The 700 Club - February 6, 2019

The 700 Club - February 6, 2019

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The. Following, program, is sponsored, by, CBN. Coming. Up a. Teenage. Drug dealer, they're brought into my mom's doorstep, who went from the streets I'm getting out of this life to the seals the most elite military. Program on the face of this planet, to the silver, screen wow this is crazy because this is the guy whose first two films inspired me to be a seal on today's, 700. Club. Well, welcome folks if, you heard the President's, speech last night, it was masterful. It, was amazing. The array. Of guests, who that. Was a team effort we understand, but to pick people, like Buzz Aldrin and, then the woman who had been locked up for so many years for a little bit of marijuana. Use and so forth I mean it was a brilliant, tour. De force. CBS. News CBC. And instant, Co polls. 76%. Of those who watched approved. CNN. 59%. Said very positive. CBS. 72%. Approved of his immigration, proposals, it, wasn't amazing, what. Did you watch I watched it and enjoyed, every, single, bit, of it I thought it was I mean, truly one of the best state of the unions I have ever seen, in my lifetime well, he took away all of the issues, that the Democrats, have. He. Helped you how could they think that cheer veterans, of World War two how could they not cheer. A Holocaust. Survivor how, can they not cheer Buzz Aldrin I mean, he had the, the during. The speech he was peppered with these people and he had to force the Democrats, the end of the they. Can't sit on their hands when I want. A Holocaust. Cigar first survivor. And the, man who's liberated. Him from Dachau, he's on the same platform maybe they're regretting giving him more time to prepare. Okay. Well the president covered a wide range, of topics to keep the Union from illegal immigration, to the economy, and speaking. To a House of Representatives, led by Democrats, who have pushed for late term abortions. He. Called on Congress to protect, the unborn we, have two reports now beginning with our White House correspondent. Ben Kennedy. President. Trump pushback against, abortion, saying we need to work together to build a culture that cherishes, in us in life a strong, message he hit on during his speech which, was delayed a week due to the partial government shutdown we. Meet tonight at a moment, of unlimited. Potential. President, Trump took advantage of the pulpit Tuesday night to call for unity, and bipartisanship. There is a new opportunity in. American. Politics, if. Only, we have the. Courage, together. To, seize it Trump, also took advantage of recent headlines to fight for the unborn, calling, on Congress, to pass legislation, to. Prohibit late, term abortions, there could be no greater contrast. To the beautiful image of a. Mother, holding, her infant child. Then. The chilling, displays, our nation, saw in recent. Days. Lawmakers. In New York, cheered, with delight. Upon. The passage, of legislation, that. Would allow a baby. To. Be ripped from, the mother's womb, moments. From birth. These. Are living feeling, beautiful babies who. Will never get the chance to, share their love and their dreams with, the world and. Then. We, had the case of the, governor of Virginia, where. He stated, he would execute a baby after birth the commander-in-chief then, broke down his vision, for safe and legal immigration demanding. A border wall he, Illustrated, his point by, hosting family members of an elderly couple murdered. In their home just last, month by, an undocumented, immigrant, I will never forget and, I. Will fight for the memory of Gerald. And share. That. It should never happen again. Not. One. More American, life should. Be lost because. Our nation failed to control it's very dangerous. Border. Trump. Said simply put walls, save, lives in the past most. Of the people in this room voted. For a wall. But. The proper, wall never, got, built I will. Get it built, the, future, of the wall still remains in question as congressional negotiators, continue. To work on a deal to, prevent another government, shutdown in. The Democrats, response, former. Georgia governor candidate. Stacey Abrams placed, blame for the recent closings, of the government directly. On the Pres the, shutdown was a stunt. Engineered. By the President, of the United States, one.

That Defied every tenet, of fairness and, abandoned. Not just our people, but, our values, Trump. Struck a bipartisan. Tone when talking about rebuilding, America, fighting, cancer, eradicating. HIV, lowering. The cost of health care and the positive, economy an economic. Miracle is taking place in the United States and the. Only thing, that, can stop it are foolish. Wars. Politics. Or. Ridiculous. Partisan. Investigations. He got a standing, ovation from, both sides after, stating women have filled more than 50% of, new jobs created, in the last year we, also have, more. Women serving, in, Congress, than. At any time before. Trump. Then reaffirmed, determination. To protect, American, interest and end Foreign, Wars if I had not been elected president, of the United States, we. Would right now in, my opinion, be, in a major war, with, North Korea, now President, Trump confirmed, his second, summit with North Korean dictator Kim jong-un for, February, twenty-seventh. And twenty-eighth in Vietnam as for, lawmakers, reaction, to the president's, address here's, Capitol Hill correspondent. Abigail, Robertson. This. Year marked president, Trump's first time speaking, before a divided. Congress and, while, Republicans, praised the president's, remarks it was very inspirational they, did a great job the, president did an outstanding job. To. Me knocked it out of the park, Democrats, disagreed. With, the Senate Minority Leader hitting. The president's, called for unity even before, the speech in the past he's called for unity and he's forgotten about it by the next morning and while, President, Trump told the crowd if there is going to be legislation. There cannot be investigation. A Democrat. On the House Oversight, Committee told. CBN, News their intent, on keeping, their foot on the investigation. Pedal, that's my constitutionally. Prescribed, duty to conduct oversight the, American people hired us to be in the majority to serve as a check and balance on, the, Trump administration still.

