Texas Eats Season 2, Episode 3: Chicken and Camping

Texas Eats Season 2, Episode 3: Chicken and Camping

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Hey it's david elder and today on texas, eats we're traveling around central texas looking for delicious, restaurants, that you won't want to miss. Get ready for a dining experience, in the great outdoors. Kinda, we're checking out a new camping themed restaurant, near south town in san antonio. Man oh man. Good, plus, we're going inside a mexican, restaurant, reimagining. Traditional, mexican, cuisine. And, we're going to the east side of san antonio, to check out a pizza spot making some of the best pie in the alamo. City. Our first destination, on today's show is a fried chicken joint located, in central san antonio near northstar, mall. Let's see what's clucking on the menu and gold feather birds and. Beers. Goldfeather, is serving up fried chicken dishes that are southern favorites, with the south texas twist, i've been here like two or three times already, everything i've tried it's just been excellent, the most popular, item on their menu, their churro, chicken and waffles. Waffle batter gets poured into a screaming hot waffle, iron and gets cooking. Then, three chicken tenders brined overnight for maximum, flavor and texture, get battered in a seasoned flour, dredge and buttermilk, mixture, and tossed into the fryer to finish. When the waffles are ready, they get tossed with a cinnamon, and sugar spice blend, and the whole plate gets covered in powdered sugar get some of your syrup this is where it's at. That's awesome. It's chicken and waffles, man it's so good. The chicken has a really nice flavor to it, and you can tell from that brining process, the flavor goes all throughout. And then on the inside as well from that buttermilk, nice and creamy it stays moist. Outside has a nice crunch to it. And then you tackle it there, with some of the waffle. Who would have thought, trudeaus and fried chicken, they go together hand in hand. This is a killer. Dish. Like the location. Service, is good. Also on the menu, a nashville.

Hot Style, chicken sandwich made with texas, toast. Butter gets splashed, onto a griddle, and the texas toast gets toasted. A breaded, and fried red bird farms chicken breast gets dipped in a house-made, nashville, hot sauce and placed on a bed of garlic aioli, and topped with creamy, coleslaw, and house made pickles. This sandwich is also served up with french fries get this, drenched, in duck fat, and covered in parmesan. And parsley. That was probably, our, third choice of bread. Before we went to the texas so i was like let's just be different i mean, we're stuck on a brioche, one week before we opened we're like you know what. Texas toast looks fun it's exciting so let's try that out. That's a good. Sandwich. The crunch. On the bread. That is fantastic, they're toasting this thing really nice, tons of butter. You got three bees of southern cooking butter biscuits and bacon they're using a lot of butter on this thing. All that slaw in there is a nice contrast. To a lot of that little bit of spicy oily elements in there, but the pickles have a nice acidity, to them that's cutting through some of those fatty flavors as well, it's a really well balanced bite. But let me tell you, you're not going to find anything like this at any of your average, chicken places right this is a very special sandwich. It's really all the elements you want it's fatty. It's a little bit sweet, it's a little spicy. And it's gonna fill you up that's a big sandwich. That's. Delicious. This new chicken concept, is operated by general manager miguel mayweather. A food and beverage professional, looking to bring a fun, dog friendly chicken joint to the alamo, city i've always wanted something like this. Where we have craft beer, good food. And then also sports like that and beer to go, and then family friendly you know that's that's huge for us miguel grew up in el paso and moved to san antonio, seven years ago he fell in love with the city and knew this is where he wanted to create a future, i like el paso will always be home i love el paso, but it's, super green here and that for me is, so amazing. Gold feather is also serving up chicken wings tossed in sauces, and dry rubs, there are a ton of other options on the menu including, salads. More chicken sandwiches. And of course craft beer, you guys got to come check out gold feather it's the new chicken restaurant that's out here in san antonio, it's at park north right by target, come check them out i mean you can get the chicken and waffles you can get the chicken sandwiches, they have duck tacos, you got salads, it's a little bit for everyone, but overall, i mean the food's rocking, this is a one of my favorite chicken wing joints that's popping up here in 2020, for san antonio. Great options. And i love the trudeau chicken and waffles, this is just. A great idea, the nashville, hot though you can't go wrong, i'm torn i don't. Know. Now we're cruising up to fredericksburg, to go inside of a bakery with decades of history. Let's see what's in the oven at pritzer's sweet. Shop. This