The 700 Club - August 1, 2018

The 700 Club - August 1, 2018

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The. Following, program is sponsored by, CBN. Coming. Up. Antibiotics. Are enemy number one there, kill the good guys as well as the bad guys enemy. Number two is what, we typically, eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and, processed. Foods are a triple. Threat gotta, shut off the faucet, stop. Hurting the duck find, out what's eating, your gut bacteria, gotta, figure out first, what's trashing, the gut and how, to build a better, gut, on today's, 700. Club. You guys stop hurting it. Well, welcome ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of, the 700 club, you know our feature on, gut, flora the, bite microbiome. Has just been enormous. Ly successful. We, normally, have in, our program, 10,000, telephone, calls per day, we've. Gone up to 40,000. In terms, of, people. Interested in that material, and we'll, tell you more about it but we've got a big, show, today. Lori, I'll be here but first of all Americans. Giving. America's. Critical, infrastructure, faces. Cyberattacks, it could literally cripple, our way of life well. The Department. Of Homeland Security is, taking accidents, and protect our, banking, and energy, sectors, this, right pad is creating, a national risk, management, center because security, officials say the nation's power grid and economic, systems are so, vulnerable, our, very democracy could, be in danger, CBN's. National, security, correspondent Erik, Rosales, brings, us this story from, New York. With. Nearly 90 percent of our critical infrastructure, and private hands most of it interconnected. Intelligence. Top brass say there is a growing crisis, that requires government, and private companies work, together we, are in a crisis, mode the, cat5 hurricane, has, been forecast, and now we must, prepare if, that weak link is a smaller, business and that in turn connects into one of our bigger supply, chains then. No matter how much work we do we would not have created the night defenses, the launch of the National Risk Management Center, was unveiled by the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, a, dedicated. Hub to help private companies, to better coordinate, reducing. Risks, and responding. To cyber attacks. This will provide that focal point we, will work with our partners in government who will be on stage today and others to, provide you what you need to help propel to help mitigate to, help, root out the adversary, from your systems last, year a global, attack blamed on North Korea, infected, hundreds of thousands, of computers in over 150, countries damaging. Multiple, critical industries, from, healthcare to telecommunications. Cyber. Security experts, say the energy industry, in particular is, not prepared, to fend off attacks recently. DHS. Officials briefed, energy, industry officials on targeted. Attacks by Russia hackers, who got so deep into systems, that they could have flipped a switch and cut off power to customers, vice. President Mike Pence echoed the need the, new information, sharing partnership. The president and I need you to continue. To. Be advocates, in your industry and among your peers for. Greater cybersecurity. Collaboration. During, his speech the vice president, also called out Russia for launching a brazen, multifaceted, cyber, campaign, to, undermine our democratic. Process, the, United States of America will not tolerate any foreign, interference in, our elections from any nation-state, not. From Russia China. Iran, North Korea or anyone else as. President, Trump said. We're. Not going to have it pence. Ended his speech saying the Trump administration will, continue to protect our liberties, and bring these cyber hackers, to, justice. Eric, Rosales CBN, News New, York, thanks. Harry we've been raising. The alarm on this for some time it. Is really critical you know it, just takes some little, kid, with a high school degree sitting. In a garage someplace. To hack into our systems, and they've, hacked at a fence Department they've hacked the Department, of Energy, they have hacked. Leading. Banks, and, department. Stores and so forth they, have stolen millions. Of records it's just a tragedy, and. We. Don't have to be vulnerable the NSA. Is, without. Peer. Among. The nation's in its ability, to.