Democrats. Acknowledge they supported, some of the president's, remarks and, unity. Might just be possible even. In the most divisive, area first of all I have to say one thing that really stuck out was the president, never said I'm, gonna have a shutdown if I don't get my five point seven billion. Dollars of Defense he never said that I think that's a message too about Republican, colleagues that we can sit down, negotiate. On border. Security now, we are going to put billions of dollars but. It's not gonna be billions of dollars on offense congressman. Cuellar sits, on the bipartisan, conference, committee currently, negotiating, the compromise, bill for border security we have to find a balance between our neighbor to the south and at, the same time not only to a neighbor of South the, trade and tourism but. Have security, and I, feel very confident, that if we put the technology, the, personnel. Fine. And I'll say this as a Democrat, find, ways to do some enhanced. Physical barriers. We, can get there and he's one of just a handful, of Democrats pleased. To hear the president, reaffirm, his commitment to. Protecting. The unborn I'm, one, of four. Or five six, Democrats, and, pro-life I mean I'll do whatever I can to. Make sure that we protect life. But I do know the. Makeup of the house I, do, know the you know you have to get the sixty votes over there and so. To get to where the president wants to get might. Be difficult at this time many Republicans. Supported, the president's, strong statements. As well he, talked about the, unborn I, was, very appreciative of that moment to to recognize, that, life is precious and, that. It should be protected, unlike. What's going on in New York and Virginia so. Those. Were all very inspiring. Moments the high from this year's address will be short-lived, for Republicans, if lawmakers, fail to reach a compromise by the end of next week to, prevent another government, shutdown. Reporting. From Capitol, Hill Abigail. Robertson CBN, News. Well. I hope they can listen to what the president had to say and get together we, can't, have another shutdown, that last thing cuz but, eleven billion dollars we can't afford it it, hurts too many people, and, it's not just something that you do want to count some border, wall you you, can't, risk. The jobs of people and all the other. Ancillary. Problems, we. Cannot have a government, shut now you just can't do it well. In other news the, Senate has passed a bill that takes, a stand against, the movement to boycott. You. Know that idea of boycott, and to, the best and so forth well, John. Jessup has this story from our CBN News, Bureau. Thanks. Pat the, measure is aimed against, those working with the BDS movement BDS. Stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions, against Israel the. Bill allows state, and local governments, to refuse to work with businesses, that are part of the BDS movement although. The measure sponsored, by Florida Senator Marco Rubio was, approved by the Senate it isn't. Expected to pass the Democratic, controlled house so. Far 27, states have adopted laws that, discourage, boycotts, against, Israel well, America's obesity, epidemic, could take a terrible, toll as a number, of cancer cases linked to being overweight are on the rise among people under 50 with the biggest increase and younger, people that's. In a report, by Reuters, citing, a study in The Lancet public, health the. Increases come in colorectal kidney. And pancreatic. Cancers among others higher, rates among younger Americans now could lead to an explosion of, cancers in the years ahead as they grow older and that, would mean Pat even, more health care costs, in both the private sector and in, government well.

