The Alpes on Motorcycle 2021 Tips, Cost & Struggles in France

The Alpes on Motorcycle 2021 Tips, Cost & Struggles in France

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good morning youtube fam it is Monday  morning here in the beautiful city of... Bonjour! Bonjour! so it is a beautiful Monday morning here in  the city of Valloire, it is seven or eight degrees outside right now so the floor I'm standing on is  freezing cold fortunately, it's a blue clear sky and it looks like it's gonna be sun all day so  that's perfect, so today I'm gonna be driving here from Valloire towards something called Col d'Izoard which is another high point like   i went to yesterday, i think it's about 2600  meters in altitude and from there i'll be   continuing down the mountains again further  down south and see how far i can go so the   last couple of days i've been driving around  100 kilometers per day which is not a lot   but keep in mind I need to take a lot of  pictures, film, recharge my batteries and   yesterday i had a lot of difficulties with  my gopro hero 8 because apparently when it   gets really cold the frame freezes so a lot of  the footage i have from yesterday we have to be   really creative with the editing because  a lot of it is useless unfortunately so   um bit of tough night i had yesterday figuring  that out but uh you know that's how it is   sometimes you just get some unexpected problems on  a trip like this and you just have to deal with it so now I'm gonna pack up my things we're gonna  get back on the road and yeah let's get to it! so guys since i'm making a lot of these episodes  while i'm driving in beautiful nature i thought   i have to show you something a bit different  every every time instead of just the the view   and today i was thinking i was going to tell you  exactly what i wear beneath my leather clothing   to keep warm and not get totally wet  so every day i will wear a pair of   wool socks because the wool is perfect to wear  for several days it will not smell honestly i   can wear these for four or five days straight not  wash them and they don't smell at all then i have   actually a pair of shorts sports shorts and i  wear them inside the leather pants because if   i wear my cargo pants they will be all wet by the  time i get to the wherever i'm going so don't wear   a cotton inside of your motorcycle clothes then  i have another sports fabric t-shirt i have this   fleece to keep warm and then this is key because  when you're driving in the mountains it gets super   cold here on your neck so that's pretty much what  i wear of course gloves, i wear boots, leather pants, a leather jacket, my back shield and yeah i think  that's pretty much it but it's quite important   that you have some good quality wear that you  can have beneath the motorcycle clothes something   that doesn't take up a lot of space doesn't  smell easily and yeah it can keep you warm and dry... and um I also just wanted to say that I'm  actually super tired today so I do apologize   in advance there will be some yawning or  if my mood doesn't seem as high as usual   because i have not been sleeping a lot the last  couple of days i tend to worry quite a bit and   i'm always double checking make sure i don't  forget anything make sure anything is not stolen   and yeah it's just i've been shooting non-stop  every day for the last four days straight now   sleeping in new places every day, packing out  in the evening, packing in again in the morning   and yeah it's a it's actually a hard trip to do  like this honestly if you are thinking about doing   the uh Route des Grand Alpes, I would actually recommend  you to maybe stay one place for the one night   and then the next day, stay two nights or the  following day stay two nights and another tip   i forgot to say yesterday if you're using Agoda or and you're traveling like day to day   like i'm doing... honestly find a hotel on google,  on google maps go to that place and check with  

them at the check-in counter how much they  charge per night because i've already noticed   that sometimes i'm paying 20 to 30 more even  with deals on agoda than if i just check in   here at the hotel... and they usually have  special prices if you're only one person   for example this room is for three people and i  can see on the side it says normally minimum 100   euros but i got it for 65 euros yesterday  so that's a pretty good deal anyway... enough talking back on the road, let's go! and another pro tip for the day if you're a traveler like me and you're coming here to France for god's sake, please try and use some french words   uh imagine if if it if you're in your own country  and someone is visiting you if they try to speak   your language you appreciate it so much and  it's the same here it's the same in indonesia   always try to speak the language of the place  you're going to either if it's just thank you   "merci: or if it's g'day "bonjour" just small words  will make a massive difference for you trust me all right guys we are fully packed! time to get  on the road it is saying now that to Col d'Izoard is 1 hour 43 minutes quite  a lot of traffic 72 kilometers but   it's gonna be a beautiful ride so  let's go! such a small cozy city Valloire here, volia, viola? Jesus Christ, I can't remember  any names, oh! and other riders   always nice to meet other riders in the morning! Good morning lads so many people getting ready to hike, I  should do that, I really should... Let's go! Look! it's mountain goats! With their small horns... Wow crazy!  let's see what they say about drones, i unfortunately didn't get it on camera but   one of the goats were a trap  on the wrong side of the fence   and i tried to get it in and then i tried to flew  the, fly with the drone a little close to it and   it got so scary that it just jumped in and over  the fence and it got into its friends so...

