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Yo. Yo I'm back and with me the second part of the video from Tenerife and there is going to be a variety of things I'm going to talk about so. Let's get to it right away. So, the first thing we're going to talk about that, is going to be the driving and parking now, you might think why. We should be talking about driving, well it's quite important, and to, be honest there is few perks that you should be aware of especially, if you're not professional drivers, for example like us. Why. I want to talk about driving and parking, well, here is the thing the, best way how to move around is by car, I already mentioned in first episode, that you need to run the car at the airport but. Here. Is the thing people, at Tenerife, they, don't drive like. Good, drivers, ok you, will get plenty, of young, people, you will get plenty of drunk, people and, just. People are finger a holiday and they don't have to care so, that means you have to care twice, as much and be careful, not just for yourself but be, watching cars around you because they might be driving crazy using. Blinkers, when they changing lines or the highway forget. About them no one else is gonna use them you. Have to do, if you don't just. Like guys. It's not worth it right and then, also are the signs alongside the road now this was quite unique things for us we are from the Czech Republic I haven't, driven much in England to be honest but, in Czech Republic pretty. Much 100% of the signs are, always, alongside. The, road on the poles right like anywhere else in the Europe in. Canary. Islands you get them also on, the, road which, is nothing wrong with it but in some cases you will get them only on, the, road so, we have to always watch not just for the sign alongside, the road but also on, the road directly and I'm talking especially about the sign give, way, so. For example let's say you will get on the roundabout and it has an oval, shape I can assure you 90%. There's gonna be a sign on the road give, way to the cars of the opposite direction and if you something, that you not used to this can be quite unpleasant surprise, for you and now I'm going to show you one, specific, cross, road that. When I actually got this satellite, image from the Google Earth and I used it to make this video I was like Paul cave. The air it looks so clear and it's absolutely easy to understand, what's going on at this crossroad, but. When you're driving the car as you will see from the video it, is just, ridiculous, to understand, what's going on so, if you're heading from the east of its West and you're using pretty much the, road, alongside the highway and you will be turning down left to las gatas it. Is the trick normally. You're driving, and if, you're turning left from the highway, to, the side way you. Have to give way to the cars group going opposite, direction well, in this case the, crossroad as you can see is using zebras, to. Dive we're, pretty. Much the. Main road into, the side road in the opposite direction and if you're turning left the, cars in the opposite direction have, to give you way.

Which. Wasn't. That clear when we were behind the wheel driving the car as it is clear from the satellite, image now, for us we were in the more beneficial, position, but. Imagine, you're actually using the, other way you're coming from the west towards, East for example towards, the airport you're driving, late at night it's, dark and you, will totally miss the sign give way because you're automatically, thinking hey I'm on the highway, right or, like a main road at least you're, using what 1900, kilometres I think was allowance over there and suddenly. The car is turning like. You are right he's, left right going to las gatas anything, you know I want to up main road I go, first no, in this case you not and it. Took us a thing like three or four rides all, the, ways all the directions just to realize, what's going on at this crossroad, and as you can see from. The satellite, image it is, quite busy so. Things. Like this are over the island I spoke to all the drivers I, mentioned. This crossroad and they said no no it's fine I experienced. Similar things I experienced the way how the signs are done and it's absolutely fine, yeah if you experienced driver and you for example drove most, of the Europe maybe United, States as well and Asia and God knows where else you'll, be absolutely fine but. If you're like us and you drive let's, say couple months a year then. Yeah, I think this information, can be useful too. Okay. So parking, in Tenerife can be pretty big problem, especially if you're trying to get to the beaches, like la vista or, americas, or the other ones so, i wouldn't, be relying. On parking on the street just forget about their people cruising, the streets for like 10-15 minutes it's, just over packed but we, found a perfect parking, spot just in between the plot the beaches which. Is, right, over here but the project. Over the seas. Or whatever. Okay so the place is called puerto. De los cristianos. And it's. Perfect spot because, you got the beach lost vistas. On the right and los cristianos, just, on the left you can pick which one you wanna go it's, protected. I think, the. Holiday parking, is about 20, euros and if. You will be there like six, to ten hours you're gonna play something between ten, to fifteen euros which, is actually pretty good the, parking is protected, so you don't have to be afraid somebody's gonna break into your car and it's. Sorted. Beaches. Are must, for any type of sunny holiday, Tenerife. Got variety. Of beaches from regular sand over the black sign up to the black rocky lava beach whatever, it was of, course we didn't manage to visit all of them that will be ridiculous, those ones that we visited I mentioned in the previous episode and there. Was the lotta, heat tub which is great for the surfing, and it's quite windy and, if you into new de thing then definitely that's the place you need to go later. On over the week we visited pretty, much the whole, coast. Of the Southwest, part which is the Costa ahead playa, de las américas and los cristianos. Now, those beaches are like. They are alright, nothing, like, literally, out of your mind but. They are just general beaches, and it's, there full of tourists then. If you want to see some, really unique beaches. Then I can definitely mention the playa Hadean los.

