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Hi. Guys and welcome back to another tackle. With tera video the, majority of the things on my to-do list today included, lots of organizing. So if that's what's on yours or even if it's not I hope this video encourages you to take, out your to-do list so we can tackle it together. So. This is everything that is on my, to-do list for today, so, I want to refill, the diapers because we went to Costco the other day I want. To sanitize some, of the new toys that I got for Grayson. Organized. The, junk, drawer organized. Chloe's. Stuff, that's in a basket next to the junk drawer it's like driving me insane so, I really want to do that today I want. To organize my car I got a few things from Amazon to organize the center console and then my trunk and then. Container. Store for bins because I want to get some bins or baskets, for our entertainment center so. That's, pretty much all I have written down today but I think this is going to take me all day to do because it's a lot of organizing, and decluttering, so let's get started so the first thing I'm gonna do is sanitize. Some of the new toys that I got for grace, and recently, I got these from Amazon, and I, need to sanitize. Them so I'm going to use my coral UV sanitizer this. Thing is amazing I use it all the time you can literally sanitize, anything, this is where I put his binky's when I need to sanitize them it comes with a little rack, right here that can be removed so, I'm gonna move that right now so I can just throw all of these you, can put like flushed ways in this thing this. Thing's amazing so I'm going to take out all of the, toys from the wrappers unbox, this and throw them in here sanitize. Them that way he can play with them later on today. Okay. The toys are all in there super, easy all you do is just close it and then press the sanitized button and it has the option to either sanitize, it for 10 15 or 20 minutes so, I'm going to sanitize it for 20 minutes and, now. Do something, else in the mean time and then come back and put all the toys away. So. Adam went to Costco recently. To stock up on a few things that we needed one of them being diapers, so, in the meantime while, the, toys, are being sanitized, I'm going to organize. The diapers and put them where they belong so Greyson is in our room right now taking a nap so when he wakes up I'll go in there and restock, his diaper caddy but. In the meantime I'm, going to restock. This this is where I keep some. Extra diapers this is where I change it mostly when we're downstairs and, so, I have some extra diapers in this, top row right here which I don't need to restock what I need to organize this a little bit better and then, I'll go upstairs and restock. Shay's dresser, with diapers so I'm going to do that right now. I'm. Gonna take these swim diapers, out of here because it's no longer summer, and we're, not going to be meeting me so this is just taking up unnecessary. Space so I'm gonna take us out. Okay. I just brought Shay's diapers, up here because this is where we change her the most after she wakes up from her. Naps and in the mornings so we store her diapers in this drawer so I'm just going to organize. It a little bit better and, restock. Them. Okay. Now I want to tackle our, junk, drawer because, I. Just, want to stay on top of it so it doesn't get overwhelming. Right now it's not too bad but, I got these acrylic organizers, from Amazon, and they've really helped keep things like an order so. I will have them linked down below for you guys if you're interested, but there's, just like tens out of order and stuff so I, also, have this basket up here this is like our catch-all area but this basket mainly, has like Khloe's stuff in it but, I do have the girls vitamins, that, they take every morning and then their hair supplies because, I do their hair down here, I have, their water and a hair spray over here I do. Their hair down here before school every morning and not in their bathroom but, I mainly just want to keep Chloe, stuff in here and not like all the hair supplies and stuff we have like our TV remote which I can put in this, drawer so I'm just gonna organize it a little bit better and see what I come up with so that's, what I'm gonna do right now. I don't. Wanna say you know ain't. Gonna keep it, you, wanna go let's go let's wrap it up. I just. Gotta know something. Striking. The windows. You. Gotta. Understand. One chance, one chance you. Roman. And. Never. Need a plan, we'll be all right. You. Got. On, this. Someday. We will. Okay. I organized, all the Chloe stuff a little bit better in this basket, so now that's all that's in there and I. Organized, the. Junk. Drawer so this is what is looking like now, so, everything has a home again and, it. Looks a lot nicer but. I didn't have enough room in there to put, the vitamins, and the, hair products, so I think now what I'm gonna do I was not planning on doing this but.

