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One, more one, more try. And. We're, back in Oakland, in, this trip we only have two full days so, I can go and I'm ready to challenge them in Surrey, determine if we could see the, best that dope you has been offered in only two, days Saotome, is a tourist. Information center, and provided, the toy, transportation. Hopping, as a topless, 2020. Olympics. And Paralympics, so. Expect the data meme on account of. You volunteer. That information. Magneto. They can speak in English, imagine. Imagine our groceries. How. Do we. Come up, from in six and. We have a secret weapon it's then, the. Yo. Subway, ticket so with this ticket you're gonna have a limited, access to, throw. Any subway lines and tokyo, metro lines so. You get to visit a lot of places very, easily hopefully, very easy so we're gonna find out and then execute this if this is gonna work so. Let's. Go let's, go. Hi. Guys a little, mister me over a peloton a dynamometer say. It's a tourist attraction and, Madam in medieval a boom, speed channel reading with animal products in. Body bomb products, like. Food. With, the products. Madami. In my back. Syllabus. Is coming up my, body quality, just a Tokyo first, time boom went on about an hour in. Removing. Them view. So. Many stahma stahma DQ, gardens, and. He's. On an autonomous molecule, gardens converts. -. Gardens and I'd intercept ochio, I thought, was he, make one Amish, - ah oh my god ang get, a canoe. Surrounded, - the more buildings. Very, good. See. How solid the shabby fellow. Opava. Became. Familiar maja, Japanese sweets. Imagine. Me and attorney. Wonderful. You love me more. Because I need a man. The. Fish. Option. Is, a fellow. Mnemosyne. Possess thoughts surrounding the. So. Yes 92, means up in lab planets, and in, see by. The immersive, digital art. Museum, thematically. On a mission to stomp on ahead Cassie, and I mean having my very. Facebook. Videos photos. Instagram. Also so. This, person ambition it try and. This. Is it. Gulabi. Kill. Anthony Thomas. I can never have enough already. As, in super amazing. Tapping, on americaand. Oh is it. Sparks, joy. Then you tell me instead of the Tokyo, Metropolitan. Government building but, I enjoy, um viewed it as a 45th, floor observatory. Deck a hidden amount of her metropolis, and, you. Momentum sunset, did come along sign said when you buddy enjoy you make. The. Granada. Super. Indicator, can be super, individual, casts a beam, of magic, ninja show having Nikita and, ladder, in this perhaps. Is our topic is young. Be, magic, show and super nervous about. And. The owner very elegant America say usually, a moment, restaurants, always entertainment, area restaurants. I came to Louisville in Casa Rivera this time it is a ninja restaurant. Eating - okay you can take invader, or mess it up then you. And the Rangers Brazil, go. I. Answered. And eternity as a last stop method for today which, is Shinjuku. So, it all pertinent, going over the line and we're going to eat us at Ohio at the line is now connect me on key destination. Citizen Tokyo like. Roppongi. Who an NG, tube and we're, a mission of autonomy today Hey, along the, way we're Linden Lake to get our hama. Rikyu gardens, to. Be. About. That. Immediately. De or. We. Will attack ticket, you, say we have, this. One. Don't. Serve, a ticket, since we are using 48, hours, in a ticket my boba span so ready. Can afford tomorrow already birthday, - yes. Sir yeah so the. Death winner and we'll, see you tomorrow. Yes. So. It's, day two of our Tokyo adventure, exciting, honey let's, go. From. Here we're going to the visitor, center use Munich Agreement because, we're, going to visit this morning some of the lesser-known.