We've Been talking about the gut flora and, what the. Other thing is inflammation, and. You. Know we had dr., Perlmutter, the other day on the show talking about inflammation, that, is the major health, problem, we're dealing with and the, cancers, come from, inflammation, and the, inflammation comes. From ingesting, too much sugar too much white flour and. Keeping. The insulin. High. And our bodies, and so. Not only do, we get the Parkinson's. And we, get Alzheimer's and, we, get other types of dementia. But. Now we're getting a serious. Epidemic of, cancer and I. Urge, you I mean the people this audience don't, let your kids stuff, up on junk. Food you read, the labels, of the cereals, they're loaded, with sugar and, the. Breakfast, the weed is sugar loaded, and then, the snacks they eat or sugar loaded, the soft drinks they drink our sugar loaded, and we're. Stressing. Our bodies, and we're building. Up inflammation. And the inflammation, causes, cancer, so we've, got an, epidemic. Of cancer just. Because, we're eating the wrong stuff and parents, do you think you're doing your children, a favor you're. Not you're killing, them when, you stuff that stuff go read the labels, on, these, cereals. Sugar pops and that kind of stuff it's. Frightening it, is from sad when you see those young, kids in their already obese. And you think what kind of future are they going to have well, you, know we've got I've, talked about high fructose corn syrup which, is a big deal but, you've got sugar and everything, they start off in, the early days, with the with the. Food. They give. To little infants, they think they've got a loaded with salt and sugar and the, little kids don't need that they're there they want, natural, so if we if. We had a vegetables, and, unfortunately. They're, there. Steroids. Being put into the beef. Into. The pork into, the chickens, they, not, only are steroids. To make them fatter but, they're also antibiotics. To kill bugs. But those antibodies, go, through the people and they in turn kill our gut flora I mean, it's a vicious cycle and I'm, telling you you, took an arranged Fred chicken, free-range, chicken, and grass-fed, beef but, you don't get that very often especially if you go to eat. The labels right read that really but he'll how. Many people read labels I used to talk to my wife is you read the label or what this is no I didn't really like why. Don't you got to read the labels you've seen and, it says the percentage of sugar and sis what's it it's tell, you what's in the food but, folks, this. Is an epidemic you talk about opioid, we've got the opioid, problem well this other thing is there too okay Wendy, look next the bottom line from the top woman in charge of Medicare, and Medicaid. Status. Quo isn't working for, so many different Americans, and so, the idea here is to be bold and make changes, that are going to have a lasting, impact to improve healthcare for our country. Seema. Verma talks about implementing. Changes, that could affect your healthcare right, after this. With, lawmakers, in Washington debate. The future of health care the. Woman in charge of Medicare. And Medicaid. Is, trying. To improve, the services, under the laws still in place, Abigail. Robertson brings, us more. After. President, Trump nominated. Seema verma as the administrator, for Medicare, and Medicaid Services. She, knew moving, from the private, to public sector would be a challenge yet. She wanted to help her country, and even, made the decision, to commute each week between, Indiana, and DC, to, oversee. Multibillion-dollar. Programs. Utilized. By a hundred, thirty million, Americans. Saw. Some of the things that were going on in health care and realized that our country was going in the wrong direction on, health care one, of the first things she wanted to tackle patient. Confusion, you, don't have the information that you need in terms of how much they are things going to cost you, don't know about the quality, and you don't have your your medical, records I think there's a lot of confusion Burma, wants to give patients the necessary, information, to, make the best decisions, about their health care through an initiative, called the blue button 2.0. Or my. Healthy, data the, federal government spent some 36 billion, dollars, on investing. In doctors, and hospitals, having, electronic. Medical records and I think that's exciting, but what happened, in that is that all of the information is, siloed. It's sort of stayed in your doctor's office so before it was a filing, cabinet and right now it's an electronic, silo, kind of it right inside the computer Verma. Told CBN, News how a personal.

Emergency Brought, her face to face with this issue I get, on the phone with the paramedics, and they said you know your husband's not breathing, to see on any medications. What's, his healthcare background information. Verma. Didn't, have a very, difficult moment just, thorough there's so much going on the panic, of not being with my kids and wondering what was going on with him for the medical professionals, that were treating them they didn't have the information that they needed to, be able to diagnose, him while there has been recovered, they still had to jump through hoops to, get his information, when I left the hospital, what. They gave me essentially, a cd-rom, and, they said here's this healthcare information in, today's tech world however many. Computers, won't even read CD ROMs anymore, I think the big issue is that the, information. A lot of the information wasn't, even on what they gave me and so there's all of this information about him that sort of trapped at the hospital, Verma. Says this lack of access is especially. Difficult for patients, who move or see, multiple, healthcare, providers, we're, working on initiative, to make it very clear to providers, that that data and that information belongs. To the patient it is theirs, and we want to make sure that when they leave the providers, they have that information, under Verma, the, Centers for Medicare. And Medicaid Services. Or CMS is. Requiring. Providers, to, share this information with patients or face, penalties Verma, believes, that will not only save time and money but, could lead researchers. To find breakthroughs. Because. It's really going to give rise to, the type of innovation, that we've, seen in the American healthcare system but I think it's going to bring it to a much, higher level, what, is the response, been from some of the patients, who are trying this well. I think people are excited about it you know we hear stories all the time I remember talking to some of our staff saying you, know I'm going, to a new doctor and the doctor asked, for all of my healthcare information and she said this is she's, a kind of time for this to go around to every doctor asking, for information and with this type of tool she should be able to aggregate all, of that information Verma. Tells CBN, News they have more than a thousand, app developers, working, to make this data more user-friendly, for, patients, and she believes. This program, will continue no. Matter which party controls the, White House I think this is something that we have heard from both sides of the aisle about how important, this is and it's important, on so many different dimensions, although healthcare negotiations, are moving, slow on Capitol, Hill Verma. Is trying, to make the best of her current authority from my perspective I'm going to focus on what I can control, that's. What of life-lessons to focus on the things that that you can do you.

