Tanzanya'nın Darüsselam Şehrinde İlk İzlenimlerimiz | BİRİNCİ BÖLÜM

Tanzanya'nın Darüsselam Şehrinde İlk İzlenimlerimiz  | BİRİNCİ BÖLÜM

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We just bought a pillow. -Mom, are you happy with your pillow? -You should have filmed their bargain since the beginning. -Well, I couldn't. After a long bargain, thanks to Elia, he bought two pillows. -My mom says we should have paid for it because he bought it for us. -This is our first day in Tanzania. -Yes, the first impression is that you must negotiate a price.

-You have to negotiate. It's the tradition here. -It's not only for tourists. -Yes, It's not only for tourists. Apparently, local people also negotiate. -Mom, are you someone who can negotiate a price? -Not really. -My mother also is not good at negotiating.

We'll get ripped off a lot here. -You can't speak English. So even if you could negotiate, It would not do any good. -I tell you, you translate and negotiate. You couldn't do it because you would be laughing.

-Yeah I couldn't negotiate because I would be laughing a lot. -Eventually, they would give it to you for free. -I don't think It will happen because this is Tanzania.

-Because they gave it to you for free when you were in Serbia. -Yes, they did it. But it was Serbia. -My dear Serbia, muah! -It's about people, not the nationality. -It's not about people, mom, It's about the economic situation.

-Which is also true. Getting it for free was a joke for sure. But what I'm saying is there must be people here who could do the same gesture. -For sure. Sharing is caring. Let's have a look at the road. -I forgot to mention that they drive on the other side of the road. Just like Australia, New Zealand, England.

I'm used to it from Australia and New Zealand but my mom isn't. -Where are we now? -This is where I am staying. Great! You go first. I think we have to take our shoes off. This is the room where you will stay.

This is another room. There is a bathroom here. -Toilet and shower are together. The toilet is like the ones we have in Turkey. But the direction of the hole is the opposite. -I know you have a lot of plans. I lot of things in your timetable. -We have no plans. -I know you don't have plans but at least we need to make some plans. -True.

We just want to go to Zanzibar. In Zanzibar, there are two options. The first option is to use the ferry. The second option is to use the plane. -The ferry is cheaper, isn't it? -No, the prices are not that much different. The ferry is $35 for you. If you come to the plane, It'd be the same price. So the day maybe which you are planning to go, I can go and drop you there at the ferry. Helping you with the ticket thing.

And then we are off to Zanzibar. We have 5 weeks together. Maybe in Zanzibar for 2 or 3 weeks. So we'll still have 2 weeks on the mainland. We want to do Safari that I told you about. We don't know what to do. I have a long list of things to do. But sometimes the other things will depend on your budget and the time. -Good morning. -Good morning. Let's go.

That was our room last night. -Are we going to the right or to the left? -I haven't looked at it. Hold this. Let me film you.

-Look, because the camera is facing me now, your voice will be heard very little. -So make sure you get close to this. -That's why I'm speaking loudly. Shall we film you as well? There is a very beautiful girl here. I also like her hair very much. They braided her hair very well. I don't know her name. I can't ask her name.

What's your name? Mom, turn the camera to yourself. Suna Ekin Everyone is staring at us. You must see this. -Even if we didn't shoot this video, we inevitably attract attention as white people. -We've become famous.

-Yes even if we didn't shoot this video. Yesterday night, we went out and everyone was staring at us. -We go straight from here. That's it. -Okey -Yesterday, they said that... -Coco Jamboo. -What did he say? -I don't know. You know the song 'Coco Jambo'. I think he said something like that.

-Maybe it means 'good morning' -Don't you know the song? -Okay but what's the meaning of it? -Oh the meaning? I don't know. -Because he said it as if he knows you. -We get too much attention from guys here.

-Not sure about my mom though lol -I don't understand what they say so I don't react to them. Yes, true. -I don't take it personally anyway.

-Me neither. I am used to it from Turkey. -As far as I can see, there are so many women on the streets, and also in the workforce. -The shopkeepers are generally women in different types of shops. -Yes, in different types of shops.

-Clothing, food, convenience food. While we were going out last night, our friends told us that we should not take our cell phones, wallets, and bags with us, that people could snatch them from our hands. Because the place we stay is a local area, with the local people. So It's not touristic. Our friends know the rules here. That's why they said that we should not take anything with us. A few people said that. Of course, my mother was worried. “Are we going to leave everything at home now? How safe is this house? ''

I said, take it easy. Ekin, you put me on the roadside so that cars hit me. There is no pavement either. Everyone is walking on the road. Now, we are going to the shopping mall. We'll buy sim cards for both of us.

Because we don't have money. We need to exchange the money. We are hungry because we have no money. Yes. Last night, we slept without having dinner. We got the stuff from the market on the cuff. Our friend Elia, whom we stay with, called the person in the market, and said that his two friends were coming to get some stuff. And they said It was okey. So we went there and got some stuff; Nescafe, milk, toilet paper, and water. Because there was nothing we could buy for food.

