The 700 Club - May 7, 2018

The 700 Club - May 7, 2018

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Well, welcome to the 700 club the deadline, is coming fast, from President Trump to make a decision, on the Iran nuclear deal in. An exclusive CBN. News briefing, Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin, Netanyahu. Revealed. Why the new, intelligence. In Iran is a game-changer. Critics, say Netanyahu, revealed, nothing new but he told CBN s Chris Mitchell that he has evidence, which proves them wrong. After. Prime Minister Netanyahu. CBN. News took part in an exclusive off-camera. Briefing, by Netanyahu while. Much of his insight was off the record he, made clear on the record the information he presented was new in both quality and quantity. Netanyahu. Said, 100%. Of the people who said there was nothing new did, not see the material, they're, going to see it now because. We're passing, it on to the main intelligence. Services, it's, very new stuff it was new to our intelligence, agencies it's new to your intelligence agencies, and what I can tell you is, Iran's, program, was much more advanced than. We had previously believed. What Prime Minister Netanyahu did, was he authenticated. Our suspicions. The pushback already, has been that this is rehashing. Old information, how would you respond to some of the criticism that's come already even, if we. Knew about the. Idea of taking the, conventional. Warhead, off of, a shahab-3 missile and. Putting, a spherical, nuclear device there instead, we, never knew it from, a basically. An Iranian. Government. Source. This. Is something, entirely, new one. Senior Israeli official also revealed, three elements, to building, an atomic arsenal. One. Is enriched, uranium, or the gun powder two. Is weaponization, or. The bullet three. Is a ballistic, missile or the, gun the. Current Iranian agreement, does not address the gun at all it, hardly mentions, the bullet and in, a few years will allow Iran to produce, as much, gunpowder as it, wants Netanyahu. Sees that as a, 1-2-3. Recipe, for disaster. In the form of an Iranian nuclear, arsenal, given. This information, Netanyahu. Is saying the world needs to either fix the Iranian, deal or, nix it Chris, Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Well. The deadline is fast approaching it's, going to be May 12, so, we'll see, but. This is something people have been saying for some time if, we allow Iran, to gain. Ballistic, missile technology. To. Have that capability and, then, you allow them, to. Develop. Nuclear weapons well. They're not. Building, these missiles, they're not developing these weapons, to. Stay at peace they're develop them developing. Them in order to be dominant, in the Middle East we've. Already seen, them expand. Into Syria, into Iraq, to, have influence. They're trying to build a land bridge. All, the way to Israel. They're trying to revive. What, was called the Levant, back in the Ottoman Empire and they, want to be in control so, if they get this technology. If they get this military, capability. All. It does is start an arms race in, the Middle East Saudi, Arabia, will have to follow suit, Egypt. Will have to follow suit, and then, you have a tinderbox. That. Now has nuclear, weapons, no. One wants, that no one who was ever interested in peace would ever want, that so. Pray, for those in authority pray. For our intelligence. Services. Pray. For those in Congress, and pray for the president, he, needs unusual. Wisdom, well, another news president, Trump's lawyer says, the president may claim executive. Privilege in, the Mueller investigation. Efrem. Graham has that story from, the CBN newsroom. Ephraim, Gordon. That's what president Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani said when he was asked, what would happen if Special Counsel Robert, Muller tried to subpoena, the President, to force, him to testify. We don't have to he's the president United States we. Can assert the same privilege as other presidents am. Giuliani. Told ABC's, this week the Muller probe is quote no longer, a good-faith investigation. Some have even called it a fishing, expedition, president, Trump says he's done nothing illegal. But some of Giuliana's recent comments, have created confusion so, the president may simply, decide not, to testify. Former. Members of the LGBTQ. Community took, to the streets of Washington DC, to celebrate, their new life in Christ this weekend, the, freedom march featured a worship service and testimonials. From people who, have once lived as gay or lesbian Pulse.

Nightclub, Survivor Luis Ruiz says it was, the love and grace from Christians, that brought him out of his former lifestyle. It. Wasn't a gay to. Straight thing, it was a loss to say things I wanted to have a March, where everyone, that came out of homosexual, or transgender lives. Could come together and have, an event to hear each other's stories and, also to have an event, to just speak on our freedom we found through Jesus Christ that. Was free to March founder Jeffery McCall and he says he plans to expand, the event to other cities in the near future stay. With us we'll be back with more today's 700 club coming up right after this. 37. Year old Bob Law Tech is debt-free, and he gives away, 37. Percent of his income but. At one time he was 13 thousand, dollars in debt and about to max out his credit card then. The day his rent was due his, car broke down well. That's when Bob decided, to find out what the Bible has to say about managing. Money. Fewer. Living paycheck to paycheck and just struggling to make ends meet Bob, logic, is a financial guru he, runs the website seedtime, and helps thousands, of readers get out of debt his. Wisdom comes, from experience both. He and his wife Linda were, each in debt before they married I was. Overspending just because I just, felt. Like it because, it's my money and I can do whatever I want I was living way beyond my means I just saw things that I wanted and I just bought them and I wasn't real good at telling myself no, I had. Some of my identity, tied up in you, know all these things I was spending money on Bob. Had just started to get serious about his Christian faith when, he took leave from college, he. Was thirteen thousand, dollars in debt at, no savings, and, was about two hundred fifty dollars away, from maxing, out his credit card the, day his rent was due and his car broke down I'm. Sitting there and I I can't, help but cry out to God and, just. Think I am, clueless, I have no idea what to do I need, to know how to manage my money better, so, I don't find myself in a situation like this again after. He got his car fixed he immediately started, looking at what the Bible says about money, the, big verse that stood out to me I think it's proverbs 22:7, that the borrower is servant, to the lender and this this just jumped out at me because that's, how I felt.

