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TAM SAC TAM EPISODE 2 Hey baby! Where are you going to? Let me take you. I don't have money so... Are you coming from your hometown? Do you have any relatives here? I don't. So you are new here, with no relatives and no place to go? What you gonna do? I don't know...

I like minding other's businesses. Hold tight! We are here. Let me have a word for you, don't worry! Hey Sweetie! Where have you been? I have this girl, she is new here and have no place to go... ... if it cause no trouble, can she stay here for one night? Stop! You keep showing up here with strangers.

For real! I can't do it. I don't even know who is she. Do me a favor, please? Poor her! I don't even take her money for this ride. Please! Come on now! Yes! Please sit! -Have some water! -Yes! Is your name Tam? Yes! So... What are you thinking of? Oh, I don't know.

I couldn't call anyone I know here in Saigon. My best friend tricked me for my money! All that I have now is 1 million. What kind of bastard friend is that? Such an asshole! I want to stay in Saigon so bad! Can you help me find a job? I'll be forever grateful. Fine then.

I'll help just because your bangs look like mine. I'll recommend you in case someone's hiring. But I'm just as miserable to be honest. A brother of mine, just like that, who does silly things all day.

-Yes! -Hungry? Instant noodles? I can tell looking at you! Oh God! You wouldn't even support me standing up! But no thanks, I got it. Are you in your mid 20s now? I'm 21! Lover? Not yet! Oh my! You what? No lover at this age? You prefer single player? Maybe! Oh crap! We're out of gas! It's fine. I'll be grateful if you just let me stay here. Look, I say this because I like you.

Saigon is a harsh place! You gotta find a man to take care of you. Got it? Um... I'm having a headache! Lack of sleep? -I can't breathe! -What the hell? -I'm telling the truth! -What's going on? Hey, hey! Oh god, Tam! Tam, we just met each other. Don't be like that in my house! Tam! Tam! 20 million? Why so expensive? Cut it down! 20 mil. No more, no less! Stop bargaining, playboy! You agreed from the start, did you not? Yet you make a hassle when it's pay time. Go shove it up wherever you please.

You nailed the chick now you yell at me! But you're nothing, so shut up! I'd kill myself if I were your wife. Leave! I'll call when new merch arrives. Why did you do this? Because you asked me to. No one does anything for free. You waltzed into my house and asked for my help, asked for my compassion.

And would do whatever I said. Did you not? Did you? I had to hear you say it! So I could add sedative. I'll kill you! Just stop! Keep struggling and you'll die! She's coughing now! What were you thinking? You think that I'd let you leech after being in the business this long? Are you calm now? If you are, listen to me! Your virginity is worth 20 million. Your cut is 5 million.

Take it! Just take! I take a small cut of 10 million. 2 million for the biker. 3 million for other costs.

Fair and square! I'm not cheating any pence! Money is done, let's talk something else. Here's some moral bits. Think about it! A girl, sooner or later,... ...will lose it to a man. You'll lose it either way! Why not now for some cash? Yeah, I know! You'll be mad at me for doing this to you. But at this moment,... ...you'll be mad at you more for not having money. But it's all done now.

You have 5 million, go do whatever you want. See? Now, if you like it. If you enjoy the business. Then I'll get you started. But if you're in pain or sad or whatever. Then fine. Please. Leave the house.

Easy as that. Once you leave the premise, we'll be done. We'll be no longer related in any way.

Now what? Leave or stay? Decide now! Tam! Here's my last offer. If life slaps you in the face and you don't have any money. Just think of me. Just come back.

I'll be always welcome you, anytime! This girl doesn't know what's best for her. Shame. Thief! Thief! Just dig in! What's wrong? Can you... Can I what? ...not stare at me while I'm eating? I'm sorry! Are you going to return to your hometown? Since you don't know anyone here nor have much money. I don't want to go back. But why? It's a long story! Can you help me find a flat for rent? I'll be very grateful! Well, I can try. Your house is huge! Are you on your own? No, this house is my friends'. 3 of us share the place.

