The Amazing Listing $10,000,000 Chicago Lakefront Mansion | Andrei Savtchenko

The Amazing Listing $10,000,000 Chicago Lakefront Mansion | Andrei Savtchenko

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- Hey guys, Andrei here, welcome to another video. And today we ventured into the North Shore, which is a very beautiful and very exclusive suburb of Chicago. It's right on the lake and homes here are absolutely beautiful. The property behind me is one of those homes. Let me show you.

(dramatic music) Welcome to 233 Sheridan Road in Kenilworth. This gorgeous mansion has six bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, 8,700 square feet of living space, 100 feet of lake frontange, listed for $9,575,000. And a big thank you to Milena Biro for letting me tour her beautiful listing designed and built Heritage Builders. To kick off the tour, let's briefly talk about the facade of this gorgeous mansion. As you enter the driveway, you notice these beautiful, rich cobblestones that look so stunning and add so much charm to, you know, to this property.

The other thing you notice is the facade of the home. It's very beautiful, it's very traditional and it's done in this limestone detail. And that's one of the things that I really appreciate about this home, is the level of detail, the workmanship, and really just the creativity behind it, right? So you see the limestone, you see the moldings, all the sconces, the really beautiful dark window frames. And then right in the front here, you have these two regal columns that add so much wow factor.

At the top, you have this Juliet balcony that looks very, very clean and through these beautiful arched doors, you enter the home. Let's go see it. Alright guys, super excited to show you this home.

So the first thing you notice as you walk into this property is the gorgeous and unobstructed view of Lake Michigan. (bright music) And it's right over there for you. I can actually see someone jetskiing right across and today the weather is absolutely gorgeous and the lake adds a really peaceful and really serene vibe to this already beautiful home. One of the things to point out is the marble herringbone pattern in the foyer. So the rest of the home is actually done in hardwood floor and then this area they created using this really light tile that adds a very elegant touch.

Beautiful light fixture and then right over here is an office, let me show you. (bright music) All right, through these elegant French doors, you enter this beautiful office and this is a real CEO's office. It's moody, it's beautiful, it's very rich, it's very kind of masculine. (bright music) One of the things we notice is the millwork on every wall of this office, including the coffered ceilings. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it's done in this perfect shade of, it's like a shade of gray with a hint of brown, it's absolutely gorgeous and it works really well with this fireplace that's done in a high gloss and this exotic stone. And if you'd like to take a little bit of a break from work, or when you're done putting together a big deal, you walk up here, open these beautiful French doors, and look onto your gorgeous and really nicely landscaped front yard.

(bright music) Across from the office is this gorgeous dining room. And this dining room is really, really nice. (upbeat music) It's elegant, it's beautifully done. One of the things you notice is the wainscoting.

That's actually really creative, right? It's got a cool molding pattern on it, and it's done in this really nice shade of white. Crown molding, really elegant wall covering. This light fixture is actually gorgeous.

(upbeat music) And one of the things that you find adjacent to the dining room is a butler's pantry and this is so good to have. You have this gray, high gloss millwork, you have a sink, you have a wine cooler, and this is where you store your plates. And this is where you keep your booze, right? When you're having a dinner party, like having a butler's pantry this close to the dining room is really, really nice.

And right down the hall is your mudroom and your laundry room and your powder room. And then right over here is your elevator, which I'll show you in a moment. But what you really want to see is the kitchen. Let's go. (dramatic music) And guys, you have not seen a kitchen this awesome. One of the things I really appreciate about this kitchen is how gorgeous and how light it is.

Everything in the kitchen is, it's light, right? It's very clean, it's very beautiful. You have the light paint, you have the light millwork. You have this gorgeous island, which we'll talk about in a moment. And then you have this gorgeous oversized tile on the floor. So why don't we talk about the millwork first? (dramatic music) Right over here, you have your double oven, a Wolf appliance package, and then right next to it is a giant double-sided Sub-Zero refrigerator. And notice this one has a mirrored panels on top of it, so you could see the reflection on the lake as you're grabbing a snack.

Four freezer drawers and what I really love is the quality of the kitchen, right? It's done in this gorgeous high gloss white color that looks very, very elegant. And that's one of the things about this kitchen is guys, everything kind of sparkles and shines and everything is very reflective. So you can actually see the reflection of the sky and the lake pretty much in every direction that you look. (dramatic music) And then right here, you have this really massive Wolf range. And this is of course, the top of the line range that the money can buy.

Over it, an oversized hood and this thing is a custom-made. It's absolutely gorgeous, it has a chrome band, it has this really cool X detail. And actually the facing of the hood is done in this really perfect kind of off-white color that works really well with the rest of the color palette. And of course the backsplash is done in this exotic stone. And this is a quartz side.

Again, very beautiful color, very light, very clean, and very, very, very chic, three very's. (bright music) Okay, hands down the best feature of this home is the view, right? And the lake and being this close to the lake and being on this side of the kitchen, right in front of this beautiful farmhouse sink, you can see the entire lake. You can almost feel it and touch it through this oversized window. So when you're preparing a meal, when you wake up in the morning and having a cup of coffee, like you walk up here and this is, this is pretty special. This is very, very special. (dramatic music) Okay and this island is a dream.