Bob, Began spending less and paying off his debt then. He found a verse that said he should test God and give, 10 percent of his income I realized. Wow. Maybe. I should try this out, maybe I shouldn't do, this and at least see what happens, so I began giving instead. Of just hoarding, the. Test paid off Bob. Got a better paying job graduated. College and started, working in the financial business when. He met and married Linda she, was a receptionist, at church and already tithing but needed, help with her it, was like he swooped and was like we're gonna take care of this so, he starts walking me through steps, and I probably cut my spending back about 90%, as the. Logics continued, to give 10% of their income they. Also started, to give 10%, of what they owed on top of that when. We were dating and we kind of started talking about this I feel like that's really where, the over. And above, attitudes. Started, to, creep. In and. Started, to kind of just take over my heart of like why would. We only give 10% this. Isn't really my money it's, God's money he's. Trusting, me with it if he. Wants me to give more why wouldn't I just give more, what's. Miraculous. Is that all of our debts got paid off so much faster than we anticipated and. I'm convinced, it was because of that I would rather define, financial. Success by how much I can give rather, than how much I can make and. So that's what I did I set a financial, goal that I would be able to give away $500,000. And that was my goal the. Couple stuck to it even when Bob was laid off by. Then he'd started his financial, blog and was making $100, a month now. He felt he was supposed to run at full time and. In my mind I'm like this doesn't make any sense, because how are we gonna pay the bills how is this gonna work out within, nine months he was making more money from his website than, from the job he'd lost and Bob, and Linda's debt was completely, gone we. Just never stopped giving and you. Know I can't help but think that that has something to do with it soon, the couple paid off their house and Bob's websites skyrocketed. In value they've. Reached their goal of giving away half a million dollars, now. Bob is 37, and gives. 37%. Of his income to God he. Plans to increase that 1%. Every year we. Cannot outgive God and. That's. What I just want to keep spending the rest of my life doing I truly, believe that tithing, is one of those things that just opens, up, the. Floodgates of heaven and in, it's just. One of those areas that we have seen such breakthrough, in that I can't, help but just encourage, people in this when. You've given to the kingdom of God. You might not have a lot and. For. Us in the beginning like we didn't have a lot to give but. God. Can take it and just, explode. It you give what you have and he. Multiplies, it. Here's. The promise from second Corinthians chapter 9, remember. This a farmer. Who plants only, a few seeds will. Get a small crop but. The one who plants generously will. Get a generous crop. You, must each make up your own mind as to how much you should give for, God loves, the person who gives cheerfully and God, will generously provide all, you need then. You will always have everything. You need and plenty left, over to share with, others, Bob. And Linda put those principles. Into practice and, it's, amazing. What God has done he, will do the same for you he watches, over his word to perform. It. Well, at one time Tracy Smith. $24,000. Salary, barely paid the rent a single, mother of two Tracy. Says she felt the weight of the world on, her shoulders well. Then she started, tithing, and then. Began, receiving, back-to-back. Promotions, over. The next several years. Tracy. Quadrupled. Her salary. Tracy. Smith is a successful, author and motivational speaker.

