THAILAND TOURS Top 10 most beautiful places in THAILAND in 2021

THAILAND TOURS Top 10 most beautiful places in THAILAND in 2021

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In Thailand, the official name is the Kingdom of Thailand and there are many other names that tourists from all over the world give this beautiful country that is the land of the Golden Temple of Heavenly Paradise Beach tourism center. Shopping World The land of friendly smiles is the land of rare animals and the first street food in Thailand.However , the name that many tourists talk about is Thailand, the land of the Golden Temple and the smile. main welcomed the audience in the exploration of tourism organizations world then Thailand is the country attracts many tourists in Southeast Asia each year about 32 million people from around the world Thai Lan is a land with many ancient historical relics of thousands of years and is also home to the most modern and semalt commercial cities of Asia. We invite you to join us to explore and explore pregnancy. made in Thailand à north by Laos and Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia to the east of Thailand waters southeast adjacent to the territorial Vie South Thailand is a monarchic state that formally constitutes the highest head of state as the Commander in Chief of the Army and is the spiritual leader of the Thai country with an area of ​​510 3000km sad. and the estimated population of

67 million Theravada Buddhists is considered the state religion, with a proportion of nearly 95 percent of the population making the country one of the largest Buddhist countries in the world in proportion to the population. Thailand has been a major rice exporter in the world for many years, according to the study of international rice research , the elephant is the national symbol of Thailand, so where to go, especially the tourist areas. Visitors often see spectacular Elephant shows, but in recent years due to the danger of elephants being extinct due to ivory poaching, the Thai government has been expensive to prohibit further exploitation of spot elephants.

attracts the most tourists when coming to Thailand It is another sick capital this is a bustling city and one A destination not to be missed when coming to Thailand , this place is considered as the city that never sleeps with entertainment activities taking place all night to cry. Visitors will admire the majestic architecture. Great high-rise buildings everywhere along with busy shopping malls never accepted in A and the most ancient and majestic Buddhist historical sites in the world to move in the capital Bangkok.

Considered as one of the most congested cities in the world, there are many ways for tourists to choose whether to use the PTS to re- use the aerial tram system called the skytrain or to mitigate the subway system or the vehicles. The vehicle is quite popular like a bus or a taxi.However , an interesting vehicle and a special feature of another city is juice.This is a 3-wheeled vehicle that has the ability to

always shake hands to look better than Other vehicles have a little experience will surely make visitors unforgettable by its surprisingly fast speed This vehicle on the always crowded streets on the other side of the trip to Bangkok capital cannot lack a cultural place that is both magnificent and the most famous sights in the city that is the palace. To the Roman shore that Ha and Hoang Tea are in Vietnamese, they call the Royal Palace of Thailand and in English the Grand Palace was built in the district in 1782 and for the past one hundred and fifty years, this is the king of the Thai court and is The administrative center in the temple government is a monumental architectural complex formed in the main area that is the royal office palace and the typical temples with three towers at any time, especially during the day. In the afternoon, the golden royal palace shines brightly in the sky of the city ​​in the palace area, there is also a temple in Vietnamese language called the jade Buddha temple and Amazon buddha Temple in English is considered a Buddhist temple.

Thailand's most important inside is the famous emerald Buddha statue from the 14th century Thai people worship and be the supreme symbol of the king. Nobody can come near the jade Buddha temple except the king, this is a floating market on the Night Noel River, I make one of the oldest floating markets in Thailand. place for tourists just love to shop just like ocean outside on the boat to float began busy from early morning with the sale of agricultural products and souvenirs and necessary for daily life, tourists You can sit on a boat along the river or walk on both sides of the river to see the bustling bustle and bustle of colors.You will find it very interesting because it is surrounded with all the booths fruit fruit fresh flavors and culinary delicious sold everywhere gone now floating market here may prove to be an unforgettable memory of life of the people of Thailand on the river game in Bangkok also There is another very famous temple is Wat for Vietnamese called Buddha Temple with backrest and in English, it is reclining buddha Temple The pagoda was built in the 16th century and is often visited by kings to make offerings. Inside the temple grounds is a large museum located between the four Nguyet houses, especially the most popular attraction is the Buddha statue that incarnates you. giant is placed in a

family of churches are very high and large Buddha statue with a length up to 46 m and a height of 15m outside is coated is gold leaf portion eyes and on the statues are made of wood Raden yes in Buddha's feet with a height of 5.5 M with light lm and cozy atmosphere will make guests feel comfortable and soul soothing also in the capital in two temple crying again but revenue Attracting a lot of tourists that is Wat Arun in Vietnamese, it is called Temple of Dawn in English is Temple of dog This is a really great temple in the capital 5 different sides of the river and is a symbol. travel of other diseases also include a sizeable temple is what makes the English crushed the Royal bliss called Temple This is the house idea Selling Thai amulet jewelry is the line that believes absolutely in the power of amulet Dear of the four famous temples that we have just discovered , Bangkok is still very There are many other temples with many different architectural styles and styles that perhaps no one can visit, but famous as a land of golden pagodas, Thailand is also the most famous in the world for its dishes. eat street food

