Thailand Street Food, FLOATING Markets, 11LB GIANT NOODLE & Railway Market | Furious World Tour

Thailand Street Food, FLOATING Markets, 11LB GIANT NOODLE & Railway Market | Furious World Tour

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So. We're here in Thailand, at. A very very, old Buddhist, temple and we're praying for a very good episode of, good eats and good fuck let's get the show started. So. We're at the factory, that produces. The secret. To Olive Thai cuisine we're. Gonna learn how it's made and what it's all about let's, do it. I'm. Smelling something and, the aromas are changing, as I'm walking I, don't even know whether they call it an aroma, something, smells I'm liking, some smells I'm not liking so much, but. I think it's like oh it, just melted it just changed again. Okay. Okay. This is. Fermentation. Building. This, building about, 100. We. Mix. Salt, and, sure we together, already. This in size right it'd, be. Wedding eighteen man is now it, smell is really cool Toya and they, were space. Cowboys. It, smells salty. We. Come, to. This pile of they go through here yeah by. Far. To that, mixing, loom yeah. This. Is the missing. Load its, secret, top secret yes we. Put, together. Mixing with suka, with, sugary sauce. Here's packing. At least ice. Now, we are production. How. Many glass bottles, a day. We were about, sixth. Day we talked on Sunday, okay six, days away yes. $400. And. It is a in in Thailand it's good or normal. Is normal normal normal Valley. How, many bottles, or boxes. You export, every year 100 Houston. Box. Per month. There's. That certain flavor that you get every time you eat Thai cuisine and, that, is there that is there that is, good so. This is the secret of Thai cuisine yes. Funky. And I mean. Golikov, I. The. Voluminous. You, want that Thai Thai flavor gotta use that fish sauce. Hi, hello what's, up I'm Peter no. I nice to meet you to meet you so this is a shrimp farm yes what do you want III never I never thought shrimp, came from areas, like this you always think the ocean, you know I've liked, all the shitty ocean. Right. So. This is we caught a white shrimp white, shrimp yeah. Whoa. Whoa. Be. Careful yeah, yeah this. Is. Not. A shoe on yeah not. So big this one, thing. Is yeah. I can, really get you huh. You. See and this is the liver, of the shrimp, aha. You see that yellow color or orange yeah. Very, cool testing. I. Don't. Like Kimiko, so I don't and, it can be caught here so. Keep it yeah. Yeah. Tomorrow, we plan to catch, the shrimp from this point now. The shrimp is coming down so he go down salted, water to check and no thought he we, put the, nest on. The trial when, the shim-sham tomorrow, morning we can take it easier. And. What's the best way of eating one of these shrimp and, sec, yeah gives you up there's, the head. Just, marry the meat but. Yet. You see the legs, on that one. What, I think. It's. Not my thing. This. Is the floating market, if, you have a ton of boats that, are just stationed, right. On the docks it's, a cookie food. It's. Quite a pretty, cool experience you, just go up to the boat, they literally prep everything. I. See. Some crab I see some mussels, of fish, lots. Of seafood of course got some prawns. Shrimp. Some, more crab you, got you got a drink you even have like a drink boat. This. Has to be like one of the coolest things ever where you just order. Oh. I. Kid. All, this for. One euro not, too hot. Super, fresh made, right to order. Perfect. The. Market is way bigger than you think here by the bridge and, you see a couple stores whatever but, if you just keep walking and walking. Hello. Hi. Hi. I'm, Peter makes. Money, Prieta nice to meet you nice, to meet you so does your plantation. Enigma. Keep a path that I want to have a long way although ma talked about my ruby sword, I'm. Telling my dog, uh-huh. Coconut. Power when. We came back isn't honest. Cabal. About, my idea, I was overflowed and time to see, don't. Ya. I. Mean mark didn't. This. Is Sweetwater. Mesa, Sweetwater. Yeah, so. Then you cook it and then it comes become sugar. This. Panini, lumic short form for, me. To conceive included see Timothy. No Tanya don't short or vegan. Compile. Anja multimedia. Ah there's. The finished product. Hmm. This looks really good, that's. Really good okay a coconut, soup. Okay.

