The 2018 JUNO Awards Broadcast

The 2018 JUNO Awards Broadcast

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You. The. Following live special presentation, is available in describe video and may contain course language viewer discretion is advised. Bad. Now. Mom show. Barenaked. Ladies. Jesse. Ray. With special presentations. By Kevin drew pearl wind check Buffy, sainte-marie. Jenny Lee, live on the CBC from, coast to coast to coast and stream, all over the world. Good, evening Baker. And welcome to the 2018. Juno's, right here in beautiful Rogers, Arena British Columbia, Canada. I'm. Your host Michael Buble. Thank. You. Thank. You you, know I. Wanted. To be here last year and could. Not make it so, before I continue I'd, be remiss. If. I didn't say thank you to my friends Russell Peters and Bryan, Adams for taking over the way that they did. If. If. You're watching boys and I know that you probably are you'll, never know what it meant to me. To. Be honest with you you, can't know what it means to me to be here it's been a couple years since I've been on stage. It. Means, it. Means more than you'll know to be able to come back here in my. Hometown. In. Front. Of my family. In. Front, of my friends, in my city in my, country. I'd, be lying to you if I said that I. Wasn't. A little bit nervous sometimes, when. You've begun a while you wonder if, you've, lost whatever. It is you might have had in the, first place. Honestly. After standing, here for 40 seconds I realize that I. Am. I. Taller. Is. There a scientific way, to prove that I'm better I don't know. Is. It a spray tan talking, I don't, think anyone, would really understand, that but. I can tell you this. That. You have filled, me up with joy and love and luck and I'll tell you what it is luck because five years ago when. I hosted the first time in Regina you. Brought me luck and I, was, pregnant with my I mean my wife was I mean we were pregnant, with. Our first child and Here, I am five. Years later and you brought me oops you did it again. My. Wife and I are pregnant. With our number three. No. No. I. Know. What the question is cuz everybody's, been asking it and no, it's, not Jim Cuddy's baby i. Okay, Wow. I. Love. You so much me more I. Love. You good. What's. Good Jim Cuddy. Thank. You, listen. Speaking. Of new arrivals, tonight's. A really special, night as the host because. We do get to celebrate some of Canada's biggest. International. Stars but at the same time we. Get to introduce you to some of the new voices and that. Is a very cool thing so listen, to you people at home some. Of these people may be new for you but I promise. You I guarantee. Within. Four years those same young acts will, be the International, mega stars that won't come home and do the Junos. I. Can. Love. That the industry just went. Ladies. And gentleman let's just get started this is really an incredible. Show, we. Would like to begin with a band that has 10, June wins and last. Night they were presented, with a very prestigious, Juno international. Achievement award. They, are literally taking over the world, ladies. And gentlemen, boys and girls. Okay. Three. Years guys gotta, stop. Scott asked I. Guess. You. Space. In, your head. Still. See. Every. Four. This. Here. To give out the Army's, soul recording, of the year presented by CBC, music, is Andrea, bang and Mark, McMorris. Mark. And I were Justin Qing Chun for the Olympics, I was working, for CBC and Mark was well. You know representing. Canada like Baba. What's. Amazing, is, exactly, one year ago today he was lying in the Whistler backcountry fighting. For his life look. At you now. I. Really appreciate, that I gotta, give you a huge congratulation. Kym's convenience. Winning, a CSA, just two weeks ago Congrats. Both. Of us are here to present the first award of, the night, CBC. Music, is proud to be the home of Canadian, music on radio TV, and online, it's, our pleasure to present R&B. Soul, recording, of the year behalf. Of CBC, music. R&B. Soul according of the year sponsored by CBS eMusic. Freudian. Danneel. Season. Jo. Koy. Kudo. Jessie. Reyes. Human. Jai. Keshia. Chante. And. And, the Juno goes. Daniel. Caesar. Wow. This is this is a lot we weren't expecting, this I just.

