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Taroscopi Tour --  Michael Tsarion

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The. Tarot and the zodiac are. Not external, phenomena, they. Are not out there and should. Be considered living, essences, or archetypes, within, each individual. You. Are a living breathing zodiac. The. Magician Aleister Crowley and the, mystic poet William Blake recognized. This fact and declared, in similar ways that, every man and woman is a star. The. Great German philosopher Friedrich, Nietzsche, panned. These words which, aptly introduced, and encapsulate, the, theoretical, basis for the entire Terrace copic system. He. Said as long as you still experience, the Stars as something above your head you lack, the eye of knowledge. Theosophist. Madame helena petrovna blavatsky put. The matter this way, when. The planets of the solar system, are named or symbolized, it. Must not be supposed that, the planetary, bodies, themselves, are referred to except. As types on, a purely physical plane, of the Sevenfold nature, of the, psychic and spiritual, worlds. Now. A telescopic, chart, like, any divination chart is a, map delineating, the interaction. Between the conscious and unconscious, dimensions, of being and the, masculine and feminine aspects, of the self. However. Due. To modern society's, aversion, to whole brain intelligence, the, esoteric, disciplines, once revered by kings are, all but deleted from serious concern, being. Relegated to the level of novelty, and pseudoscience and. Although. There is a plethora of new-age books rolling, off the assembly lines few. Authors and researchers concentrate. On the all-important. Relationships, between, the Tarot and its sister disciplines, astrology. Numerology. And Kabbalah. The. Divination arts of Tarot. And astrology. Are. Part of the Western magical, tradition, they. Are the result of centuries, in-depth meditation, on the meaning of existence and, Arabic. West us from adepts who knew what life is all about. Therefore. In our opinion, the time has come for the hermetic arts to be presented. And taught as the adepts of old intended. This. Means they must be considered learned taught and practiced, as one. Discipline. This. Is the message of the first card of the Tarot the magician. The. Magician has laid the symbols, of the four suits together a one, strange, three legged table, now. Esoterically, the suits represent, the four elements the. Four hemispheres, of the psyche and the four. Hermetic, arts. The. Fundamentally. Important, mysterium of bringing foreigners to oneness was, encoded into the architecture, of Egypt's. Great Pyramid, which. Stands upon a square base and rises. To a single point. The. Pyramid has, a foundation, of four and sides, of three. The. Magician's table has a square top and three legs is there. An implied connection, here. In. Our opinion it is finally time for the reunification. Of science, and medicines. The. Present age is a time for quantum leaps in understanding. And discovery, it, is certainly time for us to rediscover the true significance of, the hermetic arts we. Can dispense with the new-age jargon, and reverently. Employ them as our forebears, once did. Old. Paradigms, serve us no longer they. Distract, us from the great work and from. Realizing that each man is his own priest, and each woman her own priestess. Working. With the hermetic arts initiates, us into our true roles they. Introduce, us to our authentic. Life path or Dharma. And help, us to see through the illusions that plagued inauthentic. Or karmic, modes of existence, for. Millennia they have been invaluable signposts. For aspirants, on the, road of self-discovery. It. Is a special, day when the divination arts, into your life a very. Special, day it. Is not by chance that you've been drawn to these subjects, this. Very attraction, constitutes, the difference between yourself, and the rest of humankind. It. Means that your guide is working for your best interests, it. Is offering you protection and wisdom and helping. You become immune to the perverse and destructive, elements of the modern world. It. Is leading you from the black squares of ignorance to the white squares of knowledge it's. Leading you towards Salford the. Goal of the adepts. The. Guide is the higher self it. Is the voice we must commune, with on a daily basis. Originally. This communion was the goal of all mysticism, religion, yoga and magic, the. Inner guide may be also described as a living Oracle. In. The magical tradition it has been referred to as the holy guardian angel the. Car harassed. Christ. And Agatha. Diamond or holy serpent, we. Meet him in mythology in the form of Anubis Thoth. Mercury. Hermes, Hearn Merlin. And as. Christ. The. Man who's guided from within frees. Himself from dependency. On other people he. Never has to seek guidance from the misguided and hastens. Instead to attain the kind of life he's meant to live. The. Enlightened man of the past said. That self-realization. Is necessary, before God realization, at. The Oracle of Delphi the phrase know thyself was, inscribed, well. To know oneself means to look into the right kind of mirrors and the.

Right Kind of mirrors are the zodiac and Tarot. Previously. We mentioned the importance of the first card of the Tarot, another. Revelation concerns, the esoteric letter of the magician card. The. Letter ascribed, to it is bathe which. Means house of God and, although. This is a reference, to the Great Pyramid of Giza it, also refers, to the human body our own temple, or house of God, so. Again the message is clear the. Real meaning and mystery is not in the cards or the zodiac but. In oneself. As. William Blake reminded, us all the, gods reside, in the human breast that. Is within. You. We. Are all fascinated, by archetypal, mysteries we. Can no more abolish them than we could stop dreams coming at night, everyone. Knows their own star sign and, we toss coins into water for luck and pick them up for luck we. Love games like snakes and ladders cards. Roulette chess, and hopscotch we. Blow out candles at, birthday parties and make wishes and so on it. Is all a vestige, of divination and part, of our racial memory as. Madame Blavatsky, and Manley Palmer Hall Carl, Jung Joseph, Campbell and others have shown Western. Man has become spiritually, stark naked because. He's chosen to disregard the sacred traditions, of the past, precious. Gems have been thrown into gutters so. It is really no wonder that, modern man is Anna spiritually comatose, state. Fortunately. We are gradually. Discovering, just how advanced, our ancient forebears were, we. May delude ourselves about, the past but we can't pretend that the Great Pyramid or, the Baalbek stone did not exist there. They stand as vivid reminders, of the spiritual, and technical eminence of the, ancient adepts. However. These adepts, did, not only create marvels in stone they. Were also spiritual, architects, they. Were the creators of the hermetic arts which were deliberately, designed, to assist and guide good, men and their, spiritual development they. Are the means by which one, becomes hygienic. The. Morally, and spiritually unhygenic, person, can make no progress on the road of enlightenment. Time. May have passed since the days of the Great Adams but, nothing has changed in this regard, the. Toxic, and unsane man has no chance of attaining enlightenment. He. Can only misguide, himself and everyone. He encounters. Indigenous. People of the earth, curiously. Never proclaimed themselves to be anything like as advanced, or civilized, as those who preceded them. The. Tribes we think of as primitive know, that, great civilizations. Existed, in the past. Sadly. These civilization, is no longer exist and the, great adepts who built them are also long gone. But. Miraculously, their magnificent, creations, remain the. Divination arts, are a very, special perk west to us from, the enlightened masters of all there. Are more than just relics of the past to. Be mocked and ignored. The. Tarot is immeasurably. Sacred, it. Has connections, to the Egyptian, Hebrew, Irish. And English magical. Alphabets to the. Kabbalistic, Tree of Life to. The chakra system and, the, alchemical process. It. Is connected to numerology and to, the physical orbit and movement of the luminaries, and planets it. Is connected, to the precession, of the equinoxes. To. The process, of human individuation. The. Yearly, maturation, of the human being to the, personality types the. Zodiac the sequence, of historical, centuries, from, the first to the 21st, to. The periodic, table of elements and to several other esoteric and exoteric, phenomena. We. Can say unequivocally that, the. Tarot, is the true book of life there, is no other in fact. When students of alchemy, pontificate. About the mysterious emerald tablets of Hermes they, fail to realize that, it is the Tarot to which they refer. Many. People develop, a superficial, interest in Tarot it's, one of those subjects, that becomes fashionable at certain times now. There are totem teros self-actualization. Teros feminist. Arrows art expression Tarot's fetish. Tarot's humor Taro's and so on some. Of these packs do not present the complete deck and worse, some, have added cards. Reduction. And addition, serve to abolish the numerical, integrity, of the, Tarot to.

