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The 700 Club - March 20, 2018

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The. Following, program, is sponsored. By CBN. Coming. Up you've. Heard the song. Now. Here's, the story 20 minutes later we had written that song that Williams goes behind the music of the Grammy winning hit chain, breaker, they were willing to take a chance on somebody that they really, didn't know that much why, the. Second, career of a legendary, head coach Pat, Williams reveals, the secrets, of John Wooden's, forgotten. Teams on today's. 700. Club. Well, welcome ladies gentlemen, to this edition of, the 700 club you. Know we just had, the author of a book that talked about the Russians, and Russian, President. Vladimir Putin. Is sounding, kinder. And gentler, after. He won a smashing. Re-election. He. Says he doesn't want an arms race but. He's also been building, up a nuclear arsenal. And. Some people are calling him a new, czar, under. Putin Russia has also been carrying out cyber warfare, and it's, been involved in the fighting in Syria but, what does Putin want, next well Dale Hurd has the story. He's. Back it's going to be another six years of, Vladimir, Putin after, his re-election to a fourth, term as president the Russian strongman, says he wants peace with the West but. Relations. Are at a post-cold-war, low. What. Putin won wasn't, really an election, because it was rigged a main, opponent, opposition, leader Viktor Navalny was banned from running after being charged, with corruption just before, the race began, video. Even showed ballot, boxes, being stuffed, for Putin but, Vladimir, Putin might have won anyway because he is hugely, popular. Russians. Who voted for him say he has brought them peace stability and a measure of prosperity. This, woman says of course I'm happy with the election, result because there will be stability. This man says Putin, is a good president, and I don't care what others think but the former KGB officer who once called the collapse of the Soviet, Union a tragedy, is, likely, to continue being a problem for the West he, denies Russian, involvement, in the recent nerve, agent, attack in Britain against a former Russian spy and his daughter despite. The charges from British prime minister Theresa. May and supported, by President Trump, I spoke with the Prime Minister and. We are. In. Deep discussions, a very sad situation it certainly looks like the Russians will be idle and Russia, is courtly at odds with the West over Syria, and Ukraine and, a variety of other allegations, of bad behavior.

Including. Cyber attacks, and meddling, in foreign elections, and while, Putin now says he has no desire for an arms race Russia. Continues, to roll out new and more dangerous, weapon, systems, the reason why we should be worried is because Russia's. National security, goals at times, are, fundamental. Odds with those of the United States Putin. Is now being called a new czar whose agenda is to make Russia great, again and win the respect of, the world and, some, analysts, say building, up his nuclear arsenal. Is a clear, way to accomplish. That goal the, West will now have to deal with Putin until at least, 2024. Ronald. Reagan used to say when dealing with the Soviets, trust, but verify. Putin. May say he wants peace but. Others argue his actions, don't match his words. Dale. Hurd CBN News. Well. Thanks Dale ladies. And gentlemen I think that question. Putin. Wants to extend, the, Russian, reach. He'll. Obviously, want to take over the Baltic, countries you, mark, my. Word that's coming next. Estonia. Latvia. Lithuania. There. On the border, of Russia it'd be so easy for the Russians just to roll in and take them over and they're going to do it but. They went into the Ukraine. Took. A large, chunk, of the Ukraine. They're. In there but they're they haven't. Possessed. It but they took over the Crimea, away. From the Ukraine, and, they've. Built up nuclear. Weapons, they claimed they have now a, bomb. That'll go 20, times the speed of sound, and. He. Wants to build up a nuclear. Arsenal his, personal, wealth could, be as much as a hundred billion, dollars, and. He and his buddies, have just looted the country, they had huge, amounts, of money he's. Given them a. Favorite. Position to. Take over most of the wealth, of the nation of Russia and. He. Keeps on rolling, along but. What. Happened in Syria chemical. Warfare the. Syrian. Opposition, has been just, demolished, they've been thousands, of people who've been killed in Syria. He's. Backed the Hussam. Bashar. Al-assad. And his. Appetite. Is. To restore, the former Soviet, empire, and, that will mean all the, surrounding. Countries the Caucasus, countries, and others that have broken. Away when, the Russian Empire was you. Know taken, apart you. Don't want to get it all back and so you will see one after, the other there will be adventures, adventures, adventures, and the only, way to stop it is to be muscular, and to go after him and. The. Obama, administration. Did no such thing but. Ladies and only it's got to be done because this.