Launch. Cyber, attacks, and, I think we need to get active if somebody's, coming after us we need to come after them harder, and we, have the ability to do it but, it's, a frightening thing that they could actually shut down the power grid, take. Away the electric. Power of millions, of people caused economic, dislocation. Of, our. Will. Our money, supply and, our stock markets, it's just horrible, to think about so, anyhow. It's. Something that is we need, it's, clear. They're having a high-level discussions. But it's time to stop talking and get, action, we've, got to have action, to harden the grid, immediately. I mean not just weed, out of the future but right now. Because. There's so many thing I mean you actually have an EMP, blast a thermonuclear. Bomb. And also just, a solar flare could knock it out so we've got to we've, got to do something that by the way Regent. University now. Has a. This. Apartment. Of high cybersecurity. We. Have a cyber, range, that, is training people the. Naval. Intelligence has. Already, had one group of its executives. Come in for. A week-long, course. In training, how to. Ward. Off it's like having a plane on autopilot so. Where you're have. Got pilots. With, simulations. Of various, events we. Can simulate a cyber, attack and then teach people how to respond, to it and if. You're interested by the way these. Especially. For executive, teams, it's. Eight six six nine one, zero. Seven, six, one five, and. That's. Kind of exciting but we're at the cutting edge on that and we have a, sophisticated. Cyber range I'm told, it may be the the most sophisticated of, any university, in America and. People. Are being trained that as I say we're being visited, by people from serious. Government, agencies, and also businesses. So the. So called executives, suite, the C suite of, businesses. Can come and all of their people or four or five or six can sit, on that cyber range all in one time and then they, can wargame, and and. Run through the scenario of what an attack is like and how you counter, it for your business so, it's very important. And that's the number and if you're interested call they're not exciting, yeah I think people are just waking up to what a threat potential, threat this really is and Regent, University is, prepared. Well, you know, it. Was a few years ago we didn't have computers, for, example. We'll kept Ledger's and they're all written out in hand now, everything's, on computer, and then, the computers, are tied together across, the country, and a. Little, glitch in one of them can take that on the whole network and that's what's so frightening and disturbing to think it might, not be a rogue nation like North Korea could be a teenager, in his basement that's all it would take exactly right there they're going through a bunch of keys all right in other news there's, more evidence that outside, groups are trying to undermine our democracy. And they're, using social media to. Do it. Facebook. Has been hit with a big, problem, and, here's, our CBN, News Bureau in Washington with, John, that's. Right Pat Facebook uncovered what it calls sophisticated. Efforts to politically, manipulate, American politics on the social network the company uncovered, or removed about 32 fake accounts, it said were involved in quote inauthentic. Political behavior while, Facebook did not explicitly, blame Russia a spokesperson, said it's clear, that whoever set, up these accounts went to much greater lengths to obscure their true identities, in the Russian based Internet research agency, as in, the past the, House Intelligence Committee will meet with Facebook executives, in September.

Well, It stayed to when the trial of former Trump, campaign, manager Paul Manafort who faces charges of bank fraud and tax evasion in opening. Statements, Tuesday, prosecutors. Say Manta fort directed tens of millions of dollars into offshore accounts, to use as personal income it's. The first trial to come from special counsel Robert Muller's investigation. Into, alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia the, president's, team points out that Manta Ford's trial has nothing, to do with the campaign. He. Has no information, incriminating. Of the president I know that for a fact they can squeeze him Paul Manafort. Does. Not know anything. Patton, one of the defenses for Manta fort his attorneys are saying the businessman left others to manage the details of his finances, well. I think he, was up to his eyeballs and, working, with the Ukrainians. And he made a huge amount of money I mean, millions, of dollars and. Perhaps. He hasn't declared, everything on his taxes, but, this is not the mandate, for this special council he, has not been given a mandate to investigate, IRS. Cheating. That's, not what he's supposed to do and for him to bring criminal charges about, somebody, having, to do with financial improprieties in his own personal, account it's just ridiculous, so, he's supposed to check on a Russian. Meddling, in our election, and we're. Not sure if Paul Manafort, did that, he sure was, getting. Paid big, bucks to. Deal with the Ukrainian, of, opposition. Party, leaders, and. He. He was a big thief the, the it. Was black benefit, and stone they were the the. Charlie. Black and Roger stone, and and Paul, Manafort they. Were the big political consultants. Some years ago and he's still big, and they. May put him to jail on tax fraud but it's not the province of the special council he's in the wrong game, and he, shouldn't be in dining, people on this, issue because that's not what he was. Commissioned. To do John.

Pat. Those raging wildfires. Consuming, parts of Northern California creating their own weather systems, high, winds combined with off-the-scale temperatures, are creating what are called fire tornadoes, a terrifying, vortex, of smoke and flame witnesses. Describe the rare phenomenon, as a towering, funnel, of fire, with powerful, outer winds seven. Deadly blazes have torched more than a thousand, homes in California the, car fire in North in the north is the most destructive fire in the state's history Pat, here. Again we, don't know exactly what, the cost is going to be but the, actual, cost of just fighting, it is in the hundreds of millions of dollars but that's just the start of it think, of the human suffering, think, of the loss of property think, of the devastation. To tourism to, business, all the way up and down the line and it's, in the billions and billions of dollars and as. They say this they used to have a fire season, now it's a fire year it's just this the structures, content it's devastating. The. My. Daughter, Anne is involved, with the Mersey shifts, they. Are in Redding California where. Those firefighters, are just being exhausted. By, the amount, of work they've got to do there's, just terrible. Thing they're working night and day to, contain these fires and so Mercy Ships is out there trying to provide. Hot meals for them so that they can have some respite, from that work but, it's devastating, and I think we should pray for California, because this is going to it. Won't just affect California. Forget, the whole nation and to pray for rain without, lightning, that's one of the requests, that we're, getting because, this time of year that seems, almost, impossible but with God all things are possible and, you, can do it well that's the rain, without lightning, okay John, was not at. A miraculous. Story out of Mexico, a Mexican, passenger, jet with about a hundred people on board went, down in high winds but everyone, on board survived, as Charlene, Aaron reports some, were even able to walk away. On. Its way to Mexico City Aeromexico. Flight, 2431, crashed, in a field shortly. After takeoff video. From the crash site looked devastating. The aircraft, ripped open wings crumpled, and firefighters. Trying to control flames, survivors. Say the plane burst into flames after it hit the ground but, stayed mostly intact, while, 49, people are in the hospital no one was killed some.