The Purest these creations are not real towers at all and our miss named the. Tarot is something very specific it. Is fine if someone wishes to display, or share their own personal vision the, request or artistry, by designing a deck of cards but unless. They're fully conversant with the numerical, and geometric construction. Of the Tarot the, book of life their. Work does not qualify as Tarot. One. Cannot make Tarot subservient, to their own mindset and pay, and only pay fleeting, regard to its age-old principles, so. Let this be clearly understood the true, book of life has exactly 78. Pages and is. Called a tarot. Moreover. If you examine card, 7 the chariot and kart, 8 known. As strength you, will see that they represent, the signs of cancer and Leo that. Is they represent the moon and the Sun, the. Number 78, therefore, symbolizes. The coming together or celestial, marriage of the luminaries, now. A satirically, this. Has considerable, meaning card. Seven and eight like, the Tarot itself symbolize. The nucleation, of opposites. The. Magnificence, of Tarot lies in its symbolic richness. The. Tarot communicates, by way of symbols colors, and numbers. The. Terra may be described, as a master. Chapter within the great, book of symbolism and. We, need to be symbolically, literate, to understand, the tower's profound wisdom. Then. We can correctly decode, what the cards reveal to us during. A reading or a meditation. Symbols. Have been used by all major cultures, and naturally, there could be no advancement to higher forms of language and communication without, them whether. In the form of hieroglyphics. Or higher ground, mandalas and yantras, or Tonka's and sigils they. Can only be fully understood with the whole brain and not merely by the left brains linear circuitry. Scientists. Studying, cognition, and communication have. Discovered, that there are at least. 240,000, miles of neural. Threads in the human brain enough. To stretch from the earth to the moon on. Every micrometer, of these threads there, exists. 250,000, units of information. This. Data is however recorded, only as pictograms, or composite images and not as words, words. Are of time whereas. Symbols of our our of eternity, and. When you look into your mind and see your, own thoughts, it, is images, that you see appearing before, you not words or sentences. Jews. And Christians are prohibited. From making graven. Images of God. The. Commandment, against graven. Images comes before the prohibition, against, killing, and. We also read that in the beginning was the word, however. It goes without saying that before the Word of God there, must have been the symbol of God. Words. Define the creations, and exploits, of men not, God, in. Order to know the letter one, must develop symbolic. Literacy, and studying. The Tarot is the most opposite, way of developing. This capacity. As. We stated earlier the, zodiac is not out there in space it. Exists, within each. Person, is a living breathing zodiac. Exoteric. Astrologers, imagine, that the movement, of the planets and luminaries, make prediction, possible. This. Idea has no factual basis. Moreover. Conventional. Astrological. Systems are very paraphernalia. Oriented, the. Tarot scopic system is esoteric. In nature and does not rely on compasses. Protractors, computer, programs and complex. Astronomical. Charts. Astrology. Must be based on psychology. Not astronomy and trigonometry. If. We foolishly believe in an outer zodiac, or in. Rocks in space effect, consciousness, and destiny pallava then. By definition we also endorsed the preposterous concept. Of predetermination. Which. Posits, that we have no free choice the. Ancient adepts never taught such nonsense, despite. What so-called, experts, say the. High arts of divination were not originally, based on fallacies, of this kind the. My guy knew that man is not a passive actor in the theatre of the universe, operating. In accordance to a pre-written. Unchanging. Script. After. All, what, does consciousness, have to do with, physical time. What. Does it have to do with distance. Space or speed, each. Of these phenomena, are projections. Of ego consciousness. They. Are applicable to physical, objects, and our perception, of the material, world they, have nothing to do with the mental and spiritual dimensions of being. Do. Our dreams occupy, a space, do. They take time to cover a distance, do. They come and go at different speeds. Does. Thought operate according, to these four principles. Can. Thoughts be timed, in, any practical or useful way, for. Example, if we suddenly take it into our minds to think of a running horse we. Can see that the image and idea, of the animal enters, our minds instantly, we. Did not have to wait for the thought to arise as we would have to wait for a physical, horse to appear before us. Moreover. Horse would, have to be transported, over a specific quantifiable. Distance, it. Would inhabit a space and. Be brought to us at a certain speed, nothing.