Is An existential, threat. To the, safety of this nation, but. The problem we're dealing with is he, is nuclear. Weapon. He. Has Arsenal, that's big enough to destroy the United States and, he knows it and we know it well. In other news still. Another bombing in Texas, this, time at a FedEx Center near San Antonio, John. Jessup has that. That's. Right bad federal investigators, suspect this bombing is linked, to the other string, of bombings in the Texas State Capitol Boston this month the latest blast came from a package bomb around 1:00 a.m. local time according. To officials roughly 75, employees were working at the facility, when the package exploded, one, person received minor injuries, but is expected to be ok authorities. Are warning people not to go near or open, suspicious, packages, more, than 500 investigators, including FBI, teams and local authorities are on the case well, 116, American's die every day from an opioid related overdose, an alarming, statistic prompted. President Trump, to call for the toughest, punishment, possible for trafficking for trafficking, drugs he, made that announcement in New Hampshire one of the states that's been hardest hit by drug overdoses, Ben, Kennedy brings us that story. President, Trump wants the death penalty, on the table when talking about drug traffickers, who are behind, drug-related, deaths President. Trump took the opioid, fight to New Hampshire there, he called for the Department, of Justice to go for that penalty against. Drug traffickers, if we don't get tough on the, drug dealers, we're. Wasting, our time just, remember that we're wasting, our time and that. Toughness includes. The, death penalty, Trump's, announcement comes, in the wake of stories, like 21, year old Caitlyn Weems who died of a heroin overdose. Her. Mother says, that changed, everything, for her and, life has just been, so different since I mean no. One unless you've been in that situation, can. Even fathom how. That turns, your whole world upside. Down within a second, Caitlyn became addicted at pain pills after a sports, injury then, moved to heroin, the face of heroin, has changed, it used to be a criminal, element, you. In, the urban city in a warehouse, nothing. Around here, now, the face, of heroin is my, daughter who loves soccer many, have turned to their faith for, strength, to break the addiction habit. I started, getting to know Jesus and. I realized, that, the same power that rose him from the grave is, what. Fights addiction, not, me I can't beat it and. Once. I realized, that was the power fighting, for me I. Knew. I was never ever going back the. Center for Disease Control says opioids, were behind more than 40,000. Deaths in 2016. Alone calling. The problem, at epidemic. Opioids. Range from prescription pain relievers to, heroin. 90%. Of the heroin in America, comes from our southern, border, where eventually the Democrats, will, agree, with us and we'll build the wall to, keep the damn drugs out in, October, President Trump declared the opioid crisis, a public, health emergency. He doubled, down in his promise, by securing, six, billion, dollars, to tackle the crisis, with, plans to launch anti drug commercials. Granting, waivers to States for treatment and even, providing, narcan, which counteracts, a drug overdose, free, to schools and colleges this, is about winning a. Very. Very tough problem and. If we don't get very tough on these, dealers. It's. Not gonna happen folks. It's. Not gonna happen and I want to win this battle I don't. Want to leave at the end of seven years and have this problem drug. Overdose, deaths have, nearly quadrupled. Since 1999. Making, it the leading cause of accidental death right here in the US which, is why the president, is making, this a top priority Ben. Kennedy, CBN, News Washington. Thanks. Ben Pat clearly, a growing crisis here but do you agree the death penalty for dealers I. Wanted. The death penalty, for people who trafficking. In young. Children I think that's what I would do but it's, not so much the death penalty, is the question is stopping these, manufacturers. We're, putting these things out so many of these are being prescribed. By doctors, they, just, have, not yet gotten the message they've, got to stop this. Reckless. Writing. Of prescriptions. And you. Know oxycontin. And some of the other things they've got are clearly, addictive. And, if, you continue to do this somebody's, got a little bit of a pain so they get a prescription and that. Prescription. They start taking those drugs and then they want to go heavy heavier, and heavier and heavier that's, what's calling, it causing. It in it's, not so much killing the drug dealers, is stopping the companies. That are making manufacturing. These things and the doctors, who are prescribing them. John. That. Republicans, in Pennsylvania, have lost a legal battle over drawing, congressional, districts in their state the, state Supreme Court recip ream court refused, to take up their challenge, to a new map of congressional, districts that was imposed by the Pennsylvania, State Supreme Court it ruled, the previous map of congressional, districts violated, the state constitutions.

