Texas Eats Ep.18 : Wild about Food at the SA Zoo

Texas Eats Ep.18 : Wild about Food at the SA Zoo

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Hey it's David elder and today on Texas eats we're getting wild at the San Antonio Zoo. If. You love pizza this. Is your next pizza that you have to try this, is a massive, serving, right here when it comes to your table you will be intimidated, but don't worry you could take it home if you don't finish it absolutely. That. It looks like your tasty snack for that. Super. Yummy. I'm. Gonna eat all of this yeah. We're. Taking an excursion around San Antonio, to check out restaurants, serving up some wild eats. The. First stop on today's wild adventure, is the San Antonio Zoo. Thank. You so much for tuning in to a very special episode of Texas, eats here at the San Antonio Zoo we're, gonna be going inside and finding out information about eight different animals, we're gonna see what they eat which is the most important part right and you won't believe what the bats keep its this pile of mush it's, weird what they love it so that's a good thing plus we're gonna be giving away a family, four pack of tickets to, the San Antonio Zoo we're gonna have a seven letter word that's gonna be given out throughout the show so you make sure you got to write down each letter okay and then you go to ke saath kaam slash Texas eats enter, the secret word for your chance to win now, we're gonna go meet with their senior, animal, care specialist to go see what one of the most popular animals at San Antonio Zoo eats. Joining. Me here is Justin Kegel with the San Antonio Zoo and as, you can see behind us we got another star out here at the San Tony's you talk to me who this is and what it is so there's beautiful it's in Arizona she is one of our Jaguar as we have here and 20 is doing right now she's eating a little bit of her breakfast so, they actually are a carnivore, so they're gonna need a lot of that needs to be there so see yourself gets kind, of a ground-up meat kind of material, and they also get what we call a variety, of a meat which is a chunky kind of a deal like, a little piece of steak that we maybe eat on the kabobs Hughes. I've been chopped up for them to be able to eat well sometimes had it in different areas in their exhibits you have them explore natural and look for their food also. You can see she's kind, of had her fill up a little bit and now she's gonna go find what else we hid around for her she, just ate that like a snack she just licked it up with her tongue in the steak was gone so how. Much meat, do they consume in a day so we actually keep it very variable. For them as to how much they get on ideally because all the while they're not actually gonna eat a single amount of food every single day and they're, pretty elusive right, in the wild so when they're here to get to see them this close and this is incredible, you can be almost sitting in plain sight and sometimes people walk right by them and don't even ski on their camouflage helps them to be able to break we basically went into those areas break.

Up That pattern of that body itself so you really, don't see that figure of that animal on that hunt or when they're out there looking for their food I mean, I would, grill up some of that steak right there, don't put up some kebabs and stuff and do it big that looked absolutely just, fantastic, she is a gorgeous animal thank you so much for showing around here that, Jaguar ate a steak, and one lick it's, incredible, it was just gone now if you love steaks as much as this Jaguar does you're gonna love bandit, barbecue. Right. Now we're heading to South town to a barbecue, joint with, the little West Coast vibe now. We're. Here off south flores just south of downtown to, go inside of a new barbecue spot that you got to try this is bandit barbecuing. Joining. Us now is Brandon Peterson he's the owner around here at banded barbecue and in front of us we have a complete. What. Would you call it's a smorgasbord of, yeah. And sides, and all the deliciousness, what. Is sitting right here in front of me it looks like a mash-up. Of two different cultures this. Is our Hawaiian Bowl it. Has a Hawaiian, Mac salad on the bottom and then. Pulled pork and teriyaki. Drizzle, and today, you've got housemate. Hot sauce and how things are going to that's the way to do it. Why. Mac salad why a Hawaiian influence, I. Live. In California, for the past 15 years I, just. Fell in love with this a little Hawaiian place that does really good mac salad and I. Like, it better than mac and cheese at home that's, why I put it on the moon that's it fun little spin dah because there's only a couple pizzas here and San tell you that I'm making mac salad right I don't know about any barbecue spot that's doing this yeah here, we go we get a little jalapeno action on there that's. The bite. I. Really. Did that that's good hmm. Thank you. Your. Pulled pork is so tender. It. Has a nice little bark on the outside, tons. Of flavor you've, got to get it with the hot sauce that's. Worth that, extra level of flavor is coming from and now, the jalapenos, are you making those and how do you pickle eNOS we were pickle in those here and now so yeah those are amazing thank you they were really nice sweetness to them but then you get that little kick from the jalapeno a little.