Of This kind occurs in the realm of thought it. Certainly does not occur with, the unconscious, processes. Once. We think of someone or something the, image is there instantly. It, appears magically, as it were in this. Context. Knowing, is instantaneous. It, is beyond the realm of time no. Muscle or machine is required for the mind of man, to think or recall a horse a tree or a past memory the. Mind is not a filing cabinet data bank or computer, in the accepted, sense the. Human minds concepts, of its own workings, is largely. Delusional. Due, to centuries of Mis education, and conditioning, our. Ideas about our own minds bodies and souls are, artificial, and irrational, because, of Perpetual indoctrination. Our. Ideas, about astrology are equally delusional. Astrology. Has been erroneously, based on abstract constructs, that have no psychological. Relevance whatsoever. Although. Many astrologers, use the words archetypal. Spiritual, or psychological, their. Writings often show that they have little idea what these words really mean the. Charts they create by means of ephemera and astronomical computer, programs, and so on show, that they're not working with true astrology, at all it. Shows that their notion, of the zodiac and of divination are delusional, as the. Philosopher Nietzsche wrote as, long as you still experience the stars of something above your head you lack, the eye of knowledge. Once. We understand, the wisdom of this statement we. Can create or recreate, a, truly, archetypal, astrological. Divination system. First. We must take a closer look at time and realize. That there are in fact three, kinds, of time, there. Is clock time measured, by a clock or watch there. Is seasonal, time measured. By a calendar and there. Is psychological, time this. Kind of time is different than the physical kinds, of time and it's measured by the zodiac, however. We do not mean the zodiac out there in space the. Zodiac we refer to is also, psychological. Or, like in nature it. Is the inner zodiac it. Is the living Oracle within every man and woman. Of. Course the first two types of time are well known in fact. We're all veritable, slaves to them they're. Certainly not doubted but. The lost truth is that these first two forms of time originated, from the third, this. Is why they all feature twelve divisions 12, hours twelve seasons and twelve. Signs. To. Adhere to the first two forms of time and ignore, the third is, sheer insanity. It. Is responsible, for the disorder and disempowerment, so prevalent in the world. Imagine. Living for a week or a month without, your watch or calendar give, it a try and see what happens your, life will be in disarray, now. Magnify, this to, the soul level and see the predicament of the psyche there, it is a float on the ocean of existence lost. In the labyrinth of matter without a thread, the. Universal, intelligence did not intend our lives to be this way it, gave us the means to navigate, safely through, each and every sea and storm of life, therefore. We will do well to bring the high arts of divination into our lives because, they are the compasses, and charts we've been missing. On a very basic level readings. Operate, like any psychological, test. Scientists. And behaviorists, employ many psychological. Tests such, as the t-80 or Thematic. Apperception tests. The. Rorschach, inkblot, test the, L a B or language and behavior test, and the, myers-briggs, test. There. Are many others that are accepted by academics. For. Example for years researchers, at Stanford University. Tried, to determine how many psychological. Types there are, finally. They came up with sixteen well. Curiously the, character, cards of the Tarot known. As the court Royals which. Represent, the very same types, are. 16 a number and the. Tarot is centuries-old. Basically. The Tarot works in the same manner as a common, thermometer, when. You go to the doctor he pulls your records, and pops, a thermometer in your mouth you. Give him an opinion about, your malady and hopefully, the, correct diagnosis, will be made it's. Somewhat the same situation. When you have a reading, your. Record is your horoscope, or spread. The. Chart or cards, take, the temperature, of your psyche, so to speak that. Is of the emotions, and the unconscious. Mind, the.

Ancient Arabs were in effect the, first behaviorists. Or depth psychologists. Had. They been given a free voice our, world and our societies, would be free of many repellent, elements the. Adepts and diviners, knew that the Stars have no power over our consciousness, and destiny they. Knew that we contained, within us an inner, zodiac, or what, might be called a living Oracle they. Knew that this Oracle can be accessed, by way of symbols and that, in turn communicates. Back to us back, with a conscious mind by way of symbols. This. Is why the ancient, adepts of Ireland Scandinavia, and Egypt made extensive use of Mandela's. Higher grams talismans, and sigils, it. Is also the reason why the Jewish Commandments, forbade, the making of graven, images. Yes. The man in touch with his inner guides, cannot, easily be dominated, and indoctrinated, this. Is why the establishment has forcibly made words more, important, than. Symbols. In. The Tarot we find the same principles, and elements that appear in the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The. Terminology. Of modern adepts, is certainly new but, the principles, are not original. This. Is hard to believe for many because, Tarot scholars have generally failed to explain the true meaning of the cards, for. The most part they have not dealt with the connections, between, the, Tarot and the psyche, nevertheless. The. Parts of consciousness, the it'd the ego the super-ego and, the conscience and the, principles, of regression, repression, sublimation, inflation, and so on are all to be found in the Tarot economy. Carl. Jung studied, astrology alchemy and the meaning, of mandalas in truth. There is not a single thing in all of Jung's work that, is not in the Tarot the. Four types the. Concepts, of introvert, and extrovert the. Anima and the animus the, shadow the wild man and so on they're. All there. In. This. Narcissistic age, of moral and spiritual decay we. Would do well to remember that the most pernicious diseases. Are not as is commonly, thought of the, body but of the mind and, the. Tarot is one of those valid, and important, therapies, to, rid consciousness, of it's sickness. The. Imagery of the cards has a profoundly, positive effect, on the mind, moreover. The Tarot enables, us to cleanse the emotional, body and the deeper layers of the unconscious. Once. We are psychically, hygienic, we. Are able to receive and interpret, the guidance bestowed, by our higher selves. We. See reality as it is rather. Than what it appears to be to, the ego and lower mind. The. Return to sanity has. Been a major theme of innumerable, psychologists. Philosophers and, activists. The. Men and women of reason have concluded that something is very wrong with. Post-industrial, humanity. Experts. Have gone to great lengths to describe what, is wrong with the way Abin man lives. However. They offer a little of substance when it comes to coherent, solutions, to, mankind's vexatious. Problems. This. Is because man's problems, are psychological. Rather than physical. This. Presents a major problem for Humanity because most men have convinced, themselves that what they can't see, does, not exist. Well. That's a convenient stance for those in denial of the truth. We. Are now in the 21st, century and the time for a problem think is over it. Is now time for solution. Think it's. Time for mankind, to proactively, face reality, in order to change it and have. Zero tolerance for the factors that caused the enslavement of the self and the, world, this. Paradigm, shift involves. The integration, of the dark sides of the ego personality. It. Involves, seeing ourselves holistically. And completely, and it. Involves, a study of why the ego, has a rational, ideas about itself in the world the. Egos birth was, traumatic, it. Is nothing less than the ghost that, has arisen from the grave of the self, moreover. The ego came into existence recently, it. Became the center of a fragmented, consciousness. Before. The birth of the ego men, enjoyed a consciousness. That was whole, this. Level of awareness is no longer available to most human beings indeed. The ego can never comprehend, the magnitude of the, consciousness that existed, before its, dominion that. State of awareness still, exists within us and is, referred to as the unconscious. The. Unconscious, contains psychic personalities, refer, to as archetypes, these. Personality, so to speak are regarded, by the ego as external.

