The Show - 1/26/18: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Jessica Vosk, Jake Shears & More

The Show - 1/26/18: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Jessica Vosk, Jake Shears & More

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Welcome. To the show, your weekly guide to everything happening on the Great White Way and beyond, I'm, Imogen, Lloyd Webber and I'm Ryan Lee Gilbert this week we celebrate 30, years of The Phantom of the Opera chat, to the stars at pretty woman the musicals, first day of rehearsal, and more and later, we sit down with Jessica boss who's, gearing up for her forthcoming physical, below show three in green but, first get, started with the news what's the buzz Ryan. The. World's premiere of the new musical, comedy tutsi will play a pre Broadway, engagement, this fall in Chicago, before, heading to the Great White Way in spring 2019. City, which tells the story of a talented but, difficult actor who struggles, to find work until an audacious, cross-dressing. Stunt landsem the soap opera roll of his dreams will, star Santino, Fontana as, struggling, actor Michael Dorsey the, role played by Dustin Hoffman. In the hit 1982. Film that earned him an Oscar nomination. Featuring, direction by Scott Ellis an original, score by the band's visits, David yes Beck a book, by Robert Horne and choreography, by Dennis Jones Tootsie, will play Chicago's, Cadillac, Palace Theater beginning September 11, through October 14th, additional. Casting and creative team members will be announced at a later date, from. Cinderella's, Prince to a soap opera diva that's range, only, on Broadway kids. Two. Very different movies have been adapted into stage musicals, Len Ballard is composing original, music for the Rose the 1979. Film that put Bette Midler on the map strung, out 60s, rock star Ally Janis Joplin who is trying to cope with a demanding manager and her rising Fame no, word yet on casting or dates but this heartbreaking, story is perfect, for the theater meanwhile. The secret of my success based. On the 1987, movie about a Midwestern, kid who figures out a shortcut, to climbing the corporate ladder on Wall Street is getting a private industry, reading with Chris Swan in the lead and Christian, Slater Sponge, Bob Squarepants, Lily Cooper Leslie, margarita Priscilla, Lopez Emily, Skinner hello, Munoz and more directed.

By Gordon Greenberg and featuring a book by greenberg and steve rosen and a score by michael mala and alan schmuck, nominations. For the 90th. Academy, Awards were announced this, week in several, stage stars earned nods for their work in film last year Tony, winner Frances McDormand, received a nomination for, her performance in, Martin mcdonoughs three billboards, outside Epping Missouri and among, those joining her in the Best Actress category are, Broadway alums Saoirse Ronan for, Greta Gerwig Lady Bird and Tony, nominee Meryl Streep for the post Tony, winner Denzel, Washington, who will return to Broadway this spring and the Iceman Cometh was, nominated for Best Actor for Roman, J Israel Esquire, as was, Lucille, Lortel Award, winner Timothy, sha'lame, for call me by your name Tony, winner Laurie Metcalf who is also returning from the main stem this spring in three tall women and Tony, nominee Allison, Janney will face off in the Supporting, Actress category for. Their performances, in Lady Bird and I Tania respectively. Tony, winners Christopher, Plummer was recognized, for his performance, and all the money in the world joining. Fellow Broadway, alums and three billboards, stars Woody Harrelson, and Sam Rockwell, in the Supporting, Actor category plus. Two Tony and Oscar winning songwriting, teams earned their second, Oscar nominations. Dear, Evan Hanson composers, Benj passuk and Justin Paul for, the greatest showman's this is me and married, frozen, duo Robert, Lopez in Kristen, anderson-lopez for. Coco's remember, me the Oscar ceremony hosted by Jimmy, Kimmel will air March 4th on ABC, any. Oscar, predictions yes. Some, of these Oscar nominees are going to win Tony Awards. Manhattan. Theatre Club has announced it sign up for next season and it's of doozy the, company will kick off the full season in September for, the American premiere of the NAP by Richard bean was, known for his Olivier nominated, Comedy One Man Two Guvnors. Directed. By Daniel Sullivan and that was a funny look at snooker, the British version of pool yeah, that starts with P which rhymes with C which stands for comedy, next. Up is choirboy written, by moonlight Oscar winner Terrell Alvin McCraney, who premiered the work at MTC in 2013, and returns to the piece to mark his Broadway debut look. Out the play which is about prestigious, prep schools that african-american, boys and directed by Tripp common to begin in late December and open in January. MTC, is also offering the world premiere of Jacqueline, backhouses India, Pale Ale off-broadway, in October, the. New work takes a look at the tight-knit Punjabi, community in a small Wisconsin town, plenty. Of fresh and exciting plays, on tap at MTC, in the fall after, its previously, announced upcoming, engagement, at Washington, DC's Kennedy, Center the new musical ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations will, be heading to both Los Angeles's, Amundson Theatre in Toronto's, Princess, of Wales Theatre later this year the musical received its world premiere at Berkeley, Repertory Theater, last year where it broke box office records featuring. Direction, by des Mackinac a book by Dominique, Moroso choreography. By Sergio, Trujillo, and an iconic, score made up of the temptations legendary. Songs ain't too proud follows, the famed rmv group's extraordinary. Journey from the streets of Detroit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame casting. For the future engagements, as well as further details, on Broadway, plans for the show will, be announced, at a later date here's a quick London roundup but, Mary Wilson is taking on the role of Paul Simon, in the acclaimed West End run of the Simon Garfunkel story, at London's lyric theatre, he appears alongside Charles Blythe different in use in the role of the Art Garfunkel a new, adaptation at the dark of 1983, musical kiss the Spider Woman is slated to play London's Menier Chocolate Factory, feature, a revised script by Jose Rivera and Alan Baker the, show corrected, by Laurie Sampson will begin previews on March the 8th four-time. Tony nominee Laura Linney will make her London stage debut in my, name is Lucy Barton a new solo play based on the best-selling novel of the same name by pulitzer winner Elizabeth Strout Tony. And Olivier we know Richard Eyre will direct Rona Monroe's adaptation, at the bridge Theatre beginning on June the second when official, open set for June the 6th time, to pack our plane tickets to London ASAP. When. We come back we, celebrate, 30, years of The Phantom of the Opera, check out Carolyn O'Connor's, dressing, room at Anastasia, and more. Everyone. Celebrating. John Lithgow's return to Broadway in stories. My heart it's uplifting, and superb, a joyful, night of pure entertainment.

