The 700 Club - May 4, 2018

The 700 Club - May 4, 2018

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The. Following, program, is sponsored by, CBN. Coming. Up the. Track star is thrown from his friends car lure God what is going on what's the end of the outcome and his parents are left holding onto a promise, I just immediately heard the Holy Spirit say he, shall live and not die then. A deadly. Diagnosis. That, was the first time we heard the words Ebola one, missionary, fights for his life, how Jack's how my little boy daddy's not coming home. Now see what brought him back from the dead God is doing something on, today's, 700, club. Well, welcome to the 700 club, people, are preying on a regular, basis, in the white house well, that's what Vice President Mike Pence tells CBN, News, he, says he's lost count of the number of times President, Trump has asked, to lead prayer. In meetings. Well pence also weighed in on moving the u.s. embassy in Israel, to Jerusalem the, nuclear, threat from Iran and, some of the vicious attacks that have been aimed at him personally. The vice president, spoke to CBN's, David Brody Thursday. On the National, Day of Prayer. On. The National, Day of Prayer Americans. Of faith had plenty to sing about for one a new, presidential, executive order, aimed, at ensuring federal. Cooperation. With faith-based groups, on his, office balcony, the vice president, Mike Pence spoke. With us about the new initiative, this, is really about making sure that as we develop policies. For the country that we're always making room. For. Those unalienable, rights. The free exercise, of religion that Americans cherish while. The White House faith initiative, is making headlines it's, what's happening behind the scenes inside, the White House that, is having quite a bit of spiritual, impact CBN. News has often reported, on the unprecedented, direct. Access, between evangelicals. And this president, that, connection, has gone beyond input, on policy, to, include consistent. Prayer for a president, who needs, it prayer, alive and well in the White House as well not just on the National Day of Prayer we've heard stories there's prayer going on and inside that White House there's, prayer going on on a regular basis, in this White House and, it's. One of the most, meaningful things to me is, whether. The weather, whether. It's public meetings or not I've lost, count on the number of times that the president's nudged, me or nudged another member of the cabinet said let's start this meeting with. Prayer on this, special day the intersection. Of faith and politics takes on even greater, meaning, with preparations, for the historic, move of the, u.s. embassy to Jerusalem, many, Christians praying for the Peace of Jerusalem what about the embassy will. You or the president go over to the embassy May. 14th when it opens the Jerusalem I know construction, is underway I, just. Saw some. Good, photographs of. Some. Of the finishing touches being put on we're all finalizing. Plans about. The American delegation we'll, have announcements, about that in the days ahead but when. We open the American Embassy in. Jerusalem. We will in a very real sense end. This, historic. Fiction, will embrace reality at president Trump and I both believe that. In doing that that, that peace, in the region becomes, more possible, Iran, remains, one of the greatest threats to that peace just. As president Trump faces a deadline, on possibly, point out of the nuke deal with that country, Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, delivered. A shocking, expose, and what, about Netanyahu. Specifically. About what he said the other day about Iran lying about their nuclear weapons program, do, you believe that the, United States has confirmed the authenticity of. The materials, that, Israel.

