That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast

That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast

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So. For some reason I get more requests for this movie than for any other movie. Okay. Jean, Cocteau's, 1946. Black and white classic labelled, a la bete famously, opens, with an appeal to viewers asking them to open their hearts and minds to the innocent, and magical, world view of a child to, allow themselves to believe that castles can be enchanted, and that yes the heart of a man can beat beneath the hide of a beasts well I did some digging and it turns out that the live-action Beauty, and the Beast originally, had no Maj to Cocteau's opening for their 2017, remake of the original Disney, animated classic it, said, we, invite you to open your hearts and minds to the magical world view of pedantic, nitpickers who point out plot, holes and fairy tales which we are now countering, - apparently here's, a movie for you guy who kept, pointing out that according to math that prince was only 11 when he got turned into a beast that's pretty messed up right that's not logical open, your heart like the pedantic cool pines don't forget that the monarch an disappeared, blood holding. Wow. I, hate. It so, apparently the intent with the remake of Disney's animated classic Beauty, and the Beast was to respond to every bad faith criticism, lobbed at the original like, well, why were the servants enchanted, - they didn't do anything wrong and Belle's. Not feminist, enough make that she reads an active-active, transgression. Against the patriarchy. Teaching another girl to read isn't. One enough and, give her an invention subplot, that goes nowhere, effectively, Disney, has gone and made a movie which differs in content, only in that it appears to exist to appease the pedantic books of YouTube with their decades of bad faith criticism, and forever. Having enabled, that atmosphere, of pedantic degree that led to the creation of a film that goes out of its way to address the plot holes of the film that it is based on uh I. Will never cease my penance walk, but. I am going to complain about this movie for a really long time so strap in it's, important to contextualize this, movie in the trend that it is the current apotheosis of that being Disney, live-action remakes. And these, live-action, remake seem, to pose themselves not as simple remakes but as responses, to criticisms, of the films that they are remaking for. Maleficent it posits that Maleficent was misunderstood, and that the narrator of the original movie was unreliable, for The Jungle Book it posits that hey maybe Shere Khan had a point and Mowgli, is dangerous but for Beauty and the Beast that response seems to be fixing plot holes that weren't actually problems, or plot holes to begin with. And. You may be asking yourself is this really an over long nitpicky, complainy video complaining, about how over long nitpicky, clickbait film criticism has influenced, the actual text in the current trend of live-action, Disney remakes. Yes. We. Begin not with the bad bet you gothis party started Maleficent, nor the original animated buting the beast or even the evil genius current, CEO of the Disney Company aka, boringly, competent, daddy Bob Iger it starts, with the Robert Moses of the Disney Company daddy, of daddies Michael, Eisner because, important to remember is that Michael Eisner was Bob iger's, mentor, in the 1990s. And early 2000s, and that the reason I gir had the opportunity, to enjoy this long run as CEO of the Disney Company was because of his unwavering Failte, to the Regina Georgia Hollywood, CEOs, Michael. Eisner in a 1981, letter Eisner, wrote to paramount executives before, he jumped ship to become CEO of the Disney Company he, pinned what is widely considered to be his ethos, and possibly the most 1980s, thing ever written we. Have no obligation to make Arts at Eisner we have no obligation, to make history we have no obligation to make a statement but, to make money it, is often important, to make history to make art or to make some significant, statement in order to make money we must always make entertaining movies, and if we make entertaining movies at times we will reliably make history art a statement or all three we may even win awards this was an ethos carried through to his time at Disney that said Eisner, was also super cognizant, of the value of brand prestige, and ironically, in his earlier years he was super resistant, to the whole concept of releasing, Disney classics under VHS as this, he worried would lower the prestige, of the, brand but.

Boy Did he change his tune when Pinocchio the first released to VHS because, it was considered lower rung among the classics, sold, out of its first run lesson. Learned here repackaging. Disney classics is a safe lucrative, bet this, would reach its apotheosis with the downright parodic, phase of direct-to-video, sequels, producing, such classics, as The, Hunchback of Notre, Dom to. The. Fox in the Hound 2 and, Cinderella. 3 a twist in time the. Best one of this lot yes I will stand by that I have seen them all because of pink whereas I have. During. This era we also saw the expansion, of Disney Renaissance properties. Adapted, for Broadway this became a trend that continues, to this day, and the 90s we saw Beauty and the Beast flanking, and Aida. Yeah. That was a Disney, joint okay. But. The thing that we are presently, living through was not the first attempt at repackaging, Disney classics for live-action seeing, the success of properties, like Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and VHS, sales Eisner. Took an eye towards live-action, remakes of Animated, Classics beginning. With the Jungle Book in 1994. This. One had a sexy. Mowgli but. Eisenerz real event, was 101. Dalmatians, in 1996. Starring Glenn Close I've no use for babies. Both. Of these movies did okay. 101. Dalmatians did, really pretty well raking in 136. Million in domestic box office grosses, and unleashing. An avalanche of plush dogs and other merchandise and eventually. Garnering a sequel during, this period they were also remakes of old live-action, movies like The Parent Trap starring, Lindsay Lohan which, unexpectedly, grossed 92, million dollars proving, that there was indeed a market for this sort of thing but, these were not huge, successes, and after, event movie Pearl Harbor, was eviscerated by, critics, iseman became much more bearish, on the whole concept of event, movies in general movies. Like The Jungle Book 94, and 101, Dalmatians didn't really start a trend where, newer films like Maleficent, and Cinderella, of 2015. Did. The. Final element to the formation of this version, of Beauty and the Beast is one we can't really pin on Eisner and that, is the recent trend for Disney movies to make meta textual commentary on, the Disney Company and the Disney brand in general it's, there in Moana if you were a dress and you have an animal sidekick, your, princess, it's there an enchanted. Like, the, whole movie and dear. God, frozen. Audiences. Love it when Disney knowingly pokes fun at itself do, animals, talk to you no boy are you Paul is it no cursed, no kidnapped. Or enslaved no are you guys okay shake on police and they, really loved it with Beauty and the Beast didn't, they I'm talking to a candle, yah thanks. I hate it Isner, story as CEO of the Disney Company is very much a mixed bag he, oversaw the success, of the Disney Renaissance yes, but, he was also responsible for a string of acquisitions, and bad ideas which could, take up many many many episodes but I'm not going into here, Iker certainly, took to heart eisenerz wisdom, of not being obligated to make art or history but, to make money which, manifested, as safe investments, but Eiger invests, safely, and much, bigger than eyes nor ever did as a result Disney, stock has quadrupled in, value since, eisenerz departure, in 2005.

I Guarante when t 18 is able to execute eisenerz vision of repackaging, Disney properties, for live-action without, making the brand feel cheap like Eisner eventually, would with his reliance, on direct-to-video, sequels, in effect, Eiger has mastered, what the Disney Company refers, to internally. As brand, integrity, and moreover, the Disney Company under, Eiger has figured out the secret ingredient it's. Not enough to just do a live-action remake of a beloved classic starring, Glenn Close new. Live-action Disney needs to be meta textually, responding, to some criticism, of either the Disney Company the, brand or of, the property, it is remaking. So. Now we know how we got here let's, take a look at what we got. In. My grand tradition of, flaccid, attempts to be balanced, I'm, going to first try, to list the things I don't hate, but. I gotta be honest there's not much here at. Least Phantom of the Opera had Patrick, Wilson and Minnie Driver okay I am going to find some stuff I don't hate let's see there's gotta be some stuff okay Lumiere and Cogsworth have, a different, dynamic in the remake than they do in the original rather. Than them squabbling, and Cogsworth constantly, trying to restrain Lumiere here, they don't really fight and Cogsworth, wants. To stand up to the Beast you can't talk to us like that I forbid it, and Lumiere's, kind of trying to help him with, that of, course that doesn't, really go anywhere. Cogsworth. Never does, stand, up to the Beast so it's an art that is, added, with, no payoff, it's, different I mean it's not good but I guess I don't hate it I hope but we still had to no homo. This. Is hard um, - ch and Audra, McDonald, love those two don't. Love the characters, they are superfluous, and add nothing but, I always love me some to ch and Audra. McDonald, should just be in more everything, so, sure. This. Owl. Damn. That is a sweet, owl love. That owl oh and, Kevin Kline okay this is actually one change I unambiguously. Like like turning Maurice from an infantilized, man baby into a gentle, sensitive clock maker and Klein's sells it that actually, really really works. The. Original, DVD release of Beauty and the Beast in 1991. Included a commentary, track in which directors, Kirk wise and Gary Trousdale and, producer Don Hahn were already audibly, frustrated, with people trying to over explain and outsmart the logic of an enchanted castle the most relevant bit that sticks out in my mind is where they try to explain or rather kind, of infer they shouldn't have to explain the, internal, logic of be our guest every, piece of flatware, doesn't necessarily, have a corresponding. Like. It's an enchanted castle, ergo. The stuff in it is also enchanted, that doesn't mean that everything that moves in the castle has a one-to-one human, equivalent but. Because one of the selling points of this movie is the over explanation, of everything everything. Needs to be explained, in the dialogue I'm talking, to a campground, there please. Yep, that's weird lad you pointed out how unlikely, that is so I can take off the million, layers of logic, Armour in which I have adorned, myself so that I can suspend my disbelief we. Can't leave things to people's imaginations. Then they might go make an internet about it see, it's stuff like this that legit, sucks the magic out of parables, and fairy tales but it needs to be explained to modern audiences that no not every object in the castle has a human corollary, hello. What's. Your name. Like. Madam crap hair the helpful toilet No what's. Your name ma, belle your dress it is stuck in your belt oh ho, ho don't worry it happened to me all the time back when I had legs an even more frustrating, addition is that the movie explained, that yeah, the servants in the castle see themselves as kind of on the hook for the beasts being, a jerk, you see when the master, lost his mother and, his. Cruel, father took. That sweet, lad. And. Twisted. Him out to be just like him we. Did nothing. Well. My dear, we were her kind of enablers. This, is like victims of abuse saying they had it coming and it was their fault because they shouldn't have made him mad we've, made up it and we. Must lie in it I understand. That movie nitpicks, dot-com, has some complaints, about us being punished, for the actions of a ten year old, but, you see my idea there's, a perfectly, logical explanation. For. That too this. Is another edition that gets dragged out because there's also the added element, that the beast's parents, were neglectful, and shitty and the staff knew but they didn't really do anything because it was you know an absolute.

Monarchy. But, whatever they see themselves as kind of deserving of their punishment because they didn't help the prince be better when they had a chance so we're. Klux now, thanks. I hate it but, the overwritten thing I hate the most is when the staff of the castle just explains. The plot to Belle that's. When the last pattern Falls the, master remains a beast forever and, we, become antiques. Another. Major change in this version was adding more stakes, to certain aspects, of the plot which. You know in theory fine. Instead. Of the rows falling apart now the entire castle is falling apart it's, not just the possibility, of everyone remaining as they are for all time the staff are becoming more and more inanimate, as they inch closer to Rose mageddon which I grew three more feathers and I just plucked yesterday, you know again fine not, the worst thing ever as it adds clearer stakes but, this adds to the problem is by adding these higher stakes they don't account for plot elements that they do keep from the original animated movie namely, the punishment, of basically, condemning, his entire castle, of ceasing, to exist doesn't. Really jive with his decision, to let Belle go. Go, watch. Master. How could you do that adding, more stakes around the staff adds a whole host of problems namely. Turning the beasts lack of concern for his staff from anger-management problems. And general immaturity into being actually, morally reprehensible a, set, of free. I'm. Sorry I couldn't do the same for all of you, I guess. Boss. Of the year sorry cave daddy so, adding these higher stakes kind of zaps the meaning from the moment where he decides to let Belle go it turns the beasts decision from a moment of personal growth into a trolley, problem, whose life matters, more maurice, our every, living being in the goddamn, castle, in this version the beasts letting Belle go is no longer him placing Belle's needs in front of his own but instead deciding, that maurices, life is worth more than everyone in the castle, who he has now doomed to death point. Being here that the movie wanted to up the stakes fine but, it fundamentally changed, what is supposed to be the emotional, core of the story that being beasts, growth is a person who can put other people's needs before his own because, this rubs up against the whole thrust of the story the higher stakes, kind, of necessitates. That the enchanted, objects, explain, their plight to Belle that's. When the lost packing Falls the, master remains a beast forever and, we, become antiques.

Yes Logically, it would make sense for Lumiere, Cogsworth, and mrs. Potts to do this but it diminishes what should be the emotional core of the story that Belle develops these feelings on her own terms in her own time she, doesn't do it because their, lives on the line she, does it because she falls in love with him because he begins to live as his best self not because of a trolley problem, which she, proceeds, to ignore any way because, Maurice needs help and while we're here on the topic of terrible, editing what is this. What. Was chip jumping, from, why. Is this happening, was, this scene really in need of more stakes out of nowhere. If. I can't live as a couple, died as a cop see, over explaining, everything in this case not only insults, the intelligence, of the audience which is perhaps deserved, because there is a certain sect of film commentators, who have built careers off of complaining, that their hands are not being held through the entire narrative it, also diminishes what should be a fairly simple but powerful story, about love forgiveness Redemption and, discovering, your best self but it's really hard for the Beast to discover his best self in this movie. Because. There isn't one. The Beast was a challenge, in the original movie because he had to be scary, repulsive, a huge jerk and eventually, extremely, likeable part of this is accomplished, through the medium of animation, which with a skilled animator is much better able to capture clearing, complex emotions, this, shot early on in the film shows an inner conflict in complexity, at a point the narrative where he's still the bad guy and all with no dialogue, the beasts transformation. Is inspired by wanting, to do right by Bell and Bell being kind to him in turn is earned, she doesn't become his life coach nor does she train him in the art of being nice but, she does give credit where credit is due 2017, beast is a massive, prick. And. I don't mean like he's an arrogant prick but then he learns the error of his ways like I think I think this is supposed to be charming actually, Romeo, and Juliet is my favorite play. Why. Is that not a surprise. I'm. Sorry, see. This is what is called a neg popularized. By neil strauss his 2005, book the game. No. I don't have a copy of the game lying around. The. Beast saves Belle from wolves, and while, he's out cold mrs. Potts explained that it's kind of the staffs fault he grew up to be a jerk and when he comes to and Belle professes, her fondness for Romeo, and Juliet.

Classic. Neg when I enter the loft, of dice well it might be because you abuse, them and they're afraid of you, see. This moment could have paid off by adding like one line where she explained that his staff is afraid of him and maybe, it could be a growth moment, we're going to lofty. Doings, but now. There. Are a lot of small bewildering, changes to the beasts character that are just I don't understand, why they're they're gone is this humanizing, moment where the Beast realized his anger got the better of him and he made a huge mistake. So, when he shows up to save Belle from wolves, it's kind. Of out of nowhere because. He never has that emotional, beat of realizing, he made a mistake in this, version Belle doesn't have a deal with the Beast so she can't renege on it. Which. Not only begs the question of why she sticks, around it also adds a particularly, yikes, dynamic, to the scene where she's running away and everyone in the castle is trying to imprison, her. Here. He is beating her in the face with a giant snowball. Which. He then laughs about not. Even like an ocean-like. Bed. She broke her nose then, followed by the change in the library scene in the original it follows the beasts change of heart he wants to do something for Belle that she will appreciate I've. Never felt this way about anyone, I. Want. To do something for her and the remake it's just him showing, off just. So many better things to read. Like. What. Well. A couple. Of things in here you could stop like. Check out my library, it's, pretty sweet, you. Can look at it I guess all of these small changes add up beast doesn't earn Belle's affection, so she's trying harder than he is and ends, up his king life-coach like she was in Belle's enchanted, Christmas and ends up doing all the, work. The. Beast is just a mediocre man, who fails into success by possessing, the right objects, despite never making any effort to rise to her needs and figure out what she wants, fine, I guess I'll go down to your level and this scene doesn't read that way in the animated movie we're, here the Beast actually makes an effort to use a spoon but he physically cannot but the worst thing is that these two have no chemistry, at all, it's. Foolish I suppose. For. Creature like me to, hope. Your affection. Hmm. But, all the same I never really buy that she grows to care for him it's honestly hilarious, how quickly she ghosts him when he lets it go and then, at the end when she's crying over him it's, just there's, just no chemistry here I just don't buy it and this scene is super not helped by the freakin, enchantress, barging, in on what is supposed to be a private intimate, moment, thanks for that Becky it, would have been great if he nagged her after he turned back into a man said. Something like wow your pores are much less noticeable now that I have humanized, and she's like it is you. Movie. Needs to be longer so. It pad this up with a bunch of crap that doesn't go anywhere. Some. Of these auditions are plot related a small. Example is the Rose thing a plot element from the original story Belle's, bitchy sisters ask their father for niceties where the virtuous humble beauty asks only for a single rose in the, original movie The Rose is a gift offered by The Enchantress, which then turns into the film's ticking clock the, 17 remake decides hey why. Don't we have both so. The new movie keeps the Rose and adds a backup Rose as in the original story and this goes nowhere and I hate it Belle doesn't have bitchy sisters, who ask for nicer things with the humble bill asking only for a rose here.

Belle Asks for a rose because what, can I bring you from the market. I, don't know something to do with the mom and you get to the mom food, and water is fine but don't you dare touch my roses. Oh, but it doesn't stop there because we have to over explain everything the Beast is like traumatized, by roses, I received, eternal damnation. A mini locking, hidden away as he explains, this with his words and that is why he locks up Maurice another. Truly bewildering, change is Lumiere and Cogsworth going, behind the beasts back rather than having that humanizing. Moment and having it be his decision to put her in a nice room instead of the tower I'll. Show you -. You. Want to want to stay in the tower No then follow me therefore, it is Lumiere, who told her not to go into the West Wing because, it is your own mouth so feel free to go anywhere you like, except. The West Wing. Which. We do not have not. The Beast what's, in the West it's forbidden so, there, is no tension and there's no betrayal in this scene because the Beast never laid down that boundary, which she then crossed. Why. You mad bro but. Some of the changes, are. Character. Depth. Vinny I think the intent here was to make the town sympathetic, and redeemable, which, they weren't really in the original and that was kind of the point the, original movie actually has a rather cynical opinion, of the masses. That. People are easily duped in the face of things that are strange and foreign and it doesn't pull its punches on that point but, the 17 remake does by making the town redeemable, which, isn't really earned nor is there any emotional, payoff when I don't know mrs. Potts, reunites, with mr., Potts and Cogsworth. Is reunited, with his apparent nag of a wife and then begs to be turned back into a clock. Thanks. I hate it so on the one hand there's this bid to make guests on kind of sympathetic by implying that he has PTSD a, truly, stupid and insulting, change that adds nothing look. Gaston doesn't need damage he is the high school jock everybody admires he's a hunter, he, doesn't need to be more than that he just needs to be a big handsome dummy everyone loves because he's arrogant and good-looking, because that tends to be how it happens in the real world and that's kind of the point of the movie so. The addition of Gaston, was in the war is awful. Not only does it add backstory, that goes nowhere but, as the film goes on it's less he was in the war he's damaged, so much as he like a blood psychopath, that appears to be aroused by the mere thought of violence. The. Remake has guests on giving Maurice the benefit of the doubt and it seems to be going in the direction of making Gaston kind of more reasonable, and sympathetic with, in blood. Rage so. Instead of Gaston being widely admired not, only is his characterization, inconsistent. And splotchy wonderful, book you have that. One. But you know folks, the, town is kind of skeptical towards him guess so did. You try to kill Maurice so, much that during Gaston, Lefou, is paying people to sing. Why. Had. This, why. Can't guess Don be genuinely, admired, by a small, town who is taken, in by a good-looking, guy who is secretly internally, monstrous, why, do we need to make the town both more bigoted, and more, sympathetic Vera poor provincial, town their, basic, they, take everything at face value including. Gaston Belle and the Beast that's, the whole point I hate it but the worst addition has got to be the. Book. Of teleportation. Okay. So the bells plague, mother backstory change is a suggestion that should have been killed in the screenplay, stage, because, it is so so, pointless and adds nothing so, Belle's mother was an artist and died, of plague, maurice never tells bill for some, reason, it's. Just tell me one more thing about her but. Don't worry beast has like a book that not only transcends. Space but also time, so, towards the end they go to Paris beast makes a tourism joke the, show's Alizee. Touristy. Belle, talks about the Paris of my childhood this, is the, resolve, my childhood. There's a plague masks, and. Bells like I get, it now and I guess they bond over their, mother's dying young and tragic then later in the scene in the padded wagon I know, what happened to my mom I learned, about tragic, backstory papa and now, we can resolve the conflict we didn't have and also has nothing to do with the story the addition of the space-time book, begs the question of why they never used it later hmm, if Maurice is in danger is sure would be handy if we I don't know had, some sort of device that got us from point A to point B in an instant the, worst aspect of this is that it adds inner conflict, that doesn't really need to be resolved, Bell wants to know her backstory, what, happened to mom fine.

What, Does that have to do with her learning to love the Beast what, does that have to do with the beast learning to put her needs before his own hell. It doesn't even really drive a wedge between Bell and Maurice it's not driving a conflict, between her and anyone it really. Has nothing to do with guest on it's, just jammed in there and it feels like it's yet another metatextual. Response. Where, are all the Disney moms ask the, click bait sites well here's your answer she. Did does, it add anything to the story does it enhance the characters, does it deepen any relationships. No but, it does offer a response to the complaint that Disney Princesses, have largely absent mother figures which, itself wasn't really a criticism of this story so much as a question of the broader trend in Disney movies where. Are the moms. Hey. Did you know that this movie has the first gay. When. It was announced that Lefou, would become the first out gay character. In a Disney movie the l's the jeez the B's the tease and of course all you filthy, filthy. Cues, responded, with a bra Rhea supplies. So. Yeah the LGBT, community responded. Overwhelmingly, with King, really which, got upgraded - are you kidding, me when we saw the final product, and the only out thing, about Lefou, that wasn't completely subtext. Was this, shot. Wow. Such. Gay very. Representation. So a lot of people were very validly. Annoyed that this was the best that we could get for the first out gay, in, a Disney movie well I used to be on Gaston, side but we are so in a bad place right now your tube could fall him anyway the, buffoon character, whose name translates to. The, fool you're, welcomed gays but, the worst offender, on the front of cheap safe Hollywood liberalism is Belle feminist. Icon. Teaching. Another girl to read isn't. One enough. Introducing. Beats machine. Feminism. Written by straight white men whose feminism, appears to have pretty much began, and ended with Disney feminism, from the 90s.

I'm. In distress I can, handle this. Okay. And I don't I honestly don't, want to all over he for she I think a lot of people in America and the UK miss that it's supposed to be like you know a global. Thing this, is not a dig on Emma Watson who I honestly think is a net positive and I really respect that she uses her platform to advance. A more globally, oriented, brand, of feminism. But. Somewhere. Along the line Disney decided hey, as long as we're using this movie to respond to every criticism lobbed, against, the original, we should probably go ahead and appease the feminists. While we're here so bill, helps, Maurice with his clocks. Thank. You Maurice, calls her ahead of her time I, was so. Ahead. Of the time. She. Leans in Bell attempts, to escape the castle twice, which, is so much more feminist, than the original, where she attempts, to escape a mirror once, Jesus, Christ I'm surprised, that they didn't like have bail like look directly into the camera and ask the audience if they thought she was developing Stockholm, Syndrome the biggest and most egregious, addition is of course Bell's goddamn, washing, machine a thing she invented, while also, promoting, female, literacy but. Oh no here, comes the patriarchy. Teaching. Another girl to read. Wow, it sure will be satisfying, later in the movie when this guy learns the error of his ways and that female literacy is important, oh wait. And. Then. They smash or washing she. Destroy. It I mean, at least you tried bail all. I wanted, was to teach a child to read. Too, bad that washing machine or your inventing skills will never be mentioned, in the movie again and I honestly hate, to point out historical, accuracy issues, in a Disney movie because, I do not, care I realized. That this is a sticking point for a lot of people complaining about the accuracy of the era that inspired, the film but I don't care boy. There's no depth to how much I don't care about, that, line of thinking, however. Since. The movie decides to play up the historical, aspect, of the film and decides to definitively, set the film in a period of French history that wasn't looking too bright for absolute, King monarchs. Female. Literacy was not a thing that was exactly frowned upon in this particular, culture in this particular period in history there, were lots of magazines specifically. For young women, the original Beauty and the Beast was even published in one of those magazines, so. This, was not a thing and I hate this because, not only was it not a thing it doesn't go anywhere at, no point does this guy or anyone in the town really ever have a come-to-jesus moment, and realize that like sexism, is bad and literacy is good but. Hey. Likewise. Belle being an inventor also never pays off she never like invents, a thing that helps the beast or the castle staff hell, she doesn't even get them out of the padded way at the end in the original chip bless them out you, guys gotta, try this. In this version Maurice. Does it but don't worry he uses Belle's hairpin. Lina and bill the worst thing about this is that the movie kind of implies that the bigotry of the town is a partially. Enchantment, induced which, yuck. Be. A problem that can / is solved. All they need to do is get woke. It. Adds all this crap about bigotry without, understanding its underlying causes, which are neither rational, nor enchantment. The, original MU is actually really good about this subtext, it gets that the bigotry of the town is heavily emotion, driven and not really dictated by logic, that's. Kind, of the point and that's why Gaston is so easily able to manipulate them beast will make off with your children. The. Beast will make up with your jobs, he'll come crossing over the border at night Wow these villagers. Sure do have a lot of socio-economic. Anxiety. Meanwhile, the New York Times is over here writing like 800, profiles, on anti, beast villagers, and why they still follow guests on but. In the remake the villagers see the error of their ways while. Not demonstrating. That they have actually learned anything but. Don't worry they won't be sexist, or bigoted anymore, and suddenly. He. Wasn't racist, anymore. Problem. Solved. Well. Not. Anymore. Boy, that was easy piece, for she, so. It's not even that these common bad faith criticisms, of the original movie exists and they're such popular, talking, points yeah, that is kind of annoying and basic but you know whatever but, the key to success under Eiger where it never took off under Eisner is that these live-action, remakes have to add something to their originals, make, meta commentary on, them so here we have a film that fixes plot holes that don't need to be fixed as dimension.

To Characters, that don't go anywhere tacks. On weird plot crap that likewise does not go anywhere and shoves, in some lazy hat tips to their version of progressivism, but. That this formula has proven so successful. Boy I can't wait for Dumbo now, with more emotional, support, and Mulan. But not a musical, because, China, doesn't like musicals, but. The worst thing to me is how much this new approach doesn't feel like Disney and by Disney I mean Walt who independent, of Cocteau had a similar approach to storytelling. According, to Walt Disney I do, not make films primarily, for children I make them for the child in all of us whether he be six or sixty called, a child innocence, the, worst of us is not without innocence, although buried deeply it might be in my work I try to reach and speak to that innocence, showing, it the fun and joy of living the, original Beauty and the Beast feels in the spirit of both Walt in Cocteau but the new one is just cynical. The merger with Fox Studios is another major element, here that means fewer movies, will be released in general and given, how safe these event live-action, remakes are more. Resources, will be put into far fewer productions, again, to go back to that Eisner memo we have no obligation to make art we have no obligation, to make history we have no obligation to make a statement but to make money it is often important to make history to make art or to make a significant, statement in order to make money we must always make entertaining movies, and if we make entertaining movies, at time we will reliably make history, art a statement or all three so, Disney. Under Eiger certainly makes money congrats for that but, they are no longer making history, this, is just safe regurgitation, of brands we've already seen catering, to a nostalgia, hungry market and that, wouldn't be so bad but more and more this comes at the cost of the creation of anything new and when, I gir saw the breadth of his domain he. For. There were no more properties. To remake. Parts. Of this episode were inspired by reading James B Stewart's book Disney, wore an audio book I listened to while stuck in traffic. And. I. Liked to listen to really long nonfiction like this book while stuck in traffic this episode was sponsored in part by audible, audible, has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and there was a lot of really great long non-fiction, that is perfect for your otherwise wasted hours stuck in traffic, audible members get a credit every month good for any audiobook you guard. 'less of price and unused credits roll over to the next month if you don't like an audiobook you can exchange it with no hassle plus, your audiobooks are yours to keep forever even, if you cancel you can go to slash Lindsey, Ellis yes it's just slashed, by legal given name to, get started, or via text you can text Lindsey Ellis to 500, 500, you can also find a link in the summary this episode was also supported in part by our patrons on patreon, thank. You as always for your continued, support we could not make over long complainy videos about the Disney Company without, viewers like you.

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Lindsay Ellis i liked this movie but hey it's my opinion

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@Lindsay Ellis Speaking of small Nitpicks and problems with dates. Either the 1991 commentary of Beauty and the Beast was not on DVD or the commentary track on DVD was not released in 1991.

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Lindsay Ellis Hi Lindsay what do feel about the lack of colour in the remake ? That's the thing that always stood out about Beauty. Its colour.

@ryan clark "Seriously, don’t be taken by anti-Amazon memes. They’re just anecdotes and exaggerations, probably put out by Russian bots or something. Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have big fat targets on their backs from Russians and right-wing interests. I’m serious. Just think about it..." the only thing i'm thinking about is how fucking stupid that comment is. do you honestly believe that every single report of workplace abuse is made by russian bots? and are you believing that because jeff bezos is against the big dumb orange man? this is why everyone makes fun of the "#resistance". yall are willing to support a corrupt billionaire to get back at another corrupt billionaire

Lent it in my local library. Good book

6:13 - 6:58 I agree with you. I hate how current Disney movies are constantly making fun of previous films just to appease the complainers who refuse to see any of the good the previous movies possess.

Lindsay Ellis Great Stuff ma’am. I gotta say I love the rumble in the beast’s voice. I love sound in today’s movies.

So there is a trend from many that if someone poses a logical criticism of a work, they must present an alternative. We have perhaps all heard the saying "Don't bring up a problem unless you have a proposed solution." However within literary (and that tradition continues to film and art) critiques, proposing the solution isn't the point. While Lindsey is up-front in her dislike for this particular property, (helping expose her own biases), many critics will often do this kind of analysis for works they like a great deal. The objective is not the denigration of the work, but rather to create a discourse about it, so that the creators or future creators can then embrace the position of the film or reject it, with a more complete understanding of the subtext and perception of the work from an educated and intellectual audience. This is (IMHO) one of the reasons for different critical schools as each emphasizes viewpoints on the text (or film or work), allowing creators and viewers both to artificially view something from the point of view of a societal element to which they themselves do not naively self-associate.

Redlettermedia couldn't destroy a paperbag, they're historically and culturally ignorant nerds who think that edgy cynicism is a sufficient substitue for societal analysis.

Lindsay Ellis ever get tired of being sardonic? I find it exhausting.

Lindsay Ellis WOW! OK!

The *one* thing that the animated film did that annoyed me was the bit with the last petal. Should I spoiler this for people who haven't seen it? I should do that, shouldn't I? Okay, extra lines right here so you have to click "view more" or whatever to see the spoilers. Alright. That should be enough lines. Spoilers incoming! In the animated film, the Beast is cursed to stay a Beast unless he can earn someone's love before the last petal falls, or words very much to that effect. He earns Belle's love. Nothing changes. The last petal falls. Nothing changes. He lies there, still a Beast, having apparently failed to earn anyone's love. Belle says she loves him. The last petal has, by this time, already fallen, but what the heck. She *said* it, so we'll hand-wave that. It doesn't count until the last petal's lost its scent, or something. Whatever. It was in time really. She saved him. Huzzah! Champagne. What's the take-away from that? Is the message from that whole movie climax that "if they *don't* say they love you, they don't, and if they *do* say they love you, they do?" That's not a world-view I'd want *my* daughter to trust. There's such a thing as a dirty, sleazy, rotten, low-down liar, you know? Oh, hey, and a nitpick: wolves aren't like that! Why must we give them such a bad reputation?

And I the only one who thought of Phelous/Old Man while watching this video?....."this Beauty is all wet...."

i never liked the original, and i did really like sideplot they added about belle's mom, but it didnt like... do anything, or have consequences, and it was more boring because they really have personalities anymore

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Playster is better than Audible because it doesn't force you to buy the book. You pay one monthly fee and can listen to an entire library.

bluehornet632 the point is that those issues DON’T need to be addressed. Seeing the story from a different viewpoint, as per Malificent and The Jungle Book, lead to interesting storytelling. Simply retelling the same story but explaining every little nitpicking detail in a children’s story does not make for compelling storytelling. It’s like reading a story to your child, and they interrupt every five seconds with a question which you then invent a long, complicated, unnecessary backstory or lampshade for. The original story gets lost.