How's. This for me. Mmm. It's. Very. Good fantastic. Very good sugar no. Bad guys you got that coconut taste, in there it's like a candy. All. Right the kitchen it's. My it's my kitchen ha ha, you. Know what I'm doing little. Bit a pilgrim, this one okay, I must, have a little sweet. In my food yeah okay. Okay. Okay. That's, a lemongrass yeah. It's enough. Mmm. Smells. Really good. What, is this. Mmm. Yeah it smells really good yeah, it smells like a Titan greedy. You. Strong strong. Coconut. Milk okay. Mm-hmm. Coconut. Milk that we just made pretty. Easy. We. Got the fish sauce. The key ingredient the, magic ingredient all of Thai cuisine. Just. A little bit oh yeah. Coconut, sugar coconut, sugar. Ha. Ha. Mmm. Good. Very. Tasty it's. A little spicy too. No-mind, the right place we, do it this is where you get that giant ramen challenge yes. That's right that's correct out this is the giant noodle house. Let's. Go inside the kitchen heaven sure that'd be awesome let's do it. So. These headed noodles just. Over one a kilogram, and, this. Is the amount we could be eating today okay. Well. 480. Grams, I'm gonna be why'd she try this challenge, of yours well. Actually more than 200, already but we have around. 40 people will finish it. If. You can't finish it in 35, minutes it's on a house and. You. Also get the, the. Time, noodle conquer teacher got wet is okay. Clock's, ticking five seconds, oh really. Okay. Wow, that's really quick. This. Is just the massive, this is massive. He. Is the first, Westerner. That actually, finished the noodles oh good. Stuff. So. I've been to my fair share of very, interesting, restaurants. Around the world, but. I don't think I've ever really seen, a restaurant quite. Like this just. Take a look at the name. Olesya. Oscars, coffin pop alia on. Cold. Things II either. Does cancel and in he declined Pinter order of an indium lab on so, probably, on lights, who becomes earned and a condom, is a. Body. I see I see the communicator before. I'm wondering, is what's. The food like here, well. That is a totally, different thing about, we have one dish, which, is a condom, seller. Economist. Our condom salad. I. Think. Their noodles noodles, threat. That that's the kicker so it's something that looks like a condom, I get it yeah, so tricky they're clever. Any. Part I have a saying home language, a home. Hey. Living. Breather condos. Thank. You thank you. You. Don't know what kind of food to, expect when you come to a restaurant called, cabbages. And condoms. Right. Now I'm really enjoying this great. Front. I think, we're about to find out what they really are. Nice. I hope that's what I'm eating how's. The rice noodles, alright. As. You guys may, know Thailand. Talent. Is the place to eat weird things much, like most of Asia and so these are these. Are some creepy crawlers that they sell here in these.

Night Markets, you'd see some scorpions. See. Some spiders. Imagine. This guy just walking, around walking, around walking. Around and who. Jumps. On you. It's. Really really. Crunchy. Ed. Really crunches yeah. Not. Much flavor I just, already. So I. Really. Don't see that the, appeal I think this is just one. Of those gimmick things. We. Ventured some amazing. Markets. Over the years around the world but this one has to be one of the most unique was. This. Market, is, on an active, railway, system, and, the train comes everyone, needs to move can't. Wait to see this in person. How. Much time do you guys have to get, out of here and disperse. When. The train comes they literally have one minute to move everything I don't know how that happens, how that works because some of these people are a lot, of stuff to move that, have to like everything. The. Routine is beginning, people are starting to move their stuff as the train has come. This is crazy. I didn't think it was this close. Yeah. All. Right back to business let's go let's go. The, next train literally comes in 15 minutes, so the same thing will happen and same. Craziness, well. You. Don't really see tourists walking through here. Tourists. Are gonna walk through that spectacle. Right there and that's where you can probably sell more your product so I think it makes more sense. -. See already just goes right back to action we're, right back to action there's. No slowing down. So. One of the biggest Vols here in Bangkok has one of the craziest. Desserts, I've ever seen in my life I got to show you guys this let's check it out. With, ice, cream ice cream yes all right 22. Scoops of ice cream I have 14. Flavors I. Need. Lots of friends. Okay. Finish do stuff. Okay. Just, finish. You're. Finished yeah. How. They even give you a, spoon. And a fork it's like a salad you know you can mix it up let's. Try some of these flavors first so at the top is like. Take. That vanilla. Soft serve. Pretty, good we'll, take our waffle. And. Then we'll put a, little. Ice cream on the waffle. Mmm. This. Looks like perfect. Perfect. Amount, for walking, around Bangkok and, doing a little sightseeing, just. A little snap so, let's, keep on going.