Obtained That, proved that despite what Iran said for years that they had never attempted to develop a nuclear weapon clearly. Here. Are volumes. Of evidence that proved that Iran was in a headlong, rush, up. Into and past the. Beginning of of the 21st century to develop a nuclear weapon, and that that. Is obviously, I'm going to color our. Evaluation. Of the Iran nuclear deal tough, words for Iran and speaking. Of tough words, is. Also very anti, choice. He thinks abortion, is murder, which, first of all don't knock it till, you try it yet, another comedian this time a show wolf at Saturday's, White House Correspondents. Dinner taking. Shots at the vice president, I'm, pro-life and I don't apologize for him and. I couldn't I couldn't be more honored to. Serve shoulder-to-shoulder with the. Most pro-life president, in, my lifetime the, Vice President is used to the attacks such as comments. From Joy Behar on, ABC's, the view making fun of his faith but, with regard to the critics David you know it comes with the territory you know as the Bible says I counted all joy, what. I endure trials, or criticisms, but, the. End of the day just our, focus, is completely on the work what's, next for this White House is always, hard to predict but, through it all pence still, keeps the faith David. Brody CBN News Washington. Well. It's underlining, that we should be praying for our leadership, we. Should be praying for Congress, our. Representatives. Our senators, we. Should be praying for, everyone. Involved in making decisions. We're, in a, violent. World and, wouldn't. It be wonderful if. The Korean, Peninsula. Unified. And, had no nuclear, weapons wouldn't. It be wonderful if there were peace in the Middle East, peace. Agreement, could attained with the Palestinians. That. Will only happen that. Would be a miracle, and, miracles, happen, when people pray. Well. Speaking. Of the Middle East Palestinian. President, Mahmoud Abbas, apologized. Today for. His comments, earlier this week if you, can believe this Abbas, blamed, the Jews for. The Holocaust. Well Israeli, and world leaders quickly, condemned his remarks, some, even called for him to step down Chris. Mitchell brings us that story from. Jerusalem. Abbas. As comments came during a, meeting of the Palestinian. National Council. He, said the, hatred, of the Jews is, not due to their religion, but, rather due to their social role if. So it's a different issue therefore. The Jewish problem that was common, in all of the states of Europe against, the Jews was. Not due to their religion, but, rather due to their social role that, was connected to usury and banks, and so forth condemnation. Of, of Ossus remarks, came from all over Yad. Vashem Israel's. Holocaust Memorial. Forcefully. Condemned, Abbas for blaming the Holocaust, not, on anti-semitism, but. For social behavior of Jews who, dealt in loans and banking, Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Eated the, Palestinian. President, again, recited, the most contemptible. Anti-semitic. Canards. Apparently. The Holocaust, denier is still, a Holocaust, denier I call. On the international community, to, condemn his. Severe, anti-semitism. The. Time has come for it to pass from the world even. The New York Times called for Abbas to step down in an editorial entitled, let, Abbas as vile words be his last as Palestinian. Leader the, paper said mr.. Abbas is vile speech was a new low and by, succumbing, to such dark corrosive, instincts, he showed that it is time for him to leave office whether. A bus leaves office, remains, to be seen, despite. His comments, the Palestinian. National, Council, re-elected. Abbas to, a new term as chairman, of the, PLO. Chris, Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Well. To. Say it was their social, role is. Absolutely. Ridiculous, I'm glad, he's apologized. For it but. That just shows the depth of the divide, and. The depth of the misinformation. Both. About the Holocaust, and about the current state of Israel, that, exists, within the Arab world it's, not just the Palestinians, you. See this coming, regularly. From. The Imams and the mosque. And it's also in the Persian world you hear this from a rent they.

Want To wipe Israel, off of the map they've said that repeatedly. Well. I want to show you something, that shows. A different, social role if a BAS wants to say it's the social role of the Jews that led to the Holocaust well, let's show the real social, role of what they're doing we've, got something for you it's called to life it's, the story of how Israeli. Volunteers. Are changing. The world and. One. Of the things that absolutely amazed me in producing, this documentary. Is the, number of times the, Israelis, said we're, called to be a light to the nation's, we, want to show an, example to, the whole world and these. Are stories you you're not gonna hear in the news but we want you to have them and. They're yours for a gift of, $10, or more we've got a full CD with all of them you'll go with, Israeli. Volunteers, with, it is Raley NGOs. To. The scene of. Incredible. Things that they're doing, Israel. Is helping, Syrian, refugees, in the islands. Of Greece Israel. Was on first on the ground to set up a medical, clinic. Full. Surgical, hospital. After. The Nepal earthquake. Israel. Provides, free, surgeries. For Palestinian. Children these. Are things that Israel, is doing and the, world needs to know about them so call us. Let us spread. The true story, of how Israel. Is helping. The nation's how Israel, is being a light to the nation's Terry. Well, coming up you're going to see a walking, miracle a teenager. Who was once on life support and given very little chance to live. And. I wouldn't over to my son's ear and I said well on this is that you should I live and that God speaking to him for claim the works of the law yes you'll. See how this young man beat the odds when, we come back. A. Williamsburg. Teenager. Named Juan Pence could be a walking miracle, he, survived, a serious, car accident and, doctors. Gave little, hope that he would survive, still. His parents, prayed he would live and, tell the world of God's healing power, Charlene. Aaron brings us his amazing. Story. May. 22nd. 2017. A date that forever changed the life of Juan's pence a 17. Year old basketball, and track star was leaving his high school in a friend's car when, the ride took a tragic turn the. Friend was speeding, and lost control hitting. A signpost the. Car went airborne and, flipped several times Juan. Who was not wearing a seat belt was, ejected, through the sunroof the, car landed, on Juan's head. Ron. Was rushed to a local hospital, doctors. Determined, that extreme, pressure and swelling in his brain meant, they must remove a piece of his skull I just, had to start praying immediately, Laura, God what is going on what's gonna be the outcome and I just immediately heard the Holy Spirit say he, shall live and not die, the. Prognosis, looked, grim a traumatic. Brain injury left, one hooked, up on life support, doctors. Gave him just a 5 percent chance of survival, adding. If he somehow survived, one. Would never speak, or walk again, Elizabeth. Recalls, her reaction, to the doctors negative, report I respect. You as a professional however. You, don't have the final say-so concerning. Our son that is what I said and you said God I said God has the final say so we will wait to see what God does cuz I don't believe that's what's gonna be the fate of our son and I went over to my son's ear and I said Juan this is that you should have live and that died speaking, to you for claim the work sort of oh yes, his, parents, both ministers. Held, on to their faith and rallied. Prayers from family, friends. And the community we.

