The 700 Club - February 27, 2018

The 700 Club - February 27, 2018

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The. Following, program, is sponsored, by, CBN. Coming. Up a Fox, News host with a scathing, indictment on. His fellow journalists. Howard, Kurtz joins us live and shares, how and why, the media, became. Unhinged. Plus. A broken. Marriage it, made me feel like that I could never measure up the, miracle, that reunited. This couple, I could have never imagined. How good it could be on today's. 700. Club. Well, welcome to the 700 club I might say that our fearless. Prognosticator. Drew Parkhill who. Is our, daily. Producer. Told. Me yesterday that he thought the Dow. Was going to go, up to 30,000. Or so Wow. Lo and behold yesterday. It just scored. To new heights and. People. Are feeling wealthier, and. Warren. Buffett is. Rejoicing. All the billions, of dollars that have been put in his pocket, so, everybody's, happiness, in the stock. Market. But that's. A nice bump up well you've. Been hearing, about these dreamers, these, people, who came over with, their parents, and they've, been living here for years and Obama. Just with a stroke of the pen says okay little min and so the president, said no it's. Gonna take an act of Congress to, do that and. We'll. Run. This thing through the courts, and, the. Supreme Court said well you can't take it to us you've got to go through the, various stages, of the courts, and wind. Up with the, Tenth. Circuit, is a tenth. Circus, whatever, it is they're that terrible, court. I don't know well, they're gonna be the one to decide it or not but, trumple. I think wants a lot of men Congress wants a little men but they just can't get the thing together so, it looks like Washington. May be. Doing. Everything they can to find a way because everybody, wants, to let these nice young people, stay in this country and pursue, their lives. Well. That that's. Pause that possible, deal that we're talking about comes after the Supreme Court refused to take up the dreamers case and as, President Trump plans to look at models for his border wall Heather, sells brings us the story. The. Supreme Court decision means that the president, cannot end the daca program for, dreamers on March 5th that, buys them, and Congress, some time you, know we tried to get it moved. Quickly because we'd like to help duck I think everybody in this room wants to help with daca but. The Supreme Court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels the, White House believes that, acha is unlawful. President. Trump has argued, that President, Obama exceeded. His executive, authority when, he started the program, daca. Allows dreamers, to apply for a temporary permits. That give them the ability to stay, in the US so, they can study and work, dreamers. Like daniela and andrea gonzalez, aundrea. Works in social media and, daniela, is getting her master's, degree both. Have lived here since childhood, and rely. On daca, i think, they don't understand how pressing, it is that. It's, literally our lives at stake the, Supreme Court decision bumps, the case back to the lower courts, likely. Going to the Ninth Circuit first, the. President, criticized, that liberal-leaning Court, Monday saying. Nothing's, as bad as the Ninth Circuit still. The Supreme Court's move gives Congress, more time to debate the issue which. May or may not help to resolve it now that. The president's, plan to end the program on March 5th is blocked. Lawmakers. May be tempted, to put off deciding, on daca once again. If, they do take, action the court case will, become moot, and the hill is now reporting, that Republican. Senators, plan to put a daca fix, in next. Month's government, funding bill.

Meanwhile. The president, is seeking 18, million, to, move forward, with plans to beef up security along. The border and build, a wall he'll. Visit California. In the next few weeks to check out wall prototypes. Near San Diego, if, the president, can get a win on the wall and a win on daca he'll, be able to demonstrate to, some of his key constituents. And independent. Voters that, he can get the job done Heather. Sells CBN News. Well. It'll certainly be to the benefit of the Republicans, to get this thing done it'll make them look good and the. Immigrant, population. You. Know needs a champion, and Trump. Is that champion, so he. Wants to get this thing done but, he didn't want to do it with executive, authority, he wants it to be done legislatively, and. He. Wanted a quick, fix and I said erroneously. Tenth circuit I think Heather. Said 9th circuit I had the circuit, where he look over there you know I want to correct one thing the. Gun officiai, on those are really. Precise. They. Really, looked, carefully it was they I was, in the Marines like, 60 years ago I shut. A gun, called a Browning, automatic rifle, var. And I, scored expert, with the BA are in the Marines. Now, they call that an automatic, rifle, but, as I recall you had to squeeze the trigger each, time to get his shot but, it was called an automatic, rifle, now. They say that the, ar-15. That were the one that everybody's, arguing about they. Said well that really is a civilian. Weapon. And and. Well. I don't. Believe it I think it's a combat weapon if, somebody wrote it and said no it's not it's. Not as as, effective. As the, lesser, of the combat. Weapons, which is the what. The m3, or something, I've, really I'm, not up on those things at all I know is the old days it was called an automatic weapon, it had a tripod, and you. Shut each time as I recall I guess if you held the trigger you, would fire more than once but it had a bigger magazine. And. I think that's the problem is that whether. You you hold, the trigger and it sends. A burst or, whether you pull the trigger each time you've got a magazine, full of things that you can just bang. Bang bang as fast as you can move your triggers ammunition. It holds, but that's right so it has to do with the magazine, not so much as the quality, but I stand. Corrected if you if you if whoever, called our staff is right, I stand, corrected because let's. Face it I'm 60. Years out of the military I. Did. Pretty well when I was there they put I don't know I don't know all the permutations, with them of the weapons that are being created, and, all I was saying is I said it again. Automatic. Weapons should not be in the hands of youngsters. And civilian. I think a lot of people would agree with you I think so. But. To whether you call it yeah military, weapon, or civilian, weapon or whatever it still. In my opinion when I was shooting them they will call all of my faces they still are already, told, in other news a huge, rebound on, Wall Street it was said at the beginning of the program that. Sharp. Sell-off a few weeks ago this. Is cut in half John, Jessup has that story. That's. Right Matt stocks have come almost all the way back since that correction earlier this month the Dow Jones Industrials. Have rallied sharply in, the last two days up almost 750, points despite. Concern among some investors, when the market was falling many, analysts said it was just a short-term, correction, and not the beginning of a bear market still. Some experts caution the market could suffer more pull backs but, they expect it to go higher in the months ahead and, legendary. Investor Warren Buffett told CNBC he believes the Republican, tax cut will provide a quote huge, tailwind, for businesses, well. Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says American evangelicals. Are the best friends, Israel has that.