Guarantee, Of free and fair elections, but, Republicans, say the new map extremely. Favors Democrats state. GOP leaders pointed out the new york times among others said democrats couldn't have asked for much more from the new map the, new districts, will likely help the democratic party pick up more seats in their quest for control, of Congress, in this, fall's midterm elections, while, a powerful storm, system left, destruction, behind as it tore through parts of the United States Monday, hitting, the southeast, is especially hard, the storms struck Alabama knocking, out power and, damaging. Homes, I don't. Know this has never happened before so call, the insurance company and, and. I'd. Love to rebuild or what we'll do they, thought, it'd be decided, it's a mess, it's a war zone in there and. It's. Not over yet with tornadoes Pat expected, to hit the area tonight. Well. A big, big storm and you, know you wonder, about the so-called, global warming, it's getting colder, and more storm and, I'm sure the. Acolytes, of, global. Warning will say well the. Cold is because of global warming it's. It's, bad made but the truth is is getting a lot colder, these, are intense, storms, and. There, was somebody that told me earlier I don't know if this correct, or not in Washington, DC when this is over with might, have received, more snow this is a record there's no well, this, morning someone was saying also we've had four Nor'easters. In less than a month thank, you that's unbelievable. It's pouring, rain here, but I think, we'll have a little bit of snow but up in the Northeast, as you go up 95, Carter, up into, New. York and Ewing there's gonna be a bear is you know it here this, is supposed to be spring. Itani. Phil's problem. Well. Up next the secret that makes Israel's, intelligence. The best in the world they. Are the final frontier, guarding. The safety, of the country they, believe that if they don't work today with, everything. They have then tomorrow Jews are gonna be killed, go, behind the scenes of Israel's, controversial, targeted. Kills and see, how the nation, has fought, extermination. This. Since. It's very beginning the, nation of Israel, has faced the extermination, from, its enemies. So. The Jewish state has fought back in a number of ways, including. The. Controversial. Use of targeted. Assassinations. As, Chris Mitchell reports from, Jerusalem, we're, learning for the first time why this deadly. Technique, plays such a part, in Israel's, history watch, this, in. 1983. 241. Americans, died in the Marine Barracks bombing, in Beirut, Lebanon. Israel's. Assassination. Of Ahmad, muniya the, mastermind. Behind that, bombing is, one reason why many consider. Israel's. Intelligence. Services, the best in the world a new book tells why the. Book is called rise, and kill first the, secret history of Israel's targeted, assassinations. Award-winning. Journalist ronen, bergman told, CBN, News the title. Comes from an ancient Jewish writing, he, heard quoted, by members, of Israel's intelligence. Services, they, used the, phrase from, the Babylonian, Talmud, which. Says if someone, comes to kill you rise, up and kill, him first the, mindset, which says when. Every. Decade, your. Prime, nemesis. Your. Chief, adversary. Your main enemy, declares. Publicly, that, its main goal is to destroy Israel then, there's no other choice but rise, up and kill, him first since. Its founding that's been the public goal of Israel's, enemies from. Saddam Hussein, to Yasser. Arafat, to, Iran's machmood. Ahmed, in each and all, of these when they are your, enemies, you would do whatever you can to. Defend your country and your people Bergman. Says after the Holocaust, Jews, followed, three lessons that. Permeate, Israel's, intelligence. Services, first, is that there will always be, a Gentile, who is after us kills second. All or, most of the other Gentiles, will not help so, we can rely, only on ourselves and third, is that we to have a safe heaven a refuge.

A Country. Of our own to, defend it and to defend it with owning possible. In his book Bergman. Explains, the secret, that makes Israel's, intelligence, the best in the world but, there's one extra thought, and that, thought is, that they are the, guards, on the wall. They. Are if, borrowing, a phrase from Star, Trek they are the final frontier, guarding. The safety, of the, country and the security of the citizens of Israel and Jews, worldwide, not. Just in Israel they, believe that if they don't work today with, everything. They have. Then. Tomorrow Jews are going to be killed Bergman's, book takes readers through how Mossad, chief Meir. Dagan urged. Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and then, defense minister a Hood Barak to use assassinations. And cyber, warfare against, Iran instead. Of bombing its nuclear, facilities, he. Also describes, the elimination. Of Hezbollah, commander Ahmad. Bonilla the most wanted terrorists, in the world and how, yes Arafat, escaped. Dozens, of assassination. Attempts, we, asked about the dilemma of targeted. Killings that took, questions at the relevant is it effective, and is it legally. And morally justified. In, describing, an effective, example, he, pointed, to the Second Intifada when. Palestinian. Suicide bombings. Killed, in Maine thousands. Of Israelis, Bergman. Says Israel, didn't, go after the Bombers but, their leaders but, when Israel started, to kill all the, layer the the hierarchy above them the, bomb makers, didn't detonators, the recruiters, the drivers, the regional commands the military command the political, leaders than these people, those, who were, not yet killed who had no problem with sending other people to the death well, they had another thought they did not want, to check by themselves, if the, option of the 72 virgin, is true or not. After. 9/11. The rules changed, and the US began targeted, killings with help from Israel's intelligence, expertise, now. Many Western, nations also, follow the Israeli model targeted. Killings an intense debate and only, Israel's, Prime Minister can. Approve them yet. With all a success, Bergman. Quotes one ex Mossad, chief who. Summed up their dilemma at the core of what we did every day in, Mossad, was. That dilemma of. What. Does a democracy. Under. Grave. Threats allow, itself, to take, and do to, defend its citizens while, it knows that it's unfortunately. Might, violate other values, Bergman's, book took 8 years to, write and includes. More than 1,000, interviews, on the, eve of Israel's 70th, anniversary, Bergman. The son of two Holocaust, survivors, sees, it as a contribution. To, the ongoing, remarkable. Story sometimes. I walk in the streets of his voice and I say this is really, America, I think what was achieved here during, the last, 110. Years since. The early 20th, century can. Not, be described. As nothing by, but, a miracle and. I'm, so happy to be part of that Chris. Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. I. Doubt. Very seriously if. Christians, can go. Along with that philosophy you. Know rise and kill you, got somebody's, going after you you rise and kill him first. Certainly. In a warfare, situation. The, targeting, of the, officers. Of, an. Approaching. Army is certainly permissible. Because that's war, but. To. Kill. A, peaceful.