On The ground are calling, it a miracle this. Woman says she and her son jumped out of a hole in the plane's fuselage, i unbuckled, my son's seatbelt, and we got out that way we, jumped other, passengers, managed to escape the wreckage as firefighters. Raced to the scene to put out the fire a Catholic, priest from Chicago, broke his arm in the crash he, called his church to tell them he survived, people, as he. Stays hidden more or less okay, that. He's been checking how. He's doing his body probably, has some broken. Bones the plane carrying 97. Passengers, and 4 crew members had. Just taken off in a blustery, storm from, an airport, in durango state when, it went down and skid it to a stop the state's, governor says the pilots, were attempting, to abort just after takeoff but, it was too late, meanwhile, the planes pilot is in critical but stable condition, joy. Replacing. Sorrow for, what could have been a tragic, ending let me tell you one thing Sunday gonna be a lot of people's praying, and asking for. Him Charlene, Aaron, CBN News. Thanks. Charlene Pat when you look at that footage miracle, is the only word to describe the fact that no one was killed, unbelievable. And it's just it's. America. Delighted. The. Tragedy, like that it looked like the whole plane was taken, apart and every single pastor you should have died and that none of them did it's it's a miracle, and that for that we're grateful when. They will have some exciting, things coming up we do PAC coming up enemy. Number, one of our healthy guts. Antibiotics. Are, equal, opportunity, drugs that have killed the good guys as well as the bad guys learn. What you need to avoid in order to build a better gut as our series, continues right, after this. It's. The cutting-edge of Medicine. Researchers. By, the hundreds, are now. Teaming. To, discover, this part, of our body that has gone, unnoticed. For, so many years, people are suffering from overweight. They're, suffering, from autoimmune, diseases, they're, suffering from I look, at advertisements. For various medications. On the television. And so. Many of them relate. To problems. That are caused by this so-called. Microbiome. What, these things in here gut you, have as many little. Microbes. Little. Things. In your gut as you, have cells in your body and, this, is a whole, separate. Part of your Anatomy which. Controls, your health, and it controls, your moods it controls, your appetite it controls, your weight gain and gatling, game law it, goes on and on and on and, having, to do with keeping you healthy or, making. You sick, and. All week long we've, been telling you an unhealthy, gut, leads. To weight gain disease. And, all kinds, of health problems today. We're going to show you the worst things you could do to that, microbiome. To that gut medical. Reporter, Laurie Johnson, explains, the ways we abuse, this. Vital. Part of our anatomy. C-sections. Baby formula, life-saving. Drugs and convenience. Foods we, tend to think these things make, our lives better starting, from birth but, turns out they can seriously mess, up the, balance, of good and bad bacteria, in, our bodies so we want to keep those numbers in the composition, of the microbiome. Right. Where it ought to be in perfect, harmony nearly. A century ago the world rejoiced.

When Alexander. Fleming, developed, the first, antibiotic. Penicillin. Would. Target bacterial. Infections, that wiped out millions. Since. Then many doctors, frequently. Turned to these so-called miracle. Drugs often. Not considering. The downside. We, know that, almost all cases of bronchitis. Where. You cough basically. With a large Airways get inflamed with, viruses. Almost. Always it's just the virus that's. Not to me and it's trivial, disease but. We don't have antibiotics, for 99. Percent of them and yet. 70. Percent of physicians prescribe. Antibiotics for. Bronchitis and, those, antibiotics. Target. All, bacteria. In our body even. The kind we need to keep us healthy, antibiotics. Are equal. Opportunity, drugs they have killed the good guys as well as the bad guys. Gastroenterologist. Gerard Mullen, author of the gut balance, Revolution, says, children, in particular often, lack, the good bacteria they. Need thanks. To well-meaning, pediatricians. Protective. Parents, and over, prescribed. Antibiotics. They're, overused. Indiscriminately. In children, with. Ear aches and sore throats because, there's been linkages, now into obesity, but also what immune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease where. They can directly, linked a number of doses of antibiotics as. A child to. The probability. Of developing IBD, later in life studies. Showed just one course, of antibiotics. Can disrupt, the gut microbiome. For years. What's, worse. Antibiotics. Often, enter, our bodies, without, a prescription. Because. Of what we eat a, majority. Of the antibiotics. Used in our country, go into, animal, feed just, in conventional red, meat that there's enough antibiotics, and those. You. Know those cows, that are raised with, on hormones, and wine, antibiotics. Those. Are enough if he eat enough red meat within a week or so that's. Enough to change the microbiome, unfavorably, and science, proves, it New, York University, researchers. Were able to make lab mice obese. And diabetic, by. Proportionately. Giving, them the same amount of antibiotics. Found, in our meat, supply. So, in trying to build the better gut, remember, antibiotic. Our enemy, number one running. A close second, is the standard, American. Diet what's. Known as sad, it's, this, kind of stuff what we typically, eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus. The good that's, missing, from these meals I've got to figure out first, what's trashing the gut you've, got to shut off the faucet, and stop. Hurting the gut, they, gotta heal itself over a long time but you guys stop hurting it consider. Processed. Foods a triple, threat they're. Too sweet contain. No fiber and are chock full of strange, chemicals. The. Mayo Clinic's, doctor / nikasha app says the culprits, tend to hide in, the small writing on the list of ingredients it's, good, to read the fine print because, there's usually a small. Line. At the end which says emulsifiers. Or, you know additives, dr..