With A six-figure salary but. There was a time when she was a stressed-out single, mom barely, making ends meet I was. At a very, very desperate place. In my life and, I had to like claw my way back up to the top Tracy's. Life hit bottom after she suffered two tragic, events in the same year first. She, lost her four-year-old daughter to leukemia and then, her marriage dissolved, almost. Overnight she became the sole caretaker of her young sons, so. I'm, thinking. About how am I going to care of myself two. Babies, they, need food they, need clothes. Tracy, was a government worker whose $24,000. Salary barely, paid the rent no. Matter how hard she tried she, couldn't cover all her family's, expenses. Finances. That was it. I couldn't, think of anything else but, finances. So, the weight of the world was, on my shoulders, as, a child Tracy found peace and stability at church in her current distress, that's where she returned and, she began to pray for help God. How, can you help, us this. Is real, we need help I don't, know how I'm going to take care of my kids I need, more money during. That time I started. Reading my word I locked, into the, scripture, Malachi. 3. And 10 on. Tithing I didn't. Start out giving 10% in the very beginning, I was just kind of late trying, it out testing. God to see what he would do within. Weeks Tracy, says she saw changes, when, I started. Giving 10% I'm going to tell you late I was, getting promotions. Back-to-back. So, Tracy increased, her giving he was teaching me how to trust, her with everything, that. There was a need financially. I will, pray to God and say God I know you have us in the next 12 years Tracy, received, 11 more promotions, and her annual salary, quadrupled, she, also received something that couldn't be measured in dollars less. Worry and, stress. Now, that's, incredible. That's nothing. But God he, put me in a place of comfort a place, of peace my. Kids and I did so many great things together. Along. The way Tracy was able to buy a home and met, and married Raymond, she, also joined, the 700 club all I can do is give back because God has done so much for me CBN. Is out there helping. The, as of, the destitute, the poor the needy and. I just feel like CBN, is like. One, of the best places to sow that seed today. Tracy is a busy author and speaker whose greatest joy is hanging out with her family and she's, telling others how they can be blessed like she is tithing. Is, a way to live into God to connect with him to trust him with every, area of your life, she works unexpectedly. You, don't even know or believe or. Can. Imagine. Where the money is going to come from but, again he say try me test, me and once you do that. Your. Mind is gonna be blown that's just how that works. The. Promise, is from Malachi, 3, bring all the tithes into the storehouse that. There may be food in my house and, test me now in this as the Lord of Hosts if, I will not open for, you the windows of, heaven and pour out. For, you a blessing. That, there will not be room enough to receive it, Tracy put that principle, into practice, and you, see the result the same thing will happen to you if you just follow, the same principle. Now, I've got some wonderful news from, partners, from Tennessee, or joining with partners from Texas, and they, want to challenge others to give so, they will match your giving one, hundred and sixty. Thousand. Dollars. End of the hour and let's pray Lord we ask for blessing over, this and, we asked her increase, and, we asked for blessing, for the partners who, made it possible to. Issue this, challenge Lord. Opened. The windows, of heaven and pour out a blessing that, cannot, contain, and for, those watching now making decisions, bless. And encourage, them for, we ask it all in Jesus, name. Amen. And. Amen. 160000, is the challenge, amount. 41. Minutes 26, seconds, is the clock what, are we asking you to do we're asking you to join the 700 club, how, much is that well it's just $20. A month 65 cents. A day, some, can join at a higher level we have 700, club gold for you at $40, a month thousand. Club is $1,000, a year and that's $84. A month at. Whatever level now's the time to join. 1-800-777-7835. We're, also going, to meet real people who. Have come face to face with these divine, creatures, and, have experienced, what can only be described, as miraculous. Life-changing. Encounters, as. He started pulling me through it, was just a first white, light my. Thought is the angels were there to hold me together I knew that this was something that was happening and it was supernatural. Angels. Their, power purpose. And presence. Call. Now or go to, to, get your copy of angels. This. Is our gift to you when you call and join the 700 club right now so, not only do you have your gift go twice this far because we're in the middle of a challenge but you'll have this gift arrive at your house shortly we'd love to send it to you one eight hundred seven, hundred seventy.

Two. Seven. Hundred club gordon o'brien, and becky Horvath, are proud to say they're debt-free they've. Paid off their loans their credit cards, and even their mortgage, in just, 11 months they've. Been able to do that thanks, to three simple steps and, now, they want to share their secret, with you. Brian. Horvath of Tampa Florida has, everything he ever dreamed of a happy. Marriage a nice home and a, great career as a money manager, but. He admits it took him longer than he wanted to get here so. One of the things he always tells people don't. Make the same mistakes, he once did I was. Trying to impress, people that I'd even know or maybe didn't like four. Years Brian, lived the high life as. A businessman he had a solid income but he was spending it faster than he was making it at one. Point he, had to file for bankruptcy I, wasn't. Able to make all my bills I overspent. Every single week I was in a ton of credit card debt I had student loans so in 2006. I was walking home from a New Year's Eve party and just sick and tired of it started. Crying heavy tears it, was just undone, done. He. Woke up the next day and knew, it was time to reevaluate his, life. Remember that Sun pouring, into the windows almost. Like saying it's like heaven. Opening up going look I have. Something for you that. Week, Brian gave his life to Christ he. Also decided, to look at money from, God's perspective I would, honestly say that God spoke to me through my wallet and the. First thing that he did was say. Give and he says in his word in the old and new Testament, that, were called to be a giver and that we should give 1/10 at. The time Brian was, $37,000. In debt still. Brian began hiding to his church when. He started taking classes and money management he, came up with a practical plan to pay off his debt I learned, that we should give first save, second spend later I started, doing a budget I started using cash, I'd say no to the all the other trips. I wanted to go on and to say no to all the eating out I had to say no to all the ancillary spending. Just. Buying stuff because, any, new, technology I just, couldn't do it I just kept. Focused. On the goal through. It all he never stopped hiding and within 14 months his, debt was gone tithing.

Got. Me out of debt because, he says he, will protect those who who. Tithe Brian. Wanted, to teach others the benefit of giving so. He took a job as the stewardship, director, at church meanwhile. Brian met and married Becky she. Too wanted to live debt-free but. Now they had an expensive, mortgage holding them back I just. Started feeling like we're. Supposed to get our house paid off as quickly, as possible so, we came up with a little chart that, said we oh nine, nine thousand, six hundred dollars and we, wrote on the bottom of it Lord you are Lord over our mortgage and then, we wrote Luke 18:27. Whatever. Is impossible. With man is possible with, God that's. When they say God told them how to pay off the mortgage but. It would require a step, of faith I said. To Brian one day. I feel. Like we're supposed to give 10% of that up front and so I actually went. To the prayer closet if you will got on my knees and say God what should we do and he said write the chat so. They gave $10,000. From their savings after, that they followed a strict budget before. Long Becky's, income, doubled and she, got a promotion, within. A year they, paid off their house that's, God saying I have more than enough for you I told you I had something for you trust, me, man. He, over, delivered, today. Brian and Becky have two small children and have already started their college funds they're, giving more than ever and continuing. To see increases, in their income, the, couple encourages, others to trust God with their money and give, to their, is, financial. Reward, that. Comes from it we, experienced, it well heartily money. Says a lot about who we are how, we spend our money talks, a lot about our character, not, how much but the heart the attitude, of giving and, so you got to start somewhere, just, give something. Here. It is from Luke chapter six give, and it will be given to you a good, measure pressed, down shaken together. And running over, will be poured into, your lap for with, the measure you, use it will, be measured to, you Brian. And Becky learned that they followed, that and you, see the result, that can happen to you now, we've got a hundred and sixty thousand dollar challenge if we can get the red number up we've got a hundred and thirty thousand, hundred twenty-nine thousand, it's going down 34. Minutes 37, seconds, on the clock call. Us now be a part of it one eight hundred seven, hundred seven, when. You call make sure you ask for pledge Express that's. Electronic, monthly giving the, bank is doing all the work and we can send as our gift to you power, for life monthly teaching, CDs, so, if you like those ask. For pledge Express when you call or just go to, slash. Give when, you give monthly on the internet, you automatically, sign up for pledge Express, let's.