family-owned, country bakery, recently, opened their doors after taking some time away from serving sweets. Can i get the, two of the chocolate, chips, yes. My parents, bought this building, in, 1977. I was two years old. And, we lived upstairs. And, they bought the building for the real estate but it had a bakery, in it. And so they ended up running, it for. Almost 40 years. They retired. Five years ago. And it was bad timing for me i wasn't ready to take it over. And about a year ago, i said let's do this again, and i wanted to do it way smaller. And. Change, a few things up, and, that's what this is what i came up with now, this popular main street sweet shop is providing old family recipes, to hungry locals and tourists, looking to get a bite of history, at the holidays. I bring in some of the really old recipes. That are german, like a springerly. Cookie. There's a wide variety of sweets available, one of the most popular treats, is their peanut butter oatmeal, cookie sandwich, get this, dipped, in chocolate. It has peanut butter buttercream, on the inside. And it's dipped. In chocolate. It doesn't get any better than that that's what you want you want the crazy. Candy. Cookie combination. Stuff right you want the super sweet i'm gonna give it a bite. If you love peanut butter. Stop what you're doing and come and get this. The peanut butter flavor, is very subtle, actually it's not like in your face. Which allows you to appreciate, the buttercream. The texture of the cookie, and all the chocolate that's on the outside. So everything almost sings in harmony together when you take that bite.

Then When you finish. It's finishing with peanut butter, so it's like this full symphony of flavors that you're getting all in one bite. And then peanut butter bam hits you at the end like remember it's a peanut butter cookie. The texture on the cookie. Is perfect look it's just chewy. That's amazing. Another popular baked good, their sweet, german, pretzel. Which pretzel, is just the shape it's not, um a, bready, item. It's super, flaky. If you've been to a german. Bakery, then you've probably seen something like this right these are the sweet pretzels. I've never seen one this big though, this is a big one and on the inside a little bit of brown sugar, almonds, pecans. And you also have the icing that's all on the outside as well, i mean look at that, it's a similar icing it's the puff pastry, as well. But it's in a fun shape and i believe, just because you have more surface area kind of wrapping around you're also going to have a different texture, right, and look at that i mean on the back side you can see, how caramelized, all that sugar the brown sugar that was on the inside just comes out. Gives it a nice color, one of my favorite cakes in the whole world is a german, chocolate, cake, and this bakery is using their old recipe for german chocolate cakes, but putting them into a cupcake, form for easy eating you guys got to come out to pritzer sweet shop it's right here off maine when you come to fredericksburg. Delicious. I mean absolutely, delicious there's something here for everyone, whether you want the extremely, sweet, you want the subtly, sweet, you want something a little peanut butter in it, they got you covered, and i gotta say the cookie, this peanut butter sandwich. That's where it's at this is good stuff. Man. Now, we're traveling to the south side of san antonio to go check out a food truck that's making some wild, creations. El remedio, san antonio, food truck known for their birya casey tacos, beauty of ramen and ceviche. Now has a new item on the menu, the media, grilled. Cheese. This sandwich is made with thick slices, of texas, toast that get buttered, and toasted on a flat top. A mound of their popular stewed medium meat gets covered in a massive handful, of shredded mozzarella, cheese. The meat and cheese get mixed together and form the inside, of the grilled, cheese sandwich. After the bread is toasted on both sides, the media and mozzarella, cheese get added to the. Middle. The sandwich comes with a cup of consomme, on the side to dip in similar to the presentation, of the casey tacos. But this sandwich, is massive. So what you do when you get your grilled cheese beating a sandwich, you're going to get your close-up, on the side, it's going to come in a cup for you, check this out. Dunk it just right in there. And take a. Bite. This is quite possibly the best grilled cheese sandwich, in san antonio. The sauce. The way they're preparing, it the mozzarella, cheese the media that's already delicious, the consummate, on the side. And the toasted, bread, toasted to perfection, with that butter, the food truck has become wildly, popular in the san antonio, area and has even gained national, attention. Now, husband and wife duo josh and martha have a larger food truck and a new location, on the south side of san antonio, to better serve, more customers. You gotta go online follow them on social media pre-order. Oh my gosh y'all. Seriously, you're gonna want two of them this is insane. Coming up later in the show we're going inside of a camping themed restaurant, where you can cook your own s'mores.