If do you want explode your mind find in google : Аленький Цветочек

Lindsay Ellis Oh yeah, Papa Mikey. Spread open that corporate influence all over the world even if Paris hates it and you weren't able to peform on the first night. Do it while Pennywise rubs me off with his balloons and Daddy Peterson hardcore penetrates my mind with his flaccid, limp Holocaust denialism. Elon is also there, but he would call me a slut if I didn't want his pods.

Disney War has been on my reading list for a long time, maybe it’s time I finally listened to it.

Honestly surprised that didn't turn into a Power Broker joke about how you can learn about the man who created New York traffic while sitting in New York traffic.

I really liked this video until you started shilling for Jeff Bezos at the end. I understand why you did. It's not a judgement but, ya'kno..

@ScarecrowRainseed Terrible comparing to what? Yes, I agree with most of issues but it is still one of better adaptations, just happen that the animation is one of the best if not the best Disney classic, so difference is noticeable.

Jeff Bezos can get bent thanks

Lindsay Ellis I am a sorta fan who enjoys or work. I agree with all the problems with this movie. It is tarrable! Although, the part where the Beast rolls his eyes at Bell for liking Romeo and Juliet. Bell, you can do better.

I also forget about one important thing. The original version also is SJW! Exaggerating stupidity of internet haters that is. Point of original written story is that girl should listen to father even if he force her to marry somone who she see as beast and not fallow true love of Gaston, because parents know better. And for clarity Beast was evil, just due to intervention of evil women (Enchantress) who make him that way and is saved by self sacrifice of his new pincushion. Gladly this anti-feminine and pro-arranged-marriage massage could be and was easily altered in version as most people know it, because it was truly horrible even at the time.

I'm not sure if I agree with arguments of Lindsay, or specifically teenage boys hating Disney for supposedly SJW stuff (what I don't really see) here. In case of Maleficent (and some other movies at the time) Disney clearly wanted to rip off Wicked, where they did failed because they instead exploit gray zones of society (and whole Wizard of Ozz is already huge gray zone with even book implying that something is off in most cases) just turn upside down whole thing and it simply didn't work (for reminder Wicked was in fact competent ruler who simply seek revenge on someone who kill her sister, and a Wizard who betray her). As I pointed many times ago, if they would make legit reason for conflict between humans and ferries what would make both Maleficent and King both a villain and a hero for opposite site, then it could be really good movie, but nop. They in fact achieve that goal in case of Cinderella where evil stepmother was revealed to be a human in the end with good reasons to be salty regard girl which was left on her head, when she barely could afford on own kids, and basically did repeat steps what lead her to that situation on the first place. It is basically Disney Wicked. Beauty and the Beast is generally pointless. Yes, whole modern girl bullshit was stupid but harmless. I in fact liked implications that Gaston has PTSD even if he was asshole to the the end. Though they didn't really do much with it anyway, so even "repair mistakes" argument is quite contrived here. I not see that "repair mistakes" was prime reason for making this movie, just side efekt of the fact that they did it in modern times. They make it for the kids and those who don't like animation to build up new fan-base. Yes, old fans didn't really cared but it is not that Disney remove old animations from existence. Sow why people really do complain here?

Another brilliant video Lindsay. I'd be really interested to hear your opinion on the whole James Gunn situation and whether you think Disney's reaction was just and how it'll impact the franchise.

Lindsay Ellis What on earth are you doing? Teaching other girls to READ?

Audibles tendrils have reached every corner of the internet... No where is safe... Drums in the deep... They are coming.

@baconOddity: Redlettermedia has nothing against Ellis. Jack has mentioned in streams that he likes her work. This video is great btw, so many things I didn't pick up on while watching the remake!

I enjoy your videos, and while I miss the sillier elements you used to employ (Dark Nella Saga!) its nice to continue to get your balanced and intellectual perpective on various movies and movie making. The audible ad didn't bother me at all. You put it at the end of your video allowing those who don't want ads to flee if they needed to. Advertisers would want it at the front or part way through. Thus you respect your audience. No shame in using sponsers as you deserve to be paid for your effort and the quality of your videos. Respectfully, A fan.

bluehornet632 She didn't say that. Her point was that they shouldn't have caved to every little shallow criticism of the original film because in trying to fill the tiny and oftentimes non-existent leaks they neglected to patch the massive ones and wound up sinking m

When considering the "meta-textual" commentary of Frozen, at least it makes perfect sense. Anna had been alone without anyone to really BE with for many years, and she got to be the age where she would naturally be attracted to guys. It's no wonder she would want to marry Hans almost as soon as they meet.

Lindsay Ellis sooo what Lindsay? You want them to do a 1 to 1 remake of their animated film??? Wtf would be the point of that? Live action IS the best place to address NON realistic points in a film, even if its a fairytale. Otherwise you’re just wasting people’s time doing a paint by numbers film, which it still sorta is.

I fucking love you. I love every word that tumbles out of your mouth. Even the way you plug your sponsors makes me happy. I need help.

Lindsay Ellis they should have made LeFou and Gaston be a gay couple in a toxic relationship and have a coming out subplot where LeFou us struggling to accept himself due the time period and fearbof Gaston being an abusive mega douche and using his sexuality as blackmail; slowly but surely LeFou learns to love himself and take control of his own life and eventually turn on Gaston.

lurk qween - But Trump hates Amazon, so there must be something good about it. Seriously, don’t be taken by anti-Amazon memes. They’re just anecdotes and exaggerations, probably put out by Russian bots or something. Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have big fat targets on their backs from Russians and right-wing interests. I’m serious. Just think about it...

let's not support amazon

Lindsay Ellis I can't watch a clip of Megara from Hercules without thinking about Rose Quartz from Steven Universe.

Hope I can rent it out on Hoopla

Red Letter Media can't destroy jack shit. Lindsay can explain her problems with good movies convincingly and make it seem more like a matter of taste. RLM is just shallow.

BaconOddity but some people at rlm already said they like lindsay. So good luck with that

lindsay i love you and this is one of your absolute best videos but really? do you need to sponsor a fucking amazon company? jeff bezos has billions of dollars! the last thing he needs is the cash of those damned leftists to fill his wallet further

Get that cash money, gurl!♡

BaconOddity what is your problem?

Lindsay Ellis Thanks for the info.

BaconOddity I'm pretty neutral on Lindsay but what you just said is absolutely hilarious to me

So, completely off topic, but: That chair looks exceptionally comfortable. Who's the brand and what's the model #? I'm looking for a new one for my wife for her home office.

I look forward to Redlettermedia utterly DESTROYING you one day. They will reveal you as a fraud to the whole world!

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36 hour book recommendation for a 36 minute video

How to advertise while being a leftist.

Maybe I'll see about getting a copy from a not-owned-by-Amazon company.

Really want to read DisneyWar! The section on Disney in The Big Picture has informed my thinking on the film industry (especially Disney) this year.

I also hated it so much!

Oh hey. Didn't know you were in youtube. NOW I DO.

Emma Watson is fine as Belle but they should've just let her lip-sync. See Marion Cottilard in La Vie en Rose and Rebecca Ferguson in Greatest Showman

Is it me or do so many films lately have a problem with darkness? By which I mean I CAN'T SEE A GODDAMN THING! PUT SOME LIGHTS ON!

I want that version of Beauty and the Beast playing during the end credits!!! Who is the artist?!

I begin to think once upon a time had the best modern version of beauty and the beast, seriously, Carlyle and the actress nail it chemestrywise.

Thank you for putting into words what annoys me about this movie. I have had arguments with my roommate of which one is better. My roommate (a painting turned fibers major) thinks the live-action movie is better while I (a film major) think the animated film is superior. The only thing I liked in the live action was the sets. Also the live action just threw any color theory out of the window from the original. In the original Belle and the Beast are the only 2 characters that wear blue ever, which makes Belle stand out as different from the small minded town. Live action version, give fucking everyone blue so you can't find Belle in 5 minutes

Great retrospective as always! Also, something else is bothering me....why are there so many black people in what is supposed to be a more historically accurate version of this story? I know movies need more representation, that recent study that was released shows how lacking Hollywood is in this regard. And yes, France is a very multicultural But that's in large part due to the Imperialist age, which really didn't kick up for France until Napoleon. Considering slavery in the new world sense wasn't a thing in Europe (they had enough poor people and peasants to do those jobs), there really weren't a lot of Africans at all in Europe. I could get there being some Africans in the King's court, but....why in a random provincial town? Again, this might have been ok if a little silly they didn't go trying to explain everything, but with the way the movie is it begs to be noticed.

Yaaaaasss, you put my frustration with this movie to words, thank you!! :D

We never asked for this.

Off topic but y look rlly cute in that lipstick

Disney are getting out of hand with all these live action remakes of their animated heritage! I liked their live action 101 Dalmatians remake from the 90s, and its sequel 102 Dalmatians, and I understand that live action Alice in Wonderland has its audience. However, with all these animated classics getting live action makeovers, Cinderella and The Jungle Book already having gotten it, and Dumbo, Mulan and The Lion King in the pipeline, it's getting ridiculous! The Lion King is my FAVORITE Disney movie, tied with Lilo & Stitch! The Lion King getting a live action remake is making me feel the way Ghostbusters fans did about that movie's 2016 reboot! I admit live action Jungle Book was pretty good, saw it with a friend (I offered to take her to the Ratchet & Clank movie, but she asked for live action Jungle Book instead). Live action Beauty & The Beast however felt stupid and didn't feel much like a Disney film! When I saw it, it was another case of me offering to take a friend to the cinema to see one film but the friend asking for another film: we were going to go see Moana, a cut-price near-DVD-release showing, but while in line, the friend in question declared that he wanted to see live action Beauty & The Beast! I still allowed it, but yeah, Diseny are getting out of hand with these live action remakes of their animated heritage. Live action Lion King sounds like it could be the 2nd worst movie of 2019 (behind the Dora The Explorer movie!). If Lilo & Stitch is next in line for the live action treatment I WILL SCREAM!

The end gave me LA Commute flashbacks, eugh!

Okay so it seems like I’m the only person who genuinely liked this movie. I won’t say that it’s better than the original cuz it’s not. Not at all. I still think it’s good though.

I enjoyed Maleficent because it offered a different spin on the original instead of just remaking it and gave a lot of much-needed character development (and I admit I found the original film fairly forgettable). Other than that, I've not watched many later live-action remakes because it sounded to me that they were basically straight remakes. And the remake of Beauty and the Beast... well, the CGI characters are incredibly off-putting. What looks great hand-drawn doesn't always translate well as CGI. Maybe I'm just bummed by Dinsey's apparent approach to wanting to remake every one of their films as live-action. It feels like they're completely undermining their classic animations. EDIT: Also I guess I'm just sick and frustrated over the number of remakes, reboots, whatever in recent years. If the first effort was bad, yeah, I guess there's no harm in remaking. But if it was good and widely praised, why mess with it?

Thank you so much for nailing it. I watched this movie and finished with no emotional buy-in but I couldn’t figure out why. I chalked it up to just basic nostalgia overwhelming the reality of the original- was it really that good or am I biased? But it was more and you pointed those “more” items out. The internal conflict we see throughout the original is the selling point of the story. Leaving those bits out forces the audience to mentally fill it in and that’s just wrong. I’m sure this movie would have tanked if not for the popularity of the source. Thank you so much!


The background music is better in the older version

Unpopular opinion: Emma Watson is irritating

Everything looks less childish when it's animated in 2D... especially movies that have talking animals and objects idk why but it's kinda cheesy this way cause it's like they are trying to make us "believe it's real" or something idk it's stupid

Great video. What is it about modern Hollywood that makes them ignore basic concepts like show don't tell, payoff and subtext? I'd swear most movies these days are made from first draft screenplays..

I never even saw the remake for the sole reason that I had a feeling it was going to suck. And this video just proved my suspisions. It feels good to be right.

I always thought the Beauty and the Beast nitpicks were funny, but not actual changes that needed to be made to the story. At the end of the day, we're still talking about a fairy tale that deals with fucking magic.

Hey now here's something else nice you could say "The costumes look pretty" and uh ... uh.... That's all I got.


Watson wasn’t a good choice for the role on top of everything else. She’s a better every woman than a fairytale heroine.

Next, they'll be remaking "Die Hard" because "John McClane should've recognized Gruber's voice straight away!"

I'm sure I'm not the first person to mention this. But since when did 17th century France have black people living normal peasant lives? It was all white then. You can probably find many villages there that are all white now.

I was really hoping that Belle being a inventor would go somewhere. Was so angry that it didn't.

Waiting for the criticism on the acting. Did anyone else notice how emma watson was god awful, so forced.

For me it was a casting faux pas. Beauty and the Beast is my fav Disney movie and I credit a lot of that to the amazing voice acting in the cast. The emotion, humor and depth of the animated show outshone the live action in nearly every way.

Is that An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green released on 25 September 2018 pre order are now open, in the background how was it good I hope?

Is that An Absolutely Remarkable Thing ComingOutSeptember25thAvailableForPreorderNow by Hank Green in the background :D

Now some viewers might not like this video stating that all you are doing is bitching and bitching about the movie, BUT.... I'M DEFIANTLY NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie involving a princess, so that meant I had very high expectations for it. About 10 minutes into the live action movie, I wanted to walk out of the theater so bad but I decided to sit through it and think about hanging myself because this live action movie of this Disney movie in my opinion is the worst! This remake was just a slap in the face as a hard-core Disney fan. Plus, the real reason why the Disney company is going the live action route is because, they are just trying to get easy money grabs and because they are getting so fucking lazy with their work! I stand my ground on my reasons why I dont like this version and there is alot of points you mentioned that I certainly agree with, but the one other thing I didnt hear from this video was that id Disney really wanted to make this live action popular to the Disney fandom, then why cast an actress who is British rather than someone who is French? Because you know, Beauty and the Beast takes place in France. Dont get me wrong, Emma Watson is one hell of an actress, but they only took into consideration that she looks similar to the 1991 version of Belle. So in conclusion, instead of watching this version again, I'd rather be put on the electric chair and die. Rant over :)

This video was fucking good. Thanks for posting. Quality insights. Subscribed.

So many people around me just seemed to blindly like this movie. I'm happy for them that they enjoyed it, but you have so perfectly articulated my frustration with this movie. And while all of these technical criticism are all one hundred on the mark, it really all just comes down to the fact that this movie made me feel nothing. It used most of the same scenes and dialogue from the movie I love so much and yet, nothing. It seemed to suck all of the emotion, power, and magic out of the tale as old as time.

PEDANTIC PEDANTIC PEDANTIC ! Ever since that episode of Family Guy everyone has been over using that word

I'm a bit confused about your dislike of Gaston being traumatized as part of his character foundation. I thought you were a fan of character nuance, and Gaston being just a dumb handsome meathead with limitless narcissistic ego and self confidence is not very nuanced. That's a flat character. Execution aside, trying to give a villain motivation through something like past trauma or even just suggestion some more reasons for their behavior is usually a good thing. I think I get it. PTSD is a serious real life affliction which impacts a lot of people in very real and depressing ways, and putting it onto a 2-dimensional character like a hat seems like a mockery of the disorder and those afflicted. But as much as it's important to show nuance and depth to fictional 'good' characters, it's also important to show that depth in 'bad' characters. Why is the evil rich old white man evil? Why is the school bully a bully? Why is Carries mother insane? Why is Gaston such a massive tool? I think it's okay to try to give an in universe explanation for why the bad people are bad, because in the end we should try to understand their motivations so we can recognize issues and combat them to prevent more people getting hurt or becoming 'bad'. Also; the thing about girls being scorned for appearing intelligent or wanting to read is not unreasonable in a small rural village in the 16- 17- or 1800's. Some even claim that it happens all over the world to this day.

this is the first youtube video i've seen featuring the phrase "thanks i hate it" and i'm kinda glad that it's lindsay

I'm so glad that my wife and I aren't the only people who felt this way about this trainwreck.

And let us not forget that they were basically trying to appease the whole internet by casting Emma Watson as Belle, since she was everyone's dream cast. Which, to be honest, in and of itself is not a bad thing, it would be amazing if movie creators took note of popular dream casting choices of "the internet", whenever applicable of course. But in light of all the things Lindsey said in this video, sadly, it stops being a purely nice gesture, but a marketing move made to rake in more money and appeal to more people, so that they are ready to give their money. This is why with capitalism we can't have nice things!

I Think That Beauty And The Beast 2017 Had Good Ideas But A Bad (And By Bad I Mean Awful) Execution Of Those Ideas. I Think It Was Useless To Remake The Movie And That The Original Should Be Left Alone. Emma Watson Cannot Sing. Shes A Good Actor But Shes Not Belle. Its Like Making Chris Pratt Batman It Just Does Not Fit. The Beast Is Bland And So Are The Appliences. I Likes Evermore And Gaston Bot No Other Songs. Gaston And Lefou Are Good But No Other Charecters. I Like What They Were Trying To Do With Fixing Problems But They Didnt Do It Good. I Give It A 2/10, The Worst Disney Live Action Remake. I Know This Is A Long Comment But I Just Wanted To Give My Review.

Flo from Progressive has had ENOUGH

The inventor trait bothered me too, especially since it could've been amazing if it wasn't just them shoving more perks because pseudofeminism. Belle could've been somewhat arrogant and flawed, aka more interesting. The love triangle would've had an added element of science/fantasy/village which misunderstands and hates both. Maybe tone the Belle/Clocksworth dynamic as she'd find him fascinating for being mechanical. Would also add flavor to generic stuff like 'escape from window with bedsheets because that's what women do right?' Think of a steampunk version of the story though... I'll add however that the giant snowball bit was a MASTERPIECE. In Maleficent and many other films it's always, like, good guy throws thing, we fear bad-ish guy's reaction, but he/she reacts positively and also throws a thing, everyone laughs. Here the audience laughed instead.

U R S U L A ' S C R A Z Y S I S T E R!!!

I don't get all that love for Emma Watson and her 'noble feminist' cause. She is a rich movie star that comes from a wealthy enough family and had never any big struggles in her life. Men (and women) always gave her what she wanted and I doubt that any man ever said no to her. Yet she promotes feminism and fights against the evil 'patriarchy'. Emma Watson is a hypocrite.

lynnyfee There is no love from me. I detest this ‘actress’. She ruined Harry Potter for me ( that and the screenwriters *shudder*) and when I learned she would be playing my favorite Disney heroine I was almost physically sick. Luckily sheer avoidance of this films abhorrence has helped me to remember why I love Belle and she was truthfully played by Paige

wait whaaaat? But Belle in the original show is a Strong, Independent Woman! Ok right those are dirty joke words now. She was a complete four-dimentional character (we, the audience being the 4th dimention, for Belle is sympathetic to Us no matter when we watch her, be it when the movie released or 10 years from now) with a well written agenda, personality, personal conflict (with her hometown and her role in it) and so on. She is a good Character in the original. she dont need to Become a feminist icon, i say that she rather is one, or at least an ideal towards equality. THAT IS KIND OF HER ARK! How she finds her place besides (Besides, not behind or in front of, but the equal Beside) what she once found ugly and repulsing. EDIT: Oh oh oh! Why not give her Yellow Pants! Instead of a yellow dress, to show taht she is not trapped inside the female fasion role? Because THATS DUMB! EDIT 2: He for She... is that a thing? How come thats not sexist? Im pretty sure She for He would be concidered sexist. He For She. He is For She. He is a thing For Her. It belongs to her. She commands it. This is the meaning as i read it in the words He for She. He, the Man, exists for She, the Woman. We men are not things. You ladies are not things. Why not call it He And She? Or He And She Together! Or Sexes United. well the last one would probably result in a realy akward football match. (And No americans, i will not call it Soccer. You call the sport where you mostly carry the ball and smash each others shoulders in many ways for football... in stead call that thing Soccer. Football is Football. Its a game where you play ball, with your feets)

Basically, the remake relies far too much on the assumption that the audience has already seen the original, animated disappointing.

I loved the “The Game” reference, since I have the feeling that more and more hollywood romance ideas latches on to that book and its ideas. We have “strong female protagonists”, that are way to often just men with breasts, but then the male counterpart negs them into showing weakness, and romance occurs. It makes me sad, and I feel the trend is growing. Would love to see a video-essay on that!

Thank you. Never wanted to see this MOVIE.

Thank you so much for this video. I am going to direct every person who asks why I hated the movie so much to your video, instead of just saying the singing sucked.

Wow! I didn't intend to watch this whole thing at 2 in the morning, but this was amazing!

I dare say the major problem I have with a lot of the live action remakes, ESPECIALLY of what was originally an animated piece...putting in CGI where we used to have cell by cell animation...ultimately it just feels my opinion the two biggest failures in this category are probably Ghost in the Shell (2017) and Netflix Deathnote (2017). (I know, not disney, but I think it still falls into the same category.)

Let's be honest, Emma Watson has no chemistry with anyone.

niftysheep Awful awful actress. Just......terrible

There was more spark betwen LeFou and Gaston, than Belle and the Beast -.-

Thank you for making it easier for me to explain to people why this was such a horrible film. I appreciate it and you.

gotta admit tho as much as i hated this movie josh gad did slay "gaston"

This is the first episode I've seen and I'm already in love with your channel.

I hated this movie too but at least Shape of Water was better

Honestly, thank you for ripping this movie.

Nuanced, intelligent opinions like this, that don’t rely on pleasing any one person or side, are why I have the greatest respect for Lindsay Ellis.

Your point of view is always liked. Please keep it up.

Yep. That about covers everything that bothered me.

Just a few weeks ago, I watched a video of some girl ranting about the lack of logic in fairy tale and fantasy novels...She said that she hates how so many break the laws of physics and biology. I'm sitting here thinking "Well no's a freaking FANTASY story. What'd ya expect?" This wild desire to make whimsical, swashbuckling tales more tied to reality These narratives are supposed to serve as escapist fantasies, to give us a world where the impossible becomes possible.

I’m pretty flaccid right now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I would pay twice and more to watch a movie made with the intentions of being art and make history, Mr. Eisner. >:(

I died laughing at the beauty and the beast being published in a women's magazine in a time which according to this beauty and the beast says women weren't allowed to read. The mother of all ironies!

I remember the praise Lefou got for being an openly gay character. And as a gay man (not an activist!), i feel kinda insulted that gay movie characters have to be promoted that much. Why the heck? Leave them in or leave them out but stop making such a show out of it. It has something of "Wow, they can be in movies now? Times change!" Just do it or leave it, for God's sake.

Is that Wheeljack in the background

And Starscream

You say it's not gay enough but Alabama banned it because of that. I'm not saying that's right I'm just saying marketing. (It's kills ideals)

I didn't even like the animated Beauty and the Beast. The songs are earworms, if sometimes clever, Belle is insufferably spunky and just so typical (Oh, I'm so much better than this town, I want more than this, I'm smarter and prettier and more imaginative than everyone and I want adventure, oh, no, here's an adventure and I hate and resent it because the story needs conflict), and I didn't feel the story paid much tribute to Cocteau at all. The Beast was supposed to be kind and gentle, and Belle had to overcome her aversion to his appearance in order to recognize that. I enjoyed the old French film much more.

Hank green spotted

I didn't intend to end up here. I'm not sticking around. I'm just wondering why you seem to be shining a spotlight on yourself. It seems a bit much.

Lindsay, I'm happy to see you again! I used to watch your videos all the time back on Channel Awesome. When your videos stopped popping up, I just assumed you stopped making videos. I later found out about the problems with CA (along with everyone else). But today, you were in my recommend videos with this. I honestly didn't know you were still making videos until now.

I know I'm late to the party, but it's still nice to see you still active.

This is the first video I have seen of yours, and, may I say, great work I'm totally subbing!

you don't understand the Beauty and the Beast

I love this, but I just know I recognize her from somewhere, anyone who knows from where?

Part of my dissertation is about The Princess and the Frog and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I swear it makes sense in the essay!), but it is literally taking all of my strength to avoid typing "competent daddy Bob Iger" every time I have to write his name.

well i liked it.

Not all of The Disney Remakes are bad THE 2016 JUNGLE BOOK REMAK WAS FUCKING AWESOME I don't know why alot of people hate it? As for MALEFIACENT Angolina Jolie gave an EXCELLENT performance UNFORTUNATELY the actress who played Princess Aurora SUCKED. That's why the movie isn't very good.

This a thing that Disney and Hollywood in general doesn't learn, and aparently will never learn. Over explaining in movies kills much of what people enjoy in great stories Giving an origin to a fairy tale, or answering questions that didn't need to be answered kills the joy out of fairy tales Explaining how does the force work, and where it comes from, makes it less special in Star Wars (that and all the shuved political agendas in the new ones)

Thank you for addressing the real issues. Changing the past is not a way of progression. It's a complete cop out, and one could argue productive. We can't just remake threw last 60-1000 years of our human history just because we weren't doing the best thing before now. It's solutionism and censorship at krs its worst. Thank you for being bold enough to take a hard stance against it and highlighting how harmful it is.

That Flight of the Conchords clip made my heart sing


What was that Beauty and the Beast remix at the end? XD

I think that adding feminism to a remake like this brings the same problem as adding any other extra plot, it feels short because there is no time to flesh it out because there is already an original plot, so if you flesh out the extra plot you take out of the original. Therefore the movie sacrifice the original plot for the added plots but there were so many that those plots also felt short. But I feel bad for the movie because they tried to give peoplo what they want and that was the reason for the movie being so awefull. I guess the lesson here is don´t give people what they want because they are going to bitch any way and your movie is going to be picked apart and you deserve it for having money as yor only goal.

There was totally a human toilet in the deleted scenes

I think one thing you are not considering (7 minutes in the video, so maybe you ARE) is that there is a trend in films aimed to kids on making CONSTANT reference to pop culture, current events, and things that are relatable to the average movigoer (i.e. shit the've probably seen on the news or other recent films). In Disney, this translates to self referenciallity because they are themselves culturally impactful. Btw, this is something I hate about most kids films. How they are always about the target audience life, they don't expect the target audience to go a little bit out of their confort zone by thinking how it would truly be to live in a foreign country, past time, future time, etc.. it is just "everybody everywhere has, had and will have the same values, culture, way of talking and problems as the average movie goer"

Weird decision to put that stupid Eisner quote in twice and read it out loud both times in a video thats only 36 minutes long. still, I really liked your take on this

I think what happened with the Beast's character was that they made him "classier" than the original by giving him that expensive education and taking away the hulking brute aspect of his design, but then in so doing they lost a lot of what made him charming and redeemable: his awkwardness, the clumsy way he slowly (eventually) tries to figure out how to be nice to this girl, and needs a lot of help from the castle servants to figure it out, his general incompetence (and insecurity around that incompetence) and genuine, though deeply buried, desire to do better. If you make him genteel, you remove any and every excuse he ever had to be such a cad. He knows better. He is *choosing* not to do better. As for the servants, I think the big mistake everyone makes with the original is assuming the fairy was meant to be a benevolent figure. Like, fairies -- the old-fashioned kind -- are scary af. They're kind of like the Greek gods, but with less incest and more bizarre and cruel curses you have to bleed and sacrifice to escape. I just kind of figure she was pissed the Beast blew her off and didn't really care about collateral damage.

so... let's think in a historical context for a moment: if her mother died from the plague it had to be 1720-1721 when that happened, the last plague outbreak that was seen on Paris, this of course considering the clothing and all, let's asume Belle has 20 yo and we find ourselves on 1740-1742 in the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment . Of course Le Fou couldn't be so explicit gay and Belle knowing how to read as a normal villager in a comun small village where only some men knew how to read was really odd, her invents were really odd too....

To be honest, I can understand why the beast let her go. I mean, how is she going to fall in love with someone when they kept her trapped in her room while her own father died alone. I would think that would breed resentment not love, which would have foiled the plan anyway. And sure the last petal falling wouldn’t have killed him, but remember that he would be a beast forever, completely alone without even his servants, and forgotten by time doomed to die alone. Sure he lives, but it’s not like that means he got off easy. Plus now he would spend the rest of his days trapped in guilt knowing that he failed everyone who had counted on him. I think it was more the beast accepting that he had done too little too late and that fate had now made the choice for him. As far as the “the prince was 11 when he was cursed” thing, Disney brought that issue upon themselves. There was no time limit in the original story because, much like for sleeping beauty, the castle became frozen in time. People weren’t asleep in this story, but magic made sure that time did not pass for the occupants of the castle. So if the prince was cursed at twenty, he would remain twenty until the curse was broken. Or at the very least time moved very slowly. That’s my take anyway.

This must be one of your best videos yet! I absolutely loved it! So thankful for your content, style and humor! X

You never mentioned this, but those accents are horrible. Fake cockney, bad French, overdone aristocratic English, they're like nails on a chalkboard! I never felt the need to watch this movie and I certainly won't now!

One piece of the remake that actually got me excited to see it was the visuals. As an art nerd, I love looking at art from the french baroque and rococo eras. That being said, the trailer focusing how the intricate and stunning architecture of the castle turned from bright, warm colors to dark, cool colors (all to the score from the original) made my little artist's heart leap for joy. Of course, that's really the ONLY thing I enjoyed from the remake. Seriously, I was so bored, when they got to the library scene I was just looking at the background. But you had some great commentary. I was a bit surprised to see something so recent on the Beauty and the Beast remake, but the hate within my soul still hasn't died so I enjoyed the video.

Lancia Stratos

The original dvd release in 1991? Talk about being ahead of its time :)

Why can’t I find movienitpicks? Like, nothing is popping up for this channel

My biggest issue with the live action is that the beast looks terrible. It’s horrible CGI and won’t stand the test of time. The ever-present problem with CGI is that as technology advances, things get outdated really quickly and pale in comparison to more recent work. The Uncanny valley will be the true curse on the castle and its inhabitants

Portraying as a way to ease the frustration of being stuck in traffic is by far the most compelling advertisement of their's I've ever heard.

Lindsay Ellis a

et tu ^^

:) I already got the book Disney War. While this book has a wealth of info however the author has overlooked some old New York Times articles and others. as a result misinfo has abound. (particularly in the sections when the book was talking aboout the behind the scenes of The Black Cauldron (1985) An animated adaptation of the first two books from Lloyd Alexander's The Chronicles of Prydain. I've done some videos on the subject pointing out the errors and correcting them. I've been researching the film The Black Cauldron (1985) put all I could find as well as related stuff and overlooked evidence on my blog Prydain on Film Back in 2016 it was announced in Varity that Disney repurchased the film rights for The Chronicles of Prydain, altough as you pointed out in your video about the Beauty and The Beast live action remake, I might as well be skepical of how Disney would do adaptations of the Prydain books again.

Lindsay Ellis look I have ptsd (a different kind but still) and honestly the approach to giving Gaston ptsd is hella fucking offensive

My god, this is amazing. I might add one more point: The whole point of the first "Beauty and the Beast" was actually a bit of a meta-reaction, too. Before that film, Disney faced criticism for always depicting the "ugly" people as villains. The old film sought to remedy that problem to show beautiful people (like Gaston) could be villains, and the "ugly" people (the Beast) could be good people. The whole point was not to judge people by appearances, but how they act. The animated movie succeeded in getting that message across because it stayed FOCUSED on this one message and built a story around it. The live action movie lacked any of that FOCUS. It wanted a thousand different messages, ideas, and themes, and the story suffered for it. It's not *wrong* to have a meta-reaction in a film, just keep your focus on what is the core message of the story.

I love the tone of lipstick u r wearing

Please, never try an English accent again.

2:35 .... xD *hits subscribe button*

Not to offend the LGBTQ commnunity, but making LeFou gay was just stupid pandering. 1991 LeFou was a comedic sidekick designed to make the audence laugh, have someone Gaston could talk and explain things to and make him look better in comparison. Making him "gay" adds nothing. So Thanks Disney, I hate it.