The size of it is, it's absolutely enormous. It has functionality in the front, it has lots of base cabinet space, it actually has a sink. And then it has a nice overhang here for, you know, a couple of bar stools to have breakfast here. (bright music) And I really like how they popped it out in this really nice high gloss shade of gray.

It works really well with the tile they selected, as well as the rest of the vibe in the kitchen. And then these three pendants over the island are very, very sexy. (bright music) And a kitchen like this has to have its own coffee station. Right over here is your Wolf coffee maker, more storage, this is we can keep your mugs.

And this is actually a good area for your china and your plates and your silverware. So when you're hosting a dinner party, this is actually perfect for it. (bright music) Just imagine having breakfast at this kitchen table every morning, overlooking your pool and the lake and starting your day right. (dramatic music) And this sums up the kitchen, it's time to see the living room. This living room is so special. One of the things that stands out right away is this entire wall of floor to ceiling windows and doors, right? It's basically going all across the entire east side of the room, which is so incredible because you could see the lake from basically every part of the main level, right? It's very, very special.

(dramatic music) The light fixture is stunning, it adds a lot of character, but also adds an element of luxury, right? It's very, very nice. Coffered ceiling, right over there you have some really nice built-ins and this fireplace here is really magical because it's actually a double-sided fireplace and it's shared with another room in the back. (dramatic music) And here's another room that's perfect as an extension of your family room or part of your entertainment spaces. (dramatic music) Guys, if you thought the interior of this house is amazing, wait until you see what's in the backyard, let me show you. (dramatic music) Now this is what I call a very cool outdoor space.

Guys, just look at the size of this pool, it's amazing. And it even has a hot tub right over there. I love these pavers.

They look clean, just the overall vibe of the, you know, the outdoor space it's beautifully designed and it's really, really functional. (dramatic music) And right over here, you have this perfect grilling station and this thing has everything you could possibly need. Top of the line grill, ice maker, freezer, griddle, the whole nine yards. (dramatic music) And this is exactly what makes this property so special, it's this outdoor space, look how beautiful it is. It's just truly one of a kind and guys, I love the city of Chicago, I live in the city, I hang in the city, but having this kind of vibe, you know, on the lake is truly one of a kind and that's exactly what makes this property special. (dramatic music) And this sums up the main level.

Let's quickly check out the upstairs bedrooms. Let's go. We're now on the second level and on the second level we have five total bedrooms. So one on the left, you have one on the right with some beautiful lake views.

(dramatic music) And then continuing on to this hallway, you notice more exquisite millwork. So right over here, you have this beautiful wainscoting combined with this really nice textured wall covering that really adds an element of luxury. And then underneath it, you can actually see the foiling. That actually works really, really well.

And right over it, a really beautiful crystal chandelier in this really unique shape. (dramatic music) And this bedroom is awesome. It actually overlooks the front of the home, so you're looking at the nicely landscaped areas.

It's a really good size bedroom, it's got this really cool chandelier over it. (dramatic music) But my favorite part about is it the bathroom, let me show you. Gorgeous color palette and finishes in this bathroom. So you have your vanity that is absolutely stunning, the plumbing fixtures, the shape of it, the color of it. And then on the floor, you have this marble mosaic that looks very, very beautiful.

And again, it ties in so nicely with the rest of this room and then right over it, you have two sconces that actually look like a giant diamond. Again, they provide sufficient light. In addition to the cam lights, you have up at the ceiling. You have a wall-hung toilet, and then the shower has more marble.

Guys, there's so much marble in, it's basically all marble. Very luxurious and very classic. (dramatic music) And continuing down the hallway into the north wing of the home, you have a couple things. So you have your elevator right over here, and right this way you have this really great, kind of a grand hallway with sitting areas as well as some bookshelves. (bright music) And this is actually a really good area that I typically don't see in homes. The size of this hallway is really wide.

It has a really nice symmetry with these two custom bookshelves, some storage, some sitting areas. And I also love it because it has a lot of wall space. So if you have art, like this is where you could feature it. This is really, really great.

And then right over here is two giant windows, through which you can actually spy on your neighbors. (bright music) And adjacent to the hallway is this really nice second level laundry room, two oversized washer and dryers. You have custom millwork, you have a sink, you have a nice window and more marble on the floor. (bright music) And here's the fourth bedroom. And this is actually the second largest bedroom in the home. It could actually be your primary bedroom.

Great natural light, great size. Again, beautiful light fixtures, awesome closet space, and a really nice bathroom. (bright music) And now it's time for the primary bedroom and it is to die for. (dramatic music) Alright, this primary bedroom is really cool. One of the things I love is the sheer size of it. Guys, this room is huge.

You have space for a king size bed, you even have space for a sitting area right over here. And then you have this entire wall that is flooding the room with natural light. So when you're waking up in the morning, it's pretty magical to be here.