You Can't miss John Lithgow in stories, by heart through, March 4th only this is delightful, hey, I'm Casey levy and you're watching the show. Welcome. Back the, Phantom of the Opera celebrated. 30 years on the Great White Way this week with a very special, performance at the Andrew Lloyd Webber smash at the Majestic Theatre the stars certainly came out for it including original Christine, daaƩ Sarah, Brightman who offered up a surprise performance we, hit the red carpet on the big night to chat with the stars about this amazing milestone. Tonight, the piece from. The, performance, tonight was, mind-blowing. Tonight. Was, wonderful, I was joking that it felt like it was an opening night but like without the pressure of reviews. But, you know I was certainly nervous I actually surprised myself at how nervous I was but the audience was, incredible. And it just ended up being a really special, really special evening oh my god 30 years who knew and, I've been a fan of the show forever, and I'm just so glad that I was a part of it just part of that this, unit this this history, of, beautiful. Musical theater it's, written so well it, really, has. Aged well. You, know in in the 30 years that it's been around it's kind of like a. Generational. Thing you. Know that we've passed the mantle on to new generations and, people. Still love it people come and they bring their children and, the children bring. Their children it's. A never going, everlasting. Love. Story, how. Long rattled were any of you out there when, phantom. It's. Amazing, it doesn't seem possible that, it's 30 years after, playing. Christine. For 10 years to, be back and just celebrate tonight, I'm so, full of gratitude, for. The way this show has changed my life. The. Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running, show in Broadway, history, members. Of the Phantom family shared just what makes his musical such a record-breaking, smash. Phantom. Is one of those rare occasions, where. Everything. Came together where, the production, of the design. Suited. The music, completely. In the story and it all or, wove. Together, in an extraordinary way doesn't, happen very often I mean you see it happen with Hamilton you see The Lion King you sit but I think the Phantom and it's, one of those things that's, every, ingredient came. Together and it worked the. Intermission series like are you humming along and I'm like I feel, that the cues come and I want to move because I'm like that's my cue, but, we're all you know we were all part of it and it. Was just so exciting to be a part of that fam and it will continue for a very long time to come, I think phantom, has become, synonymous. With, Broadway I think it's the show that people really want to see because.

