The 2019 Spring Preview Special Starring Laura Benanti

The 2019 Spring Preview Special Starring Laura Benanti

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The. Signs of springtime are easy to spot there are daffodils, throws. And shorts way too early, European, tourists drinking wine at 9 a.m. and an, insane, number of shows buying to open really close to the Tony Award eligibility, deadline in order to be fresh in the minds of nominators, a group, of 48 powerful. And gorgeous. People who might happen to love very, much broadway, calm is celebrating, the spring season with a look at the stars and new shows bowing, on the Great White Way. It's. Show, time, for. Alex Brightman and Sophia and Caruso, who are getting ready to star in the new musical, beetlejuice based, on the cult favorite 1988. Movie of the same name the, arrow is born. There. Are ghosts, exorcism. And a whole lot of swearing, or as I like to call it Thursday. Brightman. And Caruso explain why Betelgeuse has to be experienced. To be believed. Betelgeuse. Follows, the story of Lydia, and her her journey through grief and loss and also has, this. Crazy demon who comes and creates a mischief and then we create some mischief together I think people are gonna come expecting Tim, Burton's story the, wackiness. The aesthetic, that's all there but the story that we're telling is one, of how, people, deal with grief, and it also, focuses on a young person dealing with grief he, very often people don't really pay attention to, young people or breathing I don't think that we grieve but my, first experience seeing, Beetlejuice was it's a kid I watched the movie religiously. I was, a huge fan before I even got this script in my hands watching the movie recently once, like this, became, a thing you. Realize that this, was such a huge thing for timbre and this was his way of getting his aesthetic out there although, the new musical is an adaptation from, the cult classic movie. Brightman, and Caruso, are confident, that even the biggest Beetlejuice, fans will find something new to love I will. Say that. We. Have a lot of things that the hardcore, fans are gonna like they're gonna die like they're gonna die but, we also have our own spin, on it so it's like all of those things but with each. Individual, actors little touch it's not just like a campy, comedy, it also has like a beautiful, story and a beautiful like message that's actually like so important, what you don't get in a lot of these big flashy, musicals, there are references to other Tim Burton properties in this mm-hmm and, we, definitely reference, things in the movie this is like the best possible. Fan fiction, for. Beetlejuice, you can see the. Duo has been working together for three years and the magic of creating, a new musical is still brewing none. Of this gets old because, it is, everything. That, as, a theater nerd and dork one I, want to do I moved to New York to be a leading lady on Broadway that's what I always said when I moved here that was my mantra, every day and it's, like living my you know my kid. Dream come, on don't say that louder it's your kid dream it's my movie my childhood, dream you too I'm living my childhood dream, Beetlejuice. Begins performances, at the Winter Garden Theatre, on March 28th. Titus. Andronicus is perhaps Shakespeare's, darkest, bloodiest, tragedy, so naturally, Garry a sequel. To Titus Andronicus by, Taylor Mac is promising. Audiences, big laughs this, may just be the funniest show about cleaning up a pile of corpses you've ever seen. You. Don't need to know anything, about Titus, Andronicus that's, the, wonderful. Thing about the play it's I'm not really interested in Titus Andronicus, I mean I shouldn't say that that's probably that probably, shed a lot of people off from coming but I'm less, interested in Titus, Andronicus as, I am in what, happens, after. The, Shakespeare tragedy ends, with a famous bloody, banquet, scene and a stage full of corpses I was. Thinking, well who has to clean up so. I just wanted to write a play about the people that have to come and clean up the banquet and a lot about them this metaphor, using, a metaphor for what's happening right now in the culture and big messes political, messes being created, and who's, gonna have to come and clean up and do. Those people benefit, from the clean up or do they not do, they have to do it over and over and over again every time people, in power decide, to make a mess it's something I you don't see that much on Broadway you, see a lot of middle.