Made it! so, but before i get to Col d'Izoard... I will first be driving through   Col du Galibier and both places are  here with national parks on both sides   and Col du Galibier is actually i will get  to 2600 meters but you can actually walk i   read that this morning hike up to 3200 meters  so um it's gonna be a high altitude day today   fortunately the sun is shining so much  otherwise it would be really really cold this really is lord of the rings land check it out six kilometers to Col du Galibier! Oh! Those guys want to ride, eh? let's try  and see if I can keep up with them... why not? wow they drive fast i'm not  used to cornering that fast   but i do have the acceleration of  the ducati with me oh i did forget   one really important thing this morning damn  it i just realized i didn't put on fuel oh so i'm not sure how long i will last... wow, that was stupid!   well good news and bad news the bad news is  that i don't have any connection so i cannot see  how far i'll have to drive until i get to another   gas station but taking a look around i do not  see a lot of gas stations here the good news is   i will hopefully probably get my connection back  before i run out of gas uh let's see! not smart wow so i have almost made it here to Col du Galibier, that's why so many people are   standing there up at the top and i  feel like i'm getting a little winded   pretty fast it could be because the  air is a little bit thinner up here   it is only at 2600 something meters in altitude  but you see you can walk there all the way off to   the top like the people are doing that's  pretty cool if you want to go all the way What a view, eh? pretty decent view and here you can buy the photos as well, people  are... whoa! okay i did not expect this though  

i'm just gonna quickly stop here for a sec  and just to enjoy those white mountain peaks   wow look at all that so beautiful  when you have all the gray   all the green all the flowers here the  big rock formations and then the white top mountains here... so according to my map it looks  like i will be heading down that way down to that   city that end and then i don't know if you can see  this far on the camera but you just have mountain   tops of mountaintop straight ahead and that is  where i'll be riding the next couple of days   just from the small valleys up in the mountain  passes like this and down again until i get to   the beach and then i will take some well  deserved time off because i am tired guys   it's beautiful here but it's hard work all right guys back on track and  we are still driving on the d902   we will have uh we will go to another larger  road today i think it's called the d1006 i'll   correct it on the screen if it's not correct  but besides that we will be driving on the d902   most of the day today and actually the roaster  we're driving on here in um called the Col du Galibier  and Col d'Izoard, this one is  also to the front roads so that we can so we can   see uh several places on the roads that they have  drawn you know with or painted with Tour de France sign and some names so that when the helicopters  from the tour de france are flying over this area   then you can see it on television kind of  cool like here you can see the ridings on the on the road and i got 25 kilometers 31  minutes left to Col D'Izoard so amazing honestly i can highly recommend  anyone who likes to go on a motorcycle to go   on a trip like this is so good for i think  it's both good for your mind i think it's   good for your heart your spirit basically anything  especially if you're feeling a little bit stressed   or down and low i mean what can be better  than go on a trip like this and just   get some speed on your bike wait  look that was dangerously close   get some speed on your bike and some wind in  your helmet not your hair and yeah enjoy the view   and i just love driving on this ducati  honestly i was a bit worried in the beginning   riding the ducati in mountains because it's not  a multistrada so it's not a actual touring bike   it's more like a cafe racer street bike but  it's been so pleasant the only thing is if   you're riding one of these and you're riding it  for long maybe i would advise to like lift the   steering a little bit because i'm a bit bent over  so if you have back problems you would probably   get it a bit more or if you're riding in the  position that i am, fortunately my back is strong   but the seating is nice and comfortable i highly  recommend wearing leather gear because you you sit   much more tight on the motorcycle versus if you're  just wearing jeans i feel like you're sliding back   and forth on the motorcycle and yeah probably the  only bad thing about the ducati 2007 s4 r1000 is   that you cannot really get boxes to attach to this  motorcycle and the bag that i have on my side is   actually expired so that is difficult to get as  well so in that sense it's not the best for touring but i mean i've made it work and you can put  backpacks on your back or on the back saddle   here and just strap it down like i've done um so  you can use this bike for touring and honestly   i think it's nice to Touring Bike about because it has  so much uh acceleration and so much raw power   yeah just wanted to say that because i have been  seeing comments or people people asking about how   is the ducati to drive on and honestly  i think it's fantastic, brakes fantastic   accelerates fantastic and i think it looks hella  cool let me know what you guys think do you think   this is a cool bike or not i'm excited to see when  i get to italy how many other ducatis i will see   it's gonna be fun to be in italy  on an italian bike driving in italy all right guys i was fortunate  enough to find a gas station   because i was actually getting pretty close  to running out so i just brought another   nine liters on the tank and  now i can go a bit again i'm on track for a second there i  thought i was going the wrong way   but then i saw the sign so that should mean  that i'm about to do some ascending again oh   check out these roads oh  it's so nice! switch! switch! so guys i've actually only driven 55 kilometers  today but it's already taken me two and a half   hours and because of don't stop filming stops  so i thought it would actually be a good   idea to stop and get some lunch so it's a bit  cheaper today i opted for the chicken which was   13-14 euros and then probably a couple of euros  for the drink which will be 16 euros each in total   and then i will be continuing up the mountain  just behind me here afterwards to Col de list...  i still can't pronounce it um but again up in  altitude and then i'm gonna try and see if i can   make it to it's called coolia, Guillestre um today  it should only be about 60 kilometers away i can't   though really find any good places to stay there  so i guess i'll just have to wing that today and   see how it goes so i'm gonna get in some food and  then we gotta get back on the road... So, I just got bit of lunch right down there and now i'm going  to continue towards Col d'Izoard okay 14 Okay! 14 minutes...