For me this movie was done for as soon as Emma Watson decided to forego a corset in the name of feminism. It showed a lack of understanding for the era, and the fact that, at that time, corsets were used for function more so than fashion, at least in provincial towns. They were used for back support. Not only that, but they would have worn crinolines. People like to talk about how they would’ve got in the way, but let me tell you that one’s legs are incredibly free and light with crinolines, and that my back feels grrrreat. As an INVENTOR, she is going to be leaning over and things a LOT. She needs! BACK SUPPORT! Or she is going to render herself a hunchback. Am I supposed to believe that Belle also invented the BRA in this time of great development. With all that running around, surely she must have something that allows her to run around supported. A corset did that. Corsets were actually denounced by doctors for the reason that women were expected to fit an image, but these men didn’t want to KNOW about the effort they were making. It’s like how some of the dudebros of today want a ‘girl with no make up’ but god forbid they make an effort. There were actually far less women who fainted etc than history makes out. It’s also of note that the structure and look of the corset or stays would change from decade to decade. And the 1740s corset/stays was actually not very tightly strung, especially in a PROVINCIAL TOWN. Also, though, her look is just... ugly. Despite the fact that the corset wouldn’t change the look too much, it would have affected her silhouette. I am basing this little paragraph of rant on the clip at 32:55. What is she wearing?!?!? For a movie that seems to have blasted its entire budget on historical costume design (and not had much left over to writing or editing), she looks like she’s wearing a 21st century wedding dress. In the words of our lord and saviour, thanks, I hate it. P.S, Lindsay’s lipstick is ROCKING it this episode.

You sold me Lindsay...I'm sticking with the animated original.

It feels like Disney watched their 1991 version and out right forgot all the things that made that one so great when making the 2017 remake. This is coming from someone who likes Christophe Gan's 2014 version, so take that as you will.

It was such a terrible movie! :(

What the heck of this story, bioshock infinite?

This video is so catarsis for me.

As much as I love Cinema Sins and other critique Youtubes that nitpick stuff, I gotta agree with everything said here. Not necessarily that it's the critic's fault that Disney is bowing to the pressure of fixing plotholes that aren't actually problems, but that it is a problem that Disney bent over backwards to fix things that didn't need to be fixed while also trying to milk our nostalgia. I still like the remake but the original is definitely better and nothing will ever really live up to the animated Beauty and the Beast. Some of the fixes were appreciated but as a whole, yeah, they made the beast completely unlikable and ruined most of his growth. Agreed 100% on all points presented. It definitely reads like Disney not knowing what we loved about the original and so they just listen to the loudest voices who half the time are pulling things out of incredibly narrow logic for views. Like yes, by math logic beast was 11 when he was cursed. But also "10 years we've been rusting" could literally just be hyperbole. Or it could have actually been 10 years and beast was a little asshole as a kid and the witch was just a bigger dick. It didn't matter much as a kid or as an adult to me. I just loved the movie. Gotta give the remake credit for the visuals though. Even though makeup would have done a better job than CG on the beast in my opinion, the look of the movie in general is still great.

Lofu (or whatever his name was) is gay? Huh... Meanwhile, over at DreamWorks, Gobber was confirmed gay in 2014, and Voltron (SPOILERS for S7 by the way) is going to have one of their main characters in a bit of a love conflict with his ex boyfriend (/almost fiance).

The LGBT montage killed me

Thanks Lindsay you really spoke to my soul! I really hate this movie and I wished Disney would just stop butchering successes from the past

As a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, I feel your pain so so badly. Also aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANKS I HATE IT

all excellent points, but what about the original design of the Beast, huh? He was so iconic, and big, and foofy

Omg I am SO glad someone else hated this version of BATB, I hated EPSECIALLY because of the library she scene, that scene in the animated version totally bridges Belle and Beast together, he figures out who she is an it shows that he is learning to love, it is a small but significant scene and the live version totally ruined it. Also a small complaint is her dress in the ballroom scene it seriously reminds me of a Halloween Belle costume.

I loved this!

Well The Lion King is at least directed by Jon Favreu sobit might be good...

I feel they will make Mulan more conservative and Lion King more liberal just so they have less to piss off either side...

Thanks for this cathartic video. I hated this film. It took me a while to watch the animated one as I was so disappointed by the live action.


With the amount of time Belle spent with Lumiere, she should have fallen in love with him. Hey, if you can love an abusive beast, then why not a charming candle???

That opening dig at film theory and sinima sins

i love you

It wasn't that bad

I hated it so much tbh... it lost all of its original magic

You're kind of a horrible person. Not totally. Just kind of.

Feel those plotholes are pretty legit

Thanks to notice how the animated respected the spirit of Cocteau's work in a golden age Hollywood vibe.

Love your stuff but 1 critique: the word salads, please turn down on the word salads, give me something to chew on. I find I gotta rewind to catch punchlines and just make out what you said.

You kinda have to get all nitpicky to pick the nitpickiness of the movie that is responding to the nitpickyness towards the original one (well, the original Disney one). And now i'm being nitpicky about it. Under how many levels of nitpickyness are we now? XD

Great French accent!

So...why couldn't Gaston use a knife? Why'd he need to shoot the Beast?

I loved your videos back when you were Nostalgia chick but heard you went full sjw. I dont see it, your content is still pretty awesome and not to throw shade but i think youre a better critic than Doug ever was. Anywho great video and keep up the good work. :)

All well put. You've given me several things to add to my litany of dislikes about this movie. :P One of the other ones being that many of the "additions" manage, among their many other faults, to disrupt the flow of the movie. At “best” the additions to the song numbers result in musical discord and visual tedium. At almost worst, inserting the “I’ve met my mother” scene in the middle of _Kill the Beast_ is mood whiplash that diminishes the scariness of the song. At the utter worst, cutting away from the death of Beast to show every. single. servant. turning into an inanimate object, and then squeezing in the sorceress (who’s inclusion in the film is its own headscratcher that also creates further narrative problems) completely disrupts what should be the most emotionally poignant moment of the movie. All in all this BatB remake was seriously poorly executed. :/

Cave daddy is also known as space daddy, thank you very much.


The character design is pretty bad as well. Too realistic in all the wrong ways.

You're my fucking hero.

I love your lipstick color

*C A V E D A D D Y*

Always astonish me the depth of the analysis, thanks, i love it

I really didn't like this remake too. You didn't even get to the immense let down the two major songs were. Be Our Guest was super disappointing and Beauty and the Beast was short and ehh. I adore Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson but they did NOT do those songs justice. Be Our Guest was super difficult for me to watch and listen to.

As much as I love the animation style of Disney Princesses in Wreck-it Ralph, I hate when Belle asks Vanellope if she was ever "kidnapped or enslaved." It makes sense for Rapunzel to ask that question, since she was kidnapped as a baby and was in charge of cleaning the tower... But Belle? Belle agreed to stay in Beast's castle to protect her father, and she was never forced to clean or maintain his castle. She was neither kidnapped nor enslaved.

good point...but hey, theyre dumb kids!

I would love to see you do a good movie..... Like Drive? Haha great work, you're such a delight to watch

To be honest, I've always been mildly fascinated about the idea of him being turned into a beast at age 11. Then again, I prefer the idea of him growing up as a human.

What's the name of the song that plays from 8:08 to 8:16? Edit: I found out it is the eurobeat version of "Beauty and the Beast"...which is a thing...and I love.

Wow, people went back to see this movie more than Christopher Robin. What have you done, Disney?

It's interesting to me that the cast is all A-List actors and performers but still sucks so badly.

After watching this, I would love to see a video covering the movie that jumpstarted the latest trend of live-action remakes: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. IMO, what it does in relation to its source material is as egregious as, if not more so than, the BatB remake did to the 1991 film. The idea of taking a children's story built around nonsense and whimsy and turning it into the most hackneyed Harry Potter/Percy Jackson chosen one story is one of the most unforgivable creative choices I've ever seen in a film.

I'm glad I saw this video. I knew I hated this movie, but because it was so boring, I slept through half of it, so I didn't even know the half of why I hated it. To me, what almost immediately killed it for me was watching their version of Little Town. In the animated version, this was the opening song, and the characters had so much life, and the library had more than 4 books in it. There was a whole village doing so many animated things around her while she had her nose stuck in a book and couldn't be bothered with them. In this version they were all marching slowly (SLOWLY) around, and had no energy, and had nothing interesting to do. So, I almost immediately checked out because, but held out for Gaston's song, which was almost even worse. I get that this was not an animated movie, so they weren't quite as animated I guess. But, how do you take what was probably my favorite Disney movie growing up and suck all the life out of it, and then kill all pacing, and do all the things Lindsay said in her video. I cant wait to see the live action Lion King that will obviously not be live action because you cant get lions, baboons, wart hogs, and lemurs to act. Thanks for validating that I hated it. P.S. Who are all these people hating on the animated B&B? What's their deal? It's a fairy tail about enchanted tea pots, there's not going to be much reality in there.

I’m very tired of the dead mom thing Disney does. I mean she died shortly after Belle was born I’m sure she made peace with that a very very long time ago.

Eh still a bummer when plus she has like no friends and bullied might want her mommy on rough days


Y'know, instead of all these plot changes, a simpler way of explaining the unfairness of the enchantment would just be to say that the enchantress is an asshole.

U have the Hank green book

Oh nice way to advertise it

It wasn't that bad.

Why did they keep the faces on the servants? In an animated media it looks cute and charming. It fits with the theme and fantasy. In live action it looks cheap and honestly a bit horrifying. It's disjointed and takes you out of the more realistic experience.

There's an obvious reason the small town is made more bigoted and more sympathetic: Trump. The average American suddenly realized that small-town folks aren't the idyllic peaceful rural paradisians sung about in country songs, and the original writers of Disney movies have been saying this for a long time (see: every Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback). They wanted to address it in the remake while at the same time being afraid of being so on-the-nose they alienate half their audience, so they made the townsfolk redeemable and likeable despite being raging bigots with torches.

so...trump is behind all of this...?

And finally, (FINALLY!) the video's done. I think I've taken nearly all day to get through it. And what a downer ending. Disney™ is a vacuum, devouring every single last bastion of commercial art there is. The acquisition of Fox™ is pretty devastating. Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Itself . . . all the popular stuff. And Fox.™ But in the end, all dynasties fall—people get wise pretty goddamn quick, actually. Star Wars™ ALREADY is at least temporarily on the ropes, and that's actually astounding, considering where it was just two years ago. So film-making will change to meet the desires of the consumer, who are probably a lot more savvy than anyone imagines—including and especially people like me. In the end, great art will be made. Until it isn't, and the stars burn out and everything's thrown into everlasting darkness . . . but when that comes, the Earth is gonna be gone anyway. So why worry? Even Donald Trump's fetid corpse will turn to ash someday. It's best not to think about it. Hey, what's on FOX™ tonight? Something ribald, no doubt. No doubt at all.

Thank God someone said it.

I just keep leaving comments as the video goes. When something comes up, I feel the need to type. I'm SURE it's not aggravating and pointless and stupid and endless and aggravating and pointless and stupid and-ANYWAY, how come the donkey's walking 'round and 'round in circles, being the sole instigator of force with Belle's Wacky Washing Wares™??? Is that explained? Is the donkey trained? Is it following a dangling carrot or perhaps burrito? Where'd she get the donkey? Is that explained? Donkeys and horses were pretty valuable in those days—they were like cars, trucks or Pokémon™ today. And I don't believe they're very inclined to simply walk around in circles for hours endlessly without proper motivation to do so. THIS is unnacceptable, and I demand it be explained. Perhaps not in the NEXT remake of this property, but the one AFTER that. The next one needs to explain empirically how that magical duster is possibly maintaining lift with such small feathers that don't do no flappin' or nothin.'

I feel like this kind of explains the success of Mamma Mia 2, which everyone who sees it just goes "yes! Finally fun! finally! I can just enjoy something" No one is excited for the live action movies. They're gorgeous but they're not fun and see like a lot of work for the company and for the viewer

I love this video so much.

Remember the whimsical cartoon where Mrs. Potts horrifying demonic visage was cute and did not make you want to bleach your eyes to avoid seeing it again? The live action version is scary as all shit!


I liked jungle book 94.

Lindsay Ellis,™ your content is just getting more and more serious and densely written, and I don't mean that in the negative. The Nostalgia Critic™ is still screaming about balls, I think. He really tries to awkwardly shoe-horn in those two poor supporting players, and also that jim jaroosh or whatever. So I've got to take my hat off to you, madame, for allowing your content to grow up. That's why you have an audience of probably half a million people; you allow your persona to age and evolve. I can really only laugh at that clip of _Street Fighters_ or whatever SO MANY DAMN TIMES.


The original one is great, the remake is shit-awful. Wait, I've heard that before...for every single thing ever.

Frankly, the fact that all those movies were released on VHS is probably the very damn reason we're shelling out billions of dollars to see the remakes on the big screen. We loved those movies as children, so we take OUR kids to see the new remakes in a hope to not just entertain THEM, but perhaps recapture a bit of nostalgic magic. It . . . rarely, rarely works in the latter. But if the kids dig it, who cares? Kids movies don't HAVE to be spectacular and creative and daringly imaginative. Why should we care if the star of our musical film can't sing? Who CARES if she sounds and acts like a robot? Kids don't no notice NUTHIN.' THEY DUMB. lol.,./

Wait, there are people who bitch about _Beauty and the Beast?_ By Disney??™ The 1991 animated film??? Who ARE these people!? I really don't think we should be paying any attention to people who nitpick art. I'm sorry, it doesn't MEAN anything so long as the film's good, let alone GREAT like the animated Disney™ film. Fuck 'em in the ear with a long screw. Who cares what they think???

I wholeheartedly agree, these are all the arguments I've been making since this came out. Only other big critique is that "If I Can't Love Her" is 1000% better than "Evermore" but whoops, I forgot, they don't care about the emotional character development moments.

I already watched this, but that repetition of, " ...I hate it" with that smile( and all your valid points) brought me back to watch it again. Lol

"Oh no! Here comes The Patriarchy™"

I totally agree with this! Thanks for making this video.

That's a weird looking Starscream behind you. The white, wedge-shaped one, with the green and red? Weird starscream.

Oh Disney makes a big deal about an LGBT+ character in their movies for the first time, but when the question of whether or not Shang was going to fall for Mulan as a man, that got a straight up denial. Because we can be progressive for a background character that's secondary at best, but god forbid an actual main character.

You seem like you try too hard to be funny

Hi Lindsay, long time listener, first time caller... I would LOVE to see your take on Zack Snyder's 'Suckerpunch', I'm sure you perspective would be incredibly interesting

I wish there was a love button on YouTube, there needs to be, just for this video! This is wonderful, hilarious, and says everything I've been trying to tell people since this film came out (and quite a lot of points defending the original too)! Thank you so much!

This movie was awesome

You always have the best lip colors. And videos... but I'm more jealous about the cool lipstick

This film was a big blah for me and I left so frustrated. Thank you for articulating so well all the problems I had. Even the fact they had Audra McDonald was ultimately frustrating because they hardly let her sing. It should be a law that she must have at least 2 songs in every film she's in.

I want "song of the south" remade and I want Tarantino to direct it.

oh please, yes!

Complaining that belle was overly feminist and given a better more thought out role model for young kids is sad. Are you sad? Are you lonely? Do you have anything else to do?

Belle is my favorite princess and I can safely say the live action sucks.

I had this very very little amount of faith in Mulan, but THEN I found out that she is going to have super-magic-powers in the movie, and that killed me.

I'm curious to know how you felt about Moana (unless you've already posted a video commentary on it that I haven't noticed yet) as far as the regurgitation of nostalgia goes and the lack of new ideas. I also EAGERLY await your reaction to Lion King when it comes out because I personally am terrified...

Lindsay, your videos are so good at the moment! I watched some of the older stuff a few years ago. I enjoyed it but it didn't grip me as the way your recent videos have. Your doing really great and you've improved a lot. Keep up the good work. Hobbit video is my favourite.

That adorable owl is the best thing I've seen from this movie also it's probably me and 5 others who care but i *hate* belle's dress in this, it's so ugly and uncreative and as someone who loves costumes and dresses, having a dress so iconic be so badly butchered irks me immensely

I liked this movie at first but the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off.

Yeah, my number one issue (I agree with your points for everything; I also hated the movie) was Gaston. I loved the idea that he was not a super over the top villain in the original. I hated that the live action ruined him so much and made him the over the top villain. Also with the dishes playing even as a kid I was like "Well, the movie flat out said the castle was enchanted".

I kind of want to see how Disney responds to TLJ, the ultimate film for finding nit picky complainers that want their hand held through the entire movie.

Thank you!!

I like the shade towards Cinemasins for this. The narrator, Jeremy, will sometimes remove sins (he removed several for the animated Beauty and the Beast) and joke about how he's an asshole that hates happiness but, well, he still makes videos that demand scientific explanations from mythology and folklore. It's both as pointless and annoying as barking at the moon.

Not to picknit, but I personally didn't think that was a neg so much as feeding into outdated misogyny; he wasn't insulting her for the express purpose of breaking her down to bang her, he seemed legitimately eye-rolly by "a girl liking romance". But it's certainly in line with his personality to just be a general asshole to everyone, so maybe? I think negging typically has more intent behind it than just being mean.

9:55 "the original DVD release in 1991" damn was I that late on DVD's? Didn't have a DVD player till the 2000's

I also hate the remake for all the reasons you pointed out (and a few more) but, to be fair, the enchanted objects feeling somewhat responsible for how the Beast turned out had already been added to the Broadway musical, as well as the idea that they are slowly turning inanimate (there's a conversation between Lumiere and Cogsworth in the musical that explains all of that). The Broadway musical also has its share of problems with expansions, but at least they keep the spirit of the original animated film (which I still consider a near-flawless masterpiece). This remake is just... ewww

Ryan Clark you people always gotta bring up some kind of russian conspiracy

BaconOddity lol you’re an idiot

Lindsay Ellis love that book and The Men Who Could Be King about DreamWorks origin

Okay I might get shit for this but, I fucking loveeeeed this movie and still do. Im a nitpicker when it comes to my movies but the live action disney remakes are a huge guilty pleasure thing, my friends complain that I always take movies too seriously and that I need to chill out, and even though I can see the flaws with it for some reason it dosent annoy me as much as it usually does. Maybe its the mix of magic, songs and Emma Watson that has brainwashed me

Thanks I hate it

"Thanks! I hate it." Me too, buddy. It also stands to mention that wow, I totally forgot Eurobeat Disney covers existed... again, I have mixed feelings.

To be fair to the part about the washing machine, they wanted the villagers to be reasonable without conflict. What better way to do this than have Belle upset that her machine was broke, even though it's perfectly reasonable that the villagers are upset that someone is not only washing their dirty clothes in the town's drinking water but also denying access to the rest of the community with her contraption.

That shade thrown at the NYT, though. Just...*chef's kiss*

I love this and your RENT analysis - thankyou for helping me analyse just WHY they are so bad.

Yo, you got name dropped on Vox. I didn't realize I'd been watching a film critic with national media cred.

No more remakes? Nah. They'll probably reverse engineer the whole process and put all their money into full animated remakes of any slightly comical live action properties. I bet Disney is really interested in how that spider man verse movie turns out come December. Btw I really liked your joke about Beast not seeing belles large pores anymore. Great video, keep it up.

So this movie was made to cash in on nostalgia and you hated it. Got it, Lindsay. Can't wait for your next video.

The reason why servants are turned into furniture is because they are basicly serfs (one small step above slaves) and literally belong to the crown. They are not truly people, they are property of the prince. Americans never truly understood what monarchy was really like. We believe the Disney version and see it as pretty and sweet. In reality, it was a necessary, but horrific step in human social evolution. Absolute monarchy is based on divine master slave dynamic. Serfs are not people, they are property, they dont have their own identity or agency; they dont have a faith or future outside the master. Medieval people who listened to this story understood that and didnt question it. Servants turned into furniture because they are already property and have no faith outside the faith of their master- that is something that didnt have to be explained to medieval people because they couldn't even conceive of any other social system. The same thing happens in sleeping beauty or any other medieval enchanted castle. The absolute king is divine representative of God's will on earth; he is the country, he is the land, and everyone exists only for him. Actual history is a horror show. I wrote this because so many people in the comments do not seem to understand that. They justify it by saying that it's just a plot convenience, or sorceress was evil, or that it's just magic and you shouldn't think about it too much. No, the truth is much more awful. And btw, what I wrote is not just my opinion. This is how medieval people actually saw their society and their place in it.

I have historically disliked your politics, because you even acknowledge identitarian nonsense, but damn...damn, when you nail it, you nail it.

How about the fact that the lean SO heavily on the FRENCH aspect of the setting but don't seem to notice that Belle has a BRITISH accent! What? Is anyone bothered by that? According to the film, Belle was raised in Paris! Why wouldn't she have a French accent? And on another note, the original film has forever been my favorite Disney cartoon film (although I think Lilo and Stitch is now my favorite, don't tell my mom) and when this remake was announced, I was genuinely excited beyond belief. The Cinderella remake was wonderful and magical, and it felt like a fairytale. Since the original Cinderella didn't really have much character building or anything else for that matter (it was just the story), I thought it was a vast improvement. But when I saw Beauty and the Beast in 2017, I was left unsettled. I wanted to love it so badly! I thought Emma Watson was the perfect choice for Belle. After all, she has lived in France and worked in France for a time, if I remember correctly. The first time I watched it, I didn't really think about it but then my mom pointed it out as the biggest issue for her, an it started to bug me from then on. Especially, after re-watching when I received the Blu-Ray for my birthday, and noticing that other characters had French accents. It just doesn't add up at all for a film that tried so hard to b period accurate. I would think that would have been a key point. Anyways, it felt like the 2017 Beauty and the Beast was forcing so many things and expecting it to just be accepted and loved because it had worked so well for Cinderella. The difference here is that, as I mentioned before, the original Cinderella had very little world building or character building. Cinderella and her stepmother were the only characters that truly had any kind of depth, and there was no real reason for anything else. Cinderella was the heroine, while Lady Tremaine was the villain. One was good, the other was evil. No one else truly made any difference. You literally could have switched out all of the characters for other stock characters and no one would have noticed. However, the Cinderella live-action remake took the concept and story and characters from the original and expanded on them. It gave the prince a real reason for Cinderella to fall for him, and vice versa. It built everyone up as characters for the better. They felt like real people. Which makes sense with a fairytale like Cinderella, which has very little magic in it. The magic in Cinderella is a plot device, not something is essentially part of the character. Belle had already had a solid character created in the original cartoon. That was what I had been drawn to, I think, as a child. She stood out more than any of the other Disney princesses. I feel like the 2017 film made her come off more as a snob than an independent person. Well....that was a lot longer of a rant than I had meant it to be. Sorry.

Where are all the moms? Thats simple. It's the fastest and now honestly laziest way to write your hero or heroine as a vulnerable character and is therefore more sympathetic with your audience. Thanks. I hate it.

I wonder if the writers of that scene knew that 18th-century novels were looked down on as mindless divergences.

Oh, come on! When has political correctness ever ruined a movie?

You forgot to mention to best thing about this remake: it made the original available to buy on Bluray for a time!

You’re just an idiot

The ONE THING I LIKE: The death scenes as they turn into inanimate objects. The goodbyes. The fear. The heartbreak. I was almost moved to tears. That's it.

Still looking forward to Aladdin

boy now I'm really worried about The Lion King


perhaps laserdisc?

You are so Janeane Garofalo-ey

Lindsay, ur one of the best critics. Ever. You’re so educated, so observant and u think outside the box all the time. Continue the excellent content!

3:15 - Why does he look like Son of Sam?

Lindsey doesn’t have a copy of ‘the game’ laying around but she does have and references the superior work ‘Bang! Anaheim’ 17:00

Don’t want to see a movie? Just listen to a book

But what about the forgotten monarchy?

I really hope Disney never remakes The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I feel like they'd change shit like make Hellfire some sort of sympathetic song to Frollo, make Phoebus a douche baggy jock, and completely cut out the scene where Esmerelda does her awesome and sexy dance. I like Maleficent and The Jungle Book, but there are some Disney movies (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules) that just DO NOT need to be remade.

You should review La La Land. Please do.

Thank you. I suspected as much so didn't watch, much to my husband's shock. Despite it's own problems, I love the cartoon version. And the only white guy I trust with this fairy tale is GRR Martin.

I really wish they had hired Emma Rossum instead, 1st n foremost +_0

You have this beautiful habit of taking these movies that I like and convincing me that they are irrefutably terrible. Like, I still enjoy Rent and this movie, but damn, all your critiques are totally on point

That lipstick tho, Lindsay!

I've always loved the design of the beast in the 1991 movie and in the modern one he just looks like some guy's buffalo fursona.

It's one thing the film does that bothers me. You're expected to fill in a lot from the Disney movie. Oh, remember the library scene? Remember that he felt bad when he yelled at her? Just pretend that happened.

This is so well-made and intelligent: Thank you for making great content. I'm inspired and will definitely make a Disney topic for my college class.


You do a really good job on your videos. I'm glad you aren't going under the Nostalgia Chick brand anymore, it allows you to be more of yourself and express your true feelings without trying to be a set character. Thank you for another great review. I can only hope that the eventual Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Lion King movies are less terrible than this one is.

20:27 He turned back into a Human. A Man is a Spiritual Being. We're only people because of our spirits being that of a person. If we were turned into the Beast we'd still be Mankind and people. We'd just not be Homo Sapiens (But we'd still be Sapiens thanks to having the Human spirit which is what all alternate races of people in fiction have like the characters from Undertale and Sonic.) You don't have to start off a Human to be a Person because God gives the person spirit to multiple different species in fiction which makes all Sapients people because their spirit is Human. This is why Shrek and Fiona are so good together even before she becomes a full ogre because their spirits are the same (The spirit being the mind) and why people were shipping them together before they knew she'd not stay a Human because their bodies being different is a non-integer when it comes to Love.

I didn’t like it either

I still liked it lul

Good analysis and criticism! Unrelated: you may have cluster B personality.

You Rock Lindsay!

"there is a certain sect of film commentators who have built their careers off of complaining that there hands are not being held through the entirety of the narrative" cough cinemasins cough

flight of the conchords reference...subscribed! seriously, this is good stuff :)

I still like the live action 101 Dalmatians

Is every video going to have a ContraPoints reference from now on? Neat.

Thank you for this, especially the bit about the teaching girls to read. I actually am an historian of 18th century France, but even for me, it doesn't bother me so much because it's not accurate (even if it weren't a Disney movie, it's a fucking fairytale, why would you expect it to be?) but because it feeds into the myth that misogyny doesn't exist unless it's in your face. The question of female literacy in 18th century France is actually a good example of this: fewer women knew how to read than men, but this was not because anyone was saying that they shouldn't learn, but because teaching girls was deprioritized (as indeed, it was deprioritized for poorer, and particularly peasant boys; fewer women could read than men in every demographic, but the best predictor of literacy was socioeconomic status). Poorer families especially wanted children to start contributing economically as soon as possible, and if a family could (or felt it could) afford to educate one child, they generally chose a boy over a girl — a circumstance not limited to the 18th century by the way. Meanwhile, the Church did run schools for the purpose of educating poor young girls as well as boys, but when faced with the alternative of having enough of them to meet the population's needs and paying the upper clergy exorbitant salaries, it chose the latter on the whole. Is it reasonable to expect a Disney movie to make any subtle points about resource allocation and its relationship with systemic misogyny? Probably not, but that's exactly why they should have left that beat out. Not that it would have fixed the other problems, but it was just so damn unnecessary.

You were reading "But to make money," as if it had a period and was not a segue into the next thought.

I am feeling ready to cry when I saw Dumbo in the live roster....I absolutely adore that movie (flaws and all, acknowledging the cringe decisions) I can just imagine them relegating dumbo to the side character and these "oh so helpful family" as the main part. gag.

I didn't notice so many changes, but I only saw it once at a drive in. I did hate it though.

1. I don’t know what’s worse, the dead Mom plotline, or the (officially released by Disney) AU novel where Belle’s Mom and the Sorceress were the same person. 2. It’s weird that they’d add gay subtext for Lefou only to add ‘no homo’ subtext for Cogsworth— I always thought Lumiere was bi, and had a poly thing going with both Cogsworth and the feather duster. 3. Gaston doesn’t need depth. I always felt like ‘Gaston is big and hunts good’ was enough backstory for him.

your bad french accent made me smile. I love it

That's not really a neg though? A neg is an insult disguised as a compliment or equal parts insult/compliment. Perhaps there is more content to the scene not shown but as it is it's just a douche thing to say and he has nothing to gain.

I love indepth analyzis of painfully average movies

2 minutes in and I just gotta say that your videos are like a drink of cool water to a man dehydrating in a desert. So well written, charisma to boot, and so forth. To have someone who actually knows what they are talking about, and more importantly, knows how to articulate their thoughts, beliefs, and arguments in a thoughtful fashion...wish there were more like you. Incidentally big fan of MovieBob and it is precisely for these same reasons. I seem to recall that perhaps you are aware of him but I am unaware of the connection. Anyway I dont always agree with his assessment, but it is always a joy to view them: as it is yours. Thank you.

The Beast acts exactly the same as Matthew Macfadyen in Pride and Prejudice.

At 8:10 she spelt Positivity wrong right?

I read Disney War about a year ago, definitely recommend it!!!

The more I think about it, the more I realize that this movie feels like a shitty first draft, in the sense it has so many little diversions from the original that either never become integral to the story or are dropped completely. The thing with the enchantress especially baffled me. It didn't even have a fulfilling emotional payoff. It's like the writers just said to themselves "Make sure you stick in different shit so people don't feel like their watching the exact same thing," and that was their whole writing process...If they do this to Lion King I will literally eat my own face in rage.

To quote the Nostalgia Critic, "WHEN WILL PEOPLE LET WOMEN USE WASHING MACHINES--by God that sounds sexist, Beauty and the Beast!"

According to Disney, they only had 2 years to make the 91 version instead of 4. Do you think,if given the additional time, they would not have added the additional scenes and explanations?

I can't think of any hand drawn animated Disney movie, which lasts more than 100 minutes.

Love your content keep up the good work!

Please talk about Aida............for obvious reasons, Black culture, race relations, & WTF??

Honestly, I would like to see a live action movie of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Maybe they could deal with the tone problems, the racism (PLEASE), etc. And from a visual perspective, with modern cgi, Hellfire would be a blast to see. I agree the pedantic need to "fix" things should be thrown into the sun, but if Disney really wants to stumble into art while chasing the money birds, going for the stuff they could do better with would be a stronger idea than this. (Also, as an edgy marketing campaign, maybe have Frollo say Make Paris Great Again, lean a bit harder into the Facism aspect of Judge jury and executioner Frollo)

Eeeek! The 605!! The horror....

The Beauty and the Beast remake is like that guy who explains the joke or the magic trick... The jerk sucks out all the fun and leaves you with disappointment and bitterness. Add portraying the Beast as one of those “intellectual” douchebags that negs and shows off his “wit” to win the girl, and we have a throughly unpleasant film with an unpleasant couple.

I find you incredibly attractive

Lindsay you are an important voice in our media landscape and we would all be the worse for it without your insights and dedication to leveraging your considerable intellect against Pop Culture.

Honestly, if you’re going to talk about LGBT people, you probably shouldn’t have used a clip of Hades considering his voice actor has had nothing but bad things to say about said community.

And you forgot to mention that her singing voice is flat.

ALSO the live action movie is the first result on IMDb... How the heck did that happen?

Lol not only did they do a no homo at the end for Cogsworth and Lumiere but Cogsworth is played by Ian McKellan who is GAY and wants to TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK because of some crazy woman hugging him!

Funny thing, women rode horses while wearing skirts and corsets for centuries. What pisses me off is that this Belle wears inaccurate costumes. Corsets were like panties or socks. Even poor women wore corsets. Even feminist-like women of the 18th century wore their stays. And plus, there was no need to wear stupid pants under her skirts while riding a horse.

You nailed it.

I'll be surprised if "Thanks, I hate it" doesn't become a meme

already was

That was really really funny and brutal.

Agreed. A tale is just that, a tale, and as such, it may be as old as time.

Actually I think that Watson is more concerned to preserve the idealise childish vision that her fans had of her than feminism, that why she does this kind of movies, and never strip naked, no that most of the people already hadn't seen anything like that before, her want to preserve that image of her Harry Potter years in the public, but I think that is counter-productive, because now at days, most people don't give a fuck.

Watching this now I’m wishing you were behind the creative process of this movie, you would’ve made it amazing! Instead of the guided shit masquerading as a “new classic” that it truly is.

Why's the Romeo and Juliet thing a neg? The fact that he doesn't like one thing that she likes doesn't mean that he's insulting her, or that he dislikes HER for it. Jesus.

the sigh, eye-rolling and snark? ._.

The Overture for the new Beauty and the Beast is real good though.

I loved both of them and preferred the remake

Is there any significance to the line "She leans in."? I feel like I'm missing something here.

