Thailand is OPEN!!! / Back to PHUKET / Amazing Thai Food and Boat Tour

Thailand is OPEN!!! / Back to PHUKET / Amazing Thai Food and Boat Tour

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Welcome aboard, sir.. thank you! it's a really sunny day.. and welcome back to our hungry adventures! and welcome to Phuket, guys! you are probably wondering what I'm doing on this beautiful island.. well, let me explain..

you might have heard about Thailand reopening.. Thailand is ready to welcome back tourists, which is really great news.. we're entering a new era of Thai tourism, which pays a lot of attention to safety and hygiene.. and the Department of Tourism has developed Thailand Tourism Standard which is a number of indicators and requirements for businesses  involved in tourism.. to promote tourist safety and confidence in Thai tourism industry..

and I got an invitation to visit Phuket and review a few places certified by Thailand Tourism Standard.. and share this experience with you guys.. so what we are going to do on this trip? we will be staying at a beautiful hotel located by the stunning Karon beach, where we can enjoy really fantastic sunsets..

we will be riding on a classic Thai boat to one of the islands near Phuket.. and also we will be visiting one of the best restaurants of Phuket.. and taste extremely delicious food.. so if you've got some time and empty space in your stomach.. and you're ready to spend your precious time together with me.. then join me this hungry adventure! Let's go! There is a wide list of requirements for hotels to get certified with Thailand Tourism Standard..  

related to environmental location, parking area, reception, public bathroom.. elevator, rooms, restaurant, coffee shop and kitchen.. hotel staff and overall safety..

this combination has been developed to support tourists with cleanliness, safety and hygiene.. especially during the pandemic era.. hotels certified with Thailand Tourism Standard meet all the required public health and safety measures..

ok stay here.. i'll be right back..   Guys, we have arrived to our first destination.. it's called Andaman Seaview hotel.. it is located on the beautiful Karon beach.. and I gave them a call to make a booking.. to book a room..

and probably they are waiting for me right now.. so let's check in and see how stunning this hotel is.. Hello..

Hello.. I got a booking.. my name is Mickey.. Mr. Mickey? One moment please.. Can I have your passport? sure, okay.. It's very hot today! it's okay! I got my room key - 104..

because I booked a room on the first floor with direct access to swimming pool.. it means I can just open my balcony door and jump in a swimming pool.. yeah and as you see, this is the Thailand Tourism Standard certificate issued by the Department of Tourism..

and this certificate with elephant's logo on it means this hotel meets all required criteria of safety, cleanliness, hygiene and so on.. all staff have been vaccinated.. all staff are wearing masks.. there are many hand sanitizers everywhere.. they've checked my temperature..

they checked my documents of vaccination.. and I've noticed it's extremely clean here.. and I asked Khun Nee, a lady working here at the reception.. to show me around, to show the hotel.. because we are making a review..

so let's go, check it out together! Yeah guys, this is Khun Nee, she's going to show me everything around.. this is small pool.. small pool? okay.. May I show our main swimming pool.. That's the main swimming pool? yes and on the ground floor there are pool access rooms..

isn't it a paradise? and these white and blue colors make me think I'm somewhere in Greece.. somewhere on Santorini.. however I've been told this is the Sino-Portuguese style..

anyway it looks fascinating, don't you think so? Beautiful girl, isn't she? and as you see - all tables are located in at least one and a half meters from each other..   everything is accordingly to the Thailand  Tourism Standard.. this place is ready for the high season, because soon people will start traveling again.. finally.. okay, and now I will show the Samun Prai spa..

okay.. Samun Prai spa.. room for oil massage..   and now i'm going to show you deluxe sweet family room, which size is 98 square meters..

this is it! yeah guys, this is what we can call real comfort.. here is the bathtub, here's the separate shower room.. two sinks.. everything you need for a big family.. and here is a special room for your girlfriend or for your wife.. this one - it's a wardrobe..

for all of her clothes for her luggage of course.. and for your luggage too.. and behind me - two huge double beds.. if you're traveling with family - then this is your choice..

man, it's spotlessly clean.. and now let's see my room on the first floor with direct access to the swimming pool.. and this is my room which is absolutely clean..

I also have got a shower room with doors and bathtub.. and everything is clean - I don't see any stains on the walls, no hair on the floor.. just look around, this room is amazing.. clean bed sheets, clean pillows, towels - everything is white, new and fresh..

and the bed.. and bed is soft and pillows... oh yeah.. so good.. everything you need for ideal night sleep.. guys, it's already late so I cannot show you the direct access to the pool.. but I will show it to you tomorrow in the morning.. because tomorrow we will continue this adventure..

so you got to promise to me - you got to keep watching this video.. while I'm gonna take a rest.. okay? keep watching, keep watching! Good morning.. Good morning! Yeah guys, and this is the direct access to the pool I was talking about yesterday..   and it's pretty sunny today, so let's get breakfast and continue our adventure..

let's go! omelet, sausages.. two croissants.. fresh salad.. fresh fruits.. orange juice, milk.. and fresh coffee..

and I got to hurry up because a boat is already waiting for me.. waiting for us! great! feel so hungry! Hello.. 1 people? yeah, I am alone.. Can you speak English? A little bit..