Go To Wendy at the phones Wendy. Thank. You so much Gordon well everything, you ever wanted, to know about angels, that's what you're gonna find in this new DVD by. Pat Robertson, things like do angels sometimes appear as regular, people what's, the deal with guardian, angels and is there an angel, of death watch, this. War. The heavenlies, we're. Going to find out what the Bible has to say about but, was good I saw a set of white, hands, and, bad agent, I knew that the devil was with me this whole time I felt him Satan, himself appears. There's an angel of light and I knew something very real was, happening spiritually. We. Have a vehicle that is upside down and on fire there was this huge explosion angels. Can give, us physical, protection it. Was just a burst of white light words. Can't describe the. Peace that I felt we, haven't even begun to understand, I was just screaming where. Is my daughter suddenly. And a man walked, up he, had the biggest smile, and that smile came, with a sense of peace using. Angel these, magnificent. Beings, have awesome, power, beyond. Our comprehension. Their power purpose. And presence. Angels. What do we really know about them you know last night I was curious so I opened the Bible and found out that angels. Are mentioned about 60, times in, the Bible so they're pretty important, but yet, they remain these mysterious, amazing. Beings well if, you're like me and you'd like to know more about angels. And their purpose in your life we've, got just the thing for you Pat's new DVD, discovered. Their role in your life angels, their purpose, power and presence, this is our gift to you when you give us a call right now and just say yes I want to join the 700 club, how, much is it great question it's just 65, cents a day $20. A month is all it takes to become the CBN partner there's so many of you are already there, that's the $20 a month level and we, just want to say thank you you are making a big difference but if you'd like to make a bigger difference I know many of you would just, go to your phones right now and say I want to I want to do more I want to take it up to the gold level that's just $40, a month when, you do that we want to bless you back with three if Passenger teaching on angels one for you and two to give away if you can do more a lot of us can let's take it up to the thousand, club level thousand. Club level eighty-five. Dollars a month or higher and we're gonna bless you with five of this amazing, new teaching this is a fascinating, study, if you've, been curious, about angels, all your life you really need to get a hold of this and if you've been curious, about CBN, in the 700, club you really need to get a hold of us too by just going to your phones right now and saying yes I want, to be a part Terry, well. When you join the 700 club you're literally helping people all over the world but, right from your own living room people. Like a father living in China whose baby desperately. Needed surgery it, would take this widower ten years, to save enough money for the needed operation, by, then it might be too late. Mrs.. Dong died two, days after, her son was born. The, last thing, she said was, I'm not going, to get to see our boy girl I was, devastated and, wanted. To give up but. Everyone, I knew said come, on your. Son needs, you so. Mr. dong did his best but it was hard, because, you, ping was born with a cleft lip and palate. He. Was constantly, hungry, but. He could barely eat, so, he was weak and thin, you. Pain. Was only half the size of other children his age he. Cried all the time and was often sick with fevers, once. It was so bad that he went into a coma I was, worried, that I was going to lose him just like I lost my wife I really. Wished she, was by my side so, we could go through this together.

I Felt. Useless as, a dad, a lot. Of people said my, son's mouth was so bad that it wouldn't be possible to fix it but, I knew, that my wife would have make cleft lip surgery, a top, priority. So, I honor that. As, a shoe, repairman, it would take him over ten years, to earn enough money for, surgery but. He was willing to do it mrs.. Dong had been a Christian, and had, encouraged, him to trust, God too but, mr. Tong didn't believe their, question I thought if there's, a God why. Is this happening, how is my son ever, going to make it in the future. He. Was so desperate that he prayed anyway, and was, surprised, when he heard about an organization. That did free cleft lip surgeries. Shortly. After, applying for help he, received a call from CBN, okay, for, the first time I felt like somehow God. Had, heard my, prayer, the. Free surgery, we provided, you ping put a smile, on his face that his father had never seen, before, now. He's healthy, and looks more like his mother than ever my. Son, is cured, he, has changed, our lives. I feel. Like CBN. It's an angel of God now. I believe, in Jesus, he, saved, my, son a. New. Life for father and son and 700. Club members that's because, of you that's, why we're asking you to join the 700 club right now 65. Cents a day $20. A month makes you a 700 club member maybe. You already are a 700, club member well today would you consider going up to the next club level if, you're a general member go up to the club Gold level at $40, a month if you're already there consider. Going up to the thousand, club level that's, $84. A month we, have 2500, club members who join us at two hundred and nine dollars a month founders, who join us at four hundred and seventeen, dollars a month and then, we have a chairman Circle these are gifts of ten thousand dollars or more a year listen. Ask God what do you have you to do and then call now knowing that you are truly touching, and changing lives around the, world as well as right here at home Gordon well Daniel, and lacasa Burrell, are a hard-working, couple who are struggling to feed their family, and, then one day LoCascio. Discovered, a way to come home with a trunk, full of groceries. Without, spending. A dive. See. What Daniel. And Latasha Burrell are dedicated, parents who are passionate, about ministry, four. Years ago they felt led to move their family to Georgia to help friends, plan a church they, said well we need children's, ministry, directors and we're like okay it's been amazing to be able to have our children right there with us during this process, I know that, it's touching their lives their, journey of faith hasn't, always been easy. The, couple's three year old Daniela has suffered from a brittle bone disease since she was born an. Hour after she was born the doctors were doing a routine tests on her and broke her leg and, they. Had to rush her to Texas. Children's Hospital, you had to just handle, her a certain way so that she wouldn't break that's. How delicate, she was just like glass then, she's had her rotting surgeries, and then all the infusions, every three months she's still just this happy little girl through, it all, Daniel. Works very long days as a chemical batcher, but when medical bills piled up finances. Got tight, some. People say you live paycheck to paycheck well we weren't even making it to the next paycheck it was very difficult for, us, to even put, gas in our car we, didn't know where our next meal was coming from sometimes, one, day Latasha was reading a magazine and, came across an ad for warehouse of Hope a partner, of Operation, Blessing I remember.