-We slept on an empty stomach. It is 10 am now. -But It is good. Because eating too much during the lockdown had to come at a price. -We will pay the price here. -True. We will lose the weight we gained back then, with hunger now. Now I am hungry. Normally I don't feel hungry in Turkey as we constantly eat something. -Even if you don't eat there, at least you know that you can eat if you want to. -It is even stressful.. 'Should I eat, should I not eat?' -Now we have nothing to eat here anyway. -Ekin, you acted as if you understood him. -I didn't know what to say.

-Maybe he spoke nonsense. -But you said 'yeah' -Because the people who watch this video wouldn't understand him anyway. So It's okay. By the way, we'll walk for an hour on the main road to get to the mall as we don't have a car and there is no public transport going there from here. These little cars are very common here. I think It's like a taxi. Another interesting thing here is these canals. There are so many canals like this. We are walking here afraid of falling.

I saw a man with a mustache. As long as I noticed him, I realized that no one here had a mustache. -The guy who walks across the street has a beard. -He has a beard but not a mustache. I feel like I'm in a parade. Because everyone is lined up with their motorcycles. And It happened more than once. I feel like I am in a parade in front of motorcyclists for a long time. I don't know why they are waiting. Maybe they are like taxis. We saw these places yesterday while we were passing by. They make sales here. These are the exhibitions.

We are at the mall. We just saw a place called Istanbul. I said 'Oh, Istanbul!'. And my mom said: 'We can have some Turkish food there.' -My question is why are we eating Turkish food in Africa? You already had Turkish food for 50 years. I said that so that we should make a slow transition during the adaptation process.

-What I'm telling you is that let's eat papaya, green banana vs. in the morning. But you tell me to eat menemen(Turkish dish) -We eat them later. -This is a cultural experience that includes food, music, clothes. -Okay, I'm not totally rejecting it. -We can do both. -She is here only for 5 weeks. She spent her entire life in Turkey but hasn't had enough Turkish food yet.

-Why do you say that? We are going to have so many meals. -Not many meals anymore because you live here like me. which means there are not many meals in a day. -There are only two meals, just anything to make you full. You just eat bread and sleep. -Good if we can find bread. I haven't seen any bakery here. -I saw some like UNO bread.

-Breakfast and lunch. -Nice. In for a penny, in for a pound. -I put plenty of ketchup. -We couldn't find anything in the mall. -Yes, unfortunately. We could not do the things we wanted to do. We were planning to have breakfast but we had no choice but the chicken option. So we had to take it. The other place is very similar here, KFC.

We came to a place like a bus station. We are following this girl who is also going to the city center. So she will take us there. -We are not in a hurry. We will wait for them to come and collect the money. -You learned it. -Yes I learned the system here. Let's try to find an empty seat first, just like we do in Turkey.

-There is a bus assistant system here. They come and collect the money. A one-way ticket is 500 local money. -I don't know the name of the money here. -Me neither. We don't even know the name. Shame on us. My mom just asked the girl sitting next to her for the name of the money. We can't stop my mom lol It's called Shilling. Now I'm holding a 1000 Tanzanian shilling. There is a man's picture on it.

1000 shilling for two people. -So how much is it for Zanzibar? -35 US dollars for one way. -A return ticket is $70 USD. -He said something about Safari.

-I didn't ask that as our friend will take us there. This is the place we might get ripped off. -Where are you from? -Turkey.

-Welcome. -Thank you. -Hakuna matata. -Can you speak Swahili? The only thing I know is 'asante sana','karibu','hakuna matata','mambo' We are literally in the middle of the chaos now. Hope someone is not going to grab the camera and run. Mom, mambo poa means 'how are you?' I think It's with the 'P' Worse than Turkey.

You know they are harassing tourists in Turkey. We are facing the same problem here. -It feels very hot. -I am very quiet but you complain a lot. Because, first, It feels very hot. Second, I need to use the toilet. Plus, we are lost. Well, It is okay to get lost. Everyone is verbally abusive and I'm not used to it. 'welcome to our place', 'hi, how are you', 'do you need a taxi', 'do you want to eat this', ' do you want to wear this'

I need to answer them all the time. And I feel weird if I don't. Plus, I want to buy some plums now. But If I buy without bargaining, I will be ripped off. So I don't even intend to buy it. What the hell is that!

If they didn't overcharge in the first place, I would buy some. We actually didn't get lost because we didn't know anywhere and we were not looking for a specific place anyway. We just looked for a place to drink coffee but we couldn't find it. Because there was none. People socialize and do some shopping on the street. They wander the streets.

I have seen men sitting all day at a cafe only in Hoskoy(a small town in Turkey), and here as well. Men always sit somewhere on the street. But in so many places, women were the same. They were sitting outside on the pavement, and socializing. Anyone who gets some fruits or veggies go and start selling them. I think It is about the unemployment here. Street vendors are very common here. It takes some courage to dare and buy something. I am not a nitpicker person but I still couldn't but anything because I was worried.

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