I think that Watson was more concerned about her public image than her feminism, her public image is all what she cares now at days, and why she only do this kind of movies, most people doesn't care about actors and actress that have to much vanity and don't want to strip in front a camera, Watson thinks that men and woman hadn't seen a woman vagina before and they would outraged or maybe she want to preserve that childish idealise vision of her from her Harry Potter years.

Grim The Ghastly I expect to see the Gaston movie in 2020.

Perspective from the casual viewer: I didn't notice any of the things you've mentioned as sticking out / seeming odd or annoying or whatever.

35:25 benefits of a classical education

"Stuff", it's the new story.

See, my whole thing with the logic, is that even with the math of Beast's age... I wanted there to be some kind of repercussions for the Enchantress. Literally all of this is her fault because Stranger Danger. I feel like that would have been a fun angle to see things from.

Bae is back!

The bit about the servants becoming more inanimate was in the Broadway show, They even mentioned that some of the Object People has ceased to move or talk.

And of course, the recipe would not be complete without a bit of forced and unexplained ethnic diversity.

I stopped at 1.35/36.52. Followed a link by some idiot at Vox. Whatever she had to say stopped with the "bleeps".

Honestly cannot disagree but like, please do not shit on Disney's Broadway expansions bc they're actually really good?!??! SPECIALLY ALADDIN!!!!!!!! I've seen most of them; most of the ones still running today, and some that have been canceled after a few years and like: Disney on Broadway is GREAT!!!!!

Also, 101 Dalmatians and The Parent Trap were (and still kindda are) some of my new favorite movies. OK bye. I'm out.

God, remember when Lindsay went BeastZone for a month on Twitter after this movie came out? Also, I'm totally annoyed at how they tried to make the Beast more like, snobby and genteel. The point of the 1991 film was that he was losing his humanity, becoming an animal, but by learning about compassion and selflessness and that shit, he was becoming less of an animal, and more of a man. Meanwhile, as the film goes on, Gaston becomes more of an animal, as we see him move almost animalistically throughout the climax. Gaston is the real beast, because he is selfish and cruel. Making the Beast an aristocratic snob throughout the whole movie just makes him look like a dick, and makes it harder to believe that Belle is falling for this guy. Of course, the chemistry between them is so weak, I had an easier time believing she was falling in love with Ron in the movies. Every character beat Ron had in the books, they gave to Hermione, so all that was left for Ron to do was make snarky comments and get jealous of Harry. And don't tell me not to compare this to the Harry Potter movies, because Emma Watson is just playing Hermione again and you know it.

While some of your critiques are spot on. Others not so much. For example the Magic Book (which should have just been the mirror) was a tool to look at things not travel. Also your critiques eventually become more nitpicks at times. For example the white rose and the magic rose.I'm pretty sure that happened in the original.

albie the raaaaacist dr a a a g o o n

Disney poking fun on hitself makes me think of: "I'm not your old-fashioned Disney. I'm a cool Disney"

Just 8 minutes in, and wow, I have no idea who you are, and have never seen a video of yours, but this was really engaging, and well researched, written, and edited. You don't seem to be putting on some phony personality, nor is the work just some cheap derivative. This is... so refreshing for YouTube. Thank you for being so genuine. But the main shot is slightly overexposed, 2/10

Interesting and funny video. I think it's too hard on internet culture over the creators though. Complaining about minor plotholes in a fairytale (that's damn near perfect imo) like the animated Beauty and the Beast is annoying, sure. And there are definitely people who will never be pleased. But their LGBT representation, feminism, plot hole fixers were just laaaaazy. They didn't even try. They knew they didn't need to because, as you said, money in nostalgia. I don't think internet culture is to blame for Disney not bringing their A-game is all I mean. (especially when they'd just done it like 20+ years previously)

Ya see, I really like Beauty and the Beast, live and cartoon. And you would think I wouldn't want to watch this because it would make me did like it. However, I just found myself finding the movie hilarious due to the plot holes

I loved the eagle.

Man, this movie was such a let down. I went because I loved the animated Disney film so much, but this was not my Beast. Everything about him was irritating and more like it should have been from Gaston's mouth.

I love this chick

Visually, I thought the new Beauty & the Beast was beautiful. I loved the additional music. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. The Disney remakes feel drained of all their magic, and it makes me horribly sad. I get that they have to do something new and different to sell movie tickets because who wants to pay to see a movie with Netflix and Prime and Hulu? But this didn’t need “remade”. The original is perfect. As is the play. The Cinderella reboot made sense because that story has survived thousands of years and gets a retelling somewhere every few years. But this didn’t feel authentic or true to who Disney is and it feels like they’ve forgotten their roots and have given up trying to make art. It makes me sad.

The first GAY!!! HOORAY FOR GAYS!!! HE’S SO GAY! And dumb... lol. Great pandering! Inclusion and insult

It’s weird how much I love this channel, when I totally don’t give a shit about Disney or their movies. Even as a child I didn’t care. But I can’t get enough of this channel.

Lol!!! You're reading that teleprompter to come nice.....I STAN!!! Lemme subscribe

So basically, Disney got JJAbramsised.

3:16 Holy shit, Michael Eisner looked just like the Son of Sam when he was younger!

Boy, the Beast looks awful. They were obviously trying to make him look somewhat attractive, but they failed miserably.

Nothing says female empowerment like making all the other women in the movie less competent in order make Bell look badass when she does basic shit like read a book.

I was surprised that in your whole (very accurate) video you didn't hit a couple moments that result from the other changes. As you point out, in the animated version the town sort of sucks but in a more general way. Also in the cartoon Belle is a feminist in that she is going to read and be who she wants and would like to see the world. And while she wants to see the world and knows her village is far from perfect, you can see she loves it even if it doesn't love her. The dynamic matches what will happen with Beast: she sees the good in the "beastly" town. In the new version she is put more directly in feminist conflict with the town. They actively fight her and she actively not just dislikes the village, she looks down in them. Early on when talking )singing about the town, she disdainfully rolls her eyes about it. Cartoon Belle saw the good in everyone and live in her heart. Live action? Eye rolls. Pair that with changes to Gaston. The crazy man aspect comes in later. Early Gaston they make more sympathetic. You left off that in this version horrible Gaston is the guy who is friends with a guy he clearly knows is gay. Considering he's supposed to be a judgemental prick that's pretty impressive. And wheras in the cartoon he wants Belle just because he sees her as the best, in the live action version he seems actually intrigued by her, that she doesn't just love him for being the town hero. Not the best reason for it but it does suggest more depth tgan previously. Meanwhile now Belle doesn't just not like him because he's a boob, she has the "your beneath me" vibe going. Not that she should like him but... it's an oddly uglier dislike. So at the start Belle, who we should like, is a bit unlikable. And Gaston, who we should dislike intensely, is jerky but actually has some points. In fact, unlike Beast, Gaston at the start of the film is someone possibly salvageable into a not horrible guy... Until they make him psycho later. So at the start Belle is less likeable and Gaston is almost likeable. It really confuses things. For me though seeing her roll her eyes in the trailer for the film told me mistakes were made.

Super good analysis. You articulate really well the annoyance I had at the end of watching this

Fix the plot holes but make more it will fix itself

I didn't question the "The whole castle got cursed for the actions of a 11/10-ish boy" aspect as a kid. I was just "Yeah that sounds like a thing a fairy would do"

So glad you explained why the live action sucks cause I didn't like it either! Lol!

The only thing I need to add is the idiot idea to put Belle's house in the middle of the town, making her the literal Centre of the Town, as opposed to the original where her house was Outside of the Town, clearly showing how she was an outsider and how she didn't fit in there. It's the obvious metaphor so why change it

I think I'm the only person who likes this movie

Omg I love you

I really wish my lost Shrek exploration was anything like this.


Thank you for making this video it is awesome. Thank you for making your channel it is awesome. Thank you for being you, you are awesome :-) Keep it coming!!! I love it all!!

Gaston is basically Trump LOL

W o w really side eyeing 27:31 where you compare Ursula as a lesbian icon to gorilla's in drag as a trans icon.

What was up with using Terk in a dress for trans people?

*sees so-called representation* "Thanks, I hate it."

I realize that this is the most nitpicky of nitpicks but this still kind of annoys me. The book the Belle is using to teach the little girl has B for bird. This is goddam pre-Enlightment France, not only should the book have O for Oiseau, but (especially in a poor provincial town) no good poor french provincial town would even look at the book because, wait for it, IT'S IN F***ING ENGLISH! For all this attempt at realism, why the f*** was this the part too intellectual for American audiences that the had to Anglicize it? it can't be because they want the audience to read with them or anything the goddamn menu during the "Be Our Guest" song was in french.

I am so happy you mentioned how irritating the meta-commentary these remakes and other newer Disney movies make (*cough* Wreck-It-Ralph 2* cough*), it's dismissive and shallow for me.

I...never took Gaston being a soldier being an implication that he has PTSD and is damaged. I took it more that a military commission is a status that you could BUY back then in France without ever firing a shot on the field and that it afforded you some considerable privileges -- including, apparently, a veneer of heroism that common people are more likely to kiss your ass for and take your word over others. I thought they were aiming less for "he has PTSD so that's why he's bad" so much as the fairy-tale-France equivalent of that asshole who shuts other people down by opening his statement with "AS A VETERAN."

Lindsay, awesome video. Love your saltiness here, lol.

But could we have a video about Disney's failed business ventures???? I love your Disney movie vids!

"Damn, that's a sweet owl."

Currently 666 dislikes on this video. Make of that what you will ;)


Wowowowowowowow is that An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green behind her shoulder? It's not supposed to be available until the 25th of september

I did like this Beauty and the Beast (of course, the original was WAY better, near-perfect in some regards) but I get it. And, by the way, Lindsay, I love you.

This is like if they remade the movie Titanic almost exactly the same, but rushed through all of the interesting scenes, all so that we can stop the movie dead in it's tracks to spend an agonizing amount of time on that floating door scene addressing every complaint anyone anywhere has ever made about it and creating several new plot holes in the process.

When I saw this in theaters I hadn’t seen the original since elementary school and I remember thinking ‘that was okay’. Having a side-by-side comparison really blows the live action out of the water.

I think that because I had such low expectations for this film I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I should have. I did genuinely enjoy the Beast, but then I just think Dan Stevens is a brilliant actor and is always entertaining. Also, maybe this is somewhat nationalistic of me, but I always have a soft spot for Scottish actors (even if McGregor is shite at accents).I also enjoyed picking apart the continuity errors and how obvious the auto tuning was whenever Emma Watson was singing. All in all, very entertaining.

I’m thinking you should write something relating to Sasha Baron Cohen. He seems to be a hot topic nowadays and will continue to be for a while. It doesn’t matter what your angle is. I’m just thinking about the new viewership you’ll most definitely attract.

I'll give the Cinderella remake this: it made the prince a CHARACTER instead of a plot device. And the side characters... well, stayed to the side. I know I'm echoing Dig-Doug's "Old vs. New" video, but it's not wrong in that department: the side characters get too much focus in the original.

I'm surprised you didn't bring up how "Be Our Guest" is no longer really relevant to the story and they messed it up by putting it so far into the movie. The original Be Our Guest was supposed to show Belle and the audience that things may not be as bad they seemed and that there are a ton of people who are excited for her to be dining at the castle again. Its magical. The live-action Be Our Guest takes place halfway through the film and has a ton of build-up to it where the Lumiere and Cogsworth explain the stakes of how they desperately need to make this show work. Instead of the scene being about Belle falling in love with the people at the castle it becomes a sup-plot about whether or not the "talent show" will get a positive review. It reduces the impact of the scene and makes it pointless. Also, I understand why the characters were redesigned, but so many of them have such small faces that it is hard to tell what they are expressing. The original characters were literally talking heads and you knew their emotions and thoughts, while the live-action has no close-ups of their faces. They might as well be robots. Lastly, did you research how Warner Brothers was originally making a Beauty and the Beast movie at the same time that was going to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro STARRING EMMA WATSON yet somehow Disney ended up making a Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson with set designs that feel eerily similar to that of Guillermo Del Toro's work... it's almost as if there was some competition going on and this movie was released simply to stomp out Warner Brothers. Either way, nice vid.

We're grateful for your sacrifice. No really, I think this was the most requested film because we too hate it but don't have your skill at explaining why

Only criticism I have for this vid: I don't think the Eisner/Iger background was really necessary, but that's just me. Otherwise another fantastic commentary. And I love that you hated this movie too. God how did it make a billion dollars? That means at least five more "let's contemporize in livve action" movies are gonna be churned out...

So what have we learned today? That Internet nitpickers are WRONG and should not be taken seriously. Wait, that doesn't sound right...

The change to the Library scene is the most unforgiveable thing this movie did, I'm so glad somebody else pointed out how bad it is!

SLOW DOWN, LINDSAY!! Maybe it’s just cause I’m sick and my ears are plugged up, but damn, girl, the video’s already thirty-seven minutes long.. Give us an extra three minutes and slow your words down a little! Does that make me dumb? Probably.

I like that they filled in plot holes... It was one of the few things the movie had going for it. Hell, I love that they question 'marrying someone you jut met' in Frozen. Little girls subconsciously absorb those harmful ideas of love at first sight and it colors their adult relationships. I still enjoyed the episode though. Even when I disagree, Lindsay's opinion is still interesting.

Caroline for the win.

I didn’t even know this movie existed.

Oh thank fuck, I thought I was the only one who hated this piece of crap.

I actually just read DisneyWar last month (listened on Audible even) and it was a really fascinating look at a lot of the executive level machinations of the company. Definitely not a flattering look for almost all the featured execs (Eisner comes off looking particularly insensitive, if not sociopathic.) Highly recommended.

Wtf hoe, where's all your old reviews

Y’all can we guillotine CinemaSins already???

You probably already know this and maybe it's a thing but; You're over exposed. Stop down, turn down your ISO or put an ND on.

This was awesome and I'm now a fan of Lindsay Ellis! I have to agree with much of what she cited, and I was not dazzled by this remake. The original cartoon had a finesse and a beauty in the art that was absent in the live-action version. The jokes were flat, the characters were just not as endearing, and Emma Watson just didn't emote enough or carry the presence of Belle. It was a cash grab, and the over-bloated plot actually added nothing to the narrative. Nostalgia Critic and Lindsay Ellis are right on all their points...and that's my two cents. Watch the original cartoon and be enchanted!

that cockney accent, it hurts

This movie is to me what guardians of the galaxy 2 is you. Having recently lost my dad to cancer. This being the last movie

hey. In this video, were you reading off of something?

Music over part two?

This is one of the most horrible movies i have ever seen. It gave ne a gag affect :(

I think the happiest moment of my life so far was when i paused this video and saw that i still had 22 minutes to go. ^^

also what about racial diversity in 17 century middle of nowhere france

I’m with people about the historical accuracy not important because magic didn’t exist in the first place. So it’s inspired by real-world but altered of course for narrative sake, lol. I’m more about what logic is created and how consistent is that logic in the universe created than how close is it to real-life. So I don’t stunt creativity, but that’s just me.

That prince was a JOKE. That's what I'm mad about.

I have to say in this video you look fiiiiiiiiine

Albi the racist...well not anymore...dragonnn

I like it best when you scream in anger or frustration.

How is "the servants get caught up in this" a plot hole. It's easy to explain: the Enchantress was an asshole who's spells effected a lot of people by proxy.

Did I hear a Contra reference w those filthy filthy q's?

u forgot to mention most of the singers sucked

the part that pissed me off the most was that bell found out about how the beast was under a spell before she even fell in love with him

i hated the special effects sooo much

There's not a lot of moms in classic fairy tales because the middle ages were a shit time to be a woman. It wasn't rare at all for a woman to die in childbirth.

Damn I love these video essays ! Thanks for these !

“Ursula’s crazy sister” you had to, didn’t you?

China may not like musicals, but its hard to walk down the street without hearing songs from Frozen

"Like bitch you broke her nose" AHHSLDSLNFLDNFD

So... this movie was made because of cinemasins and honest trailers?

This is actually really interesting because I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. I never really realized how many unfinished subplot/character arcs there were, or how counter-intuitive it was to qualify the town. I saw some people point out how they liked that LeFou payed off the bar to sing. I think the idea was that to the viewer. patronizing a jackass like Gaston seemed unrealistic, unbelievable. And similarly, I always thought that the town was just a two dimensional character following the whims of Gaston. I never thought to view them as a cynical representation of vanity and ignorance, with their upsetting ease of believing in a monster like Gaston being something the viewer should be disgusted by just as Bell was….saying it out loud, it seems that very decision helps the viewer side with Bell, pitting us against the values of the town. We're not supposed to sympathize with them; they're not supposed to be qualified. Also I hate Disney's meta commentary. Its novel at best, irritating at worst. I recently watched Spiderman Homecoming and while I think that movie had some good moments there were also moments where the character has a "heroic moment" only to have it subverted as a gag. The quantity of this, personally, was just annoying to me.

What's with referring to powerful white men as "daddy"? Could someone explain what that means & where it comes from? If it's a reference to something it went completely over my head.

"The Regina George of Hollywood producers." I've never heard a better term for Eisner.

I would love to hear your take on the upcoming Disney Mulan film, even though it was done in '09 minus the singing and in Mandarin

Are Lumiere's candles like gloves and a hat or hands and hair? Would it hurt if someone replaced them or they melted away?

The daddy of daddies, Cavedaddy and Lobsterdaddy love them all.

I can't wait for the live action nemo...

Can you do a video on infinity war and what your thoughts on it was? Love your videos and wonder what your thoughts on a film that technically took a decade to build up to are

Hm. I think you might be too close to this one, Ellis. "Just accept that the castle is enchanted and not every animated object has a human consciousness behind it. Not everything needs to be explained." "Why didn't it show us Beast's sad face so that we can somehow figure out that he had a change of heart for when he comes to the rescue?" I'm only half-way through the video, but so far it seems like the problems you had with the new movie aren't any better than the problems people had with the animated one.

Such a good video, and so reassuring that I'm not crazy for being the only person I know who hated it. The magic book...eughgh

Lindsay Ellis, you're just frickin' wonderful!

in Toronto they had a young girl empowerment day in which pre-teen girls could go to learn life skills like baking and stuff??? no joke, baking! I saw this on the news and was like WTF?!? teach the girls self defense class, political leadership strengthening and other life lessons that they could learn to not be merely a house wife. Baking, give me a fucking break Toronto. I thought my city was more progressive than that. If took my daughter to that and they told me they were gonna teach her how to bake and sew I would have punched the first Suit i saw in the face, than called my wife to get bail money...

Lindsay, Lindsay! Your essay was fascinating and insightful as usual, but could you please proof your inter-titles? Your "Flaccid Attempt at Posititvity" card spelled positivity wrong! Otherwise, fascinating work!


Loved it!

The sad thing, however, Lindsay, is what Eisner says is, basically, capitalism in a nutshell. It sucks. But its true. That said, I loved your review. I even watched it twice, in two days. Keep up the great work!

I literally cannot agree or disagree with anything you said because all i want to say is "Why can't people accept it's just a movie so don't over analyze" I would like to enjoy a Disney movie without movie critics shitting all over it! Instead of asking so many questions just accept that all the creators want is money so they're obviously not going to care about what the adults want because once again IT'S FOR CHILDREN

Lindsay. Liked your analysis, but how did you want Lefou to be portrayed, as a stereotype? He was gay, preferred to dance with a man, and didn't deny his sexual preference. That's how most gay guys are. If they'd gone with a stereotype, it would have been torn apart. Other than that, really liked the review.

That is so much on point. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad I found this channel

That is a pretty sweet owl

Ugh Disney War is such a good book we stan an intellectual that promotes quality reading/listening material

"such gay. very representation"

I tried watching the new Movie, and like, it was so awful, I just couldn't get past the point of the whole "Don't teach girls to read" shit. Glad I didn't miss much.

9:56 , the original DVD release in 1991 ? :D

The problem is that a lot of nitpicking commentary likes to label it as a plot hole when a character does something irrational. But guess what, people do wrong or stupid or unfair stuff all the time. I can't believe the ridiculous hoops this movie jumped through, just to make it so that a witch's curse was fair and just for everyone involved. Look, it was a mysterious enchantress of unknown motives and she didn't care how her magic spell would affect the servants' families. And that's fine and it's not a plot problem that needs to be fixed.

33:00 oh my god its Fart

19:17 “Check out my big library, girl! It’s huge. You’ll get most pleasure from it!”

I just love your critics, you're smart and you make me laugh so much ! Thank you for all your work ! (Just a small remark: the rose thing is actually from the original novel, where Belle has sisters and while they all ask for expensive stuff when the father goes to the market, she shows how humble she is by only asking for a rose) Can't wait to see your next video :D ❤

nice to know that cinderella 3 is getting the love it deserves in the disney community

Please start selling "thanks I hate it" tee shirts.


LINDSAY: -while stuck in traffic *shows footage* MY ATLANTA ASS: That's the opposite of traffic! (also is it me or does that video appear to be shot from the driver's side?)

ok but why was Gaston's friend gay ??? He's not even so important in the original fucking movie ???!! Also, why is he so open ?? It wasn't like that in their time, gay and trans people were not accepted, the only reason this movie exist, is to please the stupid liberals watching this for Emma hey look I'm a feminist Watson who can't act or sing and btw what's with the horrible audible autotune in the movie when Watson sang ?!! Can't you hire actual professionals ?! Also i DO NOT have anything against gay people since I am gay myself or against Emma Watson, it's just that this movie pisses me off so fucking much

Holy hell, the new designs for the beast's servants are so fucking ugly. Please tell me I'm not the only person that thinks that.

I'd rather up my patreon contribution if she's having to turn to the audible ads.

Having not seen this movie before, my reaction to the teleport book: *"WHAT."*

Oh my you are so pretty!

So far the only Disney Live Action remake that hasn't sucked is Pete's Dragon, don't get me wrong it does have some issues, but for the most part, it is decent. I shudder to think about how they're going to handle Mulan, Aladdin, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid when they get around to them.

I am one of those pedantic assholes who fuss about history because well, history major. It's what I almost got a degree for (until i suddenly couldn't money or transit). and for all the "fixes" the movie tried to do, the more it annoyed me. Namely, the town. Like the original is using a small town as a nice metaphor for society and/or the mentality of "the mob", because small rural villages did all them dark ages witch burning bit (I mean.... yes? but also no? but also it's complicated? WELCOME TO HISTORY: IT'S FULL OF UNSATISFYING SHADES OF GRAY!) but even as a kid I wondered why Belle never really... engaged with the town. Like her intro song is "MAN, you know where I want to get out of and get away from? This small town and these 'provincial' people." Sure Belle I get it, but also those people are like, right there in front of you. they're happy and saying hello to other people living in the town. They're having small talk and trading goods and just like... living a normal life. Yeah they call her strange, and distrust her father, but in their eyes it's a family consisting of 1 (one) old man that needs to be taken care of like a child and 1 (one) young woman who badmouths them and doesn't even try to engage in the community. Yeah, those are totally the people I'd think are the pillars of the community. Like I also hate where I live and generally dislike how people act in my town and I desperately want to move, But- a) I live in north bay so I'm not wrong here and b) I completely understand when someone gets upset at me for effectively shit-talking their town and their neighbors. So okay, in the live action version they really show it in the opening scene. It's tradespeople, people having conversations, a lovely, small, provincial town. And yeah, Belle looks like kind of an asshole. I didn't mind her knowing all the clock bits because, hey, apprenticeships, it's a system that still works today in areas... not office jobs. but what gets me is that the town, who knows that belle is the daughter of a clockmaker, and who are shown to be more sympathetic in this version, just straight up trash the washing machine. Okay you know who generally aren't stupid? people. People In general aren't stupid. I know it's in vogue (and has been since... pretty much always) to assume that the people of ages past are poor simpletons who aren't as open-minded as us Great Intellectuals of the Modern Age, but guess what? People wouldn't have survived famine, plagues, and whenever the local form of government forgot that the nobility/peasantry was a social contract of "treat us fair and we don't unleash holy hell on your fancy oversized lego project"... if they weren't SMART in some way. And you know who hates doing more work than needed to complete a goal? - Everybody, that's who! Not a single person would rather take an early onset of carpal tunnel or rsi over a bit of ingenuity! Especially the common class! You know who had too much shit to do and not enough time to do it? PEOPLE LIVING IN PROVINCIAL FARMING TOWNS. We have French mousetraps of the time that farmers and other Salt Of The Earth people designed- *that are still considered incredibly effective today*. If The people in this sleepy little town didn't already have a automated washing machine, they'd adopt that thing SO DAMN FAST. Hell, there's your Belle-integration right there! "Thanks Belle, do you mind if we have a go at the machine after you?" And then they'd offer some goods or knowledge in barter, which would lead to possibly more social interaction, which could lead to a more rich understanding of the people who live in the town and more friendships. Because a combination of sharing knowledge, goods, and social interaction with each other *was how small towns survived*. so yeah. In trying to flesh out the town they just muddled the original idea, AND still annoyed pedantic fucks like me who nitpick two minute scenes for no good reason.

"The buffoon character whose name translates to 'the fool', You're welcome, gaaysssss" LOVE

Next they'll remake "Die Hard" just to give some long-winded explanation as to why McClane didn't recognize Gruber's voice.

I couldn't even get through this movie. And I managed to survive both Titanic animated 'sequels.'

I had a copy of The Game. I gave it to a friend after reading it.

No mention of the dress debacle?!


Hi! I actually loved this movie and disagree with you but don't feel like arguing, so by!

I spy with my little eye a yet-to-be released copy of 'An Absolutely Remarkable Thing' by Hank Green. Jealous

It seems Disney has lately been trying way too hard to be politically correct, exhibiting a very shallow understanding about how the world is opening up to equality. It is as if they are saying, "Look! we have a strong powerful female figure! See? We do have LGBT individuals!" Alas, they don't really go anywhere with this, and they do not necessarily portray these characters well. The biggest culprit I think has to be the Last Jedi.

Just found this channel. Every ounce of my essence wants to just spend a whole day destroying things with our sass!

I look at Eisner's face, and I immediate see a man who would sell you out to save himself within a heartbeat.

I spy Hank’s book in the background!

How come so many of your videos are private now?

the little red capped bird is Patriot an exclusive pokemon to Pokemon GO! having go to the Alohan region for the winter to play golf. and is the cousin to Pidgeot

Imagine a live-action version of the great mouse detective with Cumberbatch voicing the title character and Roger Allam voicing Rattigan would you hate it?

what do you think (if you saw) about "Beauty and the Beast (2014 film)"

The beast sounds like Darkness like in Legend. shudder!

I think the thing that worked about Frozen, Ella Enchanted, and Moana with their commentary is that: 1) They did it out of love 2) They still had a story that was not based on “Disney but not Disney” 3) They were good And even if Ella Enchanted is more of a parody, and least it is a heart warming parody. The real life Beauty and the Beast is a heartless remake with the additional bonus of explaining away or even brutally tearing down the “magic” we’ve come to love from the original Beauty and the Beast. All the other films were saying, “Yeah, Disney isn’t perfect, but they are still charming, menorable, and entertaining.” THIS movie goes, “That classic movie you love is GARBAGE and you’re stupid for liking it. HERE! watch the TRUE version of this tail, you stupid babies.”

I'm going to need every "I hate it! :D" as individual videos.

Hey Lindsay, whyd your wild wild west review go private?

27:29 your recent collab with contra points is showing lol

Someone likes Contrapoints.

I’m SO happy you pointed out the library scene!!! In the live action it pissed me off so much! Totally ruined the beauty of that scene!

I hate this movie, but love this analysis. Great video, Lindsay, you've articulated my thoughts perfectly. Thank you.

Can't wait for the remake of Pocahontas in this same spirit.

Eventually we'll get treasure planet live action and plot twist it'll be good.

I'm so glad I found your channel. Fully developed thoughts and sarcasm. My favorite way to learn

Agreed. Audra Macdonald needs to be in more films and shows in general!

You finally made a catchphrase you can put on a t-shirt! Also the long wait for this video was worth it. Watching you drag movies through the mud is so satisfying

Preferably tallying up every plea for his life or unflattering facial expression he pulls on the way to the block and then announcing the final score before the jeering crowd?

More accurate than you might think. For example, Alexandre Dumas, born in 1802, author of many famous classics including The Three Musketeers. He was mixed-race. His father was born in Haiti and ended up as a very high-ranking general in the French army.

Thanks, you nailed it!

5:22 - that was more like a crossover fanfic between The Jungle Book and Tarzan

Wait omygoodness PLEASE do Anne with an E and make a huge part on the historical inaccuracy and the amount of overwhelming edge like so she can see!

I agree.

On the whole literacy thing, in this version the town only has the one place to get books (that unlike in the animated version is VERY limited selection.) and seeing as this is a rural area it stands to reason that many would be too busy to read. (Reading thus can be seen as leisure activity.) So the washing machine incident could be like teaching an country kid how to use an smart phone, it's seen as a waste of time when work needs to be done. Edit-Also French Town, ENGLISH BOOK.

I just really wish Emma Watson had declined this role. Sigh. She deserves better.

I thought Shang is the first LGBT character in Mulan, being either bisexual or single target sexual.

Wow. Giant swish on this one Ms Ellis.

Nailed it

The only thing I'd defend is the servants' sense of obligation. Think Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne. These are people who will have known him since he was born. Hell, he might have known some of their voices from birth because they tended to his mother daily, so for a few to develop a familial attachment to him and to wish they had helped lead him down a better path works as an explanation for their mindset. Besides, this is way beyond "I might be bicurious" in terms of life-changes. One minute you're grinding some tea while your boss/estranged adoptive nephew is being a dick and then bam; you're a sentient teapot. Making peace with that is gonna take some digging, and whatever you end up on is bound to look like mental illness to anyone who hasn't been there.

Regarding the enchanted objects gradually becoming more and more inanimate, i believe it was lifted from the Broadway show. My question is, does the musical suffer the same problem as the remake because of this?

I already lost it at "OKAY". You're always a gem, even from your earliest days!

But wasn't Dumbo the first VHS ever released by Disney?

Unrelated, but did you delete your video on the Lorax? It was my fave video of yours

Thanks I hate it is the greatest catch phrase since the rocks heyday. The singing is also vastly inferior. So there's that too.

Thank you for smartly explaining why I hated this movie!

Thank you for this. This video is so well researched and captured everything I hated about the movie even better than I could. "Thanks I hate it" = BIG MOOD

At the very least the movie gave us this masterpiece of prose:

This is a high point in a collection of high points. Thanks I love it.

I want "If I can't live as a cup I'll die as a cup" on a t-shirt

A lot your complaints seem to be related to the fact that this movie HEAVILY relies on the audience being very familiar with the animated film. It references things, it doesn't establish them. This makes it impossible for the film to stand on its own. I also share your fatigue of Disney's 4th wall breaking / self-deprecating jokes. It started with Marvel and is even leaking into Star Wars. Also for the love of all that is holy why did they not cast a Belle that could actually sing?

Ugh. Thanks for this, I loved it (the analysis, not the film itself obviously). Lindsay's work continues to be a shining beacon of logic and unique analysis on a YouTube filled with video game LPs...and of course (may as well cue Raul Julia) bloated, cringey, generic, poorly-acted movie reviews. Good work on walking away from a certain channel that still indulges shamelessly in the latter.

"if I can't live as a cup, I'll die as a cup!" had me bursting out laughing, thanks XD

Might I point people towards the channel Defunctland if they're curious about the Disney parks? It's a very thorough channel with many Disney-related videos. There is one on the Euro Disney acquisition.

You: "I hate it." Me: Clicks LIKE LIKE LIKE how come I can only click like once? I never saw the film's Disney. I hate Disney so so much. But here I am watching your fabulous video and the thing that sticks out to me most is the APPALLING accents. Is that meant to be a French accent? Because it's really really bad.

With that context, Belle's reading could actually be seen by the townsfolk as her being lazy. Judging by the "library", reading doesn't seem to be the most important thing to these people because it's kinda a timewaster when work needs to be done. (Which is why having all the boys in the village be in school doesn't make sense.)

“bitch you broke her nose” LMAAAOOOOOOOOO

tag yourself i'm a filthy filthy q

copyright takedown enemies shame take your pick

CW AtWork what she meant was that the original had more fucking emotion than that piece of shit remake! God you're so dumb. The remake "fixed" something that doesn't need to be fixed while remobing the emotion from the fucking beast!

hey lindsay whatever happened to that pet dog you had?