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I worked in a bottling plant once but all they let me do was to drive a fork lift. I never got to actually touch the bottles.

I didn't have an advanced degree yet. I could touch them now but I'm already retired.

พึ่งเคยเห็นเหมือนกันนะนี่ โรงงานน้ำปลาไทยเราโคตรสะอาดเลย และใหญ่โตได้มาตรฐานมากๆ.

You're welcome... #Thailand

I love Lung Preecha. He is so charmimg. He called himself Lung (uncle) while talking with Pete.

I'm Thailand คนไทยคนเดียวมั่ง I love Furious Pete YouTube Channel ♥

14:28 Not THAI letter (maybe Laos?) Other than that great content.

Did he just take the giant cup with him? lol!!! Is that disposable or something?


those condoms would fit the asian population just nice and snug

Try challenge ! >>>PEACH EAT LAEK


I like these international videos of yours,


The quality of this video is garbage. For having 4.6M subscribers you should invest in a decent camera. The content is great and so this is a real shame, I mean this constructively.

Go Pete

Challenge : Peach eat leak & Eater Oat

Man this brings back memories, i miss Thailand, lived there for 2 years and it was one of the best years of my life. Great job Pete, Thanks for this one.

WTF did he siad 00:20 good eat and good fu**?

The old man look into your eyes and say “ CO-CO-NUT SUGAR “

No chemicals in food that is great, more than can be said for Norwegian Salmon Farming to which they pump them full of drugs.

i love this episode :D more of this !!!

2:38, 2:54, 3:17 they all look dead

thumbnail looks like you're vomiting

the dirty dick sause



Not trying to be offensive or anything but Thai culture and people look half Indian and Half Chinese

I love thailand been there 2 times before, and going to it in 2½ months as well, some of these dishes I've never seen but hope to try. if anyone wonders the mall's name is NBK if it's the one in bangkok

Is that a camera attached to the hat of pete's?

I’m from thailand

He did steal the ice-cream cup LOL!!!

i from thailand I love you xDD and Thx for coming Thailand

WOW Welcome to Thailand

I love this guy. He knows how to enjoy local food! Looks really great!

tailand is homo's heaven

Awsome video brother....iam rohan from india..... please check checkout my channel it is related to food.... iam a new channel name is "coffy n clicks" i hope u love my recipes.

Must eat in Thailand is Morning Glory. It a water spinach dish and absolutely delicious.

YAAAAAAAAAAS, the series i watched A long time back

The plant guide said they package "1,600 bottles a day" which equals 48,000 over 30 days. They ship "100,000 boxes per month".. soo.. if there there are 6 in a box, that would be 600,000 bottles. Must me magic? Its the only answer I can find according to the math

Thai food is amazing

As a chef for the past 32 years. And a degree in culinary arts ,I love your vids, you seem like a cool dude maybe one day you can come to new Jersey where there's a restaurant called "Harold's New York deli" and they sell huge portion size of everything. They say everything is big in Texas ,well you haven't tried Jersey