They've Heard about it and they've heard about Broadway and you know they come in from all over the world and get to see it I mean it is the, ultimate romance, and you know it's, it's the great legend of Beauty and the Beast and it's it's, always captivated, people and I think the brilliant thing that andrew has done he's, brought an, incredible. Heart, and soul to it with the music it's you know one of his finest scores the, music is beautiful. Lyrics. Are great the. Sets the, costumes. Hell's, directions. - story about the mask we all carry masks, you know it's it's it's, an ongoing theme, you know everything, will will be remembered and I think the legacy of Phantom of the Opera is, not, one that's any time soon going to be forgotten. The. Beloved 1990, rom-com, pretty woman told the story of Vivian Ward a prostitute, who wins the heart of a dashing Edward Lewis now. Pretty woman is getting the Broadway treatment. Jerry Mitchell is at the helm of the production which stars Steve Kazee and Samantha parks in the roles Richard Gere and Julia Roberts made, iconic, in the film we, caught up with a cast and creative team on their first day of rehearsal to get the scoop on taking this story to this stage. It. Is a Cinderella, story and. The. Cinderella's, in the ashes but they Edward, the prince charming is lost also. Emotionally. Lost and they. Find each other and he, rescues her and she rescues him right back I mean that is the perfect love story when, you sort of first watch the film you think you know yeah he's got it all and she's sort of lost, as well but actually. She's. Got many things that he doesn't and vice versa, so it's it's. The fact that they find each other and they, they make each other better and they need each other in the end well if you love the movie you're gonna love this but. There's more surprises to it it's gonna be a ride it's gonna be a ride it's gonna be a non-stop, love fest ride and people, are gonna do beautiful, and intelligent, and, relevant, and I, mean, there's there's true moments, to it I mean it's not just flash, and pizzazz I mean we a little bit of that here and there because it's, a musical I mean yeah I, think what speaks, to people is everybody, has something in their past that. They feel like well. Maybe, I shouldn't have done this I shouldn't have been I shouldn't have been here I shouldn't, have done that I shouldn't whatever but they don't want to be judged by it and the, fact that the movie and. The fanned the musical, ultimately, says you don't need to you can make mistakes you don't need to be ashamed that doesn't define who you are I think if we just tell the story that is there people who come and see it are gonna see that it actually is a story of female empowerment it is a story of like empowering, yourself in general like people finding, their true selves, and and living. That way kind of like out loud in the moment, pretty, woman features, a school by chart-topping, rocker Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, Bryan, Adams are so unassuming and, kind and normal. That, you forget he is one of the preeminent rock, stars of all of our time we know we've written a love song or two, over the years and. Sensitive. Balance that, we've written for the for the play but it kicks ass gosh. The two of us you know. We're. Not on stage the whole time so during the workshop or the reading we're just in the wings while. Bryan. And Jim have written an 11 o'clock number, for the character, to the likes of which I've never heard, before which. Is so powerful and I think really speaks to today and I'm. Excited I'm, excited to. Share this musical, with the audiences today and we approach the songs like writing an album you, know we tried to make the songs, have choruses have versus, structure, they. We wanted to sound like they were we, were making a record but, but every song serves. The story pretty, woman maybe a romantic cinderella. Story, nevertheless, leading. Lady Samantha bark spoke to the productions fresh take on the woman at the center of this show she's. Kind of quirky and fun and all these things and she just doesn't. Fit in in this sort of world, and she feels uncomfortable in the whole amazing Rodeo Drive moment, but actually like even towards the end when this sort of transformation she's, still the same girl, at heart and she doesn't lose sight of herself which i think is amazing. Because she doesn't just go oh yeah just are transformed she's still, like her.