Man I don't, how peaceful, he is but when you're not at war to. Go after and target the leaders, it. Certainly seems effective, but. I tell you there was a great uproar. When I suggested, that, Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela, there. Might be some, suggestion, that we take him out if, we had done that we, despaired, those, Venezuelan. People, horrible. Horrible, torment. That they've been going through these past decades. Because. Of that one man and. I think it's true that rather, than bring an army, to. War which. We all you, know everybody. Pause. It okay that's okay you can go to war but, you can't take out the leaders well what, about two, or three people and Adolf Hitler or somebody like that who. Is promoting. Promulgating. This, horrible, doctrine, of destruction. And millions. And millions of people will die or, one, man will, be taken out I think. This, from. A. Scriptural. Point of view maybe. Maybe, that's not as bad a thing as we think but in any event I didn't write the book he did and so it's this rise up he's got, an old tell, moody source. And babbling. To. Do that but that the. Jews have been pretty good the Israelis, have been pretty good in defending, themselves, you. Can't blame them because all the nations of the earth except, maybe one or two or opposed to Israel and it's, just we're seeing of a rise of anti-semitism then, these. People have got to be strong and I think it's true they need to have strength Terry, well. Coming up the grammy-winning, artist who wrote the anthem chain breaker. Literally. About 15 20 minutes later we had written that song. Zach. Williams Ayers the real-life story behind us hit song when we come back. Well. Welcome back you're watching the 700, club, on this beginning. Of spring. Snowy. Kind, of weather in the east but. Anyhow we're, going to get out of it sooner or later it's gonna, be wonderful and we're glad you're with us less. Than two years ago, a guy, named Zach Williams, released. His first solo single it was called chain breaker, it. Reached number one on the hot Christian, songs, chart and, made. The top 10 on Christian, radio this. Year his album, of the same name won. A Grammy, chain. Breaker has taken straight a. Chapter, in Zach's, real, life well. He was under tremendous, bondage. Watch. This I'd. Been in Nashville for an entire week, written. Songs all week long had, a four-hour drive and, all I could think about was getting home and I, sat, down with, Jonathan, and Mia, Jonathan. Smith and Mia fields and, at the time in my wife were very involved in prison ministry at our church and. Chain, breaker was thrown out as a tower shooter you should write a song called chamber the, first thing out of my mouth was if. You've been walking the same old road for miles and miles and they're like. Literally. About 15 20 minutes later, we. Had written that song. Christian. Artists Zach Williams CD, chain breaker won a Grammy in 2018. For best contemporary Christian, music album, but.

There Was a time in Zach's life when he had chains of his own. Zach. Was raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas to Christian parents and was, raised in church it, was storybook. Childhood, I mean I had a great family you know from, as. Early as I can remember we were in church on Sundays, and Wednesdays and, I knew all, the stories in my head I knew. The. Scriptures and the you know the. Teachings, and things not sure that I really understood, as far as like the heart part, of it in high, school however he, began drinking and doing drugs he, just kind of sucked me in you know that that lifestyle, there, wasn't anything that happened, in my past or in my childhood that would you. Know if pushed me to using. Drugs or alcohol it, was it. Was more of a you know just kind of the wrong crowd I knew, it was wrong but you, know it, was also for, me at that time it was it was fun I didn't, think it was a big deal but obviously as I got older it began to be a much, bigger deal in my life Zach. Was also a prep basketball star who hoped to go on to play college ball but. When an injury sidelined his career he, began to play guitar and his life goals changed, I was, like I want, to be a rock star now so I can do all this and it's justified, and I can just you, know continue to do this with my life so, for the next 10 years of my life I literally carried, a guitar with me everywhere, I went, he eventually formed, his own band, ironically. Entitled, Zach, Williams and the Reformation now, we had some success we, we. Toured, Europe a couple times and did. A tour, with the. USO, and played some music for the troops over in Japan one summer and you know for me I felt like I'd made it Zach. Met and began dating Krystal, the, two later married, but Zach refused, to change for. The first several years of our life you know I was pretty. Bad drinking. A lot, still. Using drugs quite a bit I just remember telling my waffle you knew this when you met me you know I'm not gonna change that was always kind of. My. Thing whenever she would come to me and say like you know you need to grow. Up you know we need to make some changes in our life I knew she. Was telling the truth about everything you know I I, did, need to make some changes all the while his, parents continued. To pray for him that's, where their faith was tested but. I also saw them never quit praying never give up even when I didn't want to hear them pray for me they would come to my house and sit on my couch and pray for me and my wife and my family eventually. Zach tired of the rock life and the, toll it was taking on, his marriage and family living, the lifestyle I was living obviously, I couldn't be a good dad with. All the success I've had from the. Band that we ran and the places we played I was just you know I was a miserable, and. Just shell of a person going. Out and playing these shows wasn't, making, it any better you know I was standing. On stage every now just. Kind of for the high that I got for being out there in front of the crowd and then. I was walking off stage every night coming, home miserable. While. Driving through Spain, with his band Zach heard a song on the radio I heard, redeemed by Big Daddy we've come across the radio while we're in Spain and God, just got my attention and basically.