Where are they? It's early, they must be sleeping! Who's that? Didn't you guys need another one to share the place? So I found one. Mamma mia, can you wait until regular hours? What's with the hassle first thing in the morning? Please understand, she's in a tough spot right now! Go help her, if you can! I don't even know her! Come on now, just help her! Because if you don't, who will when it's not daytime? Help, help, help. Fine, I'll help Mamma mia! Name? It's Tam! -Hometown? -Vinh Long.

-What now? -I'm from Vinh Long. -Age? -I'm 21. Did you just mock me? Nope! Got mucus from sleeping under air con.

Pardon me! Pardon me! 3 people are living here. 12 million a month. The 3 of us share for 4 million each. With Tam, we'll share for 3 million each.

3 million but not lower. Utility bills not included. But... I drank vinegar by accident. You deserve it! Didn't think karma comes this fast. Alright, come see your room. -But like, if Tam and... -Quang.

...Quang live with each other, will it be... Nothing's gonna happen. We ain't gonna have anything. Don't think that I can do anything. I'll be in a coma for days if I see anything of yours! And I'll return to the coma if I see it again! Got that settled. Let's go! Woman, the noodles are all mushy and you still haven't finished it. Hurry now! Right, here we are! This is my room! Hey, stop there! What are you doing? Wanna seduce me? I can sense that you want to sleep with me.

I'm staying here with my best friend. You'll be staying in that room with another girl, she's harsh but kind and adorable. You can check out the room when she's at home.

Now put your belongings in my room and get cleaned up. You look so pale! Let's go! Come on in! Just sit! So what? Why are you here? I don't know! Know anyone here? What job are you gonna take? Don't know yet! You don't know anything. Why are you here? Or is there a problem back home? Is it? Long story. I'm all ears.

Come on! Friends are for sharing, right? So tell me! Fine, then leave! I dislike having strangers in my house. Go, go go go! Well... How are you sure she's a good person? I saw that she's in trouble. But I can feel her kindness. -What do you think? -I think she's good, too! That's good enough! But that's just initial thought. Who knows who she really is! Well, 3 of you didn't know anyone at first, did you? It took a while together to get along, didn't it? Stop being so persuasive! Let me tell you, if she turns out to be a robber and kills everyone, you'll be responsible! Quit your bad mouth! Where is she? Personal hygiene! I must be really dumb to believe you.

-What now? -What is this burning hell? Err, tea I just pour boiling water in? Just kill me! Being careless and now blaming me? Tien! Quang! Your hands! You have to help me! What for? Hiding from loan shark! What? Mamma mia! Don't you tell them that I'm here! Dieu! Where the heck are you, Dieu? Where are you? Where's Dieu? Yes... Are you bloody deaf now? I ask you, where's Dieu? Tell her to repay her debt! Please, this is a shared house, not Dieu's house. Shared the living hell out of me! You all live together, you must care about each other. You gotta watch each other's back! Tell her to pay her debt! Miss, we're her friends, not parents. We cannot ask her to pay immediately!

If you can't tell her to do so, you'll pay! I'm not her parents yet you act like you're mine! And it doesn't work that way, each pays their own debt. -Now what? -How much does she owe you? It's not much, to be honest. -It's only about 2 ounces of gold. -Mamma mia! 2 ounces of gold? Dieu, come here now! Are you nuts? You loaned 2 ounces of gold? How are you gonna pay? Come here! Mamma mia! 2 ounces of gold, isn't it Miss? Hey, now you poke your face out.

I have to. How can I hide with this kind of friend? -Why borrowed so much? -My tontine club collapsed. -So I had to borrow money, it's not like I wanted to. -Mamma mia! And why did you shout? I didn't borrow from you Oh God, she didn't borrow from you. Why so angry?

I borrowed from your husband! Borrowed from the husband thus not related to the wife. Yeah, right! Shame on you. She must be at your daughter's age. Yet you fell for her and lent her the gold.

Look, I'm done now. You have to reclaim it! If you fail to do so, you'll be dead to me. Watch him, boys! See how you bother me? Why don't you pay as promised? Why so harsh on me, baby? You weren't like this when you lent me. Mamma mia, Dieu. Don't tell me you hooked up with him! What? It's just flirting.

What the heck woman? You flirted a man at your father's age? Just leave me. Well, I'll pay eventually. It's gold, I can't just have it here to pay you. Say what? You owed me, don't you dare talk to me like that.

