The best way to explore is with a local- Culebra, Puerto Rico! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 233

The best way to explore is with a local- Culebra, Puerto Rico! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 233

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Good. Morning, today. Is a very, very very. Exciting, day because we. Are going. To set, sail for. What. Don't we go, and. We've. Been hearing of the most. Stunning. Things about. This place and of course it's Latin culture, which means there's always gonna, be good. Food good, music good dancing and good people and I, think are all just really really keen to make. Our way over there got 20 knots today gonna have. Good. Wind should be downwind, sailing fairly. Low, seas I think it's gonna be a pretty cool passage, it's pretty short Spanish. Virgin Islands, the island, of. Let's. Check the old engine. Here, ok. This engine has almost 7000. 300, hours on it it, does not burn one drop of oil I think. That's pretty good maybe. It's because I changed the oil every 250, hours I think it's due for a change now actually I have, to do that soon I generally, also look around for like anything, that just seems a little out of ordinary but everything looks normal ready. To go. I'm, a sauce. How's. The belly when you're sailing yeah, sometimes. It's really good and sometimes it's not so good, is. Worse during the first three months I yeah it's definitely getting better but, who'd. Be good one today will be downwind, and a beautiful day sail. Oh. Ellen. Goodspeed. Fulton. Yeah. Downwind. Throw. The salad put, the pole out. It's, the gennaker, so it's like a Genoa, made out of spinnaker, material, the, superlight but instead of being asymmetrical it, actually attaches. To the fourth day. It's. A really cool sail and Bella, still emelles in general are like really good design for dead downwind, so you don't need to jibe, she'll. See when the boat pulls up, it's literally just it's, pretty much like having an asymmetrical, but the, benefit, of having, two smaller sails to work with and, you, can furl them together get. This wall you just purl them both up. Wow. Ha. Don't. West been entangled. Then the telephone line. Wayne. But not been where yeah done. Wow and, I'm sound asleep. Butterfly. Wake, with me in the morning. No how long has. It been, since. They've, been around. Good. Yeah it's cuz always good feelings come when that sails up it's always calm and nice and downwind and matches the Puerto Rican flag perfect. Porto. Rico, baby. Yeah. It's quite a narrow entrance, but about. To go right, through the channel here this reef on both sides. Anchor. Is ready. So. Is about six meters how, much changing, it, put. Out about 30. 30. Centimeters, and then will snub it 35. In total, back. In I. Liked. It back at least 1500, rpm and that. Simulates like quite a bit of reefs probably, like well over 50 knots I would say. We. Just watch yeah. We're, looking real good okay. Ah you, can sum it. That's. It. Nice. Anchorage. I don't. Even know you and I know I feel like I know so much about oh you guys. You're. Our friends, about. To say hi that's good. So. This is Nestor and he. Sent. Us some messages, on Instagram, because, he heard we were coming to Kolubara Culebra. And we've literally just anchored and he's out here welcoming us to his beautiful island so I think we're gonna get a cool locals perspective, of the. Spot what, so what's your guys this story like did you grow up here hi, I'm born and raised here okay, on this island on the side that five generations from, here. I'm. From New York but I've lived here for like 12 years house oh, you. Guys don't if we filmed it. For. Seven years now my dream was always to have a sailboat, what. Are we doing we're, gonna go explore, around. With our new friends, they're gonna show us the, local spots so, I'm, pretty excited I like this place already it has a good vibe and. The. Best way to see you place always, always. Always with the locals so they're gonna show us what's it. Let's. Get hooked us up with a ride we're, gonna go explore the, Libra, I, can. Dig you ride on land yes. Dulles. Loves a good car ride in. The back of the truck the better the rougher the better I. Think. Every, country. I've ever been to it's just like I. Don't know just like the Beast is very different, or something it's so hard to put your finger of it so, chill. But stuff happens and they make. Good food. When. You guys see me. Time to wave over late in, the Korea. 2011. So, the. We are men we saw plenty to see you guys here in a restaurant. Aside. I. Feel. Like it's like a mini Brazil like everyone is so friendly, and so genuine, and you can get off fables.