Objects, They. Are regarded, in the same way as worldly, objects, that. Is the ego does not regard the excluded, content, or archetypes, as part, of itself this. Is because the ego is extremely, defensive. So much so that. It has banished, vitally, important, aspects, of its own nature. The. Tarot and the definition, arts helps. Us to open portals of communication. Between conscious, and unconscious hemispheres, of mind, as. The stained-glass windows, of a great cathedral filter. Raw sunlight, the, 22 Arcanum filter as it were the, energies of the unconscious, so, it can be of use to the ego, light. That is to direct can burn and desiccate a garden, but. When the light is directed correctly and when, it's intense rays are properly diffused, the, garden yields many a fragrant, tree and flower well, so it is with. The garden of the mind. Astrological. Charts and Tarot, spreads map the. Rites of passage that each human being must, experience during their lives, there. Is no way to avoid these rites of passage. We. Could not avoid being born and we cannot avoid death we. Cannot avoid the other rites that occur between birth, and death, we. Can however know a great deal about them, we. Can find out when they will happen and we. Can prepare to navigate them correctly, this. Is the choice of sane men. When. We successfully, negotiate, the challenges, that arise during, the, rites of passage we. Pass from the horizontal plane of our limited ego life to. The vertical plane of selfhood, we. Transcend, karmic existence, and become, one with our Dharma or true life purpose. The. Average person will experience approximately. Seven major rites of passage during their life the. More awakened person can have more and the, symbolically, literate self-realized. Person's life may, be considered, one continuous, rite of passage. Either. Way as we said the rights cannot be avoided. Psychologically. Speaking they are unavoidable. Stages, of maturation, they. Can be times of emotional. Transformation and spiritual, revelation. During. A rite of passage we, often encounter resistance from authority, figures and can, be forced to deal with strange inner compulsions that disturb, our equal and, compromise. Our domestic and social security most. People the rites are usually experienced, as uncomfort and even alarming, deviations, from, the sunny horizons, sought by the ego, there. Are interruptions in the routine or punctures. In the bubble of normality which is, anything but. Due. To these detours, and periods, when the wires become crossed and frazzled we, can find ourselves doing, very strange things the. Rules of the game evaporate, and even. Appear grotesque, and the. Advice of other people is about as useful as a signpost in a ghost town. The. Obvious rites of passage have been recognized, by mainstream psychologists. And philosophers for, some time now they. May include birth entrance. To school, puberty. Leaving. School the. First sexual experience, the first job a marriage. Giving. Birth the, loss of a parent or a similar significant, trauma the. Astrological, Saturn, returned as it's called, divorce. Menopause, retirement, and death. There. Are many others such, as moments, of betrayal or punishment, for misdeeds and so on not. To mention the various euphoric, experiences, of a, creative, religious, or mystical, type. Now. Each person's, ego life has its own particular, rhythm movement. And duration, that. Unique rhythm and complexion. Is revealed. In our birth chart, the. More unique a person's character the. More unique their individuation, process will be and the, more distinctive, the rites of passage leading, to the final stages of life, the.

Final Stage known, to psychologists, as the individuation. Was. Known to adepts, mystics, and alchemists. They. Frequently, used the symbols of a cross a square or a cube to, connote this stage. They. Also refer to it in their writings by, the terms quarter, and quarter, natee. Reaching. The final stage of the great journey brings, one to the cube throne or great. Ashlar, in, the. Art of ancient Egypt we, see the God or Pharaoh seated upon a cube in. The, Christian tradition we, hear of the crucifixion, of Jesus upon a cross. We. Read of alchemists. And the process known as the squaring of a circle, we. Hear of the prophet, Ezekiel and as fourfold vision of, we. See the square turning up in the four, cardinal points of the zodiac, it. Has been subtly incorporated. Into the designs of the major arcana in the. Same manner as it has been on yantras and mandalas. Wherever. The symbol of the square is found in the, arcane tradition, it, symbolizes consciousness. Becoming, whole. Working. With the nation arts allows. Us to upgrade our intellect, imagination. And perception. When. Our psyche, is hygienic, and operating, from a high frequency we. Move with greater speed towards, our Dharma or authentic. Life purpose. We're. Also protected, against. The many negative, influences, and viral messages that. Pour in from the world to beseech the mind and make us toxic and unsane. Today. Most people are massively, over stimulated, by the stuff of the world their. Minds have been overwhelmed, and their critical faculties, of frozen in. The place of reason we have faith and belief, but. Faith and belief do not contribute to the healthy progress of civilization. On. The contrary they, bring about the fall of civilization. Many. People think the magical, arts have little to do with reason, this. Is not true this. Notion is common only because irrational charlatans. Have abused the esoteric arts, the. Divination arts are essential, for proper intellectual. Development, they, involve number, symbolism. Color and geometry. They. Involve astronomy, and psychology. And provide. Us with the deepest insights, into the nature of man, they. Should be employed in our everyday lives and are. As valuable as physical. Maps and compasses. They. Are certainly as valuable as any living guide or counselor. If. You work for another person you are fundamentally disempowered. This, is a fact if. You're, not permitted to make decisions, in a relationship, setting or practice, the religion you choose or, play the music you desire or address your own way or, be with whom you wish then. Again you are disempowered. If. You're out of your Center, disconnected.

From Your core nature vulnerable. To the influence of others then. You are disempowered, the. World is your master and the. Misguided are, your guides. The. Man who knows he's here for a higher purpose what. It chooses to do nothing about it lives in perpetual, frustration, and anxiety, he. Becomes dependent on other people in the same mess of, course. It is true that many good people find it difficult to provide for themselves materially. Although. They may know what it is they do not want to do in life they may not know what it is that they should be doing and waste. Years trying to find out why they're here and what they're meant to do, they. Would give anything to have guidance and finally end their dilemma. Most. People in this predicament rightly, discover that, what they've been told by parents and teachers is just not true they. Know that going to school to get good grades has, not fulfilled them they. Know that jumping through hoops to, fit in with a status quo is ultimately, unsatisfying. They. Know that there is a big difference between a life and lifestyle, and Recreation. And vocation. They. Know there's a difference between the inauthentic. And the authentic, life, some. Come to realize that success in one area of life does not mean success, in another, the. Man who gives these matters deep thought, realizes. He is not alive to simply, labor for other people and become yet one more oppressor. He. Knows his dis pendency, on the world must end if. He is to be his own person and truly, progress, of. Course the answers to man's material predicament. Are really quite simple, life. Can be compared to a business, and in. A business one sure way of getting ahead is to hire good staff in any. Successful corporation, or Enterprise we're, bound to hire specialists. Agents. Representatives. Human. Resource managers, and financial, accountants, and so on. So, let us consider what would happen if, we, were able to hire 78. Professionals, to work for us every day what. Would happen if we had 78 experts, at, our disposal, and what. Would happen if each expert, had, at least 10,000, years of experience, and worked, for 24, hours without needing a break. What. Would happen to our business if our team were 100%. Loyal and if, their work was of the highest professional caliber, and a top at all what. If they'd exact did no wage our salary for their contributions. With. Personnel like that what. Would be the odds of our success. Well. There are already 78. Professionals, at your beck and call every, time you lift a tower deck off the table. What. For instance would, happen if you had a family of 78. Members each, working in complete unison, towards a common goal would. This not be a force to be reckoned with well. Although it may sound strange the 78, archetypes, of the Tarot are our family members they. Represent, aspects of our own being it. Follows. That we need to get in contact with this archetypal, family as fast as possible. In. Each of us there exists a living Oracle made up of 78, facets, or archetypes, and this. Oracle can be consulted, it. Can provide us with the answers we need on any subject. The. Oracle provides the direction we need to excel and succeed in, all areas of life, to. Ask any other source, for our answers, and guidance is nothing. Less than an act of blasphemy. So. We can see that, the disempowerment, we experience, exists, for a reason it. Is the direct consequence, of our refusal to consult the archetypal, intelligence, within our own being it. Exists, for a reason and there's something we can do about it once we realize the truth of the matter. The. Tarot is an external. Oracle that represents, the internal, one the. Arcanum, are an archetypal, alphabet, they're. Our language we must learn in order to communicate with the living Oracle. Once. We open direct counsel with the living Oracle we, get our answers, we. Begin to find out what life is all about and receive the instructions, we need for our welfare and success. We. Get the protection, security an, empowerment. We erroneously believe, comes from other people in the, world. The. World's written history, has. Been tampered with by the despotic, plutocratic, forces, that have kept humankind, and servitude for millennia. This. Fact is known to the man of intelligence. As. The philosopher jean-jacques, rousseau wants, a plea wrote the.