Sentiment Was expressed after, evangelical. Leaders recently visited the Jewish state and met, with a prime minister Chris, Mitchell brings us that story. Netanyahu. Met with leaders who serve on president, Trump's evangelical. Faith Advisory Board who, pointed out to CBN News they, were not representing, the president on their trip the. Meeting was arranged by Mike Evans founder, of the Friends of Zion Heritage, Center in Jerusalem. The, 17 evangelical. Leaders visited, Israel recently as guests, of Israel's, Ministry, of Tourism CBN. News met up with them at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem's. Old City Jerusalem. Is like home because, of our faith, and because, so many significant. Events that, we read about everything in the Bible happened, right here in this very place the trip is part of an ongoing program. Intended. To strengthen and deepen, ties with evangelicals. In the u.s. most, of us on this group actually leave groups and so this, is a chance to see the latest discoveries, and have briefings by government, officials about what's happening, in God's land CBN, News spoke with harvest, ministry, pastor Greg Laurie dr.. Robert Jeffery senior, pastor, of First Baptist. Church in Dallas and dr.. Jack Graham pastor. Of prestonwood Baptist, Church in Plano, Texas, many of us connected, because we have been a part of the president's faith initiative, we're not here representing, the president, but we are here as friends, and, supporters, of Israel the trial could actually take. Place instead, of King Herod here. With Pilate, right, here because Pilate was actually. Resigning, in, the, Easter time in Pesa Passover, within. The palace of King Herod Shahar Shiloh serves as a consultant for, the Tower of David Museum, in Jerusalem we're. Always saying before, coming to Israel you read the Bible you see it in black and white once. Visited Israel, in every. Chapter every time we read about Paul Peter Ward, Jesus it's all vivid. And vibe, and everything becomes in full-color, full, HD 4k something. Happens in your soul while many of the leaders had visited, before they. Still talk they're seeing new, things we, just saw a spot a few moments ago I've never been to before that, the think might be the actual area where, Christ was tried. And. That was amazing. To me we're, told in the scriptures Jesus, was taken, from Pilate, in to Herod's castle, or a palace and here, here we were we here, we are for the first time for in my life to see it we asked about the importance, of, us-israel. Relations, I think in some ways American. Needs Israel, as much as israel needs america, because, there is a blessing promised, in the book of genesis to those that would bless, Abraham. And his descendants, the Jewish people, so I think as we've stood with the only real democracy. In the Middle East and not. Just that but because. They've been our true friends and allies we understand, every, other nation of the world has the right to name its own capital, why shouldn't, Israel, three thousand years ago David was the one who named Jerusalem, is the capital of Israel were, simply confirming, what history's already taught us although, this trip is meant to encourage visits, to Israel, these, men see it as a pilgrimage, that, goes deeper, than tourism.