Cried And we held it together but we continue, to speak faith and we did not waver. In our faith after. Three days Juan, was out of his coma but, still on life support the. Next day he started to show signs of progress, he began moving, his fingers and toes three. Weeks late to the surprise of doctors, he moved forward to standing, walking, and talking he. Says during the coma he, witnessed a spiritual, battle being waged for, his life there's, a demon coming cross, and. There and then come towards me but, there was also a golden, angel and armor with the sword and, they. Enjoy he, slay the demon and that. Vanished. One. Admits, his recovery, has not been easy he. Was in the hospital for more than two months and endured, painful. Physical, therapy, has been very hard, at. One point in time I cried. Every day it's. Basically like how people would joke about. Trying, to do something with, your hand tied behind your back I lived, through that every single day even, today, after. Three brain surgeries, in as, many as three months the, high school senior, is now back in school and one, hundred ninety seven days after, the accident he returned, to the basketball, court. Although. He still has no voluntary, movement, in his left arm and suffers, paralysis. On the left side of his face one. Remains, grateful, and sees bigger things ahead. Talking. Because it got hurt a plan for me a big. Change from the way he used to think even. Though my fairness with pastors I really. Didn't think God. Was anything. Because. I really, thought the, ball was it was just about a book with a bunch of words I don't, really think anything much of it, I didn't, really think I needed him but. I need him now I trust. In the Lord with all my heart and, lean not tomorrow. And understanding, many. Have been inspired, by his miraculous, story, including. Some of those who treated him and doubted, his survival, a very doctor is so amazing, a very doctor that. Gave. Us, that that, that. 5%. He's. Now praising, the Lord he, said I believe God had the final say so hear this according to your faith yeah, and we just could not waiver. Yes, it was tested, it was tried but, we could not doubt and. I would encourage anyone just to not doubt God, because. He is faithful, to do what he's promised and when his word goes forth it. Shall not return to you void and he said he shall live and not dying that is exactly what. He did. Charlene. Aaron, CBN News. I, will. Live and not die you'll. Find that verse in psalm 118. And, declare. The. Glory of the, lord jesus can. Do things that doctors, can all, we have to do is rely on him, now. We're going to be praying for you we've got another story for you so Terry's got that we, do up next a missionary, to Africa, starts feeling a little sick and then, collapses. When he reaches the hospital. And. It was in the same week of the boiler out Brett and I, had somehow all the regalia, just, to walk in the room and be with him there was no physical contact I couldn't hold his hand. Any. Of the normal stuff that you would do one on somebody's, deathbed, see. What brought her husband, back after, being given two, to three hours left to live that's next. Matthew. Murray looked, into a hospital, CCTV. Camera, then, he uttered what he thought were his last words. This, is it I'm, dying. Matthew's. Body was shutting down and, as he lay dying on his deathbed, his. Wife Becky, was trying to find the right way to break the news to their son. You. Know how do I tell my little boy my little boy was three at the time how. Do I tell Josiah, that daddy's, not coming home how. Do I call my mother-in-law, and tell, her that her son's not coming home and every. Dream and every promise, that we believed over our lives just appearing, Li shattered on the floor. Matthew. And Becky Marie of Great Britain met on a missions, trip for. Becky it, wasn't love at first sight, and, we. Had to pray, for people and I remember, the whole team paired, up really quickly and the only person left was Matt and. I was like ah do. Not want to pray with this guy and. Sure. Enough we got put together a frame for the sick and people are getting healed and genuinely, my, first, thought about Matt was well. It can't be that bad because God's using him soon. Matthew, and Becky got married, and sensed, a God beginning to speak to them it. Was the first time I felt the Spirit of God speak to me I'd been saved since a little girl but, I'd never heard the Spirit of God speak to my heart and, I felt him say that I would run a children's home and so. It kept literally, that was not the plan I wanted to go and study law and but, sure enough he's got a better plan than what I had for my life and so I was, doing short-term missions trip quite a long time until, we started our own children's, home in Kenya.

