THE AMAZON IS INCREDIBLE! Visiting An Indigenous Community & Pink Dolphins

THE AMAZON IS INCREDIBLE! Visiting An Indigenous Community & Pink Dolphins

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good morning everyone so it's 7:00 a.m and we've  just woken up and today is gonna be our first   day of exploring the amazon rainforest. so the  amazon rainforest isn't exactly a place where   you can just turn up by yourself and start doing  trails and go into communities stuff like that   you do need a tour for everything you're going to  do and when we decided we were going to come here   we made a post on instagram asking if anybody  knew of any good tour companies and pretty much   everyone kept staying the same company which is  a company called iguana turismo, iguana tourism   so we contacted them and we're going  to be doing all the tours here in the amazon   region with them. so i think we're going  to be doing three different tours overall   over the next seven to eight days and today just  to get into it we're going to be doing a day tour   here from manaus and that tour is going to cost  260 reais per person and it is a full day tour and   that includes meals, not exactly sure what's  included in the tour but i know that there's   going to be boat tours & i think we get to  visit a community that's not so far from here so   it's going to be really interesting  and a good introduction to the amazon   so we've come to the port of manaus where we came  in the last video but today we're here to do the   boat trip so right now we're gonna get on  a boat, one of these boats around here. so this is   gonna be our little boat here for our tour. same kind of boat as this i think isn't it? yeah

so what's the animal called  that we're going to see now? It's a Boto. Boto? yeah it's like a fresh water river dolphin and it's very  famous here. in rio we call it boto cor de rosa because it's   has a pink color but i think here the  locals they call it a red dolphin. red dolphin. boto vermelho

yeah so we're actually on like a  floaty platform here we're not on land   so yeah i think we'll be  able to see them down here, yeah you can see them down there yeah so after this group goes in, whoa look at that! you can see the stomach looks pink right? yeah. and there  are a few rules so you can't use any rings   anything metallic, you also have to remove all  your sunscreen or any lotion that you've got one the eyes are tiny. yeah tiny, i don't think they see like the ocean dolphins, they see less because they have a smaller eye  that's what the guys said. more blind . yeah more blind  but they they have a strong sensor. smell. yeah stronger than the the ocean dolphins sure is nice and peaceful around here. yeah  except for the thunder, the thunder is very   strong. yeah i hope it doesn't rain a lot,  you can never really tell around here  

it looked like it was going to rain  in yesterday's video and it never did listen to that, whoa! a tropical storm is coming so this next stop is an indigenous community,  what was the name of the community carol? Cipia. Cipia so the guide is explaining a lot of  stuff but since we're sat at the back   it's kind of hard to film what he's explaining  but he was just talking about all the different   indigenous communities that live along here in  the amazon and they all have different dialects   right, different languages. i think the most  prominent language spoken here on the rio negro is called tukano so i think we're gonna have  a presentation right? yeah so i haven't even seen my design yet, now  i'm seeing it in the camera. wow mine's cool   the girl that painted you looked about i  don't know like five or six. yeah a little kid   do you want to go and check out the community now?  yeah yeah. outside. yeah let's go.

So that was the area that we did the presentation,  got a little duck here. hello mr duck   check this out so in brazil even the indigenous  people have a football ground, and i guess this   is where they they live their homes these little  huts. yeah so there's quite a few around this area   see some more back there. we even joined in  dancing. yeah yeah. but we couldn't film it  

because we were dancing. no we were dancing with them and apparently this was not a ritual it's just like   presentations because the real rituals are usually  like for a day. over a day. over a day and you need   to be invited so it's not like everyone can  go and do it so it was just a presentation   the guy was talking about the  culture and the history, many many interesting things and it was very nice. so  i'm just wandering around now they'll let you   wander around for like 30 minutes that's when  we'll get the boat to have lunch somewhere. some   more areas here it looks like places to have lunch  i guess this is another one of the little houses that looks like some sort of  fruit or plant i don't know what that is check this we have the  amazon tiger dog, the amazon tiger dog man you look cool, half dog half tiger so they have loads of different souvenirs  here inside, so i got this one here for   10 reaiis and you got this one  here. yeah. these are the seeds right? add to my collection. yeah it is raining super hard  now, probably been like this for around 20 minutes  

and we can't leave in this rain because we have to  go an hour i think to the next spot, and yeah   the guide doesn't know when it's gonna pass  obviously, so i guess we're stuck in the   indigenous community here,  we're gonna stay the night all right the rain's not  stopping so we're going for it   luckily we brought a umbrella, carol brought a coat so we've now arrived at our lunch stop, so  this is rio solimoes which is the upper amazon river, it's more of a brown color here no  longer the the black river. and this is a spot   hungry? oh yeah. yeah we were supposed to  eat like an hour ago right? yeah because of the   rain. yeah because of the rain. food  looks good though, a big buffet so the food is great here just like everywhere in  brazil, so i got some rice, beans, broccolis,got   some fried plantains which we love and chicken.  you got almost the same just with fish right? yeah.  