The Bible is sort of like the GPS, of Israel you follow your Bible, around this, city and, around this land and you'll see so much that's so important and when we come here we see once again that. Our faith, is not built, on fiction it's built, on historical. Facts and I, find people have a whole new way of understanding and. Believing the Bible after they've been to Israel, Chris Mitchell tower of david museum old. City, jerusalem. A. Lot. Of familiar faces in that package back to. You we encourage, that we're so glad that those, christian. Leaders i've been over there so many times we. Have a television. Station, you know in southern lebanon i was broadcasting. Into. Israel. And. We've. Had cable, and all erisa but. The. Jews are our friends, and they. Know I think Bibi. Netanyahu. Has. Said it's so eloquently, that the, evangelical. Christians are the best friends Israel has and we, think that Israel, is the well. The the real spirit, of democracy. In the Middle East and the. Only. The Islamic. People, want. To destroy, Israel and I. Was reading today there's, some forecasters. Possibly, within a year there, might be some, kind of a war with Iran in Israel, because, Iran. Has those, proxies. Hezbollah. Is a proxy, and. Some. Of the other, radical. Groups or, proxies. Of Iran and, they're. Making it tough for the Israelis, so, anyhow. We just pray it won't happen but. You, know the. Battle of Armageddon is, not going to be at Megiddo it's going to be in Jerusalem it'll, be a fight for Jerusalem, and those men were in, Jerusalem, so we're looking at at. Jerusalem. Well. By. The way we've, been talking, here on this program about diet, diet. Diet, about. Healthy, eating and now, there's another study. Out that. Is even, more revolutionary. That I think everybody, should listen to and, heed. What. Is being said here's John, that's. Right Pat in health news if you want to decrease your chance of depression, as you get older you might cry, improving. Your diet the, popular - diet will not only cut your risks of hypertension, but, new research from, Chicago's, Rush University shows. It can reduce the possibility, depression, later in life as well -. Died emphasizes. Vegetables, fruits whole grains and, fat-free or low-fat dairy, along. With limiting foods high in saturated fats, or sugar depression. Is common in older adults and the author of the study says he wanted to see if diet could be an effective way to cut the risk for depression because, making lifestyle changes like diet is often preferred over taking, medications, and Pat experts are increasingly, saying the - diet is overall. The best for your health well it's one of many but I've, concurred, totally, and I've, been following along those lines for years it. Is one of many it's hard to know today you. Know you read this doctor, says this, person. Says that South, Beach is really good. The doctor, who put, that out, but. There there are many others but the the, whole it comes down to the fact that. Saturated. Fat and especially, sugar, sugar. Sugar sugar is the killer we've been talking about sugar and how much sugar there is in the diet and high. Fructose corn syrup is, in almost everything, and it, is causing, people to get fat and, have. Depression, so. Want you to be happy in your old age, so. Avoid it I'm trying my best to be happy in my own way. Alright. Well, it's. No secret that when it comes to President Trump the mainstream, media has lost all pretense.

Of Objectivity, coming. Up veteran, journalist, Howard Kurtz reveals, just how biased, they are and how. It's affecting, your news feed. Well, president, Trump and the major media. Seem, to be fighting an endless, battle and. One veteran, journalist, says the real losers, in this, war are the American, people Mark Martin has that. As. Donald, Trump begins, his second year in office the, feud between the presidents and the press is more, intense, than ever the. Mainstream, media's shocked that Donald Trump was elected president in the first place has, morphed into a mission to prove he shouldn't, be president the nation's top news organizations. Have targeted, Trump with an unprecedent. And barrage of negative stories, with, some no longer attempting, to hide their contempt, veteran. Journalist, and media critic Howard Kurtz host, of the Fox News program, media buzz says, journalists, have abandoned, any semblance, of fairness out of a heavy conviction, that they must save the country from Donald, Trump Kurtz. Writes about it in a new book media. Madness, Donald, Trump the press and the war over the truth Mark. Martin CBN News. Well. Howard Kurtz is with us now from our news bureau in Washington and Howard welcome to the 700, club led the heavy wood Thank You Pat, have. You ever seen, any President, of the United States in the, recent decades, have the abuse of Donald Trump is getting from the media. None. Of us have ever seen anything, like this and as, I went behind the scenes to find out what journalists were saying privately about President Trump won New York Times reported for example calling, him a racist and, a fascist, other commentators. Liberal commentators, on the air saying he's, unhinged, he's lost it he's in fit unfit, he's incompetent, and by the way he's a dictator as well, you. Get to see that it's not just, ideological. Opposition Pat, but it is cultural. I would say it is personal, is visceral, there's something about this president that gets under the skin of many journalists, and on the other side behind. These things at the White House you sometimes have the president defying. His own aides with a constant, barrage the attacks on fake news dishonest. Media punching. Down at Cable News host sometimes, I think he goes a little too far with that all this has created kind of a scorched earth warfare, and there no sign. Of it improving. Anytime soon well these guys are actually, making news up aren't they you know you. You pointed one thing in your book about them, claiming, that he's having sex with his daughter and another one of course that you, know the, Secretary. Of State called him a milk moron, and that apparently, was not accurate, and they just go on and on but, how. Come they're making stuff up. Well. The thing about the president, you know this outrageous, claim. About having sexist thought it was a joke on Twitter, but at the same time showing spicier than the press secretary, called.