Falsification, Of history has. Done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind. And. Let us not also forget Voltaire. Who, wrote history, is the. Lie commonly. Agreed upon. Fortunately. Words conceal many secrets about the past an, examination. Of the original, meaning of certain words gives, us insight, into history. When. It comes to written languages, such as English we. Find it is mostly the vowels, that interchange over, time, generally. Consonants. Remain as they are. Moreover. Ancient, written languages, such as Greek Egyptian, and, Hebrew, did, not commonly use vowels, bearing. This in mind we can learn a great deal from a study of the word Tarot. The. Word is primordial. During. The early dynasties, the supreme mother goddess of Egypt was, known as turret or tart. As. Time passed she became known by other names such as Knuth mat, Mya. Hey. Thor Isis, Sergei and Sophia, in. Later. Time she became known as Mara or Mary from. Mary meaning. Beloved that. Is right the, original, Madonna was taught worked, from. Her name we had drive terms and names such as Ishtar, ashteroth, a, start a star. Terra. Tiamat, Thoth. Taurus, and so on the. Word tartan is a, derivation, of her name and so. Is the derogatory slang, word for women tart. Members. Of the solar cult demonized, and rebuked. Members of rival cults, a, worshipper. Of the stellar gotta start, was, ridiculed, and scourge as a tart in the, same way that a worshipper of the lunar goddess was. Ridiculed, as a lunatic, a monster, or a sinner. Other. Defamatory, words, used, in the Bible is high, this. Word originally, came from her adieu line which, actually, means sacred woman, or beloved, one there. Are many such miss translations, of this kind in the, scriptures the. Word, Taarabt was, later pronounced, with a soft H, like. Tariff thus. Giving us the familiar word truth, the. Word taro and the word truth therefore have the same meaning. It. Follows that if one is seeking truth to seek out the taro in. Arabic. The root tah means. Hidden or secret, knowledge, in. Anglo-saxon languages. The strong T sound was, softened to CH, or Chuck, SOTA. Root becomes Charak. Or church, a, church. Is, obviously a place of worship however. The actual church is not a building it. Is the turul. The. Goddess named sirki is, also a derivation as are, the words Turk and Kirk. Kirk. Means Church in Scots, Gaelic. The. Name sirki is the. Origin, of the word circle, this. Is an important, clue pertaining, to the divination arts of Tarot and astrology, because. The zodiac is always, depicted, as a circle, in the heavens and, likewise. Tarot cards are often laid out in a circle the. Word thought has its root in Thoth, which. Has its root in turret. The. Word Thoth means a College and that is what the Tarot is a veritable. College of the mysteries the. Word taught, comes. From corrode and so, does the word throat, in, Celtic. Countries this word is often pronounced throat. The. Word Torah is a derivative of Tarot. Torah. Has come down to us to mean law or way but. When we do our homework we find out that the Bible originated. From the Torah however. The lost fact is that the Torah originated. From the Tarot the original, book of sacred, law this. Is one of the reasons why and the major arcana. Card. Number 2 the high priestess. Holds. A scroll bearing, the word Torah. This. Word does not refer to the exoteric, Torah, but to the hidden or secret doctrine of the adepts. The. Priestess represents. The goddess taught worked that is Tarot it. Is there for her own name that we see written upon the scroll she holds, the.

Scroll Also refers to the zodiac which, was known as the scroll of life. In. Hindi. The word Turin, means. Gateway, this. Is interesting because, that is just what we see in our Canon number two the. Priestess sits in front of a portal leading, to the Tree of Life, the. Number of the card -. Figuratively. Connotes, the temple, pillars, or Gateway, this. Subtextual message in this. Card is that the high priestess is herself the portal to the mysteries of, course. We understand, that she represents, Isis or towered, that, is the starry heavens. The. Word ratio, may also derive from Tarot, ratio. Means measure relationship. Harmony. And order. The. Goddess torte is depicted, throughout the major arcana, we. Can see her in cards 2 3, 8, 11, 14, 17. And 21. It. Is interesting to note how the female, figure was in many decks replaced, with male characters, this. Travesty can also be found in relationship, to the signs of the zodiac. Particularly. In the case of Libra, Aquarius and, Sagittarius, we, find the original feminine. Imagery obscured, in, each, case the Major Arcana, preserves. The true imagery and correspondence. Of the astrological, signs. The. Name turret was, known as a goddess epithet, far outside Egypt in. Ireland to which the Egyptians traveled we, have the word commemorated. In Torah the, capital, and seat of the kings, moreover. Tara is situated, in the fifth province of Ireland, that, was called Meath or mead. This. Word may also be akin to the goddess named Mayotte who. Was an early version of torte. Indeed. It is not improbable, that, the Egyptian, pantheon original, in Ireland, in. Any case the goddess Maat was, connected, with the concepts of law and justice and interestingly. In, this context, County, Meath was the central administrative. Center where, the kings or chieftains, gathered to hold counsel, it. Is also suggestive that the area around Terra contains. Many tombs in which Irish, Queens lie and turn. The. Symbol of Mayotte the, goddess of justice was, the great scales. We. Can still see the image of the lady with the scales over modern, courthouses. Although. The architects, have given the goddess a Grecian appearance, she. Was native to Egypt in Ireland long before the rise of Greek, and Roman culture. Mayotte. Was also connected to balance fairness. And division the. Harem for her name was akin to our modern, fraction, 1/2. This. May be the reason why the scales of matt appear, as the symbol for the sign of Libra which is halfway through the, zodiac the halfway point of the 12 signs of the zodiac, in. Any case the route ma-ma. Turns. Up in many other words such as mother matter. Matrix. Mate, matrimony. Marriage. Middle. Master. Math measure, matriculation. And so on. In. Sanskrit the word taurah means, woman and also star. Well. Curiously Arcanum, number 17, which. Is known as the star depicts. A female, above. Her head the artist painted a large star kono ting Sirius. According. To the etymology then this, female goddess figure with the star above her head can only be the goddess tart, or taro. If. You. Go to the text or to. The pages entitled, the Egyptian origins, of the Tarot you, will see our explanation. Of each cards particular, imagery and numerology and how. Each card of the Major Arcana relates. Directly to, a definable, aspect, of Egyptian, cosmology, the analysis. We present clears. Up once and for all the quandary, concerning, the origin, of the, Tarot. Now. The ultimate question, asked, by believers, and skeptics alike concerns. How the Tarot and zodiac enabled, prediction. How. Do they provide insight, into questions. Concerning character. Personality. Vocation. And destiny. This. Question has not been sufficiently, dealt with by most writers.