Vinegar Bites you on there so it's a little bit of sour that you want there to kind of balance out that contrast. With the barbecue and. Then the mac salad that. Tastes like my that. Is, the idea. If. You've ever had hawaiian, mac salad and you love it well guess what they serve it here and it's absolutely incredible, it tastes just like an authentic Hawaiian mac, salad and they're serving it up with their pulled pork you can get a little bit of hot sauce on, top of there you put on some of their pickled jalapenos, that they're doing in house change. Your life it's delicious, talk. To me about what's going on right here what kind of sandwich is this alright so we've got the brisket cheese steak here which. Is slow. Smoked brisket peppers. And onions grilled up and all mixed together and stuffed in a hoagie roll and then topped with house-made queso, also, more hot sauce and more hot sauce so, other hot sauces your. Own recipe you because we are yeah yeah so we make both of those I just started making the green one last week so that one's new but I've been making the red one for probably. A year delicious, thing I love what's going on okay so here we go it's like the barbecue cheesesteak. Give, it a try. This. Is kind of funky stuff to have on a barbecue menu why what's making you think outside of the box I, just. Like. We do all the you. Know most of the normal Texas. Stuff but I just I like, taking the barbecue and make another dishes with it for myself and so I figured, maybe. Other people would dig that too that's wild it's. So simple but it's also you don't see it everywhere yeah it's, so good oh my. Gosh let me take another bite it's. Fun because the the queso has a badge of really nice flavor to the barbecue all, the veggies on there the tomatoes, the salsa that's, really good. If. You've ever had a cheesesteak erase. That from your mind because the brisket cheesesteak here is totally, different, you have the brisket that comes right off the pit and they load it up with that nacho cheese on there you have it inside that little hoagie roll is really. Good with the fresh veggies on there you can't go wrong this, right here this. Is the platter that you have to try get, a little bit of feel for what you guys are doing out here talk. To me about each item here on the platter, alright, well we've got brisket. So we got a couple of slices of point there we've got some pulled pork that, the mac salad that was on the Hawaiian. Ball and, potato salad mayonnaise. And, mustard the fresh, dill dill, relish the. Pickled jalapenos, again the hot sauces and then we have two. Of our house-made barbecue sauces. The. Spicy, barbecue sauce is my granddad's, recipe that's. Roughly. Sixty years old so, that's that's what I grew up eating when he did barbecue, and then, we have our, gang of gold sauce which is a mustard, kind. Of kind of Carolina style, all right brisket is king in Texas and of course you're making good briskets, out here look, at this guy, should. Hold up on its own weight which, it's doing and then you pull on it and it comes right apart, that's, the brisket, test right. This. Is really good fall is right apart I got, to try some that bark on there as well here. We go. Good. All right bomb. Wow. Thank. You if you want to try a little bit of everything they have out here you got to get the barbecue tray, comes, at the brisket, comes with the pulled pork the max salad the potato salad and the different sauces that are on there as well but, the brisket, is, absolutely. Delicious, I got to say I think it's one of the top three brisket. Spots now in San, Antonio you have to try it it's this little hidden, spot here right next to the train tracks off South Flores you, would you would drive right by it if you didn't know it was here but you got to stop in try, the brisket I promise you you will not be disappointed I think. You guys you, have a homerun idea over here the, logo is cool enough down let's get a shirt on the way out that's. A cool spot Brandon. Thank you so much for having us out here really. Great stuff I recommend. Everything on the menu out here but, you got to try the brisket when you come out it'll change your life the pulled pork is amazing as well the sandwiches, the Hawaiian Bowl, it's weird, combinations. That you didn't know you're gonna love come, try it out cool, stuff here. This. Is the spot to come to if you're looking for the next barbecue hotspot and si TX it's, right here baby. Getting. Wild here at the San Antonio Zoo and with me right now is Katelyn Brody she's an animal care specialist out here at the zoo and right behind us is a gorgeous. Creature you might have seen it on very popular animated, movie called Madagascar. Right solutely this is a fossa, her name is Kara and they, are only found on the island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa and, that's are the largest predator, on that island yeah, and they're terrifying, in the cartoon so they they.

