Tears in Hiroshima & Miyajima Deer [Japan Trip 2016 Day 16]

Tears in Hiroshima & Miyajima Deer [Japan Trip 2016 Day 16]

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Obama. Somehow. Like, it's not really, my things time oh really I love, it, seems like my little things fixed itself so I don't need to I don't did you open, up anyone we're off to a bit of a slow start today, it is. 147. But that's alright cuz it was really it was so hard today, is it like yesterday was really really hot and we went out quite early so. Today. We, decided that we'd stay back a little bit head, out a little bit later and, and. Just take it easy so that we we, miss the the, most, of like the strongest Sun we, figured we'd leave a little bit later and miss most of it being on trains and streetcars. As they call them here trans. Trans. Car. Usually. They called them in densha, but. Apparently, they're also called street cars so we got to buy one of those passes, today a one-day pass and, we can use that all day which is good so we're gonna go to Hiroshima first we're. Gonna go to the peace memorial and, the. Bomb. Dome very, quickly and then, head down to. Miyajima. For a, nice, walk towards the end of the evening and. To, see the deers yes, to say the D is hopefully, it'll cool down quite soon though it feels like it's already starting to. Nine. Degrees doesn't, feel like doesn't. Feel like 29. But. Anyway I'm gonna get walking try. And find the street caused by, E. By. E Wow. These. Day pass is a really great value they, not only cover Hiroshima, streetcars and ferries but also the ropeway and miyajima so if you are heading over to Miyajima for the day and are going to climb the mountain I definitely recommend this day pass as it can help you save a little bit of time and some money. Guys. Were on a trip we're. On a tray. Shauna Street caucus, treats its. Being human like this a time we. Quickly. Today. Efficiently. Not efficient do you hear like. We did nothing but we did a lot at the same time yeah, I feel like we did a fair bit feeling, can see I mean, I edited a whole video oh it, looks like we did nothing but we did a little, yeah. The. Scenery was really nice I. Missed. It we always get, on the way back. So, I, didn't. Mean to. Sorry. I'm. Pretty sure this is the Memorial, Park as well, pretty. Sure they like doing one while. We walked into the park on a high note I made slowly dropped as we, learned more and more about the tragedies, that happened, here. Everything. Was pretty, much annihilated. Textbooks. Will only tell you so much we, were lucky enough to speak with some of the survivors and read about their stories. 200,000, people. Kids. - would. Have killed a lot of kids. And. Even if it hadn't killed them a lot of them what about sick. Upon. Realizing, the extent of the horrible things that happened here we were overcome with sadness. Here, it says what, they're preserving.

Just, Before I took these videos I'd best entities being. Here and knowing so much more had, hit me so hard. But. Moving on to the peace pact a spirits, lifted again as we, realized the true purpose of this side to. Remember what happened but. Also to, hurt for peace. Still, doesn't mean by I'm like it serves everyone. Just for, atomic. Bomb shot for atomic bomb the, bomb. This, one means love. This. One means peace. Please. Make this Lord. This. One's really beautiful. This. One's so beautiful. Japanese. Wait origami. Papers. Uneasy. This. Area. Area. I defy any yeah and. Star many people. It. Is a little bit unnerving isn't it like. The, park has that kind of feel to it it. Does feel very sad at the same time as it is beautiful. It. Reminds her of the forest in a way but like to, a different extent yeah. Yeah. It's a different sort of sadness you know visiting. This site was a truly humbling experience. That I will never forget. We, jumped back on the streetcar and headed to Miyajima. Miyajima. Aquino de belfort tada it says that way I think Jo is different from this one. Yeah. Are. We gonna make it. Probably. What. If we brought. Jackie. All. Right can we good. I. Wonder. If this is the right one sip, on it 74, Natsuki. 5:30. I think, we can make it. But. Are they in this country. That's. Par we. Got it we got it we got it I know. The troops. Maybe. We just made it with like five minutes to spare, four minutes ha. Oh you, know it's controlling with the last one was, will. Ask at the other side oh. And. It's just us. What's. Out here. Oh other. People I. Understand. I understand. That's. That yeah I. Can, see the gay I'm, like a way too excited to get on a ferry and regret it's just like what's going on I could, to the gate. Like. Straight ahead oh it's really chorus. So. Far at all. What. Are we doin losing. On, this journey what. Are we saying making. Excuses, no, tell, all the people we know we're, getting ready to go home on G than you let's. Go. See. Some get weird for one but, I couldn't pad it there were good means now. Well. The dude was gonna tell you off so. Pretty. So. Pretty. Ya. Know I'm. Kind of regretting taking this path it's just walking the road. No. Nuts. I. Didn't. No. One needs to know. Gonna. Die. Dude. We're. Already pretty high. My. Next. Great. Dear-dear. Ready. I say some good idea. What's. Very good when. Bugs are trying to attack your ear holes you. Put in some earphones but. You don't put them in. Hello. Loretta, you're, ruining it. Do. You check this out. Perfect. Oh. Yeah. What you got struggle up a mountain yeah hello. Everyone. Say hi to YouTube hi. Chyna, are you doing. Hello. Hello. A buzz. It's. Gonna be stairs up here so I'm gonna be careful yeah. Yeah. A lot of the Rings red does look like it doesn't it. Didn't. I don't, know if we're on that kind of. Let's. Get back to the right path. Straying. Too much. The. Path will have deer on it in due time give. It time and we will find deer all right now I'm gonna be careful everyone watch my feet watch. Me die. She. Just tried to sing whooping Nina at me right, now are you serious. You. Did. You actually tears fall was that a legitimate, bowl all. Right okay I thought, you were falling don't. Know if that's how they do it. That's. True. Sorry, pretty. I love. Places like this.