Okay.. There is also a particular number of criteria and requirements for tourist boats.. in order to be certified with Thailand Tourism Standard.. the boat must have a valid license.. and it also should meet all legal standards.. for example the number of passengers must be clearly stated..

there should be a storage area for luggage.. fuel must be stored safe and accurately.. there must be life-saving equipment such as lifejackets.. staff must have knowledge and abilities to perform their duties.. drinking and intoxication during work is not allowed.. employees must have actual knowledge of boat routes..

company should pay attention to the human rights.. follow the labor law and don't use children and women labor illegally.. tour programs must be suitable for the season and not affecting the ecosystem.. and other ship related measures focused on the environment's protection.. Our first stop - Koh Thanan.. really small island..

I think I can do it since there are no people around.. with really crystal turquoise water.. ideal for snorkeling, for diving, for swimming or enjoying with family.. really beautiful.. what can you say..

true paradise, isn't it? let's get back to the boat.. and now we're going to this island.. okay, finally we are in the shadow so I can tell you about this little island.. Koh Lon is a small island in about 15 minutes ride from Phuket (from Chalong Bay).. and the majority of people living here they're Muslims..

they've come here 100 years ago from Satun province of Thailand.. and my driver.. the driver of the boat - he's also living here on the island.. his name is Khun Bang Len..

and he is the fourth generation of people coming from Satun.. he said there are about 100 people living here.. about 38 houses on the island..

one school, one hotel.. and there are quite many hornbill birds.. I'm not sure if we'll be able to see one of them..

but it's quite amazing to come on the island not far from Phuket.. one of the major tourist destinations.. and enjoy this wildlife.. because if you want to see hornbill birds - you got to visit national parks.. but here you have a chance to see them just during the trip..

what did you say? ah, solar cell.. there is no electricity on the island, so they are using solar energy.. there are solar panels on the roofs.. and this is the school.. school with only three students.. I saw all of them, one of them is playing football right now..

he is really enjoying playing football.. obviously all of them are friends.. here is the cemetery.. Islam.. Muslim..

ah.. cemetery.. here we've got fruits, bananas, durian.. durian is finished, right? don't have anymore.. It's a young tree.. ah it's too small..

Muangthong durian.. I like durian so much.. be careful..

and you too.. okay? yeah.. thank you very much.. the freshest.. real enjoyment.. not sour, not sweet..

really fresh.. straight of the tree.. and it's not the end.. we can also enjoy the coconut meat which is really soft.. the top of the coconut is soft,  while the bottom is more hard..

wow.. so fresh, so delicious.. if you will be eating one coconut per day you will be young forever.. but that's not sure..

guys, it was a really nice tour and a lovely ride.. Khun Ban Len (the driver of this boat) - he's a really nice and friendly guy.. he can speak basic English, so it was really easy to communicate with him..

his boat is in excellent conditions.. it's clean, there are live jackets.. he didn't drive too fast.. so I'm not wet.. I'm totally dry - my luggage, my camera - everything is dry.. so I can only recommend him.. it's a really great service..

and now it's time to find some food.. are you ready for hungry adventures? okay I think it's somewhere here on the left side.. yeah.. welcome to Blue Elephant! all right guys.. the weather is changing really fast.. the sky is already gray, already dark..

it's kind of windy.. I think it will be raining very soon.. maybe in an hour or so..

but it will definitely be raining tonight.. and this restaurant is called Blue Elephant.. and it is located in a really ancient mansion.. we got to ask how old this place is.. but it looks really marvelous, really majestic.. with these huge old banyan trees..

with these flowers.. just take a look at these flowers.. beautiful green area.. tropical paradise in the middle of Phuket town..  

okay guys, let's find a manager of this restaurant who's gonna show us around.. hello.. Hello, welcome to Blue Elephant Phuket, sir! Excuse me sir, check temperature please, sir..

36.3 am I right? Correct.. thank you.. for 1 person, sir? yes, I am alone, but I am looking for Khun Fern..

okay, follow me please.. hello.. Are you Khun Fern? yes, I am..

I am Mickey.. Hello Khun Mickey.. Nice to meet you.. Nice to meet you..

Welcome to Blue Elephant restaurant.. thank you.. you're very beautiful... oh thank you.. how are you today? good.. it's very windy today.. I think it will be raining soon.. yeah I think so.. let's have a look? sure, sure..

okay you first.. and this is the certificate that we get from the Department of Tourism.. This is a Thailand Tourism Standard certificate..

ah i see.. hello.. and here is our dining area.. Restaurants that have received the Thailand Tourism  Standard certificate with elephant's logo from the Department of Tourism.. meet a number of requirements such as: place is clean and tidy.. the area has enough light..

working area has been cleaned and sanitized before preparation of food.. containers and equipment made of materials that  are safe to use.. restaurant has a friendly and service-minded staff.. environmental friendliness..

proper waste management processes.. and many other aspects.. wow, guys this place is really marvelous..

it's a real mansion.. i've never seen anything like it.. no wonder why this restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Phuket.. really wow.. By the way, let me introduce our boss..