Class Upper, middle class and wealthy. People. Talking. About you, know their lives and ideas and I thought the most exciting, thing about Geary to me is that it's about these the, two working-class. People trying, to figure out how to live in the world although. Mac is a celebrated, performer himself, both in and out of drag he's, thrilled to sit back and see Julie white Christine Nielsen and Nathan Lane as Gary, premier, the show I hope. That thousands, of people play Gary ultimately. You, know and it's, the kind of role that doesn't have to be, it, could be a 20 year old or an 80 year old that plays the part you know I'll never age out of the part so I kind. Of see it and I go oh I'd, like to play that role one day you know I like that nathan, is they, have Nathan be the first person you know it's pretty special, he's just remarkable, Broadway, audiences, can expect big laughs from Gary but it's inspired by the not-so-funny, state of the world it, gave myself a challenge with the play that I would try to put all the horrible things in the world on one stage, and see if I could make something good out of it so that's what Gary, is and it's not so much the result but the attempt, it's that, you get to come and watch somebody try to make something good instead. Of watching all these people trying. To make something bad, which. Is feels like the political system right now Gary. I see go to titus andronicus opens, at the booth theater on April 11th. Apparently. You get to eat chili and cornbread during, intermission, of the 75th, anniversary production. Of Oklahoma so. Enough. Said. Say. More okay, Daniel. Fish's reimagined, staging, has pioneer, women Mary testa, Rebecca, Naomi, Jones and Ali stroker gearing, up for an intimate revival, but, also for mirth and chili I. Think. What is so cool about this production is that it. Can. Speak to a 2019. Audience. And, the. Show was written 75. Years ago and it. Was relevant, them and, it's relevant. For. These three strong actresses, the, staging, by visionary director Daniel, fish is shining, a light on the darker shades of the classic, 1943. Musical which tells the story of pioneers, settling, out west, there's. A lot of misogyny, in this script and the. Women particularly, in this production I think come off stronger, than the men and I don't mean that acting-wise I mean that. The women make. Their decisions, and the women choose what, they want they're, not forced. Into. Anything so, I think that it's really the light shines one, of the things in this production shines, a light on that and I feel like really. Lucky, to be doing this show at this time in, history where. People are, listening for the women you can you can come and you will really hear, these, women's voices as, the show's romantic, female leads, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Ali stroker are making history with their boundary breaking casting, stroker, as an actress in a wheelchair playing sexually, adventurous a tow Annie, and Naomi Jones playing classic, aunjanue Laurie as an actress of color there's. A version, of me, being cast as Laurie in which I sort of have to like, pretend. I. Am that, aunjanue. We're all picturing, you know pretending, like Shirley, Jones or you know it's like that's the version that I would have grown up in with in my head is like one day I'll play that character and in my brain I'm sort, of playing like a blonde white woman you know but.

In Our version I feel like I am welcome to the table in the skin, just. Just. Great I'm so. Excited, and. You, know and to, address. Sexuality. And disability without. Having, to talk about it but, we're just working, and. That. Is totally, on brand with. When. I go to the theater I want to be moved I want to sit forward I don't, want to be entertained I, want to be challenged, and moved and I think this is what Oklahoma's, gonna do for, people I hope, anyway. Oklahoma. Starts, performances, March 19th, at the circle and the square theatre. Thank. You for watching the Broadway calm spring preview brought, to you by masterpath, buy, tickets, to all the best and brightest new shows with master pass on broadway calm, the. New play hillary and clinton shows an alternate, universe in which hillary clinton, wins the US presidency. That's. Not what it's about oh okay. Zack. Orth plays campaign, manager, mark Penn in this dream world alongside, a dream cast Laurie. Metcalf and John Lithgow, as Hill, and bill Peter, Francis James as Barack and Laura Benanti as Melania. Think. About it. Hillary. Clinton, is about, the. 2008. New. Hampshire primary, and it takes place in sort. Of a parallel universe it's, a planet earth very similar to our own a woman, named Hillary whose husband bill used to be President is now landing for president against, a man named Barack and it is this imagining. Of what. Could have been, I play mark Penn who was the campaign, manager for the 2008, Clinton, campaign he it's a foil to Bill and it's kind of a confidant. To Hillary, they're both trying to get protect, and claim Hillary as their own even, though much is still being said about the 2016, presidential, election playwright, Lucas Nathe is taking audiences, all the way back to 2008, there, are a lot of similarities, between 2008. And 2016. And for Hillary Clinton politically. And I would imagine personally. And metaphysically. Like she just like sir got hit with the two-by-four, both. Times that's really ripe for a really. Good play the, Clintons have been the subject of many an impersonation, but orth says audiences.