Said I see you differently. Than you see yourself and I've given you this gift giving, you all these chances. And, you. Know I want, you to use this for me and if you will, I'll give, you things you've never dreamed. Up that night, Zach. Called crystal, that, was like when this tour is over I'm done quitting, my band canceled. Our shows I remember, walking in the door and, just. Busted. Into tears and just asking, for forgiveness, for my wife and kids and just apologizing. For the. Past and all, the wrongs I've done you know I felt, horrible and, it was like this moment with God where I just said you know I can't. Do this anymore I don't care if I ever play another. Song or I play guitar with, what I'm supposed to do with my life is work. With my dad in this construction company and just be a good dad and a good father and go to church that's. What I want to do, and, when I got them praying that prayer and asking. God to just come living my life you know just just, be the Lord of my life it was this. Like. I don't have to go and, do what I've been doing anymore and that's. When for me things just started changing in my life, Zac and Krystal both accepted, Christ in 2012. And, they began attending a local Baptist Church in Jonesboro, I stopped, playing music for about six months and then out of the blue one day I was walking around on a construction site with my dad and I started. Hearing words. To a song in my head and I started writing him down and before I knew it I had written a Christian, song soon. After the leadership of the church as sang-doo be the worship pastor it's, kind of blew me away because they, were willing to take a chance on somebody that they really, didn't know that much but they. Had seen God working in mom and my family's life but the first time I stood on stage and, led, worship it, was the, very first time I ever remember feeling like. I. Wasn't faking it just remember, I had my eyes closed and I was just singing to the Lord other. Doors began opening for Zach including. The chance to write with several noted Nashville Songwriters, he. Began making the four-hour Trek regularly, from Jonesboro one.