Have To be like I don't real life right no actually I mean this is a really gorgeous creature, it looks almost this like slinky, like like, you know the looking kinda weasel. Or something very true they're very similar to weasels, or civets that's actually who they are most closely related to but. A lot of people say they look almost like a mix of a monkey a cat a weasel, and. Yeah. Alright it's got some some strange creatures on that island yeah but this is definitely one of them right here we're looking at look at that long tail no, what is it eating right now I see that you kind of just burst some food along throughout its exhibit yep so right now she's got some chunks red meat and then today on her menu was also some fuzzy. Mice fuzzy. Mice yeah I'm sorry mice lovers that's just how it goes okay, circle of life circle, of life and I see, them right there she's, working on something up there yep, and you, have some right here in the front as well now, is this also a very die or the Predators kind of that's what I have learned now at the San Antonio there's a very diet for the Predators yes and that involves, eating. A lot one day eating. Not so much another day yeah so again that simulates kind of what they do out in their natural environment, they may or may not find food every day so we want to be able to offer them a variety, and a variety of amounts, as well wonderful. Thing that it, looks like a tasty snack for that. Super. Yummy, that. Looks like a tasty snack over, there Caitlin thank you so much for showing off this gorgeous, animal, coming. Up next on Texas eats I wouldn't even use the word simple with this this. Is it's complex if you love pizza this. Is your next pizza that you have to try. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway, the. First letter is the letter C. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo. Now. It's time for Texas, eats wild trivia. How. Much meat can a tiger consume, at one time, 49. Pounds, 112. Pounds 88. Pounds, or 17. Pounds. We'll. Have the answer for you after, the break. You. How. Much meat can a tiger consume, at one time. The. Answer is C a tiger, can consume up to 88, pounds of meat at one, time now. Back to Texas, eats. Welcome. Back to Texas eats with me here is Caitlin rody and right behind us is this gorgeous cat you see it has a little snack right there for it this is Indira our clouded leopard she. Is one of the biggest, carnivores, in, the. Small, cat family so today she's got a variety, of chunked, red meat so her version of a steak and a, little bit of mackerel, as well today macro. Lose a little fish little protein coming from different sources how. Much food do they eat a day for Sunday's she'll get really, worked, out so again quite a bit of that tongues red meat or brown meat, some. Days she'll just get a knuckle bone to chew on and then the other days when she's just got a little bits of food told me to get a small mouse or, a small rat and that allows her to kind of stimulate, what. They would eat in their natural environment because they don't eat the same thing every day and I don't get the same amount of food every day she, is one of the only species of cats that can climb up a tree headfirst. And then down a tree headfirst that's cool like to be able to go up and down like that absolutely that is so cool, the. San Antonio Zoo has been here for decades and another place that's been here for decades is Sorrento's. Ristorante. If. You're looking for some killer Italian, then you need to head down on a Broadway. Now. We're here off of Broadway and San Antonio to go inside of a restaurant that's serving up the flavors, of Italy Sorrento, restaurant. Joining. Us now is margarita, Chico now you have a full, spread, of food right in front of us thank you so much for saying thank you and everything. Looks and smells amazing. We're, gonna start with this appetizer, that you have right here talk. To me what's going on this is our fried calamari as you, can see the batter is very light around it but very crispy, some seasonings, around that and this is our homemade marinara sauce, how long has the restaurant been here we've, been here 19 years.