Gail Cresci of the Cleveland, Clinic agrees. That, digesting. Things not found in nature can, cause dangerous. Inflammation. And, you think about. Processed. Foods there's. A lot of foreign, chemicals, that are in the processed, foods and these, are what's called, xenobiotics. So, means that it's a foreign, chemical, like it's a compound. And the, microbiota, has to be able to deal with that and watch, out for words ending, in oaths such as dextrose. Maltose. And fructose, they're. Added, sugars, which believe, it or not make. Us fat, and starve. Us at the same time they. Robbed a bacterias. Food supply, because. Our body absorbs. Sugar before, it even gets, to our intestines. Our, body is very. Efficient. In using. It which means we're gonna slurp it up right away and as a result the, bacteria then has to try, to get food from our lining or other, places so, it can, harm, us because, the bacteria are now starving and they. Will have to rely on our gut lining to, get food drinks, which have you know high, amounts of glucose fructose. These. Are the ones which are, going. To sort of create, an artificial state of starvation not, but for the bacteria it'll definitely give you energy but it's. Not gonna be good for back to you but, don't think you can replace sugar with. Artificial. Sweeteners, they're. Just, as bad if, not worse. Different. Bacteria, are able, to take these artificial. Sweeteners, and then, they actually, are able to extract more calories, from, the diet and this is linked with insulin, resistance, and weight. Gain so it's rhetorical that, we're taking zero. Calorie, artificial. Sweeteners, which. Harm, the gut microbiome, and ultimately, caused us to gain weight when the purpose was to not. Gain weight when, it comes to gut microbiome. The first two years, set the stage for the rest of life believe. It or not the way a baby, is born the type of delivery makes. A big difference, so does the kind of nutrition, the baby receives, dr.. Heidi Nelson, says, c-sections. And formula. Provide, inferior. Bacteria. Compared. With their more natural, counterparts. There is a difference, between. The vaginal birth and the cesarean, birth because the, child, which is you, know more or less sterile, inside the womb and as they deliver, through the vaginal canal it's, it's. Understood. That they, get the microbial. Population. From. Their mom that exposure, from. The mother at that time and the same type of. Experience. Would hold true for breast milk versus, a bottle, you want to try to get the right bugs set. Up in the in the in the child. Well. If that doesn't scare you to death I don't know who would glory it looks like we're under assault I just feel you feel like what can you eat it's all bad.

Vegetable. Food. That God gave us okay, yes, those, are the good things you. Talked about all these process to go through the list of some of this I mean you go to the average grocery, store and what. Do you say you've got serious you've got crackers you got bread you've got all these things I have. And you got me tell. Us about it well first, of all the meat, clearly. All the experts, I spoke with said that an abaya Erick's assault. Our gut microbiome, the worse by very definition. Antibiotics. Kill, bacteria. That's. Great, and I don't I don't we, I need it to be heard, antibiotics. Save lives. Antibiotics. Are one of the greatest things ever invented. Antibiotics. Kill. Terrible. Bacteria. Like leprosy, and the plague and, and and but. Antibiotics. Do nothing against, viral. Infections, like the flu so, antibiotics. Are wonderful, life-saving. Treatments, but they're overused, when, they're prescribed, for viruses. They. Kill it so antibiotics. At, the doctor's office sometimes. That can be a problem, antibiotics. In our food is always a, problem and people, who, raise animals. For food know, that if you give them antibiotics they'll. Get fat yeah, fast, so, we need to stop, eating food, meat, that, has antibiotics, in. Them. Say these, are delays with anybody, right but the ones that don't have antibiotics, they'll, say it so. You know. That you can buy meat that does not have antibiotics, in it because it'll say it in big letters and it's more, expensive yeah. So. If. They're not saying anything about where the meat came from you can pretty well be, assured that it was raised with antibiotics but some of these finer restaurants will, say on the menu the, meat we serve was not given antibiotics so. Yes people can find them the meat that was not given antibiotics and, we're talking about beef. Pork. Chicken. Poultry. And, also, eggs, and. Also, fish another. Thing is a lot of these farm raised fish are, given antibiotics because, it makes them big v last, way, you know the government orders step in and do something on this week is. The FDA going, to do anything to stop, smart. They did, that's. So funny that you brought that up because yes. The FDA recently said okay people, who raise meat and fish for food you're, not allowed to just give them antibiotics to. Make them fat and, so. But you can, of them antibiotics, if they're, sick or if, you have reason to believe that they might be sick so. Now we know, that people, who raise, these, meats. Gracie's animals for meat have, found a lot of loopholes to give them antibiotics and. Try to justify it but yes to. Answer your question the government did step in to try to stop us how, about all these things, on the labels, they they talked about the little stuff on the way Bush I read and most most, of the housewives, do grocery.