One Day she just came home with a trunk, full of groceries and it was one of those hard times where, you know literally, it was like we had nothing going to warehouse, of hope relieved, a lot a lot, of pressure off of our family, you fill your whole car up it's so much it's like amazing, how much they give you I can't, put it into words just how, much of a. Blessing. Operation. Blessing and warehouse of Hope has, been to our family, in this, time. And it's, gotten better it's gotten a lot better. Daniel. Recently, took up woodworking, between, the extra income he makes from selling his furniture and to help the family receives from warehouse of hope and Operation, Blessing the, Burrell's are finally, making ends meet I've learned to worship, God and to say God you, are my, provider. I'm trusting, in you, I would want to say to the people they give to Operation, Blessing thank, you from the bottom of my heart you've made such a huge impact in, our life and taken burden, off of our shoulders thank, you thank, you thank, you god bless you because, you are a part of something. Bigger than you even know. If. You're a member of the 700, club that thank you goes to you because. Of you were able to do these things because. Of you we're able to preach the gospel around the world because. Of you were able to feed people right here in America, it's all made possible because. People like you care enough to give if, you're an existing 700. Club member at $20, a month consider, increasing, consider. Going to 700, club gold that's $40. A month if you're, already a gold member consider a thousand, club that's a thousand, dollars a year that's $84. A month we, also have. 2500. Club that's, twenty twenty five hundred dollars, a year two hundred nine a month. Founder. Five, thousand, dollars a year that's four hundred and seventeen, a month and then Chairman's, Circle ten thousand, dollars or more a year at, whatever level now's the time to do it one eight hundred seven, hundred seven, thousand, we've got sixty, three thousand, on that red number and, we're taking it down here, from Oscoda. Miss Michigan, a founders. Coming, in at five thousand. Hundred dollars, that. Gets automatically, doubled because we're in this challenge, so call us now let's go to Wendy at the phones Wendy. All. Right thanks so much Gordon well let me ask you have you ever had an encounter with, an angel. You'll meet several people, who have in this new DVD called. Angels, their power purpose. And presence. Plus Pat, Robertson answers such questions, as when we die do angels, come and take us to heaven here's a sample of what you'll see. The. Man I've been working with was on his knees above my body but on each side of him was a huge angel. He. Seemed to just emerge, through, the door and floated. Out on on the ground. She. Started. Pointing and, she was saying monster. Discover. The truth in Pat Robertson's latest DVD. Angels. Their power purpose, and presence, these, magnificent.

Beings, Have awesome, power beyond, our comprehension, in, this DVD you'll gain biblical, insight into these mysterious, creatures, learn. Their purpose in God's kingdom and their role in your life plus, meet, people who've had real encounters, with angels God. Sent an angel to pull. ISA out of that car you're, gonna be a believer, by the time this is finished call, now or go to, to get your copy of angels. Available. Now. Scott. Rice Scott Ross is right you will be a believer after you watch this angels, their power purpose. And presence in your life you, you will meet people who've actually had encounters. With these, angelic beings. And you, know a lot of us have questions about angels they're mentioned many times in the Bible but what do they mean in our lives what we want you to have, those questions answered with Pat's new teaching on angels, it's our gift to you right now when you join the 700 club, all you have to do is go to your phones and say yes I'd like to join CBN, the 700, club it just 65. Cents a day $20. A month is all it takes to become a CBN partner, now many of you are already there and I just want to say thank you you're making a big difference but I'd like to challenge you right now to to, do more let's we, can all do more let's go to our phones right now and just say yes I want to take it up to the Gold level $40. A month is all it takes to become a Gold Partner when, you do that we want to bless you back with three of paths to teaching on angels one for you and two to give away if you can go higher let's, take it up to the thousand, club level that's. Just $85. Or higher you will get five of this brand-new, amazing. Teaching on angels. Their power presents, and purpose in your life go, to your phones right now we need your help Gordon John. Hamada wants, to be part of something much bigger than, he could ever imagine doing, himself, and. That's why he's been a CBN, partner for 34, years, it's, also why John believes his business, has seen remarkable, success. For nearly four decades. I, make. Skaters, better skaters. For. Nearly 40 years John, hermanas has been making skaters, better by, crafting, Custom Fit ice skates in his workshop and store in Downers, Grove Illinois, the. Reason, I think they got blessed my business so much is, simply. Because. Two, things one, the. Law of reciprocity, that. Is the one time in the Bible where the Lord says go ahead and challenge me and. See. If I don't come through for you and, number two because, of his grace. His. Ever-loving grace. One. Day years ago John. Started watching the 700 club, I was channel surfing one, day and came across Pat. At, TV on a 700, club and just, started. Listening and as I listened to more and more I became more.