Outside. And next, we're going inside, of a mexican, restaurant that's reimagining. Traditional. Mexican, cuisine, so don't go anywhere. Texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Welcome back to texas eats, now we're going inside los angeles. A mexican, restaurant, reimagining. Traditional, mexican, cuisine. These right here, are the ribeye, tacos. Check this out i mean this is like over the top right, but this is mexican, fusion on the next level this is like gourmet. High-end, quality you're in las vegas staying at a really nice. Hotel. Food i mean this is where it's at you have the tortillas, you have all that ribeye cooked to perfection, you have a nice. Medium rare medium finish on there seared on the outside, locking all that flavor, just a little bit of salt and pepper on the outside and they're primed, so you got all that nice marbling, in there as well, sauteed, onions guacamole, micro greens on there and then you have poblano, ash, that's all that's that's put on top as well that's just extra flavor extra goodness on there another dimension. That you wouldn't find anywhere else especially in san antonio. And then you have this beef bone chilling off to the side with a knife by it, all right that's the, butter of the gods, okay so you just get a scoop of that you throw it on top of your tortilla you throw it on top of your meat, and these tacos, are going to be like the next level grilled onions. Guacamole. And uh. Polano, ash again. I use it a lot of this i like it you know it, goes well and, it's a good decor too well i'm ready to give them a try, all right so i'm gonna put a little bit on top. And they're not playing around y'all these are huge, tacos. Wow. This is amazing. That's incredible. And the the guacamole, has a nice, acidity, to it like there's like a little bit of lime juice in there as well. And the poblano, ash surprising. Is a standout. The ribeye that's in there is killer, but then the poblano, ash really. Accelerates, that flavor. This is really good the micro greens nice texture on there as well, but see i still got a little bit of that. That bone marrow on top so i'm going to bite some of that. Now. Oh really good. That is incredible. It just melts in your mouth y'all. All the flavors together. That, little bit of charred flavor from the grill on the ribeye. And that nice sauteed, onion flavor in there as well.

This Is where it's at it's a full well-rounded, flavor, and then you get double layered on the tortillas, that's how you know it's the real deal because you're not going to break through on that, that's sturdy that's going to hold up all that weight all those juices that are on there. An incredible, dish. It's really going to blow your mind, and as you saw i mean that's a full rib eye, throwing on this bad boy. This is worth it y'all, i would come back. Just for this, this is incredible. Executive, chef daniel mendoza, has worked at multiple restaurants, across, the nation, including, restaurants, in mexico. And he's influenced, from all different kinds of culinary, backgrounds, including french cooking. That's why this food, looks, and tastes, incredible, started at the corner, of paris. For one year. Five years in the gilanov. Worked for emeril lagasse, at the mgm, grand, wow and. This beautiful, piece of artwork, right here, is traditional, oaxacan, flava. I don't think i said it right, but it's like mexican, pizza, i mean you can hang this up in the moma y'all. Got all this, beautiful colors in the middle, the different patterns, on there the different sauces. And, it's nothing like i've ever seen before, and once again you know, they're going to take it over to that next level so it's going to be over the top. It's a, traditional. Oaxacan, dish. It's. Made with. Rosemary masa fresca. Bit of cumin. We put chorizo. Beans. Black beans, and chipotle. As a sauce, as pizza. And then we put a little bit of shredded, or oaxacan. Cheese, a prime hanger steak. Avocado. Tomato. A little bit of a, slaw, a coleslaw, on it, and queso, frescolano. Ash. Summer reduction, and chipotle, mayo, here we. Go. Oh. Look at that. Wow. I've never had anything like this before. It's kind of like a pizza. Kind of like a taco. And a lot like nothing you've ever had before.