Shouldn't Come to the theater expecting. An SNL, sketch there. Are no impersonations. Going on what, we have to, say is really so. Rich. And full that, it would actually kind, of be oddly diminished. By also, trying to do an impression orthe, is returning to the New York stage with some theater heavyweights, including, 2018, Tony winner Laurie Metcalf, working. With Laurie Metcalf and John. Lithgow and Peter Francis James I'd have to rein it in like I have to keep my enthusiasm under. Control because I'm so, happy about it that it's like this actually kind of a turn-off like if I let myself really. Get. All giggly about it it's crazy. Great Hillary. And Clinton begins performances, March 16th, at the Golden theatre. The. New musical, Tootsie, based on the beloved, 1982. Movie is about, an out-of-work, actor so, desperate, for a role he will do absolutely anything, to, land a job alternate. Title being, an actor. Santino. Fontana plays. Michael Dorsey who is so sick of struggling that he takes on a female persona because it's so much easier to be a working actress I. Feel. Like what's great about our, version, of Tootsie the Broadway musical, version is that the, creators, and the cast have kind of ingested, what the movie was the story of it and are, now telling, it current. Today, bringing, things, up to date and, setting. It instead of at a soap opera but in a Broadway musical and it's incredibly accessible, to people who don't know the story but also people who do know the story and want to feel like they get to experience that again you'll get that and more, one. Of the reasons the creative, team has updated, to see his views, about gender, have changed, in the last 37, years, we. Have taken in everything, that's going on today and. Acknowledged. It because you have to we can't tell a story today and not speak to the audience that's, going to be hearing it so issues. Of. Income. Inequality amidst. Their genders, all of the social issues that have been raised recently.

And, Also, just the fact that a man is, defrauding. People pretending, to be a woman and what that actually means to women who are struggling, we, address that you have to it's. Important, and it's also a great way in, to, tell this story in a new way that is also was always there I would, also say Tootsie is about stepping. Into somebody else's shoes and, really. Understanding, or understanding, a little bit better what. They go through and that's what acting is here's. Something else that acting is getting, into costume, the. Transformation, from Michael Dorsey to Dorothy. Involves. A lot, of tape. A. Lot, of tricks and a lot of straps, and. Elastic. And the bra. And I still. Don't understand, the bra I think it is a bad invention. I think. There's got to be a better way, I think, if men needed bras it would be like like, like, a piece of tape or a. Spray. It, takes a lot of people it takes a village. Backstage. To turn me into. Dorothy. It's. True. Tootsie. Begins previews, at the Marquis Theatre on, March 29th. Derrick, Baskin, James Harkness, Juwan M Jackson, Ephraim Sykes and Jeremy Pope are the five triple, threat starring, an ain't too proud the. Life and times of the temptations but the creative team behind Jersey, Boys a score, powered, by catchy Motown, hits and five swabs serves, busting, moves and suits this, new musical is one your dad won't want to miss. This. Is gonna be the precedent, for, what. Jewbot, musicals, should be because it doesn't have your normal just song, a song a song a song it has a story, and it has a brilliantly. Totally. Jukebox. Bio shows have become an established part of the Broadway landscape, with Frankie Valli Carole King and Cher all seeing their life stories play out in musical form the, five stars think the story of the temptations is a powerful, one what. Is show does beautifully is actually, humanized, what, some people have made as idols or stereotypes, and this, is what these men who they were what they went through and what they struggled, with we as black, male artists relate to them. We, know we stand on their shoulders and so that makes this story just. More. Important, to tell. Derrick. Baskin, stars as Otis Williams the, founder of the group but the musical is a showcase for all five triple, threats it's. The best relay race that I have ever been in tire life starts, with Derrick Derrick has the Vuitton and he takes off and it, gets wet. Wet wet wet wet through, every, single, person, on that stage until. It's handed back to Derek, into, the show and that. Is what the show is like and no one drops to the top we came up with this just, wonderful. Energy as a group, and I, think when you see the show you'll feel that camaraderie that we have we, can't do this show without one another there's no floor there's number three there's on two there's the five of us and there's strength in that I know that I can lean on Derrick writing it on Ephram ajowan you, know James and they have my back. Broadway's. Newest supergroup is ready to dazzle both, OG, temptations, fans and new, recruits you.