The. Answer should be known to those within the cognitive, sciences, to, behaviorists, and psychologists. Unfortunately. Most, specialists, in these fields, are not. That interested in occultism or divination. This. Is the reason why the truth about the divination arts as hitherto not, come to light in. Order for Tarot and astrology, to work and yield results they. Must be connected to consciousness, in fact. We cannot understand, the nature of the Tarot or the zodiac without, understanding something, about the origin, and evolution of, consciousness. We. Humans possess an inner sense of knowing some. Have called this sense intuition, some. They still small voice or, guardian, angel. Others. Call it the God force. Skeptics. Are more inclined to call it instinct but, nevertheless they cannot doubt that in certain important, situations, some, kind of super ordinate intelligence, kicks in for our protection. Regardless. Of the epithets and terminology, if, this. Force does indeed exist then. We need to find out how. It came into existence how. It operates and how to. Get into direct communication, with it. The. Telescopic system, rests, upon these. Three questions or themes which. Go directly to the heart of the. Connection, between the divination arts, and human, consciousness. Revealing. The connections, between the Tarot the zodiac and human consciousness is. Best explained, by way of numerical, analogy. Originally. Consciousness. Was merely a primitive, sensory mechanism, the. Neocortex did, not exist the, mammalian brain did not exist and thought. As we know it was non existent. Consciousness. For want of a word was. At a rudimentary, or primal, stage. The. Cerebral, spinal system was then a single fragile, ganglion, it. Is from this rudimentary stage that we have inherited our understanding. Of oneness. However. This, stage, the first stage itself. Developed, from a more rudimentary, stage that. Of nothingness, and this. Protein euro, boric fleur ohmic state is, numerically, denoted, by 0 of. Course. No one can conceive, or, point to something that is actually nothing, nevertheless. We do have the concept, of nothingness within, our minds. This. Nothingness was, often symbolized, by the waters, of the primordial abyss, and by. Creatures such as the snake crocodile. And reptile. Other. So-called, demonic, creatures have been used to connote, this primitive stage, we. Still use terms like reptilian. And mammalian to. Connote the early cognitive stages, of consciousness. The. Single ganglion, or rudimentary. Ego was. Oriented towards, the inner world of the it'd that. Is towards the unconscious. Realm, we. Can imagine it as the Egyptians did as a single, infinitely, delicate, petal upon. A single lotus or papyrus stem, rising. From the waters of oblivion. From. This stage of singularity. There arose a secondary, apparatus. This. Was the furnish a centre that could respond to external, phenomena. With. The advent of this ganglion, we have the primal, bifurcation. Pictorial. Eyes din the world's cosmogenic, myths. This. Act of primal decision is cryptically, described in the book of Genesis it. Is also depicted in myths that deal with the dividing waters or luminaries. In. These myths we read accounts of light separating, from darkness heavens. Separating, from the earth the. Sun dividing, from the moon and the, male dividing, from the female, in. Mythology there, is also the recurrent, motif of the twins. In. Egyptian, mythology we. Read of the evil set and his good twin Horus in the. Old Testament we have the tales of Adam and Eve Cain. And Abel Jacob, and Esau and Christ and Satan. In Sumerian. Mythology, we hear tell of Enlil, and Enki in the. Arthurian legends, we have the, story of Arthur, and his Mordred. We. Have sir Balon and sir Balon and Tristan. And Mark and in. The legends of Scandinavia, we hear of Odin and Loki, in. Celtic legends we hear about the fair and dark sisters. When. Consciousness developed. To the bicameral stage, we. Gained an understanding of Tunis. The. IntelliJ, continued, through the centuries from. The stage of - like a fleur-de-lis, there, arose a third, apparatus, which. Had the job of administration. It. Served to process, and synthesize, the experiences, of the two antecedent. Ganglion. After. The advent of this third ganglion, we developed, an understanding, of three nests and, at. This stage consciousness. Rested, for a time. The. Third stage of consciousness was relatively stable they. Titanic, and threatening forces from within and without which. Assaulted, the vulnerable ego were kept somewhat at bay this. Is why three Ness is considered, an archetype, of harmony, and beauty. Traditions. And doctrines which feature or, exalt, three nests such. As the Christian tradition with, its trinity relate. To earlier levels of consciousness. Eventually. From, the third stage of consciousness there, came a new stage the.

Fourth, This. Stage of consciousness is the one experienced today of, course. The earlier stages are not gone or forgotten we, experience each stage, simultaneously. Modern. Consciousness, is an amalgam, of all, the previous stages, the. Fourth level of consciousness. Is, symbolized, by the number four and, buy anything that is four-fold, such. As the cross the, square and the, cube. Interestingly. We, see these symbols turning, up in the iconography of every, nation and tribe in the world, foreign. Assistance on honest with, order security, stability and. Manifestation. Competent. Psychologists. Know all about the four hemispheres, or modalities, of consciousness, Carl. Jung named them the intuitional. Self the rational, self the, emotional, self and the, sensational, self. As. We said earlier the, four objects, on the magician's table represent. These four hemispheres, of consciousness, of, course. They may even represent the, four stages of ascent. In. Any, case our kaanum number one depicts. The anatomy of the psyche this. Is one reason why the cards, of the Tarot are so enigmatic and captivating, the. Tarot's. Images ultimately, reflect, the content and nature, of our. Own minds, our. Economy, one represents. The unification, of consciousness. So. Does the symbol of the crucified man so. Does the image of the Pharaoh seated. Upon the cube. The. Unification, is referenced, by images, of Osiris, with his four sons. By. The four evangelists. By. The Joker with his colored clothes by. The four directions of the Native American Indians by. The swastika of the Aryans by. The four arms of India's dancing, divas and by, the cross legs of Krishna. And Shiva. The. Square is to be found on many Tarot Arcana. The. Triangle, and the square have been skillfully, incorporated. Into the designs of several cards such. As the Emperor the chariot the Wheel of Fortune justice. The, hangman, temperance. Judgment. And the, universe. Mythic. Graphs of a man dying on a cross or, hanging, from a tree represent. Consciousness, at the fourth stage. Mandalas. And other examples of sacred art commonly. Employ four colors or directions. Again. They. Are two-dimensional, representations. Of human. Consciousness, the. Pyramid of Giza is a particularly, fascinating in this regard because, it is in, fact a three-dimensional. Rendition, of the same idea, it. Is literally consciousness. In stone. The. Christ did men represent. The next step in the, filio genetic evolutionary. Process, that we, have briefly described. They. Represent, the so called fifth element, or, quintessence. This. Is why the number five is often, associated with mastery. Progress, and enlightenment. Pope's. And bishops we're pentagonal, headdresses. Jesus. Had five original, disciples. He. Broke the five loaves and so on in. The occult world the, five pointed pentagram, is often, seen, for.