It's Very good. A lot of great flavors, on there. The edible flowers. The, the onions that are on here as well the marinated, onions. The large slices of avocado. And then the sauces, that are on top and again that poblano, ash, you get a little bit on that bite. And it's going to change the whole dimension, of what you're eating. It's, a bold. Bold plate this is an appetizer. That's an appetizer, that's bigger than, my head man that's. Huge. This right here, is alaskan, flan now it's called alaskan right because usually when you have those kinds of dishes you're going to set it on fire, right, you're going to do what they're doing here now you have that meringue that's on top that's been toasted, you have the flan on the inside, and you have the cinnamon stick that's right there in the middle, that's been lit on fire as well. I mean the flavor coming off of this look it's still a little smoky. I'm excited this is crazy. Here we go i'm gonna bite into it. Wow. It's like this uh, central american, s'mores, this. That's kind of what you're getting here it's good man. I love everything about this place, can i stay in the back can i sleep in the back oh yeah okay, i can sleep here too, you guys gotta come out to los angeles. It is a delicious, restaurant, featuring all different kinds of gourmet, mexican food things you've never even heard of, thought of or even dreamt of they got it on the menu, and the dessert out here is fantastic. And it's like again it's something you've never seen the lighting cinnamon sticks on fire at your table for you and then they're toasting the meringue right there. It's incredible, there's an outdoor patio area where you can come out and enjoy yourself, and you can stay safe outside, as well as inside there's nice social distancing, going on. Get the dessert, though, you'll treat yourself that's where it's at. Later on the show, we're headed to the east side of san antonio to go inside of a popular, pizza joint. And next on texas eats we're going inside of a sichuan, noodle house on the southeast, side of san antonio. So don't go anywhere. Texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Welcome back to tech disease. She food noodle is a new sichuan, style noodle house on the southeast, side of san antonio, we want to share the food, we want to share our chinese culture. And our stories. They're serving up classic american, chinese dishes that everyone, loves, but they're also whipping out some of the best sichuan, style noodle dishes, in san antonio. One of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Dan Dan noodles, dan dan noodles are made with handmade, noodles that get prepared with pork, peanuts. Hot oil, preserved, mustard greens, and sichuan. Peppercorns. This is a famous szechuan noodle dish the dan dan noodles. You can see they mixed everything up i mean i don't know, there was, a copious amount of seasoning, and different spices, and different oils and things that were put on top, and. It just smells, absolutely, incredible, when you come here this is the dish to try. You know you saw all the different seasonings, all the spices that went into it. But when you try it. It has this one uniform, flavor. That's a little savory, it's a little bit spicy, not like too spicy. And then it has this really nice saltiness, to it, and then the texture of the noodles it's like al dente. This. Is incredible, it's that anxious umami, flavor that you want it's like a satiating. Experience. This is really good i could eat this whole bowl right now. But there's so much more food to try, also on the menu. Rice noodles made with tender, stewed, beef, this dish right here, this is the beef, rice noodle dish. Look at that. I mean tons of broth in there you have that beef that's just stewing in the back. Oh wow. This is a killer dish, the dam dan noodles and this. I would eat both of them right now you can down them. And it's like it tastes so fresh it's the middle of the summer. This is a hot noodle dish. But it's really good and you'll want to eat the whole thing general manager crystal yee and chef wendy, young are not your average, restaurant, partners. Like she has two phd. Degrees. One is in geology. One is in education. I have a master's degree. My mom always asked me for all these years you're in schooled why you want to open up a restaurant, it's gonna, it's gonna be really tired. Their passion for food and culture, is the driving, force, behind the restaurant. How did you find out about this place total accident, i am next door getting my tire repaired. And i was asking them if there's any vegan, options in the neighborhood, and they said no. I stumbled into here. And what do you think so far it's absolutely, fantastic. I was i was absolutely, amazed. And excited. And. The prices, are absolutely, phenomenal. And the food is fantastic. One of the dishes you have to try when you visit. Spicy, crispy, chicken, if you want to try something a little bit different that you normally wouldn't try say when you go to a chinese restaurant, the spicy, and crispy chicken.