How close the train and you made me laugh man hahaha

Music by UMA ว้าวๆๆๆๆๆ

การกระทำที่ (มักง่าย) และบอกว่าเป็นสีสัน ผมดูแล้วน่าละอายมากกว่า

(ตลาดหุบเปิดปิด รางรถไฟ (ไม่ควรมี) ซึ่งมีความเสี่ยงหลายๆด้าน คนไืยมองว่าเป็น (สีสัน) แต่ความจริงมันๆม่ใช่ มันอันตราย มันไม่ควรทำแบบนี้ )

14:26 is that thai language it didn't seem like thai language

Thx for visiting my country! Ly

New subscriber and i hit the bell notification, can't wait for more videos

The end was so Hilarious

Thats where I am from Thailand :D

Subscribed because you looked like you were going to die eating that giant noodle challenge LOL

bigass whit$ man consuming shitloads of food in front of asian ppl isn't w$ird at all.

That Pho look good ass hell

7:24 not sharing your beer in thailand is an insult to the ones that take you into their homes, jugging from the bottle also...that's why they were so quiet.

That farmer tan tho pete. I liked this video white guy.

You got fatter time to get back to treadmill

Fucking american stupid pig !!!

Some of that food looks amazing


btw whats the name of the song that kicks in around 4:15 ?

nice episode pete!

0:18 "And we're praying for good episode of good eats and good fuck". Feel bad for that small asian girl...

อุ้ย ตาย มาเมืองไทยหรอ!!!

Good job translating

Does anyone know the song from 19:37 - 20:00 ? :)

Everything about coconut i love it My father love to eat with coconut milk Uncooked But in the Philippines there are some places When they cooked coconut milk It has been turning oily But I don’t like oily i like to eat the way my father made it .


All the years i'm wondering - why is there sometimes a graphic in german? is there any relation?

nice tactical beard.

19:18 Amen to the poor guy who has to wear a condom on his face while serving food.

holy fudge! that's the brand i buy! haha, fish sauce is one of the greatest invention ever bestowed upon mankind!

minute 17:44 u got a laugh from me. He got a niche Id say.


whoever put the music in this video needs to be shot with a ball of shit!!

glad I found your site fun to watch and LOTS of info

lol walking around with the bowl at the end had me laughing

Not only a backwards hat, but with camo print. About as trashy as possible bud. Retard.


what an amazing culture

Waw now you are fat guy, i did recognize you. Because a long time i dont see your video , or because your beard i dont know, sorry for my English, i speack frensh


cabbage & c@#%@#s hahahahahahhahahahaha

I love my home country but the one thing I hate is how poor some places are and how theres actually so much ghosts in thailand

I love how Pete looks like the swole kingpin overseeing his secret overseas operation.


I need the address of the shop

U r the first white guy to visit Thailand for food

Whats the songs name at 19:15min

والله انه كفو

I'm one of followers from Thailand.

I use fish sauce in a lot of my cooking but, have never seen how it's made. Thank you for doing this vid

The production is very unique and of quality good job pete

condom and food sure seem crazy until you go to thailand

Squid brand! My dude knows what’s good. :)

fucking thai faggot hthat white trash didn't fish the noodle faggot fuck you white trash ass kisser thai faggot

This is why he got cancer...processed foods and sugar

Awesome video Pete!!!

19:24 wtf

บ้านผมเอง คนไทยยยยย

Plz visit India

I will accept $100 paypal to fart in this guys mouth! If you want me to do this lets make it happen send that $50 now I need money!!

Look at the dickhead with condom on the

was it intention to put all the graphs in german?

21:50 hahah

Thank you for respecting the Buddhist religion as I’m in the religion I never thought a YouTubed would do that and those writings shown in the video that’s is the writing of my language that Buddha’s now use and to write too just wanted to say thank you ☺️

Hello, I am Thai, I hope you have a good experience with my country.

Heeeyyyy i was just in thailand...the some days before you posted this video...really great place for holiday and the foood so great

A great video. I don't normally have the attention span to watch an almost 30-minute YouTube video in its entirety, but yours was an exception. It also reminded me that I hadn't been back to Thailand in several years. This fired me up to start making plans for a return visit sometime in the next six months. I can already feel the heat and humidity and the distinctive "smell" of Thailand.