I always love your videos :)

I hated Maleficent, Disney had the opportunity to develop an amazing villain but decided to go with basic "hey he/she's actually good" plot twist which just ruined it for me. To me, it just shows the lack of skill it's possible to understand and sympathize with a villain without portraying them in a positive light. Disney lost an opportunity to bring depth to a mysterious character simply because, rather than use the complexity of human emotions to their advantage and create a character that resonates within us, they rewrote an entire story to favour a character, to make them look good because it's easier to like someone if you think they're goog.

come back in 5 years and do a "it wasn't that bad I'm kinda sorry" video and i'll watch that too

I honestly hate bringing this up but God am I glad that whole change the channel thing happened because A. I no longer support a syndicate of bad not good poop humans and B. I realized these videos are wayyyyy better and Lindsay is actually a super talented critic, plus the humor lands even as an adult. My point being I'm glad I started to re watch this channel and god do I fucking hate that guy.

Sick New York Times burn!!

Did she put a camera on the front of her car?

Gaston's PTSD is grossly insulting. This just reinforces stereotypes of irrational, violent veterans. Worst is that it gets played for laughs. Because PTSD is funny? Thanks, I hate it.

This was amazing, I would love to see you do a video essay on the The Last Jedi film

Another amazing video, Lindsay! By the way...what lipstick brand is that because my god it looks amazing.

Lol, "Thanks, I hate it!" is my favorite phrase of the day.

Couldn't agree more. Hated this movie. Loved the Jungle Book remake but this was absolute garbage and you nailed why.

I have never seen you so sincerely angry for a review. Your pauses and tone say it all. But I agree with you all the way on this one.


Is this real? Is this real?!?! An audible ad at the end of THIS?!?!?!!? Thanks! I hate it!

Drink every time she says apotheosis

You are amazing. Thank you! This is the best thing ever

Yeeeaahh. . . but the whole 11 year old prince thing is pretty bad.

Thats my boi, Lobsterdaddy

Hey Lindsay, got a question for you. You brought up in your video the recent trend of remaking/adapting old animated classics to live action. So, my question is why? Why go through with this slight change of medium often to tell the exact same story (other than money). This phenomenon isn't just isolated to Disney either. Recently we've seen Ghost in the Shell obviously riding the coat-tails of the famous and influential animated movie adaptation in '95, and before that there was the Dragon Ball Z movie, a live action adaptation of an anime with some very stylized animation. That's the thing about the adaptations to live action in general; by abandoning animation they lose many of the stylistic qualities of the original, enabled by the flexible medium of animation, without making up for them. So, why are live action adaptations such a popular move to make? --again, other than money-- Is there any reason besides sweet sweet brand name recognition? Thank you for taking the time to read this long long comment. Sincerely, a Fandroid


What a smart beautiful woman

And if this was a gay movie You would've Praised it all day long.

I lost my shit at the talking toilet

I normally follow Lindsay's train of thought, but... >Having a go at someone for throwing a snowball Yeah, having trouble w/ that one...

Its ok for soon they will be all swept up in a revolution that will see the castle burned down and the Beast's head cut off In other news, Ariel's children are all still born fish monsters as she is a affront to both nature and The Lord

MovieNitPicks doesn't have any content up anymore...

is that canon or there just a group that deemed his admiration for ping as possible coded bisexuality. Genuinely asking

I don't know, Lindsay, I bought the film on blu ray couple of weeks ago and - I enjoy it. It isn't as awesome as the original, that's for sure, but it still has moments in it, that I really like and I'm not sad, that I bought the flick. It's quite an entertaining thing.

OH this is where the Nostalgia Chick went! Gotchya. Are you a part of the awesome team anymore, or nah?

Dear gods the Tale as Old as Time remix sounds like Carmelladansen

I find Emma Watson kind of annoying. I saw the broadway play with Donny Osmond.

Lindsay! Please do more Loose Cannon!

Just wait for the lion king remake... why remake a perfect movie??? It's like they are setting themselves up for failure

Hi. I really enjoyed and loved your video analysis of The Phantom of the Opera movie. I just finished listening to Les Misérables and tried watching the movie, but just couldn't get into it. Could you do a video analysis of why Les Mis movie doesn't work?

"Original DVD release in 1991". wait, what?

Anyone else coming back to 6:55 just to hear "thanks I hate it!"?

is #beastforshe a reference to something? am I, or did I miss something?

What I hated the most was Emma Watson's horrible autotuned singing voice

Hey, Lindsay, great video I enjoyed it a lot, but can I ask why you took down all your old Nostalgia chick videos? I went to go watch the episode about short cartoon on Cab Calloway in Betty boop and it was gone. Is there any other place I could find those videos or are you planning on reuploading them? I prefer your new videos, but sometimes I get nostalgic (for lack of a better word) for the old Nostalgia chick videos.

It was the clock that told Belle to stay out of the West Wing, not the Candle. 22:18.

HaHAha awesome! I love the final line

Now I really want to re-watch the, "original," live-action remake of The Jungle Book. Haven't seen it in years but I remember loving it as a kid and being thoroughly confused about what all those English people were doing in India.

“If I can’t live as a cup I’ll die as a cup!” DED.

disliked. not enough funny impressions.

Can we just acknowledge that Eisner looks like Thanos?

Hey Lindsay! I was wondering what happened to all of your old Nostalgia Chick videos on your channel? Are you going to re-upload them anytime soon?

9:31 man, that is a sweet owl

I really enjoyed the Cinderella remake, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Yes it was vapid and escapist but that's what it's supposed to be and it wasn't aiming for more. It really did feel like an animated film brought to life and the two leads had good chemistry. BATB, as you mentioned, tried to do too much and in turn lost that magic, I don't care about the why if I am invested in the world. So don't try and make me care about it as it actually takes me out of the film. This remake was just dull and lifeless to me.

Beast was hotter than the prince.

Your video essays are so good. I enjoy your in-depth analysis with that spicy bit of humor. Your videos are always enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

"Plotholes that don't need to be fixed..." And, dislike.

Have you seen the 2015 French Beauty and the Beast live action movie? What did you think of it?

Wow i loved nostalgia chick and I had no idea she was still doing her thing on YouTube, sad to see she does not have the subscribers she deserves

I really wish the invention subplot had gone somewhere.

I know this has nothing to do with this particular video (but it's the latest so you're most likely to read the comments on this I think?), but I have now watched several of your videos and I wanted to suggest something to you: Permanent hair straightening. You seem to wear your hair open and straight in every video and permanent hair straightening would make it so that you would barely have to brush your hair anymore to get perfect looking silky hair. As an intellectual feminist I'm assuming you have better things to do than messing with your hair, so this would be a nice timesaver probably (unless you enjoy doing your hair, many people do). Rachel from Rachel and Jun did it and she's super happy. I don't have the money yet (poor student), but I plan on doing it myself as soon as I can reasonably afford it. I didn't know this existed and had such great results until I saw Rachel's video about it, so that's why I wanted to tell you. I wish I could add my own experienced but that'll have to wait another year or two.

Your analysis is totally brilliant.

The biggest thing I hated with Belle was, why the hell did she step purposely over the washing area for the towns women!... I would definitely have a rather distinct dislike of her if I was them, I wouldn't tip over her washing machine but my gosh YOUR AN ADULT not an spoilt toddler who has no common decency. What self respecting women would degrade herself to that level of that of a child. So Beast could do better.

On the making history part, I actually forgot this movie existed, I thought I had never heard of it UNTIL you got to the representation part and I remember the drama. Like I haven't even seen furries talking about this you really screwed up disney.

The rest of the internet and world learing about you was the best thing to come out of Nostalgia Critic!

Dollars to donuts they're going to do this same shit to Lion King, too.

to be fair to the Cinderella remake, it's not really a response to criticism of the original Cinderella. it's pretty much just a big, gorgeous, romantic fantasy played completely straight, cos of course it was gonna be, they gave it to Kenneth Branagh

Was the point of this movie to answer supposed plotholes? Really? I thought it was to make money and revive a story that already exists cause it’s easier than making new ideas. Plus this story already has a huge fan base so why not appeal to them and perhaps gather new fans. And maybe just attend to criticisms incidentally. Hmmm, but no. I guess yours makes more logical sense. To be fair I only watched two minutes of this video but the point is, who cares whether or not you or I liked it, it was a box office success that is leading a potential renaissance of live action fairytales so they win.

Please do Treasure Planet!!

To quote a critic here in sweden [about the beast] ”he looks like a Sexy sheep (because of the mouth design)”

But the enchanted objects slowly turning into regular objects is from the Broadway musical (not the death scene, though).

"because there's a certain sect of film commentators that complain there hands aren't being held through the entire Narrative" so CinemaSins?

rouge1ful she also says ”PLOTHOLE DING” so, yes cinema Sins.

"They bond over their mothers being dead" If that isn't the most Disney thing I've ever heard...

For how much Disney had to appeal to the annoying nitpickers who couldn't leave well enough alone, how come there's no push by Disney to "correct" all the plot holes in Frozen? Frozen didn't have the excuse of being closely connected to a fairy tale and it was frequently pushing a "we're not like the other unrealistic Disney movies" mantra, even when there are major plot holes to the story that act like they were from their only draft.

Tamar Leah H. ”Live action, lion king remake”

Hahahahaha- Oh God I'm dying here! Hahahahahahhaha. You're killing me here! Hahahahahaha, holy crap, I'm crying! Hahahahahahahaha! God, it hurts! hurts! Oh nooo 33 minutes left Hahahahahaha!

no way the dvd release of the animated Beauty and the Beast was 1991. That was the theatrical release. DVDs weren't even fully adopted until like 1999? the DVD release with the commentary you cite must be the 2002 release.

Who are the dudes at 33:06?

"But oh no, here comes the patriarchy!"

I haven't seen these movies, but If I understand correctly the live action Disney movies based on the old animated ones are sort of like George Lucas's "Special Editions"? But while the silly changes for the Star Wars special editions and other later stuff such as the midi-chlorians were made because of a personal whim from the creator the Disney "special editions" changes and decisions were made trying to please and appease to what I call the "Generation L." or Generation Lonely (or all those people whose main education and human interation happens throgh social media e.g. Youtube, Twitter, Redit, online games, etc.) So in other words the Disney live action movies are.... well, the standard media product created nowadays.

2:21 "Bitch!" *kiss*

One thing, cinema sins isn't something to take seriously. Though sometimes they do pull apart plotholes that to some are suspension of disbelief killers; they exist as a satire mostly, they are there largely to shit talk things even their favourite movies.

I'm T4 Tarzan

Did Belle and the Beast realise their mothers were both called Martha?

Why do they feel the need to pander to nitpicky assholes on the internet? The mentality of having to overexplain everything is how we ended up with midichlorians.

When I watched it, the thing that struck me most was Hermione here being so undistinguishable from that of Harry Potter. Oh, and by 'I watched it' I mean both trailers to this... thing.

You are smart AND good looking and suddenly I feel creepy

In a year, I’m afraid we will be giving the same type of review to Aladdin. A needless backstory about Aladdin’s mom and how they never had enough in a bad attempt at development, maybe they were even rich at one point until they lost it all. And Jasmine will not be clever, she will be totally surprised that her prince and the street rat are the same person. And Jafar has a backstory that he’s not really evil, just misunderstood, and maybe even actually Aladdin’s uncle or some bs. Calling it now

I think everyone has to understand that major motion pictures won't have gay representation because disbey understands that will hurt it's popularity in a lot of the world.

Do "The prince of Dinosaurs" some time please.

You rock.

Also, the CGI of the Beast is disgustingly bad.

Speaking of meta-commentary: The original Disney's Beauty and the Beast was one. In any previous Disney movie, Gaston would have been the prince that saves the damsel in distress from the evil beast. He is just doing what he is expected to do. But somehow and suddenly that makes him the bad guy in this movie. So meta-commentary on Disney by Disney was not invented in the Disney renaissance. In some way it has always been there. The Mouse wants to cash in on criticism of itself, like the Minitru writing Goldstein's book. (I think Eisner's quote about how he has no obligation to make anything but money is relevant here.) BTW: "The Game" is a parody of "The Rules". Nobody seems to get that, because nobody cares about The Rules, but it is telling that The Game has such a cult following of people who actually take it seriously. If the Bad Advice Mallard wrote a book, The Game would be it. I can't say I understand every reference. For example I don't know what "beast for she" means. But I quite enjoyed this in-depth criticism. Lots of good points that all have their own rabbit holes. (I get the impression that Hollywood is so used to quoting itself that it thinks history is just bad fan fiction.)

Uh, forget where Chip was jumping from and why....the saucer next to him DID hit the ground and shatter! Was that his brother or sister? Does Mrs Potts care?!

Does anyone - *anyone* - remember the 1987 Cannon Movie Tales version of Beauty and the Beast? With Rebecca De Mornay? It was an okay musical (there was that one love song that still sticks in my head once in a while) and Rebecca De Mornay could not sing very well, though she tried . . . that said, the costumes I recall being well made, and the sets were visually appealing. The story was closer to the original fairytale than any other version I've seen (with the exception of two brothers to Beauty in addition to the original two sisters). For the production quality available for TV films at the time, it's actually not a bad film. If you like Beauty and the Beast at all as a story, try that version.

There's also a Hallmark version of the tale made in the 70s, that isn't a musical but is pretty close to the original and has good chemistry between the Beast and Belle, helps the actors were a married couple IRL. (Weirdly enough that film had the Beast gifting Belle books before Disney.) Only real issue is her brother is clearly meant to be a lot younger than the actor they had. (Guy has to be in his mid-20s and yet everyone treats him like a 6 yr old.)

I am so glad I did not see this movie. While I was one of those pedantic internet assholes who would point out all of the "flaws" in Beauty and the Beast, it is my favorite Disney film and it has been for a long time. It is flawed but what always stuck with me was the that the movie was very comfortable in its own skin. It does not try to be anything more than a fairy tale but does such a good job at that it works. It does not try to win an Oscar like Pocahontas nor does it try to get the keep the adults awake with jarring and frankly annoying pop culture references (which is why I hate Aladdin with a fiery passion as I think I am the only human who hates Robin William's genie). To me, Beauty and the Beast is the definitive Disney film and nothing will change that. This movie is just a mess and I hate it and I think the reason I hate it is because it reflects what I hate about the world. Everything needs an answer. The fact that there is magic is never just explanation enough. No one can suspend their disbelief and accept that there is somethings that don't make sense but accept it because there is magic involved. If Disney is punishing the pedantic assholes who wanted to hide the fact that they unironically like Disney movies, they are doing a great job. Thanks Disney, I hate It.

While the "servants are slowly dying" thing is certainly problematic, in the movie's defense, that was something that the Broadway show started

You earned another subscriber. Previously, the algorithm pointed me to your Hobbit post-mortem, all 3 parts I watched yesterday. Now I'm watching this, and I love how delightfully nitpicky you are. I haven't seen the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and now I know I made the right decision, and exactly why. Also the pale face/ crimson lip aesthetic looks fantastic on you. You are really good at this. I shall waste several hours on your back catalog. This makes you the perfect kind of Youtuber to discover. Yay!

I agree with a lot of what you said, but damn the original beast is just terrifying. I always saw him as fairly abusive. He shouts at Belle, scares her and, basically puts her in a state of fear. To make up for that, he'll shoe her his library, or try to use a spoon, or feed birds. It seemed like a weak attempt to redeem him for being a dick. I dunno, I kinda liked the newer beast a bit better. He seemed more real, less abusive.

I HATE that Beast doesn't even say "because I love her" when Belle leaves. Why TF did they give that crucial line to the goddamn teapot?!

Wow... I Hate It!

27:15 - 27:35 made me pause the video to laugh out loud

So, I just saw "Nostalgia Chick" on an older episode of the Critic, leading me to check out some of your videos...I think I have a new crush. There you go. You're welcome?

Man I love you so much, the way you articulate your speech its just so comforting, and obviously what you say its just as good, but its harder to find someone well articulated than smart people, you being both is a nice change of pace from my other subscriptions.

I'm totally stealing "THANKS I HATE IT" as a catchphrase. Love it love it love it

8:08 Whoa, slow down Maurice!

I kinda tapped out on Disney Live Action remakes after Maleficent.

That point about Gaston...

500,617th view!!!!!

she drinks and she knows things

I think you've said you don't read your comments but I'd like to thank you for your video's I've been going through your older ones and they've helped cheer me up during a hard time.

I totally agree with your video, but I loved this movie. :) I know, I know, but I really fucking loved it. And I love your videos, even when I disagree with them. :)

I refuse to watch this and every star wars movie aside from the 6 original ones. Thank you cute lady ;)

0:01 - 0:36 Why am I inexplicably reminded of the gang blasting Dee with soft lighting in It's always sunny?

I love this video, and all the rest of your new work~. Quick question? What happened to all the old videos? Are they going to be back here or on an alternate channel?

normal I respect your thoughts but do not always agree with them, but in this case I must bow to you , I agree with everything you said, and you put into words so well why I hated this live action movie. I personal love the animated Beauty and the beast , but this life actions version just took it to the toilet and did its business all over it! I hate the whole cast. I am not a fan of Emma waston as a actress, and here she is a nightmare as belle. She can't sing worth a dam, and she looked bored and had no passion for belle. I saw Emma being Emma not belle. and lets us not forget the political correctness in the movie itself, that ruined it to but that is another r comment. The actor as Gaston was missed cast and could not sing for his life either. I don't understand why this movie made so much money it suck so bad, it also shows how Hollywood is not in the dark ages. There was nothing wrong the animated one , and no need for a live one, and they suck all the heart passion and plan common sense out of the animated film. I am not looking forward to any new live action Disney movies after this thank you for making this video

Nobody that has reviewed this bland, dull remake has mentioned how much it stole from the 2014 French remake of La Belle et Le Bette. Especially the whole sequence when Maurice arrives at the castle and picks the rose to say nothing of the castle being in perpetual winter.

I didn't see it as an invention subplot. I thought it was more like a "check it out she's smart"

Just gonna say it here, Lindsay you are beautiful

They made the Beast an insufferable prick in this film." Thanks, I hate it!"

Great video, except for your (pretty colossal) misreading of Eisner's statement: he's not saying they have an obligation to make money, he's saying that in order to make money they may have to make art, history or a statement. You've pretty grossly mischaracterised him as saying 'We should be making money above all else', instead of 'If we want to make money we should look to making art, history or a statement'. (The comma doesn't help, but the clause ''But to make money' is very clearly attached to the call to make art etc, separated as a new sentence from the acknowledgement that they have no obligation to do so). Not quite the 80s sentiment you seem to be ascribing to him. Great breakdown of the movie though, and of the culture of unfair and damaging criticism.

I love the at times Sorkin-ianly written lines.

Some of your videos littered my recommended tab, which I don't mind at all. Who would've thought I'd manage to sit through an academic dissertation of Michael Bay's "Transformers"? The Communications major in me got awakened after suppressing it because adulting haha As for this, now I know why this "Beauty and the Beast" felt hollow even if it tried to fill the gaps. So, to point this out, we (by I mean, you) have come to a point to nitpick the nitpickers. That's some meta-nitpicking. Nitpicking-ception? Or maybe now that we've grown up, we've just become jaded and cynical. And Disney the company, which is already in its "get off my lawn" age in human years has become jaded and cynical as well and is not aging gracefully. Basically, this is them saying, "we can play the troll game, too, as well as be meta and be fourth wall-breaking and stuff." That's what I noticed after watching "classics" (the quotation marks is for the fact that the movies is just approximately 30 years old and I am feeling old for pointing that out) like "Edward Scissorhands" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" is that how these fantasy stories can do so much with little exposition and still be coherent without having to explain everything. Back when I saw the animated "Beauty and the Beast", I didn't question where Belle's mother was or think of the possibility that she had Stockholm Syndrome (a term I actually wouldn't encounter until later in life, so maybe that's that), or why inaminate objects can talk. I just pegged the latter to the story being in the fantasy genre and it being Disney. Hell, it's mascot is a talking mouse! So, yeah. have we (the general we - and the fact that I have to put in this addendum is proving my point) come to a point that we have overanalyzed things and it is starting to affect how Disney frames its stories? At least with Marvel, we can put it down to being a malleable form of literature (like, how many "Earths" are there in official Marvel canon - and Deadpool). And this is why the "Star Wars" franchise have become problematic, partly because its fanbase has become toxic. To summarize: hooray, the trolls have won?!

Oh, yeah. Because of this, I'm subbing. And now, I'll show this video of yours to my girlfriend so that we'll have our own lengthy discussion on the merits of your essay.

Hey, I love your videos Lindsay, currently I am on summer holidays with coursework, I am taking my A- level in literature and watching your videos alongside my coursework is a highlight of my Friday's. Thank you so much for your content, you have inspired so many people not only to appreciate literature, but to see the world around them with a fresh more analytical, perhaps less judgemental perspective. You are charming, charismatic and funny. yours sincerely Adam C from London

What are your thoughts on the Cinderella remake?

This is what happens when the source material is trash, but at least it looked good in the process. Beauty and the Beast is straight up stolkholme syndrome wrapped up as a love story and kick started by "a wizard [enchantress] did it" cliche. Don't get me wrong.. i watch and enjoy both versions but neither are exactly stellar films all things considered.

Oh my goodness, the Albi The Racist Dragon FOTC reference... I think I am in love! I have not seen your content since Nostalgia Chick (I know, it's ridiculous) so I have so much to binge-watch. I'm so glad I rediscovered you! I love that your always witty commentary is still alive and well.


Is it wrong that I want the upcoming Mulan movie to fail just so we can have Lindsay tear it a new one like this video? Bonus points if they really did abuse the gender politics

“The original DVD release of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 1991”?

In hindsight, going by your thesis that the remake's sole existence was to overzealously "fix" whatever counted as a "plot hole" that circulated in the past 20 years made me think about a deleted scene demonstrating how overboard the creators' went by nearly confirming this piece of fridge horror that, yes, a castle staff member was turned into a toilet.

The entire discussion of bigotry and LGBT representation in this film is honestly heartbreaking when you take a moment to consider Howard Ashmen’s contributions to the original as a gay man dying of AIDS.

She tries everything once he dies. She kisses him, for god's sake. Like she has read certain fairy tales. She knew what she was trying to do in this one.

.....My nitpicks have fueled the very thing I despise and loave. [holds head in shock] .......I have hunted the very thing I granted life and have left myself hollow for it.....

So call me crazy, but I just found your channel not too long ago and love it. I decided to go back and watch some older videos since I was behind. I was watching older ones every so often and then today I went to check and your library of videos had shrunk drastically lol. And videos are showing up as private. I really enjoyed watched you discuss seeing Lion King in 3D, ranking Disney sequels and stuff but now I’m curious as to why those videos are gone? Am I just not finding them?

thanks, i love it! really dig your channel and clever analysis.

I just watched your video about The Hobbit movies and clicked on this one after seeing the link. Seriously, you're awesome. You perfectly encapsulated everything about why The Hobbit movies, and this movie just don't work for me. These reviews are so spot on!

I adore your work, especially the video essays. I'm not really a film fan, generally speaking, but your videos are just so interesting, so illuminating and educational without being boring... Great work! Please, keep it up. :) On that note, I've noticed that you usually deconstruct films that went wrong. I guess that it's easier to point out weak spots than to sing an ode to a perfect film (is there even such a thing?) You are never overly critical and you do your best to notice the good things in every film, but still.... What would you think about deconstructing a work with more good points than bad? And ok, this whole introduction was leading to this: would you, please, talk about Hannibal (the TV series)? It's one of my favourites and gods.... I mean, you need to suspend your disbelief quite a lot, but the plot, the characters' arches, the scenography, the way that operating the camera creates a feeling of intimacy.... I'm sure it would be really interesting to hear your take on it. Think about it, please. Anyway, thank you again for sharing your amazing work. I forward to your next video, whatever it'll be.

Have you considered making a video about why the characters in sitcoms are either terrible people or complete idiots?

Oh Lindsay, that brain of yours is definitely super sexy, I dont mind the lipstick either

Lefou and that other guy dancing doesn't even enforce his gayness, because we just say that the other guy might be transgender. They cancel each other out. So technically now... Lefou's bi I guess....

10:30 but, doesn't that mean that once the spell is broken, those other utensils...die? Where does a candlestick go? WHERE DOES A CANDLESTICK GO???? 11:14 I didn't actually think that was bad. What I did think was bad was how everyone else had a facepalm moment as if belle was suppose to know that was just a hairbrush. 12:15 again, that wasn't something I had any objection to...except why a dog and a little boy had to suffer because of it! 12:28 sigh, it's not like this was the king who was he dad...then again even if he was a lord, could the staff have said something.... I'm sure it would have been ignored, but at least if they did something that would have excused them...right???? 12:54 now that was an actually really good scene...except it did make the beast even more of a jerk by essentially condemning his staff to death! you know what, all, or at least, most, of these attempts to correct flaws from the film makes me think of the film divergent, like, that was also trying to correct the mistakes, but only made more mistakes in it's place, like they're fighting a hydra or something. you cut off one head, another springs up, when to be honest, in my opinion, people don't care about flaws as long as the piece of media is entertaining. like think of the new star wars films! sure, force awakens killed off a major character and undid what our heroes sought to accomplish, did anyone complain? Well some did, but all in all people seemed forgiving because it was entertaining. The last jedi was a less entertaining film, so killing off a major character and undoing what our heroes sought to accomplish seemed more obvious and less forgiving.

9:39 yeah, see, this was my favourite scene in the entire film too! It was different, yet the story structure was the same. If the rest of the film was like this, I'm sure there would have been less complaints.

I thought this film was great, but flawed.

6:27 I do have this feeling though, that disney is trying to act like it's in with the crowd so to speak by addressing this criticisms by people, kinda like how it was trying to act COOL and EXTREME in the nineties! I think about once upon a time and how it seemed to address it's flaws before anyone had a chance to criticise it, and I think to the moment where they repeat the whole characters get their memories wiped for the upteenth time, and snow's like again? and I'm like again? AGAIN? you're pulling this crap on us AGAIN???? and a character would be like, but we've addressed how we've done it again and that makes it okay! and I'm like NO! that does NOT make it ok! Addressing your flaws does not excuse the fact that you've made the flaw! Maybe the first time you did it, but not continually doing it! That was actually around the time I lost interest in once upon a time.

2:19 yah, I disagree with that. Cos I think that the implication of the prince being cursed at eleven was a plot hole that needed to be resolved (and so easily too!). The other, I guess they did create more problems than they resolved.

You got me subscribed at "La Belle et la Bete" Perfect pronunciation.

if they wanted to go the gay route and make something original why not just gender swap belle, make it a gay romance fairy tale. make the enchantress evil (if you find it nessesary to explain why the servants got turned into objects) like she wanted to mary the beast for his money and title, but he turned her down because he's gay (or something like that). and just make gaston and the town predjudice because "belle" isn't interested in woman and is nice sweet and gentle. you can also still have lefou be gay, but he can be like a homophobic self-hating gay guy that has the hots for gaston. and the climax is the town en the enchantress teaming up against "belle" and the beast.

I say we kill the Beauty and the Beast. Seriously, just make a sequel or something you know... original!

kowtow? Wow, I never knew that word was accepted into general use.

I agree. On about everything. Just one tiny little thing though, while I wholeheartedly agree that the "mom thing" was completely useless, I can nonetheless understand why Belle's father couldn't tell her about it. Because I don't think her mom "died of the plague" per se, she most probably starved or died from dehydration, slowly, painfully and alone... "I left her to starve so I could protect you" is slightly harder to say to your child, I assume. And my "thing I liked from the movie": the town's "library" with barely ten books in it. It's more realistic and does a better job at emphasizing why the beast's library would be such a big deal for Belle.

"You can't leave things to people's imaginations, then they might go make an internet about it" consistently makes me laugh until my vision tunnels.

Honestly the 2017 Beauty and the Beast should have been written by Linda Woolverton, as she has written both the original film and stage show. Also, not every Disney animated film needs a live action remake, and if they are going to do so, remake the films that didn’t do so well in the box office, like Black Cauldron. With all the gothic images and Tim Burton’s original concept art not being used, it would make for a great medieval fantasy film.

Internet never ceases to blow me away. you've been at it for awhile and yet only now have knowledge of you and can now happily binge watch all your content and add my likes and comments to your legacy. great job couldn't agree more with the assessment of the film and why it is the way it is

China doesn't like musicals? Why not make the Mulan remake a Beijing Opera?


Beauty and the beast is my favourite Disney film, and I loved the remake, didn’t realise that wasn’t common :/

Are we forgetting how awful the singing is? How hard is it to find an actress who can sing instead of wasting time and money trying to autotune her voice? Also, wtf are Belle's costumes? I feel like they tried so hard to make certain costumes historically accurate but then gave up. Belle is constantly showing her stockings and she doesn't wear gloves in her formal dress, both of which would be frowned upon and weird that someone from Paris and that is constantly complaining about how the town is simple would dress like how one would imagine the town to dress because they don't know any better.

The production design is awful-it's trying to be baroque AND fit the original film, and that just causes this huge clash of style. You can synthesize it-I've seen great fanart of it, but in this case it just crashes.

And how despite how much money Disney poured into it the costuming and sets STILL look like an overpriced cosplay.

Or just dub her over with an actual singing voice? That's what they did with later Disney movies- let the actor act, and let the singer sing. Seeing Emma Watson sing is like watching Elvis act. It's heartbreakingly awkward.

i don't care what it is, i don't care how much it gets dragged, I just want to listen to Lindsay talk about Aladdin for 20+ minutes

I realize there is already many more comments that are likely saying the same thing I shall say, especially since I'm a little late to this video, but I hope you won't mind too much. Or mind that it's in a list form, since that's easier for me to explain my thoughts. 1. Not really first in response, but I'm afraid I'll forget otherwise. I thought the book was simply a look into the past, akin to the Pensieve in Harry Potter, not that they were actually there. They could interact in the memory, but it wouldn't actually change the past in any way. 2. I saw this film in the theater. It wasn't the best theater experience, but I found that despite that I liked the film well enough, although perhaps that was just in comparison. I knew of a few critiques-- like the Le Fou one which was, frankly, one of the dumbest things Disney has done these past few years-- but hadn't realized until watching this video just how many valid critiques there really are. I was never the biggest fan of the original Disney film (I like it just fine, it's just not a favorite) so perhaps that's why I didn't notice as much. I think it perhaps invites the most criticism of the all the remakes thus far. 3. I appreciate the idea of adding depth to characters and expanding the world in the remakes, but the execution is just so lacking, and I agree with many of your criticisms of this film in particular. Belle having a scene where she teaching a girl to read or helping her father with work? Sure, that's fine if they're small scenes, but having them be a bigger thing with little payoff is frustrating. I didn't mind Gaston's war addition, it would make sense why the villagers in this film would tolerate as much as they do. He's an ass and obnoxious, but he is a war hero, and so they begrudging afford him that respect. I can certainly see someone like Gaston becoming affected by war not by being horrified it, but by becoming a blood knight and craving it. Did they overdo it, however? I think so. I get it was to be a bit comical, and Luke Evans certainly made the best of it, but it just felt... flat. Perhaps if they had the town love him as in the original and then showed these psychotic moments away from anyone but Le Fou for the most part, it'd be more interesting and would make sense as to why the town followed him. They could be redeemed(ish) by realizing how awful he is in the end and turning on him. 4. I didn't mind Beast's take on Romeo & Juliet personally. He's a selfish, immature jerk and he's going to be one. Though I admit I am biased, I hate R&J and how it's upheld as a love story instead of a tragedy of hubris and kids being idiot kids. Quite frankly I dislike it more than The Taming of the Shrew and all of its issues. (For what it's worth, I am female.) Back to Beast, that moment would have been fine if there was payoff later. It's her favorite, and so he reads it with her even if he's not a fan, because it's what you do when you care about someone. Maybe he has a copy of the first folio and gifts it to her or some such. He just stays a jerk, though, and you're absolutely right in that it's frustrating. 5. Overall, I again appreciate the fact that Disney is trying to do different things with their remakes, whether small additions like with Cinderella or mix bag like this or a different POV as with Maleficent. I think they need to tighten up their scripts and become more focused in what they're trying to do. I still have hopes for Mulan (even without many of the original Disney characters) and also Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Again, I'm not particularly attached to any of these movies so much that I'm upset by changes, so I certainly understand others' hesitations and outright anger. My favorite Disney film is Robin Hood, which isn't likely to get any kind of remake. If it does, I may feel as others do in regards to the remakes done and upcoming. TL;DR I mostly agree with you, I like the changes Disney is attempting but they need to do it much better, and I hate the idolization of Romeo & Juliet. Thank you to you and your team for these videos.