Is Where you need to do it i mean they're not playing around they say spicy, it's like a whole ladle full, of peppers look at this. They're not joking, you can eat them if you're. Crazy. Is a fried chicken to the next level it's complex, flavors. Reduced down to their simplest form, to give you a really, well-rounded, bite. This is where it's at this is a great dish. It's the noodle dishes and the chicken dishes, everything in between, it's all delicious. It's really, really good stuff you're going to want to eat. I mean probably enough for three people but it's a hot day it doesn't matter get this get the noodles. Later on the show, we're headed to the east side of san antonio, to go inside of a popular pizza joint. And next on the show, we're going inside of a restaurant, where you can make your own s'mores. Outside. It's a camping themed restaurant. So don't go anywhere, texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Welcome back to texas, eats, camp outpost, company is a new san antonio, restaurant, located, in the historic, lone star arts district near south town back in the day. It housed, all kinds of tractors. And most recently, it had. Coin operated, machines, that were stored in there the menu is inspired, by the great outdoors. Featuring, juicy, rotisserie. Chicken. Brined chicken is seasoned, and placed on a wood fire rotisserie, pit, it cooks halfway, and gets finished on the grill to order, there are multiple, sides to choose from on the menu including, smashed yukon, gold potatoes. And house made coleslaw. When you come inside the restaurant, you're going to notice this big fixture, right here right in the kitchen, and this is the rotisserie. Area they're par rotisserie. They're part cooking the chicken right so that way they're doing about halfway, they're going to finish it on the grill for you though which is awesome because you're going to get a really nice texture on the outside of it this is organic. Chicken, so it gives you a higher quality protein. And check this out this thing is juicy. That's just half of it, this is half of a half a quarter chicken comes a little bit of slaw you pick your side on there and i got some of these smashed yukon, gold potatoes, little baby potatoes. I'm gonna try all that but first. That's the chicken right there this is why you want to come out right. This is like something you want to cook when you're camping. It's never good though you're gonna cook it on one of those outdoor grills that's at your campsite. It's not gonna taste right you come here it's gonna taste good here we go. That's a good bird y'all. Oh my goodness. Exquisite. The outside, is nice and crunchy that skin. Is just sitting on that grill, you see the flame shooting up on it. I mean, if you're a chicken skin person. This is where it's at okay. That is fantastic, but then we talk about the meat when you get on the inside. Nice and juicy, very tender but it's got a lot of flavor to it and that's a part of that rotisserie, process right all that fat from the skin, is going in and it's going burying, itself all the way down to the bone, you're getting a really nice seasoning, all throughout the chicken, it's a really great rotisserie, chicken, this isn't your standard one you're gonna find at a grocery, store or something like that okay, this is like elevated, this is something that you want to enjoy, and share, tell your friends.

About. This concept, brings a fun outdoor, dog friendly restaurant to san antonio. A spot to grab some tasty brews and check this out you can cook s'mores. At an outdoor fire pit the idea, of. Camp was to make it, fun and. Really the main aspect of the dining is the wood fired rotisserie. And being involved in this area is i think is really. Exciting. Also on the menu, a giant rotisserie. Porqueta. Sandwich. This right here is the rotisserie. Forget the sandwich, check this out this is where it's at y'all they got it on the rotisserie, for a little bit to get it going and then they finish it off in a pan, you have fried, lemons and a little bit jalapeno, on there as well give a really nice aioli, on there a little bit of slaw, and then these buns these are house-made, buns that are brought in from piatis, i mean this is where it's at y'all, i'm super excited. And they're using fennel they're using a little bit of rosemary, on the outside. I mean this it smells, fantastic. And it looks really good here we go here's the bite. Man oh man. Good, good. Right off the bat, you're getting that fried, lemon, right so it's a little bit of that savory, a little bit of just flavor, but it's citrus, right so it's gonna be a little bit acidic. It's blending in with the slaw really nicely. That creaminess, coming in from the aioli. And then, you have that really nice, porchetta, on there right i mean the fennel the rosemary, all of them shine out so well, and then the bread on the outside nice and toasted so it's that crunch texture. You're hitting every single note you want. And on top of the fact. It's a big sandwich so if you're really hungry, this is a great option, you guys got to come out to camp outpost company it's a brand new restaurant here in the historic lone star arts district, great setting out there a lot of space to socially distance you can bring your dogs, and the food, is out of this world, the drinks behind the bar are killer, you guys this is the new spot to come through. Later on the show we're going inside a mexican restaurant, serving up some wild quesadillas. And next, we're headed to the east side of san antonio to go inside of a popular pizza joint, texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Welcome