Have A part, of the audience that has grown up with this music and so. Their, reaction for, me is the most heartwarming because, it takes them back to their youth but, I feel like oftentimes, when we're on stage singing. The music like, they're, not necessarily hearing us but they're hearing their memories, and so. It's, just so heartwarming and then the other reaction is someone who's, you, know much younger and to, find their. Surprise, about. The contributions. Of this group it's just wonderful to watch both of those reactions. Aim, to proud the life and times of the temptations opens, up the Imperial, Theatre on March 21st. It's. Springtime, on Broadway. Get. Tickets to all of the buzz about new musicals, and plays and, enjoy faster, checkout with masterpath a, struggling. Newspaper, underdog. Reporters, and a ruthless boss, no. We are not talking about today's news in James. Graham's ink Bertie Carville, and Jonny Lee Miller tell, the true story of how the tabloid, newspaper, The Sun got started, and the drama that happened in between the lines, no, fake news here. So. Rupert Murdoch kind of blows in like a iconoclastic. Cyclone, into, the world. Of third English establishment, thanks, wants, to put bomb under it and, recruits. Larry lamb who, is this, kind of star, centre-forward, who's been put out to pasture together, they change, the face of journalism. Forever Carville. And Miller bring the notorious, news duo to the stage in James Gramps ink and to do that they leave judgments, at the door I think, you'd expect, a portrait, of Murdock, as the, scourge of the kind. Of liberal elite I think James Graham, is much, more interested in a balanced, portrait, when you read a play this does the play on the page -. Take those boxes does it take care of its subject matter responsibly. And James has played, certainly. Does and I don't think it makes any judgments. It tells a story in, a interesting. Dynamic. Way the play does illustrate how much fun people had doing, their job how hard the job was how much camaraderie there, was and what a physically, demanding, job. Producing, a print newspaper it's. Got the quality, of a tabloid newspaper it, grabs your attention it's, bold, and brassy. With. The role of the media under attack Murdoch's, story is a perfect one to take center stage in, 2019. It's, about, who. Decides, how. News is presented, it's about, populism. And about what happens when you give people what they want by looking at the past we can sort of think. Freshly, about our, present moment and that's what you want to play to do, as well as being a little fun ink, starts previews, at the Freedman theater on April 2nd. Hades, town is, getting ready to take audiences, to hell and back again Tony, nominee, Eva noblesse, odda and Reeve Kearney know a thing or two about being hot you know what I did, not write that that, is offensive and also. Can I please see those two photos of them that you showed me earlier. Katy, stone is loosely, based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and, also. Deals with the mythology, of Hades. And Persephone and it's, you, know an intertwining, love story, I think this retelling of the myths, kind of adds, human. Personalities. Even more so to these characters who, we think are quite ethereal and.