Shopping They don't read all that fine print right the domestic, engineers, they. It's. True if you don't know what it is look at the list of ingredients don't. Look at all the fabulous, advertising. On the front that's, just a billboard look at the list of ingredients and, if there are a lot of ingredients stay, away from it if there are ingredients that you don't recognize stay. Away from it because, our. Microbiome, does not know what to do they, don't know how to digest these things and it messes everything up they they receive, these foreign, chemicals, and they're like oh I don't know what to do with this oh well I'll do the best I can well. I used to think the sweet mole was good for you now apparently, it's not Splenda. Splenda. You get Splenda, by. Taking. Normal. Sugar and, exposing. It to. Chemicals. Which change the composition of, it what. Does that do to this microbiome, it really, ruins it it's just very. Bad so people should stay away from artificial, sweeteners, without. Question, and then when it comes to regular sweeteners, natural, sweeteners like sugar or honey they're, okay but do them in moderation yeah well, I'm a fan of stevia, I think that's natural but stevia, is actually okay for as far as a, good, sweetener it is natural, these things, kill. The the. Gut. Bacteria is. A they, assault that they. Do and, what happens is we, have a, certain amount of gut bacteria and. A. Lot, of times with, the antibiotics. They go away, and then, with our diet, a lot of times the, foods that we eat don't, feed the good bacteria and. So, they die or else they greatly, diminish, and then the bad bacteria grow. And start. Taking over all, right so let's, listen tomorrow, you're going to talk about what, we ought to do to nurture, it but I just want to say, while we get on the subject, people. Ought to go and eat fresh. Vegetables. Right right our. Bacteria, are living, creatures, they're alive so we need to make sure that we plant them in our gut but, then we have to feed them and what they love to eat are things that are called prebiotics. No one knows what prebiotics, are so to put it in plain language its, fiber mostly. Vegetables. It's also fresh fruit and whole. Grains, and beans. Great. So tomorrow, we are going to be talking about all the best, things you can do for your gut this is the climax, today was all the worst things you can do to your gut kind of a downer tomorrow, is going to be more hopeful do you watch some of the commercials, on television, about things that are being advertised, and, the disease's, you think every, one of those relates. Somehow, to some deficiency. In our gut okay in that true it is true and Americans, have worse guts than people in developing, countries, because. Of our food and our antibiotics, mm-hmm. Yeah so, we need to try to build it back but you know doctors. Didn't know I'm every doctor I've ever met, has, always had their patients best interest at heart and when, they were prescribing, these antibiotics they were really trying to do what was best for their patient they didn't know no, one knew until just so very recently we, need our, good bacteria we, depend, on it you know you go to the dentist for example, if you have a tooth, infection. Routinely. They give you anybody's, I mean he just sort of like what. Should somebody do if they're watching this program, well this is where discernment, comes in we need to pray for discernment we, need to know because as I said you, know if it's a bacterial. Infection sometimes. Bacterial. Infections, can be deadly and we need antibiotics we're, blessed to have them but. Are they necessary. They're, never necessary, if you have a viral, infection and, sometimes doctors, can't tell the difference because the symptoms are the same and the only way to know if, a patient has a viral, infection or a bacterial.