True Self which I love I love them I always saw myself as more, vivianne but. But. Samantha came along really killed the audition and so they asked me if I'd rather play Edward and I said sure and so here we are. On. Stage, Anastasia's, Carolyn O'Connor simply, steals the show with, her infectious, performance, as countess Lily we, recently headed backstage, at the Broadhurst theatre to take a peek at her dressing room and discover, some fun treasures, take a look. So. On opening. Night I, received. This beautiful little. Jewelry box from, one of our producers and, normally. When you get a jewelry box that either plays like Swan Lake or the Viennese Waltz but, this one actually plays one. Of the tunes from our show one of the beautiful songs which is Once. Upon a, December, they're. Just beautiful, such. A gorgeous keepsake. And there's. A mirror inside. To. That some, of you may or may not know that I was actually brought up in Australia and so. You can imagine how thrilling it is for me to be here on the Great White Way Broadway. But, this, is a beautiful little keepsake that a friend of mine met Trent who is a fabulous photographer and, dancer gave. To me to, put into my dressing room this is Bondi Beach and, Bondi, pool and my. Home in Australia is about five, minutes away from here so, it's just lovely to look him just, remember, a beautiful, spot from back home these. Champagne, glasses are here because, a friend of mine from, Paris, came to visit me when I was doing another show on Broadway and I was drinking champagne out of plastic cap and he, said you know nobody. On board one should be drinking out of plastic, cups so, he bought me these gorgeous little champagne glasses and delivered them to the dressing room so this is my bar and this. Is a dirty old air. Conditioner under here that's hidden by this beautiful piece of fabric and. We have lots of thirsty Thursdays and, celebrations. Here when friends come and see the show it's good fun I work, really closely in. The show with Mary Beth peal who, is an absolute, hoot. She's so much fun and one of the guys in the show did. This picture for us which, is hilarious, Pilon, O'Connor O'Connor and he'll was starting her own Trail, on the road yeah I think we look pretty hot in that don't you Christie. Was doing this blog for, a few weeks for Broadway comm and she, said do you want to take part in it and I'm like yeah sure but much, they do I. Really. Don't get to see everybody much in the show because I'm only an egg too so I said okay I know what I'll do I'll do a joke that's what I'll do during, that time I was rehearsing to show another, Stephen floaties, and linear and show called my. Perfect. Year and I, had to get a tambourine, so. It was in the dressing room and I started now I don't know how it happened but I ended up using the tambourine, for Lily's joke of the day it's just one of those crazy things that happen so it's been really great fun. Weakly, to do a joke and it, seems like the kids really really love it because since, we did the vlog now a, lot of people are watching it on Instagram, and I do one awake, which is grateful such as something like that I, really. Don't like these, Russian, dolls. They're. So full of themselves. Thank, you, for. Coming to visit me here in, my golden palace, my beautiful, dressing room here at the Broadhurst I hope, that you'll all come and see Anastasia. In the musical, sometime, soon, we're all having such great time here and it would be great to have you in the audience. Scissor. Sisters Jake, shears is currently playing Charlie price in Broadway's kinky boots in the spirit of the tony-winning musicals, flair for the fabulous we, met up with sheers at the moxie for an awesome photo shoot check out what captured. Behind the lens. When. We return wicked, tour star Jessica Bosque, tells us all about her upcoming fine, science 54 below show and give us a taste of those powerful, pipes. Everyone. Celebrating, John Lithgow's returned to Broadway in stories. My heart it's uplifting, and superb, a joyful, night of pure entertainment. You can't miss John Lithgow and stories, by heart through, March 4th only this is delightful. Welcome, back we are joined in the studio that Jessica, vos how, are you she's a rising Broadway, star whoa I like. That. I mean, I you know I I didn't know who you were four, years ago and I look at you like I just keep hearing about you. You, know what I'm having a lot of fun yeah, well, that's a good point, and like every rising, Broadway star you're doing a show at Feinstein's 5400 this is one of the things you have to do yeah if you're a rising star I believe I guess it is it's like in the handbook of rising I, I'm. Doing a three night run yeah. It's, uh it's. Sold. Out all three nights but still some spots okay, okay, that's can't, and get in line and make them.