Good. Goodnight. Winking, sounds. It happens, every Sunday night. Well. That. Boarding doesn't work out today because there's no wind again, so. Nestor. Is going, to take us in banana boat are gonna take us in their little yeah please, and, they're. The. Two that I'll. Just restart that. How's. It going. Well. There's, no wind today for kite boarding, so. Nestor and Annabel are gonna take us in a little center, console tender and we're gonna go around the corner too cool, to brief that and. We're gonna go hike a lighthouse. And. I'm. Sure Nestor is gonna have, some. Good exploration. And guiding for us hey. Mister. Mister. Senor. You. Know you. Know the history of the line I know the history of the high house it was built by the Spaniards it was built by the same people that built that more rope and someone it's. Like a famous designer and, it was like, for. The longest is then the the, old the oldest working lighthouse in the Caribbean because. It's built in 1800. Wow, it's. Really cool. What. An, incredible. Beach. This. Is a really. Really, beautiful, spot. To. Go on a fastball - we never got to go in speedboat. Speeding. Around. So. This is awesome so really cool often. An adventure, with friends. My, blue trail display. Me. This, is a good spot for Rico. So far. Let's. Check it does checking. Although all the things. Off the list, so. We're gonna go hide from the lighthouse it's. A beautiful day for a hike Oh. Oh. Thorns. Wow. Look. At this plant, it's, full of Barneys. So. We are going up on this hill here. I can. Definitely notice, a, little. Bit of a change in my body that, I. Get like tired. Quicker. And. Walking. Like this a bit hotter quicker. Need. To drink of way more water than, I usually do but, it's cool that I can still do this, and. That it feels good you were. With the belly. Wow, look at this spot I. Have. A question, how. Many hurricanes do, you think that building it has survived, since it was built five. Five. I think, it's been way more than that when, was it built and the, eight, so it's probably like almost, 200 years old or something it's, gotta be like between fifty a hundred hurricanes. Wow. This. Place is. Stunning. It's, so, cool to go into old buildings like this, that. Are all dilapidated. And. Just. Walk, around and, think. Of all the. People that. Have. Had. Their paths cross, right here and all the history behind it and now. It's just. Come.

To This it's like barely. Barely. Standing, no roof or anything but. I think. They are gonna. Start restoring it so. It'd be cool to come back one day the future and see see. If they've changed, at all or it's, still standing. Thank. You. Well. It's. Very very, very. Good. Anything, about this view really, nice I like. Going into abandoned, buildings. Here. That. Was a really cool little spot, now. We're gonna walk, down the little hill again. And, maybe check out the back which. Seems pretty cool this like tidal pools. You're gonna gel Brady. Ah. Tonight. Is Casas, cooking night yeah. My they will be switched for tomorrow I think. Cuz. We have guests in the kitchen we have a guest shut, and, sous, chef yes this, evening and what, are we preparing, we. Are gonna make Porter, again mofongo. Vegetables. That Cleo yo make. Your sauce and, some back in shape okay. How. About this one. We're. Just filling the green banana. We. Use de plátanos we should we cut the ends and then you just slice it and, then. A little tough because they're green so you have to just kind of like take your patience, and. Yeah. We can try this one I always like to use my fingers. Fucking. Murder. Oh. Yeah. Crying. Yeah. That. We saw putting. Some garlic and. The. Fried contains, a little bit of, oil. Some. Salt and, a little salt, yeah. Mashing. Finally. Like a ball anything to give it a shape yeah. Then. It comes out like that. Whatever goodness, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I won't put away Cho. White. Bean, now. I've been is good so, what does my fungal mean, mo. Phone, go. My. Phone dog Ringo. Make. Sure all. Of the. New frames thank you guys show, your friends yeah you, should open up a restaurant yeah maybe. We'll. Send a morning and we just got to I don't I don't think we're ever leaving this place man they get a call from Nestor, on the phone hey, I'm circling your boat I got some deliveries, for you what. Are you talking about it's 8:00 in the morning go. Outside he's got four, big. Acai, bowls for us just, help me goodness. They're, so cute because I order to have seeds on my food yesterday they. Even brought a little side of hemp seeds. There's. Some nice. And. Healthy too also this is the best, acai, ever. Yes I really do it's so good the consistency. Of it is. So. What are the plans for today do we have anything on the agenda I. Think. After we work for a little bit. What. Was that beer used to be a regular DJ, yeah we're talking about reggaeton, and and. Nestor. Didn't know I used to be a reggaeton, DJ I think I remember seeing, you in the. Rewind. Busey. The. Best app ever. To. Work morning here trying to get stuff trying it shit. What. Are we doing today. We're. Gonna be doing a little present, for Delos it's my pride to, to. Donate, something and I've been doing campus work and learning to do campus break for a while and I saw that uh that. He has a scoop, in the back and I was wondering. Like that what can I do for Delos and I asked him his side god let's do it together so we're gonna do a new school. To, build something here so that we don't have to close this hatch every time it starts to rain and yes water all over our computers yeah, and, it's gonna be like oh well I did a little sketch last night yeah, it goes like that so.