My. Mom and dad started it so, with the support of San Antonio, and Alamo Heights we're still here praise God yes. Still, doing this. As. Well you have different sauces and there's different things that go into different sauces some people just look at it it's a tomato sauce so it's all the same we don't use a lot of ingredients in, there there's only three ingredients in, our sauce and once you see that olive. Oil on top it's. Done it's, flavorful, it's fabulous, you cook, it first with olive oil you you cook the onions right correct, but when the oil reaches, the top of the sauce that's done it's, done that's. A little, secret. That's. A little secret oh. My. Goodness yes. These. Are amazing thank you the seasoning, on the outside is, it's hold, it has a lot of peppery, kind, of hold for seasoning on there but then you have the crust nice, and light sauce. Is where at that. Yes. It's the sauce Wow, you could you could dip this napkin in this sauce I leave the now I'm good right now is sauce. Wow. The. Fried calamari is nice and crispy on the outside but, it's tender, and juicy on the inside, seasoned. Perfectly and the sauce makes, the whole dish this, is called the Geno special, my dad's name was Gino, so, he, put it every. Ingredient that we have out there on, a pizza. This. Is everything. That, we have. A. Little, bit more color on there mushrooms. There's. Bacon there's pepperoni, there's, meatball onion peppers. If. You love pizza, this, is your next piece that you have to try the. Gino's special, it has a little bit of everything on the pizza itself but it has the meatballs, on there you. Can peel those meatballs off and just eat those and that's your meal that's okay it's delicious, but the pizza you got to come in here and try it in the restaurant thank. You so much for having us out here you David, thank you so much for coming I appreciate it, don't forget to try the homemade bread II gotta, try the homemade bread dip it in one of these 19, years here in San Antonio there's, a reason for it the food is amazing the.

People Here are fantastic this, is where you need to try solutely. And. The. Wines really good too. Sorrento's. Is where you want to go to get an authentic taste of Italian food here in San Antonio and. I know I'll be coming back. Coming. Up next on Texas eats and then just for good measure hit, it with that oil one, more time. We. Out. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway. The. Second letter is, the letter A. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on K SATCOM, slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo. Now. It's time for Texas, eats wild trivia, what. Is the diameter of an adult elephant's eye. 2.5. Inches, 3.5. Inches. 6.5. Inches, or 1.5. Inches, we'll, have the answer for you after, the break. You. What. Is the diameter of an adult elephant's eye the, answer is d elephant. Eyes are about 3.8, centimeters, or 1.5, inches in diameter. Now. Back to Texas, eats. Joey. And now here at the San Antonio Zoo is senior animal care specialist Justin kinkle thank you so much for having us out here and right behind us we have two of the stars out here at the San Antonio Zoo we do three hou-- Timothy. Over here right behind you my old lady's not over here behind me right, now we're doing a drop fee that they get some of their usual, daily green yo, fee they're both munching around on some romaine lettuce right now do, they offer what we call an alpha Q some people without horses are very familiar with those will, do don't, we Peter biscuits as well so that's another one and then we have some smaller green we have some harbour board showers well actually they're herbivores are gonna eat all that grass easy green as, well how, much food does a hippo eat a day on, average between our two hippos you're looking about maybe 30 to 35, pounds of food but Timothy, he's only a 5 he just celebrated his fifth birthday last month and he's, still a growing boy so as he gets larger he's gonna probably be closer to maybe 45, to almost 50 pounds of food every single day Wow yes, so he graduates. From a medium dog to a large dog amount of food every day yes we do this every day at 2 o'clock so guests can see them and watch them and get them up close and personal but. Not Jim they're actually gonna go I don't wanna be able to forage for a lot of their food and are they active, animals, per. Million tonight so he's gonna see him a little bit more active during that dawn and dusk fine but then at night he, loves to show off his his graceful water work at night which is very fun Justin thank you so much for showing us the hippos over here when. You think of backyard, grilling you think of steaks you think of burgers hot dogs even, but nobody thinks of salad, well guess what I have a killer Caesar salad, recipe you can make right on your own grill. First. Thing I wanna do is make sure you have the right ingredients to do this these are romaine, lettuce hearts and then, you also want to have some, Parmesan. Cheese like this, and. You also want to have check this out just any kind of bread but get some grilling spray. You. Want to get your Parmesan cheese your, microplane your. Goal is that you want this to all melt together and form.