Infection Is if they test them and sometimes it takes three days to get the test result new. Yeah, pneumonia. Is a bacterial. Infection but. The flu is a viral, infection so. Antibiotics don't do anything for the flu but, if someone comes in and they have flu-like symptoms, the doctor is probably thinking this is probably a viral, infection and, an antibiotics, not going to help them but oh what if it turns into pneumonia, and anion a biotic will so, give them the antibiotic, what harm, can it do well, now we know that it can do harm to the gut bacteria series. A few. Several. Years ago actually about what, they're putting in soup and. There's something called monosodium. Glutamate MSG. And. It's a flavor enhancer, and. It's an excitotoxin. And, I. Pointed. Out and you know the. What. Is it the, the Italian. Aggressive. Progressive. That, doesn't have MSG. In it but Campbell Soup does I was looking at a label Campbell, Soup and they put msg. Back in it oh. Well. That makes it taste so good and if you're selling food you. Want it to taste good what does Emma C do to you it is so bad this is one of the worst additives. That you can have it monosodium, glutamate that's, what it looks like on the label but we nicknamed it MSG, but it is an excitotoxin, and. It does cause all, types of it's terrible for your gut bacteria. Oh. Yes so, people should stay away from that if you can't pronounce it don't eat it well, I just say, Campbell Soup I mean I I hit one up here on this show and I read, the label and lo and behold I just. Looked at the can of it Progresso, does not have them does not put in msg but. It's Chinese. Food has it oh yes, a lot and it makes you sleepy dopey into it there's. A restaurant, in our community. I stopped going to because, I get through that I'd be so sleepy, and and it was then loaded the food with MSG that's why and it but it doesn't enhance the flavor and accent, you know that that, stuff that you put on your food caught accent, it brings out the flavor msg. That's why that does your gut I mean it kills, the good vibes right, so. We need to rise up to these food companies and tell them to make the food healthier, or else just not eat it. Your. Guns like to thank old folks we've got a free booklet it's available to you it's called build a better gut you ought to learn about it because it is vital to your health, vital.

To Your health of your children, and what. Laurie has talked about also is the. Natural, delivery instead, of c-sections. Which sure you know something, most people haven't even thought about. You've. Given us a lot to think about then here's the number you, can get a copy you can one eight hundred seven. $107,000. Gook we've got thousands, and thousands, of people are asking for it and we want you to have your free copy it's not gonna cost you a penny you. Don't have to give anything you don't have to pay anything it's all for free or, you can down, download. Is. It there's a, you. Can get on our website, I thank you And, you can get a free they're a little but it's something you want to have and Laurie what's. Tomorrow I can hardly wait we're. Gonna talk more about the delivery process so, if people are intrigued by what you just said we're going to give them more information about that tomorrow and all, the good things that you should be doing oh so. Today was kind of Wawa, tomorrow, is going to be like hey, we can beat this yeah. You. Know I get. The old, fashioned oatmeal you have to cook it for five, minutes and then it's so good nice right that's, a great point instant. Oatmeal we should avoid that it's. The whole grain the kind that takes five minutes well that's what I have that's. The best guy but am I gonna live. Longer, be, healthy, you know don't be sick we're gonna look care of and you can save so much money you don't have to buy all that stuff they're advertising, on TV that's right it actually is cheaper to eat healthy people, think that it isn't but it is alright. You do a wonderful job well we look forward to DeMars be, the last of our series, and I hope it's been a blessing to, you we've had thousands. And thousands. Of calls so, I know it's something of great interest to you but I, remember.

We'd Get to that free booklet. And I'm. Usually got. My piece of chocolate no that's not always true but, she she's. Very. Inspirational. In, that way for, all of us and so I'm just so thankful for this series so I did. Have a salad for dinner last night Laurie all right well up next a, new boss makes a young worker, miserable. I had. Anxiety I. Just. Absolutely dreaded. You. Know waking, up the next day to go to work I couldn't. Sleep I just, I made myself sick. See. How she finds a supernatural, answer, to her problem, after, this. After. A new boss took over Laurie Vaughn felt trapped in a job she, hated the, stress got so bad it literally, made her sick Laurie, thought she was stuck until, she received a supernatural, answer, to her desperate, prayer for relief. Laurie. Vaughn had always loved her job at a local insurance, agency, I answered. The phones and took payments, and just. Basically, managed, the whole office, it. Was awesome, I had, a wonderful boss he was great to me and I loved. Coming in then, her boss retired. His. Replacement, started making a lot of changes in the way they did their jobs things. Were one smoothly at first but as months. Went on I just it just started, to get, to me and. Now, at least once a week, Laurie was required to work at the sister office over, an hour away. Everything. In the office was just changing, completely you. Know going to the different location, missing my small town people and, it was very. Different than it was before it didn't feel like home anymore I just. Got extremely, stressed out I started, hating my job this. Dress started to affect her life at home. At. Home I, I, had, anxiety, I. Just. Absolutely dreaded. You. Know waking, up the next day to go to work I looked, forward to the weekend more than I ever did in my life I, couldn't. Sleep I, just. I made myself sick, Laurie. Thought about looking for another job but. Feared her lack of college, education would, hinder her possibilities. I didn't. Get the education, that I should have I played, around and, I just felt like everything was just over my head for. Two months she prayed for God to show her his plan for her life, I kept. Asking him to speak to me and to let me know what to do and I prayed. For him to have his will in my life. One. Friday morning, Laurie, was ready to quit, my. Boss had just told me the day before that.