There's this thing on Pinterest that I read which pointed out how the scary thing about Gaston was how society adored him despite him being so horrible. This movie completely missed the point.

I kinda feel like a lot of the changes they made could have worked in other contexts. It doesn't work in THIS story, but some of the jokes (Lafou paying off people during Gaston's song, the Beast "showing off" his library) are kinda funny IMO, they just don't serve THIS story well.

The picture of JBP titled "Lobsterdaddy" made me laugh so hard thank you for that

Thanks for introducing me to the title "He for she." No joke, I really needed a shorthand to express my utter distain for (most) cishetero male feminists.

dang that profile pic

On the topic of fairy tale/ Disney princesses not having mothers I read a really interesting book years ago called The Witch Must Die which was about the psychology of fairy tales. The trope of a dead mother and an evil stepmother is thought to be a way for children to sort of ... deal with their mom's when they don't like them I guess? The idea that the "bad" mother isn't their "real" mom or something. It was interesting reading. Not sure I agree with it all but still interesting. Also the idea of parents not being around in many fairy tales I've read is to help children learn to foster independence free of their parents and to find autonomy. Of course since what we know as the most popular fairy tales were originally meant for adult entertainment I'm kind of skeptical about all of this. The argument could be put forward that they have been tailor made for children over the years and these elements have been put in or that these story beats are why they subconsciously resonate with children but.. eh. Also random and not on this subject but wasn't the original version of Beauty and the Beast written by a woman? I've been trying to track an English version of it down to read.

I liked the movie cause of hearing the famous song, beauty and the beast. Which I heard so much of back when I was a toddler I cried at it cause of nostalgia.

This is amazing but before I actually get into why I just need to know where you got that lipstick? because it is EVERYTHING

Bonus points if she'd bring the 2009 movie where the soldiers discover her secret early on and NOBODY CARES!

I totally can see the "THIS FEMINIST MOVIE ISN'T OBVIOUS ENOUGH" coming like they did with BatB. Hire a feminist lead, have the social issues incredibly obvious despite them playing a relatively small role in the plot, etc etc

Tareltonlives Yep, true enough. I'd just really like to see her take on the Hannibal. :)

"What would you think about deconstructing a work with more good points than bad? " She did the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

That's probably why they cast her. But "improved".

Is that a mini car?

Lean in Belle lol

If you hated this version,i strongly recommend the czechoslovakian movie from 1978 (original name kráska a netvor). It is a work of art,chilling and expressionist at moments,then romantic and sweet.

Michael Eisner looks like a Dick Tracy character.

In my last semester I look a 400 level Philosophy class in ethics and morality of law. The entire first half of that class was going through all of moral trolleyology. The small inclusion of this in the video made me simultaneously smile nostalgically and panic.

Regarding this video: Thanks, I LOVE IT!

You can just say CinemaSins it’s okay.

The library scene was particularly bad in light of just how easy it would have been to write if they had any familiarity with someone who's passionate about books and reading. His Neg about Romeo & Juliette can stay right where it is, all he has to do is then step to the next Shakespeare he likes and recommend that with suitably beastly enthusiasm or perhaps his sort of love story, something. Book recommendations would have been an easy way to get them interacting but instead they use a magic book to dig into her history.

this is fantastic

You have to understand who runs Disney, what their objectives are to really understand what is going on in the films.

I clicked this expecting it to just be saying that the remake was soulless and had horrifying visuals, and got so much more.

Watching this I suddenly get WHY Disney is so silly sensitive to Internet static they fired James Gunn simply because some Alt-Right jackasses dug up some of this stupid old online posts. This in only the first three minutes too. Wow!

Dear Lindsay. Normally I couldn't really care less for the Beauty/Beast remake (or the original for that matter), but you still had me enthralled with your intelligent, witty and funny analysis for the full 37 minutes. I have just discovered both you and your friend ContraPoints on YouTube, and I am over the moon. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. You are awesome.

Belle shoulda used Calgon on that washing machine

Emma Watson is a terrible actress

"And when Iger saw the breadth of his domain, he wept. For there were no more properties to remake." Dayum! I guess all that's left for Disney is to aggressively buy other peoples IP while lobbying for longer Copyright Term Extensions. That's... pretty grim.

I think they missed a trick with Gaston's being a soldier - like everybody admires him because he supposedly did something really heroic but then at the end it turns out he didn't and he took credit for something someone else did.

Wait, there was a Cinderella movie?

I’m so happy with these critiques! I feel like you hit everything I subconsciously hated about the new movie.

I've never seen this movie, but...Are there any movies that you actually like?

Thanks for this essay, Lindsay. It perfectly encapsulates all frustrations I had with the movie. Besides that however I still feel alone in feeling shocked in the beginning of the tonally confused live action mess because it keeps reminding me of a Ken Russell movie....atleast this b*tch beast should have had some erotic scene where'd he'd tell a dying person to eat cake, maybe hand it to them through his mouth.

You know what my furcking problem with these live action adaptations is? It assumes that the original animated works are childish and "unrealistic" and tries to "correct" this by being cynical and grittier, which is probably why The Beast is a massive prick now.

I hated when live Maleifcent was made to look like she was a bad bitch because of a man hurting her. She was just a bad bitch by herself. And how dare you invite the whole kingdom to the party and not the baddest bitch? Palease. She'll be there in five..

So from what I'm getting... this is what would happen if actually tried to make a work of art themselves, rather than bashing works from other people for clicks?

Emma Watson’s singing (barf)

The cringe of this movie is so massive I still cringe just thinking of it.

OMG I love your humor and your analysis is so spot on and well thought out. I watched your Hobbit series first and it was so good!

Love the critiques you do! And omg I never realized that there are no disney moms! I guess the writer's rooms were full of dudes.

Thank god for FoTC

No One Noticed that the plague part of the movie was wrong! The plague did not happen in the 1700s; it happened in the 1300s. Doctors did not wear the beaked mask in the 1700s; that was also the 1300s. The beak of the mask was filled with herbs and other substances because it was mistakenly believed that bad smells caused illness (also helped against gag reflex). This part of the story made no sense, was wrong, stupid, and Belle's mom could have passed away from any number of causes that were more accurate and plausible.

To be honest, the servants being punished by the enchantress for no f***ing fault of their own was kind of the point in the original: one person's selfishness and lack of empathy does not only come back to bite said person in the butt, but has horrible consequences on everyone around them. I mean, I did get that loud and clear even as a kid, for f**k's sake, why couldn't they leave that alone? Also, the most gratuitou and out-of-place addition was Evermore. I can forgive set ups that don't pay off and subplots that go nowhere, but not that random interruption in the emotional tension of the second act climax. How much more powerful was to simply get a shot of the Beast from behind and hear him growl in pain from afar as Belle rides away? Someone who's just lost their last chance at recovery does that, doesn't burst into fu**ing song! I'm fine with music numbers, I understand that's not supposed to be diegetic, but it just pauses the narrative flow dead in one of the emotional core moments for no reason at all! Why, Disney, WHY?!

I’m still confused by the daddies can someone explain?

The thing that annoys me about the whole "female literacy" thing is is twenty five percent of the female population in France in 1740 (when Beauty and the Beast was written) could read. It's from a novel by a woman, and later shortened to a fairy tale by another woman.

30:05 Oh no, here comes the patriarchy! That made me laugh a lot, idk why

Great video, I didnt though id watch the whole thing but i enjoyed it. Love your make up too.

Just discovered this channel today! This is truly fantastic work, and 100% accurate. Apart from my disagreements with the political commentary, the analysis of the subject matter is on point!

Awesome content, as always


Thank you, I hated this movie and couldn't understand why people loved it.

Your videos are amazing! These literally feel like a class in please keep making videos, we love them!

I always just assumed the enchantress was petty about the kid being mean to her and inflicted a bit of an unfair curse. Instead of making it out like the castle staff deserved to get cursed, why didn't they just say the enchantress was being a petty betch.

You can't write fantasy or beautiful stories if you are a cynic.

I just look at her and think "Harry Potter" I can't watch movies with her in it tbh. It's like cringy to me

Pretty sure you can enjoy media like you did when we were kids. You just need to be open minded and let things go. While there are crappy remakes, you can always go back to old stuff that you like once you finish talking craps about them. Besides, there are tons of new movies that are genuinely good that you can talk about. Being an adult should be a bless than a curse. You have earned an ability to experience media on the levels many other people can't and for that you make these wonderful videos for us. Your love your jobs is a gateway to see so many wonderful things in life. It's a waste to get stuck with a dilemma like "the old days were better/I miss my childhood".

How does the Cinderella remake fit into this? Not trying to poke holes, it just struck me as such a literal interpretation of the original that I can't figure out which criticism was addressed.

For those who want Lindsay OK as a GIF. Here you go:

You didn't mention the worst line in the movie. The last thing that Bell says. It shows that feminists are never satsified.

It was a pretty cut and dry adaption. It wasn't anything profound and felt like a too-safe approach for a live-action remake.

Lindsay Ellis I'm hoping that people nit picked about Hercules not being close enough to the source material. Good luck with having your main character in the live action remake murder his wife and children, Disney.

“D•mn, that’s a sweet owl” Y e p

**Me; loving Beauty and the Beast and it being my favorite Disney made movie, both the cartoon **_and_** live action**

Remember. You could challenge norms by making a story differently - or you could just lazily point them out and change nothing. That's progress.

BATB was released on DVD in 1991? Lindsay are you from a parallel universE?

"Iger invests safely" >greenlights The Last Jedi >greenlights Solo Wars: A Solo Star Movie

Lindsey, you’re probably one of three genuinely funny women in the world. Nice job! (Seriously, this is really good)

Thank you for putting this together, it puts everything I hated about this movie into a great and concise argument on how they have ruined my favourite disney film.

It's ironic that Emma Watson said that she wanted the romance between Belle and the Beast to feel more natural in this version than in the animated movie, but it actually comes off as more forced here.

I am so here for legitimate tear-downs of this horrible movie. It was a garbled mess without a heart and I hate it.

I *HATE* this remake with all of my heart!

Gonna pause the review just for a second to say THANK YOU for the point about meta-humor. I mean, it's not *awful,* when done well, but too often people just go for the easiest, most shallow joke they possibly can, decades after everyone else already made it, and better. And to be honest, this trend in newer Disney movies to poke fun at the older ones feels kind of...mean-spirited more than playful self-deprecating. "Ha ha, see how cool we are now? We're so much more hip and modern and complex than all those boring old movies with their plots about true love and evil witches and stuff. Nyah-nyah, Walt, we're better than you!" Just, guys, cut it out. Make a movie that actually can stand on its own merits instead of pointing out how much better it is than all the other movies we grew up with. Especially when what you're poking fun at are often fairy tale tropes and the actual historical context for those fairy tale tropes, which A: has been done to death, and B: makes you look ignorant. So yeah, my opinion's pretty much "Thanks, I hate it", too. Thanks, I love it :)

Gaston has PTSD. ... *Gaston* has *PTSD?!* They decided to insult everyone living with that horrible, horrible disease, and the memories of the event which caused it in the first place, not to mention *everyone* with any sort of mental illness, by having Gaston have PTSD? And that's like a handwave for his behavior, "Oh, this is why he's so much of a jerk, see, he has mental health iss-" NO. No, stop it. Mental illness is not an excuse for being a monster. Mental illness does not make one a monster. And what about Gaston's characterization in the original movie suggests that he has any mental illness at all, let alone PTSD? Not to mention how horrendously they're portraying said mental illness in the first place!

I actually like the live action movie lol. Nice review as well.

Am I the only one who thinks casting Emma Watson as Belle is the biggest mistake? The movie is set on French but I don't feel it is French because of her British accent The movie is also too much songs and less telling the story

This movie could've been resolved if the writers asked themselves the question on the SAT where its like "at this point, the author would like to add the following sentence..." and answered "(c) don't add it because it detracts from the paragraph's main focus"

i needed this review.

i also really disliked the choice for bell being emma

Love the lips, girl.

I laughed when you mentioned a talking toilet....because in the deleted scenes for the film, there IS a talking toilet......named Monsieur Toilette....I am NOT making this up.

Love That Owl!

The animated one had a hot Beast so this is shit. I cant even bang to it wtf

You're OVER EXPOSED. Thank you for noticing this notice.

Some of my friends had the audacity to say, while watching this movie at one's apartment, that the original animated movie was "basically the same" and was unnecessary to watch if you've seen the live action remake. Like,,,what?

..... how have i gone this long without you? Thanks. I love you!

"make an internet about it" lol


Hahaha did you know this film has a gaaaaay.....????

That feather-duster design is pretty tight. Ok, I'll stop.

"Love that owl" lmao

Nitpickers: "Where are all the Disney moms?" Me: "don't see how it effects the quality of the film." Nitpickers: "beast was 11 when he was cursed" Me: "don't see how it effects the quality of the film." Nitpickers: "why didn't the town remember the monarchy?" Me: "don't see how it effects the quality of the film." Nitpickers: "why were the employees cursed too?" Me: "do I even have to say it again"

In order from worst to best gay representation, it's psychotic serial killer, to regular villain, to fool villain, to humanized villain, to neutral/one day character, to good and proud, to moral and kissing, to "perfect Oscar Wilde who can do no wrong, who valiantly sacrificed himself in the name of gay kind, and who definitely did not get arrested for having sex with 16 to 18 (over legal age) boy prostitutes!" But this is only if the symbol is on purpose. Not every gay character is meant to be a symbol!

You can marry a beast, but never marry a prince that locks your father in a damn cell. Especially if he says he'll die or he'll kill himself. You are not obligated to do anything to him.

I'm so glad I didn't waste my time watching the new one. It seems like they took a movie they didn't really understand and then tried to "fix it", what a mess. Also how could you remake Mulan without it's soundtrack. One of, if not the best (or at least catchiest) Disney soundtracks, and I don't even like musicals.

I didn’t watch this movie, nor will I. Thanks for making this.

How come the Beast use the Time Travel Book to go to the past to keep himself from getting cursed?

9:55 There was no DVDs in 1991.

Did you find any of the criticisms pedantic?

Morgana, "Ursula's crazy sister" still wins the 'most awkward and ham fisted character name introduction' award XD


There was supposed to be a toilet character.

All of this! The biggest thing for me is that none of the characters were even remotely interesting. It’s funny to me how the live action version of the castle objects look less human than the cartoon version. The live action objects had these little bitty eyes that were lost in all the animated detail. Very hard to read their expressions. Emma Watson was quite boring in her acting. And the beast had zero like-ability. So at the end when he turns human and they’re all in love or whatever, it isn’t believable at all. I guess it makes sense that the characters fall flat because the live action team didn’t have to do any of the work to put the story together. They took the most basic elements of the story, copy-pasted it, and then thought that adding a bunch of crap to the plot would make it stand out against the original. All we really want is to see a story with believable and relatable characters who act in believable and relatable ways. You can’t fool us with your special effects. There’s nothing of substance in this remake.

Lindsay looked like someone but then I forgot who it was...I just remember they were from sweden, norway or something like that....

At what point do we start calling criticism pedantry? If art is meant for adults i can see no reason why we should be judged for reading deeply into art we like. The problem lies with making children's stories into adult ones while keeping the same core story intact, just look at The Hobbit Trilogy.

"Crazy ol'Maurice, hmm.... ....CRAAAAZY OL'MAURICE....HMM."

i dont hate emma watson but she isnt suit as belle. indeed she is bookworm and smart but she is far from feminin. she is bold, masculine, have no lips and kinda look like a boy. she cant stop using her british accent too. media says french epitome girl is the best, but they using british actress to play belle. irony!

It's hilarious that you think your criticism is somehow worthier than that of these "fedora'd cynical of adults" (?) you're bizarrely furious about when this supposed 'pedantic nitpicking' is merely addressing the oldest and most important problem of all art - the tension between the requirements realism and fantasy. Pretension is no better than pedantry.

"Your pores are much less noticeable now that I have human eyes." "It IS you!

OMG! If you don't like it, then it wasn't for you anyways! So stop bitching! DUH!

I just fell in love with you. I have been trying to articulate for years now why I resent this live action remake trend in Disney Movies, and the success of this Beauty and the Beast pushed me to my limit. I could never effectively explain to someone who was a fan of this movie why these remakes are cheap insults to their animated sources, and simply a calculated scam by The Disney Company to steal literal money from your heart and somehow make you feel good about it. You have tackled the argument perfectly. I never even considered that these movies were responses to the awful internet culture of nitpicking and social criticism, but you're absolutely right. The only one of these films that I saw in full was Maleficent. While not an insult, felt fully unnecessary and almost...pandering. Coming off of the heels of Frozen, it seemed very obvious what direction the studio was going in, and how *bold* and feminist of them to criticize their work so no one else could. I have seen this too strongly with the marketing for Wreck-It-Ralph 2 and it grosses me out. I will direct people to your video when they seem convinced that this film is a great thing (or even better than the original). And check out the book you mentioned during your sponsor. I love transparency on the corporate mind of the Disney Company.

Okay, movie. If the enchantress was justified in jinxing the entire castle then why was Chip involved? Due to class differences at the time he probably had very little to no contact with the Prince, and even if he did he's still a child.

This is one of my favorite analysis video.

I usually don't take note of people's make up much. I notice it, but then just continue. But I'm in love with what you did. That lipstick is amazing.

Sorry about requesting a movie you don’t like so much, but you’re so good at explaining what we hate about this movie, what’s so messed up about it.

Mediocre man, possessing the right objects, and a girl that for what ever reason compromises and sticks around . Honestly this just sound like a commentary on our current understanding of certain relationships. At least for the represented age demographic in the movie. These fairy tales where an expression of life, culture, traditions etc; the Zeitgeist of the given age, it is only natural that a 21st century retelling should adapt to it's 21 century audience. Who just happens to be a bunch of Cynical youtube critics, with a fetish for the overly justified. The characters in this movie are, like most characters in any anything, basically just caricatures of the real deal. And it is clear that the Disney-induced sense of child like wonder has burst.

What I fail to understand is why so many of these channels are being taken seriously? Ralphthemoviemaker, YMS and Cinema Sins are all taking the shit out of movies in a way that is supposed to be taken as a joke but people just take things too seriously. I don't think people can separate a joke movie review from a serious one and that's just our own fault and results in movies like this heaping pile.

The Jason Bourne-effect. Turned the fantastical spy adventure into a gritty realistic thriller. He snuk into our homes and sleeper-chocked our childhood wonder in a an excruciatingly realistic fashion. Shot with a out of focus shaky camera.

I hope the live action remake of the lion king bombs. Fight me.

Your reviews have become extremely well put together and well thought on every regard. I kinda worried this would be like some *other* critic's reviews which would've been so nitpicky but offering no helpful commentary. Yours feels extremely constructive in every regard. Keep going Lindsay, keep on going!

I don't really watch Disney movies so idk what movie that is at 6:52 but it sent me into an ugly dry laughing fit

So are you trying to say that they should have made the 2017 live action Beauty & the Beast a shot for shot remake of the original 1991 Animated classic movie. But I do have to admit that I wish Disney would go back to their hey day of their Animation you know pen paper paints drawing by hand yes I know Walt Disney always looked to do the latest trend in Animation technology but if they want to do CGI movies they have Pixar for that that is why I sort of dislike Disney now as everything in is made in either live Action or CGI or a combination of both their is nothing made just Hand drawn anymore & that is a shame as it is a fantastic & classic form art art that should not be lost & never be forgotten. Also that is what made Disney famous & brought the name to the public light. The theme parks were just like a side project. Yes I admit I have the live action Beauty & thge Beast in my movie collection oh & of course Marry Poppins but that is only the live action Disney movies I own the rest are the classic Hand drawn Animated movies. I have CGI movies but they are only from Pixar & Dreamworks & Warner Brothers. Yes I know some of the hand drawn Animated classics used a little CGI like Aladdin,Beauty & the Beast & The Lion King & some others as well but the art style was 95% hand drawn Animation.

Do you think maybe the Beast's parents are still alive, and the story just takes place at their vacation home?

9:58 i think you made a mistake here. DVDs weren't out in 1991.

I finally got around to checking out ContraPoints recently and oh man... I'm calling the police

That daddy wall is super accurate

I've never heard of you but have a like 1:35, you seem awesome.

The only thing I enjoyed in the live-action remake was the scene where we learn how Belle’s mother died. The rest of the movie was terribly made; I think what infuriated me the most was that they didn’t have someone who could truly sing sub in for Emma Watson and instead went with awful auto tune. It ruined the music for me

One issue I had with the remake is the fact that the Enchantress punished the Beast's staff for not doing anything about the father's treatment of the Beast, yet she didn't punish the Townspeople for treating her like trash, or for plotting to murder the Beast.

A frog nitpicking. Didn''t see the movie, but the depiction of black people, in the XVIII century, in France... at a period when they were aproximativley 5000 non white people in France (not counting the colonies) and also the fact that those non white people where for the most part in Paris and in harbors area... Why... the fuck... do I see at 24:54 a black man wearing clothes that say "I'm working for the fucking State biatch !", in a small town of XVIII century France ? What the fuck ?! One or two black people serving in a farm or at the tavern would be already a statistical anomaly. But this ?! What is this !? I don't know if it's insulting for black people, France history... both ? At most, a black man in a small town like that would have been an aprentice for a tailor or a blacksmith. They would not have been permited to work for the State outside of the carribean colonies.

"Thanks I hate it" is a great line, do you mind if I take it. I feel it's perfect in eliciting a person utter contempt on something that was thought be enjoyable for them.Think I'll start with this video.

First of all I love this review, seriously it's amazing. I like how you laid out your points, the tone of voice you used and that very...hmm cynical wit, I don't really have know how to convey what I mean but ft but it was to do with the way you were speaking, more than tone, kind of the way you phrased things I guess that made this very entertaining to watch. Second of all as perfect as this was I wish you had mentioned your opinion on her dress. Personally I hated the thing but even if you thought the opposite I would have liked to hear your thoughts. Thirdly/irrelevantly I just had to say your make up is fantastic! Also I think you have pretty eyes, not that you care but I couldn't let it go with out mentioning it since every time your face reappeared after you illustrated a point with a movie clip (which I like how you do that) the thought kept recurring in my head, so yeah I couldn't not mention it. Welp I'm done now. Overall great video, I agreed with your points and I especially liked how some of the things you pointed out were some I never considered but after you mentioned it was like "oh yeah, she has a point".

Your video is fantastic and spot on.

You are my new hero. loved the video. new fan.

I hated this movie. After seeing this video, I hated the movie even more. Thanks, Lindsay, I hate it.

I didn't really like it or hate it.

"The original DVD release of B&tB in 1991..." Wait what. DVDs didn't exist until 1995. The first home release (on VHS) was not even out until '92. The theatrical release and only the theatrical release was in 1991.

21:36 ...All together now: "POINTING OUT YOUR FLAW DOESN'T MAKE IT DISAPPEAR!!!" fuck this movie.

30:13 so Belle teaches a girl to read in English while the girl didn't learn how to read in her native language yet?

Actors can't write. Never saw that to be the case ever

It wouldn't be a mistake if they changed the setting to England-given the cast, I don't see why not

Why are they typically feminists complaints they respond to? All I wanted was a better beauty and the beast sequel and more animated movies

I bet Walt Disney wouldn't be able to feel some loss at the way the company goes about things nowadays - even if they reach more people now then ever.

You know, it's a little thing, that nobody on here has mentioned yet so I figured I would since why not. But something that really drives me up the wall about this movie, is the way The Mob Song is handled. Cutting out the part Lindsay played in the video (you know the part if you've seen the remake) was, especially made clear after watching this video, transparently because it forces the audience to stop and *think* for a second, about if they themselves might ever fall prey to such fear-mongering paranoia-inducing nonsense, or, especially relevant in today's day and age, if they already have. Nope, can't have that! We might get some nutty MAGA zealot spewing keyboard diarrhea all over social media and comment sections about how the song is indirectly calling out Donald Trump, and we don't want to offend anybody, even if the people being offended are people who probably SHOULD be offended. CUT IT. It's an utterly absurd decision. And that's not even getting into how, no offense to Luke Evans because he really seems like he's trying and even isn't really THAT bad at singing, he's no Richard White. Or that, despite most likely having a bigger orchestra at hand compared to the original, at least in the case of this number, it doesn't sound nearly as intense or electric as the original. If cutting a single portion of a song doesn't sound that extreme of a loss, just remember: Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted Part of Your World completely removed from The Little Mermaid because he was afraid children would be too bored and fall asleep during it. There's a timeline out there, if Multiverse theory is to be believed, where The Little Mermaid didn't have its most iconic number that helped DEFINE the picture, because Katzenberg just wasn't feeling it. Now, that's a whole song; that's a bit extreme compared to a single stanza. I get it. Okay, take your favorite song from your favorite musical, track down the part that seems to be most directly stating the message of the song, if indeed it has such a part. CUT IT right out, with Audacity or something. Again, take Part of Your World because hey, that butchery--pardon, remake--is just around the corner, so, brace yourselves for that calamity when it gets here, since you just KNOW they'll pull the same bull they pulled here and answer all the bad faith complaints about the original and--anyway, just take a random stanza from that song, snap it off. It's not gonna feel right, is it? No, it isn't. Because it's SUPPOSED to be there. Howard Ashman knew what the hell he was doing. Boy these are a lot of words to say how I didn't like how they handled a single song in a crummy remake that time will very quickly forget about almost completely, except as a tragic footnote in the time in Disney's history when it completely surrendered its artistic integrity to the bottom line, huh?

Marthaaaaaaaarrggh! And that's how they fell in love.


Should have put your copy of the game on the desk behind you... would have been the cherry on top of an already perfect video.

The original dvd release in 1991...

Rumpelstiltskin was a better beast then the one in this film.

it is a bad movie, move on. why are you putting so much unrelated shit into this? seems like this is just a cover to complain about some weird way you think Disney works

I wanna be the Q in LGBTQ now just so you can call me filthy a few more times.. i love you only after 2 videos. Catching up on this channel will be fun

All of the servants look scarier than any horror movie monster I've seen.

You spelled Positivity wrong at 8:09

"Thanks I hate it" I got a new mem guys

“What’s in the west-“ *“I T ‘ S F O R B I D D E N .”*

What was that clip towards the end from?("suddenly..he wasn't racist anymore" *guitar duet)

that intro felt like a lowkey swing at the NC XD Love it lindsay

Honey he for she is a joke, its basically saying that men are only there to take the blame becuase women want all the power but none of the responsibility for that power

From what I've been reading, one of the major reasons why Disney is skittish about putting in LGBT characters is because they don't want to hurt their box office performance when it comes to distributing the film in countries that may not have a favorable reception of LGBT individuals.

The one part I hated so much was the bit before the townsfolk riot where Belle tells Gaston, "He's not a monster - you are!" It's so empty here! Now, yes, Gaston is more evil here than the animated version, but hear me out. In this movie, Gaston attempts pleasant conversation with Belle at the beginning and never come across as incredibly forceful. When he's having Maurice locked up and telling Belle about it, he's explaining that Maurice had gone mad and raving about a beast, hence the lockup. In the animated one, Gaston is rude, extremely forceful and tries to extort a marriage out of Belle in return for her father's freedom. There he's a being a monster. Now, again, Gaston in the live action one DID leave Maurice to die, but Belle DOESN'T KNOW THAT! Her screaming that he's a monster just feels forced and only used because it was in the original.

“The T’s” *shows gorilla in dress* As a ‘T’, I love this

Disclaimer: Cinderella 3 is somehow super awesome

I hate that they made the town this dumb "anti-feminism" mass. The reason they sang about Belle in the original wasn't because "Oh no, a woman is reading!" but "wow, reading is literally the only thing that woman does!" She is pretty, but she basically ignores almost everyone in town just to read, not really socializing outside of just polite small talk. They don't hate her cause she is a progressive feminist in the olden days, but because she's a weirdo that only keeps to herself and reads.

Wait... why did have to be a guy? @00:41

that FUCKING SCENE in Wreck It Ralph 2 is literally the CRINGIEST thing I've EVER seen from Disney. god I fucking despise it. that movie is going to be dated so fucking fast.

I don't see why the servants have to have "deserved" their punishment because they did nothing instead of you know, just a bunch of people screwed over by the person they served, seemed like a more possible handwave.

its like that one guy who compared explaining a joke to dissecting a frog. you understand it better but the frog is now dead. just like disneys live action b&b. they are dangling a corpse around for an hour and a half. a corpse that cant sing.

*Damn that is a sweet owl*


BTW, Pocahontas is a kick ass movie, if you're not a Disney snob.

*PLOT HOLE DING* Also I dislike this movie greatly

emma watson annoyed me, the beast's face looked better in the animated one, and the faces on some of the objects were scary esp mrs potts

This was such a good assesment of the remake! I loved it! (plus I can agree, out of all the straight to VHS sequels there are, Cinderella 3 is the best!)

good review but your face cam is overexposed

That was one thing i liked better in the animated version. That the servants being transformed wasn't a punishment to them because they didn't step in to stop the prince from being corrupted by his father. But i feel like it was trying to say our actions affect everyone around us. For better or worse. And you really opened my eyes about how pandering and average this movie is compared to the original

ok, that's cool and all, but how do you have a copy of hank green's book TWO MONTHS BEFORE ITS COMING OUT?????

The part where Beast decked Belle with the snowball is the only thing in the movie I liked and was the only time the movie got a chuckle out of me.

Why do I get the feeling that Lindsay Ellis is a tiresomely sarcastic and relentlessly draining person to be around?

Wow, you're really good at explaining your point and making it entertaining as well as informative at the same time. Well researched and structured, nnnnnnnice take on it, really!

Ya know what...this was quite a good critique, well-done, and entertaining. And, you're kinda hot. I'll give this channel a try.

I love this video. Hit the nail right on the head every time.

The cg beast is like Logan paul

find something nice to say about the Beauty and the Beast remake me: Nice gowns, beautiful gowns.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten about the existence of 2015 Cinderella until this video. I mean, I remember I liked it, but it just never stuck with me.

4 things about this vid -Too -Many -Big -Words

To be honest they would have had much better luck just going balls to the wall and make new stories all together. It's basically what made Disney famous in the first place. They can change it so that the Beast is the only one who gets turned, but he also loses his mind in the process, reverts to an animal and runs away into the forest. That alone opens up a thousand possibilities in terms of story.

The original beauty and the beast film had serious issues. Just because you liked it as a kid doesn't mean you should ignore those problems if you are talking about the subject. You sound like one of those self-loathing women. As a woman myself, it's sad you don't seem to understand the real problems. Not the fucking pedantic ones. I guess the disgusting racism in some of the other original films was all right, too? Sexism, racism, homophobia etc are wrong. If a movie can be remade to give girls, minorities, and others something uplifting to watch, then it should be done. FIx problems. Don't immortalize them.

8 seconds in and I feel like this is super condescending. What's with that tone of voice?

This was really informative and enjoyable to watch! I'm actually kinda glad I didn't watch the live-action remake of Beauty of the Beast because I most likely wouldn't enjoy it like I had with the animated version. I love the animated version because it was so magical just as it was. I love the characters because of who they are and how they were developed. Watching this video reminds me of my love for the animated version of this movie and the other ones that had live-action remakes. They're still fine on their own to this day.

You're awesome! I hated this movie too. Thanks for the review rant!

How have I not found your channel before!? This is great!

I wish you would do a coco video

Talking about historical accuracy, I think there were no black people in France in that time period

Soo... I really thought I was going to hate this, even though I didn't really love the remake. But you, sister, just got a new sub!

Is there anything you don't hate though?

Of all places too see the takeover of moneylove spread to a new place (comments), here?

You convinced me :) Got a book by Caitlin Doughty already :D (partly cause I follow her channel on Youtube also).

Yes yes yes!!! I love the animated movie and hated this one so much! This really helps me explain why I hate it.

they gon ruin Mulan too dont they?

God I got so mad watching this. The cartoon is so perfectly realised - it's simple, concise, it's affecting on a human level in a way both children and adults can understand, it's beautifully animated, and the story makes sense in the way that fairy tales makes sense - not in the way a science manual makes sense. Adults are kind of ruining fairy tales for kids by imposing all their anxious, self conscious stuff onto them. Just because you can't believe in magic doesn't mean the kids can't. I love your videos Lindsay!