Know We always stand ready to work with Congress, there if they want to make changes and to provide them with the support as they consider changes, but, in the meantime I, don't want to stand still and I want to do everything that I can to, make sure that healthcare is working for every American, that means, working toward the constant, goal of lowering health care costs and, making, sure Medicare, and Medicaid are sustainable. And what is your experience been like working in the Trump administration for. Me it's exciting, to be here because we are, with. An administration. And a president, that isn't, afraid of disrupting. The Cir disrupting. The, status quo on behalf of the American people, and that's what I like about the administration, is that it's all about it's okay to be disruptive, the status quo isn't working for so many different Americans and so, the idea here is to be bold and make changes, that are going to have a lasting, impact to, improve healthcare for our country, Verma. Believes, the changes, happening at CMS, can, have an impact felt, throughout the entire, healthcare system. Reporting. From Washington Abigail. Robertson CBN, News. Very. Interesting, yeah Haley amazing yeah and. If I wasn't familiar with that lady bitch oh she's. Doing a great job I, wanted to know who she was now we know now we know well up next you can't make this up from, drug dealer to Navy SEAL to actor in a movie directed, by Michael, Bay I, was, like wow this is crazy because this is the guy whose first two films inspired me to be SEAL REME. Adeleke he shares his supernatural, transformation, after. This. Remy. And Leakey. Was a nineteen-year-old, drug, dealer, when, he heard a voice telling, him to, join. The military. Incredibly. He followed that voice and, fulfill. My long-forgotten dream, to. Become of all things a Navy, SEAL. But. The greatest transformation. Of Rama's life was yet to come, as he. Answered a call to, the Alaskan. Wilderness, I. Will. See these music videos these young african-american. Men who looked like me they have the cars and they have the girls they have the gold chains and they have the money I'm like that's what that wall. Remmy. Annaleigh k was born to a wealthy Nigerian. Entrepreneur and his American, wife up to, the age of five Remmy lived in the lap of luxury but. When his father died unexpectedly, his. Mom moved Remy and his older brother to the Bronx and a life of poverty but. Money wasn't, the only thing he missed for. Me to not have a father to offer me but it guide me it provide, for me and my brother I began, to search out father. Figures. His. Mom was a Christian, who took them to church and taught them to follow Jesus, instead. Remy looked to street hustlers and rappers as his role models and his, way out of poverty, I just. Worn it my, life and my brothers like my mother's life to be better than it was as. A, young teen he went from petty theft to selling drugs during. This time he also saw two films, by a director, Michael Bay that, showed him he could aspire to something better, the. First one was bad, boys in the second one was Iraq because that was the first time I saw two african-american, men and bad boys who. Look, like me but they was still cool and it, was heroes after. I watched the rock you know I filed a way deep down within me this idea that I would be a Navy SEAL one day but. For a teenage dealer, and scam artist making thousands, that dream seemed far out of reach chances. That happened is absolutely, slim, to none right and as time passed that idea faded away. That is until, a drug dealer came into their home threatening. To kill Remy Remy paid. Him off but it was the wake-up call he needed all, these years of doing this dirty not only did I bring this dirt into my life but I brought it to my mom's doorstep, I made.

The Decision I'm getting out of this life. But. Now 19, Remi had no idea, what to do next until. One morning in bed he heard a voice he, didn't recognize, and. His voice said to me you need to join a military, and. I was like what, no. I'm not joining those they're absolutely, not, now, popped up and I looked around us said to myself I mean, what else do you have, Remi. Joined the Navy and signed up to be a Navy SEAL he. Passed the grueling training and, earned his Trident. Especially. Coming from the background I came from and now achieving, what I achieve and graduated. From SEAL training probably, the most elite, military. Program on the face of this planet I was just very, very prideful, especially. Because I had achieved. Greatness. But. Remi still had an emptiness, that needed, to be filled I was, in the clubs every weekend, sleeping around partying. You, know I was vulgar, combat. Up I was out of control and I. Had a girlfriend at the time he's, not she's doing her I mean I was just I was just a bad dude towards, her and she, wouldn't leave me she stayed with me and she would take me to church. During. Their relationship Remy's team was sent to the Alaska, wilderness for, cold-weather survival training. Alone. On a hike he. Again heard a voice but, this time he, knew who it was I remember. Just walking through the wilderness and just mesmerized. By the nature, the beauty the silence, but, in the midst of that silence. God. Began to reveal himself to me God. Showed. Me what I had become and. I just remember feeling disgusted. With what I saw I decided, you know what I'm gonna fix myself I'm gonna change myself once. Back on base he, called his girlfriend I just. Want you to know that when I get back I want to marry you I'm, gonna be a better man I'm working on myself to change myself but I'm gonna be better and she said believe. Me it's, over I fell. Into a deep depression and I, remember my brother told, me when you hit rock bottom cuz it's gonna happen cry. Out to Jesus when, you've tried everything and nothing's worked cry out to Jesus I finally, said Jesus I need. Your help. But. He was still reeling from the breakup and called. His ex when he got home, cuz. A my 19 crazy mind I felt like the answer. To. Fixing, my problems was, her taking me back so I said please take infection ain't no I won't take a bath and I said ok if you won't take me back can you at least take me to church and. Then she pause and. Then she said ok I won't take you back but. I'll take you to church I just. Got, up and I said I need something, greater than me and. If this Jesus is greater than mean if he's real then. That's gonna be my solution as I went to alter and I surrender, my life to Jesus. Instantaneously. Like my. Life changed. Over. The next 3 months Remy led his heavenly father bring, healing to, his mind and soul, his. Presence, was so tangible. To me that, I looked, to, him this is my father teaching, me how to treat, women this is my father teaching me how to be a man now and what real manhood, is in. 2016. Remy left the military and started a consulting business one. Day he got an unusual call, they. Were filming a new Transformers. Movie and needed someone with his expertise, for a small role the. Director, was Michael, Bay oh. Wow. This is crazy, because, this is the guy whose first two films inspired me to be sealed. Today. Remy is still in the film industry is an actor and screenwriter and he's, enjoying his greatest role yet as a, husband, to his wife Jessica and father, to three sons in his. Book transformed. He, shares how God has guided his life even. When he didn't realize it I can, go to my Heavenly Father to, get Direction whether it's through prayer through fellowship. Or through scriptures, you know I have. A father. I. Have. A father, you, know. Most. Of us look. For a father men. And women they, want a father figure, girls.