This video was amazing, very educational, fun and damn all that food id eat it all.

Who does editing,filming.fx,etc? Just curious. Really good.

Pete didn't finish his soup

16:22 eating them noodles is cake for furious pete

เหยดดดด กินอาหารไทยด้วยเว้ยยยยย

Fonfacha di Furious Pete

Smells really good


Possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I wouldn't feed that shit to my dog.

thats how my parents talk

ผมว่าหอมนะน้ำปลา น้ำปลาแท้จะม่เค้มมาก จะหอมแบบนุ่มๆจมูก

Yay!!! You finally came to my country, Welcome To Thailand!!!!

3:20 Wtf, $400USD per month is normal salary for a 6 day work week? That must go a really long way over there if that's the case. At least I hope..

I live in Thailand and I like the food... I’m half Thai half Chinese

Furious Pete causing a human traffic jam in the intro

Are you Buddhist?

ว้าว ไทยเเลน

แขนดำเพราะเเดดไทย เลยน้ะคะ 55

Too much advertisements not gonna watch anymore sorry it's the truth

you are living and eating like a fat farm pig. stay safe.

I would die if I went here

The video from 15:39 is one of strongest Thai eating challenger and youtuber. Im not sure if you're still in Thailand, but these might be your great competitor for your videos. His channel

I figured out you might already knew his channel, but i still recommend and would like to see you both compete each other. It would be a great fight

14:26 That's is not Thai language. What's that?! LOL

I know that uncle Preecha. He is one of our supplier who send best palm sugar for our dessert product. He is one really friendly uncle. But he did speak alot of Thai language in the video. Did you understood him?

love you pete you're a good human being ,try indian food


Im Thai and Im telling you Pete that Green curry and Tom Kha Gai you help made with Mr.Preecha look reeeeeeally damn fine and so original. good stuff man, subscribed.

All the thai spellings are wrong :/ (all mirrored - supposed to be another side)

Bro me live Thailand

I love these world tour videos.... My question is that ina place like Thailand where labor is cheap....Is it that hard to hire a translator? Or are you on a budget?

nice Video


Dieser Moment wo er deutsch gesprochen hat

Furious Pete vs. Kinoshita Yuka - this needs to happen.

That's weird like they make things with kondom

I from thailand

Pitiful to watch Pete is such a steroid moron

มีซับไทยหน่อย กูได้ตาม



I'm actually watching from my little brother's phone lol, but my grandma came over from Thailand in 1972 and her accent is still as strong as ever! Lol only if you've been around her for a while will you understand her, but I understand every word they're saying. It was a pleasure watching this video seeing people from my roots and heritage and seeing such a beautiful place. Keep up the work Pete!! Love, from southern Arkansas ❤️


why was german in the vid xD nice one anyways kkeep up the furious


Why are the pop ups in the video in German? Like "Kalorien" and "Salat" also, you quoted a price in Euros. I don't really mind, I'm German, however aren't you Canadian?

what's the language at 14.27 !!! It's seem all letter are Thai but it flipped and wrong arrange , so i really can't read it' even I'm Thai hahaha

I from thailand. I like you

unsubscribe furious this fuckin hypocrite!

Travel Channel, that's were you need to be Pete.

you to go to pottemonton sai 4 in thailand

23:31 what the FUK


ya no es como antes,,,, shame

cool world tour

Your cameraman does excellent job you

25:00 big mom cake

All these people are just secret spies

Man your production is so good, it's TV level quality! Great video!

I half thai อีหลี

yeah you come thailand yess i want to see you i stay chiang mai city haha

Plus side for cabbage and condoms, a man/woman can never make the excuse of "I don't have one" u can just walk down the street rip one or a of Santa. He's literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Looks delish. Also. Hope you're in good health

15.54 Thai pro eater Channel

I am live thailand


dude ur disgusting

Your ad has to many videos.

Great you are back @FuriousPete ... and looking good after that illness ...go on


Man.... You have to visit india......