great these dishes are processed and sold on the streets of the land of the Golden temple dishes you can taste delicious typical and help travelers significant savings in 2017 for an online poll of 35,000 people worldwide by international television station CNN travel, 7 Thai dishes have appeared in the list of the 50 world's best dishes Thailand dishes. in the list is sour soup or Thai cooking or also known as Tom for the sweet and sour taste of the frog alone. Fatty coconut milk. Candles make Thai style

vermicelli or noodles , also known as Thai waterfall, have a sweet taste of the sour sauce of lemon, the strong taste of fish sauce and the pungent taste of frogs and especially all the taste of each other is not overwhelmed, followed by Thai papaya or sometime called because of the main sourness and green papaya, this dish will give a strong stimulus to the sense of people. Followed by a massaman curry made from curry meat with coconut milk and lemon leaves will make visitors feel hot Not because it's spicy, but because of the perfect combination of ingredients and finally. Thai fried rice has the sweet and sour taste of pineapple raisins smeared with cashew nuts and especially the aroma of curry, which can be said to be quite close to Vietnamese dishes in the bustling golden capital life. and crowded we will set out to explore the peaceful location and gorgeous rustic poetry of Thailand that's beaches blue water and white sand islands Incredibly beautiful Ladies and gentlemen, the beaches and island of Quan Tinh phu in southern Thailand are so famous and cold that they are used to shoot world famous movies such as The Beat or spy movie 007 James Bond and the following We invite you to continue with us to explore the beaches and islands around the duck instead this is the home brake duck where the concentration of limestone mountains walking vertically out of the sea With an area of ​​400 square kilometers, this place easily reminds us of Vietnam 's Ha Long Bay , the horny limestone mountains worthy of the full shape of ancient reading caves for visitors to spoil freely. imagination and this was beach vegetables nè in Krabi province that can be called a tropical paradise featuring limestone cliffs high last and rugged sea blue turquoise with fine white sand beaches tourists only Can be reached by boat because the island is surrounded and high mountains and thick vegetation.And this is Coffee Island in all provinces with about 54 km and is one of the most beautiful and most famous tourist island spots in the world here You will see the cold coral coconut trees Listen to the whispering waves at Coffee Island you can rent a boat to go to any place Any place to see the scenery around the beautiful waters or to climb the mountain to watch the sunset And this is a dry and dry island to see the smell and dry Phan neatly This island is known for its white sand, pristine caves and water This is a clear blue sea where visitors can sit and enjoy peaceful moments away from the noise of the city or walk on the sand but watch the beautiful harmony of a few clouds and blue sea outside. Ideal for nature tourism,

Thailand also has a number of famous places for preserving and commemorating painful historical anecdotes as well as Huy Hoang of the Kingdom of Thailand that visitors should not leave gifts here. This is a place to commemorate the most painful memories that Asian workers and prisoners of war are in war was endured in World War II abandoned it. 1945 here a bridge is a little boy in the delaware pre-Death railway that was built for the purpose of providing food and weapons to the army. Japanese squads in Burma battle this route bar army completed by 61,000 allied prisoners and 250,000 Asian workers under the close supervision of Japanese guards due to the harsh climatic climatic conditions. severe disease and mistreatment of military-to-date, including more than 16,000 prisoners of war and more than seventy thousand people in Asia have died off during the construction of this road near the bridge a cemetery landfill There are nearly 7,000 tombs of Binh Dong Minh owner buried here and this is the IO thai historical park which is one of the most popular jokes in Thailand tourism, with only a few traces of The great towering temples of a sultan capital is this city ramaed by the king The Body was founded in 1350 and was the capital of Thailand until it was destroyed by the Myanmar army in 1767 for nearly seven centuries, when this city was named a Great city ​​of Huy Hoang. Asia's most

extraordinary and richest place was once an immense complex with hundreds of temples and almost endless and magnificent temples. Today this park is just a historical relic. hidden in the memories of many Thai people as well as tourists as a land of the river, how to punish the top of a Thai tunnel , visitors often feel that they are too small and limited Because this place is too multiple locations brings historical value he beautiful landscape without countless tourist areas of Thailand is an experience deeply about the glorious past of a kingdom of birds in a land sacred and ancient is Air I am and the marvels of ocean nature are enjoying great street food and being a punching bird in the commercial streets i and Endless shopping Thailand is truly a place that will lead us back to the past for us to live happily in the present and guide us into the future with as many meters as you remember to subscribe so that when new videos are available They I will immediately notify à à à à à

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