Want To say thank you. First. Of all for these guys right here I would not be here for one for Matthew in Jordan I look like I love you guys man. Mom. And dad I. Love. You guys so much, cable. Oh man he has Danny family, the. Evans family. The. Burnett family. Sean. Riley. Anthony. There's. Kim. Kim. Davis where are you, this. Is a lot I'm sorry I'm like I'm frazzled right now but thank you so much. Thank. You appreciate it and the 2-dose thank you the judo's and the kerosene, everyone, thank you. They're, watching the 2018 tutor Awards spending the how students this evening Vancouver's, DJ Felix, Cartal and coming up the Catalans, with jerry cans and more Michael, Buble. The. Following program is a live broadcast and, may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Live. On the CBC from, coast to coast the coast and streamed all over, the world all the way from each alley we please, welcome but, sherry chance. - message written on ascending a demonic Musqueam, Squamish, a mellow flavor tooth, none of approximate. Naive, young money took. My support, amani dogon. A. Here. To present our next award are jasmine bird from the band weaves and minister, at canadian heritage the Honorable, mammy, Zoe. Hello Melanie how are you very good. Factor. Is funded by private radio broadcasters. In the Government of Canada through, the Canada music fun last. Year factor, funded, the production, of over 300. Full-length, sound recordings, and over, 3500. International. Performances. Desmond. Speaking, of international. A number. Of recent, global incidents. Have brought women. And men to raise their voices and say me, too. And obviously they're demanding change, and, what glued media to traffic, of the leadership. The. Music industry should ensure, that artists. And industry, professionals, never have to choose between a safe environment, and a successful career. And. The. Government of Canada through. Organizations. Like Factor and music excel will. Work to, achieve gender parity we, will, make it happen. The, nominees, for breakthrough. Artists, of the year our. Breakthrough. Artists, of the year sponsored by factor the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters. Charlotte. Cardin. Jessie, Rayanne's. Virginia. To Vegas. And. The, juno goes to. Who. Is it who is it with it. Thank. You guys so much. Wasn't, expecting this so thank, you to. My family to my team my mom and dad all, of you guys that have heard the music and supported, it and spread it thank you so much it, means a lot to get this love at home. Shout. Out to everybody nominated. Man y'all are beasts thank you God thank you Juno Thank You Canada thank you everybody ran Thank You Adrian strong for hooking it up to universal. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you god bless you guys. Hey. Everybody, voting. Is still open for the judo fan Choice Award presented by CD so, don't forget to go online and vote now I'm, here, with my friends, heyo. Here's. The st. James Music Academy say hi guys. Listen. The music counts, TD community, music om make sure that, Te'o and all, these kids have, access to music and gives them a sense of belonging as, a music can change your life gonna tell you more about the impact music has had on his life please welcome BC's own Shawn, hook. My, high school music teacher Bricklin, guard I would have been here performing on this stage today sadly. The music program in my former high school no. Longer exists. That. Is why we need music counts, to keep music alive in, schools and communities across. Canada. Joining. Me on stage tonight is the BC, Youth Chinese. Orchestra. Why. She's. Written of the wine. I. Forgot. You left behind. Our. Favorite. Cherry red. I know, this, isn't love. Cuz. I'm still thinking often. While. She's getting under. I'm never sure. She. Keeps, you mind doing, that. You're still gone and, I'm still. She. Keeps, her mind. What. They were crazy. She. Keeps, reminding me. Forget. You. The. Man. To, number. Every church still. Try to forget you. She. Keeps, reminding, that. You're, still gone I'm. Still lonely. She. Keeps, reminding me. But. We were crazy. She keeps, reminding me, how, good. She, keeps, 90. Thanks. The TV for partnering on such an important initiative Neely, can help support music education, please, visit music, counts not CA stay. Tuned for performance, by lights and more, Michael, Buble. The.