The CEO of Blue Elephant Group - Khun Kim.. Hello Khun Kim.. Hello.. I'm Mickey I'm making video about your restaurant..

because your restaurant has got a certificate of Thailand Tourism Standard.. yes, we have and we're very proud of it.. Blue Elephant has always been an ambassador around the world promoting what Thailand has the best to offer..

so speaking of that, let me take you in the kitchen and see what we're preparing.. it'll be great, sure! mask.. so yeah, what's special about the mansion is that we kept everything like it was 117 years ago..

actually if you see the tiles over here.. these were like original.. so we kept everything from the flooring to the roof.. and we worked two years with the Thai fine art department.. Everybody! Hello everybody! this is our big big chef with the team..

specialists in curry.. here you have all the southern spices.. it's really hot.. Only women.. only women, right? sometimes I feel like a woman too.. so well, welcome.. what are you preparing today, chef?

Peranakan..... okay, what is the Peranakan? Actually Peranakan Phuket has been included in the world heritage cuisine by UNESCO.. so we did a lot of research on it.. going from from Singapore to Penang in Malaysia.. coming back and retracing the whole route..

and how it influenced the cuisine in Phuket.. because all this heritage come from the miners who came from China and traveled and settled in Phuket about 100 years ago.. so today you will discover actually the world heritage cuisine of Phuket..

so I hope you're going enjoy it.. sounds very delicious for me.. it is, it is.. it's not always easy for the kitchen to work right now.. you know with these conditions.. with the mask... it's much harder because there's a lot of heat..

but it's good, I'm happy my kitchen is keeping all the standards that have to be applied.. so this part is the curry station.. Patum is the mother of curries in our restaurant.. I mean of course the master chef is the mother of our curries.. but in Phuket she's the one who's representing her.. and this is actually one of our signature curries ..... so this one..

this is a recipe we've learned from Dr. Koson.. Dr. Koson is the president of the Peranakan association in Phuket.. and this is a recipe that comes from his mother.. so it's a very old recipe and she taught our master chef..

and today we honored to have this local dish that was passed from generation to generation.. back into our restaurant.. so this is going to be the most fun part of your visit.. because you're going to be actually enjoying it..

hopefully enjoying and discovering our food.. that's what I love the most.. thank you.. that's what I love the most.. testing excellent Thai cuisine.. let's go guys! please, follow me..

Guys I'm not familiar with this food.. everything looks very new to me.. which is why I asked Khun Fern to help me, because I don't even know what's going to be first.. actually this is.. we can say this is the street food...

street food? yeah, it's a Phuket local street food.. it's extremely tasty.. wow.. and the next one..

the next one you must try because.. I can say that this one is very very hard to find.. because this is an old recipe.. it's very ancient one..

just explosion of different flavors in my mouth.. I can't even describe.. slightly sweet, slightly sour.. creamy.. crunchy.. beautiful food.. wow! and also foie gras.. I like your reaction..

I can't describe.. I really can't describe.. Every Thai restaurant in Phuket - they must have this one.. moo hong (braised pork belly stew).. Guys this is pork and I'll be eating it alone.. and the last one.. yeah..

the next main course we call "Geang Too Mee" the meat is amazing.. i can feel how fresh it is.. it's very fresh.. because we got it from the local fishermen.. great, so you support local fishermen community too.. yes..

wow that's great! it was a great experience and a really enjoyable tour to Phuket.. and i want to thank the Department of Tourism for the invitation.. Thailand Tourism Standard covers all dimensions of quality tourism... it's clean, safe, comfortable and unique.. and if you guys want to experience it on your holidays..

then look for the symbol of happy elephant raising it trunk.. ช้างชูงวงเริงร่า! check out the links in this video description to learn more about it.. and now let's enjoy the stunning golden sunset from Karon beach.. it's a miracle.. it's a sunset day, guys..

it was really amazing.. this golden sunset turning into red, purple, pinky colors.. really amazing... and it's so quiet here.. just take a look at this huge Karon beach..

wow Phuket you're amazing.. no wonder why people say the best sunsets in Thailand are here on Phuket.. by the Andaman sea.. wow guys.. it was really amazing tour and i really hope you have enjoyed it together with me..

I will definitely come to Phuket again.. probably in couple months.. when the weather will be sunny.. to continue exploration of this amazing place.. and if you have enjoyed this video - then please hit the like button, share this video with your friends and subscribe to this channel if you aren't already..

write me a comment.. and i'll see you in the next video pretty soon.. somewhere else in Thailand.. Bye Bye guys!

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