The Show - 2/9/18: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA's Peter Jöback, COME FROM AWAY & More

The Show - 2/9/18: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA's Peter Jöback, COME FROM AWAY & More

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Welcome. To the show, your must-have guide for everything, on the Great White Way and beyond, I'm Ryan Lee Gilbert and I'm Beth Stevens this week we catch up with the cast of the play that goes wrong celebrates, second stages new home on Broadway and more, and later the Phantom of the Opera star, Peter Joe Beck gives us a soaring, performance, of the music of the night but first let's get started with the news what's the buzz Beth. Are. You ready to see Santino Fontana in, a dress no, I'm not talking about the Tony nominees, upcoming, Broadway turn in Tootsie in addition, to that exciting, role Fontana, is taking on the part of drag diva Vita in the workshop, of to Wong foo thanks for everything Julie, Newmar Vita. Was memorably, played on screen by Patrick, Swayze and Douglas Carter beans movie about three drag queens traveling, cross-country who. Gets stuck in a small town when their car breaks down Bean is working on the musical stage adaptation, with his husband composer Lewis Flynn okay. Are you ready for the heavy hitters in this workshop Tony, winner Alice Ripley current. Hamilton, star Daniel breaker and two favorite, stage vets Annie golden, and Anne Hirata Bean is directing, the workshop but there's no word yet on a timeline, for the project Santino. Is really, entering a drag phase did you say drag race phase. Lincoln. Center theatres revival, of falsettos. Which, played the Great White Way in fall 2016, and was named Broadway, coms number, one show of that year will launch a national tour in winter 2019. James lepine and william Thins musical, which follows a charming, intelligent, and, neurotic gay man named Marvin who, struggles to create a tight-knit family out of his core relationships, including, his ex-wife, his, new boyfriend his adolescent, son the psychiatrist. And his neighbor's will, play engagements, during the 2018-19. Touring. Season including. Los Angeles's, Ahmanson, Theatre and San, Francisco's, Golden Gate Theatre as well as stops in Dallas Texas Charlotte. North Carolina and, st. Paul Minnesota additional. Cities and casting, will be announced, in the coming weeks, the queen, of disco is, coming to Broadway and a trio of stars will be playing her the, upcoming musical summer the Donna Summer musical will feature Tony winner, Ariana, DuBose and newcomer storm lever has done a summer at different points in her life the, three performers are reprising, their roles as diva Donna disco, Donna and duckling, Donna respectively. Which they played in the world premiere production at La Jolla Playhouse late last year look, for summer which is directed by des Mackinac and choreographed. By Sergio Trujillo to play Broadway's lunt-fontanne, theatre beginning, on March 28th, with, opening night set for April 23rd dave, thomas brown who made his Broadway debut in American, Psycho and was also seen off-broadway in the legend of Georgia mcbride in heathers, will return to the main stem beginning February 20th in the book of mormon Brown, will step into the role of elder price taking, over for long-running, Mormon mainstay, Nick reuleaux who, will play his final performance on February, 18th, and speaking.