Following Program is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Juno's. Were previously awarded in the following categories. Indigenous. Music album of the year sponsored, by APTN, medicine. Songs buffy, sainte-marie blues. Out of the air time, to roll monkey, jungle, contemporary. Christian gospel album, of the year first, day of my life becoming, world. Music album of the year where, the galleons, sank Cobo, town Jack. Richardson producer, of the year Diana. Krall recording. Engineer of the year Riley, Bell album. Artwork of the year Marian Collins Ian laughs Steve Steve farmer, do, make safe a video. Of the year sponsored by stingray, music, travel. Shave. Electronic. Album of the year, mass manipulation, res. Metal. Hard music album of the year voice, of the boy ancient. Comedy. Of the year sponsored by Sirius, XM Canada I wanted, to be a dinosaur, Ivan, Decker adult. Contemporary album of the year nobody. But me Michael. Buble. Welcome. Back everybody now listen this is this, was my favorite, part of hosting. So far I had. This idea that, I wanted to talk to some of my favorite people, in, the whole universe, so. Which is which is kids and they're honest, and there's a sense of wonderment so I ask you right now to indulge, me and for all of you people in the arena I asked, just a little favor check out this for a second look at the screen you. Know. I'm. Just to be present you know. You. Don't know who she is yeah series, if, you could imagine what, Justin Bieber look like what would you think she look. Like. A strap of like purse I like it she honestly sounds. Beautiful to, me your favorite, song. Do. You know much about Canadian, music cylinder, yawn okay, Celine wakes up in the morning and then what do you think she doesn't she probably, purchase, her teeth maybe, gets ready for a concert then maybe after the concert is another concert, and, then maybe after that just does, it cost you yeah what, about if I set you oh you're. Gonna be a famous musician, here's. A million dollars, what, would you do with the money. You. Collect, more money yeah. What. Do you think people do when they listen to my music your music gets people, calm do you mean like. Sleepy. Is, that how you feel like I sound that's okay that doesn't hurt me deeply there with me if. I had, a million, dollars. Please, welcome a legend, in our industry, Buffy sainte-marie, and producer. And artist crys. It's. Time for change it's. Time. For women to be recognized, for our accomplishments. And. Our value, to this industry. It's. Time, for a far greater awareness of. What women have done and what. We're capable of, doing. We. Need to build a foundation upon. Which we can support an environment. That actually encourages. Success. For. Women as engineers. As. Producers. Artists. And writers. Inventors. And providers. Of new music. Because. It's not here yet we, need, to be at the forefront and to advocate, and be, the catalyst, for change and now's the time to do it. From. The bottom, to the top of the music industry, we need to create better and safer. World for, the, next generation, of women. Join. Us in welcoming greatness, of stage she's, a writer a performer.

And An amazing visual artist who has created these beautiful portraits, of Juno, Juno nominees. For something us and, she has also designed her entire performance within, cool graphics, performing, Giants lights. Around. You. Bringing. It down. We. Even took him a bottle. We did enough see, if. It got a deter. Both of us, bras. Are not. Know. We. Could be just. Bigger. Than the wall they. Breaking. All the lighter size. Cannot. See your. Thing. Could be you could be ties. If. We could be, giants. To. The beach. Coming. Up northern, TouchWiz, since rap recording, Daniel, Caesar performs, and a tribute to Gor downing. Program. Is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Journals. Were previously awarded in the following categories, single. Of the Year sponsored, by Live Nation Canada, there's nothing holding me back Shawn Mendes. International. Album of the year damn, Kendrick. Lamar group. Of the year presented with Apple music a try called bread breakthrough. Group of the year sponsored, by factor the Government of Canada and Canada's, private radio broadcasters. The Beeches, songwriter. Of the year was ended by so can gourd, Downey and Kevin drew country. Album of the year. James Barker, ban adult. Alternative album, of the year introduce. Yourself, Ward down, alternative. Album of the year sponsored by long McQuade as he socialites, always. Skin. Lights. Reggae. Recording, of the year greater, carp, diamond. Traditional. Works album of the year illusion. And down the dead south contemporary. Roots. Whose colon and the 2018, humanitarian. Award was presented to, Gary slate. Presenting. Rap recording, of the year from the Juno award-winning, track, northern, touch by rascals, gone and, alopecia, and red, one. Here. Tonight are all the performers, from that seminal, moment in Canadian. Hip-hop 20. Years ago we enlisted some of the country's top rappers, the result, northern, touch a game-changer. So shout out to the one and only misfit, DJ. Kimo. Yeah thrusts, checkmate. My man Shockley, yeah, make, some noise so that Miao is. Now. The, most listened-to. Genre. On the, planet, but, historically. Canadian. Urban artists, have struggled, for exposure at home however. Change. Is, coming, and we want to commend the Junos for. Recently. Committing. To move forward in development and urban music all right. Uman. From the ow Clermont. The second. Number. One, experiments. Lou, Phelps. Fresh maestro. Fresh West. Shooters. Tory, lanez. And. And and and and and a judo goes to. Yes. So. Here's the thing. Shout-out. To Tory Lanez but Tory, Lanez couldn't be here. Tonight. I. Know, this. Is gonna mess up the Junos a little bit but I don't, care.