Intrigued. With his message one. Of the first things I did do was go out and buy passbook, to secret kingdom mainly. What I liked about the book was pets. Chapter. And the law of reciprocity and. How the more, that you give and give freely the. More will be returned to you a tenfold. Twenty, fold 100, fold though, he was already tithing to his church John. Decided he would also start giving to CBN I believe, in what they are doing and I, want to be a part, of something. Much. Bigger than what I could ever imagine doing myself the 700, club does so many things orphans. Promise. Superbook. I mean they're all over the world and to know that I have a small. But very important, role that I play in that is, just heartwarming, John. Says his favorite part of giving to CBN is. Seeing how it changes lives through, things such as cleft palate surgeries, after. Surgeries, when you see the smiles on our faces and, even a bigger smile and her parents faces, and, our grandparents, faces, and, it's just so appreciative. They don't even have to say anything like. They say a picture says a thousand, words like. Many business owners John has seen ups and downs but through it all he is continually, increased, is giving a CBN. CBN. Is. Worth, every, penny, nickel. Dime and, dollar that you could ever want, to put into it now. I would encourage everybody. To, just. Give give. What you can and give it beyond net and just, watch what happens. Got, some wonderful news some partners, from Minnesota, they want to add. 77,000. To, the challenge, Texas all the way to 237. Let's, pray lord bless, the partners who made it possible to, increase this, bless. Them Lord bless. Their families put. A hedge of protection around, them, and, for those watching calling, in now bless. And encourage them speak to them for we ask it in Jesus name, Amen. And. Amen. 237, thousands. The challenge amount we, get the red number back, up ninety, one thousand, to go was 17, minutes and 55, seconds, call us now 1. 800, 700. 7,000, Terry Salt. Deanna's family, life was a nightmare, she, and her siblings were at the mercy of her abusive, father who, savagely, beat their mother then. One day CBN's. Orphans promise turned, this family's, nightmare into, a dream, come true. Nine-year-old. Sogdiana. Has, a big, dream, sky. Dreams, it one day my master can hip and good happy, life, because. The stark reality for. Sogdiana 'he's mother and her four children is, a life, filled, with violence. And pain, my. Father taught us all night long we. Heard my mother's cries of pain and Kundun acid. He. Beat me and threw me down the stairs when, I was pregnant he, even kicked me in the stomach I was just so afraid. After. One savage, beating, left nedelya, critically. Injured she, finally left, her abusive, husband, she. Found a small house to rent and occasional, work as a street, vendor but. The children, were often hungry. And cold. But. I said please, forgive, me I looked. Everywhere for more, work so they could have something to it I, prayed. And asked God to help us and for, my mom to get some money to, start the small business, that, is your dream. CBN's. Orphans promise heard, about Natalia, and her family, and wanted, to help we. Stopped her pantry, with food and provided. Assistance, with overdue, bills we. Enrolled all four children in our after-school, program where. They received nourishing. Meals and learn, about Jesus. Then. We fulfilled, Mozilla's, dream to rent a small kiosk where. She sells coffee and snacks we never, believed difficult my dream to start my own business has. Come true thank, you now. I can provide everything my children need our prayers. Were answered, the. Spiritual. Mother has, a happy life now and. We always have a good food to eat you, came from far away and helped, us and, made, our dreams, come true. Thank, you. It. Always stands out to me and these stories, is the hopelessness, on, the face of the people involved until. You came in and made a difference and this smile is from ear to ear and as, deep as the heart can go we want to say thank you because you're touching families, like this all around, the globe so 700, club members you're, making a huge difference but would you like to know how you can maximize your giving well, first of all right now we're in a challenge that means every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar but beyond that you can use something we call pledge Express.