This. Little parmesan. Kind. Of crisp that you're gonna put on top of the salad you can add a little bit of fresh cracked pepper into it so. With the grill you want to have a hot side and you want to have a cool side you want to set this off on to the cool side next. Thing you want to do is get your romaine, lettuce hearts get your spray. Okay. Now you want to get some seasoning I'm using the Goya adobo all-purpose. Seasoning I put, it on everything man seasoned the outside of them hit. Him with a little bit of fresh. Cracked black pepper, do. You want these to get a nice sear on the outside because, you're really gonna awaken, the greens and give it a really rich deep flavor put. Them on the grill 45-degree. Angle off. To the side and you don't want to close the grill at this point only because you don't need to cook them all the way through you, just want those grill marks the. Last thing you want to do is get your bread you. Want to spray them. These. Are gonna be your croutons, all right so. You want to make sure they're seasoned well, hit. Them with that Goya and then, just for good measure hit, it with that oil one more time. We. Out. Once. They're seasoned in oil put. Them on the grill. Smells. Like finally. Finished lettuce in the air - check that out those. Came out perfect, you're not cooking them to finish them you just want to get that flavor in there nice grill flavor on there, while. The cheese is finishing on the grill you want to go ahead and start chopping up your ingredients, here the, best way to cut, lettuce, is. To give it three cuts you, want to find a middle of the piece right here go one flip, it to. Flip. It find. Another little spot. Three. Perfect. And, then, you. Want to work your way down. Push. That off the side and, do the same thing again then. You want to get all of your lettuce put. It into a big mixing bowl. Okay. Once you have all your lettuce in your bowl you. Want to get your bread you. Want to hear a nice crunch when you go into it oh, yeah. That's. These. Are gonna be great great, croutons. You. Can get any kind of Caesar dressing you want if you want to make some yourself go, for it there's a ton of recipes online, it's just pour a little bit on top of your lettuce in, the mixing bowl mix it. Up. And. Then, tossing. Your croutons, and, then mix that all together. Then. You want to go ahead and load, up your bowl. Well. It go great with this grilled chicken a grilled sirloin steak, even. Some fish. If, you want to put on top of this little bit of salmon with rock on top of that at. This point. Hit. It with that cracked black, pepper, pull. Your Parmesan cheese out the grill. There. You go outdoor. Grilling making, some pretty, looking salads, hit, it with a little bit more parm. At. The end of it you want to get a lemon. Absolutely. Amazing who thought you can make a Caesar salad on the grill really, easy recipe to get it go to K SATCOM, slash Texas eats. Next, level you'll, never want the Caesar salad anyway the red this is the way to get it. Coming, up next on Texas eats absolutely. Incredible, the texture on there it's very similar, to I like a filet tenderloin, it's very tight area. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway, the. Third letter is the letter R. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo. Now. It's time for Texas, eats wild trivia. How. Much food does an adult sea, otter consume, daily, 10. Pounds 25, pounds 50, pounds or 5 pounds, we'll, have the answer for you after, the break. You. How. Much food does an adult sea otter consume daily the, answer is be a large, male sea otter may consume as much as 11 kilograms or 25, pounds, of food daily, now. Back to Texas, eats. Hungry. For some tasty gourmet bites that, we have the perfect care for you at the, pearl now we're here at the pearl in San Antonio Texas to go inside the nationally acclaimed restaurant. Cure cured. Is such. An iconic restaurant, here in San Antonio and, to think it started in 2013, and. Now, we're in 2020, and it has now become one. Most nationally, acclaimed restaurants, in the Alamo City yeah, I mean we, keep pushing and keep trying to do our best and keep, keep, trying to keep saying Antonio and that uh that, national conversation the, charcuterie here is why, people come out right this is then. With a wild charcuterie boards that you can assemble and I've. Been here a couple different times and you could quote it's like kind of a rotating, list, of items that can be on there I talk to me what's on the one right here in front of us we've got a this.