Evening He got a call from a record label executive, he said hey are you sitting down I was like yeah and he was like well. Played. Your song for the record label today you know in a meeting and. They. Want to offer your record deal and, I was just like what the. Prayer that I prayed six, months before that you know God, heard my prayer Zac crystal and their children recently moved to a home near Nashville, he, is currently touring with his band and is, excited to see the plans God has for him at his, music. Since, I hit the ground and fell on my hands and knees that day in my bedroom in 2012. It's, been one thing after another that God has just shown. Up and and, really done in my life and in my family's, life he's. Strengthened. My marriage you know my relationship between me and my wife it's. Just been really neat you know to see and to be a part of it's been so. Humbling and I mean just. Just to know that he hears your prayers in your cries you know it's, it's. Really cool. You. Know the. Bible says what. Is it profit, a man to, gain, the whole world and, lose his own soul, what. Can a man give in exchange for. His soul. What. Can you give in exchange for, it and what is it profit, to. Get everything I. Didn't. Have everything, but he had a lot going for him but, until, he, keeper the Lord he. Had lost everything, he'd, had nothing, what is it profit, a man to, gain. The whole world and, lose his own soul. I'd. Say that to you what does it promise you say you get rich so. What have you made you got a lot of money, in the bank you got some stocks and bonds that's. An insurance policies. You got some real estate, so. So. What. Does it profit you if you gave your soul in exchange for that, what, does you promise, you if you're a famous singer. Actor. Musician. Whatever. And, you've, got the adoration, of thousands. Of people, what. If you're a politician, and people are cheering for, you, when you get on stage in there they. Were voting, for you, and the next thing you know you're in a higher public office, what, is it profit, if it gave me a figure you gain the whole world but she lost your own soul. So. I'm gonna ask you today what. Are you willing to give. They. Get your soul back. Well. Jesus. Christ died, that, you might be, redeemed. And, he, gave his life for you, and that was the price of. Getting you back, the. Bible talks about, being redeemed, and. The, word for, redeemed, in. The Greek is Agra rizzo which means to go into the Agora, to go into the marketplace, and, buy. Something, back, and. The Lord went into the marketplace. To. Buy you back. And. He paid the price so that you can be free and, all, those Tinsel's, and things around don't mean anything. Zach's, got the word now. If you want to be free, really. Free and, you, want to know that you've got your soul back. It's. Been given you by the Lord I want, you to receive. What he's done and I want you to pray with me right now don't be afraid, bow, your head pray these words as, I pray you pray with me Lord. Jesus, Christ, that's right you say it mean it Lord. Jesus Christ, I know. You died, to, win me back, and. I, want my soul. I've. Given, it up. For. Tinsel. And toys and, things. That don't have any eternal, consequence, I, want. To. Be with you, and. I receive. Your, death for, me I take. The payment that you have made to. Win back my soul and. I receive, it Lord and, I, thank you that you died for me and from, this moment on I, am. Yours, and thank, you that you are mine. Thank. You Lord in, Jesus. Name, thank. You. Now. If you prayed with me just then I, want to do something for you I want. You to be established, in the Lord I want you to start this is only the beginning and, there's, a whole journey, ahead a B that'll be wonderful and glorious, but. How do you receive. Those blessings well. I have something here huh we've. Had for a number of years but. It's so important, and. In it is a. Compact. Disc it's. About 77. Minutes of concentrated, teaching, about, what you've just done, and, I want to give it to you free, so. If you call in right now we'll give this a no financial obligation, whatsoever just. Say look I prayed with patches, that I've. Given, the Lord I've. Given him my life and. I'm thankful that, I've got my soul back I have, redeemed, I've, been redeemed, by the blood of the Lamb and, I. Want, you to call the telephone number is on your screen it's. Easy to remember it's seven hundred seven thousand, it's, easy to remember seven, hundred seven thousand, so, if you hold of the area dollar, one. Eight, hundred you. Want to get on that is told for a wherever you are in the country or around the world call. Right now and say I just pray, I thank. You that Jesus redeemed. Me. From. A curse of sin, I'm, free from, this moment on here's. Terry. Coming. Up the greatest coach of all time in any sport. UCLA's. John, Wooden, best-selling, author Pat Williams pays, tribute to the icon, in a new book about coach Wooden's, forgotten, teams that's, later on today's 700.

Club. And welcome. Back to the 700 club a federal. Judge in Mississippi. Will hear arguments, today over, the state's new abortion, ban is the toughest, in the nation the, governor signed the law the bill Wrather into law just yesterday, it bans, abortions, after 15. Weeks, republican. Governor phil Bryant says Mississippi. Is saving more unborn. Babies, than any other, state, in the nation but. Mississippi's, only abortion, clinic, is suing, to stop the, law from going into, effect. Well. Today marks the first day of spring but, winter doesn't. Want to go away another, nor'easter is, expected, to hit the Northeast, by Thursday, the, storm could bring up to a foot, of snow in some areas along with strong winds and some coastal flooding this, would be the fourth nor'easter, in less than three weeks the, storm could stretch from Ohio in West Virginia, up to Massachusetts and you, can always get the latest from cbn news by our. Website Pat. And Terry will be back with more of the 700 club right after this. Well, you can argue all day about who's the second, greatest coach in the world but John. Wooden has the greatest, coach moniker. All sewn up hands down, so, says best-selling, author Pat Williams who's just released his fourth book on the iconic coach take, a look. As. A player at Purdue in the early 1930s John. Wooden was a three year all-american. And college basketball player, of the year but. He was an even better coach from. 1948, to 1975. Wooden. Was head coach of men's basketball at, UCLA, his, wins included, 10 national, championships, in 12 years seven, of those in a row a record. 88 straight wins and in four seasons his team had 30 victories but, had a single loss, that's. Why they were lando magic senior VP Pat Williams compiled. Life lessons wooden shared and his basketball, camps in his new book coach Wooden's forgotten, teams. Welcome. Back to the 700 club our dear friend Pat Williams it's great to see you here thanks Terry so good to be here and in the, middle of March Madness. This. Wooden book has come out great. Timing all the timing is great but before we talk about you might want to ask you how's your health how are you doing I'm doing well I was, diagnosed, well, seven and a half years ago with multiple myeloma which. Is one of the blood cancers, but. The doctors are telling me they don't see any signs of it I've. Responded, well to all the chemo I feel, good and I'm able to keep, my full schedule, so the Lord has been very. Very good to be careful, schedule, is a full schedule. Question. This is your fourth book I'm coach wooden what made you decide to write a fourth one well. Terry I wrote a book or, I wanted to write a book years ago called how to be like coach, so. I sent him a letter asking. If he would give me permission a, few. Days later the phone rang. Mr.. Williams, this. Is John Wooden, the, former basketball coach at UCLA that's. What he said. He. Said I am not worthy of a project, like this but. If you would like to do it he said you go on ahead, well. That mm, that opened the door I. Was. Able to build, a relationship with, him he. Had a nice little condo, in Encino, California I guess. On five or six different occasions, we. Would pick him up about five o'clock take, him to dinner come. Back to his condo into. His office which is now by the way a museum, piece on. The UCLA campus and. We would talk. He. Loved poetry. He. Would read the latest poems, that he had read and. Talk. About life so. That led to this. Book which is the fourth book because. There was an area of his life there, was a big piece of his life but, had never really been examined, namely his summer camps, that, he ran for many years touching, thousands, of youngsters his second, career really and he, was just. As successful in, its own way in that career, or maybe even more in some ways than he was at his coaching career oh I think you're right thousands. Of young men and women came through those camps. Many. We've. Heard of you know they went on and have had successful, careers like Steve, Kerr for example, Kiki. Vandeweghe had. A long NBA career they were campers. There and, he. Loved to teach John. Would never use the word coaching. It was always teaching. Well. He also didn't talk a lot about winning.