Um I'm. Gonna organize our. Medicine. Cabinet a little better, because. I can probably go through here and declutter, and this. Bin right here it needs to be organized a little better so everything, else is looking okay I just need to straighten up a little bit and take this stuff out of the, packaging, and hopefully. Then I'll have a little bit more room in here so I can put the, hair products, in this cabinet, right here. You. Said. Okay. Well this is what our medicine cabinet is looking like so far so I decided, to take a lazy susan that I had laying around the house that wasn't being used and put, all the products that you guys just saw me organizing this and put, them in here because they're more like smaller things, like medicine, droppers. Thermometers. I have probe, covers. Here. And this one, and. Then cough drops for the kids back there that, way they're just easier to grab so. I put the hair products, for. The girls in here so I can just take. This out and do, their hair quickly. In the morning so it really wasn't much else that I needed to do in here I just straightened up some products it took me like two seconds over here and this cupboard. I have. Not. More medicine but these are like more supplements and vitamins so, I decided to keep the girls vitamins. That they take every single morning with. The rest of them but I think I'm gonna head to the Container Store when, Adam gets home from the gym and get, more lazy susans so I can organize this. Stuff a little bit better it's organized, but I don't know you guys I'm like really particular, with that kind of stuff and so I want it to look a lot cleaner and not just like lined up like this because you can't like get the stuff in the back so. A lazy susan will definitely help with that so I'm gonna get probably three more and organize, the. Vitamins and stuff a little bit better I have like band-aids over there that, can go in a little slot in, the meantime I'm going to work on something, else because I, have, to wait for Adam to get home from the gym to do that so I got this wicker basket, from Target, the other day I have, an almost identical one, upstairs in the girls playroom. But I'm gonna put all of Grayson's, toys, in, this basket, because. It's. Just I'm also hassle going back and forth from upstairs, down, here because we spend a lot of time down here in our, living room and we're, also going to put this coffee, table up in the girls playroom, just. For the time being until Grayson, gets a little bit older so, that's. Also something I need to do today because I need Adam to help me though so. I'm gonna put all this in. The, back bit. And. That way it'll be easier to just grab. Whatever. Recent. Wants to play with something I, need. To go get a few more of his toys up in the playroom but that. Is looking. A lot better and I think I'm gonna put this, basket, in the corner right there and then I'm just gonna move. This. One I. Just. Liked how I'm this, one kind of like hit him a little bit better cuz. This one and you can obviously see through so I think, that looks a lot better I was just about to explain how I ordered, a gate for Grayson for the living room to keep all of his toys and stuff in so that Chloe can get to him and, his. Toys because she constantly has them in her mouth and I'm constantly having to sanitize them but. The postman just delivered it so I'm. Gonna have Adam put this together when he gets back home and I'll show you guys what it looks like when it's all built. I'm. I said. I. Just. Hope, you won't, get hurt, I. Just. Hope you're been through worse. Too. Much of. Emotional. I don't. Wanna, pick a fight. Everything. Seemed. So good, I. Guess.

