gratitude" "Please don't resent me!" "Please let me take the necklace that Granny left for me too" "Thank you, and sorry" "Trang" Hello? Is this Mr. Long?

This is Tam, I'm Hung's daughter, your friend "What Hung? Wrong number!"

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