That's, Electronic, monthly giving it means your bank does all the work you don't have to remember to do anything it's done for you it saves us some administrative. Costs so we can put even more of your gift right into the lives of children, like sogdiana, and her family, our way of saying thank you for using pledge Express is, to send you a powerful life teaching, you'll get one of these every single month even, as your blessing others we think these will be a blessing to you so will you call now just say I want, to join the 700 club and I'd like to do it using pledge Express, Court. All right I've got some wonderful news from, Concord, North Carolina, Chairman's. Circle saying you can count on me 10. 65,000. 14, minutes 18. Seconds, on the clock call us now 1 800 700. 7000, well, jenny is a widow who's tormented. By memories, of her life in a Ukrainian ghetto, during, the Holocaust, but, she's not alone today. Jenny lives in Israel. Where she depends, on her friends, from CBN, Israel to. Help her get along I. Remember. Everything like this happened. Yesterday. Jenny, was three years old, when the Holocaust, came to her village in 1941. She and, her family were forced to live in a ghetto in Ukraine, we. Lived in a. Place where, the. Horses, stay and this was very cold and. Smell not good, nothing. Not not clothes not the, shoes. Not the food, as, disease, spread through the ghetto, Jenny's older sister died from dysentery. Jenny, survived, by gathering, food from nearby fields, she had to crawl under a barbed wire fence to, get it but one day a guard dog attacked, and mauled, her leg I see, this in my dreams. Sometimes. When, I met Jenny she told me most of her family died in the ghetto and her father was killed fighting, the Nazis, so. Crying, when. I was young I didn't. Think about this when there was now this age I remember, bad, memories, bad very bad. After. Jenny got married, she and her husband, moved to Israel and started a family now. A widow she lives alone and continues, to struggle with bone and joint problems so. CBN, Israel got her a walker with a chair to help her get around oh it, just happened a lot I can go off site I can go and they can see them came walk and I can. Be independent. This. Like, my, car. We. Also take Jenny food regularly, and spend time with her we. Even help her put together parties, for the local Holocaust, survivor group she leads I want, to say, again. Like a bag and again. Thank God but. He sent you, to us this. Made for us, warming. Heart with somebody. Think about us. You. Know what if we have some, hard. Time we. Know somebody, can help us and be, very happy to, have you. Thank. You very much. And. Thank you if you're a member of the 700, club thank you you're. Part of that you're part of reaching out with hands of love and compassion, to. People in Israel, and people around the world if, you want to see the gospel preached, around the world join the, 700, club a portion, of every gift goes into CBN. International to. Do just that if, you want to help people join, the 700, club.

Just Imagine, what happens when tens of thousands, of people get together and say yes let's, make a difference in the world well that's what 700. Club means people. Saying yes I'll give $20, a month, I'll give $40. A month, I'll. Join, I'll be a part of it so if that's you call, us now 1 800 700. 7000. Let's, go to Wendy at the phones Wendy. Thanks. Gordon well did you know that some people have the gift of seeing, angels, Scott, Ross met one of them on the streets of New York along, with a number of other people who had their own opinions. About angels. Just what. So. What do, you think angels do what what's your purpose God's, messengers, serve, God. Give us messages, flying, over, us and, protecting. Us I just. Know that they're up there I guess I believe in the fact that other people could be your Angels right I don't know if you'd call them angels fine I believe that somebody's watching over us taking care of us I don't know guarding, me or something like that. I. Don't. Know how he does it but Scott Ross he just goes right for it and he got some great answers didn't he a lot of people do believe in angels but they remain these mysterious, beings, well the Bible talks about angels, about 60 times so they're obviously important. But still what, do we really know about them well if you've got questions about angels, and maybe, one of them is do you have a guardian, angel well we've got answers and pass through teaching called angels, their, power purpose. And presence true stories, of people. Who had life-changing. Encounters. With these angelic beings. People, that actually saw angels, helping them so. If you'd like to get it I need, to tell you how to get this go to your phone's right now and, say, yes I would like to join the 700 club, it's just 65, cents a day $20. A month is all it takes to become the CBN partner, now if you're already a CBN partner you are gonna get this but maybe it's time to do more go to your phones and say I like to go up to the gold level it's just $40, a month when, you do that we want to bless you back with three of pass through teaching on angels, one. For you two to give away if you can go higher let's, take it up to our thousand club level just eighty-five dollars a month or higher guess, what we're gonna give you five can, you think of four people who would be blessed by, this teaching and, these amazing stories on, angels, I was watching it last night and I was just amazed, and it, made me a believer I was already a believer but now I am a real believer, in angel so we want you to have it we are in the middle of a hundred and, no. A two hundred and thirty seven thousand dollar challenge with eight minutes left on the clock so, I'm gonna throw it over to Terry. Well. Nellie is a young girl living, in Honduras. One, day she became so sick she thought she was going to die and when, her father found, out what had made her sick, he and their whole village, were terrified.