Everything's. So nice, nature. So good guys. I'm. Gonna trip some I just left a coke bottle over there that makes me really mad, looks. Like ice to be neck for ages I'm gonna pick that up oh this. Is cute. Are. There koi Oh gorgeous. Hello. Not. Really showing it on my other camera button, just. Sorry pretty I. Don't. Think it's the koi well. It's Brule's frogs. Where this, is like heaven guys I saw, a frog. Yeah. If you um if you pretend to feed them they'll come and nibble your finger. Fight, going on over there having a Barney I. Don't. Think so. She. Just tried to touch a frog innit run away from her it's. Right under her can you see it. Yeah. Down there I don't, know if you guys can see it still delete a little frog, they. Don't have teeth do they I don't, think they have teeth they're not gonna bite you you, wanna try no. Coverage. How's. The Kois did you guys enjoy the koi. Dude. Chill, she's. Brought some leaves on. Walk. Slow and quiet. Slow. And quiet. Hello. Oh. Look. At here we go. Hello. Gorgeous. He's. So little. Are. You that afraid it's, a deer. Alright, Johnny yeah. Yes. I. Know. T oh okay. Man oh. Man. Please, it's angry at you man Henry. You. Can't eat that. Give me the map no. That's all right I got him now hold on, hello. You shouldn't have eaten that that's. An order that's a map you can't eat this nor. You. Can. You. Can't eat this. It's. Not gonna bite you oh. You. Are in the way from this, you. Are in the way least. Idea okay yeah. Cheeky. Bugger you do have a face like a kangaroo. Shall. We say goodbye. Yeah. Oh. There's. Another one you. Gonna. Come you want to come meet your friends ha oh. My. God look at the little one guard. Hello. It's. Bambi, dude. Bambi's, hi. Bambi oh. He's. Scared. Ha. There's another one that's a big one. Go. Do your mom go do your mom. I. Tried. To feed him leaves but he actually didn't want leaves but he wanted paper. I'm. Gonna try to get some girls where. We gonna go do. We want to go to the PS yes, yeah. I'd. Love to come here I couldn't go to all the different ones. Should. You. Know we. Tried to get too much in one day. The. Lights are coming on. Bye buddy. Hello. I didn't, have food. So. Excited. He's. Gonna come off. There. Very cheeky. Don't. Even think about it buddy oh look. Outfit where he's off to you guys coming he's coming oh. Really. Really do. With deer. Attack. And. On the prowl you love the people so, we have just finished at miyajima we're. Gonna go stop hitting over to the ferry maybe, catch some drinks with a fringe and. Then yeah. The 7th you insects ever Oh probably go Herman have a shower so, yeah we've had a really nice day overall it's, been really emotional. And, like, interesting, and yeah, just really good to get out into nature again yeah, I can't look over here it's probably like a, that's. Like food stole and this fall this ice cream that's very dangerous we're. Gonna go and have a look in the shop so we're back just chillin hey. Buddies, hey. Hey. Looks so much like kangaroo. We. See healthy, delicious it always makes you smile but, we should get a photo right like, take a selfie of us I'll do the same thing get, your raccoon face on. Hello. Mr. crane. Gorgeous. On. Our way home while we were tired we'd remembered that a friend was nearby in Hiroshima, and we decided to meet up with him and hang out and maybe have a drink or two we, ended up finding a quirky little bar down a back street it, was super cute and they had really tasty umeshu so, we hung out there for a little bit before heading home the, whole day had been a whirlwind, of emotions, but it was truly an eye-opening, experience and, to this day I'll never forget it thank. You so much for watching Danny.

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Great Video. Stop making me want to go to japan when I can't afford It haha. Keep it up!

Ahhhh, such good memories

I have been in Hiroshima. A real Fenix.

Holy shit, you still have footage from that trip!!? Haha I've never been Hiroshima or Nagasaki because I'll get the major sads too. You were very brave on this trip tho and went to so many different places. BUT THE BABY THOO!!!!!

Yes, I have a few more episodes to go as well hahahah. To be fair this has been sitting in my video manager on unlisted waiting to be subbed for months, I just dropped the ball haha. Yeah we went all out, it was crazy. Next trip I think we're being even more ambitious!! THE BABY WAS SO CUUUUTE

The besttt

Thank you! Ahahaha don't worry, I'm feeling the same way.



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