Out. Of reach but, I think with this it kind of brings it back down to earth and all of the traits that we as, humans suffer with are completely. Parallel to these characters Hades, town has taught me a lot, we're, learning Greek mythology, and history but also. Just. Like life stuff huh yeah, I didn't realize Persephone's. Role in the. Grand. Scope of the world and, I think that's a big part of our show as well the, thematic. Intertwining, of human. Love and the. Way the earth functions, through love but I think it's always good to have that reminder and to realize, that everything there's life and everything and there's love and everything, with. Great love stories comes great responsibility. A Nobel asada and carny don't take it lightly, yeah. It's really easy to fall in love with each other every night onstage when you have a scene, partner as giving as Eva and as, open, if, we really just are able to flow the, love story really has, to be. Passionate. And we really have to dive in their head first or else the rest of the story isn't really justified. So if audiences, allow themselves to feel what, your. Idiocy feels for Orpheus Orpheus was, prettier, to see and the song that he's working on how, Persephone. For Hades and that long everlasting. Tested. Love you, know wear, waterproof mascara. Ha ha Hades. Town begins performances, at the Walter Kerr theater on March 22nd. Most. 15, year old sock money away scooping, ice cream babysitting. Or selling their mom's an axe but Heidi Shrek spent her teenage years traveling. Around the country giving speeches about, the US Constitution, it's. How she put herself through college. She. Also went to college this. Overachiever, is making her Broadway debut this. Season, starring, in what the Constitution. Means to me which she also wrote. What. The Constitution. Means to me is a. Play. In which I, recreate. This contest, I did as a teenage, girl the goal, of the contest was you were supposed to draw a personal, connection between your own life and the Constitution, which, was impossible. For me at 15 I didn't know enough about myself or, about our country, or about the Constitution, so, I returned, to the document, as a woman in my mid 40s to take that prompt seriously, and say, what would it mean know, that I have. Lived through three, more decades to. Connect my own life my own body to this document, Shrek's, mother was the one that came up with the idea for this unique money-making, gig though, she was only a teenager she was up for the task I wore, the same suit I believed for years which is this cobalt. Blue, 80s. Power suit. I remember. Thinking, when I walked into a room that no, one would assume I was smart and then I would be able to come in and pull, the rug out from under them I never could, have imagined, this contest would lead to my Broadway debut, part.

Personal, Exploration part, open-ended, conversation, Hart speech and part debate what, the Constitution, means to me has a highly, unique theatrical structure. Like. The document itself I am a living growing, creature, and so I keep changing, and adding things to the show as we, perform it it's always gonna be topical because, everything. That's happening in the news was, created, by the, 300, years that, preceded, it I don't want to tell people what to think I don't, want to tell people what to see, I have. Deep. Personal. Questions. About, our constitution, about our country, and about our, responsibilities. As Americans, my greatest hope would be that people would feel as, excited as I do to, wrestle, with those questions what. The Constitution, means to me begins performances, at the Hayes theater on March 14th. Thank. You for watching the Broadway calm spring preview brought to you by masterpath, buy, tickets to all the best and brightest new shows with master pass on broadway calm, when. People talk about Lanford, Wilson's 1987. Play burn this the word that comes up a lot is intense, after, you experience this emotional, play about grappling, with death isolation. Friendship, art identity. And passion, you're, gonna go to a dark bar and have a glass of wine and a serious conversation or, they're. Gonna go home pay, the sitter and fall asleep and full makeup that's. Up to you here. Our David fer and Brandon, yer Anna wits who star alongside Adam, driver and Keri Russell in the Broadway revival. The. Play is it's about these three New Yorkers who have suffered the loss of a. Friend. And loved one and they're kind of out, of their comfort zone and into. That world come as a fourth person, and, he's got a very explosive, energy, overall, it's about all. Of these individuals. Trying. To fill a void in their, lives and, how. They, can. Help each other to fill those voids and how they help each other change and, for me it's also just about passion, and about. Passion, and love and passion and art and passion and friendships, and. You, know what you're willing to risk in, order to get the, things that you want fur. And nareta wits are connected to the central character of Anna in intimate, ways one, is a boyfriend and the other as a roommate I like. That it delves into from, the ship's I mean there's a you know famous, combustible.