You In 2012. Kings. Children's, Home gives, shelter to hundreds, of kids that live in destitution, on the streets of Kenya they. Are well fed not just with food but, also by, the Word of God after. Visiting Kenya in, 2014. And Becky made a fundraising, trip to the United States or. Matthew, began, to feel sick he just started with the usual. Symptoms, of flu and so, he got the chills and a fever and. I remember, giving him paracetamol. And thinking, oh you'll be fine darlin. And a, few. Days went by and he just kept. Deteriorated. And getting worse and worse and, so we went to the doctor, when they arrived, Matthew was placed in isolation for, three days, every. Sign pointed to, a deadly, virus that, was the first time we heard the words Ebola, tragically. He had every symptom of it and it was in the same week of Ebola outbreak and I, had to wear all the regalia, just, to walk in the room and be with him there was no physical contact I couldn't hold his hands. Any. Of the normal stuff that you would do one on somebody's, deathbed alone. In a foreign country it, was getting harder for Becky to cope with what the doctors were saying I'm, one, of the really challenging moments, was the doctor looked at me and she said you. Can't go back to Kenya she, said you've got a little boy at home who calls you mummy he's, already lost his daddy and with. Tears I just remember saying him but how. Can i how. Can I not go back you see I've, got 100 babies out there who call me Mommy and call him daddy too, finally. The doctors had a breakthrough with, Matthew's diagnosis. Eventually, they found out he had malaria and, we. Were relieved oh baby. A few days on tablets, and you'll be fine. Emmy. Was diagnosed, on the Thursday, on the Friday the doctor pulled me in the room and she said you have to know your, husband's likes hanging in the balance and, she started talking about certain organs, going into failure and, I remember. Just thinking no. No, this. Can't be you you know and and. The doctor said we've just had the pathology, results back, and actually. It's mullerian, levels have gone to 50%. I'm. A nurse by background and once, your blood is half of a chicken with, a parasite. Naturally. Speaking there's no coming back from that. And, she. Sat me down in a conference room and she said he, has maybe two or three hours left to live I will, give him him relief until he passes but he, it's gonna be a matter of hours. Becky. Knew that the only hope for Matthew, was the power of prayer so. She sent out a Facebook. Post asking. People to pray for her dying husband, please. Pray. For my urgent. And put. My phone down and I'm just praying, and just trying, to pull. Myself together, and. Then I walked out of the room and this. Nurse beckoned, me over and she had a big smile on her face and, I remember. Thinking she, must not know what, I've just been told she, said we have no idea what it's just taken place but. We've just got a second, lot of pathology, results back, and his, malaria, drop has dropped from 50, down. To 10%. And. I remember, in that moment just, thinking oh my, goodness God is doing something here God's doing something, Matthew's, malaria, levels went from 10 percent down to 5 percent and, then, finally, to zero his, miraculous, healing, shook not just that hospital, but, the entire medical, community. Everyone. Was amazed at how this could have happened, jesus, promised, me that he would never leave me or forsake me, so, although the doctors didn't want to command me although the nurses were scared to touch me, Jesus. Was right there with me and that's what faith is all about there, was another surprise in store for Matthew, when he woke up I sobbed, like a little baby I cried. And cried and cried when I picked, up my thought I looked to Facebook, I had, 2000, messages, from. People strangers. Who had never even met saying we, were praying for you our church was praying we stood in the gap we fasted, we pray I was, humbled, I thought, wow God your, church is the most incredible. Army. On the planet, to be mobilized, so quickly, to pray for someone they didn't even know I thought, this is incredible. If someone, doubts in the power of prayer I would, ask them to meet my husband because. Every, doctor, had given up on him the doctors, had done all they could with medicine, and they. Did the best they could they worked as hard as they could but, even the doctors acknowledge that this had to be a miracle because there is no explanation, for Matthew's recovery, today, Matthew, and Becky run a ministry, called one by one and, they continue, to share their story of, miraculous.