Need A father. Boys need, of a role model they need a father and God. Is, the father there. Are many people that have broken homes they come from a, an. Area you, perhaps the father has died maybe he's a band in the family, who. Knows why what but there's so many who. Grow up without fathers. And God. Says I will be a father to you I will. Be your father, you can be my child, and the. Lord God, of hosts. The. Creator, of the universe, will. Look down and he'll smile, upon you and say come my child, be. Mine, you. Are my child. You're. My son you're my daughter you're part of my family, and the, Bible says all the families, are named after him, and. Whatever. Family, there is it's God's I fear it's, God's side here to put people in families, and he. Wants you to have him as a father and. If, you wouldn't like that he. Says you know I'll be and you know when Jesus was praying he said I'm a father which is sort of a, intimate. Way of I, was like daddy and, Abba. Father. The. Lord. Himself, recognized. The father and he talked about the father and. He. Is a father, to everyone, who wants him and. I thank God that he is my father I had. A very distinguished. Father but, my heavenly. Father is greater than all human, fathers, and, you, can have that father if, you just call upon him and. Say Lord I'm. A sinner I, haven't. Lived for you. You. Know I've gone my own way. But. I don't want to come home like the prodigal son I want to come back to my father's, house. Would. You like to do that today. J'espere. You head and pray with me pray, these. Simple, words but, mean them in your heart. Father. I come. To you now I. Repent. Of my sins, I, have. Broken your walls, I've. Gone, far, away from your Commandments. You. Know what I've done and. I. Come to you without. One, plea, but. That your, life and your. Blood was shed for me. So. I know Lord, father, that, you send your son your, precious Son Jesus to, die, for me, so. Right now I receive, him as my savior. And, I acknowledge that you are my, father I, take. You Lord and thank you, thank. You Lord in Jesus name. Now. If you prayed with me the. Lord has heard you and he's. Accepted, you and you're part of his family and. I want you to do something the Bible says if you confess with. Your mouth the Lord Jesus and, believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you will be saved I, want. You to confess it just tell somebody and how. Do you do it but we've got people on the phones right now I want you to call up say well I just, prayed that prayer with Pat I gave my heart to the Lord and God. Almighty, is, my father. One. 800, is a toll-free, number you tell one 800, and it's, 700, 7,000, it's easy to remember. 700. 7,000. There people on the phones right now who love you and the. Angels, of heaven are rejoicing because. You've come to the father's, house so. Pick up the phone call right now and. Somebody's, there who loves you and I want to send yourself in the other way to. Help you ah. Some. Time. Ago I did. A CD, is about seventy, two or three minutes and he, played on a compact, disc it's got what, do you do now, that you've come to the Lord what does it mean what, does it mean to have a exchanged. Life what does it mean to be born. And. To be accepted in the family of God and what. If you fall away, and. You said how do you get rid of that it's. All in here I will give this to you free if you just call, but, again the number is. 1-800-772-1213. Talents. To writing a children's book series along. With her son Tyler, Russell that's, coming up later plus, we've got your email Katrina, asks is there a right or wrong religion.

