The Boss of RASTA JAMAICAN FOOD!! Legendary Ras Mokko at @Ras Kitchen - Jamaica!

The Boss of RASTA JAMAICAN FOOD!!  Legendary Ras Mokko at @Ras Kitchen - Jamaica!

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Hey, everyone hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Jamaica and today is a big day we're on our way to the small village of sunning, Hill which is home to Ross, moko the legendary. Ross, moko, the man behind, the, Ross kitchen, he's one of the most laid-back, probably. One of the most chilled, out cooks in the, world and just, his his. Presence, his kindness, his cooking, skills and, his laid-back, miss is what, stands out he's, gonna be cooking for us he's gonna be showing us giving us a full tour of his property, his place at Sunny Hill we're also gonna be hanging out with Matt who is the man behind Roth's kitchen who films, I can't, wait to share all of the food with you hanging. Out with the legendary. Ross, moko of Jamaica, of Sunny Hill Jamaica. Yesterday. We drove along the north coast of Jamaica and then on to the east coast where somewhere past Boston, Bay and we, stopped for the night here wake up this morning on the coast it's absolutely. Spectacular, the. Water the peacefulness, it's, so. Quiet. Pristine. Clean. Fresh. And. We're gonna have a quick breakfast, and then we're gonna leave it's going to be about an hour drive. From the coast inland. Into the mountains, I believe. It's at like the base of the, the, blue mountain range which, is where sunning Hill is which is where we're gonna be meet, up with Rasta moco and Matt. This. Is fantastic overlooking to see the rolling, waves coming in the weather is perfect today for, breakfast I got the callaloo, which is the vegetable, and then, it's sauteed, looks like there's some onions and carrots in there and then served with a bunch of different. Starches. Including, banana I think I don't think that's plantain I think that's green banana and then, some other. Starches. I believe that. Smells and looks delicious, though. Mm-hmm. Well. That's awesome there's green peppers in there too. Healthy, hearty and, the cow has a wonderful, like kind of nutty flavor to it, okay. Some of that green banana. I needed. To add a little bit of that pepper. Sauce that scotch bonnet pepper sauce add. A little bit more for good measure. Mmm. Not, sure what type of juice this is but, it looks very fresh. We. Are on our way here we go to. Sunny, Hill Jamaica, and Google, Maps says it's about an hour drive 58. Minutes to be exact, but. It might take a little bit longer that road looks really, windy and then we're gonna be going, up into. The mountains to the foothills of, the Blue Mountains, of Jamaica. Brij. Just.