Gigantes We. Haven't, managed to visit these, beaches I, will just read about them we didn't have time to go everywhere, but. If, I can give you like. A good tip try, these ones rather than the los Americas. And the other ones because, they. Are not so great. If. You wanna buy a souvenir then, definitely the. Shops. Around the beach and the whole coast are the easiest option you will get the whole variety the. Prices, are pretty much more. The same, the. Types of souvenir, day vary a little bit if you go a little bit further down towards the streets the. Souvenirs will get more expensive, okay so I would recommend stay, alongside, the beach it's gonna be the best price for. Pretty much those. Chips. Ready, so. We just want to check the souvenir, shops and. He, made me laugh was. An offer on those memory, magnets, they didn't really take home and put in your fridge and so one will spare a euro and if you buy was, it 11, 11 of those if you buy 11 of 10, okay if you buy 10 of them he will get the eland 11. For 10 years so she buy 11 of them you, will get one for free. Our. Shitty person is gonna buy 10, magnets, to get the extra. No. Maybe. A big group or something well I don't, know and then, there was one old, man. Like a tourist, and the salesman, was literally, trying to like, force him to buy some electronics. And. I felt really bad for the old man because, he apparently. Was scared and he wanted to go away but, the guy didn't wanna let him go and was forcing to like. Buy him a tablet or something wasn't. Nice at all alongside, the cost you will get also like variety, of shopping centers they, are pretty much all the same there is not so much difference. Between which you can see, here in UK or other countries, comparing. To the Tenerife, or the Canary Islands in general but, you, will get more summery stuff that's for sure and if, you're into Zara well it's, a Spanish brand so you will always get a better price for Zara rather than anywhere else in the Europe after spending all day at the beach and buying, the souvenirs, and walking around and actually we, even hang out around the MacDonald he just wanted to check out if the food over there is the same comparing. To the like European, and actually. It is slightly different it has the Spanish twist so. Yeah, if you into McDonald thing try, it out but. For dinner we wanted something like prop, real good and very, close to the southwest coast is the Hard Rock Cafe. Now. Here is the funny thing I didn't, know the Hard Rock Cafe is a real thing I didn't, know it's a thing at all I just thought it's like a one-off, place but, apparently there are all over the world and when. We entered we've been told it's the second-biggest. One, in Europe to, be honest the Hard Rock Cafe looks. Amazing. But. You. Know here is the button for music, and for, like hanging around having, cocktail having a nice view on the terrace it's great, as you could see from the video but, to be honest - food. Mmm. Charging, 17, euros, for, pausing mac and cheese with prawns like. No. I had a steak for 27, euros the steak was all right it was great great sauce great food but, definitely, not worth of the money so. I can definitely recommend, you go there have, a look and a drink but. Don't. Plan dinner over there. Okay. Finally. Oh. My. Bless. Me. So. Finally, we are in the little, park a so. So far we try to see gorillas but we've gotten really lucky and. Another interesting thing happens, when we bought a ticket before a 20k, so, the 20 cave contains of, the CFR, which we already visited and, then the little pond and, now when we came in and revaluated our tickets, for, the lot of fire we got another, ticket for the sea empire obviously, it's a mistake but, we will try to validate it and who knows maybe we'll be lucky and go there again for free.

The. Queen's are like nothing I've seen before and daddy found they are not like they're more proud if they. Get more stains on their body and. They. Look pretty tired to watch they. Didn't look very happy to get where they are. Okay. So now we are approaching the normal penguins. Michael, tells me not to say normal, but for me these are the normal, shinstr. Walk, in. We know. Chinstrap. Chinstrap, penguin, so this deep is the common one we know. So. So far my feelings, about this part, a little bit mixed like, some other things are really great like. The killer, whales, and. The. Seal show which was pretty awesome, but. Overall I don't know it's. Kind of just like a regular zoo even though it has some really really nice perks. You. So. We just visited the natural. Division, planet. Life. It. Was super boring. All. The informations, yeah they were like super, important, hmm well. The way how it was presented. Such. A documentary, would be probably interesting. In. 15. Years ago but. They should definitely Megan. You approached. This. Reminds me the movie, Jurassic Park like the place where the little dinosaurs, has been brought to life but. Unfortunately, there. Are no dinosaurs. Do, we. Okay. Another, sunny day so. Today, we, are going on the, Mount. Payday, so pretty much the volcano but, they're going to need afternoons so before they we are going to see the CM park seon, but no to see em all yeah, more Purdue. And. Maybe you're gonna buy something nice so. Let's check it out. So. This is definitely the, best like, shop, window of error see. Dooty, default, holders. At home. You. So. We finished shopping I didn't, buy anything my, girlfriend, bought everything. What. I bought a sushi which. Was like ridiculously, expensive but. I need a healthy lunch after week eating all that rubbish food other, fattening something healthy. So. Yeah, now we've got about. 1/2. 2, hours 12. To. Get to the cable car for the. Mountain. Today which. Is more than enough it should be there about, in, one hour time. So. We have arrived. And. Cable. Car you still got about half an hour, but. Apparently all. The tickets are sold out. So. We just met a elderly. Couple, and. Gentleman. Was just like very sad they. Went dead here a few minutes ago they. Couldn't get a ticket apparently, all the tickets in the booth are sold out for. Today which. I, don't understand, because we checked it online there was still more 10 tickets available, so. I don't know how. Anyway. So. Advice for you guys always book it on as. We did. Unfortunately. She got a toothache, I think. It's got something to do with your altitude so. Once we beat this and back down to the. Lower part. Go. Away but for. Now she's not really enjoying it as much as, she would love to one. Over always great. This. Time of day is good because it's really sunny and warm but, in the same time the breeze is pretty cold so.

Yeah. I think after half an hour one out over here I think. We could get, pretty chilled. So. This is pretty much end, essen. And. As. You can see. Hopefully. We'll be able to sit on the footage from the sm-3. Volcano. Is still active so you, can see a little bit of a smoke. Coming. From the, top it should be pretty amazing to go. See. Maybe. Like inside, a volcano. But. Unfortunately, we didn't get the permit that I give to be very very very advanced to. Be able to get in there so. Yeah if you want to see the very top go. Online, move the pyramid it's for free just. Do it in advance like a couple of weeks if you're lucky enough and. For. Now before. The battery runs out. Interview.

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