Oh. Shut. Up Kyra Lindy, I'm, sorry. That we had to take over for a second but one more time for you pop music in Canada. All. Right. Everybody. In van city, this. Next, artist is from Toronto. He's soulful. He's, one of the most successful, independent, artists. In Canadian. History and, here, to perform a, medley, of songs from. His latest album one of my favorites, called Floridian, make some noise. This. I. Took. You so. Oh you, were. See. How you. We. We. Yes. We. Get. Uh. We. PwC. Is the official, ballot accountant, for the 2018, Juno, Awards, stay for a beautiful, tribute to bored down each featuring, city and color Sarah, Harmer and Kevin. Hearne. Words. Fearless. Throat eleven truth, generous. Brave, dreamin. Dancer, arrow, committee. Unique. Idiosyncratic. Irreplaceable. Compassion. To. Role, model, determined. He, was sharp million. Despite, name and cool, and, Khan, into the sweater First, Nations. With John be human. Humility. Double. Technoboy friendship. Humanitarian. Ingenious. Mischievous. Honest. Pun. Superb. Herbal caring. Sincere. Genius. Effective. Conscience. Music. With fashion, love. My dear friend Excel. Big. Brother. Ladies, and gentlemen Kevin, Drew and poor when Jack. Gore. Downy. Taught. Us all what it means. To. Be alive and how to exit. This world with love and compassion he. Was, our King. He. Was our king he was our friend and, he. Was also a bandmate a. Husband. A lover. A wolf. A brother. A, son. And most, importantly, a father. To, his four kids. His. Songs. His. Songs helped, us understand, ourselves. Understand. Our country, and. On his way to, the. Beautiful goodbye that he gave us all, he. Asked us to take. A good look at the history we, were taught to, ignore within. This country. Sure. Jenny, Medina my guy cabochon. Gore. Downey was. Given a native. Name. And. His name was the, man and, walks among. The stars and, with. That name. That's. What he is now today. He. Rich. Please. Welcome, Gords good friends, Kevin Hearne and Sarah, Harmer. You. Helped me out of. So, many. Spray. You, helped me way. And, way. You. Help me. I had, to. Pretend. You. Helped me walk through. Thickets. Again. Again. Once. You got into a car with me and we were both, sitting in, the back seat and, the driver, he, was so friendly he, had, driven, me, so, many, times. He I could remember. His, name Anna, I probably, should've, remembered, him, so, I I wrote, something, on. My hand for, you to see. Me but. I bow, to you. And I showed you. I've. Drawn, an arrow. Pizza. Introduced. Yourself. Introduce. Yourself. Introduce. Lose yourself. Thank. You for you. Ladies. And gentlemen city, and collar. Laughter. House is, small. Why. I left. Your house is, morning. It. Was a little. There. Was in Bobcaygeon. Crash. Saw, the, consolation. Star, and time. Go, back to town this, morning. With. Working, on. I thought. Maybe. Went. Back to bed, this morning. Yeah. The sky, was. Dark. Horseback. And. Keeping, motorists. To. The many good. Get. You all. So. Much your house is, smaller. Cajun. Grants. Are the constellations. Themselves. Won't start. Performances. From Michael Buble Diana, Krall and Arkells, + bare naked ladies are inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The. Following program is a live broadcast and may contain coarse language viewer discretion is advised. Broadcasting. Live from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, it's the 2018, to no Awards, ladies, and gentlemen from Rush the one and only Jenny. Lee. Hello. Like, many other Canadians, I first, became aware of barenaked. Ladies through. A typically. Fair. Naked quirky, way, they. Were booked to play at the 1991. New Year's Eve show at Toronto's, Nathan, Phillips Square but. It was a gig that never happened, the, mayor banned, them as, she thought their name was politically. Incorrect. It. Became, a national, news, item and only, two years later they sold out four nights at Toronto's, Massey, Hall. Astounding. It. Beat Rush's than record. Of sold-out, shows at the venue so naturally, we sent them a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The, occasion. When. They broke in America, 80,000. People turned up to a free