Driving, Along now and these are the beautiful, just, peaceful. Just, quiet. Serene, beaches. That Portland, parish is known for. So. We've come to the junction, now I think. That way it goes to Kingston, this way it goes towards, bat we're heading towards bath into the mountains the foothills of the Blue Mountains, now. Yeah. Got, some coffee to go for the drive on the way to Sunny Hill it's. Just so spectacular Lee, beautiful now and so I mean the, whole Drive has been beautiful I. Think. We're in Sunny Hill we're crossing over the river again and. This. Way rasa moko this. Way to the Rast kitchen, I think. Which. One which, is the gate for a smoker, a smoker. A. Smoker gate. Okay. It's the old past the two cars okay. Thank you thank, you thanks. Welcome. To Sunny Hill Jamaica, or, a beautifully. Lush place there's cows munching. On some plants. People. Are killed and laid back we're still trying, to find the exact house I think back. Over there oh that driveway okay thank. You so much man yeah have, a coffee sitting in a hammock. It's. Walking down the path through, the garden, through the trees through the lush. Through. The lush year lush, greenery, on, our way to. Ross kitchen. Nice. To meet you that's not good. This. Is, this. Is the Ross kitchen, here I met up smoke oh good. To be hanging out with Matt this. Is the spot man. Compound. This is. The. Ultimate. Growing. Barrel, fire. Stone. This. Is where the cooking yards. So. We have fresh soursop picked right around the area okay he mixes it with Guinness beer and condensed, milk and it sounds, just horrific but. You. Will believe it once you taste it even looks nasty but it's amazing. Yeah. And also although, the rundown today yeah red herring rundown which is a classic. Yeah. If. You do a wide. Ditch. In right now and just checking out some rust both those produce, from the slow farm everything. Organic. Beautiful. There's some cacao, there's some fruits there's some pumpkins, and some gourds oh. These. Are grapefruits. Thank, you very much. Immediately. As he slices into that you can smell the citrus. Acidity. Thank. You, a. Grapefruit. To get get, our taste, buds started. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It so sweet. And, so juicy. Almost. Tastes like a cross between an orange Inuk and a grapefruit cuz it's so sweet and just. Like perfectly tart. Awesome. Also just opened up a coconut this is gonna be further run down because run down is a dish, it's gonna be made with fish but it the. Important, ingredient, is coconut, milk oh. Yeah. That's. Awesome. Hmm. Never. Gets old this one no best drink in the world yeah right. Right. About that. So. Far I mean, the chilled, out relaxed. Atmosphere. And, what I like is there's no sound pollution, you, don't hear any cars, all. You can hear is the clocking. Of the chickens you. Can hear birds chirping. Peaceful. Place. Yeah. Yeah. Hearing. The sounds of nature Yeti bird, yep. The. Sounds of nature come on singing sweet song you know it's, beautiful. I'll. Meet. With. That. Fresh. Coconut, he's now dragging, it up the. Coconut. Moved. Into the kitchen now and moko. Is now he has, some. Red. Herring, which, has been salted, and, it's. Been dried also. Very. Dry okay you, can smell that amazing. Aroma coming off of it he's just peeling off some of the main bone. Structure. Boning. It a little bit putting and doing the pan below. The. Rundown. Cooking. Has begun, once he finished the, boning, that salted. Red herring I put, that into the pan put, that over the fire and then he added in the coconut milk and that's just gonna simmer away that's. Simmering over the the, burning. Fire. Would you smell, the smoky. Aroma it's. Perfect, because it's perfect, waist level for cooking that's. A great technique beautiful, cooking technique. God. A little, bit of time. Already. Smells so incredibly, good he added in some scallions, sometimes, in garlic. The. Aroma of that coconut milk, simmering. Down, the. Fire. The. Dry fish. Already. In our hockey you know. Through. This you know better, and. This random they. Must said this one awesome. Kill number one. That you come media, yes, Hindi. Yes. I'm, still good already everyone. Yeah. You, can smell that coconut, milk kind of condensing. Thickening. Yes. The surprise a key a little bit of taste tester moco's giving me a taste ed. Genius. That moko, to add that a key, in there oh man, man, that, is a new shot many. More difficult, otherwise, many times in it is a, keen. That. Wow. That. Is extraordinary. New. Recipe. So. You've already been, roasting you know. It may just want me to normally get Wow, and then me peel him alright.