To Believe in your, questions, honest, answers, coming, up. Welcome. Back to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak more. And more people are choosing to settle, down in Israeli, settlements, in the West Bank according. To population, data obtained from the Israeli, interior ministry the number of people living in settlements, grew at a much faster rate than the overall Israeli, population last. Year and more, growth is predicted, the, director of West Bank Jewish population, stats credits, the Trump administration saying. The white house has created a much friendlier environment for. Settlers well. Pastor in Myanmar, is dead after being kidnapped at gunpoint by a rebel army several, other people were taken as well pastor. - new was missing, for nearly two weeks before his death was confirmed gospel. For Asia says, he was a field partner of the ministry married. With three young children pastor. - new led a congregation, in Myanmar's. Rakhine, State during. 20 years as pastor, he shared the love of Christ with many and started, several fellowships, the, ministry has asked for prayers for his family, and the, church well. You can always get the latest from cbn news by visiting our website at CBN, Pat. And Wendy will be back with more of the 700 club right after this. Well. Mom was right your best friends, are the ones around, the dinner table every, night that's, a quote from Karen, Kingsbury's, latest, novel about the, childhood, stories, of the fictional, Baxter, siblings, it's, the first in her new Baxter, family children's, series and also, the first co-written, with her son Tyler, Russell take a look. Karen. Kingsbury's, a New York Times best-selling novelist, and America's favorite inspirational, storyteller, she, is over 25 million copies of her award-winning books in print and millions. Of fans around the world she. Continues, to inspire and, entertain readers, with her latest novel best. Family ever karen. Teams up with her son Tyler in the first book in the Baxter family children's, series to tell the childhood stories, of the beloved Baxter, children. And. Please. Welcome to the 700 club welcome back to the 700 club Karen Kingsbury and for, the very first time your, son, your oldest son Tyler, Russell great to have you here thank you so much thank you well first of all Karen, again you have 25, million books in print why, did you decide to start a children's. Series well, the publisher, actually had the idea they they, said you know what about these kids when they were young like when they were 11. And 12 nine years old what, would that look like if we did it a book for, 8 to 12 year old so I know adults are gonna love this because they want to see what the kids were like but it's really written for, kids and my first response was I don't have time like, I'm doing two, novels a year Wow that's when I thought of Tyler, because, he has time and he's a great writer, so, I said, what if Tyler writes them and I edit them so that they you know come across with my voice but he's written them and they were like we can do that so Tyler what is this like free, for you it's been amazing, I mean just working with her learning from her, it's. A really collaborative process, we get to come together and, dream, and outline and plan together and then just to go away and and I've, watched her my whole life just right, she she, finds a room and she writes out a whole book so to be able to have. That practice, and to grow up under that is such an honor to, do this together and I don't think there's a better t-shirt than her first that creative, process is so much fun and you're brainstorming and, you're dreaming or what about this and do. You ever get something that you think this is so great in your mom's like wow. You. Know smoothing, out some wrinkles and I think sometimes you did that for me like we had we have a sh lee is like a favorite character as they get older so as she's like 11 years old and she is so funny she is a funny, character I find myself like laughing, out loud when I read the first draft that he's done and, we. Have her making some mistakes like she might she's really about Paris, and she wants to go there one day to the painting and, she, says what if it was just. Directly. And, she says I can't wait to see the awful Tower. It's. The Eiffel Tower she said well I think it's awful Tower look at it this it's crooked, it's kind of, tangled. So I added a couple more of those in and Tyler said no mom you did too many that's tonight he, was right so we had to go with his way but it's a lot of fun heartless heartwarming, pieces, that the, kids are really just, precious, so you're laughing and then you're crying and yeah and are these characters I mean are they completely.

Fictional, Or do you think about someone. You knew or a neighbor or a sibling when you write Tyler, I think. Experiences, that I I went through growing up definitely, come into play and in these books but it's it's a fictional I think it's fun to take different pieces of people that we knew growing up or different people that we know now we. Become so real and they take on this life don't they they, really do yeah especially after having had. More than 20 books about them as adults that, we know so much about them from. When they were older and now it's fun to explore where they came from well. What do you think it is about this fictional, Baxter, family that readers, just can't get enough of I think. You can see yourself, in any one of the members of the family I think in some way you can relate and. Especially with these kids books everyone. Can relate to. Moving. Starting over making new friends, trying to be true to yourself and be. Honest and so I think this book especially will. Resonate with families just to be able to teach life. Lessons that, we that God God can continue to use to build people up and so technically, this would be caught a prequel, right, it's. Not in the earlier, that prequel yeah there's. So much younger and this was use was, not your it was the publishers idea right publishers idea that you know what if we could go back to a simpler time I mean this is before Netflix, before, cellphones, I mean these are these kids are just finding their way they have a treehouse and they'd, love to explore, in their yard but they also are, very close, to each other and I was one of five and then, Tyler is one of six and. So the idea of your family being your best friends, you know that people, will come and go from your life but even we tell our kids like long after me and dad are gone you'll have each other so that, is something that pours, through the pages of best, family ever and we think it's gonna be a classic like that the publisher is literally, going to print with twice as many copies real as my adult book so we're, like you know I'm just really thankful, that Tyler, was willing, to do this and step in he's such a strong writer Wow, when, you knew the backs right it's a great compliment from Karen Kingsbury, you knew the characters well enough as adults to, do some really fun foreshadowing. Like, seeing Ashley sketch, when we know she's going to grow up to be an artist just those, kinds of details that no one else would have understood as well I don't think it's Tyler and so. I mean this is heartwarming like, people will definitely laugh and cry and they're gonna want to read it out loud to their kids and. Librarians. That schools are already saying like we want a lot of copies because this is the kind of story that kids need it's encouraging, it builds them up then.