concert in downtown, Boston. Lurking. Beneath those, big radio and TV hits are a number of special, attributes, that set this band apart, one. Is their adventurous, songwriting, spirit, evidence. Both lyrically, and musically, and abundantly, display, throughout their entire repertoire. -. They possess, a definite, sense of where they are from. That. Sense, that. Exists. In our home and native land II. And finally. Something, that I believe flies under the radar with, BNL, is what, effing, great, musicians. They all are. Each. With, their own terrific. Drafts for their instruments, it, is an honor to induct these guys into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame 30, years and still going strong. Barenaked. Ladies. Thirty, years in school boyfriends, Edie Robertson, and Steven Page formed, bare naked ladies, since then the band has sold over 15, million albums, they've even had an ice-cream named after them, they've also written a theme song to an historic, sitcom. Our. Career, is like in chunks. There, was pre Gordon, and that scrappy. Sort of bantering, thing.

It. Was the huge, in Canada, stage. The. Band's debut album Borton, sold stunning. 1 million copies in, Canada alone we played for years under, the radar in the United States they're slowly building, our audience and, boom, things, exploded, in America that, was the old apartment video that that broke them in America although the old apartment video was directed by some hack director, and man, stunt came out and was, huge. In. 2009. Stephen page left the band and embarked, on a successful solo, career. The band did not miss a beat releasing. A series of new albums. Congratulations. To our friends, the Barenaked Ladies congratulations. On this honor you're my favorite band it's, a great achievement congratulations. Fellas so, very well-deserved enjoy, every moment. He's. Welcome. Ladies, to the stage. Wow. This. Is an incredible, honor and I, share it with my parents Bob and Sandy my, wife Jill my beautiful daughters Milly hazel, and Carmen, shout. Out to my teammates on the joker's hockey club yeah. The Valley sprats, my. BFF, Steve pickin who helped me follow my drum dreams all the, way to the Hall of freaking, Fame. This. Band would not exist without, public, school music education. We. All want to thank our music's teachers all of them. Mom. Dad Anna Finn, Chloe you. Inspire, me every, day. And. I'd. Love so like to thank my lifelong, music, partner, brother, and bare, naked lady alumni Andy, Creeggan. Guys. I'm. Not crying you're crying. That's. Not me I'm, not doing it thank you guys for, the chance to make music with you for 20. Years, and. So, proud of everything we've done together I'm, so happy to be here with you tonight thanks. To my family my, kids Isaac. Ben and Jonah my wife Christine, my parents Victor, and Joanne we, all want to thank my dad for taking, the risk of starting a record company just. So we could release original. Five song cassette. The. Facialist CBC for live-streaming, tonight's show all around the world. Hi. Thanks. To the guys for, sticking by me as I fought through cancer twice I love you. Thanks. To my old family thanks, to my mom for the piano lessons, thanks. To my dad for buying me my first, synthesizer. Thank. You to some of my great teachers, thanks, go downie let's. Keep the message of, truth and reconciliation, alive. My. Question, Harlan Williams my, friend my hero Lou Reed. Yvonne. And our amazing daughter Havana. Thank. You so much to my wife Natalie my, incredible. Kids whose names escape me. Hannah, Lyle and Arden, I love you so much thanks. To our unstoppable. Manager, Allison, Taylor to, our fans your, passion, for our music and our shows, continues. To astound us and. We thank you for this. Thanks. To Steve for starting, this journey with me and to the guys for continuing, it to any kids, out there with the dream, this can happen so, drop out of school as soon as possible. Thank. You Karis. Bob. And bailenson chris stapleton pinned, and the best crew in rock and roll all, our managers past, and present, Terry Dan Jourdan night Pierre Alison Larry, webmin, Jeff Craven Feldman, and my managers, ray and Cynthia.