Healing, With, people around the world, one. Of the nurses, on the ICU, unit actually gave her heart to Christ as a result, of it because she, saw firsthand, medicine. Didn't do this God. Did this. Jesus. Does things, medicine. Can't do doctors, can't do he performs. Miracles and, he. Is the same yesterday. Today. And. Forever. Just. Rejoice, in that rejoice, that this, is the day the Lord has made. And. And and just say I'll be glad in it come into his presence with Thanksgiving, don't. Thank him for the disease, thank, him for the miracle. He is getting ready to do when. You do that you join in with that wonderful, prayer from, psalm 118. That's where that verse this, is the day the Lord has made it. Also is the source of that verse I will not die but, live, and, declare the. Glory of the Lord now. We're going to pray for you before we pray we've got some other miracle, reports, here's Donna. From Oklahoma. She had ear problems, she was watching the 700 club. Just. This past month April 13th, Terry. Had a word of knowledge you, have something, going on with your ears the, problem, also bothers, the sides of your face well Donna, had been asking God for a word on this condition, she received, it afterwards. Her ears began, to drain and she has been fine ever since, well hey Donna yay God well. This is Irene she lives in Griffith Indiana she's suffered with terrible, fatigue, it was so. Bad she had a feeling of hopelessness then. A few weeks ago she was watching this program in, Gordon I heard you say there, are many who are suffering with chronic fatigue you, have no hope you don't want to go out anymore you don't want to do things anymore you're just constantly. Tired, God's, healing, you well, instantly. Irene felt strengthen her body she said she got up and began to clean her house and, this felt great ever since this is about house cleaning it seems to me the first thing people do. Let's. Go clean the house all, right well, let's rejoice, in what God is, about to do for you let's, come to him in praise. And thanksgiving. Realizing. He inhabits. The praises of his people. Let's, pray Lord, we just thank you we, thank you for all the, things that you do how you, bore. Upon. Your own body, all. Of our infirmity. All, of. Our pain, and you. Have carried it away. So. If you bore it and if you carried, it away, we. Don't have to bear it anymore. So. We cast it upon you. We. Release, it to you now. And. We declare over ourselves this. Is the day, the. Lord has made. Now. Stretch, forth, your hand to, give energy and. Life. And. We, say be, healed now, in, Jesus. Name. Be. Healed. Be, restored, be. Made whole. And. We. Receive, it now and. We. Thank you for it in Jesus. Name. Someone. You've been, diagnosed. With tuberculosis and. It's. Primarily in your right lung and. God, is healing you he's able to. Restore. The, lung tissue, he's. Able to remove the scarring, he's able to completely. Eradicate, that disease, from. Your body now. Just. Taking, a deep breath. And. Just. Just. Declare, in him I live and move and have my being and. Just. Receive. Healing into your lungs right now in. Jesus, name Terry. There's. Someone you have a chronic. I mean chronic. Condition, with your feet you, have, I think if this is a woman, because you're so concerned about summer coming up and your feet being, obvious, to people but in their cracked they're, bleeding, on the bottom, between your toes God. Is, healing that for you right now you're just gonna see, that losing, dry up and the skin's gonna heal over and your feet, will be fine, there's. Someone you had a fall, and then the father with some kind of. Blow. To the back of your head and, I get this sort of whiplash you, fell and then there was an acceleration. And so you're, dealing with concussion. You're dealing with bleeding. Within the brain you're dealing with a whole host of issues God's, able to deal with all of that and he's. Able to heal, and restore, and. Take all the trauma off of you now in Jesus name, be healed and. Be made. Whole. Someone. Else oh the chronic eye condition, it, causes. Uncontrollable. Weeping. Or. Tearing, is probably where. You just, can't. Ever seem to be normal and God is able. To heal he's able to restore, he's able to reduce all that swelling, all.