It Shows them family can be strong even when people are flawed and make mistakes yeah, Karen, you always, knew that you wanted to be a writer is that right yes I was five years old when I wrote my first book crazy. Every word was spelled wrong but you know what about you Tyler did you did. You know you wanted to be right I think there was always part of me that enjoyed it whether I was writing short stories or, I think in second grade I I submitted, a writing, contest in won a prize in our County and so I always enjoyed writing how. Old were you when you got the bug though the, writing bug I don't know I think I always had it and in some way and then I think after college, the idea really became real and God opened up so many opportunities to work with her we. Also work on screenwriting together so we've adapted some of her books screenplays, and that funny story about Tyler so, um when, he was probably eight years old and we were out we were we were driving around taking doing errands and he said you know mom I've, been thinking I wanna I'm gonna be a singer, or I might be an actor when I'm older but I think. I'm gonna write books in my spare time like. Any. Child could ever give me is that it felt like I was writing books in my spare time while. I raised, them and yet, you know you can see that bug was there for him but it was a it was a side time thing you know a part time thing because, that's how it came across to the, kids as. I was writing so thank God that I could write, quickly, and that they felt like they were first well, the book is called best family. Ever I've, got a copy right here it's available wherever books are sold and, we, will be right back with more of the 700 club after this. You. Are watching the 700, club, and we're delighted to have you with us and we look forward to your questions and, some honest answers coming, up in a few minutes but right now I want, to introduce you, to Travis, when he lost his job just before the holidays, he. And his wife Cara could. Have panicked. Instead. They. Relied, on God's, promise, to provide for their family, and that's. Exactly. What, happened. Travis. And Cara cherished, spending time with her two young daughters but. Just a few years ago family, time was rare, Travis. Was working long hours away, from home as a plant manager I saw my kids usually, four days every two weeks, after. 12 years with the same company, Travis, expected, a promotion, but, in 2016. Just before Thanksgiving, he was laid off harro, was a stay-at-home mom so it, was a blow to their families income but, not to their faith God. Provides it's, not the job it's, not the, things. That we do but, he will take care of all of our needs and, living. That out is really hard sometimes. Travis. And Cara prayed strategically. About their needs as home. Schoolers, with two young children they, felt the pressure but. They never stopped tithing or giving to, CBN. Less. Than two months later Travis, was offered a new job making, more money plus, he, wasn't traveling as much so, I see my. My. Kids twice as much as what I used to so. And. To see that worked out it strengthened, our relationship, in, our marriage, as well, Travis. And Cara were so grateful, they decided, to increase their giving to see the end for.

Them It's all about faith and trust. CBN. Honors, the, money that you give and. It's, at work in the lives of other people and, that's one, of the reasons that I'm most excited about CBN, there's a heart for Christ a heart for shiny. God's, love out into the world. And for caring for people, and that's really the mission the, Great Commission and. So. That's why we love CBN, I think. CBN ends up touching many. Of the areas of the world that you. As an individual cannot touch God, will return, much. More than, what you've given because. Whatever you for at least to him he will return it to you. Well. We appreciate people. Like them they. They're, what make up the bulk, of the people who support this ministry. Couples. Who love God people, who love the Lord and who. Believe. In God regardless, of the difficulties, they. Face in life and, well. Travis. And his lovely, wife, I, want. To give this to them and to each one of you who joined the 700, club is call the I wills of God now. If you read the 91st psalm there's. A section and there where God says because he has placed his love upon me therefore I. Will, and, then he goes on to say what he will do when you place your love upon, him and it's, so thrilling so. Anyhow, this this is a teaching, on the hour wheels of God and you have some love, it I loved, it it is so powerful because, it's so much Scripture and. This is from Jackie from Windham, Windham. New, Hampshire she, says that's authentic faith in God's awesome love for each of us based on Pat's reliance, on God's Word isn't. Everything he shares this, time Psalm 91, was for me as expressed, in the I wills, of God to date it's the most powerful encouraging. And healing. Message given to me through Patten Scott from, the Holy Spirit, with, deepest, gratitude. Jackie. Thanks so much for letting us know praise God, well, folks I want to send this to you join the 700 club 65, cents a day it's really easy and you can, be a member so time. For some questions yes sir let's start with this one Katrina she writes in is there a right or wrong religion. To believe in I believe in God no matter what but my grandma, is Jehovah's, Witness, and I'm stuck on what, to believe is the right religion, well. There's. One religion, that I think is writing is called Christianity. Jehovah's. Witnesses. Is a branch. Of. Orthodox. Christianity, I don't, think it you. Know they're, often there's some error. That, is, not exactly, on target, but. The. Big. Thing is do. They honor Jesus do. They confess, Jesus, as Lord and. Number. One do they believe the Bible and, if. They believe the Bible and teach the Bible and they teach it according, to the to. The meaning, of the word of God you say well what's the right religion well the right religion is to worship. Jesus Jesus. Is the Son of God that. The, Bible says he was conceivable. Virgin, and. Suffered. Under. Pontius, Pilate, and he was crucified, dead, and buried and on the third day he rose again I, mean, that that's the Creed we believe that that that is the heart of Christianity, and. Paul, said I'm not ashamed of, the gospel of, Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation to, all those that believe and, I. Am, the, gospel, of Jesus Christ all right here's, one Pat from Jesse's as hey Pat recently. My boyfriend, and I broke up, my daughter doesn't know her biological dad, and my ex let her call him dad while we were dating because we wanted to get married at first, he was fine with her still calling him dad after we broke up but now he thinks it is not christ-like to be a father to her we're, still great friends but I don't see how it could be bad or take away love. From his kids he, thinks that he'll be taking, love from his kids by giving some of his love to my daughter Pat, what do you think I think, it's the most confused, mess I've ever heard about I can't believe the. Guy's married he's got kids but she called him your boyfriend, so he has a child with you and.