Glickman. You, got Anna Lou Steve Cain and our Warner family. Jason. Priestley. We can. Here, with Team Canada's, favourite song. The. Are cows. I've got the note stuck out of me it's, the fighter bunny, on the side of me no I, don't need a musical I got. Did. Let's collect, it, I've, got a brand, new perspective. To lose that might, break the tension. Waterboy, walking, through this intersection. Well. Our boy. When. The power is with people I don't get a mystery. Shopper, -, outta my head. Shoulder. To shoulder as, we walk across the finish. I'm. Thirsty. Some. Awards presented this evening, are based and holder in part on weapon sales and streaming information, compiled by Nielsen music, the industry's, leading source, of music data and insights, coming. Up Diana, Krall takes the stage. Program. Is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is advised. Her. New album went, number one on iTunes this, week, please welcome Jann, Arden and, her producer, Bob, Rock. I. Just, realize this is the first time I've seen you without a pane of glass between, us up, close your hair is amazing. And. This is the first time I've seen you with makeup, and, without. Sweatpants. Wow. Don't. Tell people about our creative process let's. Get to the award, why don't we yell. No the Year award is sponsored by Music, Canada, representing. Canada's, major music, companies Sony. Universal. And Warner, whose. Focus, on creators, and investments, in Canadian artists, helped create a strong, and successful music. Community let's, see the nominees. Album. Of the year sponsored by Music, Canada. Everything. Now Arcade. Fire. Revival. Johnny Reed. Nobody, nobody. But me Michael, Buble. Shania. Twain. Goes. To. Everything. Now. Thank, you so much. Thank. You this is we're, so humbled to be here thank you so much for this award. It. Takes us like three or four years to make a record we put a lot of life and blood and sweat into it so just thank, you to everyone who, helps us Owen Pallett who does it's done over all of our strings since funeral. Thank you to Steve Mackey thank. You to Tom ah thank. You just. Just. Just hope, that we can all rise. Above negativity, in our lives and just do what you believe in. And. Speak. Your truth and just. Don't. Be afraid to just do whatever the hell you want to do don't worry about what anyone says about you so thank you very much respect, love and respect Thank. You Canada thank. You. Hate. Fire that's really exciting I read your so you read mine, yeah that, is really exciting. I thought Buble, was gonna win for sure oh well.

He's Still doing a good job hosting. Please. Welcome back our friend, Michael Buble. Big congratulations Starrcade. Fire I may, have lost that one but the truth is this. Is my reward right here ladies, and gentlemen last night she, won two journals one for producer, of the year which is a big, one a big one. Folks. For. 15 years I've watched in awe as she, has, taken, over the world as one of the most prolific jazz. Artists, ever really. Tonight. Is incredibly, special for me because I, get to sing with one of my favorites, of all time and she grew up just up the block in the Naima, please. Welcome. Home the. Incomparable, miss. Dianna. Look. Everything. That's, where our children and everybody, we love always. For the only one, I see. Extra. Ordinary. B. Is. Even. More than anyone that. You. Love. It's. All that I. Can, you give to you. Love. Is more than just, a. Game. Now. Love. Can make, it take my. Heart. Was. Made for me. You. Know that love was, made for me. On. The way, Jessie brands faces, they took the special. And barenaked, ladies return. The. Following program is a live broadcast and may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Welcome. Back it's time to award the Juno fan choice presented by TV, here, to do that honor performers. Ruth B Scott, Hellman, and Charlotte. Carden. This, is the only award voted on exclusively. By you the, fans and, if you're still a China vote right now unfortunately. It is too late, I already. Have the envelope for, the juno fan choice presented by TD, nothing. Is more important, to an artist than the fans and, we love when you come to our show support us see us live follow, our mute buy our music and follow us, coffee. Shop Dino Paco and their families. Knew all kind. But. For these nominees, the most important thing