Pete pls come to indonesia

fish sauce + cooked rice = EZ quick meal and save cost menu in TH ... HAHAHAHHAHA

I would love to have a husband like him he'll eat Asian food big time.

First time I actually seen a market built on a train route.

They all look tasty and delicious

That pad thai with eggs looked good

Thank you for come to Thailand make sure your enjoy it

What's the music at 19:10

I have no clue what the fuck is going on or what they are making... explain please!

The name of the music at 18:00 is called "getter - something new" for people who are curious.

I love your vids your the best YouTuber btw Pete did u just steal the bowl of ice cream I was like u savage

why are the english subtitles so bad and graphics in German ?

I think you've matured a lot since your old world tour episodes. The old ones felt like you were just going to show people that you can stuff your face. lol This one is more refined and respectful, I think. Even though I enjoyed them just the same, I think this is a step in the right direction for such a show.

6:08 shit so matrix is fucking real...

20:10 guy looks like lil dicky anybody else see that

This is over the top.Stay there, and give us updates. Lol

The end was hilarious!!

happy your on the road enjoying other cultures and haveing fun eating them your awesome!!!

I like furious pete but why not put on the hairnet? and/or beardnet? Also pretty sure dude got paid.

he's put on some mass...

How trusting of that ice cream shop to let you walk away with that giant ass glass for the video

WHy no subtitles? :(

You could have licked that train as it went bye.

I am going back too Thailand soon I can hardly wait I miss my GF. The people.and the food amazing place :)

Bro, please come to indiaaaaa

why are some parts in german

Amazing!! And me?

They’re such nice people over there

Wish you would of gotten a translator to go with you. I loved the video! I pray you are feeling better? Much love from our family to yours!

Fish sauce is the secret

That name at 14:29 look like the German name Grünes curry that means green curry

Thailand, Land of Food and Land of Smile.

I know how to speak a little thai and you make me Hungry noooo !!!

how can he finish that Sunday ice cream, it's insane.


I'm from Thailand

wew welcome to my country

What kind of sauce was that?

Thai Thai

objective, well filmed and most of all done with respect.. good job pete.

Nice video, but try to subtitrate for us next time

critical smoke key absolutely ritual save progress lip stupid tank tough.

Go to Nepal is my home


ลุยดีจังบักสีดา ชอบมากครับดีใจจังเลย

14:31 chicken coconut milk (herb thai) = ต้มข่าไก่

happy watching thanks for make this VDO

Thai of the World class...

Those Thai instant noodle stir fried looks good. Thats how it should look like.

i am from albania. i am watching you at least 1 year. i love you.keep going bro


Mr. Pete I know why you go to Thailand by yourself not taking your gf with ya lol


I love thailand why? Im from thailand!!

That train mkt is insane. Danger indeed

Nicely done Pete!! Can’t wait for the translated version!

Excuse me, could you please recheck the language at 14:28 and 14:30? What language are they? If they're Thai, the letters are actually not Thai.

Im i late or i didnt get not to watch this? But awesome vid

I'm Thai and I only fuck with the 3 crab brand fish sauce. That squid brand salty af

อยากไห้เจอ ของจิง5555 พีช

I would love to taste the leftover noodles soup

Superman is a baddie . I knew it

what the pho!

I don’t like ur beard I like ur clean face just a hair on top bro ur amazing looking without beard

Have a good time Mate , Welcome to Thailand

Please world tour in turkey Istanbul

Hey, vietnamese

Hello everyone, I'm from Thailand. Welcome to Thailand.

Great and very interesting video. Loved it.


Wow ສຸດຍອດ I'm Laos

keep travelling!i love your vids!

Next trip i want you to go to Malaysia

Stupid Farang (Foreigner)

"Mixing Loom"

I always envy people that can afford to travel like this. Great video Pete! You are one lucky man.

ไงผมคนไทย ไปไทยสนุกไหม

Love Thailand Love Bangkok ^_^

Your vlogs r very nice but try to give more details like where r u heading, what exactly you r preparing or trying.