What else can I say, I have no money! Boys, take every valuable thing there here! Hey hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? Hey! Hey! It hurts, please can we talk? I'll pay 2 million in advance! Stop! Can we talk in privacy? -What are you doing here? -Are you afraid your wife'll know? Are you blackmailing me? I'm not blackmailing you. I'm just negotiating. These are my friends. Leave them alone! Don't let your wife find out what you've done to me. By then, I don't know what she'll do to you. 2 ounces of gold. How can I let it be?

Try to make a mess out of it and see if she'll let you be! But where can I find 2 ounces of gold to give her? That's your problem. Go find a way. You have enough money to do all kinds of shit. Don't you have enough to give her? I've been trying so hard to stay calm. Otherwise you're dead! -Is it settled now? -Err, yeah, let's go now boys! Consider 2 ounces of gold a gift for your startup. And you, stop grabbing him. Let's go! Told you to let go since forever. My shoulder hurts!

Bastard messed my hair all over! What did you tell him? So? Did you get it? Ye...yes. Half of it! -Why only half? -They promised the rest by the end of the month. Better remember and reclaim my money. -Ya ya ya, let's go! -Let's go, boys! What is this ultimate bad luck? A girl to a girl, I'm really sorry! I'd die if I were you! -Ouch! -You'd better be, so ill-mannered. Hey, do you know the social media page Con Tam? I've heard of it before.

-Ye, just like that. -Like a tragic story coming out of textbooks. So similar! I didn't know who you are earlier, had I said anything bad, please forgive me Now that I know, I believe you And you, you have to be strong You have to live life to the fullest, there are so many good people out there Like us! That's true! Okay, looks like we're cool! You stay with the guys and I'll leave. No no no, we're not cool here. They pinched me so hard I got bruises. Then why didn't you do the same to them? -It hurts, prick! -You'd better be, what a sucker for men! -I'm leaving now! -Tien! Thank you so much! It's okay, I'll help with anything I can.

Quang, didn't you say there are 3 people living here? Where's the last one? Who's that girl? Who's this? Let me tell you, I am a very spiritual person. So to seek whether you'll fit in this house. We gotta ask if the higher beings allow or not. Otherwise it'll be a hassle later on. The original owners lived abroad and left the house.

How can you find a house this big with 12 million/month. You can't find a house like this for even 2 to 3 thousand dollars. It's lucky to be able to live here. Please let her stay!

Another one and we can reduce the share by 1 million each. Would you 2 just let me do it? My "spiritualness" is running out. Yes yes, very spiritual, just so you wait.

Very stubborn! You look soft on the outside but tough on the inside. You'll do it to the end if you really want and you never give in. Maybe! Maybe? You got a King card! But due to your stubbornness, life keeps kicking dirt in your face! I can also see a man who will join you by your side. Who will elevate you to next heights. Wait, could it be Tien? I was right. Don't you dare taking my lover away from me!

It won't be Tien's turn but it's Vang's turn! -Who's Vang? -The guy who just gave her the gold! Crazy woman! -All two of you! -Please please, go on! -I didn't do anything! -You've been talking nonstop. -No, you've been talking nonstop. -Will you two settle? Oh my, someone's out to help you, now other will harm you! And it's also a man! You have to be careful with this man! He'll interfere you wherever you go. Hey this looks more like Vang to me. No, Vang gave her cash, how is it hurting her? -It's Tien! -Why would Tien harm her? Since she charms Tien, I'm gonna harm her! I'll harm the shit out of you two! Please please, go on! Last draw! If it's another man, I'm done! A man! A man on the outside, a woman on the inside! There used to be woman who brought upon you countless sorrow and sadness. Look! Why do you keep burying everything inside of you? Why must you torture yourself? I don't know anymore. That's how I am!

But who's this? Meow, meow, meow meow, meow, meow! Oh good Lord! Why don't you ask her to sign the damn thing so I can sell the house? Please leave, mom! I'm making money! Making money? Are making more than what I can sell this house for? Do it! Now! Finish this section for now! They will send you the rest. This isn't looking good. You must redo all these letters! For these, replace with the bigger ones! And these, move them to this side! -And these 2 must be similar! -Yes! Especially this one at the middle. Ok? Chief! You startled me! What's wrong Aaron? -Am I that intimidating? -Oh no, I just jolted a bit! What's that? Yes, this is the presentation that I'm about to deliver to you.