This Would be the deck level right this, would be the hatch but I don't know if we should do it as a box or, as a is a I put, a triangle, or a you. Know like a tent like curved and we should let us discuss some pros and cons and then we'll come back with some sounds, great we're, gonna build something like that like the roof okay. So based on, fitting. The existing, project, there we have a revised design it's. Got an improved, ergonomics. Curved. Top. This. Front. Part is gonna be slightly, slanted, back with help of airflow, this is the hatch inside this chamber. I don't. Think it's gonna be that difficult to look I like I like the way you think, horse, smells, like new oh yeah, we've only used it like a few times. New. Fit ride. Just. Learning that a hotknife here yes we're just patterning, this. Curve this. Is double sided tape maze especially, for sunbrella yes sir and, these help set being waterproof, as well. It's. Really nice. To see. If it's so easy you have the right shit. Have fun man this is good to learn. How. Long we've been working on this. There's. Six hours in, but. We're making progress school, we have decided to make two of them oh really, yeah, one for three, years. To. Do our. First. Look. At that. Holy. Shit, that's cool, good. Job guys, sleep, easy the hooded warrior now. Available, from. This. Lettuce leaves just Nestor's leave, DC number, one oh yeah. Look. Great airflow yeah that's nice that's great. Yeah. Yeah you like it I like it good, job I proved rain, proof it looks really cool. It's. Raining outside. Our. Sleep easy is being put to the test any. Water droplets yet I haven't. Seen one, cannot. One bit of moisture, coming in here. That's. Cool. What. Are you doing. I got. A message from. My. Best friend's mom. She's. Talking about crazy government, grants and stuff and, I. Thought. For a second it was her because you never really know what's going on with our parents these days. But. It turns out it's. A scam. Texas. This number, they said applying for grant is easy we can help you out with it they gave me all these questions name. Address sex. My name is Talon Montgomery, I, live. At 69 69, bubble salad court sex. I put no, age. Up at 69, a marital. Status I took, it as Marshall status so I put black belt almost I have. A disability. Allergic, to the Sun I have a pager number but don't page me after, 9 an email. Address I already gave you my address above. My. Income is five hundred and sixty thousand US dollars a month. Do. I have a card no I only travel by helicopter my. Occupation, is founder, of the sensual seamstress, we make asleep, easy. Yeah. We'll see where this I figured. If I take up these people's time it's less time they have to scan people that are actually scalable. And you love doing yeah, I love. It. Okay. Ready take two and. You. Know good morning we are I'm, using the resources, of having smite, day Llosa people. Are around and. I've. Been repeating, this whistle. That I got on my after hear okay Maria what happened to the rudder turn her the roller a well the boat um it. Was in the morning and we broke from the morning and it. Ran aground ashore, the, tide was so high they kind of like climbed up there and it. Looks like maybe I. Know like, a foot and a half of the bottom of the rudder so, I put, foam in West system, and I don't, know like a week and I have a work and then, painted all the way I build the new cheeks build, everything new so it, should be good to go yeah, they, say what the name of the boat is. As. I say the name is finished, Christopher, Alvin Christopher, Obie, what's. What's how do you say stuff, I don't know means. Nice. So. Nesta you bought her for how. Much four thousand four thousand four thousand us for this book crazy, deal yeah, how, much time do you think you've got into this boat in hours tons.

Of Hours when I bought it it was full of water and. We. Spent a month, cleaning. Every day from like 10:00 until 10 o'clock at night to. Save the inside of the bowl and we wish we did Ian the roller was broken and that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna reinstall, their daughter that I just finished rebuilding it should. Be good to go alright, man let's do this. Okay. So step one we got. Big anchors to. Walk them to the back of, Christopher, Robin to, use it to weigh the, rudder. Down because it's so buoyant, so we need to weigh up they're, putting the pins and see. If Brian can walk although on the bottom with these anchors. Looks. Nice. Got. The first pin in, that. He's working on the middle one now. All. Right we've. Got it all lined up gonna, that we notice on, the bottom there's only one hole, somebody. Forgot to chill. Maybe. We have an underwater drill we. Finally get to use this for something practical okay, step one you pressurize, it not, very much just to about two or three bar, which. Is what. 30. 40 psi. It's good to go down for like 50 meters or something crazy what. So. There's three bar then you just drill I. Love. Working on boats so, I pretty much jumped, at the chance for an underwater rudder, install. Nestor. And Annabel opened their home and hearts to us and to be able to give a little something back that would help them with their cruising dreams brought, our experience, full circle, here in Culebra, plus. I really. Really, wanted to use my underwater drill how. Cool is this thing, and. Just. Like. That it, was time for Delos, and crew to set sail for the Bahamas. Hotel. Is tribe weave, torture, tested these new long-sleeve. Sun, resistant, shirts on Delos and were happy to say they totally, wasted our abuse casa. Did the design of Delos ilene on the globe and the, stretch material is oh so comfortable. They're, available in men's and women's sizes to fit all and the, printed limited, quantities, so get them while they're hot. Ten. Points, goes to figure. Out what that is and so, of celebrities, you didn't know we're Puerto Rican for, wasting data on. That. Thing's digital, right oh yeah dive. Guys. Show. Me your penis again, that's. Just really disturbing. Castle. Business. In the front party in, the back.

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