He Wanted me to be at the other location, three days a week so. I, was, very emotional I felt. Like I was abandoning my, customers, and. I. Just, I, just. Knew it was time to, move on like. Every. Morning Laurie, turned on the 700 club at her desk Terry. And Gordon were praying yeah, someone else you are so discontented. With your job and. You blame yourself because you didn't get education, when you could have and should have you, just played, instead, God's, got something fresh, for you stop, looking, at what you don't have and begin to thank him before you even see it it's on the way I, just. Jumped, up and start. Praising, God I was crying so, that right, there was all, I needed to, know because that was my personal, private prayer with God and I just I felt, peace, I knew. That that was God letting, me know I was gonna be okay. Tuesday. Of the very next week, Laurie interviewed, with another insurance agency, near her home and was. Offered the job that same day. It's. Better, atmosphere, the. Women. I work with they're Christians too and it's, close to home so there's no travel and I'm gonna be at one office. Today. Laurie, has passed the test to become an insurance agent, with her new company and enjoy, spending, time with her family, she's. Giving all the praise to God he's. Giving me peace I. Just. Feel peace, and, I. Just. Know that. He. Wants. Me there I don't, know what he's gonna do but I know he's, I know he's gonna take care of me he's. Been good to me my entire life. God. Cares about what you're going through he cares about your job he, doesn't want your job to make you sick and. You've. Got some praise reports I do this, is Sheila. She lived in Pueblo, Colorado. She, prayed fervently, for her brother's healing, from pancreatic cancer. In, addition, to calling our prayer center she, was watching our program hoping, one of the hosts would mention, that disease, on. His birthday, Wendy, you gave a word about his quote somebody, was being healed from pancreatic, cancer. Stella's, brother was totally healed she's the, doctors are completely awestruck, took, place on his birthday. Alfred. From Pineville, North Carolina, was crippled for 10 years and spent much time going, back and forth to medical appointments one. Day he was watching TV and he overheard you, give a word of knowledge Pat saying there was a person, with back, problems whom, God was healing, Alfred, immediately, raised his hands and the Holy Spirit took over the, next day his back was healed and he could bend over and touch, the floor with the palm of his hands, after, 10 years Wow, praise God well you know we don't know them you know we. Live in an atmosphere of, miracles, because God is God he, is the author of life. He's the creator, of all things and the, God we serve is, isn't, awesome God, so. When, we pray we're. Asking him to. Speak through us to. You and, when, we declare, it we do it in his name and because the glory belongs to Jesus it's he, is the author and finisher of our faith so. Wendy and I are gonna join hands right now we're gonna pray for you whatever the need is there's. Nothing, impossible with God, father. I join with my sister in Christ we. Believe God nothing. Is impossible, with you in. The name of Jesus. There's. A throat in inflammation. You there's a swelling, and thickening, in your throat you're, hardly able to swallow it's almost like diphtheria, you're, being healed in the name of Jesus. Wendy. There's, a man and, you. Are extremely Oh and you are just crying out to God for deliverance. You've. Been saying what's, the use. I'm. Not that young anymore but, God is saying you are young you have for your whole life is still ahead of you and God, is going to just deliver you you're going to be healed of this in Jesus name. You've. Got swollen. As, a man I think you're your. Right leg, you've got swollen varicose. Veins and it's. Very serious and you're concerned, about blood clots you're concerned about a stroke, and you're concerned about those things, God is flushing, out those veins right now the swelling, is going down and the. Clots are dissolving. At this moment you won't have that problem anymore. There's, someone with a, liver, condition and, you've, been crying out to God for deliverance and you are being healed in Jesus name thank. You Father for whoever, is watching at this time around the world wherever they are Lord. Hear their and answer their prayer in the name of Jesus. Receive. An answer may, the touch of God be upon you now touch. Thank. You Lou amen. And.