-New ad? -Yes! -What for? -Diarrhea medication. Wow! Splendid! What a wonderful idea, isn't it? I'm looking forward to it! -Let's go, to the meeting room! -Yes! Kate, why isn't Armstrong here already? -Call him now! The meeting is starting! -Yes! Hallo? Where are you, Quang? Still sleeping, I'm so tired! Why the hell are you not at work yet? Mamma mia! I'm dead! Why didn't you wake me up? I saw you waking up. You even told me to leave. I am so dead! It's so so late now! The stomachache is so bad, screwing me up the whole night. I couldn't even sleep!

I already woke up earlier where I tried a short nap. And now here we are! You're presenting advertisement concept to Chief today. And you have to present 2 concepts! Buy me time, I'll try to get there! But did you come up with the second option? Mamma mia! I was screwed by the stomachache. Stop babbling and come here asap! Fine, fine, fine. Let me check real fast!

Mamma mia! I'm so dead! What kind of stomachache is this? Feels like I'm going into labor! Is Armstrong coming? Tell me so that I can leave! Sorry Chief! He's coming. Hope you can wait just a bit more! Excuse me, Chief! Hey Tam! Why don't you pick up the phone? Where the hell are you, Quang? Why aren't you at work yet? I'm dying in the restroom! Mamma mia! I'm so dead! All because I couldn't shut my mouth! Why did I have "Bun dau mam tom" together with boba tea? Mamma mia! What am I going to do? Damn it, I forgot the second option. And I didn't save, too! You! Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Dude, how do I know that I must wake you up? You gotta have common sense. Must I remind you to do so next time?

Well remind me next time and I'll wake you up! Well, I never ask for diarrhea, yet it still finds me and screws me over! Oh mamma mia! If everyone here kills me, it's on you! If the whole company kill me, it's on you! I'm in pain! Why don't we include this in the script? -What's "this"? -Diarrhea! We're advertising diarrhea medications! Putting diarrhea image there is a slap in the face, is it not? Have you ever seen Co Tam has diarrhea? How can she go number 2 with a fourpiece dress? It's late now. Is Armstrong coming? The truth is, Armstrong has... -He has... -What does he have?

He has diarrhea, thus he can't come. You are so funny! Presenting diarrhea medication concepts... ...yet unable to present due to diarrhea! You've just ruined my morning. But Chief, Armstrong did send me his concept. May I do the presentation, Chief? Have you ever seen Co Tam has diarrhea? Who says it has to be Co Tam? She's the main cast. If not, then who?

Cam or her stepmother works, too. Tam is just there to help. When you're advertising diarrhea medications, the medications must be the main cast! Mamma mia! How could you come up with such an insane idea! Cheers! Thanks to savior of humanity! Isn't she beautiful today? Very! -Know how I got this? -How? -I took it from Linh! -Wait what? When? Why didn't you ask? You wouldn't allow If I asked. I gotta choose the dress when you're at your fattest and shortest to fit her! So pretty! You had so many things to choose! Why backless? It's embarrassing! You have a pretty back, you gotta show it! Those who show their nasty back are disgusting! Million times prettier without blunt bangs. Pretty and elegant while less dorky!1 -Nice, isn't it? -So so nice! Cheers for the niceness! Cheers! Cheers! Just take a sip! Really good, see? I gotta say, this place is really splendid! If not, they're dead to me. Come on, don't say that, Quang! I didn't do anything, why the fancy party? -It's embarrassing, no one invited me! -Stop, you! Come with us, Tien's inviting you! Chief doesn't know everyone here. Don't worry!

You don't even eat that much. I was to take my parents here. But dad had to go to a wedding. But I didn't do much. It was just a lucky shot. How are you familiar with these when you used to live in an rural area? I love watching these! I watched cartoons as a kid! I then grew up watching short videos with advertisements. I loved it! Some of them must have gotten in my head. Why don't you apply for a part-time job at my company? -Part-time job? -Yeah! -I mean it! -Is it possible? We work in creativity section. We really need people like you!