Attractions. Here in thank you so, we need to get more information about the Numa people dynamic, my, god. So. That you Tommy is a me know about America. Or toy, a transportation, information, center, information. Center can say anything they wanna study. About, toy a transportation, not. Just about the trains, but also the bus and the trams also, so, Mima cute memorabilia, skeeto, deleted. Toy. Transportation. Also. Here at the toe a transportation, information. Center you can buy a to the Nandi Pass which will give you a limited access to, Tokyo. Sakura tram I said this is 400, yen the silicon-silicon of a safer hydrogen can give you unlimited access, Aldi. So. I on let's. Go. For, Tyson behind, takasaka. Background we, explore, tonight it was a joyful, middle, screen this is a traditional, ally with show, up idiot vibe departure. Michelle don't second-guess cassette. Of the midden Fancher. And. I'm. Fighting over the pinnacle, of my pinnacle. For Felina my idols, mother. Mercy, for example may in turn be more winter clothes though. Paula. Nabokov, is Omer. On a. Neutral. Opinion Sigonella. Bread. Veto. And have this one. It'll become in a cut-off, cake let me unwrap it. They, speak, or. You see. Maybe a lovely, time a book about and it makes us can't afford to be so let's go. So. The wedding that is our favorite part now in which, is not and. Today we're gonna have ramen. The. Closest station to this travel place is Higashi abu-salha. Trauma. Book even retirees, he got a Shinobu, Sancho, we. Are not allowed to take video. Since I've ever described them before they experience. In. Sokka heo, very. Like well, Cecil, Michigan. Carla. Noodles. I like the noodles because it's firm, selenium. Show you so shy so space so Landon, young al perro. Pamela. In fact considered. Sabra. Aurora. So there's a sense Metallica, got this customer on Felucia this is serve you, mess. It up settling and. He told me surge in my. Soup. I am apart so. So. Me to the woman I'm better, my pacifier, sighs okay I'm a party either take. The stairs or, we. Keep the monorail. And, since. It's raining. And for. A little bit tired I think we know what to do ready you know the game. Josh. Case nandito means super llamo park and, even, my own children yet, I'm. Opening it. But. During. Spring. Laughing. And poodle, some. Of our cherry, blossom. Anatoli. Gamma so GM. Is a shot dr..

Solomon Maruyama. Park and. Now Papa Don I'm Mina oh gee, I wish i. Nandita. No missile orgy, in territory, they, have this phone, Michael. Savion Salah Nepal, Nepal. Moonstone, at the Kaaba in. The easy way in doing more English. Okay. Standing on a mission of non-violence. T-shirt that, Lumina, lino. Saturation. And boom. Boom building. Is. A Shambhala, team, Center. It's. Been even possible. So let me Tony Salone. Dabashi. Samia, Kabbalah, the, heart of a lion and, motto like, comella, cell, phone cell, phone pieces, ice Cooper's tumblers. Memory. Our bikes, had, but, did you believe ego and, if. You're buying anything, in democracy, a 5000, year you can avail of it that's. We discount, all, you need to do is find. The back speed counters, the. Payment by add the wheel that is now just make sure not. The linear maha passports, new. Keep. A new bowl, you and, I'm. Gonna be perfect. Normally. A payment fuji firm editorial, fellow they. Mentioned, laude, in action today. Soul. And autonomy is a. Person station, which is part of the toei asakusa line, in connects, Haneda. Airport and, naviga. Airport. Commercialization. Stila is Penelope, thermometer, attractions, need to stop you, Tokyo. Skytree and, you put button and here you, Sensoji temple so, let's go. Yone, and autonomous, a Tommy. Neri money, and. Poppet, alarming Angelo. Aparna. Signatories, democrasy. Dori so. It's a 250, meters. Street. Purpose. Of moody top anonymous, souvenirs, and, a mob of people enough okay. So, guys Nandita Nam is essential, gene also known. Suppose. Abandoned, temple which. Was built in, year. 645. Which. Makes this the, oldest, temple, in Tokyo. Time. For dinner. So. We. Ordered. 10. The beat do. Plots and. Mix. Mixed. Vegetables, and vegetable sense. And Lahaina sorry. What's. Good it was delicious, hey, guys so it's been two days and we have reached the end of our trip and the. Past couple, of days we've been exploring the. City of Tokyo and under my parent elegant surprises, because I hope you will at Nam total. One, day pass gives, you access to top. Your sample triumph for 24-hours. Diabeetus. A passable upon vahanam in ordinary. Train and a sofa Yama party any dealer here and Marin thing total. Subway ticket which gives you access to throw a subway, as Tokyo Metro, for. 24. Hours and 48 hours and 72, hours depending. On Ian Callum Anya so for, us it's 48 hours and enough. Lay environments, for you mother, in Japan I will now move on the Han so we've, visited like, a lot of interesting. Attractions from, skyscrapers. Like Tokyo. Tower, and Tokyo. Skytree and markets. Like a myopic market, and to. Fiji so, yes, so we're very thankful this, Tokyo a ticket and. Totally. Pass yes.

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Yes! Finally nasa YouTube na din kami. Thank you for supporting our blog. More power to you Karen!

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GU brand nung jacket, mura lang Jansport yung bag na gamit namin.


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Will try to put more food price info

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