A Magazine that employed the woman who made this joke and said I assume you're gonna fire her and of course the, Atlantic did not fire her I thought she needed a second, chance I mean, I'm more there's, no question that some stories, have been absolutely, wrong CNN, made several high-profile. Mistakes last year one of which led to the firing of three, journalists, but more than just, stories. That really are fake so many. Stories are just bias, this president never gets the benefit of the doubt and you know who else doesn't get the benefit of doubt Ivanka, Trump I write about how many in, the media are sort. Of constantly. Disparaging. Her because they think that they she secretly agrees with them they think it should be her job to change her father's views on all, the things that he ran on she doesn't view it that way and just yesterday, you had an NBC reporter, ask, Ivanka, Trump who was at the Olympics. What'd, you think about the sexual, accusations, against your father and she said I, don't think that's an appropriate question to ask his daughter but I believe my dad and then she got a lot of abuse for that as if she's supposed to go out there and just trash her father on a subject like that well, you know the. Whole, thing we used to talk about in boxing, was Joe Lewis than fighting, in bars, and, he's, the President on States and, do you think he ought to get into these brawls with these lesser, figures, that's what he's doing he's demeaning, the presidency, isn't it well. I think that the president, has every right to push back against what he sees is unfair coverage certainly the thin-skinned people in my business are not accustomed to that but there was no question Pat that there were times when he's, tweeting about you know Mika Brzezinski looks, the MSNBC, Co, with Joe Scarborough the feuds that he ends too now sometimes I report in media man that she does this deliberately, to sort of deflect attention from something else to change the subject the guy is sort of a master TV programmer, as you know but, I also think some, of it is sort, of below his pay grade shall, we say yeah, also you know I've heard you speak out again this morning on the you knows reasonable. Gun. Control measures in the wake of these mass shootings, press. Has, not given this president, much credit for the fact that here's a Republican, president, strongly backed by the NRA who, has seized this issue who was making a bunch of recommendations. Who is taking. On his own party in certain ways he. Held those extraordinary televised, meetings, and if. It wasn't for this animosity, people, would say well you know president least deserves credit for putting this at the top of the national agenda I'm seeing, very little of that how. About this Russian, probe, you, know it it, looks like it was based on this. Dossier. That was phony was paid for by you. Know the Democrat, Party and. That. Christopher. Steele is discredited. Etcetera etcetera and. Yet everybody's, playing that up but this is going to be the defining moment, and the president's, tenure. And is going to get him impeached what do you think. Some. Wishful thinking on the part of some of the president's detractors, I mean look I think the fact, that there is an investigation, by a special, counsel appointed by the way by the Deputy, Attorney General which has led to a number of guilty, pleas and indictments. Is legitimate, news has to be covered however if. You turn to certain channels in primetime, every. Incremental. Development Mike. Pence has hired a lawyer well who wouldn't hire a lawyer when, you go be questioned, by federal prosecutors is, is, kind of inflated, to Watergate, levels, and what I often say about this is if. Everything's, cranked, up to 11 then. Nothing is in 11 and I think that we'll, see how the Moller investigation, plays out but so far. Virtually. No evidence of collusion which is the original thing so now they're looking at was there any obstruction, I do, think, that the media. Again. It's a legitimate story but I think much. Of the coverage has just gone overboard, and. We'll see you again how it turned Howard.

Really--it, The guts of it why do you think they hate him so badly. Well. You know I think first. Of all during the campaign all these I was on so many television, panels with all these political, geniuses, who said well, of course you know he's not gonna make it to Iowa and of course Donald Trump's not gonna win the nomination and, there's no way that this guy is gonna beat Hillary in the general election so they were wrong about that they underestimated, Donald Trump I've known him since the late 1980s, and so I didn't make a mistake I've, underestimated him, but also you, know he's a street fighter he doesn't always choose his words carefully. He doesn't conduct himself for the use of Twitter it, just bothers, journalists, that he doesn't sort of act. The way they think their conception, of how presidents, are supposed, to act and also some of them you know resent the fact that he goes. After you know the failing New York Times for example but by the way but. This president really actually also, that I call it a love-hate relationship it's mostly hate right now but, he does crave the approval of the mainstream media he gives keeps giving interviews to his hometown paper, the New York Times even as he criticizes, it he meets off-the-record, with anchors like NBC's, Chuck Todd so he's, working the refs of a little bit behind the scenes even, as he can think us to denounce what he sees as as, unfair. Coverage how, do we appreciate this book and ladies and gentlemen it's called media madness. Donald. Trump the, press and the war over, the truth how's. It doing is it available now where. Were books or so available. Everywhere available, on Amazon appreciate, the chance to talk to you about it okay. Howard, curiously, this is only an intriguing. Book you ought to get a copy it. Is. He's got more examples. And here just goes on and on it's, what you need, to know what's going on all. Right Walter, up next a couple, who were miserable married. But did not believe in divorce I, can. Be so repulsed. By him I was. Raised to, not, be emotional, so, I thought, she'll, get over that, eight. Years, of living as roommates, followed, until, a miracle.