Example The, magician stands, within a pentacle, or, wears, one about his neck. Students. Of art and architecture will. Be familiar with the drawings of the true vyas Agrippa. And Leonardo. Da Vinci depicting. The anthropos. Standing. In the shape of a five-pointed star. These. Artists, were figuratively, depicting, the, future, state of consciousness. The. Establishment. Technocrats, of today's world as well, as other more elusive personages. Are, obsessed, with reaching the fifth dimension. Like. The great adepts they, too rightly, understand, that man's present, level of communication, is pretty. Impaired, and limited. They. Too employ the, symbol of the pentagram and other symbols which are based on the number five. They. Expertly, incorporate, the number on their literature logos, and emblems as. Well as in the commercials, and edifices. They fund. If. You proceed to the text, or to, the page entitled the fifth element you. Will see some visual examples, of corporate. Symbolism. Relating. To the number five. The. Technocrats, erroneously. Believed that, the quintessential. Stage, of consciousness, can, be artificially, actualized. They. Believe it can be reached by way of human effort and technology. Many. O cultists. Throughout history have entertained, this false notion. The. Man who fund the sciences, truly. Believed that by way of technology carbon. Life-forms. Grass to the fifth stage. They. Have established the, present, Technotronic, age to. Further their dubious agendas. They. Dream of the organic computer, and the posthuman world they. Look forward to the perfectly, controlled global, village in, which Cybermen, and androids, replace, problematic. Humans, they. Use the symbol of the pentagram, to, represent, this cybernetic, New World Order and they've, spent billions on, various necromantic, experiments. And on, the many think tanks and technical, corporations, that, work to bring the Technotronic, dystopia, into, being, these. Corporations, and organizations, include. Sun Microsystems, Microsoft. Apple Xerox. Intel. Xilinx neck. MIT. CIT. S RI NASA. The. Hoover Institute, the, Pentagon, Laurel, and Genentech, and so on. Of. Course man cannot artificially, evolve, it. Is the universal, intelligence that, guides the development and fate of humanity, the. Ego may continue, meddling in technology, but it will not achieve success. Because. No amount of technical tinkering, can induce the, fifth stage all. It will achieve is the destruction of the present state of consciousness a close. Examination of, the state of decay. In today's, world confirms, this point as. The. Ancient adepts knew only, the hygienic, mind can. Progress to the fifth stage. The. Hermetic arts of divination that they created, assist. In the detoxification, process, and pave, the way to the quintessential, level a. Toxic. Heart and mind perceive, reality in, a distorted, way a, toxic. Mind creates a toxic world it. Can't perceive hierarchy, and can't. See reality for. What it is the. Toxic or sociopathic. Mind sees, the world in its own image the. Hygienic, man is depicted, on the. First card, of the major arcana he. Is the true magician who, understands. That the pentagram, represents the. Organic, process, to, our self-realization, not.

The. Analogical one. The. Bifurcation, and organic. Development of human. Ego consciousness was. A process known, to the ancient Maguy, if. We examine the intriguing, plates of the, papyrus, of who Nefer also. Known as the judgment scene in the book of the dead we. Will see images, that, serve as cryptic depictions, of the, filio genetic, evolution from, the first part to the fifth. This. So-called, judgment scene is. Very sacred and enigmatic. And. Has. Been completely, misunderstood. Moreover. The so-called Book, of the Dead was originally. Entitled the book of coming, forth by day. This. Title clearly refers to the Negin tropic ascent. Of consciousness. In. Front of the Pharaoh rising, from the waters on which his Kubik throne rests we, see a lotus or papyrus shoot, the. Shoot rises, as one then. Clearly bifurcates. Into two then. Further divides into three and upon. The three petals we see the final four. Then. To emphasize the connection to consciousness, the, four sons of Horus or, Osiris, are shown. Standing upon, the Lotus, they. Are the final outgrowth of the plant of consciousness. These. Four sons are called the guardians, of the directions, the, cardinal points they. Are not depicted as life-size for, the simple reason that they're not meant to represent sons, of a physical, type, they. Are archetypes, they. Represent, the four psychic, hemispheres, within the being of every, man and woman, this. Famous papyrus, then depicts. Among, other things, the. Origin, and development of, the human psyche. The. Secrets of the psyche were later rediscovered by psychologists. Such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav. Jung. In. Short. The Pharaoh is the fifth element, he. Sits above the throne of four he. Is the result of all that comes before the. Antecedent. Stages may also be described, as the mineral vegetable. Animal. And human. In. This sense the Pharaoh transcends. Them all he. Is the Risen one the quintessence. Or metahuman. This. Is the reason why he has his arms crossed in front of him he, is the quarter or crucified one. Interestingly. A cube. When opened up into its Plains makes, a perfect Latin cross. Scene. Two dimensionally, a cube. Describes, a perfect, hexagram, or star of david' so. We ask whether. There is any real difference between the image of Christ quartered, on Calvary, and the, pharaoh quarter, donnas cubic throne are. We not dealing with one cosmogenic. Story, regardless. Of the prosaic embellishments. We. Should now understand, that the consciousness, has risen through, four great stages. Although. This process occurred sequentially, the antecedent, levels of development are not lost or forgotten they. Remain intact today, this. Means that consciousness operates, on each, of the four levels simultaneously. Each. Level is essential, to the others. Once. Consciousness, arrived at the fourth level they. Gained a semblance of psychic, and physical security which. You will not easily relinquish. To. Understand, why the Tarot and other divination arts work we, must understand, something about the third and fourth stages of conscious particularly, the. Numbers three and four were, very important to the ancients, after. All there, is a reason why the Great Pyramid was made from squares and triangles, those. Shapes were incorporated, for good reason, the. Architects, of the pyramid knew that, they were constructing, a stone replica, of human consciousness. The. Stand within the Great Pyramid is to stand within a three dimensional simulacra, of one's own mind and this. Is the reason why people have uncanny, experiences, inside the structure it. Explains why certain structures of this kind apparently, carry curses. Actually. There are no curses per se it's. Just that these structures are based on perfect. Proportions, and harmonics which, cannot easily be violated, by toxic, energy the. Human body has its antibodies, and defenses and so. Do sacred structures, and precincts. Strangely. Consciousness. Chronicles, its own Genesis, and journey, the. Story of psychic, progress, is sub textually, recorded, in the world's various myths and legends the. Scholar Joseph Campbell had an inkling of this in his. Writings he refers to the hero of a thousand faces, perhaps. He understood that the great solar hero who, turns up in many myths represents. The human ego the. Ego is, the hero the champion, of Mythology who slays the monsters of the deep who, rises to the peak of success and who finally descends, into oblivion. The. Cards of the Tarot also, depict the great journey, of becoming. Presently. The ego is at the fourth stage, this. Fourth stage is an outgrowth, of the three previous stages and as. We said consciousness. Operates on all four stages at once. Consciousness. Is also able to combine the, stages to expand, its power.