Is A char siew sausage so it's like a Chinese sausage made with pork and then, we've got a couple cured items we have a lamb, Lou Conca which. Is basically a lamb salami. And then. A. Beef. Brizola. Kind. Like melts in your mouth yeah oh my, voice every all the mustards. The pickles the marmalade all made made by out the okra right here yep okay pickles. Incredible. If. You're looking for a mix of charcuterie that's what they have out here I hear that's what they're known for they've all different kinds of meats they have strawberries, they have fruits all kinds of different nuts on the plate as well mustard, seeds it is, so cool the way that they're pickling different items seasonally. Rotating, the menu it's, amazing, and then for dessert you have this item right here that's been staring at me calling my name alright, bread, pudding it's the perfect, perfect, dessert for the time we're in because it travels, really well I like, that you you, took something that everybody, kind of has closed their heart especially they grew up eating it but you've, transformed it into your own idea, of that but. It still tastes like home if. You know that's really cool what's. Tons of different kinds of cured meats on the menu and all kinds of different cocktails, there's something here for everyone. Coming. Up next on Texas eats oh my, gosh look at the K knives on that you've, got amazing, teeth and our natural environment, that would help him to catch his prey. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway. The. Fourth letter is the, letter A, write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo, now. It's time for Texas, eats wild trivia, how. Much of an Iranian teens diet is composed of fruit 90. Percent 50, percent 10, percent or 100, percent we'll have the answer for you after, the break. You. How. Much of an Iranian tapes died is composed of fruit, the answer is a nearly, 90 percent of orangutangs diet is composed of fruit now. Back to Texas, eats. Welcome. Back to Texas eats we're here at the San Antonio Zoo and with me here is just mechanical now we're. Right next to a dark, area of the San Antonio Zoo yeah who's inside there so right now we have our over, 1200. See the short tail through that's in there so right now they get a good that, motion which consists of a lot of roundup, fruit and stuff which is very nutritious, for them they also get whole fruit so UOP does give you some floating cantaloupes some bananas, and apples organs which we absolutely love to do and, they get athlete's out the entire day so they can actually eat when they want to kind of come and go but, again you have to feed over 1200, bat folks a lot of food that we go in at now they're they're pretty small yeah but how much food did these things eat well, please oh baby 30 to 35 pounds oh the mush itself and also the fruit and veggies included, with that so a lot. Of food so just like that was that hippo it's almost obscene amount of food for 12 on your little back I think bats are adorable but typically people afraid. Of bats right exactly, oh our see the short tail is actually very good pollinators, because they will oftentimes feet on the pollen so, they can actually help actually spread that pond around to help germinating, no more flowers and more plants now our ones here you like mosquitoes I don't.