Relationship Between, the Palin and the character but, it also just dives into these two friendships, that's, something that I feel it doesn't get explored, a lot you know so many people from New York City or not, with their immediate family, they've moved here and we. Take on the chosen families, and that's very much what this is about the. Playwright Lanford Wilson beautifully details features about each character in the script well. Lanford Wilson. Describes, burden, as tall, athletic. Good-looking. A screenwriter who enjoys. Talking. About his work and he's got it because, he has big hands and feet that he admires. So. You. Know, typecasting, I guess, Lanford, Wilson, describes, the Larry as, bright. Gay. And, medium. Everything. Is. That mean, I'd. Say you're a little more than medium. It. Sounded a lot yeah. I'm not Sauceda than I. Heard. This begins, performances, March 15th, at the Hudson Theatre the. New, musical, be more chill asks, two simple, questions what if popularity, came in a pill and would, you take it that. Was. Too fast, those. Questions, are actually not simple, they're complicated, which is the opposite, of simple, the. More chill explores, them by placing audiences. Into a mind trippy, world with an ordinary, kid at the center joey, CONUS the composer lyricist explains. It all for us. B. Burchell is a show that unabashedly. Has, a nerd hero, a principal. Character who. Is just not that special, I'd like to think that he sort of is one. And a great line of, nerd. Heroes from musicals, for me the sort of pinnacle, of that is Seymour. Krelborn and a. Little Shop of Horrors which was the first musical that I ever saw and I, think because it was the first musical I ever saw you, know for my entire career, I probably. Just keep writing Seymour, over, in a hurry and social. Media maybe a newer way of communicating, but be more chill songs were being shared through the grapevine just, like all popular, culture, it's truly word-of-mouth, it's truly, a kid here in a song and then being like oh you got to hear this song because, of that we have these fans, that, care. So deeply, about this show they, have ownership in the best way of the, show where, they understand. That, we have gotten to where we are because people, love because, people cared about it and the fans of our show take, that really seriously and, they, feel emboldened, to be even more passionate and even more vocal, about this thing that they love with. Be more chill as his first Broadway show icon. Us is a little spoiled by the adoration, before, the show has even opened as, a writer to, know that my work is connecting, with people that's. Why I do it it's such a ridiculously. Gratifying, experience, than I'm terrified to. Do any other show be. More chill opens, on March 10th at the Lyceum Theatre the. Leader. Of a nation has three adult children who are embroiled in various crimes people. Who are close to the leader end up betraying him and he, quickly becomes paranoid, and insane, oh. It's. Shakespeare's, King Lear. Starring. Glenda, Jackson and, a genderbent production, directed by Sam gold elizabeth. Marvel Ruth Wilson and, ashing, O'Sullivan, play the mad Kings three daughters. You. Know it's a fascinating place it begins as a, family, drama it's. A court drama it's a societal. Story, and then, it sort of breaks into, this. Cosmic. Examination. Of, universal. Themes and really, takes. On the, biggest of all things which is mortality, there are a lot of jokes some. Nudity, bit of sex some, great shots, ignored, orders. Some. Music great music although, the three daughters have remained women other key characters in the play have swapped genders, Tony winter Glenda Jackson who. Played Lear in a separate 2016, London production takes, on the legendary Shakespeare, role again for Broadway it was so in the show we have obviously Glenda, Jackson yz-plane, Lear and. We, have Jane who did his show he's, playing Gloucester, and I'm playing the fool she's. Lots of females, the, doubling, the gender has been reversed it sort of feels like it's, universal these themes I also, think it's time because. I think in many ways in, the theatre we, have. Taken, on socio. Economics, we've taken on race but we really haven't taken on gender. And I think the beautiful thing about theatre, is if you, say you're the King you're the King it's, a magic space so, we can move past gender, now and I, think it's long overdue yet, we just can't even keep up with Glenda, Jackson she's formidable. Yes. Yeah. She walks in in a combat jacket, with a Tintin, jumper, and so, background. Sneakers, he like she's, just she's very cool and she's she's. Abby's and we're sort of thinking we won't, be able to keep up with I mean she's gonna do eight shows a week of this and she's she's.