The. Breadfruit was pre cooked earlier awesome. Mocha just a little bit more to to. Get it hot and he's been looking for his knife that kitchen knife. Somewhere. Around that's. Why we've been using your pocket knife. You. Can find the kitchen. Yeah. Killed. It just like the grapefruit. Okay, this is a key right here. Guys. Ready to eat ready oh. Yeah. You, can already see how the breadfruit is just already soaking, up that rundown, sauce that coconut, milk okay, I'm gonna take a piece of that bread fruit the, gummy gummy. Nosov, it, get. A little bit of that icky first. Bite. Thank. You so much younger than what, okay. I'll bring it for her Oh. Finger. Lickin I. Think. Like each of the common components, on their own is just spectacular ly, flavorful, but when it's like, combined together you taste the layers of the smokiness, because the breadfruit, breadfruit. Is it. Literally, I mean you know why it's called breadfruit, the. Moment you taste it because it tastes, like bread like dough bread. - bread. Like. It has. It. Tastes like something. That's been freshly baked and yet. It's kind of like doughy at this end it tastes more like a half, baked. Loaf of bread fresh. Out the fire. Smokey. Layers going through it it's kind of gummy yeah it's. A little bit fruity. Sweet, and then, combined, with the coconut milk with and the Aki Aki is just it's. A gym it's so buttery, rich, it's so flavorful it has this nutty taste to it then, you've got the saltiness of that salt and red herring, you've got the scallions, and garlic in there all just blended. Together and the breadfruit just perfectly, matches with it perfectly soaks. Up like a sponge all that rundown. It's. Just amazing every single time. I. Like, salt mackerel in a key or you. Know that you make an official one but yeah with their herring is my. It's. More smoky more, smoky to it okay, the. Slow food slow cooking slow. Farming, slow farm, slow food but it makes all the difference and. You, got to get like ratios, of the. Rundown. And breadfruit. To complement, each other. I. Think. Part of the best thing about here also. The. Meal stories, and chatter that goes around moco, telling stories as we're children I did. Not want this plate of bread fruit and. Run. Down a queue to end, mmm. That. Was just extraordinary. And a perfect combination of everything together, textures. Flavors, layers. Of smokiness, that. Was delicious. And. Mocha. Getting ready can make us a special beverage. That includes. Soursop. Guinness. Beer in, this beer and, betty. Milk and. Betty milk they've. Got the soursop here. And. Then just. Feel. It too. So. The first step is the fresh sour South juice and soursop is very like. When. It's very ripe it's very sweet and very sour, and then it also has this almost like milky. Milky. Starchiness, to it and. So he added some water he's squeezing that out taking out the seeds in this yeah but that aroma, you smell, it vibrantly. I love. Sour sauce, already. Smells, incredible, mm-hmm. Such. An aromatic fruit too yeah so, fragrant. Next. Step. Awesome. To a smoker, he he. Added, in what's. That first the first was almond like extract, juice, but. I think the fruity almond, that they have here in Jamaica and then, he added in some he poured in some vanilla extract. That. Goes into the soursop juice and then the Guinness discussing.

Quickly How much penis to add for this drastic look. It's. Kind of crazy. Okay. So Betty, milk Betty, milk is the condensed that's a brand of the condensed, milk that is the the, next ingredient, and moko stirred that around and you can see it just turned like creamy, and bubbly, and carbonated. A. Little. More a little, more Betty milk. Then. Just in the kitchen getting the cups now, we. Are ready to go. You. Can smell that sour stuff yeah yes its, sourness. Let's. Get everyone on the table yeah. Yeah. Sky, wind power, up. Oh. That's. Incredible. It's. Like the perfect. Milkiness. That. Comes from a result of the actual soursop plus. That foamy head, of the. Guiness like combining, together yeah. It's like soursop. Foam, and. Guinness. Foam but. The Guinness is almost there because it's only one Guinness for that whole bucket I think, it's more the Guinness is more therefore the foam actually for the texture for the texture that soursop. Flavor, though is beautiful. It's. Milky. Okay. Oh I forgot about the condensed milk which makes it creamy to a. Hint. Of bitterness from the Guinness special, beverage and you can go more Guinness tune it's still good it just tastes. So. Just call that yeah shocking, and. Surprisingly. Delicious combination, into. Fruity milkiness, and I think moko, is definitely right about the warm beer it, would be good cold too but, the warmth it's kind of soothing and kind of like mixed, together with that everything. Together in harmony, beautiful. Harmony oh. Thank. You just a little bit more. From. Last night. Moco. Is taking a little afternoon, break, in as he's doing that we're gonna go down to the river we're gonna take a little swim to. Refresh, to cool down. Only, filming. Once. You're in the under the water. And. I think one of the best things about Jamaica all again. With. So many good things about Jamaica but another great thing is you're always near water whether that be see whether that be river. That's. Fantastic. Dude. Yeah. How. Are you. As. We were taking the swim down by the river moco. Had, put on an herbal tea so, that's boiling over he's just getting a spoon.