For. Years people in this village in Honduras, had only one source of water an underground. Hose fed, by a pool a mile up the road, the. Pool is filled by water seeping, through the soil, adults. And children were. Getting sick from drinking it, old, families suffer from it we, did not know, it was bad water, what. People didn't realize about the water they were drinking, is that, it had passed through, a cemetery, filled. With 300, mostly, shallow graves. For. Us it was a terrible. Discovery that the drinking, water rain, across, the graves, it. Really, scared, us. We. Were afraid of the deadly, sicknesses, the family, could get, then. Pablo's, 10 year old daughter Nellie, got, ill, my. Stomach hurts so bad, and, I was vomiting soon, I thought. I was going to die when. Operation, Blessing met, Pablo, we, confirmed, my lab tests, that there was a lot of bacteria, including a, coli in the water so. We found a new source of water for the community, far. From the cemetery. We, ran pipes to a holding tank and there. Purified, the water. Our deal I open the water faucet and began to drink clean water I was. Very happy when I saw the water flow into the glass we. Have peace, of mind now because. The, children or family, are not sick anymore. Recently. We went back to visit Pablo's, family, gave, them a Bible and, shared the gospel they. Prayed to become Christians, when. He brought the Bible and pray with me I felt, something special in my heart now. I read. The Bible with my family, every day thanks. To Operation, Blessing for this, act of love and for helping my family. Making. A difference, if you had to say what do 700, club members do they make a difference, in every situation of, need that they encounter, become. One of the 700, club members that are touching thousands, of lives every day join with us you, and I really can touch the world with the love of Christ you, do it by calling our toll-free number it's. 1-800-777-7835. That was the first time I was so super cool finally. Grew up in a traditional Buddhist. Family in Cambodia, my, grandpa, taught me to learn Sanskrit. He, said learn, it and I will make you into a monk. I said. I'm, not sure I want to be a monk but, humle did have some unanswered questions. That morning, as he walked into the church, questions. Like who, made the world they. Were showing the Superbook, episode, in the beginning, I saw. The Spirit flying around and. He said light, zone he. Made the sky and the whole world, even make. Adam, from the dust of the earth the. Teacher invited. Everyone to pray that morning and hung, Lee after, watching only one episode of Superbook gave. His life to Jesus. After. I believe in Jesus I was, so happy because I, knew here's the world Maker the following. Weekend Conley talked to his parents and invited, them to go to church, then. Just, three weeks later his. Whole family, prayed to become Christians. My. Mom and dad believe in Jesus now and, they go to church every week I'm. So grateful for, Superbook. Be. A part of it be a part of taking the stories of, the Bible to the children of, the world, we're, up to 43. Languages, now a Superbook. And, there's a broadcast map, so you can see all the different places where Superbook, is airing. Today on television on. Cable, channels, and on the Internet we, want to get Superbook. To the children, of the world in their language, so. You're a part of that when you join the 700 club so call us. 1-800-772-1213. Saw. Founders. Saying you can count on me. $6,000. 3. Minutes 18, seconds, to close, on this challenge, we want to go way over the top 200. 37,000, let's let's, exceed, it and be. A part of it. 1-800-777-7835. I was. Working, on a Peter Belt logging truck and this 10,000. 12,000, pounds of weight came down across my midsection. Basically, like. A blunt to guillotine, and just crushed me in half I just called out Lord help me I want to conscious my spirit left my body the, man I've been working with was on his knees above my body but on each side of him also, on their knees was a huge angel. That. Story was so painful to watch but how cool that he got to see angels, helping, him live, Terry. I know you've seen this DVD, as well it really is amazing, it's. Powerful, powerful. We, want you to have it too you, get that when you join the 700 club it's our thank you last, September, one of the most powerful earthquakes, ever to hit Mexico toppled.

Hundreds, Of buildings thirty-six, people died and the third of the homes collapsed, in the city that was hardest hit that's, where a mother named lose both lived along, with her children through, what she calls the longest, night of our lives. When. A massive earthquake hit, Mexico loose Beth and her children, barely, got out of their house alive before it collapsed, to the ground that. Was the longest night of her lives, every. Hour seemed like an eternity, the, aftershocks. Were constant. I I cry all night then. A team from Operation, Blessing came, to her village it's a plan to build not just one but dozens of, new homes worth quake victims, Carla, is the volunteer, heading to team building a home for Lou's best family it's, not the first time she's done disaster, relief, I. Hilt. With, earthquake, relief in Nepal but, being, in my own country with my own people is something special. I. Feel blessed to know Carla, and the other volunteers, I, love. Them very much, Luz Beth really wanted to show the volunteers, how much their help meant to her so, she hand embroidered, each of them something special, everything. Changed, where they came we. Saw our lives getting, better and that made, us feel confident. Loved, and protected. The. Look we put in a work is reflected, English bedsloe Flores I, hope. That every, night in their new home she can feel how much we care about her. Thank. You for the hope that you have given us may. God bless you always. May. God bless you always we're counting down to victory just, ten seconds, left here, from Rapid, City South Dakota, founder. Saying you can count on me increasing. $5,400. Another founder, increasing. This, is from Ulysses, Kansas. $8,400. All, of those that, goes into this challenge two hundred and thirty seven thousand, was the amount and against that you gave, two. Hundred and seventy, seven, a fool, while, we're leaving today with a scripture from Galatians, let, us not become weary, in doing good for, at the proper, time we, will reap a harvest if, we, do not give, up god bless you we'll see you again tomorrow.

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Yeah right, this host is a CEO of 700 Club recieving millions in his salary out of tither’s monthly donations. Hypocrisy.

you have a bitter heart......

If Tracy Smith's first husband is not dead, then she is an adultress.

Marcus, yes she is. That’s the Truth of God, and that kind of truth is very offensive to those that are still in the world.

Marcus Boney , answer me this, what did Jesus say to the woman at the well that had been married five times and living with a guy? What did Jesus say to the woman that the Hypocrites brought to him, saying that they had caught her in adultery? He wrote all their sins out on the ground. They tucked their tails and walked away. Did he tell the woman at the well to go back and marry her first husband ? No he did not. God will teach you a lesson one day. You'll understand. one day.

I am not argue about the truth. All I want to do is know the truth and the truth will set you free. You don't what I live so your judging me and you don't even know my life.

St John 7:38

Marcus Boney then you're going to be in a lot of trouble. Because of the law still in effect, I'll guarantee you you do not keep it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Romans 7:1-4 and Matthew 6:16-17

Marcus Boney , john 3:18

No sin is going get into the kingdom. Arguing with the truth does not change anything. The laws of the Book are still in play

Marcus Boney , well I guess father God wasted his time sending his son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world. Step out of the Old Testament for a few minutes. We are under a new Covenant through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I am saying what the WORD says. That judgmental card people want to pull will not save nobody. 1 Corinthians 6:9. I can judge people. No scripture condemns judging people.

Marcus Boney , oh wow, you sound like a Pharisee, to him without sin cast the first stone. Clean up your own house before you judge someone else. God's mercies are new every morning. I pray that he doesn't judge you like you judge others. May have mercy on you.

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