Amen, And. Listen call us tell, us what God's, done we'd love to have a chance to pray for you if you need prayer people, at the phones right now they love God they love you and, all, you have to do is just call and, we're. Here for you if you have an answer to prayer we love to hear that too so, it's. Just an easy numbers, it's an 800 one eight hundred seven hundred seven. One. Eight hundred seven. Hundred seven, eighty. Two remember Wendy, well, still ahead we've got your questions, and some honest answers Carol, wants to know how, does a word of knowledge or word of wisdom come to you Pat, answers this question and more of your email when we come back. Welcome. Back to the 700 club a Turkish, Court denied an appeal for American pastor Andrew Brunson's released from house arrest the. Judge ruled the strong criminal, suspicions, against him had not changed, that's according to a Turkish news agency, a spokesman. For Turkey's president says the threats of US sanctions aren't, helping the pastor's case Brunson. A missionary, to Turkey for more than 20 years had, been jailed since 2016. Before being, moved to house arrest, last week you, can learn more about pastor, Brunson's case at CBN, Well Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is cancer-free again, he, and his family received the great news last week exactly. One week after he gave a powerful speech, at the ESPYs, where, he received the Jimmy V award for perseverance his, wife Jill posted, a photo of Jim on Instagram, she wrote double. Thumbs up MRI, and CT scans are clear still, working through major pain management but praise the Lord no, evidence of cancer Kelly. Has been battling oral cancer, when it returned in March his wife released an emotional, message indicating, how they plan to fight the battle through faith in God well. You can always get the latest from cbn, news by going to our website at CBN, Pat. And Wendy will be back with more of the 700 club right after this. Welcome. Back to the 700 club it's time for your questions and some honest answers from, Pat we'll start with this one from Carol she says how does a word of knowledge or word of wisdom come, to you Pat well. If you read, the twelfth. Chapter of first Corinthians, you find that there's certain enablement, of the Holy Spirit, we've, used the term gifts, we've heard the term charismatic we. You, know one. Has to do with prophecy, and other speaking in tongues interpretation at, some and one, is a word, of wisdom which, has to do with essentially. The future and. A word of knowledge which, has to do with something that is not available to the senses, but is spoken by the Holy Spirit and. It's just that simple and you, know the more that you, use, these. Gifts. Of the Spirit the more easy it, becomes and, the more natural it becomes just. Like healing it's it's so, natural and the, same thing with the word of knowledge so how does it become it just comes to you mighty and inner spirit, it's part of the Holy Spirit. Lillian. Says if I can't pay the full tithe, because, of my bills is that offensive to God I feel, guilty when I can't tie this much as I want to but I also, feel like I'm stealing from medical. Bill collectors, when I can't pay them because I gave it to God I'm a little, older and don't have as much as I used to I. Don't. Know what to do except, you need a some. Kind of a financial thing make, a budget set set up a budget for yourself and. And. Work in there and, put. At the top of that budget, ten. Percent to the Lord service, you know if you do this he. Will make the rest of it work better but. What you're doing is you're saying well I've got to pay these other bills then at the end maybe I'll take it ties and so, you, haven't got your finances, right but, make a budget, and with, the budget put at the top of the list what you're going to give to the Lord and then, watch what happens from there on a little if you'll, be amazed how God will cause the rest of it to prosper, and, you'll you'll.

Have Enough to stretch over what, your needs are and then of course with, the budgets you also don't over, and if you have control, of what you're spending, then, keep, that within I mean your, expenditures. Should be less than your income if, it's the other way around if, your income is less than your expenditures. You're in trouble all the time and that has to nothing to do with tithing okay, I tell that to everybody that 10% makes, that 90% go, but Weiss is a. MILF. Won't even go sour though. All. Right well Mary, says my husband and I watch a YouTube, channel with, videos of our Vee trips and parks that are interesting, but they're, posted by a man that has said he's an atheist is it, a sin for us to watch his, videos, of. Course not you. Know. What. Possible, Paul said if you don't deal, with, people. Who are. Kidnappers. And robbers and so forth you, need, to go out of the world. He said if somebody claims to be a Christian, and they're. Doing these terrible things and then don't even eat with them but at the same time, we. Have to deal with people, in this world, that are atheist, who are homosexual who or do all these other things that they. So, otherwise. You have to leave the world oh that's what Jesus said so there's no sin in washing. A thing, that you enjoy, it's a travelogue, produced. By an atheist, isn't that nothing wrong with that, I mean. You hope you'll find the Lord but that's something, else well. Here's. One from, justice, as, a viewer what, is the glory of the Lord, substance. Experience, or weight well. It's, the, Chicana is, is the aura, that surrounds. The the holiness, of God and, I. Don't know what to say I mean part, of it the whole concept, is is a weight coming down on the whole thing is, a glory, but I haven't that time to go more. Detail, but. That. It, was the glory, of the Lord that entered into the temple for, example, when the priest went and they could, the glory of the Lord was, they could hardly stay in the ministry, well, today's power minute is from the song they, teach us to number our days that, we may gain a heart of wisdom. Tomorrow. Three. Simple, steps, to. Building a better, my. Own. Gut. Well. For, all I was ceases Pat Robertson, I'll see you tomorrow bye-bye.

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If it wasn't for penicillin, I would have been dead at 7. I was on so much penicillin, that I had yeast balls coming out of my throat. Not sure if there is a connection, but now I suffer with Fibromyalgia.

I agree with most of this..however, saying that if you can't pronounce it, then don't eat it...That is NOT always true.

I watch daily, plus support CBN, Orphans Promise, and Operation Blessing monthly, because I believe they are the real deal, and do Gods work. I sill like Pat, even though he called me a clown when interviewing Hugh Ross, because I am one of those young earth creationists.

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