Reignited. This couple's marriage plus. We'll sit down with best-selling, author and relationship, expert, Emerson, aggeridge so don't go away. The. Ryan Kim Wagner, lived in the same house but they couldn't, be further apart their. Marriage turns sour but neither one believed in divorce so they just decided to call it quits and remain, out of the same roof. The. Bell was ringing for. The first day of school, and she. Comes, sweeping. Through the door and all of her glory and, I couldn't help but notice, her there. Was just a life, about, her just exude. Joy. Exuded. Confidence, succeeded. Beauty. It, was love at first sight when lee roy met Kim at Bible College he, fell in love with her joyful, enthusiasm and, she, fell in love with his quiet strength, soon. They, were engaged, I really. Went into marriage, thinking this was just gonna be a great 50-year. Date I just thought oh wow no we get to be together all the time and it's just gonna be so fun, but. The fun ended three days into their honeymoon after, a long drive to the mountains, Kim settled in for a night of romance and, he. Falls asleep on me I, mean. We. Had barely hit the bed and he falls asleep I was. Awakened, by her cries I. Didn't. Really think that that, was that, big a deal so I thought she'll, get over that I'm like, shocked, like why doesn't that devastate, you that I'm letting you know how you hurt, me that. Pattern continued, through the early years of their marriage when. Expectations. Were met with disappointment. Kim would express strong emotion, and Leroy, would dismiss her or withdraw. What. First attracted them, to each other was, now driving a wedge between them, I loved. Leroy, but. At the same time I could, be so repulsed. By him I was. Raised to, not. Not, be emotional, I could be so upset, with him and disappointed. And so instead. Of having, the, the. Tools to handle that I, would. Just shut. Down I kept, wanting him to just you, know stand up and be a man it. Made me feel like that I could never measure up it brought out what, I always. Feared and that was, not. Being able to do. What. I knew, that I should do as a. Man I just, saw being. A helper to Leroy as helping. Him do. Things in, a better way and, so, the further, that I would retreat. Into sullenness. Or passivity, or into a cave the. More intense, that she, would become Kim. Gave birth to a daughter but. Five years into their marriage they. Reached a breaking point, I still.

Remember, The intersection. Where we were sitting in the car. When he looked over at man, and I've. Been pressuring, him but. He looked over and he just admitted, evidently. I've not been able to love you like I should you've, made that perfectly clear. I don't. Know how to do that and so, I guess I don't love you I, was. Devastated and, yet. I wasn't, that surprised, as, Christians, Leroy, and Kim didn't believe in divorce their. Son was born a few years later but, then they lived as roommates for the next eight years while, raising their children, Kim. Could no longer endure the pain and went, away to a cabin, to read the Bible and pray about her marriage and. God. Used, scriptures. To, take me on a, journey of. Revisiting. My life and. Convicting. Me where, I had harmed Leroy, where I'd been. Intimidating. Cool. Even at times and, I began riding out just, instance, after instance that. God brought to mind Kimba. Nest Leroy to join her at the cabin and. Then when she called me one to share with me what the Lord had spoken to her about I, was. I was. So. Dead. Emotionally. I didn't really have any. Response, at all that. Was okay because God, had done such a deep work in me I. Wasn't. Obeying, God and how. I treated, my husband, to, get my husband, to treat me a certain, way I was, focused, on loving, him more, than I was getting love from Leroy. Kim. Had changed, but their marriage stayed the same, two, years after Kim's time away Leroy. Went on a retreat of his own to, ask God to examine, his heart and, God very, strongly. Dealt. With me and took me back to the earliest moments, of my memory, as. A boy that fear. Had been in control of my life I was afraid of, not. Fulfilling, my responsibilities. I was afraid of failing those who looked, to me and so. This had greatly, impacted. My, marriage relationship. With Kimberly and I apologized, to her and I said so much of my interaction. With you and so, much of my hurt and pain has. Not been because of the way you've been. It's been because of where I have been long before I met you, and that began, our walk, together is, broken, humbled. Repentant. But. Hopeful. That, God was at work in our marriage, and begin that process of, restoration lee. Roy kim began living us husband and wife again that, was in 1999. And today, their marriage is stronger than ever together, they counsel other couples, with a hope they've been given by the god of second, chances he's. Restored, our marriage it is a happy, marriage it's a blessed, marriage it's a fun, marriage, when I look back and I see, what. I would have missed had. I've checked, out and, I have divorced. I shudder. To think of, all, of the blessings, of all that God had in store if. I would have walked, away if. I would have stopped, short of enduring. And persevering. And trusting, you know my. Husband is my best friend. He's. Who I would want to hang out with more than anyone else I, admire.