back to texas, eats, now we're heading to the east side of downtown san antonio to go inside of a popular pizza joint. Let's see what they got cooking in the oven, at truth pizzeria. This right here, is a mushroom, garlic pepperoni, pizza out here truth pizzeria. Check that out man. It is just perfect in every sense of the way right truth pizzeria, started as a food truck called sulistrada. But now owner john winkler is cranking out some tasty pizzas for everyone, at this brand new brick and mortar. I like playing with fire, when i decided to do a food truck the wood-fired, oven was the most attractive. It took me a long time. To. To get this place started i've been working on it for, two years. And got pretty close, before, the world shut down. And this pizza joint isn't just slinging out pizzas, they also got killer sandwiches, on the menu, this is the crockett. Sandwich it has, mozzarella. Cheese italian, sausage. Roasted, red bell peppers and caramelized, onions. Now this bread everything right here the bread on the outside it's all made in-house. I'm gonna give it a bite. Looks incredible. And it's like a little panini, almost it's like all kind of smashed, together. All on the outside. It's already baked to perfection, right the bread but then when it gets put back into the oven, it gets like a second, life, so it gets a little bit crunchier, a little bit thicker on the outside, but then all the cheese, becomes, gooey on there, the italian, sausage, has a nice, like fennel flavor to it like some little, seasonings, that are in there as well. Everything, shines, through. Really nicely. But then the red bell pepper in there with the caramelized, onions. That's where it's at you just give me a bowl of that, i'll eat it all day, john started making pizzas, years ago after he received, a strange, gift from a friend so this came from italy. 45-50. Years ago. To pennsylvania. Then to austin. Individually. To me i've been feeding it since, 2013.. Feed it flour and water, and that's, all the yeast we use for our bread dough, so this was this was in somebody's, italian, kitchen for a while yeah that's what i hear. If you're looking for a great pizza, you have to try truth pizzeria. They have an outdoor seating, area and you can call ahead to pick up to go, from the sauce. To the cheese. And the dough. Everything just melts in your mouth.

It's The ultimate mouthfeel, you want on a pizza. It has that nice little crust on the outside. But then the dough is nice and tender. The pepperonis. Are so thin. That they just melt they just like eviscerate, right when, you take a bite, the mushrooms. When they go into the oven they get a really nice texture on them as well, a little bit of the juice the liquid comes out of there. It's just, this is the ultimate, pizza. And i love that they have this brick and mortar now. Because now i have a place to come to all the time when you want your fix. And the cheese it's the perfect amount on there, so you get this nice creamy, bite. And then to cut through the fat from the cheese, that sauce that's on there a little bit of acidity, from the tomatoes. Everything just works it's the ultimate well-rounded, bite, that you want from a slice of pizza. And look at that there's no soggy, pizza, it's all firm. This is where it's at y'all. You guys gotta come out here truth pizzeria, on the east side of downtown san antonio off east houston, street. All this stuff is delicious from the pizzas the sandwiches. You will find something you love, and you'll keep coming back for for me, it's that garlic, and then those roasted red bell peppers. All day, in fact i could just eat it like this. What if you just roll it up right you kind of make your own. Like a little sandwich here instead of the pizza. Is that how you got the idea. You just kind of rolled it folded it over and you're like that's a sandwich. Coming up next on texas, eats we're going inside of a mexican, restaurant making some wild quesadillas. The tortillas. Are where it's at that's what sets the everything apart. You can tell they're fresh. But they're thin. And it adds a really nice vehicle for all the flavors. The green, has got a little kick to it. If you like spice. You got to try the green salsa, at a great flavor as well, the chicken thing that you can tell it's been marinated, in that sauce. So don't go anywhere, texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Welcome back to texas, eats. Takiko's, is a mexican, restaurant, serving up authentic, mexican, food from mexico, city, yeah my, husband, actually. He comes here more than i do he has like how many cars, stamped, already. They have two spots in san antonio, slanging out delicious. Food, like their gooey, cheesy, quesadillas. All of the masa for the corn tortillas, is made fresh daily using corn from mexico, and the tortillas. Are pressed and cooked to order, so i just, water. Mix it and the secret, is the hands of the lady. That makes. The side, so a little water a little oil a little salt. And that's it, these quesadillas. Are different than the ones you'll find at a tex-mex, spot, the eight-inch corn tortillas, get folded in half long ways, and loaded with your choice of six different meats or veggies. The meats on the menu are shredded beef, shredded chicken, chicharron, prenzado. With green, and red sauce, cochinita, pibil, and al pastor. Right in front of me we have the chicken tinga, and then you have the chicharron, frenzado. And then it comes in like a red and green sauce, and then it comes on the side cilantro. Onions you have a green and a red sauce all made fresh in house, some refried, beans, and some rice.