I Can't help, myself. Okay. So I just got to the Container Store and, it looks like her, out of the, bigger lazy susans, so, I'm just gonna clear off the shelf and get the last four that they have of the smaller ones. Okay. I also picked up some bins. To. Go in our entertainment center so I got three of these white, ones and then three of these light. Wicker ones and I'll. Show you guys how I, end. Up organizing, it. And I tell, you. Sneaking, out. You. Sometimes. But. You making me nervous. Though I've realized. That, I, can. Okay. So here is what this, cabinet, is looking like now so, I have, the. Kids Sun screen over here their. Band-aids, some. All-purpose. So for like cuts and scrapes and stuff and then. I have, my. Vitamins, and atoms vitamin, so our, probiotics. I take, those occasionally, some apple cider gummies. That I take and then, some vitamin C packets, that we take pretty much every day, and. Then over here I have the girls vitamins, and. This. Is pretty much just all vitamins, and then, their elderberry, Grayson's, vitamin D and his dan tech and that's. Pretty much it so um. Everything. Is way more. Accessible now and I have one, turntable. Left. Over, this. Was pretty much gone the sunscreen I think it's almost expired too so I'm going to toss this out there's not very much left in there this. Is not even open yet so I'm going to put this probably in my, pool, bag and then. These, are lunch box notes I'm going to put this in a different cabinet, this. Doesn't belong in there I'm. Going to put these somewhere else too and then. These are our. Multivitamins. That. Adam, and I take and I think I'm going to put these in our. Nightstands. And set up in here because they don't really fit so other. Than that everything, else fit. In here perfectly and. Medicine lollipops, that were in these mason jars I put in the other cabinet, I'll show you I put. Them over here in, this lazy susan, behind. The. Girls cough drops. These. Are medicine lollipops, they're not actual lollipops, they're from the company, doctor. Pops, so. I give these to the girls if they want them when they're sick and they have like a sore throat and. Then I took this element, stuff out of the packaging, and put them in here too it has its own little divider, because they didn't fit in the acrylic organizers. Anywhere. Else so yeah. Everything is organized and looks. So, much better okay and I'm not sure I showed you guys the. Gate yet so it came like already assembled, we didn't have to do anything at all really and. We just had to kind of configure, how we wanted it to be so. Now, I'll have so much more peace of mind when. Grayson is on his little floor mat when. Khloe's around because, she won't be able to stomp, on him and the, kids won't, walk on him I don't know I'm just like really nervous that something's. Gonna happen, so, this. Way, I'll just have way more peace of mind so um yeah. I got this off at the Amazon I think it was pretty inexpensive, I'll have it linked humble if you guys are interested but. I got these, baskets. From, the Container Store when I went earlier, today and I'm, gonna put them in our entertainment center and I'm so stupid you guys I should have got four of each because, there's, four, little. Cabinets, I don't know why I thought there was three so. When I got three so I might have to go back but. I'll show you guys how. I put them in here I'm not gonna put anything in yet because I still need to decide like what I'm gonna put in each. Basket. But. Yeah. I can never have too much storage so. Yeah. I'm gonna put these baskets in and I'll show you what they look like when I'm done. Okay. Well I initially, liked the wicker basket, up on top and I was gonna do something decorative on the middle shelf but because of all the routers in this cabinet right here I had to bring the wicker basket, down, to the middle shelf but I think it looks fine like that too so. I moved. Them on, these as well and, then.

On The top shop I think I'm just gonna do like books or some. Sort of decor. Seasonal. Decor. Um. But yeah I think it looks really cute and it's. Neutral. So it'll go with like every season so I just. Need to get one more for this shelf right here because, I totally. Forgot about it and I've been wanting to get this done for so long and now I have so much more storage so I'm, really happy with how it looks. Okay. Guys I think that's gonna be it for today's that video clearly, it's the next day now and a completely different outfit, we, were all bundled up and ready to go for Bailey's, soccer game this morning she has soccer every Saturday and we. Showed up to an empty field because, they cancelled her game and picture day it was picture day too so, anyways. We made the most of it we went to a fun park and the kids had a blast but, that's why I'm wearing this beanie because it's really cool today but anyways you guys will see that in Monday's vlog I think I'm gonna end this video here though the only thing I didn't get done on my to-do list was, organizing. My center console in my trunk which, I will do in my next, tackle, with Terra video but before I close out today's video I wanted to ask you guys if, you could leave a comment down below and let me know if you prefer this more casual, vlog. Style video, or if you guys like the voiceover, better I can do either or I want, to do whatever you guys enjoy, watching the, most so leave a comment down below and let me know give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed, it subscribe, if, you haven't already and I will see you guys very, soon bye.

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