Him And I adore, I, could. Have never imagined. How good it, could be. The. God of restoration, and the second chance well joining us for more on this topic is Emerson, aggeridge. He's, the author behind the best-selling relationship, book love and respect, and he's a communications. Expert who's been sought out by pro, sports teams. Members, of Congress even the Navy SEALs and we, welcome you to the program - Thank You Cerie thank you so much no I'm delighted wow so, much to pull out of that story but, there, was the line in there where I think it was the. The wife who said, expectations. Were met with disappointment. If you, could have entered their, relationship. At that moment what would you have said to them well I think there are many things one I rejoice how this has turned out but I have seen so many people get into this what I call the crazy cycle, and I'll explain that in a moment they're. Good willed people, there isn't ill-will but, there's this honest, misunderstanding, again, jesus, said in matthew 19:4, have, you not read who made them from the beginning made them male and female and I say neither are wrong just, different for, instance the University of Washington, studied 2,000 couples for 20 years and they discovered, that 85% of those who would draw a stone wall during a Merril conflict, is the husband so, what Leroy did is what most men do during, a heated moment their, heartbeats get 299 beats per minute and so, they have to calm themselves down and exit and withdraw that's what men do with each other that's an honorable thing to do but, the descriptor, in the research said that's an act of hostility to, a woman so, it raises the question as an act of hostility or, as an act of Honor it just depends on whether you look at it through pink or blue and. On the other side women, would criticize, and complain and, men felt that ongoing criticism. Was contempt, like Leroy, said I didn't measure up I just he dead in him I must not love you because you've told me I don't love you so, he begins to feel disrespected. But we know that she's, doing it out of care deep, love and care so as an act of care or is it an act of contempt, and what, happens as couples get on what I call the crazy cycle based on Ephesians 5:33, where, God commands the husband to love and the. Wife to respect and that second part is controversial. But what I discovered, is a correlation, without, love a wife tends to react in a way that feels disrespectful. To her husband and when, a husband feels disrespected. He tends to react in a way feels unloving, to his wife she's, not trying to be disrespectful she's, crying out love me he's not trying to be unloving, he's saying I don't feel you respect, Who I am I know you'll love me but I don't think you like me so they, get on this spinning, crazy. Cycle without love she reacts without respect without respect he reacts without love and then, confusion. Sets in and the expectation, her heart is as you pointed out I just want you to love me but she delivers, the message in a way that she said I was repulsed. By him and men begin to feel I know you love me but you don't like me and so he loses energy and then he stone walls and no woman can imagine, doing that no. Woman can imagine not connecting, and talking, so when he withdraws it can only mean one thing he doesn't love me and so now you have to goodwill people living on the crazy cycle totally, confused, and not, knowing where to go from there yeah I asked you how many men, do you think feel. What Leroy, felt that you, know in examining. His life going back to his childhood this, feared, that he could never measure up or be enough was in him long, before he ever met his wife well that's a male issue Shaunie felt on did research asked, 400 American males would, you rather be left alone and unloved in the world or be viewed as inadequate and disrespected, by everyone secular.

Group Almost. 75% of men said he'd rather be left alone and unloved in the world Wow when a man hears the message I find you inadequate, and I don't respect you he, will shut down on that and then he tries to figure out why am i shutting down on that is it a family of origin issue it can be but it's a masculine, issue and, so when men go back why am I doing this and he went back to try to figure out why he was the way he was and I said a man this is who God made you to be now, the question, is is your wife really trying to say to you she doesn't respect you and find you inadequate, or she really saying I feel unloved and I'm alone, so we have to decode, what the true message is and we challenge, men not to personalize, that though every man feels that way I find it so interesting that. In Scripture. Thousands. Of years ago they. Nailed it with, husbands. Love, your wives, you. Would think the alternative to. They're not the alternative but the other side of that would be and wives love your husband's, but it says respect, your house right no wife is commanded, to agape, love her. Husband, and Greek language, that unconditional, love only husband's are commanded, and I point out and my wife was Sarah we've been married 44 years sarah. Has a nurturing, nature and God's not gonna command her to do what he designed her to do but, in the relationship, I'm on a divine imperative to love Sarah because I love less naturally, than she does and of course then she's gonna feel unloved. But she has a tendency then when she feels unloved to react in this negative way that feels disrespectful, to me and the Lord says. To her and to every wife make, sure your demeanor, is one of respect it doesn't mean you're respecting, his bad behavior you, respectfully, confront. The bad behavior many, women think we're asking women to give license to their husbands no when. You're upset the University of Washington found a woman's eyes dark and her face turned sour hand on the hips gold you think of the side of the rolling guys and when estrogen kicks, in the word choice of contempt, just rolls off her lips like it's just there it's within her nature to be disrespectful. When she feels unloved. And it's within his nature to appear unloving. When he feels disrespected. Thus the cycle. Number. Two the energizing, cycle, well, you are familiar with that the to, get off that crazy cycle, then I have to come to grips with how do I love Sarah what does it mean for God to command me to be loving and the energizing cycle, says his love motivates, her respect, and her, respect. Motivates. His love and Kim whether, she would have said I was going to put on respect she said at the end I admire to my door to him she made a decision to realize you know what I loved him but I wasn't coming across in a way that I would say felt respectful, to her husband and she made a decision, she gave him a gift of what we call unconditional.