some veggies, oh yeah that's the big amazon fish,  the biggest right? yes it is. not a bad spot to eat   right on the amazon river, and now we're gonna  do a trail that's in the same lunch spot here so there's a trail up here. do you remember the name of this place? this park? Januari or something. Januari? yeah something like that something like that yeah be aware of the monkeys oh yeah monkey check it out they are going to steal stuff. yeah look at all the monkey! oh wow! yeah they're going all the  way up, you're gonna see soon   check it out loads of little monkeys everywhere over here as well where is he running? I thought he was going to try and get the water bottle funny little sounds, this guy as well yeah so here at the top of the monkey stairs  get a way better view of the upper amazon river and this trail looks really cool, so we're  basically on like a big bridge, big walking deck   amongst the trees wonder what insect that is? yeah carol so i think the next tours that  we're going to be doing is going to be more   like this all the time right? yes because we're  going to a more remote place and we're going   to stay there for a few nights and even sleep  in the jungle, in the middle of the jungle. yeah   it's going to be wild, so this is like a little  spoiler of what's to come in the next videos so this trail leads us to  this sort of observation deck here   overlooking this... i think it's a lake, is it a  lake or a river? i don't know. i don't know, can't  

see where the water goes over there. and you  got these huge lily pads all over the place   the famous victoria regia, victoria regia a very famous plant in brazil   and i think in english it's amazon.. victoria amazon or  something like that. oh yeah. amazonica or something like that so in case you're wondering you can get guided  tours in english, probably even other languages   with iguana tours. we just did the portuguese  one with with brazilians here since we speak   portuguese obviously but we did see other  groups of foreigners so that is an option   and the guy tells you loads of information, yeah  this video obviously doesn't contain everything   that he's telling us. so he did mention that  there's other tribes in amazon that have never  

encountered modern day humans even, they  found their camps but when they arrived there   there's nobody there so yeah they don't want any  contact with us. and besides that he's just telling   you information about the river so the amazon  is the biggest river in the world by extension   size and volume, the output. and rio negro the  other one that we've been seeing is the largest   black water river in the world as well. and the  amount of water going out the amazon is so much   that the ocean area is not salty at all  apparently, it's just the water of the   amazon. so you have to go like miles and miles  until it gets salty, didn't know that at all looks like they stole some nice fruit from  the restaurant. they all got fruit, watermelon he looks angry. well he should be happy

another one that  got a watermelon, hey mr watermelon that's the fish you keep  eating right? yeah wow it's huge. pirarucu yeah absolutely gigantic, look at the size of that  thing! so carol's going first go on carol! man carol is in a battle, a true battle ok now it's gone. it's gone? yeah. wow everybody else's was  like three seconds, yours was like five minutes   and there's no. no more fish. no hooks.  yeah there's no hooks so the 

the fish just need to come and grab the fish,  now it's chris' turn. yeah my turn. good luck god damn! because you don't see it in  the water at all, so it's just boom! Surprise like an anaconda.  yeah, all right second one i don't have the energy anymore. yeah that  was a real workout, those things are so powerful   my arms are all sore now. carol did a good job, you  defeated yours it was like five minutes, couldn't get  

your fish at all. yeah because i was afraid of getting into the water. oh falling?  yeah i don't know. yeah the moment it bites it   really tugs doesn't it quickly. yeah and it's  so strong, but i'm stronger, stronger than pirarucu   stronger than pirarucu. yeah this part here there's actually  some little.. i guess like river homes right? yeah   yeah ribeirinhos, people who live in the river like  this. they're called ribeirinhos? yes

yeah so loads of these houses here,  theres even a dog a dog just chilling   I don't think it's joined to the the  land is it? no it's not. just floating so we're buying some more souvenirs now, some  proper souvenirs. so i've got this... what is it   like a vase or something? yeah. yeah 40 reais  so really good price, i'm gonna buy to put it on   our family's house because we don't have a  house. yeah yeah for our family and carol got   more bracelets, how much are those? five reais. five reais each? yeah. this one is a cordao (necklace) and both of them   are made from acai seeds, they're painted but they are acai seeds yeah so this one's a necklace right?  they got loads of cool designs  though look at all that some plates as well, wall plates another bracelet? man i want to buy it all check out this little amazon canoe here, i guess  that's how they get around just the one paddle must be peaceful living out here though? yeah   just the sounds of the birds and the monkeys. yeah.  yeah this sounds awesome hearing this every day

so we're at the spot where the two rivers combine  now so you can see this is the darker river the   So you can see that this is the darker river, the rio negro and then just right here the line is  where solimoes starts i think the rest of the amazon after is the brown color isn't it? yeah because they happen to mix but not here   because at this moment the other river  is going way faster and they have different   like substances so it takes a while for them  to mix that's why here you can see the difference   but yeah in the in the distance they will mix. yeah.  yeah look at it now so now you can really see it right on the line now so we're checking the difference in the  temperature so this is the rio negro, it's kind of warm and now we're going into the light brown one colder so we're back at our airbnb again and today was  just really awesome, really nice introduction   to the amazon this day tour. i think this day  tour is more for people that are here just for   a day, just passing by quickly so yeah even  if you're just in the city of manaus you   don't really have to go far to get like the  rainforest experience, meet the different   communities stuff like that so yeah i think it's  good for people that are just here for one day   but they do have many other tours, like i said the site will show so if you're here for two days   they have tours, if you're here for like three, four,  five they have all sorts of different things yeah with different like time frames. so  there's loads of different tours for everyone  

and like we said over the next few days we're  actually going to be staying in the rainforest   so we're really looking forward to that. the  people that did it already on the boat today said   that it's even way better than everything we  saw today and today was already awesome so i can't wait for that. so if you like this  video just drop a like to support us subscribe   if you like to see more videos like this follow  us on instagram and we'll see in the next one

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