that you could have done is vote and. Like we said before if you haven't voted already you, can't anymore, so. Let's take a look at this year's nominees. Judo. Fan Choice Award presented by TV. Alessia. Cara, marquel's. Jesse. Ray. Justin, Bieber Sean, book Shawn. Mendes, the. Weekend, theory. Walk. Off the earth. And the. Juno for, fan, choice goes, to. Shawn, mendes. Unfortunately. Some mayonnaise is not here so we're. Gonna accept this award on his mouth we, love you son give it up for chef. Hey. Everybody. Congrats, to the winner Shawn Mendes hey, Vancouver, how good is this huh. How. Good is this honestly. The Barenaked Ladies induction. Just killed, me that was so really, I'm man. I'm a proud Canadian all, the time but on nights like this I just, feel that we. Are so much, better than everyone else. Ladies. And gentlemen there's. Only four more hours left in the show. Can. You handle three more hours. Two. More hours okay, I. Promise we're almost done folks. This, is one of those real moments, when a guy on stage gets, to tell you that they are truly, blown away this is not me we're eating something from a teleprompter but, in the last few months I've got to check out more music than I have in a long time and this, next artist is just, fearless, and. Honestly. A friend of mine Luke said to me Mike. Her music, grabs you by the throat, and when you hit you know it's true she's had an amazing year you, just saw her win breakthrough artist and honestly. It's like her this is her year ladies. And gentlemen I cannot wait to see what's next please welcome Jessie. I. Gave. You buy a Diane. You gaming games, love. Her. And crying, cuz, you just won't, change. I. Gave. It all and. You gave me. Heeey. I wish. I could do exactly, what. You did, a wizard. Would hurt you by. You. Do if. You couldn't, get, me by. You're. The one who's, go, blow. Something. So, special, something, surreal. Tell. Me boy. Would, you feel if, you couldn't. Get me by. Good. Oh. Be. Good yo. I'm. The bad guy cause, I, can't learn to choice. You. Say shiny once, and you think that you know.

You. Know if. You couldn't. Get me back. What. You feel if, you couldn't. Get me. I could. I. Can. Help myself your. Mother. Started. About. My bells. All, the pay they gotta fill out to be right I'm out where, to store I, got. A cup for the whiskey. 100. Offense. Breezes, leave, a display, that you're busy. For. Your love I just can't, get in I. Wish, I could hurt you bad. You, do if. You couldn't, get me you, could get, me back. Would. You feel. Oh. Please, welcome Leah May and Tyler economies, to give out artists of the Year presented, with a pollution, listen, to music from all this year's Juno nominees, at Apple music calm / Juno's. Apple. Music is a proud supporter of Canadian, music and it is my pleasure to present artists. Of the year on their behalf, looking. At a list of the nominees they, are as diverse as they are talented, not. Only giving us music as entertainment but they are also giving, us music with a strong message yes. And, not. Only something to sing along to but something to really think about this. Award is for the individual, musician, who has had an exceptional, year let's take a look at the nominees. Artist. Of the year presented, with Apple music. For, Downey's. Mites. Ruby. Shania. Twain. And the. Juno goes, to. Go. Downie. Hello. My. Name is my. Name is Patrick, Downey and this is my older brother Mike. We're. Back we're here on behalf of our brother Gord. And. We're, here representing, our entire family, my sister's, my, mother gort's. Children, and and, their, mother and of, course our brothers in the hip. If. We've learned anything from Gord, it, was the value of taking care of each other so. I want to take this opportunity to, acknowledge, everyone. Who, has helped us over the last two years. We'd. Like to thank everyone, here. All. The journalists people and everyone involved for creating such a beautiful. Beautiful tribute, for. Our brother. All, all, this love and support is really. Helping the healing, this. Is gorgeous award. But. You. Know, it's. Artist, of the year, but. He was our man of a lifetime. I'm. Sorry that he's, not here. I'm. Really sorry he's not here to accept this award and feel, this love and appreciation, from everyone but. I'd. Like to believe that we're. All better artists, and people because of