Respect Or it's an unconditional, positive regard toward, the spirit of the man while you're confronting, things that hurt you yeah and this is the same thing with unconditional love you you, lovingly, confront things, that hurt you as a man you don't have to be harsh and angry no, woman, will respond, to that so. The. Holy grail of perfection. As you call it is not what we should be shooting for in a marriage it doesn't even really exist so what do we shoot for well, the Christ follower ultimately I am called upon to love Sarah unto Jesus Christ and Christ. Stands beyond the shoulder of my wife, and ultimately. I'm to love Christ. It isn't about Sarah, and I didn't know how this would play in Peoria among evangelicals. But they get it the same thing Christ, stands me on my shoulder in saris called ponder reverence Christ and her reverence for Christ should spill over on to me is respect for me but, each of us has to come to a point where we trust that the Lord wouldn't command, me to do something that didn't ultimately work I don't know one woman who will not respond, to a husband who humbly loves her or even says I'm sorry for being unloving, you don't have to be perfect, Sarah melts, when I authenticate, I'm. Sorry will, you forgive me for being unloving, and when she says I'm sorry for coming across in a disrespectful way she's, entered what we call the honor code and I soften, and we communicate, that's. Exactly, right because now we are speaking each other's mother tongue the key to communication is, mutual understanding, and, if I speak perfect German you speak perfect, Spanish we, can be poetic and our prose but, I don't evolve exactly, but I understand your love language and you understand my respect language and use a vocabulary. Works like I'm not trying to be disrespectful towards, you I'm upset, with you I'm mad how do I say this in a way that you don't think I'm trying to diss you almost, every man will look and move toward ya, I'm. Not gonna tell them what the third cycle is you got to get the book this is the bottom it's called love, and respect, if you need more relationship. Advice you, need to get this book it's available nationwide. Such. Wise counsel thank you so much thank you - great to have you here well, still ahead the story of a former orphan, who graduated, at the top of her med class and here's the best part of that you. Helped, make it happen and you'll see why so don't go away. And, welcome. Back to the 700 club the, mayor of Jerusalem has. Suspended, a plan to collect taxes. From churches, that, plan had prompted religious leaders to close, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In Jerusalem. Indefinitely. The, measure would have tax commercial, properties, owned by the church the Prime Minister and mayor have established a team to come up with a solution on the tax issue many.