Which Is astonishing considering. His records, I mean you'd, think that would be like the goal but he really believed the character, development, made you a winner and you didn't have to discuss winning if you were focused on the right thing and preparation. Yeah he, was a fanatic, about preparation. And his. Practices. Were, absolutely. Run like clockwork. Not. A wasted, second, and. He believed if he did his job during, the week of. Teaching. And instructing, and getting his players ready. He. Didn't have to worry about the, games now having. Said that Terry, I once, asked, him the, key to his success at, UCLA, and he said, talent. Talent. Talent. And. He said I never wanted to go into a game with, my opponent. Unless. I had better players than he. Well, talent, is important, but talent, isn't enough, really I mean we've all seen talented, people who, have made, some poor decisions in, life he, was really about. Discipline. About, little things you know my new, things talk about that and Terry over. Dinner one night I was sitting next to him and I leaned. Over and I said coach you've, been around a long time, could, you point out one. Secret. Of success, perhaps, and. He thought for a better and they said the, closest. I could come. To. A secret of success, would be a lot of little, things, done. Well and. I thought to myself who. That could be a book someday and so, a few years ago we wrote that book coach, Wooden's, greatest, secret, and. It was about a lot of little things done, well so he was a stickler, for the, little things well I'm the cover of this book you have not, just the basketball, but the picture, of a shoe propped. Up against the wall that was one of the little things well. He told his players after. Practice, their feet, would be wet and so forth but he said I want, you to tilt your shoes up against, the wall, of your locker at, an angle and, he said that way they will dry an air. Out more efficiently, than if you just have them flat and so. We thought that, was, kind of a subtle, little there, are some players that he coached that still, over. The years propped their shoes against. The well, we. Found some of them who said they still do that he. Also was. A stickler about teaching his players how to put their socks on properly, without. Any wrinkles which. Would create a blister, perhaps and how, to laced, their shoes properly, and had, a double knot them I saw. A player that there the other this weekend, you, know whose shoe came off in the middle of action, and he got to slow down and get it back on and I thought coach, wouldn't wouldn't like that and. He was he insisted, on double knots, so. That the shoe would stay on and not in the heat of battle wouldn't, come flying off and slow. Everything down so, he, he, had a good eye for. All the little details of life that really, matter in the long run you know he sure did and I think it was really commendable. Is. That he have made such an impression on people yourself included that, though he's not here with us anymore his, legacy, lives on, in these these. Irreplaceable. Irrefutable. Lessons, of what's important, in life well Terry people have asked why I have done these coach wooden books and and, I think you just hit it you, know I his.

Lessons, Are so valuable. And we, don't want them to end and, so I, have, written these books to, perpetuate. The. Character, and the leadership and, the unique. Details, of coach winters life strong, Christian. You. Know his faith was very real to him and and, maybe the highest praise, and maybe the the. Best little detail in this book, somebody. Said to me and we put it in the book coach. Wooden wasn't good to people, he, was great to people. There's, a good lesson well, folks. Don't just be good to people be great to people the. Language that's a wooden lesson the legacy, of a life well-lived and, this is book number four, coach Wooden's, forgotten. Teams March, Madness is well underway so it's the perfect time to pick up a copy of Pat Williams book you, want to get a hold of it it's available wherever, books are sold rich, with. Wise counsel, you can also hear more about John's life in a social exclusive, interview on our Facebook page just, go to Slash 700. Club it's great to see you Pat Terry I'm happy to see you always any man well. Still ahead we've got your email Richard. Wants to know where did the quote till death do us part come, from we'll stay tuned that's gonna answer that and other questions and it's, all coming up. Well. Welcome back to you watching the 700, club, and we're delighted you with us I want. To tell you about a story, about Nepal. In. One, remote, village, in Nepal a trip to fetch water, once. Came with the risk of being attacked by Tigers. That's. No longer the case, now, the people there have clean water pumped. Right to their homes. Thanks. To what you and viewers, like you have done. In. The foothills of the Himalayas, in northern Nepal, every. Family, in one small village donated. Their own money to dig a well and build a cistern, for clean water they. Were saving themselves, from a lifetime of struggle, to. Get drinking, water we. Hike through the mountains to the place where.