I thailand

I thought this video gonna be just another ‘white people in Thailand’ kinda vid but turn out it’s very informative. Nice video.

First guy went from making 60,000 bottles a day to 100,000 boxs a year.. the math dont add up unless their boxs contain over 1000 bottles


Please come to cambodia pete our courtry is nice and u need to see angkor wat

Man I m watching this video in May, I wish I knew about this. I m an Indian who live in Thailand and I want to meet furious Pete so badly.


I want u to come in cambodia

He may have finished the noodles but not the broth.

Lots of love from Nepal....If you are a true nature lover then please visit Nepal..

World tour UAE

I started laughing when Pete had to put an accent to make the guy understand

Pete my main home is Thailand but I was born is the USA Madison

Bro I'm telling you do a trip to Pakistan its different and they have the best food

Pete ur so tall haha

go to malaysia

That is a good!


PETE Its Good to see you up and going :) hope all is ok with Cancer God Bless BRO!

Why don't you go to vietnam, vietnam is a beautiful country and a lot of stress food do you know that ?

hey Pete please visit India

7:03 "whats the best way of eating these shrimp" 7:20 *GULP*

sweet dude

Lmao, just leaves with 8 kilos of ice cream strolling down the street

I died when the server with the condom on his head came to serve Pete his food

19:25 hello dickhead! lul


What is your height Pete?


When translation is overrated 21:50

Thai flavour is chilli my friend. If it's not spicy I will not eat.

18:40 why is she wearing a Baker's hat, when she's a Cook?...

Furious pete come in india plzz


name of thai rap part pls

Lmfaoo why at 24:00 when the cAmera man got close to the butcher and he jumped I thought he jumped cause he thought it was a gun and that the mafia was after him for money he owed

indonesia have something food so good,especially satay,it's so fukin' good damn kwkwk

sometimes u can visited to indonesia.many food there

the writing on the screen at 14:26 is not thai

i love coconut sugar but I don't usually get to eat it cause my mom won't let me eat it by itself

OMFG my school took me on a field trip and slept over at a restaurant that was also called cabbages and condoms. I'm pretty sure the restaurant I slept was the same company as the restaurant in the video. There were carpets that had cartoon condoms on it and the teacher quickly took it out of the room. There were too many inappropriate things in the restaurant that I could not count. The place was also in Thailand and it was a 6th grade filed trip btw. It was a weird experience.

Hi I'm from Thailand, and I love your videos!



I love this video especially since I am Thai I liked watching you make foods that I have had even tried things I have never heard of before like condom salad

U win pete


19:13 song name please

Pete your so big compared to the other people there!!!

those moments when you’re proud to be Thai

In the background you can just hear him go he’s good looking haha

Wellcome to Thailand

that sweet water, in malaysia its call as nira, from what I remember nira nipah is the best, correct me if im.wrong

not condom salad 5555 > noodle salad

14:27 what language is that?

wtf condom salad

That big bowl of noodle is in Chiang Mai. I went there before and it is damn good.

That is Bicol Express in the Philippines. 14:00

Also had his fill of lady boys

seria muito bom se seus vids fossem legendad par portugues!

Love the show very entertaining and fun to watch

this looks amazing...haha...need to visit Thailand some day.

I'm surprised the people can speak English to some extent, because normally Thai people (even in Bangkok) don't know shit about the English language



15:07 Theme pls some one

Thanks Pete for you visit. Thailand .

omg, the market right at the train track is crazy. lol

Where is that noodle change give us a name of the shop

Man..once you are in a foreign country .. either you speak their language or you tag along with a local who will help TRANSLATING . But the man speaking Thai and you standing shaking your head though you don't understand well as the viewer of your videos don't have a CLUE of what the man is saying..well ...that's EXTREMELY lame and stupid

one man army on a Food Eating Tour Love u man :D

Wow my mom sis lives in Thailand


Visit indonesia bro!!

Squid fish sauce is pretty good for egg omelette, 1 tsp goes a long way because it is super salty.