I'm Gonna get to it y'all because this looks absolutely. Amazing, they're making everything fresh including the tortillas, made right there for you, i'm gonna pour a little bit of that green sauce on there, eight inches right, eight inches, across. That's a big old quesadilla. If you can eat three of these good on. The you. Are where it's at that's what sets the everything apart. You can tell they're fresh. But they're thin, and it adds a really nice vehicle for all the flavors. The green sauce has got a little kick to it. If you like spice. You got to try the green salsa, at a great flavor as well, the chicken thing as you can tell it's been marinated, in that sauce. And then the fresh monterey jack cheese that's on there as well, melted to perfection. A nice toasted texture on the outside of the tortilla. This is what you want, when you're looking for something, a little adventurous, but still feels like home. Really good. Owner aldo chiavon, grew up in the restaurant industry, in mexico. His wife is an amazing, cook who combined her style and recipes. With aldo's, aunt, a 101. Year old woman, with decades, of restaurant, knowledge. I've, been working in a restaurant, business since. I was like 25, years old. I have now. 53. And. Just it's in my family, i have a lot of recipes, of my family, uncles, aunts. And uh. It's like a thing, we start with a, like a, party thing, if like, a saloon that we make parties and then we start like. Let's make a restaurant. And that starts everything, start there and then, one day we want to, migrate to the united states and we are here, also on the menu, guaraches. Flat corn tortillas, loaded with beans, your choice of meat, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. It means sandal that's what it kind of looks like and when you're here. You can't forget dessert, after you eat your quesadillas, you're going to want something sweet, to go down with it right and you got to get the kiko this is their dessert that they're making here, at the restaurant. You can't find this thing, anywhere, else it's a puff pastry, right but get this on the inside. It's monterey, jack cheese the same cheese that's in the quesadilla. And then, it's a fruit that's in there as well so it's like. A paste, of a fruit. All put it together, cinnamon sugar on top and then a little bit of the secret sauce, that i don't get to know about i found out there's a little bit of tequila. That's about. It. This is like. An over-the-top, piece of like apple pie almost. That's kind of what it tastes like, this family-owned, business is doing, everything, to keep their customers, safe, including. Keeping the restaurant pristine, with a 100, health score so you guys got to come check them out taquikos, they've been in san antonio. For three years, just killing it making delicious, food, their quesadillas, that they have on the menu, are absolutely, incredible, there's so many different options to choose from, and you know you got to try them with a little bit of sour cream on each one of them and i highly recommend, the shredded beef, and the poblano, peppers with a little bit of that sour cream on there can't go. Wrong. Texas, eats we'll be right. Back. Thank you so much for joining me on today's episode of texas, eats and to get more information on all the restaurants that you saw on today's show just head to our website ksat.com. Texas, eats and don't forget to follow us on social media, at case at texas eats on facebook, instagram, and twitter, and join me every saturday at 10 o'clock in the morning right here on ksat, 12 to get even more restaurants, that you won't want to miss, because this, is how texas. Eats.

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