Spring Water collects. On the hillside we. Use torches, because, the tigers, and leopards are, afraid, of the fire. Minah, told me she fetched water so her daughter-in-law, Babita could take care of the children and animals they. Thought the nuwell would help but, it didn't. We. Couldn't raise enough money to pipe the water to, our houses. When. We heard about how hard the entire community. Work to get the well CBN. Paid for all the pipes needed, to get water directly to more than 200, families scattered, across the hillside, that's. Nearly a thousand, people whose lives will be changed because, they have access to clean, water. Now I don't, have to get up at 3 in the morning and, spend, half the day getting, water I can. Spend more time taking, care of our family, and earning, money working, in the fields, more. Water for the animals means, more milk for our family. Our, children are healthy and the animals, are healthy. You, saw our troubles, and gave, us water Thank. You CBN very. Very much. Ain't. That wonderful you, know your home village. Changed. You take. It for granted you. Get water with. Most, Louise little villages they don't have any central, water supply, they don't have the pipes but. We can bring water to them and how. Do you do it we all work together, and. It takes 65. Cents a day we're not talking about big money we're, talking about a relatively, small amount to change. 65. Cents, matter of fact the government is saying it's, too expensive to make nickels and dimes and pennies and, things like that they, don't stop you know with 65, cents, all, it takes, to. Get, 700. Club membership, so, why don't you call the number on your screen and say look I don't. Want to help those, people that are suffering and don't have enough water don't have enough food don't have enough medicine I want, to bring joy to their hearts and here's the way I'm one doing so Terry you've got something well you know one of the things when you join the 700 club we want to send you as Pat's latest teaching on, prayer, it's, called answered prayer and this is Brenda from Detroit Michigan she, said answered prayer is a great DVD really, inspiring, and uplifting hearing. Others witness how God answered their prayers brings hope and faith in the Lord my, family's their whole family learned so much they loved it all so join now we'll send it out to you right away raise your faith then lift, you closer to the Lord all right let's have some place okay this is Richard who says my wife and I had a loving marriage for almost 30 years she, passed away in 2016. My, question is where did the quote till death do us part come, from we didn't divorce or separate, as far as I'm concerned she's still my wife am I wrong to think or feel this way no.

She's You if your. Wife innocence, forever, what. Your. Marriage, on, earth lists. Until death. Do, us part and, at. The end of death, your. Marriage is you're free to remarry. According. To the Bible you know you, you're not bound your brother or sister is not bound. If. The, spouse dies, that's. Just you know death. Parts. Your marriage, does, that mean that you can't carry, her in your heart of course not all right okay, this is Miriam who says I'm a full-time, stepmother. To our 13, year old who lives with us my. Husband, works long hours and my stepdaughters. Biological. Mother goes in and out of drug abuse she, once told me that my husband is her best friend she recently started, video chatting, with my husband which she doesn't do with me or my stepdaughter. I'm, uncomfortable, how, do you recommend I address this I feel a disconnect, with my husband. I. Don't. Know what your marriage situation, is but, he. And you're, his. Wife. Were married first. I don't, know how come they're divorced. I don't, know what establishment. But the fact that she. Still has. Feelings for, her first husband. It's. Not a bad thing, you. Know you're gonna live with it you came in second, and I. Don't know what, legal, rights you've got but. I don't, know what else to say on a thing like that you're. A stepmother, your second wife first. Wife birth. Mother of the, child and so forth you, know and you hope she gets free from the drug addiction, and, I, guess, I don't, know beyond that what, relationship, she would have with her husband well. Today's power minute is, from psalm. 66. We. Went through fire, and water, but. You brought us to a place, of abundance. Well, tomorrow the celebrity, pastor, who married, Kim Kardashian. And Kanye West, rich. Wilkerson jr., well. He's the pastor the sinners, I think this is the title, of the book we'll, hear what he's got to say and we. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow so, for theory and all of us this is Pat Robertson thank. You so much for being with us god bless you.

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