To Like stir that up to show us but. That's just simmering, over the fire and you, can see that bubble you can see that foam you can see the herbs in there. That's. Gonna continue to simmer away over, that fire and in the meantime we're gonna go walk around the farm mocha, is gonna show us some of the crops some of the fruits that he grows right here. Is. This. One like a squash oka home pumpkin. Okay pumpkin. The. Red stripe oh really, you're on the grid strip under you bomb me I like moko's natural, style of farming too because it's kind of like different. Crops growing, in between other crops natural. Style there's sweet potato, there's, cassava. And taro, fruits. Growing, everywhere it's just lush, and green. Boombah. Cucumber. Yes. Got. The beard yes. Come brother man okay Tom. Oh I, their guy convert, to Marin James. Handing. Up at the breadfruit tree and I noticed this brown, bird, which. Is an owl just sleeping, there I don't, think I've ever seen an owl in. Wild. Sitting. In a tree in the daytime like that. And. Then. As we were still admiring, the owl moko, went down, there and could have cut a fresh piece of sugarcane Oh. What. Is that one other card will appear okay. That's gonna be a full tree. He's. Cleaning, out some banana. Leaves old banana a, dead. Tree. This. Is the most relaxed. Most chilled, out place possibly, in the world this, is just a good classic, afternoon, in sunny hill. Don't. Come and steal it you know kind no time a day that is big my kid. What. Did you call, this type of cane sugar cane. What. What pipe is it. The. Big. Lie Cali bamboo de anima okay. Be a big I know, the baby like sugar, can tell. Grows. Like, the size of this bamboo over here but. Just fresh can. Be. Like that. Buddha, when you bite into it to the common, juicy, it's. So sweet. Okay. Randall, Bagley they're, ready. Just brought us a lime, moco. Squeeze, that directly, onto the cane and. That's. You. Can already smell the lime juice so, it's gonna complement, that sugar the sweetness. Mmm-hmm. All for me that's perfect because because, just the pure sugar cane it's. Only one dimensional, or only, sweet when, you add that lime that makes a two dimensional, sweet and sour you just make the juice in your mouth. Okay. So to the to the T moco added some coconut milk now as, you want to get out all those nutrients, all those vitamins. From the herbs yeah. I. Know we dream awesome. Yeah. It smells incredible the, fullness. Of it the. Mix of herbs and he put it not only you put not only the the leaves but the entire stems, so, that extracts, so much flavor and nutrients. Then. Its final step is adding this oh yeah the coconut milk is well the coconut juice and. Then. What. A description. This, is beverage, number two today unique, beverage, number two can happen sometimes. Yeah.

It's, Soul herbal. A hint of bitterness. Yeah. Oh the sea receding, Wow. It's wonderful, yeah and you put the whole the, herb stalk, stem, everything. Seriously. On its own I find, it's. Very bitter, and it's very healthy for you but. It's. So much nicer with a bit of a mega. Mega. Bump your burger your. Point, more a bit of blood, ah some. Words of wisdom though, this tea so, many health benefits it, makes. Your heart, pump more blood, so. It increases your circulation that, herbs and. Mochas. To explaining, to us the only thing it doesn't cure or help with is, if you have a bad mind from the start, gotta, keep your that. Has to be a decision you make yeah. That, has to be a decision you make keep it positive. Thank, you for an unbelievably. Awesome day, amazing. Food. Thinking. That thanks, for coming, that was great amazing it was great having guys thanks. Joel appreciate, it. See. You man so. Cool to meet you. Bye. Bye. We. Are walking. Out of a vast kitchen, after. Just a stunning. Spectacular. Day hanging out that, was just so incredibly, fun quickly. A couple of things number, one Matt, and Massimo go they have a YouTube channel last kitchen, which I will leave in the link description below. Click on that link go watch their videos go support them they, make amazingly. Chilled, out cooking videos at Ross kitchen, so go check that out go subscribe to them and then number two they, have some cabins, the Riverside, cool cabins, that you can book you can stay here when you're in Jamaica as well and so that completes our day with Ross kitchen, in sunny hill Jamaica thank. You all very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you haven't watched this entire Jamaican. Food series I'll have the link in the description box be sure to watch all the videos we're, eating through Jamaica amazing. Food in Jamaica yeah, Jamaica is just a special place goodbye. From Sunny Hill Jamaica see you on the next video.

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