So Good I'd even break a sweat, yeah so, what, can this 400, year old play illuminate, for audiences, in 2019. What. Kant is illuminates, it's like the greatest play that's, ever being written by the greatest playwrights the world has ever known, it it it goes, beyond. What's. Happening, now it deals a little bit what's happening now in our world but, it goes into the. The meaning of existence and. Non-existence and, love. I mean you realize that humans repeat the same mistakes, over, and over again and that's that that's what it is to be human and and, that it's all impermanent. King. Lear begins performances, at the Court Theatre on February 28th. It's. Springtime, on Broadway. Get. Tickets to all of the buzz about new musicals, and plays and, enjoy faster, checkout with masterpath. Oscar. Nominee, Annette Bening and, Tony winner Tracy Letts lead the fourth Broadway, revival, of Arthur Miller's classic, play All My Sons as Kate. And Joe Keller the all-star, actors grapple, with a long-held, family, secret, in post-world War to Ohio lets, a fantastic. Playwright and doctor sat down to talk about how the newest staging, takes on the American, dream. All, My Sons is, played. By Arthur Miller. But. In 1947. Three-act. Family, drama, I played Joe Keller who's, the head, of the family roundabout. Asked me if I wanted to play Joe Keller and all my sons and I I just. Said, I don't know how you call yourself an, actor you, don't do that like, I have to do that it's a great great, American, play a, Pulitzer. Prize and Tony, winning playwright himself. Let's, is a huge admirer, of the writing of Arthur Miller, Arthur. Miller is a true dramatist. He. Dramatizes. Situations. For the theater for the stage in. A way that's very theatrical. And very, relatable. I think it's one of the great things about Miller's. Plays and in about, all my sons in particular the. Idea that characters. Represent. Larger. Social, forces than just themselves but at the same time they exist as real people there, are probably a lot of ways to read Joe, Keller through, a modern. Lens but. He certainly among. Other things he, represents, the idea, that one's. Responsibility. Is, only to oneself or to one's family and not to the world beyond, it and that's really what the play concerns, itself with he, also represents. The classic. Capitalist. Idea, the importance, of business, and money. Is, your responsibility. Just to yourself and to your family as a two year. Country. Visit to the world seems, like a very important, conversation to be having right. Now, let's. And his wife actress Carrie, Coon became, parents last year which the actor says adds an emotional, layer to the portrayal of patriarch, joke teller you know today was the first time I've. Read a play since I've become, a father and a, lot, of all my son's deals with, the. Topic of fathers, and sons I'm, gonna have to try and figure a way to get, through it without weeping, would. You can't just get up the paranal heap throughout, the play but. It it, provokes, those kinds, of deep. Feelings fathers, and sons it's. Deep stuff. All. My Sons begins, previews, at the American Airlines Theatre on April 4th. What. Do you get when you put Shakespeare tap-dancing. And Kelly O'Hara all together my, vision, board and because. Thoughts become things, the second revival, of Kiss Me Kate you are welcome Broadway with. An updated, storyline, that defies stereotypes Kiss. Me Kate aims to, leave audiences, cheering. I think. We do need a good old-fashioned, musical, comedy it, feels really good to hit, me. I mean, ahead yeah yeah, hit. Me me in. The Cole Porter classic, the two Broadway favorites play, ex-lovers, Fred Graham and Lilli vanessi who, spar off stage and on while starring in a tour of The Taming of the Shrew for. 2019, the show's creators, have turned a modern eye on the musicals battle of the sexes but. The one thing that I get, old you know you want everything to mean something you want to say something and you you, have no idea how deeply, we've studied, you, know Taming of the Shrew and tried to think about where we are in 2019, as opposed to 47, when this musical was written and we.

Want To say something otherwise why do it, O'Hara. And chase have teamed up before and have chemistry, to spare, chemistry. Is always a weird word for me because. The Intellivision summons you have chemistry tests, to, see if oh these people you, shoot this scene and we have to do whatever and then I don't have to have to shoot this scene again and if I don't like you or something again it makes for the workday to be weird but theater, if I didn't like you this would be, worst. Job ever five, weeks in a rehearsal space with somebody you don't like on, stage, each night and like you said this trust thing where I know that on a given night or I've had a bad day or we both have families and we have these things that I know you've got my back I know Kelly's got my wheels back and I also know on the fun nights it's, gonna be really. Fun and that's the only way to do theater I think yeah but I think chemistry is also your. Decision, you find couples. Who are madly in love have no chemistry to other people on stage or the, people that they think have the most chemistry, there's zero going on right right right right. The case most of it's right right right but I think that's for you to decide if you like that charm between what we feel is great, but we know that people can hate each other and give great chemistry, so, I think you can't control it you, either have it or you don't I mean the hope is that you the hope is that this, is trans this fun is translating, are we done I mean he's ugly but I I feel like are, we done we've. Stopped this. Kiss. Me Kate opens, March 14th at Studio, 54. Still. Not sure what to see but really. After learning about 14, new shows, well. You, could always head to Lincoln Center Theater and see me Laura, Benanti in my dream role of Eliza Doolittle and the acclaimed revival of Lerner and Loewe's my fair lady did. I mention it's my dream role and it's. Kind of a big deal.

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