People Believe the church is the place where, Jesus was buried and rose from the dead thousands. Of people visit the church every, year while. Parts of Europe are colder, than the Arctic Circle after, an Arctic, storm called. The beast from, the east hit, snow, and high winds hit parts of Britain and a rare snowstorm. Whipped, through Rome on Monday. Beautiful. Beautiful, even. Though I'm not a child anymore, the enthusiasm. For the snow is still the same it's, always beautiful and above all I didn't have to go to work. Schools. In Rome were closed and traveling by plane train. And bus, was, crippled, the snow basically, melted, by noon Monday but, temperatures were expected, to stay below freezing and. You, can always get the latest from cbn news by visiting our website that's, CBN,, we'll. Be back with more of today's 700 club right after this. Well, as an author Priya, was forced to beg on the streets, of India when. She was just a small child. Today. Priya. Has a rewarding. Career as, a nurse and, she. Says her life now is nothing, less, than a, miracle and. That, CBN, partners, were, the answer, to her prayers. Priya. Was just four years old when both of her parents died she became an orphan then. She went to live with relatives, they. Did not look after me properly I, cried a lot then those. Relatives, gave her away to another family that made her beg near Hindu temples, after. A full day's work I would hardly be given anything to eat Priya. Was eventually adopted, by a couple that couldn't have children because. They have a non contagious, form of leprosy. I, just, love the way they welcomed, me they, made me feel wanted and special. Her, father owns a small poultry business and worked hard to save her Priya's school feeds, the. Christian school I went to introduced, B to Jesus I prayed. A lot that. Kept my hope alive. Priya. Dreamed, of becoming a nurse but knew she could never afford nursing, school then. A friend told her about a new medical program, sponsored, by CBN. We. Gave pre a full scholarship to, go to four years, of nursing, school it. Was nothing less than a miracle for me I prayed. For something, like this and God. Said CBN, to answer my prayers. Priya. Was recently named the most outstanding, student, in, our first graduating. Class of nurses. Now. That I'm honest I help, others get, physical, healing and, spiritual. Healing as well and I. Want to make CBN, proud so, the people who, gave me this scholarship believe. It was worth supporting, me in. Addition to taking care of her patients, Priya, can help take care of her parents too. They, sacrifice, their personal, needs just, to fulfill my dreams, now. It's, my turn to help them I look. Forward to making the lives of other people better through. My service, CBN's. Help was the best thing that ever, happened to me. You. Know if you're a 700 club member I hope you realize the impact that you're having in the lives of people in need around the world hope. And help, in very, practical ways that's a part of what you do people. Like Priya have an opportunity, to become all, that God created, them to be and to know the God of the universe who loves them with an everlasting, love you bring that and, you bring the practicality. Of Education. Of food of, clean. Drinking water for many people surgeries, that are often needed and not affordable, but our life saving, all of that is what 700, club members do around the world as well as taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to, the four corners of the earth what, does that cost, 65. Cents, a day $20. A month it's, not much but, when you and I joined together we can impact, the world for Jesus Christ I'm asking, you to go to your phone right now and call join, with the rest of us our numbers toll-free it's, so simple it's one 800. 700. 700. I want to join the 700 club today there, are many club levels you can join that but I'm talking about a general membership, 65. Cents a day $20, a month and listen, when you call right now our way of saying thank you for caring about others is to send you answered, prayer it's, Pat's latest DVD, he talks about prayer, the impact, that it's had in his life over 50 plus years of ministry, we want you to have this it's powerful and we think it'll change your life as well so you call now still. Ahead time, for your questions and some honest answers Julie, asks why, don't you pray in tongues on, the show well Pat's gonna weigh in on that more, so don't go away we'll be right back. Well, it's time for your questions and some honest answers and path this first one comes from Julie, who says I know you talk about praying, in the spirit and, I feel you believe in praying in tongues my, question is why is it that no one prays in tongues on the show do you pray in tongues. Of. Course it's the, language, between you and God but the Apostle Paul said I'd rather speak three, words with the understanding.

Of Ten thousand words in that time if, nobody can understand, what you're talking about this. Is a communication. Show well, we're trying to communicate, with people, in the vernacular they can understand. And. We're, not talking to angels on this showing, that this, is Paul. Says though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels with, this he, that speaks in the tongue the Bible says edifies, himself, and. We're trying to edify, you, okay. Okay this. Is Donna who says do you have to tithe to a church, or can we give to charities, and food banks - this. Comes up all the time you know the. Teaching. In local, churches is that the true. Tithe, belongs to the church well. That's, good if you're in a church because. It's kind of self-serving. That. Document, I think. The body of Christ is much bigger than the local, church I think the Church of Jesus Christ is, everything, it. Includes. Charities. It, includes. Humanitarian. Efforts. It includes. Universities. And schools it, includes, whatever, we're doing, in the body of Christ and, so, I think, that's. Where, the tithe belongs is, in, the, body of Christ alright, okay, this is Jesse, who says why was the Book of Enoch not included, in the Bible despite, Enoch, being brought up in different books of the old and new Testament, well. The Old, Testament was put together by, the. Rabbinical. Scholars, who, felt, certain. Books or. Canonical, certain. Books had. The, imprint. Of the Holy Spirit, and they, did not feel the Book of Enoch in the so called other, books having, to do with. Those. Intertestamental. Things. It really had any validity and. I totally, agree with it I don't think it has the same. Residence. As, what, is now in the scriptures. Okay. This is Larry who says Luke 9:27. Says I tell, you the truth some standing, here right now will not die, before they see the kingdom of God my, question is how does this happen, well, it happened way back when you know.

Jesus. Took his disciples, to the Mount of Transfiguration. And they. Saw, Moses. And Elijah. Talking. To. Jesus. And. He. Was transfigured, and became whiter. Than his, garments, became whiter, than any fuller. On earth could make them so. He was transfigured, they saw the kingdom, of God but. That's. Not for us you. Know it, just, goes he. Says some of you he's talking about his disciples, some of them were indeed saw the kingdom, of God and, that, was it okay. It's, all the time we have for today but we thank you for this question Thank You Sophia. Thank, you all for being with us we appreciate you. Being here our. Paramedic. Comes from Joshua. The. Strong, and courageous do. Not be afraid do. Not be discouraged, for. The Lord your God will, be with you wherever you, go, well. Tomorrow a 12-year. Marriage is. Rocked after, a wife discovers. Her. Husband. Was having an affair well. That's. One of those sad things we'll, tell you about it maybe you can find some comfort in the, answer, that they found well. For Terry and all of us this is Pat Robertson thank. You so much for being with us and I'll, be talking to you we'll be talking to you tomorrow see you then bye-bye.

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