That Discomfort, now in Jesus, name, someone. Else you have a really unstable, gait. Walk. Because, of some. Condition that you have but God is healing that for you right now you're just going to be able to walk completely firmly. And, with. With purpose, and you have been able to do that for a long time no more instability, for you in Jesus name someone. Else with a problem, with your right jaw and just, it. Just doesn't, shut, properly God's. Healing, you taking all that pain everything. Away now in, Jesus, name what, you couldn't do before open. Your jaw wide and realize God has just healed. It completely. For you someone else with a spinal condition in your neck. Nurse. God's. Just restoring, spines, now in Jesus, name receive, it, receive. Your healing. Yes. Someone else you have it you you. Are so discontented. With your job and. You blame yourself because you didn't get education, when you could have and should have you just played, instead, God's, got something fresh, for you stop, looking at what you don't have and begin to thank him before you even see it it's on the way. Lord. We thank you and, we thank you for this, day that you have made we. Thank you for it in Jesus name, Amen. And. Amen if. You've been touched by God share, your report, let us know. 1-800-777-7835. And, welcome, back to the 700 club as we, mentioned the top of the shell Thursday, was the National, Day of Prayer and hundreds, of faith leaders gathered, inside the US Capitol to pray for unity in America, in an, emotional, moment pastor, Frank and sherry Pomeroy, prayed against, hate in the, country, the Pomeroy's, lost 26, members of their Texas church including their. 14 year old daughter in that deadly shooting last, fall they, told the crowd how trusting, in God carries. Them forward. There's. Cohesion, within. Our family, that, is stronger, now than it ever was before and, it, was through, the grace and the mercy of an Almighty God that brought that to be a, pomeroy. Say glory is rising, from the ashes and, they still feel the prayers from around the country comforting. Him after, that tragedy. Operation. Blessing has stepped up to help a single mother in need in South El Salvador. Martha. Often travels to work taking any job she can get while her three children are at school but, she still wasn't able to make enough to feed them every single day Operation. Blessing learned, about her dedication, to her children and decided to bless her in a big way Operation. Blessing El Salvador, provided Martha with all the supplies she needed to, restart, her business, a small store, that she used to run now, she works from home and, is able to pay the bills and to, support, and feed her, children you. Can learn more about what Operation, Blessing does by visiting its website, Gordon. And Terry are back with much more today's 700 club that's coming up right after this. The, men and women of our armed forces play a critical, role in preserving the freedoms that you and I enjoy every day and. CBN, is committed, to supporting, our military families. Families. Like Wally and Jenni's they, needed help during a tough time of transition, and that's, exactly, what they got thanks, to people like you. There. Is nothing quite like watching. A US Navy ship pull, into port and seeing the excited, family members ready to welcome their sailors home, Jenny. Took care of the house and two kids for six months while her husband Wally was deployed, now. That he's home they do lots of fun things together to, give them time to reconnect, as a family while. They anticipate. The birth of their third child, Wally. Is quick to praise Jenny for all she does being. A military wife is the hardest, job. Being. A full-time mom. Being. A full-time dad when I'm gone. Yeah. That makes a whole. World, of difference and how, I go about doing what, I do it's, always encouraging that, he thinks that what, I'm doing at home is as. Important. As what he's doing, it helps, that we, both understand, that what we're doing when we're not together, is, equally. As important, and just as hard. Wally. Is a Navy chaplains, assistant, but, recently, he felt God calling him, to be a chaplain, to do, that he'd have to leave the Navy and go to school to earn his Divinity degree and, then, rejoin, the Navy as a chaplain but, it would take a while before Wally's, school benefits, would kick in which, meant no paycheck for a few months but, the couple felt God calling them to move forward they.