him we. Love, you board and we're, all taking good care of each other. You. Know. Gord, really wanted, all. Of us to look out for each other, and take care of each other and he wanted a country that, was. Equitable and inclusive. And. Right. Now. We. Have an incredible opportunity to, do just that for. Indigenous, and non-indigenous people. To come together like. Never. Before. Change. Who we think we are. Create. A new country and a. New Canada, and, I'm telling you Gord. Would really like that I love, you Gordon. Congratulations. To bore down for winning the artists of the Year award. Listen. To all the nominees on, Apple, music. The. National Music Center, is home to the Canadian Music, Hall of Fame coming, up next the newest inductees, barenaked. Ladies perform. The. Following program is a live broadcast and, may contain course language viewer discretion is, advised. Juno's. Were previously, awarded in the following categories. Vocal. Jazz album of the year turn up the quiet Diana, Krall jazz. Album of the year solo, route, structure Mike, downs, jazz. Arm of the year group the north, David, brain Mike Morelli and is mogensen and Johnny amok instrumental. Album of the year stubborn. Persistent, allusions do, makes a thing francophone. Album the year Paloma. Children's. Armor hear the music fred, penner, classical. Album of the year so lower chamber, chopin recital, free Ioannina, Philco scope large. Ensemble, chopin, works, for piano and orchestra the. Endless SP with ND r l filled harmony, orchestra, vocal. Or core Oh crazy, girl crazy, Barbara, Hannigan with Ludwig Orchestra, classical. Composition, of the year my, name is Amanda, Todd Jocelyn, Marla dance, recording, of the year close center featuring larell McPhee, Orochi rock. Album of the year young, beauties, and fools the glorious sons and, the, Walt realist, special achievement, award was, presented to, Denis Tomlin. You. Are watching canada's, biggest night of music live from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver BC. Here's. The man of the hour Michael. Buble. Well. That's. It ladies and gentlemen the Junos are done for another year, Vancouver. You made me so proud you are a great host this. Is a great night I thank this incredible, City for, being such a great host I'd. Also like to thank my friends, Brock Besser. Darcy. Oak Jann. Arden everyone. At the CBC Karis, the whole crew my, writers Luce Christine, thank you guys I couldn't have done it without you next. Year the general awards will be in London Ontario the, home of the Guy Lombardo museum.

And. Now, the, final point for minutes and it's a big one this, band was, incredibly, influential to all of us and had a lot of meaning to me the. Gordon album was a big part of my life I know every, word I do ladies. And gentlemen, they, deserve it in a big way the, newest members of the Canadian Music, Hall of Fame the. Barenaked, Ladies. Come, back and see me. To. Tell you. Wankers. I make you stop think you're, looking at afternoon, summer fish to be sure though I like challenges, I like sushi never - crying can Heimlich but zombie when I both scribes me click the m9. Some bona fide value, Bergkamp it's got a man gets try to match with trying, to me better bust through gonna make a breaking. Significance. Happy's, taken, a mess. Chinese, chicken baby China, Chinese, to kill Chile China the Chinese chicken, China. Chinese. Chopsticks. Still. Be today's we see. -, neighs - we set aside. Professedly. Of home of the Robie. Hey everybody that's Andy, Creeggan. But. If I had, a million, dollars. Right. By, house. And. If I get, a million, dollars. Bad. A million. Dollars. Biking, furniture, for your house ain't be a nice gesture, builder, an ottoman if, I quit. In diapers. Let's, buy good. Kid car. If I get. Goodbye. If. I. Be. Fine. Where. We'd invite all, those friends, folks and, they open up the fridge and all the food go bad, well I wouldn't care I need. Oh. You. Dollars. But. By woofer. Coke. If. I get, a new, doctor. Laughs. Buy you an exotic, yep. If. I. Life. By John Muir to me. Crazy. If, I. The. Would. You all be willing, to sing along. Everybody. This. Jam is amplified. So just slide back. Singing. Bye-bye. Cream. Dress not. A real, green dress that's, if. I. By. Some. The. Game. I bet you always wanted, up on Cain. You.

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