Yeah, try it now! Tien! Tam came from a rural area, no experience and no certificate If she fails to do the job, you'll lose credibility with Chief. It's fine, it's just a parttime job. Try it! Apply so you can earn money to pay rent! -Is it ok? -Absolutely! Prepare a personal background sheet. I'll take you to Chief tomorrow! I think she can meet Chief on her own. You don't have to come! It's fine, she's new here, let me help her! I gotta go with some friends now. See you later, ok? Stay safe, ok? Wish you luck tomorrow, Tam! Does Linh have friends other than us? I was gonna ask the same thing.

So mean! Let's toast!!! Cheers! Today is the anniversary of our company! I would like to thank all members of 3T Media, Who have been dedicating all that they have, And to commemorate our new advertisement job, For a diarrhea medication brand! So if you ever have diarrhea, you'll know what to do! And I'd like to ask for a round of applause, For the dedication and enthusiasm of Tien's team. Thank you! Be well and be a leader, alright? Keep on going! Tonight's all yours! Enjoy! -A fantastic idea you have there! -Thanks, Chief! I'll always give my best! -Go hang out with your friends, then! -Yes! Evening, Chief! I'd like to introduce you, These 2 adorable and humorous ladies! Dao and Le! You're a fruit lover, are you not? -Hello, ladies! -Hello! I heard that your company is hiring, isn't it? Do you want to hire us? So you want to work? Are you good with ideas? What kind of ideas are you looking for? I have none but I know that flirtatiousness is not one of them. -And you? -I... Erm, what kind of ideas exactly? A naive girl is she not? Take them upstairs if they can't come up with ideas. -I'll discuss ideas with them later! -Chief! Go, go! Head upstairs! -Evening, Chief! -Yes? I'd like to propose a toast with you! On our company's anniversary, I wish you health, And competent leadership for our staff! Sounds like Tet blessings, doesn't it? Oh, you! Please, speak! This is Tam, who came up with the idea for our latest project! Hi! I'm a big fan of yours! Calm down, would you? Thank you! Why all tensed up? Just enjoy yourselves! You made me nervous, Chief! Go hang out with each other! Removing the blunt bangs really brightens your face, see? I'll spend tomorrow morning to give you a complete makeover! I'll cleanse you, okay? That's right. You'd better listen to Quang! You must be at the company tomorrow at 1 p.m. for interview.

You can't meet Chief with this ugly, yucky, ghastly appearance. True! You're cool with that? Hey, but first! -What? -But first! -What? -But first, money! Money? Don't you worry a damn thing! I will personally lend you 10 million Dong! Consider it an investment for your attractive appearance! You haven't repaid me the 1 million. -Where do you get 10 million? -Dieu, don't question it! What belongs to husband, belongs to wife. Tien lends you 10 million is no different from me doing it. Remeber to return 10 million to Tien's wife, me! 10 million is a lot, I'll hit you if you don't repay. I hit hard and I mean it, ok? Hey, can I borrow 1.7 million for this month's tontine fee? Dieu, don't be like that. I'll hit you hard and I mean it.

-Linh! -Yes? Do you know any good clothing store? I'm taking Tam there tomorrow. Erm... I can't put my finger on it! It's so sudden! Why do you lend me so much money? It's fine, you can repay me when you earn some money! It's 10 million. How can I repay it all? Good luck with the interview tomorrow! See you around! Hello? Hello? Good afternoon, Chief! I haven't hired you. Why call me Chief? For luck's sake! Those who said that to me weren't in luck at all! Yes, erm, I hope it'll be different this time. Your ads idea is quite clever! I like that. Very fascinating!

What's your name? I'm Tam! -Have you made any ads prior to this? -I have not. -Do you know anyone in the business? -I don't. -Do you have any prior experience? -I don't. -Any certificate or degree? -I don't. So what the hell do you give me this for? And Tran Thanh, too! Oh my... You have Tran Thanh too?

Wow! After finish the Series "Papa"! Yes! Chapter 2! What is the name of the Chapter 2? Papa Yaga!

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