Would Need to put some important, things on hold their dishwasher, was broken and their, backyard, fence was a hazard, plus. Their daughter was starting school in the fall and needed clothes and, school supplies the. Couple sat down to budget on paper it wouldn't be enough but Wally and Jenny had faith if. God is sufficient then. He's, provided, for us here now and then he will eventually, provide. More, CBN. Is helping the homefront heard about the couple's story and wanted to help their. Pastor, tres Martinez, told them the good news when. I shared, the. Need that you guys had and based on your decision to follow after the Lord they said how can we help and so. Pastor, tres told them CBN would, cover their mortgage until Wally's, benefits, kicked in we, would also buy them a new dishwasher and, fix the fence pretty amazing right yeah, you, talk about just wanting to see God's faithfulness, and you stepping, out and then, seeing it happen into for your eyes this is it but, there's more, they. Are going to help you in terms of, providing. Groceries, for. Your family in the form of a thousand, dollars. But. There's. Still one more thing that they would like to do and I, think this is just really neat they, realized that Abigail starting, school this fall. And that there is a a new little, one on the way and so they. Are going to take you shopping and buy, school. Supplies baby. Supplies whatever. You need $600. Worth of provisions. To, meet that need they want to help get, you set. Up for success, come to fall come, to me baby, I'm. Extremely, grateful I, feels, like a huge, burden has just been lifted off of our shoulders CBN. Took the family shopping to buy clothes for the kids and items. For the baby then, Wally and Jenny picked out a dishwasher, and chose, the design of their backyard fence the. Work was complete, in time to welcome their new daughter into the family, Wally. Can now focus on his studies as he looks forward to rejoining the, Navy as a chaplain, we wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of CBN so I'm just. Very, very, grateful. Wally. And Jenny a representative. Of so many couples, that are serving, in the military you, know the whole family serves, when someone is a part of our military and, they. Often just don't have enough of. What they need to get through the month to get through a year to get through a difficult time, one, of them is deployed, and the other is left trying to keep things afloat at home with the. Opportunity. Not happening. Before them to make that an easy journey and so we, want to say thank you to our military people by saying, we want to come alongside of, you we want to make a difference, we want to stand with you they're, giving their all let's, give them what they need to do what they need to do well listen. If you're a 700 club member you're, a part of helping the homefront we just want to say thank you it's pretty wonderful to be able to come alongside of people I know, that the words are so encouraging, when we say thank you for your service, but, helping the homefront is an opportunity, to put some oomph behind those words that really makes a difference so we, say thank you listen join the 700 club today because something the homefront is just one of the things that your, membership, makes possible, and you're a part of all of it happening here and around the world so will, you call now our numbers toll-free it's. 1-800-777-7835. Ears, alcoholism. As, a boy Wayne Hardy, vowed he would never, be like his father but, that's exactly, how he turned out, then, after, 25, years of drinking, Wayne got behind the wheel of a car and crashed, into a ditch. Wayne. Hardy was raised by an abusive alcoholic, father worse.

Bean I remembers, I believe. That I was maybe seven years old I became a to drinkin Wayne's, mother got the worst of the abuse I'm, gonna be bleeding, and. Things. Be broken throwing, over the house time to even beat it out and Drago when. Wayne was a teen his, father abandoned, the family and, Wayne, became the man of the house at. First the responsibility. Came as a relief I felt, like I was important, over, all the years I'm. Seeing him abuse her you. Know I was able to help stop him from doing that but. Eventually Wayne's. Resentment, towards his father and his newfound freedom, led, to darker things he. Soon dropped out of school and, joined a gang we, went, out and robbed, people and broken, people houses I became. More of a violent person, then of this nice. Person that, I used to be before. Long Wayne, was addicted, to the exact same substances. That ruined his childhood and his family, at, first it it was fun and you, know party. All the time it was fun and it wasn't. You. Know the hard stuff it got to the point where it wasn't. Showing. Up for me, so. We went to to the horror stuff I'll drink it at home. Whiskey. I got. Addicted to it and and and, to the point where when. I wanted to stop I couldn't I'm, drinking. To, feel. Better, but. And I'm feeling miserable wing. Was even abusive, to his girlfriend's, I saw, what my father did, I saw, him how he treated my mother and that's. The with me and. I took that trade on by. His 30s, he was drinking a fifth of whiskey a day and, his driver's license had been revoked for, almost a decade but. Wayne says a near-fatal, drunk, driving, accident, in the pouring rain actually. Saved, his life, the, van flipped into the ditch and as a flip to the disco I think I was doing like 75, or 80 and when. It flipped in a ditch it just