To. Use our numerical metaphor, the four can combine with three to make seven or twelve, the. First second, third and fourth stages can combine to make ten. Interestingly. The, symbols for addition, and multiplication are. Crosses. Symbolically. The cross not only represents. The number four but, also the number ten as in, the Roman numeral the, X. The. Reason why foreigners plays such a large part in our world is because it is a category of consciousness, foreigners. Plays a large, part in the divination arts of Tarot and astrology, for the same reason. If. Something, exists, within the mind of man we, can be sure to find it in the world of men and, if. You go to the text to our page entitled the fourth phase you will see many examples of how the archetype, for turns, up in our lives. If. We, add the digits that make for in the, Pythagorean. Manner we. Discover an important secret about the nature of consciousness. One. Plus two plus three plus four. Equals. 10 and, 10. Is the perfect number and it. Is symbolized by the cross or. The X which. Is itself a symbol of consciousness. Now. We understand, why there are such profound similarities. Between the, Egyptian and Christian mythologies and iconographies. In. Egyptian art we see the Pharaoh quartered, his, arms are folded in the shape of a cross he. Sits upon a Cuba throne in. Christian, art we see Jesus, on the cross spread. Out to emphasize, the quarter note' on, either side of his cross are, two others well. 3 times 4 equals 12, as we, said 12 Ness is also an important mental category, the. Name of the first god of the first dynasty of Egypt is a, tomb. This. Is where we get the word Adam, the. Hindus have their Atma or Atman. Additionally. The Egyptian atone and the, Phoenician Adan, and the. Grecian Adonis, and, the Nordic Odin are renditions. Of the same deity who. Represented, the first cause. We. Also get the word Adam from. The primordial attune. Greek. Philosophers, such. As Zeus omus of Panna police, identified. The letters of Adam with, the four elements, and he. Was right esoterically. The letters do indeed correspond, with the four psychic, elements, or hemispheres. Numerologically. The word Adam is, extremely. Interesting, its letters amazingly, are 1 2 3 4, which. Equal 10, now. The word Adam gives, us 1/4, 1/4, but. That also equals 10. One. Of the reasons why Adam is 1/4, 1/4, is partly because of the human hands that, is one thumb and forefingers. One, thumb and forefingers, 1/4. 1/4. If, you consult the tech stores page entitled, division, of ten you, will see illustrations, that help explain the points we're making. We. Only have to examine the religious, art of the world to see how often, heroes Saints and deities are shown in close, proximity to, squares, triangles, and crosses, the. Gods, atone and add-on are the basis of the Jewish Adonai or Jehovah. Interestingly. Jehovah's. Name is, spelled with four sacred letters the. Yard hey vow hey. The. Word pyramid is supposed, to be derived from fire, thus. Signifying, that it is the symbolic representation. Of the one divine, flame the, life of every creature. John. Taylor believes the word pyramid to mean measure, of wheat, while. Pious a smith favors, the coptic meaning a division, into ten. So. Says manly Palmer Hall in his, book the secret, teachings of all ages the. Pharaohs. Crossed arms are, also an ideogram for the division of ten this. Is because 10 or optin is men. The. Pharaoh represents, the human being who is ascended. From, the lowest levels of consciousness to.

The Level of the metahuman. There. Are several other examples of this mathematical, and geometrical, premise the division of ten one. Is Moses, coming, out of the holy mountain in Egypt with, the Ten Commandments, of course. There are two tablets with five Commandments, on each hence. Division, of ten and the. Sacred mountain is not Sinai but, the Great Pyramid their real holy mountain in Egypt there. Are several Stila and cylinder. Seals from mesopotamia, depicting. A king seated. Like, the pharaoh within. An enclosed precinct, on a cube-shaped throne, holding. The ring and rod, these. Two emblems represent, royalty, and also, the unification, of opposites. Specifically. They represent the union of the feminine, and masculine polarities. They. Also represent, the division of consciousness, the, division of ten after. All the number ten one zero is quite, literally a ring and a rod, if. You go to the tech store page entitled division of 10 you'll. See the relevant, illustrations. Early. Carvings, show the goddess Lilith with her arms symmetrically, divided with, each hand grasping, the ring and the rod. In. Irish iconography, we, see her in the forest God sitting, in a yogic asana holding, a long coiling, serpent a rod, in his. Left hand and a torque or ring in the right hand the. Irish Hearne was, the prototype for the Grecian Hermes, god. Of healing magic and wisdom. Today. We're accustomed to seeing a magician, or conjurer. Holding, a wand and a, ring, that. Ring is often shown as a top hat from. That hat or ring he pulls an endless, supply of paraphernalia, this. Is to symbolize the feminine, room which. Teams with life the. Magician's hat or ring is the womb symbol the magician's, wand or rod symbolizes. The inseminating, phallus of the, male. Modern. Computer language employs the same ring and rod symbols, the one on the 0. These. Are occult, sigils, and they, represent intelligence, of every kind be. A digital, or organic. During. The Renaissance and even, before artists. And architects, depicted, Adam with his arms divided, to form a four-fold, iconography. This. Image was painted by the architect, Vitruvius by. Artist Leonardo da Vinci and by, ocultist, cornelius, agrippa, these. Masters knew that the 4 and the 10 represent, the ascent towards illumination. They, knew that the number 10 represents spiritual. Androgyny, it. Represents. The chemical, wedding, that. Is the unification or, nucleation, of opposites. The. Most important, numbers arise, from the multiplication. And addition of the primal tetrad, and its factors. From. Addition, and multiplication of. 3 & 4 which, were the latest stages of consciousness, we, get 7 and 12, no.

One Involved with the subjects of religion mythology or. Psychology. Can deny the importance. And prevalence of the, number seven and ten. They. Are certainly important, when it comes to the occult tradition as is. The number twelve. The. Important discovery, concerns, how these numbers got to be so prevalent in the world around us, they. Are to be found in the world around us because they were projected. There by the mind of men the. Mind projected, his own template, onto the outer world as a. Result, the mind gained needed, security. Psychic. Energy and physical energy harmonized, an interaction. Between the mental and physical worlds, was made possible in. A similar manner as a, projector, throws a beam of light onto a screen casting. Images, that are taken for a reality so. As the human mind thrown out its light its consciousness. The. Net result was, that man attained his being in the world. He. Cemented himself in his environment and saw that it was good this. Is why three nice foreigners, sevens, tennis. And 12. News are. To be found on every level of existence consciousness. Has projected, them there the. Phenomenal, world has it subsequently, taken on the shape of man's. Consciousness. And. If you go to the text or page entitled the division of ten you'll, see many examples we've, provided showing. The prevalence, of the numbers seven, and twelve. We. Now return full, circle to, the original question of how the divination arts work how. Do they reveal what, they do about our lives and destinies. We. Have read a brief description of how human, consciousness ascends, through the four filio genetic stages and how this process has been commemorated, in the great myths of

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