Like Mosquitoes wrong. Help. Us monitor, a lot of those mosquito populations, because they eat so many insects you would not believe how much food it takes to feed all of the animals at the San Antonio Zoo daily. And right now we're gonna go talk with Katy bees and Bach to learn more this. Is the place where it's all processed it's all taken care of but talk to me a little bit what about a normal, day looks like for you okay. So basically we, are a 365. Day operation. We never closed the animals, have to be fed we. Have to be here out of the whole zoo who, is the weirdest, Dyer I. Would. Have to say the, fruit that diet that we make. Basically. Its. Pulverized. Fruit, mixed, with monkey chow. Okay. What is monkey chow it's. Ma, it's a primate maintenance, Chow uh-huh specifically. For certain primates, in the zoo so, we mix that in so that they get their vitamins, and minerals - okay, how are you through that in casually, you know monkey, chow. Does. Monkey chow, and, I, know you have some big ol pieces, of meat here what kind of meat is this this, is actually horse, meat. Wow. Okay I didn't expect that one and it's processed, specifically. For animals, oh, so. It's more palatable, it's a lot leaner and, the. The, carnivores, really love it I bet, they do it looks very lean yes. There's. Not a lot of marbling, on the oh you can see on the inside there that almost looks like a tuna steak because oh yes, that's. Fit looking it's an athletic animal. There you go it's horse so we don't serve anything up here that's, moldy. Or turning, or anything like that if it's not good enough for human consumption, then. It's not good enough for our animals I love, that because. I could imagine if you were to feed them anything less than that the, hospital. The vets are the other section over here for the analyst that'd be a pretty. Much packed every day all right Kay so we have different issues that will go off that so that's great starts from the food and it, makes everything else work and go fluid coming. Up next on Texas eats oh yeah. Give, a nice crunch on the bottom of the crust. Hmm. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway. The. Fifth letter is the letter C. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo, now. It's time for Texas, eats wild, trivia how. Many gallons of water can a whale shark filter, in one hour seventy. Thousand, one hundred thousand, six, hundred thousand, or four hundred thousand we'll, have the answer for you after, the break. You. How, many gallons of water can a whale shark filter, in one hour the answer is D well, sharks can filter four hundred thousand gallons of water per hour now. Back to Texas, eats. Welcome. Back to Texas each we're getting wild here at the San Antonio Zoo with me right here is Caitlin rody edible care specialist and right behind us is. A cat fishing, from a tree oh there goes they got the fish right out of the tree so, this is dusky, and he has a fishing, cat and today is kind of a fun day for him because he's getting an entire salmon. As, enrichment. I wanted him to kind of work for it a little bit so we hung it in a tree and I probably could have hung it a little bit higher. A. Little bit bigger than, one, of his normal food items that we would offer him is that how much food it's gonna eat for a day two, days or is this kind of gonna be able to fill up for a while there, are days out in their natural environment that if they eat a really big meal they're, not gonna eat much for the next day or two because they're full they're digesting, and, that's just kind of what cats do now, we're heading up near the rim in San Antonio Texas, to go check out an iconic, American steakhouse.

Now. We're here by La Cantera in San Antonio to go inside Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to see what they're cooking up joining. Us now is Adrian Roman he's the regional manager, for Ruth's Chris here in San Antonio thank, you so much for being out here and letting us come in and look at all this delicious, food yeah it's our pleasure now, talk to me what's going on there's a whole three-course. Meal in front of us and it, looks fantastic, we're starter we have our shrimp guru which, are eight shrimp, that butterfly, cut and they're tossing our spicy guru sauce it has a cucumber salad in the center so, kind of like offset the balance a little bit of the flavors and then, for your main course here we have our classic, surf and turf and it's part of our classic menu and right, now we're currently running this it's, with the six ounce filet mignon with the lobster, tails it's five ounces, and, a sizzling platter and then, for dessert our. Classic, cheesecake and basically. That kind of speaks for itself we've had that probably, day one this, is incredible, excellent. Don't enjoy the Voodoo shrimp has, a nice little bite at the at the end of it a little spice kick there but, it's buttery it has really nice seasoning, to it and has a really nice texture, a little crunch on the outside this. Looks absolutely fantastic, and of course the main dish right here the surf and turf gotta. Go in here and get