(dramatic music) And this side of the bedroom has some really exquisite built-ins. This millwork, just like in the rest of the home, is absolute perfection. It's very clean, it's really beautifully crafted. And it really works nicely with this marble mosaic.

And also guys, on this side, again, lots of shelvings, you have storage and you even have a wine cooler, which is so great to have in your primary bedroom. It's kind of a, it's one of those things that it's luxury, right? It's comfortable. And then right over here, you have more millwork. And then you have these really elegant sconces on each side of the TV. And the best feature of the primary bedroom has got to be this terrace. Let me show it to you.

Just imagine waking up every morning, coming out here and looking onto this gorgeous lake. (dramatic music) And on the way to the primary bathroom we have two walk-in closets. So guys, on the left, you have a giant walk-in closet with accessories island, lots of cabinets, and this gorgeous light fixture.

And on the right, you have more walk-in closet space. And then in this one, you actually have the view of the lake. And now, let's see the primary bathroom. (dramatic music) Okay, this primary bathroom is very fabulous. Everything here is top of the line. Obviously they have the marble mosaic floor, beautiful vanities, beautiful lights fixtures.

But the one thing that stands out is this freestanding tub. It is absolutely beautiful to look at. It has this chrome facing in the front that, you know, is reflecting all the other beautiful finishes in the bathroom. (dramatic music) And you know, everything in this bathroom sparkles and shines, right? You have so much natural light coming into the bathroom through this giant window.

And guys, you can actually see the lake and the pool directly from the tub. It truly does feel like you're at a resort and this primary bathroom feels like you're at a spa. And right over here is your steam shower. (dramatic music) And it's a really good size room. You have your shower heads, you have your plumbing fixtures, you have the visual controller, right over here, handheld.

A giant rainfall shower head. And here is a nice area to kind of kick back and relax. Guys, this is not a steam shower, this is a legitimate steam room. (dramatic music) And this is it for this level, let's quickly check out the upstairs. And here's the top level of the home. And this level is actually perfect for entertaining or, you know, getting work done or having a playroom for the kids or a guestroom.

I mean, there's just such a, there's so many things you can do on this level. It has a bunch of skylights, so it's flooded with natural light. And the coolest feature of this level has got to be this jaw-dropping bar set up and it looks like a bar you would find at a five-star hotel. It's very cool, it has a lot of wow factor. I love the kind of the teal blue color they used on the millwork, it contrasts really nicely with this exotic gray stone, ties in nicely with the backsplash. Just everything is so exquisite and it's so well done.

And of course these light fixtures look really beautiful, as well. At the end of the bar, you have a large size bedroom and adjacent to it is a beautifully crafted bathroom. (bright music) And this level also has a private terrace. Let's go see it. Yeah, this is pretty incredible.

But now it's time the see the lower level where all the fun happens and I'm taking the elevator. (dramatic music) Alright, lower level is all about entertainment. It has a secondary living room, it has an awesome bar, a wine cellar, a movie room, and it even has a basketball court. But you know what, let me stop talking and start showing. (bright music) And here's the bar and guys, this one is a really, really cool setup.

Love the selection of stone they went with, it works really well with the color cabinets. (bright music) You have, basically, this is where you feature all your best booze. So when you have company over, you invite them downstairs, and this is where you make the world's best drinks. And right over here, you have a wine cellar and you can fit a lot of wine.

As you can see, it's gotta be at least a thousand bottles and it is temperature controlled and I think it's the perfect location for it. (bright music) And this area is great to kick back with family or friends, watch some TV, hang out. (bright music) And if this screen is not large enough, there's a bigger one right over here. (bright music) Wow, these are really comfortable. (sighs) Nothing like having your own private theater.

(bright music) Alright, I have two more rooms to show, right this way you have a good sized bedroom and a bathroom. And then right over here is the perfect room for an awesome gym. Let's go see it. This room is perfect for a gym or a studio. It has a padded floor, the ceiling height is incredible, it's hooked up with sound, it has mirrors all across, it's got a TV, it's got natural light. Yeah, I could see myself working out here.

The private movie theater and a private pool was nice, but when you're paying $10 million, this is what you got. (upbeat music) Guys, how awesome is it to have your very own private basketball court in your own house? You can shoot hoops all year round. You can entertain family, friends, stay active. And this one is obviously, you know, Chicago bulls themed, so there's that connection to Chicago, I think it's incredible.

And the other thing is it's totally padded, so you're not bothering everybody that's sleeping in the house so you can shoot hoops anytime of day or night. (bright music) Guys, thank you so much checking out this video. I would love to hear what you thought of this a beautiful home. Would you pay $10 million for it? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you. And if you enjoy touring beautifully designed homes, consider subscribing to my channel.

And with that, I will catch you on the next video. (dramatic music) Watch and learn. Did I make it? I did? Yeah, I mean I did. So guys subscribe to the channel, watch my videos.

Thanks for the love and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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