Come On I'll. Bring you on stage no I won't but it's. Really fun the, the, show itself is gonna be sort of a chat. A very, nice loose chat about being back from touring okay, so if, the show is called being green that's right and you, were alpha ba on the road for, like a year yeah yeah and I was following it on social media I was crazy yeah I really felt like I kind of went through it with you I. Really I feel like I had, to play the role off about how did it feel it, was a lot and, so I wonder when I hear the title being green I mean, I think of Kermit, the Frog yes and he. Said it's not easy being green is, that sort of the is it easy is it is it not easy what's your no it's what is the story here I, have to say the. Last year of my life sort. Of shaped Who I am as a person doing this role on tour you. Couldn't get, a better tour, first of all it is so, brilliantly. Done I believe it's the Munchkinland, it is the mentor they know they name you to the doors they do. And everybody's. Impeccable, on the store I mean it just so well run from, management. To stagehands, to everywhere we go um, but you take on the role of Elphaba is my first time joining the company of wicked I, sort. Of went out there sat. In the audience watched, the show and, maybe. Shook, a little bit going what did I just wait, what. And you. Learn how to get. In shape real quick, vocally and physically you're running around it's heavy costumes, and you are painted green right, you, know six, days of the week yeah, and it's. Not easy but, it's really really cool I have to say it's probably the, most, difficult role I will have ever played and. And. Then, I'm very grateful for, playing, it, you're. Wearing green and a lot of former off of us don't wear greens why you, are in Bret I don't know sometimes I just avoid the green but you look looks great on you oh thank you yeah I am, I don't, know when you play Elphaba, and other girls from we call it the green girl sisterhood, uh-huh, other. Girls will, tell. You that all of a sudden everything in your wardrobe will, start to turn green I went, shopping what not, just through the makeup just because you go into the store and you're attracted to sweatshirts, great, right meanwhile, it's everything's, green right so um, so. We are very attracted, to the green color I wear it proudly um. It took a long time to get it out of my hairline uh-huh but, but. It's gone it's. Gone it's, gone I'm very close I can see that it's actually going and I shower sometimes so it, was it. Was a tough thing to get all the green out but also you, know once all the green is gone you go wait. That. I was just on tour for your week right really hey it doesn't feel like it happened it's very strange what, one thing I really like about you is that you had like a wall street job and this is sort of like one of your things that you you were you're an office, girl you could you you were not this girl and now look at you how do you look and you made a decision where, you just said I'm. Out doing, this yeah I'm gonna be an actress sometimes, you just you, are sitting, in a place where you, know. You don't belong and I. Was, really good at the job I made, some lifelong friends from the job but I sat there in my office going I, haven't. Seen a broad showing years because. I think I'm so sad that I'm doing this finance thing yeah I don't want any I don't want to see anybody living. Their life and doing a triple pirouette and, then. I finally said. I will. Never be happy unless I go. After what it is that I want. In life for my passion right, and my. Parents at the time were like no no but. Now, they're pretty happy about it yeah so, and.

They're Coming to my 54, below show of course shout out and. And. And. It's, cool it's cool to be here sometimes I can't believe I actually lived that life yeah, and that I'm here doing this now and, have. Done a, few. Broadway shows and yeah. So you're, gonna give us a little taste of the show right now we're. Singing like a classic, we're not singing you're singing a cost like I'm sorry I was trying to put, myself when you you are singing a classic, I am yeah I I the. Show is, such a, plethora. Okay. Of, genres. And and, different kinds of songs and it's not just Broadway, and it's not just, polished, everything, and. There's twists, and turns and surprise guests, so with, that being said one. Of the songs in the show to. Sort of wrap everything up, with a nice bow is the way we were and, beautiful. It's such a gorgeous song and by, Marvin Hamlisch and the Bergman's and the Bergman knows uh and the Babs is just one of my hello idols. And. She's such a you. Know chameleon. And to be able to sing one of her songs. And. It's simple yet, really difficult at the same time is. A. Treat so I hope everybody so let's stop talking, about it okay let's hear, it elaborate let's break some hearts okay love. You. Memories. Light. The. Corners. Of, my. Misty. Water-colored, memories. Of. The, way. Scattered. Pictures. Of. The smiles, oh, we've left, before. Smiles. We gave. For. The way. We. Were. Can. It be that it, was, so. Simple. Then. Has. Time, rewritten. Every. Lie. If. We. Had the. Chance to. Do. It. It's. Too painful. Bitches. Will. Remain. The. Way. We. Were. The. Way. When. We come back we watch a special musical performance from The Phantom of the Opera as 30th anniversary, celebration. Everyone's. Celebrating John, Lithgow's return to Broadway in stories. By heart it's uplifting, and superb, a joyful, night of pure entertainment. You can't miss John Lithgow and stories, by heart through, March 4th only this is delightful, hi I'm, Steve Pasquale and you were watching the show. Thank. You for watching the, show. We leave you with a soaring, performance, from the Phantom of the Opera a 30th, anniversary celebration. See you next week.

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