slid, on the side and, as I came to a stop I come, out there drive a side of the window Wayne. Was able to escape the accident, unharmed, and eyewitnesses. Called the police for help and, then I saw two state police cop I'm normally doing some time my, mouth made up that I'm gonna be doing some time and even, as the. Police officer asked me to step over to his vehicle I. Just. Put my hands behind my back hit, the road man like these, are about seven or eight tickets and. When. I told him all these things then I'm, you know I know I'm going to jail and I normally be there for a long time he, said to me. You. Know I'm not gonna write you all these tickets but you know what you need Jesus and we spoke there to me and I looked over at him it's. Like something. Just left out of me and I, felt relief and where peace. Came over me when he said that no, sir and I said to myself. You're, right, you. Know you're right I do need Jesus. Two. Weeks later Wayne, went to church and went forward for prayer at the end of service I finally. Got there to the preach and he he. Asked me someone did what you want from the Lord and I, kind of whispered are not voicing you, know said I want to know Jesus, the, next morning, Wayne says he felt his desire for alcohol began, to disappear, and, the Lord spoke to me and told me said every. Time you want this drink I want you to read my word I went, to the Bible 16. 17, times, every. Time I wanted a drink after. Three days of doing what God told me to do I didn't, have that design with alcohol it was gone, 25. Years I've been an alcoholic I did not have the desire to drink no more Wayne. Says that his life began to transform in ways he couldn't even imagine he. Says it was not only a fresh start for him but, for his entire family. He. Married his longtime girlfriend, Sandra. And they, have a healthy, respectful, marriage, and children, who, love God to. Know God is a new, life to know Jesus Christ as your Lord to save us a new life because.

You're A whole different person he. Can help someone else he. Can heal someone he can deliver someone he can set someone free I've. Known a what God has done for me he. Can do for somebody else. I don't. Know what your emptiness, is today but what I do know is only. God can fill it you know, when life brings. Pain. To. Us when it brings brokenness, to us like Wayne's childhood. Did there's. Something in us that when, we don't know God says, you know I can, fix this and we start looking for things whether it's relationships with, people, whether. It's belonging, to a gang because they fill some kind of a need for relationship, in your life alcohol. Drugs whatever, it might be we. Try to make it work for ourselves it. Just, doesn't. It doesn't, because, we're created, with a god-sized, vacuum, in our hearts that only he can fill and. So. Today as you're watching Wayne's, story if if, you're saying you know what I need God to well. Then move on it do something, today because, God's been waiting, for you all this time. He's. Waited, and watched you slog, through all. Of the choices you've tried to make for yourself the things you've tried to use to fill up the emptiness inside of you but. Today's the day for you to come to him, that's. His, voice speaking, to you you do. Need Jesus, and it. Doesn't matter whether you're getting a reprieve from a bunch of tickets that you should. Have had or maybe. Just you've, come to the end of yourself Jesus. Is saying to you today I'm here, come home come, home I. Want. To say today. Surrender. Surrender. Just, give it up God will help you get free from whatever it is that's got you stuck in your life, so. Let's pray together would, you do that with me right now would you just invite. Him into your life it really is that simple it's, the, beginning of a journey a lifelong. Journey that, will change everything. All, of your battles, all of your addictions. All of your troubles, all of your loss today. You. Can have a fresh beginning, pray, with me. Jesus. I don't, know why I have, not come to you sooner I just keep thinking I can do this on my own but today I'm tired, and I'm. Spent, I've done everything I know how to do and it just hasn't worked I know. I should have come to you first and I'm coming to you as a last resort and I ask your forgiveness for.

That But today I'm. Asking, you to be my Lord and my Savior I'm. Acknowledging that, I am a sinner and I. Need my sins, to be forgiven. I need my heart, to be changed, my thinking to be changed, I need you, so. Will you come into the center of my being will you give me that new, beginning, that new start, that I keep hearing about but. Help me help, me to live for you help me to live with you inside, of me I, admit. I don't know how to do that but it's what I want, so. Will you be the Lord of my life the, savior, of my soul will, you teach me to live for you and give me a new start I give, all that I am and all that I have to you today Jesus, thank, you for waiting for me in your, name I pray. Listen. If you've just prayed that prayer we've got a free, packet for you it's called a new day it'll share with you how do you move on from here how do you live for Christ it's, yours when you call our toll-free number one, eight hundred seven hundred seven thousand, just say I'd like the new day packet we. Leave you with these words today, from Psalms 103, let, all that i am praise the Lord may I never forget. The good things he does for me god, bless you see me.

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