You are just wonderful. Thank you for existing and bringing such joy to me and others.

25:09 I need an endless loop of this

i personally like it but the problem is they focused so much on visual and the annoying music, the acting was good but they failed to deliver a good story. the structure was meh. but its all fantasy after all.

About the fact that she was the only one in town that read. In the original I interpreted this not as sexism but as the town is to arrogant and ignorant and like you said just go with whatever the main man says. In the original Gaston song there was this little gem of a line “LeFou I’m afraid I’ve been thinking; a dangerous pastime; I know”

The animated beast & movie has my heart.

I need a Thanks I Hate It supercut

i wish you were involved in the early phases of development of this movie to tell them all this so disney wouldnt waste our time with this crap. this film felt so unnecessary to me.

I only like the solo beast song. Only good thing in it.

Glad I didn't spend any of my money to watch this bull crap of a movie.

Anybody know where that clip with Vanillape (sp?) and the other princesses is from?

For some reason, calling the Enchantress "Becky" made me crack up. Thanks for that

That movie was two years ago.

You make a good point about letting belle go though.

I love Moana

I liked the movie

that was the best brand sponsorship pitch i've ever heard

Ok but I loved this movie and is now one of my all time favorites And one of the reasons it is May or not be my love for Emma Watson lmao

Never heard of this "audible" service before. I'll be sure to go to for my free audiobook.

I do wish you’d spent some time discussing why the nitpicks are missing the point, instead of just dismissing them. Like how people asking why the staff are cursed as well are missing the lesson that bad behavior doesn’t just have consequences for you but also for the people who care about you.

I know this is a minor nitpick to focus on, but can someone please explain to me why Belle doesn't wear gloves with her gold dress in this version?


Your videos are always extremely well thought out, it's great; I love how you always go so in depth to the beginning of genres, or the first in a line of remakes, and industry and societal influence at the time etc. Also that Mrs. Potts voice is hilarious

Yes. All of this. This is exactly why I hated this movie.

Really disappointed that they didn't use a suit for the Beast like they Originally planned. The CGI is good, but it's still CGI

I hate this beast. Aesthetically: He tries too hard to look like the Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition, without any of the charm... which would not have been a problem if he had a personality... Also this Beast has no clue what he wants... or tries too hard to be this brooding guy whom ladies fall over, letting others explain stuff for him instead of growing a pair and trying to confront his own problems, or at the very least admit to having a problem but no clue how to resolve it... and fails spectacularly. Any time he tried to win over Belle... I could not buy it. Nothing about him feels sincere... anything he asks for feels like he's asking for it because he is entitled to it, and not because he really wants it. When you really really REALLY want something IT SHOWS! To top it off... he sounds like fucking Google Translate... and even THAT has more emotion in it. TL;DR. I hate this beast. He totally deserved his fate.

Just ran into this video and watched it I think I love you definitely subscribing

Everyone I saw this movie with loved it, I couldn't explain why I hated it, glad I'm not alone in it tho

Thank you so much for making these videos. Your vocabulary and insight into Disney are simply fucking nerdly orgasmic. I am in love with you now. That is all.

26:10 "It raises the question", "begs the question" means something different.

Live action Mulan, without singing? What could that possibly look like? whuuuu? ;-) Constant remakes can be a real bore, but at least *try* and make them better/bigger/bolder Disney... not take an okay, but slightly flawed cartoon and add more flaws and take out charm... There are some terrible movies out there with a great premise that could be remade by competent writers/directors and what we get is this trend for remaking mediocre stuff more mediocre

Thank you for explaining why the relationship between beast and belle in the remake made me feel so sick

The only good live action is The Jungle Book. I haven't seen Winnie The Pooh (Christopher Robin) yet.

it still doesn't explain why in the universe of beauty and the beast enchanted means anything can fricken dance and seeing as silver ware can be taken away from a castle it isn't actually part of the castle so why exactly can things dance when they do not have a human counter.

lol I honestly loved the remake, but I never thought so much about these comparissons before. you make some excellent points

This movie is stupid. How could belle teach the girl in the first place? Everyone knows women can't read. Hollywood writers live in an other dimension.

There was one scene I loved about this movie - it was the transformation of the objects back into humans. I found it original, funny and more detailed. Apart from that, I admit I didn't hate the movie... but I found it superfluous. Give me back the 1991 original any time.

I like you.

So I was legitimately in the bathroom during the scene in Paris and I didn’t lose anything from the movie. Still didn’t like it.

............lobster daddy

Why would the servants be cursed too? Because a monarch is responsible for those under them, their subjects and their servants. The prince needed to learn that lesson. That his actions affect those around him, his decisions can change the lives of everyone in his kingdom for better or for worse. Even if they have no control over his decisions. The original seemed to understand this without explaining itself; the writers of the live action just didn’t get it and thought they needed to shove a reasoning into their version.

As someone whose been watching The Good Place for a whole month, I loved the Trolley Problem reference.

Lets be honest, Watson was horrible for the movie. I just want to bring up the fact that her singing voice had gotten drowned out by everyone else. Even with singing lessons, she still did not sound all that great. I did like when she got hit in the face by the giant snowball though. :P

I agree with just about every point you made in your video. I did like most of the visuals, and the costumes, but one criticism I might add was the re-design of the Feather Duster (I don't think I ever saw a Feather Duster that fancy, and why???) I did like the name they gave her - Plumette, it was more appropriate than other names they have given her - like Fifi in the direct-to-video spinoffs, or Babette as in the stage musical. One can also comment on the politically correct vs. historical accuracy approach, like the "African French" courtiers (sorry, African French sounds too odd), but my biggest disappoint in the remake was that they didn't pair Maurice off with Mrs. Potts. I thought having Mrs. Potts' (dull) husband being still alive and one of the villagers and Cogsworth having a wife among the village women totally unnecessary (I thought house-keepers and butlers back then weren't supposed to have marriage partners outside of the household). And Maurice didn't even get a chance to inter-act with the Objects - except briefly with Chip - like he did in the original cartoon. And if he didn't even get a chance to encounter Mrs. Potts on his first visit, or pair off with her, what was the point of her singing Beauty and the Beast to him at the end, before going back to dance with her husband?

I'm really glad I skipped watching this movie. Because it looks absolutely painful.

"Think happy thoughts...think back to the war, blood, explosions, countless widows..." Whoa. I'm surprised no one seemed to pick up on the implications of that last bit.

I always thought the reason that the Objects in the original film had to keep Belle from learning about the Beast being a Prince under a magic spell was because she had to learn to see the man behind his monstrous appearance on her own. I liked that better than what they did here. Also, the Objects telling Belle in the remake about why they felt they were turned was borrowed right from the stage musical, which I felt was totally unnecessary. They were his servants after all, not his guardians.

The whole bit about the Enchanted Objects becoming totally inanimate (in effect dying) if the Beast fails to make the deadline, is a nod to the stage musical in which they are presented as people turning into objects as opposed to being turned into objects that can still walk and talk.

A+ for the Disney Eurobeat

My thoughts exactly, during the song Belle is saying how boring the town is and escapes into her book for excitement, meanwhile the town gossips how odd it is that she doesn't act as neighborly as them. LA has Belle getting stared down disapprovingly, it doesn't even have the scene of Belle navigating the town while reading and just has Watson pulling out a book when the reference comes up.

hi i just need you to know that you look like modern snow white and i love you and your sass

This was such a good video, I loved it and I really appreciate the bits about Disney Company and its history and strategy. Now I'd love to see such analysis about all the newest Disney remakes, especially about Cinderella, which is IMO the only one that actually added something interesting and fresh to the story and didn't try to whammy us with Feminism for Dummies (TM), while actually being quite feminist, surprisingly.

I have no hopes for Ralph 2 and the following remakes.

I'd be interested to see your opinion on how they broke Star Wars quite so badly.

Hey you know what else really bugged me about this movie? They used two different horses for Philippe: a pale grey/"white" one for the village scenes (technically horses aren't considered white unless they have pink skin but that's beside the point), and a darker dappled grey for the forest scenes, so it would stand out against the snow. They are *obviously* different animals and it makes me angry. If you need the horse to stand out against the snow then why use a white horse in the first place?! Urgh. Once I noticed, I couldn't unsee it.

Unpopular opinion but I actually liked the live-action more than the animated one (before you set me on fire let me explain). I didn't grow up on many Disney movies back in the day of watching movies on VHS, tbh I actually didn't watch the original Beauty and the Beast till I was a senior in high school. And b/c of that I didn't grow up with this nostalgia that I feel a lot of critics of the live-action have for the original. Don't get me wrong I loved the original! However I did see it's flaws and plot holes that I feel the live-action corrected (esspecially the subtle stockholm sydrome vibes). Now that's not to say the live-action is perfect, I can definitely recognize it's flaws but I still think it was a good attempt to merge together aspects of the animated movie and the broadway version. As for Emma Watson's singing, I feel that the creators should've just stuck to having Emma emulate the original singing style of the animated film, rather than auto tune her to have her sound like the original Belle. Emma's singing (when not auto tuned) isn't awful but the execution of what they were trying to accomplish was in bad taste. I see this a lot these days (esspecially in the comment sections of youtube) but people really need to actually watch these movies, shows, etc. they're bashing. It's one thing to listen to or read someones review and opinions on something, but to make their arguments your own without even watching it is just lazy. If you're going to criticize a movie/show/whatever at least form your own opinions first by watching it first hand. I'm not saying that no one shouldn't hate the live-action, people are allowed to have their opinions. I'm just saying if you're going to make a valid opinion on how much you do/don't like (insert movie/tv show) at least watch it first. Regardless though good vid :)

You are awesome

On a completely, utterly unrelated note... I was actually wondering what lipstick you're wearing because it's fucking great. (Genuinely, though, thank you for putting words to how I felt about this unnecessary steaming pile of a movie)

I..............liked it. That's it.

hated this remake so much bc i loved the original so so much

YES. i agree! That was a very SEXY mowgli

North on the 405 during rush hour. Yikes! Is ONE book enough?!

This movie...was a mess. When I saw it, I felt hollow and empty after it. Like...the experience didn't exist, I got nothing out of it. All the additions to the movie I pretty much hated, and not to shit on Emma Watson or the rest of the cast but I just didn't find their acting believable. They're all just pretty much faceless blurs to me aside from maybe Gaston, but that's only because he was Bard the Bowman.

I smell that this movie were be garbage from the trailer, but never though was this garbage!

Not said here but I'll say it. Emma Watson is not attractive and a soul less being that helps all the negative qualities in this movie. Potter nerds might argue otherwise but then again they are Potter nerds and don't know any better EDIT: Emma makes the animated version of Belle 100x more attractive, likable, sexy, etc.

I want to kiss those red lips.

The purpose of discovering Belle's mother's death, at least in regards to her and the Beast, is them finding common ground. He understands what she is feeling and what her father probably felt because he himself has experienced that (based on my understanding). Either way, it's supposed to be a moment when he is on their level. Now, is this necessary? Not really. You're right, it doesn't add too much, but that's the reasoning. Which kinda sums up my feelings on this remake, personally. A lot of the additions and changes are alright, but not necessary.

Oh, and as for her bringing it up with her father later on..... Yeah, I don't know. :|

awesome job great video !

Tell me why this is the THIRD time I've watched this. Lindsay, you slay with your writing and delivery. Thank you for adding such levity to my work week!

You should just print t shirts saying:" thanks , I hate it" probably the best present. Trumping the "...and all I got was this t shirt"

The book thing was SO stupid

I busted out laughing at that snowball fight, also I'm in the "they made the beast too handsome" camp. *shudders*

But what about the autotuning?

I just want to add that, although I know the "Belle" in this movie is supposed to be a feminist representation of the poor unique girl in a provincial town....why does she have to slouch so much and walk around like quasimodo....just saying...

your French and British accents are pure gold :)

Thank you, Miss Ellis, for providing reasons to not like this movie other than "I can't stand Emma Watson and she does not deserve to portray my favorite Disney heroine."

My husband and I enjoyed watching this over our morning coffee. Thanks, I love it. :)

You forgot one fact about the parent trap movie starring Lindsey Lohan, IT also starrs Lindsey Lohan's twin :P ...

12:30 It would be so, so easy too say the rest is punished because they are servants of him. This make sense in this timeperiod. People are dicks in this Time, they souldnt be treated as People today. The Inventary didnt something wrong but ther master and so they are punisht as well. Also make the Prince eleven is just a bad writen Mistake, and no Canon of the Movie. As mediocre Fanfictionwriter, I realy note the Timeframes of my Storys. 14:30 Also very simple to write arount. If the Beast dont think he can win her heart, its no Point in imprison her any longer. It could be a moment of deep depression.

They were too worried about receiving criticism and trying to cover their bases. In the end, being too careful ruined the entire movie. My biggest thing was the costumes and set. I get it. It's France. But there was too much to look at at once. They should've tried taking clues from the color palet in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. It shows the extravagance and beauty without hurting your eyes.

that's why it sucks because that statement is emblematic of the fact that he doesn't care about the message but what proportiond of money comes with it...otherwise he would have left the franchise alone

Stop over analyzing fairy tales, it's not a scientific documentary, its annoying. You don't seem smart.

You hated it too, eh? Not letting my kids watch it.

Wreck it Ralph 2

Also works while stuck in public transport or airport.

Welcome to the hell of one's own design, see you when Buffy also comes out ;3

Disney won't put gays in their films because it's banned in china.

8:09 Positvity is spelled wrong.

30:00 Why can’t the evil patriarchy let women do the washing

25:55 made me think of "Martha!"

I actually watched alladin the musical and it’s fine, except that the friend like me song went on for too long

You explained why i did not connect with the film. I just want to point out something about her reading. In the bonjour song at the beginning of the 1991 classic. The lyrics say "with a dreamy far-off look and her nose stuck in a book. That a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle". At least to me it implied that her love for reading was weird to them. So maybe it had nothing to do with the patriarchy directly but just the overall notion that intelligence is irrelevant when you have looks. The beast on the other hand nourishes her love for books.

I refused to watch it

Was....was he not gay in the first one...?

Right? I mean I thought this was just accurate portrayal tbh.

Um...I actually don't care for Romeo and Juliet, either. It is not a freakin' romance, it's a tragedy!

Thanks, I hated this remake, too!

Disney suffers when it puts making political points ahead of telling a coherent story. Set up a scenario and let your characters act believably and the morals and story will play out in a far superior way. Nothing about the live action characters is believable, and it's obvious that forced feminism and diversity are getting in the way of the story instead of being lessons learned from a compelling one. The original one did it far better, relaying the far simpler point that you should love people for the quality of their character rather than what they look like. The new one's hamfisted attempt at showing that everyone hates perfect feminist icons, as you've noted, doesn't go anywhere because it can't. The sexism and bigotry is really forced and comes across more like "this is how liberals thing conservatives actually think." Kinda like your comment about illegal aliens - it shows a real lack of insight into the legitimate concerns of others which is especially glaring when the relationship between two situations is so awkwardly forced. Also, you missed some aspects of Gaston's character from the original which, interestingly enough, plays right into stereotype. This stereotype is that female vanity is excused by writers while male vanity is held to be ridiculous. In a French village "back in the day", the charismatic person who owns a successful business, is an expert hunter and thereby provides a lot of the food and economic activity for the small town would of course be looked up to by the citizenry. It may not even have to do with his looks. His successful hunting and his thriving tavern are probably a big part of the reason why the village can afford to even HAVE a bookshop. Yes, his character is one of a pedantic lout, but there are real, actual reasons why everyone in town would respect him. He was really, really good at several things which were absolutely critical to the survival of everyone in the village. LeFou being gay was underwhelming because it was forced, too. There was no reason to make him gay except for the sake of making him gay. If they had gone any further it would have gotten in the way of the story, so they slipped it in there to appease the screeching hordes and tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible. Again, Disney suffers from putting an agenda in the film ahead of the story. They could tell it didn't fit as it's not important to his character OR the story but wanted to do it anyways. The only solution to make it still function as a part of the film was to make it as small as possible. Sorta like your jab at Trump voters. It didn't fit, it wasn't important, and it didn't make any sense but you wanted to do it anyways and the video's flow suffered for it. Overall an entertaining video, though. Lotta legit points.

you are amaxing... hIC... amazng... I

On a far more sober note, OKAY, slightly more sober note, I habe sunsubcribed to cinemasins... because... yuo, obliously... hIC... I also love bobz... boovz... booz... and your show. epspeciallly yor shoe... show... nd wisskey

Where's my live action remake of "The Black Cauldron"?

heh... jordan peterson is lobster daddy... cute.

the og jungle book, sleeping beauty, and beauty and the beast were damn good. im not a big fan of live action remakes, but the former two had a purpose to be made. the new jungle book asked if sherkhan(?) had a point, and to show off some goddamn fine cgi. i respect it. maleficent turned the narrative around and put a bit more, while unneeded, depth into the world and it's honestly a really good time! I can understand anyone having this as a guilty pleasure or really liking it. but beauty and the beast? disney really did just want a reason to flip off the mouth breathers who poked fun at potholes instead of growing a pair and walking away.

I don't watch the movie, but the "The beast is a prick" part makes me laugh so hard, its so baaaaad.

I hated this movie too! I saw it on a Disney Cruise. I was primed to love it and it fell like a rock.


25:12 too.

Michael Eisner: the Regina George of Hollywood producers

I hate how people make shows and movies for just money and not give people art, love, and care into the film! I wish some people are not money eating pigs that doesn't care what happens to the children's minds! NOT THE CHILDREN!!!

But were both their mothers named Martha?

Your so white that all your shots are overexposed

I had already assumed all of the 'answers' this remake had. The explanations just take away from the film.

It's in France, but the only one with a French accent is the candelabra.

I always felt the problem with the original was that it didn't have enough unnecessary exposition.

1 minute unskippable ad!???? for shame

LOVED the ContraPoints reference!

1000 points for the Albie the Racist Dragon insertion.

Whats your problem tho with making Belle a feminist or making the film fit into modern values. A film that has not changed anything at all with its remake won't have chances of appeal to the audience. And since when is that a bad thing. I don't get your criticism at all.

She wasn't knocking feminism, just Disney's half-assed attempt at shoehorning into the film without any pay-off.

Thank god for this video, I bitch about this movie all the friggin time

These are all great points, but I'm too distracted by that cool Lancia Stratos model car in the background.

Ok, but Walt was a creep too.

I wish there was a movie on the myth of eros and psyche. It's a lot like beauty and the beast _but better_ cough cough

The whole thing is like a christmas sweater...

_filthy q’s_

I liked it... But you do make very valid points.

And such diversity in a poor provincial town in 1700s france too!

Why do YouTubers include the word FUCK in their commentary, but then fucking bleep it out? This is not the only channel that does it. You write the script and edit it, so why bother? I ♥ the videos tho.

Can't tell if your name sounds delicious or repulsive

Oh fuck I remember that old live action jungle book. It's where I first saw a katar and thought it was the coolest weapon

Who did you want? At the time, I was hoping for Emmy Rossum. She can sing, and she resembles the animated Belle!

another criticism she should have added: Casting actors WHO CAN'T SING THE DAMN SCORE.

I really liked BaTB 2: The Enchanted Christmas tho lol. The art is pretty bad lol (like you can tell it OBVIOUSLY doesn't have the budget of the first film, DUH) but they kept the original VAs (at least, the principal ones) and the songs were pretty wonderful and that organ was a pretty creepy, manipulative villian.

I agree with you Lindsay

At least Enchanted was really charming.

I can't wait to see the live action Dumbo have debilitating PTSD for being in a circus and see his mother die on-screen in gruesome detail -_-

Another boss video Lindsay, thank you for confirming my belief that seeing this movie woulda been a huge waste of time ^^ looks shit. I hate it and I haven't even seen it :D

"Ursula's crazy sister!" Oh God why?

i just stumbled upon this channel, wasn't she the nostalgia chick? its good to see a familiar face

Great analysis, congratulations and thanks a lot.

i feel like disney is gonna continue making movies that are self aware and make from of their own tropes and then when it gets old they'll stop and wait 10 or 15 years and bring back the actual movies with their tropes intact to make it seem fresh.

17:02 You're welcome

The book of teleportation! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

God, I hate this movie. It is easily my unfavorite remake next to Rob Zombies Halloween. Two films that completely miss the point of the original and add absolutely nothing while at the same time, worsening several elements. Neither should have ever happened. The animated film will continue to hold up, while this will not. It's easy to forget it even exists....which is a fate it absolutely deserves.

The thing that annoyed me the most (besides the magic book - that was the most jarring and unnecessary), was the fact that the changes to both the Beast's character and Gaston's blurred them too close together. One of the biggest points I always make in defense of the original movie is that even when the Beast is at his worst, he's a lot more redeemable than Gaston. For one thing, like some other comments have pointed out, the original Beast is very childlike; even though his rages are scary because he's a beast, they're very much a spoiled child's impulsive temper tantrums that he regrets afterwords. He really comes across like a boy who was cursed very young and never really grew up until Belle's arrival. He's never sexist either; his initial rudeness has nothing to do with Belle's gender. Portraying him as a foppish, woman-objectifying adult when he's cursed and cutting the moments of guilt and sincere attempts at kindness from his early scenes with Belle just doesn't feel right. Ditto the whole "Gaston has PTSD" conceit and all his new interactions with Maurice. Until the very end, the original Gaston is never prone to impulsive actions or outbursts of temper; that's the Beast's flaw. The original Gaston is a cold-blooded manipulator, which is worse. All this fits with the story's main theme too. Not only is the Beast ugly on the outside while Gaston is handsome, he's also more outwardly unpleasant at first while Gaston seems affable and funny, if boorish, but these outward personalities are just as superficial as their looks. The original Beast always has inner decency and vulnerability, while Gaston has none. The live-action version makes them just too similar throughout.

Mulan was an opera...

I watched ONE of her videos an this wouldnt leave my suggestions

If they wanted to make it feminist they could've switched the genders of Beauty/Beast and kept everything else the same. Plus it would've put their mandatory "spin" on it. But fuck ugly women I guess lmao

You sounds really frustrated..kinda.. ... and yeah this movie looks awesome but is pretty uncesassary and aweful..

@28:37 god i love it when you get Woke. fuck!!!!!!!! i wish all youtube essay writers were woke as fuck!!!!!

The absolute sea of people I heard come out of the remake and say "I'm never watching that old cartoon again!" was perhaps the most disheartening part for me personally.

Ha, cavedaddy. His dreams sure were crushed and for that I am *truly* thankful.

"Yes." Lol

i agree, new beast is a total narcissist, not a misunderstood soul like in the original.

Just to add, it broke my heart to learn that Mrs. Potts had a husband, I used to ship her with Maurice.

I'm so glad to find someone else who feels the same! The director was obsessed into "fixing" the story, especially the damn Stockholm Syndrom accusations... and instead, he gave more ammunition to the acusers, and for good measure, he wiped all the fun. What infuriated me more is the scene where CG BEast imprisons Belle - he actually imprisons her, because she is the "daughter of a thief" and the objects have to remind him "Hey, idiot, she's the key for the curse, remember?" Animated Beast may not be a genius, but he's smarter and more sensitive (well, a bit).

What do you think of the 2014 french-german Beauty and the Beast movie? (Currently on Netflix right now)

Also I'm gonna fucking say it, Emma Watson can't sing.

It's yet another piece of feminist lies and propaganda coming from Disney. Who knew?

I think we can all learn fromthe nitpicks of critics like you! For example, overexplaining stupid stuff is a horrible thing and you are so fucking right about that! It really made me realize how much you can kill the magic of a situation by applying logic to it! I mainly write fantasy so this is something that I will definatly need to watch out for. Thanks!!

you are crazy..i'm never watching you again

I'm sure her channel will suffer dearly

Omg you look like Arwen from LOTR! You’re so pretty

Ой! Что с ней?? Почему у неё теперь макияж и освещение, как у бьюти-блогера???

Disney as a company is a prime example of what happens when people without a vision want to keep cashing in on the vision of the person who founded a company.

nope. you threw me off before 10 seconds had passed, it's not my attention span it's that wierd sound toung clicky shit you did for the introduction

17:47 yes sadly we now live in an age of disney films where the one half has to remain a unlikeable jerk for most of the movie until we near the end rather than see their progression THROUGHOUT the film. Seriously, think of naveen, Eugene, Penelope, kristoff, nick and maowi. okay that might be a little extreme for most of these characters but I hope you get what I mean.

15:11 okay, WHAT are you talking about? It's made perfectly clear that the servants DO NOT tell Belle how to free them from the curse, even with one stopping another from saying how, to do exactly what you say, DEVELOP THESE FEELINGS ON HER OWN. Heck, it's even made fun in doug walker's review of beauty and the beast! Although he did seem to miss the point that not telling her allows her to develop these feelings on her own.

You call the newer versions cynical by the end and claims that it attributes to the dislikeability, but also call the outlook of og movie cynical earlier on?

These movies are made for insecure adults who'd be embarrassed to be seen at an animated movie because they believe animation is associated with kiddy stuff and not, you know...Art.(at least the original had some creative passion behind it, even if it was spearheaded by Lord Farquaad. The remake is soulless.)

This movie was the first movie in ages that I stopped watching half-way through because it annoyed me so much. I had seen the animated in theaters when it first came out, and I loved it. But this one here? Crap.

Beauty and the beast is my childhood favourite film I remember having two vhs tapes in case I lost one so when they bought this out I knew they would fuck it up because they chose a film that was near prefect.




Being pendantic and nitpicky on the internet is something our generation does FOR FUN. I watch videos like this to be entertained. It doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the original property, though. When Disney does shit like this, it just feels like they're punishing us for having fun at their expense. Where the other metatextual nods feel more like them saying "gee, we sure have some silly conventions, huh? Anywho! Wanna hear another story?"

Beast: "You wanna... you wanna stay in the tower?!" Bell: "No :(".. That exchange still makes me laugh my ass off

I feel like I would’ve enjoyed the movie more if they chose another person to play belle. When i look at emma watson i dont see belle at all

Lol! I saw that Black guy wearing that powdered wig and, and...I just lost it! Lol!

I know this has nothing to do with the movie, but that Belle is one sexy woman(classic 2D Belle, not horrible irl Belle). Sidenote, I love your review, you've made some great points here!


You're hot

I agree with this video. In fact, the Cinderella reboot is better because it has its charm but the only thing I can complain is that they made Layd Tremaine more human. In the original, she makes demons kneel before her! I am a bit underwhelmed and cringe at some part of the movie which made me want to watch the original even more An unpopular opinion: Shape of Water was a better live action Beauty and the Beast than this!


I disliked the race mixing/"diversity" in the movie.

It made no sense. I'm all for diversity in this day and age, but if you're going to set a story in a particular time and place in the distant past, you can't kowtow to modern sensibilities. The 1997 TV remake of Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA (starring Whitney Houston & Brandy) can get away with its multiracial cast, because it takes place in a magical, made-up kingdom where anything goes. But a diversified 18th century France is just downright pandering. Disney was trying to target as many demographics as possible to make money!

20:27 LMAO perfect

16:40 I know that book's dead and buried, but this remake was remade in a post-Twilight world...

Holy guacamole you're so pretty and you have such an enchanting voice.

Thanks for the warning. I sometimes enjoy forgettable Redbox rentals of massively popular garbage. I had considered this movie as a possibility for that but I'll just watch the animated classic. lol And that Beast looks like absolute GARBAGE. Why not put a dude in rad make up and then do some CG clean up?

this was such an amazing analysis of both the movie and disney...def gonna be binge watching your videos now hahahaha oh no

Whenever my friends would bring up the tired "Stockholm Syndrome" argument, I would borrow your argument from your Enchanted Christmas review. She didn't come around to him until he stopped being a dick and started being nice, and when he gives her an opportunity to go, she leaves. And good god, she didn't have to keep dropping hints to him like "How can one be happy if they aren't free?"

Originally, I only disliked this movie...Thanks, now I hate it. Also, loving the lipstick and your use of the word Daddy.

I thought I was the only one who hated the remake of this movie! My most favorite disney movie almost got crushed. by almost I mean the original is still there. hopefully you get my drift. I absolutely can't stand the remake. on a side note I watched the 2014 french one which was a little better. not perfect. Just a little better than this trash.

I know a lot of people who like the new Beauty and the Beast better than the old one. I can't disagree with them more. Edit: The only thing I liked was Belle's mom backstory (but I agree that the book of teleportation is rediculous).

Thank you!

This movie is shit. SHIT!!

The thing that annoyed me the most (besides the magic book - that was the most jarring and unnecessary), was the fact that the changes to both the Beast's character and Gaston's blurred them too close together. One of the biggest points I always make in defense of the original movie is that even when the Beast is at his worst, he's more redeemable than Gaston. For one thing, like some other comments have pointed out, the original Beast is very childlike; his rages are scary because he's a beast, but they're very much a spoiled child's impulsive temper tantrums that he regrets afterwords. He clearly comes across as a boy who was cursed very young and never really grew up until Belle's arrival. He's never sexist either; his initial rudeness has nothing to do with Belle's gender. Portraying him as a foppish, woman-objectifying adult when he's cursed and cutting the moments of guilt and sincere attempts at kindness from his early scenes with Belle just doesn't feel right. Ditto the whole "Gaston has PTSD" conceit and all his new interactions with Maurice. Until the very end, the original Gaston is never prone to impulsiveness or outbursts of temper. He's a cold-blooded manipulator, which is worse. All this fits with the story's main theme too. Not only is the Beast ugly on the outside while Gaston is handsome, he's also more outwardly unpleasant at first while Gaston seems affable and funny, if boorish. But these traits are just as superficial as their looks; the original Beast always has inner decency and vulnerability, while Gaston has none. The live-action version makes them just too similar throughout.

+musicaltheatergeek79 I'd rather Netflix pick up the book series than Disney. I don't want a "safe" adaptation of this wonderful series.

That's what I've seen saying! Disney should be remaking bad/mediocre films and improving on them -- TBC has a lot of potential as a live-action film -- but they won't touch it because it flopped big time and it's not a known brand.

Just found your channel. By 2 minutes I am subed ad loving it!!!!!!

Lol this video essay is one of my favorite ones yet. You hit the nail on the head for why this whole trend is very flashy, but empty. Over explaining everything and changing things out of fear of the critics than for the good of the story that they are trying to tell and it ends up making less sense and having less of a good connection than if they had just left some things vague and open ended. Every time I see one of these films it always reminds me of someone telling a joke, waiting for a laugh, and then when they don't hear it, they proceed to explain why the joke was funny. Perfect example from this film is the scene where they use the magic book of magic to go to Paris. The film shows us clear evidence of struggle and illness in the set and the scene, he even picks up a damn plague doctors mask and holds it in the shot and yet the film trusts it's audience so little they he literally has to blurt out loud "THE PLAGUE!." Thanks, couldn't figure it out by watching the movie. Thanks, I hate it!

not even mentioning how that scene had next to no place in the over all narrative and how that magic book never comes into play again and is only there for convenience.

High infant mortality rates ;-D

I was ready to hate this video because I generally liked the movie when it came out, but you made so many good points that I have to agree with you. Also I love how sarcastic you are :)

this has nothing to do with the actual review nor the movie, but I just gotta let it out of my chest: God, Lindsay's so beautiful.

Wow Lindsay just wanted to say about this video: Thanks, I love it!

Omg. When you said he was a prick, I figured you meant he was, like, more villainous or hot-headed. But no, he's just a jerk. But to be fair, if you'd been locked up for however many years, alone, you might start to develop a superiority complex. "All the cool kids are out living their lives because they just don't understand things like I do."

Is it possible they thought the beast being sort of a modern "angry white young man" because that added symbolism and spoke to the problems inherent in young white men's anger issues just alienating them further from women and society? And then they just forgot that it needs to make sense in the story??

Another thoughtful video doing a deep dive into film. I Noticed some Contrapoints influences in this video, and they were great.

I feel smarter now. Thanks Lindz x

3:44 wow. That is literally the exact opposite statement from Walt Disney's. But, we already pretty much suspected that from Eisner and Iger to begin with. They didn't have to say it. The proof is in their products.

The worst thing about this remake is that it doesnt address the one plotpoint anybody actually cared about: Is Belle a furry?

Like the Alexander reference at the end :D

Made it half way through and couldn't bear to watch any more. It was worse than I feared.

Are you the daughter of Mr. Plinkett?