She's. Your. Daughter, and you and he, she, hadn't sure who her father is and, so he's. Called you're calling, her boy your, boyfriend. Quote quote dad, and, then, he says that'll take away his love from his other children I, mean. This, is sin that may send lead to incredible. Confusion. And problems, you, know for this cause. Shall, a man leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife and the, twain shall be one flesh. That's. The, whole idea of, a marriage is between, two people who are committed, to each other in holy wedlock and. What. Do you do about that I don't know what do you tell your daughter, are. You trying to get your life straightened, out and and I don't, know you. Know you go back the first things where should you start and. Maybe you could get godly, counsel from some, pastor. Who believes. The Bible and see if he can't give you some gun this is the head of straighten things out all right that's a mess all right Dee says my, husband's brother lives, beside, us and he is very hurtful he's also nasty, with his old friends, and even lies about things they supposedly, have done I know where to keep forgiving, but how do you forgive someone who doesn't want forgiveness, my, husband had serious surgery a couple years ago and he can't do heavy lifting his, brother was very nasty to him because my husband couldn't help him with something anyone. And my husband to pay him my husband gave him a check and his brother said forget, it and walked away and hasn't talked to him since if he, comes close to my husband he turns his head and walks away he. Won't even look at him is it okay for us to wash our hands of him the. Bible says have nothing to do with an angry man I, really. Think that he's an angry man and you don't have to put, up with that kind of stuff. But. That's biblical we have nothing to do with an angry man that brother has. Got a mental, problem he's got an emotional problem, he he. Hates, himself and. Because, he hates himself he hates everybody else so. I don't, know what you do with him all right all right Joneses Pat what are other countries such as North Korea Russia and such against. Christianity, I would, think they would welcome people who believe in obedience, to the authorities, that's, what I talked to told, Ron G when I met with him and he was prime minister of a premier, of China. I said, these Christian, people will be good. Citizens, and then they. They believe that for the time but, look a, dictator. Who wants absolute, obedience. And. If they don't get absolute, obedience they. Want to persecute, those who will not be obedient. Christians. Have an allegiance, to God Almighty into, Jesus Christ and. They they cannot, have absolute. Obedience to, some dictator, that's, why dictators, don't like Christians, all right all. Right Mitchell writes in dear Pat my, mom walks in fear a lot how can my mom walk without, fear, how can God put this in his, hands, well the Bible says perfect love casts, out fear for, fear has torment has the deal the. Reason she's are so afraid because she is concerned, about herself, this is self-love, and she's, worried about what's going to happen to her when she, puts her attention. On somebody, else perfect, love she loves the Lord then, she isn't, worried about her, own safety, and that, will set her free from this with perfect love she needs to love the Lord and then she'll be free well, today's power minute is from Psalm 34. I sought, the Lord and he heard me and delivered me. From all my fears. This, is the last thing that Wendy will be a single, lady on this program, she's my get married this weekend, and we're so happy for God's, play see. You later.

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Hey guys...over the last few years ive really gotten off track with my faith...Pat lead me to Jesus in October of 1989 and it was a miraculous transformation from the lately l am not very caring about my walk...but I truly believe God is stiring me...ive actually felt his presence in my life and home recently and that's why I'm writing this cause I'm absolutely positive of his I ask for prayer cause I know there are thousands of faithful who watch this here.

I've gotten some heart problems and is healing, the hospital said kids are getting heart problems at an earlier age, some at the age of 12 years old.

JWs have their own corrupted bible called the NWT. Jesus is created and used to be the angel Michael. He got promoted to being A god, but not the one true God. The Holy Spirit is an IT, not a person. There is no trinity. Jesus is not to be worshipped. Jesus is invisible. He rose as an invisible spirit being, never to be seen with a body, again. These are JW (false) doctrines.

Why doesn’t Gordon do the show more than his dad. At least Gordon does the praying for your needs segment every time he does the show and pat has gotten to where he doesn’t do that segment when he is on the show. Their are people that love that part of the show and you are more concerned about answering questions that you really don’t answer with a straight answer all the time.

Trump wants as much unity as possible, but you can't unite with a swamp, you can only drain it!

Jehovah Witness is a CULT. Pat Robersons 'limp wristed' response to a queston about them makes me want to stop supporting CBN.

I haven't really watched the 700 Club since after this last episode where Pat just basically passed the buck on the JW question. JW is a Cult that needs to be shut down along with LSS Morman's.

chadkincham I haven't really watched the 700 Club since after this last episode where Pat just basically passed the buck on the JW question. JW is a Cult that needs to be shut down along with LDS Morman's.

this user this bothered me too brother!

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