You going to go visit Laos? It's right next door lol

Is there suppose to be subtitles?

0:19 i think they fell in Love with you !!! Furious Pete


I’m Thailand people I can prove it look ไงครับ

Welcome to Thailand !

Hi ~~


PEACH EAT LAEK Channel He has eaten a lot.


i from thailan

I'm new to your videos, but I absolutely love the furious world tour videos! They are fabulous

An hour or two after a heavy leg or deadlift day and I could def finish that bowl of noodles!



I hope you also upload the Philippines episode :(

Am i the only one who knows what he is saying



Look Soo delish!

มาไทยบ่อยๆน่ะค่าาาาาา ^^

Big noodle (17:00) champion eat in Thailand he name Pate eat leek ( Chanel name)

Hopefully the kids in the Thailand cave will survive


Just came across your channel. I like it. I mean most are just doing the food part not the actual ingredients and how it's made. Well done.


20:10 Lil F*ckin Dicky out here in the night market

Philippines again Pete !



Coloca com tradução

มีเพลง uma เฉย

Isn’t fish sauce from Vietnam (too)

The video it's so gooood.!!! Thanks! ^ ^


Nice I'm from thailand

4:20 song UMA

Bro he needs to shave

Your all video nice love it am ranjit chohan


Hahaha I love Thailand!

2018 ? ประเทศไทยนี่ เยี่ยมครับผม

Squid fish salt is very good brand of Thai, my home use this brand.


You should come to Cambodia next time.

I​ am​ thai

abonnier mein channel


15:40 คลิปพี่พีชก็มา55555

น่าจะไปแข่งกับพีช 5555


this is really interesting content and editing is so good and thank you this

I hate that you talk good about the floating market when in reality its a tourist trap.

pad Thai is the best

Not many Thai people eat insect, but many foreigners think that almost Thai people eat them.

I got that think in my house like 4 bottle

ตัวอักษรภาษาไทย กลับหัวกลับหาง

This video sucks ass. Can't even translate what the people are saying. Then just kept repeating yourself.


Had to pause it hoping, as Pete isn't exactly a size that is normal for Thais, that he flexes that lab coat to shreds.

That train market was insane.

19:10 whats the name of this song?

fuck thailand

Are you're Videos for germans, because of the german language?

Because im german

I was about to say there is no way he is going to eat the noodles and broth. Better be glad that wasn't a rule or nobody would beat that challenge.


Thick Kunt


No explanation no subtitles no in-depth analysis what a useless presenter

φιουριουσ πιτ ωραιο το βιντεακι αλλα δεν μου αρεσουν η γαριδεσ

Ragnar, is that you?!!?!


why talk like u have some weird retarded accent

16:00 you are welcome

Thailand is a poor country just like philippines

You should go to the philippine

Sir...You should make a video on world tour india


Thai Cuisine = Coconut + Spice + Other Stuff

Yo Pete, what was the name of the resturant where you got that massive dessert???

why didn't you show us you going back to the store with the cup? you're too funny pete

I do speak Khmer but I am not on a phone



At the end Tho lol hahha savage


Do you ever get full lol

Pete your vids are amazing, allowing us to see other countries and foods really inspires me to go.

$400 is an above average salary in Thailand. The usual salary is about $10 dollars a working day

I never panic more eating!!!

It's just sad... that Sexual deviancy is so prevalent in thailand. That's not the Buddhist way.

I wondered why some german words appeared in graphics or like popups for explanation, lol //edit: at 17:30 someone's even talking in german xD


hehehe one euro. The next day shlits for a week :)

2 is w31

Pete you should come to South Africa and eat bunny chows and some braai vleis.

dam he stole my twitch alert sound


I love Thai food yummy

23:10 watch out your chest Dig bick !!

wow nice place

FFS at least try and say hello to him in the local language Pete! Sa-wah-dee

Juice monkey or no?

Thailand is good food nice? Tell me in comment

Can you go in cambodia

You should of never stopped doing these.

American with flip flops eating xxl portions. That’s as American as it can get.

Other news