Beauty and the Beast the remake is the most disappointing thing since my son.

Do you own stock in Merriam-Webster?

Lobsterdaddy made my day

My friend met Emma Watson, she’s an asshole


*Aglaya Majorem* Great point! I hate what they did to INTO THE WOODS. Totally bowdlerized it thereby missing the entire point of the musical.

Thank you!!!!!!!! I the only one who actually liked the movie?.........

I’m new to your channel and this video describes my feelings about the live action Beauty and the Beast. !! Finally! Someone who understands why I can’t stand this movie!! The animated will always be my fave!

Lindsay, what happened to the Phantom video? Why does it say disabled from this country?

SORRY IM NOT DONE THE VIDEO, im @19:58 and, OHMYGOD YES!! THEY HAD NO CHEMISTRY!! I could not for the life of me figure out what it was that made this movie so, so, majorly, completely and severely underwhelming and THATS WHAT IT WAS!! It didnt fee like they loved each other cause I dont think they even liked each other. They were just there cause plot and story told them to be... Ok now ive finished the video. Im in near total agreement, 99.99% of the time I dont really care about historical accuracy in disney movies because its fictional and who fucking cares its a fantasy story. Im also a big fan of Emma Watson and her benevolent use of her power... But something about her refusing to wear the corset just GETS to me. Thats the only .01% that I dont agree with... even then im not even disagreeing so much as having my own person problems with the movie... Anywho. I always though the staff of the castle getting turned into objects was to show that the Beasts actions have an affect on others, that he cant do what he pleases without at least semi understanding that he can ruin peoples lives... Like rope them in to disappearing from existence. But where is this 'I really hate most/all of the live action Disney remakes and I dont wanna be here anymore' club? Id like to join.


Man, you really hate it.

Personally, Cinderella 2015 is the type of live action remake I WANT to see. Basically the original but shinier

And old me kept thinking they just copied the old movie to live action. In hindsight to this video, this movie is not what it seems. another remake that removes too many things that felt logical and were an essential part of the story, and replaces it with an overdose of 21st century, PC, feminist pleasing garbage. Ain't nobody got time for that! Damn woman! you tricked me into nitpicking at this movie with you, now i'm slipping into this fairytale rabbit hole of yours! Which does sound like a very intriguing idea when I... Yes lets just take it out of context for a moment, accept the explainibamboozle in the video and entertain the idea of that sentence, bc 10sec attention span. + Also seeing the scene where Belle is in the Lunatic horsewagon always distracting, pulling me to the verge of daydreaming somehow.

2:54 OMG, I am laughing so hard at your graphics. Lobsterdaddy

Yay!!! Another video!

2:22 the beast part!

Wasnt gaston's lackey supposed to be gay in this movie? Did I imagine that because it sure didnt come across in the film

Disney trying to make money by making everyone happy is a surefire way to make everyone mad at them.

Oh thank God, I thought I was the only who wasn't fussed on this movie, it just felt off to me and I loved the original

I couldn't sit through it. I switched off in the first song because it wasn't the same as the cartoon. Does that make me a snob? Probably. I'm ok with loving the original cartoons.

I think Bob Iger has been great for the Disney parks, but like you I am becoming very worried about the creative path (or lack there of) that the studios are taking. You really make a good point about the merger. With one less studio, we have less major productions. And as far as new Disney IPs? There's absolutely zero on the horizon in their future plans. With Gigantic being scrapped, and only sequels on the horizon, I'm getting worried. Hans Christian Anderson, and the Brothers Grimm have many more stories that could easily be adapted into Disney masterpieces.

"Thanks! I hate it." When your dad makes you apply for your first job.

Agree about Audra McDonald 100%. She should be in way more things.

I used to be a super manly guy who only talked about automobiles and how women should be reserved to making me sandwiches until I seen Belle in this movie, she changed my life and ever since I've been fighting for womens rights to read.


.... why you people can't just watch a movie for fun

DVD release in 1991? What?


17:30 but is he wrong? Romeo & Juliet is the worst

I don’t know, I kind of like the remake, it’s like an alternative version than the one before.

*Never mentions the fact that blacks were slaves and not aristocrats during this time in French history*

Too many J E W S at disney. Decay and corruption from the inside.

2:57 Jordan Peterson is indeed the Lobster Daddy. I wish I could be in one of his classes, even though I've already graduated college and I'm not from Canada.

Thanks, I love it. (yer content)

She was only hired because of her massive Harry Potter fanbase, which Disney clearly desires. Not to be superficial, but it is the point of the story, Belle is supposed to be beauty personified, but Watson wouldn't even place in the Top 3 in a beauty contest. I mean, she's attractive, but in no way strikingly beautiful. In certain angles, she looked downright homey. And don't get me started on her 'singing.' I've enjoyed her elsewhere, but she was woefully miscast here, and the movie suffers from it.

Although in defence of Mulan, they didn't want the original film to be a musical either.


Mmm, that 90s sexy Mowgli. I vastly preferred it to the cartoon when I was little.

That audible ad is a load of bull. If you cancel, you are only allowed to listen to a book for 30 minutes

I didnt even knew The Hunchback of Notre Dame had a sequel

My wife absolutely loved this film and I absolutely hated it. I mean, the music is strong and I just love gay Lefou but, dear god was this bad. That being said, I honestly had trouble putting my finger on why I didn't like it. Because of this video, now I know precisely why and how to articulate it. Thank you. Just wanted you to know that this video served some purpose :P

No! My God, what have you done, using your real, legal name?!?! Now you'll never be safe from murderers, rapists and Trump supporters! Good analysis, though. A very well-put-together video. Pretty much agree on all your points. Except for your claim that the Beast was kind of a prick in this remake. As a straight, white male (for which I am eternally apologetic, of course) I saw no particular issue with anything he did. He represented the toxicity of masculinity perfectly! Anyway, I'm off to have my weekly chai latte chemical castration therapy. Sorry and safe spaces to you!

Also, they cast Emma Watson, an actress best known for her role as Hermione and who hasn't bothered to work on her acting because why would she when she could just pull out the HP card and shame all those who criticize her. She refused to wear a corset because #feminism yet all the other women in the film wore corsets. She can't sing, can't act, and can't dance as evidenced by how she seems to struggle with Dan Stevens on who's going to lead in the ball scene. They wrote in a "gay character" dashing all thought that two men could just be friends with one admiring the achievements of the other.

So far only Cinderella has captured the magical essence of Disney's fairy tale. It didn't push any political agenda, just remade and made better the fairy tale a lot of stupid snowflakes like to hate on.

this review is freaking awesome being clean, to the point and witty this vid has earned you a sub :) also you should colab with nostalgia critic, he also does a lot of funny reviews on Disney classics and remakes.

So one of the things I have learned from gaming is that often it isn't the copyright holders that understand the intellectual property, it's the fans. Sonic mania, Pokémon uranium, and enderal are all far superior products than the original (OH and New Vegas). Disney bought the extention of copyright laws so that they could make stupid, some might say evil, amounts of money selling and reselling public domain properties that they now claim is their exclusive right to sell. I would love nothing more than to see an independent retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story, well nothing more might be an over statement, but I digress. My point is that you have a voice, a platform, and connections that might allow for change. Change from begging to our corporate overlords to provide us with a healthy, true, and worthwhile entertainment. Oh and thanks for the video, it helped me more than I can express.

I still stand by my belief that the live action B&B sucked because they didn't cast John Cena as Gaston. That would have solved everything.

The cynical safety of these live-action remakes is more true than ever given we're getting a Little Mermaid LA remake next :(

This video also made me remember that Robby Benson and Paige O'Hara were effing fantastic in the animated version. I mean, I don't think there are any better vocal performances in all of the Disney canon (which has some great ones). They gave Belle and Beast such depth, warmth and character. Seriously, how does Robby Benson do gruff monster voice throughout the film and put that much depth into it?

Watching this I immediately think of a conversation screenwriter Craig Mason had on his podcast Scriptnotes with John August. I can’t remember which episode it was but the topic was all about how we as writers must approach logic or inaccuracies in plot as we writer out movies. Sometimes there are things happen for a number of reasons like, an actor can’t make it to a shot one day and they write him out a certain scene or the opposite, they want to show case an actor more so they write him or her into certain scenes etc. That is just one example though. But here is the real answer that seemed to be touch on in this video. Craig is saying this “when approached with logic problems or inaccuracies in your movie, a DISCIPLINED writer will go back and try to work things out from a CHARACTER stand point ie, making sure characters make choices that are logical with them as characters in your movie” What ends up usually happening is writers might add things, (often spoken through dialogue) to explain away inaccuracies and movie forward with their original intention. Usually on big budget features like this, it is NOT the writers that make those decisions, it is studio heads or producers that represent the studio heads. Such producers who know nothing about this fundamental aspect of writing and don’t respect the process that no wonder they get mad when someone on the internet catches wind of the problems in logic with their movie, it gains a following and a large audience of people out right discredit the film. Which is why no amount of logic is going to make your film more entertaining because it takes away from telling the story of these characters, ”who are meant to carry themselves” NOT relying on the plot logic carrying the story. This video brings up several good points in comparison to the original animated feature. Belle’s love of reading for one is introduced as wonderment when The Beast shows her his large expansive library. In the live action movie it’s just shown and dismissed and Belle doesn’t do much to react. Even themes of feminism are squandered by this movies’s lazy attempts at writing logic as entertainment. For example going back to reading, the Beast is harsh and cruel but when Belle helps him learn to read and enjoy it the same way Belle does it revels a childlike innocence to him, that is a major contrast the other men in her life like when Gaston says in the beginning of the movie “a girl should be allowed to read?!” I think this should be a real lesson to any writer or studio producer whatever that maybe you should trust your writers and trust your source material. There is reason why this works and there is reason why these people have the job of writing the movie and you don’t! But I can only hope, it’s not like any producer or writer is going to listen and read this, I continue to shout into the void! :/

the cg in this movie is atrocious, its not enchanting, its horrific, like a bad lsd trip, go watch the original, it IS a timeless classic, thats something that remakes get super wrong, they put stuff in that didnt happen in the original, when there was nothing wrong with the original, but they act like 'oh, we need to make a story that rivals that of the original, and, it has to have modern issues addressed in it, despite the lack of need for it, kind of like the original didnt need it, but how we did that anyway', the original was a love story about seeing the beauty within someone, seeing past their appearances and warming the heart, live action remakes can suck a rotten egg, like disney sequels, they didnt need to happen at all! a lot of people were satisfied with the endings of the originals, and kept their after "happily ever after" to themselves in their minds, you know, what disney wanted to do, enrich the imagination and encourage people to use said imagination, thus enriching lives the world over, but remakes can never seem to do that, they are ho hum and dull, and add nothing, and in this live action remake, there is auto tune apparently, fuck off with that, casting was all wrong, they practically ignored the source material, and did what they wanted to it, creative liberties and all that, so sad, oh and, for those who saw this know this, did i mention that instead of a mirror, hes got a goddamn book that could take him ANYWHERE!? anywhere in the world, yet he never used it, so that he could escape the castle, but that would be too easy wouldnt it, another way they fucked everything up, its abysmal for sure, and fuck movenitpicks, that channel can go die, my wife grew up with the disney classics, fuck off, its about the imagination and showing a magical world, whats there to understand, if you love a movie, good for you, if you dont, equally fine, im not out here to change minds, share my opinion and thoughts? yes, but i wont sit here and try to do any convincing of bad or good, however, there's what nostalgia critic does, and then there's straight up, a middle finger to us all, im of the opinion that no disney classic needs a remake or sequel, why add to a good ending that people loved so much, and was satisfied with, its like demanding more cake, when you just HAD cake, its bad for you and too much, i hope you understood that, and, that as much as i try to give things the benefit of the doubt, a lot of the time, live action especially, remakes suck, they miss the point of the original and at times, can alienate the audience, at times, not all the time, and even more still, ruin a good story, the ones they made so long ago, and then they ruin it, we all know that feeling, we remember so fondly about the disney original's endings, and we smile, but these days, they come along and say 'we can do even more, and try to do "better" than the original', when no one needed or asked for it

I don't care I stand by this movie and it's fucking gorgeous costumes.

First video of yours I've seen. I get it, you want me to subscribe within the first minute! Fine! I did!

In modern day society the woman has to be strong independent and god forbid she show emotions over a man. I loved the original what happened to allowing a flourishing love story between a man and a woman oh ya the brainwashed masses happened

At 9:56 you say that BEAUTY AND THE BEAST had a DVD release in 1991. Please award me my Marvel no-prize for being pedantic about a video that criticizes pedantism, thanks in advance.

8:08 my favorite part I have to admit...

It's so obvious she's reading from a cue-card, I think she remake it as I nitpick other things about this one

Great video! You argued the same points I have been to so many people who just can't see what's wrong with these live action remakes of classic animated films. Sad reality is that the mass majority of people are sheep who just watch anything as long as its "new".

I had many of the same complaints; kind of surprised you didn't touch on the super pointless ballad the beast sang when Belle had left or the equally pointless break downs of what each and every servant stood to lose during the most poignant part of the movie (when Belle realizes and tells the Beast she loves him....)which usually makes me cry, however, in this version was devoid of emotion. I, personally, as a fan and ex-Disney cast member (Disney and Henson are two of my creative heroes), think that Disney would be extremely angry to see the direction the company has taken. He was about family, about great story telling and about innovation. Thank you for doing this, it's nice to know there's someone out there with similar opinions.

Actually, Le Fou translates to The Mad in French, Which is arguably even worse than just "The Fool".

this was hard to watch. Not the commentary. Almost all of those movie clips made me want to cringe out of a reality where they thought this was a good idea.

Is that Wheeljack, or a die cast Lancia Stratos that doesn't turn into a robot?

Like goddamn! Bell is a princess now. Open a school for girls you selfish twat!

The feminist messages in this movie made my ovaries hurt

If I was allowed a million likes, I would literally sit here and tap the thumbs up for hours to use them all!!!!

Guess I'm the only one who loves it...

Teacher: We're reading Romeo and Juliet, kids! Tyler: Yuck! That's kissy, smoochy stuff! Teacher: Don't neg me, you little misogynist!

So, what you're saying in 35 minutes is.... They focused more on fixing things, adding social commentary, and shoehorning in answers to questions that didnt need answers that they forgot that they're telling a story. Story first, subtext 2nd. If the subtext doesnt fit in your story, tough tiddies your movie isnt getting subtext and it will be slightly **gasp** -problematic-

Word variance is important, especially when you're using words that stand out. Saying "pedantic" and "apotheosis" multiple times in a single video is going to be noticed. Using them multiple times in a few minutes span is going to stand out like Emma Watson's auto-tuned voice.

I'm just glad this movie exists because the Gaston song was hilarious.

So no one is going to mention that its a city in France with characters raised in France. They seem to have English accents not french

Thank god! All my friends loved this movie and I thought it was trash! The Beast was a stuck up, unlikable jerk and Belle was so annoyingly condescending! Especially that scene when they're outside and hes like "eurgh your town sucks" and she is like "totally, so behind". Also in the animated, Belle likes to read and escape with her thoughts and being a princess in a castle with books would be fine for her, she could fit in with royalty fine. But feminist inventor Belle would be bored to death with being a princess. To be fair though, they deserve each other... both awful! Also hated how LeFou just got over Gaston and luckily met a cross dressing(?) guy and just fell for him because gay! No need for anything else in common!

Cinderella 3 had no business being as good as it actually was

I am a month late to the party on this one, and with 6079 comments as I am typing this I imagine there is no chance in hell Lindsay will see this, however.... How would you rate or discuss this movie in a vacuum? Not as a remake and not as an attempt to answer bad faith criticisms, but as a reason to take 2 hours off from the real world and enter a fantasy?

That washing machine would not work because the donkey would just poop in the water.

I saw the movie once in theaters and wanted SO much to like it... I tried to re-watch the ballroom scene on YouTube and I cringed so much I couldn't finish.

"Thanks I hate it" shirts when?

I think there's something special when a movie tries to be feminist by saying "Here's the patriarchy! Aren't they assholes?," and accusing something where this sort or patriarchy did not exist, accidentally playing into the anti-sjw narrative that these inequalities are being taken out of context, exaggerated, or just straight up fabricated. No matter which side of the issue you fall on, you must acknowledge the obvious irony.

Here's a radical idea... Women in medieval times - and now, still - were/are socialized into a world view that's restrictive and intellectually stifling. Some of them don't become feminists. Writing historical women, or even current-day women, as universally feminist trailblazers may or may not be good for feminism, but it kind of writes out a lot of women in history. I'm mostly thinking about a movie I did watch - Brave. Great movie. Very feminist. Even portrays classical male gender roles as being oppressive. I love it. But I worry that the trend ends up soft-peddling the real societal trauma the patriarchy rendered on Western society for many hundreds of years. Although Brave is set in fantasy early medieval Nordic period, hearkening back to a pre-Christian time when upper-class women had more freedoms. Speaking of, we're also not doing anyone any favours by portraying upper-class historical women as feminist icons, since the real feminist icons of the medieval world were literally outcast. That's right, I'm talking about witches. We need more movies about historical witches. If one just forgets the Christian-imposed stereotypes, there is a wealth of fascinating lore to study and an untapped treasure trove of plotlines.

I love it when movies have the emotional depth of a puddle like that. 10/10


Oh no...XD

relaxesonsand OMG!! YES! I FREAKIN' YES!? XD

I was in Melbourne back in 2014, at the opening of the Dreamworks museum. Eisner told the audience, "Disney claimed to speak at the children and at the children in every adult' heart. Here at Dreamworks we speak to the adults, and to the adult in every children' heart". Tolkien blamed Disney for destroying the classic iconography, the subtext and the context that generated those fairytale and he complained about the fact that Disney iconography was so strong that when you tinked about some character people thinked about the Disney version, not considering the others. I think that with these movie Disney is destroyingm cultural images the same studio created.The looks of the character is rather similar to the one that can be found in the classic fairytales books, not the Disney animated versions. Disney is also destroying his legacy in the opposite way, Ralph Breaks the Internet is the living proof that Disney is trying to mock his princesses by bringing those characters to the extreme. A trend started with Shrek and followed in a charming and funny way in Enchanted here is showing his best side. And who is the ideal audience for this movies? As you stated this are movie made to answer adults' critics to the Classics. I never heard a child complaining about these things.

I mean.... Belle's dress was cool...

Love you so goddamn much!


Yeah the villian that said: "Now you shall content with me oh prince and all the powers of hell!!!"... Is just misunderstood

also the movie wasnt even shot in france and the sets and locations just felt so out of place and not real

Well wouldnt it be so hard to actually have a french person playing a french role

My adoration for this entire movie weighs entirely on the breathtaking "how does a moment last forever" scene. I love every tiny detail of that scene, i just want to dive into it and soak in all the emotion. The song, the props, the way its shot with him in the center, surrounded by memories... I adore it. That scene was a tiny masterpiece.

"Thanks! I hate it." is my new motto for every time my college teachers assign busywork.

TLDR 25:10

"Hey! Did you know this movie has the first GAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!?!?

Iger-Eisner, Iger-Eisner, Iger-Eisner say it 10x really really fast. Thanks, I hate it, but I love you Lindsay! :D

Hermione could have done better. But now she is a feminist.

This is my favorite video on YouTube!!!

eisner is most definitely the regina george of hollywood CEO's

The movie was watchable but it does not compare to the one I grew up on as a child aka the animated version. The growl at the very end when Belle brings up him being human now that the curse is lifted made me want to die and crawl inside myself.

at the end the village stops following a hot guy to follow another one: revamped beast

God I’m so tired of Disney being meta. Every single time they do a “HEY DISNEY PRINCESSES ARE STUPID HAHAHA” in any of their modern movies I just, die. I adored the movie enchanted, and still do, and I think the “meta” call outs worked in that movie. But every time I see the Frozen and Moana clips I just cringe. The Frozen one is just mildly less awful, but still terrible.

You said that Beauty and the Beast was released on DVD in 1991, when really it was released on VHS. Because of this small mistake, you now need to remake this video in live action.

Hated thw live action beauty amd the beast. I am a die hard b&b enthusiest. I know every line and on top of that like you said the so called plot holes left things to the imagination and most people assume things about the movie. I hate when people talk about how the villagers reacting to her reading in the original and how the masses opinion comes out in the scean where she is teacher the girl how to read. When you really listen to the song Belle, its not about her reading in general, its about how much time she spends reading. In the time frame, which I usually dont care to touch, she would habe been seen as frivolous as in the days of no electricity, no running water, every day life was more or less continual work. It took longer to clean a house, longer to go grocery shopping, she had live stock to take care of, so ofcourse, Belle with her nose in a book all the time, as she was known for, seemed unreasonably and immature, shrugging off her reaponsibilities. There was no femanist agenda; which was the thing I hated most about the live action. Woman oppressed man bad. Sure not everything was always glammorous for women but women these days have to continuously make themselves victims of men and verbally slap them with a news paper to repremand them for things only a small majority of past men did weather in their individual family tree or not. Dont get me wrong I likd being able to support myself and vote and stuff, but when it comes down to it family is most important. Weather its my parents, my siblings, my child, what ever, so I dont need more movies telling me how bad off I am. Totally agree with the beast being a gerk through the whole movie and I hated Ema Watson as Belle. She is a good actress but she doesnt look like Belle. She is a bit of a gerk too, she doesnt lead by example weather she coaches the Beast, she wasnt demure, and she didnt even politely blow off Gaston as animated Belle did...until he came into her home and wouldnt take no for an answer and then she responded appropriately. One thing I loved about Belle was she didnt have to be in your face about how she felt about you, she was kind, and she let her actions speak. If she didnt like you she didnt go out of her way to get coffee with you, but she would still show you kindness and say hi if she saw you on the street. You dont see that in the live action. You see her walles off and at odds with everyone but her father, and even with him there is a distance. Terrible job on this god awful movie

36 minutes and you didn't even mention that weird scene where Belle is singing in the field beside the tree with her arms rigidly stuck to her sides. Even recalling it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Don't use big words if you're going to talk this fast, you'll lose more than half of Youtube

Thank you for telling me all that was wrong with this movie since I refuse to watch it. I am now justified in my hatred of this abomination I want original movies not shitty rehashing of good movies.

You’re going to hate me, but the dvd was not released in 1991. Dvd was not out yet. Maybe the commentary was from a laserdisc version.

First of all, why does there need to be a character with a defined sexuality where the sexuality isn’t important? It’s one thing if it adds conflict or a relationship is needed in a scene... but in a childrens film why does it matter? I get the “we lgbt peeps want representation!!” And I support that but what I don’t support is character arks that add nothing. I think it shouldn’t be outright said and if you want the character to he gay (per say, Elsa) in your mind she can be gay but I think it’s a whole other situation to be like DISNEY SHOULD MAKE HER GAY COMMON DISNEY when the story was about sisterly love and not about anything remotely sexual... ALSO another reason why disney doesn’t have gay characters is because china is like hell no and won’t play movies with openly gay people. China is one of the biggest movie consumers, so from a business standpoint it makes sense. Though it really sucks.

I love the scene that copies the Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

I love every point you made because I HATED this movie. The original is good and it should not have been tampered with. This movie is crap compared to the original.

you had me at “wow! i hate it”. subscribed

My only problem was belle's yellow dress in the iconic tale as old as time dance. It looked like target or dollartree material.

I don’t want to be a smart ass or anything, but Walt’s mother died when he was a mere child. Which might explain why many of his characters have absent mothers

Not that I'm surprised, but did people rally begin questioning the logic of an enchanted castle? Forgive me if I sound naive but I don't tend to take part in a lot of internet comment sections or watch most of internet film criticisms (especially after The Last Jedi apparently stabbed fanboys in the nuts or something), but apparently I'm missing out on the worst of it.

Bless you for this

Completely agree with this review, perfectly articulated and interesting, thought provoking points raised, I love it


I don't agree with you. I really loved it

Songs that don't feel the mood

Take notes, Disney.

8:08 You didn't think anyone wouldn't notice this, did you? "Everyone knows her father is a lunatic! He was in here tonight, raving!"


Y'know, if we're going to complain about the historical accuracy of the movie, we should probably point out the dreadful inaccuracy that the female aristocrats weren't walking around with bare breasts and pierced nipples supported by underbust corsets to show off how they were rich enough that they didn't need to nurse their own babies. I mean, making them cover-up in the movie is just blatant revisionist history, censorship, and female body shaming. #FreeTheNipple

"...the L's, the G's, the B's, the T's, and of course, all you filthy, filthy Q's..." LMAO

9:55 woah Disney ahead of their time.. Beauty and the Beast was released on DVD in 1991?

Snow White is a lot more intense than I remember her..... And....she curses!?

"Then they might go make an Internet about it." 10:56. I loved that line.

I love the contrast of your lipstick against your skin tone. It's a bold look, but it works. That has nothing to do with the topic of the video, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

They really put "helpless widows" in that context? I'm glad I didn't see it, but damn. Disney is fucked up and basic.

They're actually siblings.

The teleporting book is from the original story. Though in most versions it's a glove or a ring.

I feel like someone finally laid a finger on why I found this movie so underwhelming - and I love the trope to death (no shame). But this one I was like. Eh. I think I perceived it better than it was because me brain overlaid the original movie, but thanks for pointing out all the stuff that was just. Ugh

16:50 his horn is clipping into the pillows......

Wait there was a black woman in the remake well now it’s blackwashing hahaha

In one of my favorite book series one of the characters had said something in the lines of "We need to start a charity for people with no imaginations." Welp. We'd make a killing on that nowadays. Sad really. No imagination in many people. No wonder entertainment has taken a nose dive into a pool of dead unicorns. And yes dead unicorns. People keep killing off imagination so that fits really well doesn't it? RIP unicorns. But to those with imagination the unicorns will rise from the dead and turn into the unicorn demon from Castlevania.

It's kind of meta how a movie remake that goes out of its way to fix nitpicks of the original only leaves itself open for more criticism.

That opening was so funny I literally paused the video because i was laughing too hard to see the screen! Thank you for that!

damn. this really makes me want to watch the original

I love that you have been able to put words of explanation to my general reaction of "NO" to this movie. Well, you missed Emma Watson's nonexistent singing capabilities, but otherwise you got it. Also, your voice is wonderfully listenable. Thank you.

I walked out of this movie not necessarily hating it, but I much rather would have watched the original. I think I went home and watched it after. Also, I love Emma Watson. I think as an actress she did fine as belle, but when you are casting someone who you know will be singing, maybe not cast someone who you use insanely obvious tuning on. I also cant handle when The beast yells "idiots" like napolean dynamite . I nearly lost it when I first saw it.

That little kiss thing you did at 8:08 was really cute. >~

Re: the rose from the original fairytale - the animated movie actually knowingly subverts that with Belle nearly picking it while she’s in the castle (instead of her father) and the Beast’s reaction causing her to flee, instead of being the reason she stays. (See, movie? You CAN have both without adding unnecessary c**p)

I may be the only one, but I wanted the movie to go the same route as Snow White and the Huntsman. While that movie is not perfect, I really liked it, and I would have loved to see a more serious version of Beauty and the Beast. This remake adds nothing to the original. If you are going for a live remake, USE that to your advantage. The Jungle Book at least used its visuals to make us see how out of place Mowgli looks in the jungle. Beauty and the Beast could have been an instant Gothic classic, something like Crimson Peak (even if you didn't like that movie). Beauty and the Beast is the perfect story to showcase a beautiful, dark, romantic world. Not a overly bright processed pile of puke.

If there’s no gay sex it’s not a gay character

*cries* fuck yeah, I've been waiting for someone to talk about this

I kinda hated the movie too because in the animated film, it showed that everyone actually really liked Belle. They thought she was beautiful and smart and they *liked* her. In the live film, they laugh at her for being smart and insult her and outcast her. Also with Gaston's sidekick dude (I forgot his name), in the animation, he was completely loyal to Gaston. He pretty much was stupid and followed Gaston around. In the live action, Gaston's sidekick dude seemed to go against Gaston a bit. He didn't follow along with some of gastons decisions and went against him (idk how to explain it but their relationship is different) Lastly their faces Beast looked too humanly and like he's supposed to look like a beast! Use some cgi and some makeup pros. And like yea, mainly how the villagers treated Belle was the reason I didn't like the movie so much

I get strong Georgina Sparks vibes from you

I just realized if Disney does a live action Snow White!! You'd make a great Snow White :D! You look just like her :D!!

"All you filthy, filthy Qs"

Plz do The Greatest Showman

You hate it because it wasn’t Progressive enough—I hate it because it was Progressive. Yeah, they screwed up.

2:57 *L O B S T E R D A D D Y*

“We can’t leave things to people’s imaginations then they might go make an internet about it.” Every writer ever.

Lindsay, you are GREAT and you should feel GREAT.

live action dalmations....the cruella killed it. the minute she saw the print she lost her crazy mind. after that it was ok. i think that part was the first 15 tho. epic first 15.

Remember when Emma charged people 5 dollars to ask her a question on skype and nobody cared?

Don't forget the joke at the end where they imply Belle is a furry.

5:10 but Mowgli wasn't brown in that one when he should be

It was produced by Disney Theatrical. It was initially intended to be the next Disney animated feature, reteaming Tim Rice & Elton John, but somewhere along the way, it was decided that it would make a better stage production. Furthermore, Linda Woolverton, who wrote the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST script for both the screen and stage, also co-wrote the book to AIDA.

musicaltheatergeek79 really? Well, someone told me that Walt’s mother died when he was really young. I mean 37 years old is kinda young compared to our standards.

Where do you get your misinformation? Walt's mother died in 1938, aged 70, a week before he turned 37.

Oh no that would mean there's a "Disney Extended Universe" or is there?

That would sadly make sense...

Walt Disney would turn in his grave if he knew how hungry Eisner is for money. What the hell. Disney had always been about creating a dreams, make things come true. Back then even in difficult times, Disney would not let go of his ideas and shit :/

Gaston and Le Fau (IMO) outshone the rest of the movie to the point where, despite seeing it twice, I legitimately couldn't remember half of the scenes that were shown when talking about Belle and the Beast. Which, while it ends up being very entertaining to me, is a problem seeing as one of them is the antagonist and the other is a background character. Loved them, but I feel as though I shouldn't love them more than basically all of the other characters (besides Maurice and The Feather-duster).

that owl bit was very big joely are you a fan lindsay

When Belle leaves the castle for the second time, as beast watches her ride off into the wolf infested forest. What!?!?

About that historical accuracy: people who lived outside of big towns still couldn't read. The revolution started about 50 years later, when the production of newspapers for plain workers begun. Plus, this film wasn't historicaly accurate for the reason that will probably give me a lot of 'thumbs down', but here's the fact: there was no way that in 1700s and 1800s France black people would be treated as equal and dance at the balls etc. People brought from Africa were mostly working on the ships or being servants in small houses. But even at that time there wasn't many of them - in Europe, of course - for example, countries like Russia, Poland, Sweden or Austria have never brought any people from Africa at all.

I disliked the remake primarily because the acting was terrible. Emma Watson ruined the tension of every scene she was in every time she opened her mouth. Luke Evans and Josh Gad were the most engaging performances of the cast and I find that ridiculous. Other than that I actually appreciated how they expanded the world in the film. The acting let down a pretty good script I thought.

First off, I agree with all of this, HOWEVER, my main complaint was that the musical numbers were the most lackluster, low-energy scenes I’ve ever witnessed. They were shameful.

where is the aida live action and animated films sigh i so want to see it instead of just clips

wow, your pores look less noticeable now that I have human eyes IT IS YOU!!! Laughed so hard

I always just assumed that the reason the staff were punished with enchantment for the deeds of the Prince happened because life isn't fucking fair, and a leaders' people are held accountable and punished for their leaders all the time. That's what happens in war: The "princes" (leaders) are monsters, and the people are blown up and have their houses burnt down by opposing leaders trying to publish those leaders... How reasonable is an enchantress who condemns a man based on one encounter? He could have been having a bad day, yeah? I had the same outraged reaction to the self-blame of the victims. It's as if the writers are coping for the enchantress for her collective punishment AND the prince and the kings for being dicks... But you are dealing with abuse built right into the mythology. The message BATB sends to developing female minds is: Pity that jerk that is abusing you, and don't run, but love him. He is just misunderstood, secretly a "real prince", and your love will save him. It's already a toxic, coping for abuse tale, so it's not surprising people enamored with the myth would cook up such a abuser apologist explanation for why they blame themselves for their plight.

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