some of that so what kind of stakes are you all serving this is prime maybe just predominantly. Top 2%, its corn-fed, so it's very tender very soft its buttery. And right. It's well-seasoned, on the outside, but you, really get a lot of the notes from the meat itself though it's not like the seasonings overpowering, the cut and it's. So tender that is melt in your mouth good what do you think of a steakhouse you. Want the surf and turf absolutely, this is the cheesecake right here it, just looks insane all this look at this thing I mean this is a massive, serving right here when it comes to your table you will be intimidated, but don't worry you could take it home if you don't finish it absolutely, it's just a beautiful, simple dish that's all it is oh, yeah. You, have a nice crunch on the bottom of the crust. Look. At this. Hmm. Wow. It's, got a little sour bite to it but. Then you have all the fruit on the side so it's gonna be that nice sweet little contrast. To this this. Is pillar. Coming. Up next on Texas eats oh my, gosh look at that canines, on that you've got amazing teeth a natural, environment that would help him see catch his prey. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway. The. Sixth letter is the, letter A. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to, the San Antonio Zoo, now. It's time for Texas, eats wild trivia. How. Many days can a breeding male emperor penguin, go without eating 10. 120. 150. Or 60, we'll. Have the answer for you after, the break. You. How. Many days can a breeding male emperor penguin go without eating the answer is B male, emperor penguins, made fast up to 120. Days during courtship, breeding, and the entire incubation. Period, now. Back to Texas, eats. Caitlin, is joining us here today with the San Antonio Zoo and Caitlin what are we looking at right here so this is Hondo, and he is a caracal, so, this species is native to Africa, and one.

Of The most fun animals, that we get to work with you're into 0 and what. Is it about to eat I see a little snack you said you have it all this like kind of shifty, moving your rack right I do so, we like to change, up where we offer them their food and today I put a little bit of some of his meatballs so today he's getting ground meat some. Of those meatballs are up on that shifting. Moving shelf so he's gonna have to figure out a way to get. Onto the shelf keep his balance and get this boot at 6 i'm. Sailin, you've mentioned before with the other cats that we've seen they kind of get a varied diet right you said little bit of bones some, ground meat not so much on one day a little bit more on the other this is the same for this animal as well yeah same for ando so today he's got a variety he had a little bit of chunk meat some meatballs that we've formed up into, fun. Little balls to put up on the shelf, but. Again he gets a variety of different things so tomorrow he'll get something different look at him he's trying to figure it out like okay how am I gonna get here exactly. Now. This. Is a pretty, large. This is much bigger than the clouded leopard that we saw earlier. Which. Family. Does this cat fall into so he also falls into these small cats category, those, are two of these do. A larger member of that category but, he, is around. 45. Pounds, he's. A big boy that's between the medium and a large dog for, the dog reference, scale that I've created here and, you, know it's about to eat some snacks up there and, then, how much though like I know we have mentioned before it's a very diet but about how much meat is that needs to sustain an animal like this for a week for. A week on several, pounds so. Again because the diet changes on a day-to-day basis, but we'll get several, pounds of different types of food keep your balance bed.

Several. Tones of different types of meat, products or different types of food items oh my gosh look is like canines, on that he's, got amazing teeth and out in the natural environment that would help him to catch his prey they're. Known for being able to jump well over ten feet in the air and that helps them to catch birds while they're on the wing. Now. It's time for this week's wild, secret word giveaway. The. Seventh letter have you figured it out is the letter L. Write. Down all of the letters and at the end of the show enter them on ke saath kaam slash Texas eats for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the San Antonio Zoo. It's. All you cool cats and kittens right behind us the lions are well fed they're sleepy, and they're having a great time we had a great time here at the San Antonio Zoo and right now the zoo needs our help more, than ever so head of their website sa Zoo dot org find, ways to donate or just come out here and visit and to get more information on all the places that you saw on today's show head to our website case calm / Texas eats follow, us on social media at case at Texas eats and you can watch us every Saturday at ten o'clock in the morning right here on case at 12 because this is how Tech's disease ah. It's. My best line.

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