right guys here is refucy napoleon and we are now here at Col d'Izoard...  and the view is... quite astonishing to be honest with you  check this out let me just drive close to and someone found a nice little spot there with  their camper amazing this is another mountain pass and it looks like i need to go  over this way to get off and over and we are almost at the top guys, here... yeah, another mountain pass top here very nice! so many riders again here you can buy different things...  what is that stones? i think it's candy!   oh oh and it looks real nice too maybe i  should get a bit of candy, it looks good ah and there's even like a point like at  the other place right there that says 2360   meters it's quite a high point unfortunately i do  think that the wind is a bit too harsh right now   to put up the drone...

and we do have some ground to  cover so i think we're going to continue the trip Yup... you can see here the umbrellas  there's quite a lot of wind   can't really risk putting up the drone into  this...  but here it is guys! another mountain pass top... one thing i really want to do while  i'm here...

and that is making my mark guys so if you come past the Col d'Izoard... then make sure to check the sign   because i'm right here waiting  for you guys there we go nice oh do you remember that guy from my episode  2 "Am i there yet?" ah he was there as well   i'm going to try and show you the clip in case  you can... if you forgot but the same sticker   as i sat mine under when i was taking the  ferry from Rodby to Puttgarden that's awesome cool wow this is a cute little city also here in the  middle of the mountains with the red and whites   it's funny they probably when they see those  red and white flags they see the swiss flag or   know that they were in france interesting i see  indonesian flag and i see danish flag   when i see those up there... i do miss both my  family in denmark and my friends in indonesia

all right guys i have eight minutes  left until i'm at Guillestre... and yeah i'm gonna try and see if i can find some  place to sleep there because if i keep driving   even further down south now it's gonna be quite a  while before i can find any place to sleep and you   know in mountains like this there's not hotels  everywhere so as soon as you find a small city   you want to consider if you should stay for the  night or if you should try your luck and hope that   there will be another small city not too far away  so i'm just gonna check out the city and we'll   take it from there... so guys i just spent actually  30 minutes here at a hotel in Guillestre but it   wasn't really cheap it wasn't really that  good and it's only four o'clock so you know   today i'm just gonna keep driving keep driving  and get closer to Nice because now guys i'm   almost ready to to get out of the alps and to get  to a beach and to find actually just a nice place   where i can stay for a couple of days and just  relax... so let's continue driving south let's go guys for real check out the panorama view behind  me on that camera jesus christ and it's so green oh this is just so enjoyable  to ride on even though   that guy drove fast i saw the side his  uh one tire just lift from the ground   so yeah i'm just gonna keep riding today  and see how far we'll get on the d902 we are going to Vars.. not Mars last? Lars?  what's that horse? did you say Larse? no Vars! the city of vars hello bikers g'day  bikers good to see you Bikers! another key point here on the Routes Des Grandes Alpes! Should I stay here for the day? No way! Will say! We are gonna keep on going! maybe i just need some water that would be  great but otherwise we're gonna continue all righty all righty almighty guys i  can feel that i'm starting to get over   tired because my energy is spiking right now  which only means one thing i am thirsty and i   am over tired and i'm slightly over stimulated so  22 minutes to the nearest city i should probably   find a place to sleep soon good day mate! but i actually kind of enjoy it right now because   it's just so beautiful and i'm alone on the road  and the sun is going down so i can enjoy the   sunset from the road if i just keep on driving  today on the D902 whoa look at the mountain i feel like i've said that a lot  these last couple of days wow   beautiful and mountain yep  now we gotta keep rolling so guys right now i'm actually quite satisfied  with my idea to keep on driving because it's so   starting to become even more beautiful now that  where the sun is coming down a bit i'm hoping   i can find some place to sleep before the sun  goes all the way down i have to remember that   as soon as it goes down just over the  hillside then it's gonna be a lot darker here   but i'm just hoping tonight  that i will be lucky and find   a nice little place nice little town  where i can find a decent place to sleep all right guys i just saw a sign  that said Nice, 143 kilometers   so I am getting close to my  end here of the grandest route alpes, Route Des Grand Alpes whatever now i'm eight minutes away from a  larger city here on the d-900 called something   with b... i can't remember it now, overtake time and i  am definitely gonna try and see if i can find a   place to stay there if i find a place to stay  there i'm gonna quickly show you how it looks   like and of course let you know how much it costs  and but besides that guys i am pooped for today   so i'm gonna stop the route here in  the city which i will show in a bit   and i think that's going to be it for second  day ah for chickadee you can hear how tired i   am so thank you so much for watching guys i do  hope you enjoyed another episode here in the   French Alps with me and i appreciate your support  stay tuned because there will be more episodes   as i am heading towards Nice i will see you in  the next episode and until next time! Good night guys! Guys as far as i can see this is pretty  much just a little city with one hotel   it's really relaxing and the  weather is absolutely perfect you

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