Of Former Mormon, missionaries, Tony, winner Ben Platt will star in the upcoming Netflix. Series the politician, a new comedy from Ryan Murphy that's already received a two-season order the series will follow Platts character, Peyton there was various, political pursuits, and of course, he'll, have musical numbers and multiple, episodes in talks, to co-star Barbra, Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow, though Netflix, is not yet made an official announcement, do. You like this idea of mixing politicians, and musical numbers if they're played by Ben Platt sure. So. They, say the heart of rock and roll is still beating and we believe them because there's a new musical in the works inspired by the songs of Huey Lewis and the news the, band achieved global, fame in the 80s with their clean-cut image and straightforward, all-american, sound the, new musical is called heart, of rock and roll and it will feature an original story by Jonathan Abrams and Tyler Mitchell and direction, by Gordon greenberg additional, details for the production including dates venue, and casting, will be announced at a later time but the score will of course include chart-topping, songs like the power of love stuck, with you if this is it and more the, Williamstown, Theatre Festival 2018. Season was announced this week and it's star-studded. Lineup has, already made our summer first, up is the world premiere of Douglas Carter beans the closet, which will be held by Mark Brokaw and feature Matthew Broderick Jessica, Hecht Brooke sash man's kiss and an pirata David, Cromer will direct mary-louise, Parker in the sound inside, a world premiere play from Poulter prize finalists, Adam app that follows an ivy-league professor, who allows herself with a brilliant, and mysterious, student the, great comments rachel shopkin will direct the world premiere, of Olimpica a new musical by carson kreitzer and matt gould that will star carmen Cusack is a free-spirited. Prostitute, who guides an aristocrat, through a life beyond opulence, and wealth during the Russian Revolution seared. A new play by Theresa Rebeck will start Steven Pasquale as a genius, chef who struggles with expanding, his Brooklyn based business, and toffee, Gevinson will star in a revival of Carson McCullers the member of the wedding directed, by Lyle noe gab our additional. Casting, and programming, will be announced at a later date so check Broadway comm for the full WTF. Lineup and more info. When. We come back we learn five secrets, about come from away chat. With the stars of off Broadway's, at home at the zoo and more. This. Week on Broadway calm Ventura the opera vlogger Ali walls sings a song for Miss Saigon with co-star Peter Novak Hello, Dolly fresh-faced, Charlie stump poses for our camera and more. And. All. That jazz, come. On babe I know a. Spot, where, the chin is cold, but the Vienna's, hot is just a noisy, fall weather. A nightly, brawl. Hey. Guys it's. Me Jackie burns from wicked and you were watching a show. Welcome. Back, second, stage Fisher Lee has a theater on the Great White Way artistic. Director Kara Rothman board members Tony Goldwyn Lynn Nottage and many stage stars attend, the official lighting, ceremony at the Helen Hayes theatre this past week we, talked to them about what tiny'mon lights back on in the haze after years of hard work means for the theater company and for the Broadway community. That's. Really exciting it's been a long long time and the lights finally, going on at the Hayes, theater for second stage is a tremendous. Moment for us it's a real testament, to all the people that have worked so hard to get here well I think it's anything credible, that second stage is opening up a Broadway Theatre in particular because of the mandate which, is to produce plays.

By Living playwrights it's to produce plays by, women, and by folks of color and I think that, as. We know on Broadway, it's really hard for women, and for folks of color to find a home you will see as you look at the theater, it's a playhouse it's. A very, very, good house for plays, and since we only do plays by living American writers, it's, a perfect home for them so I'm really excited about creating. A home for. Writers. Who have things to say women. Writers of color bringing, in a kind of interesting audience maybe a different audience we're doing something that Broadway isn't doing consistently so, I think that it will be a really, really great. Thing for the entire Broadway, community tony-winning. Set designer David Rockwell so, does the architect, on the Haze's redesign, he, spoke about his artistic intentions, for refurbished, Broadway house you. Know I think that is a set, designer, I. Approach. Telling, stories in terms of how to include the audience right. Without an audience theatre isn't alive it's. A collaboration, and here we got a chance to take this beautiful. 1912. Building, that, had been renovated, many times and breathe new life into it, so, that would work today for, artists. In terms, of lighting, positions, a, DA, excessive, ability it, would also work for the audience really feeling connected to the story David Rockwell did the most incredible renovation, I've. Seen so many plays here, in this theater over the years and to. See, you. Know this classic, old, Broadway house brought, back to life in a very modern but classic way. He really nailed, it so that's super exciting and to know that now there is a home. For playwrights. On Broadway, and, not just off-broadway is really, it's. Important audience is, coming. To the Helen Hayes will, continue, to find living. Theater is vital I think it's very much about live theater and the whole place has been set up to create a great experience. The. Play that goes wrong is the longest-running, play currently, on Broadway the, premise of the laugh-a-minute slapstick, comedy, is what happens when an amateur theater, troupe puts on a murder mystery and everything, goes terribly wrong we, caught up with the stars at the Lyceum theater to find out why this play is anything, but, a disaster. If. The play went right, essentially. This would be the most boring show, on, Broadway. It would be it. Would be a murder mystery, that's, pretty predictable, at times, with. Stock characters, and. Yeah. I don't know that it be something that people would be, clamoring to see exactly some. People have seen it like numerous, times I lost count, and I, think there's, a lot going on you know it's been well directed, the focus is in the right place so you followed a storyline but there's always more to appreciate the more times you come back you, know on any given night we've got countless.

Things Going wrong - thankfully. Going wrong in the right way so, everyone's, safe and having. Fun probably, one thing, every. 30 seconds goes wrong I would say this shows about two hours, so. I, can't do math but you could. Do the math for yourself I would imagine although we didn't nail down a number for how many things go wrong we did ask the cast to, list what goes haywire in the show props, break people, forget their lines people enter at the wrong time I'm, the, wrong characters, enter, spit-takes. There, are slab snakes literal slaps takes a lot of things fall from, great heights including. People set. Pieces that break set. Pieces that fall apart on stage fall on people there's, a bit of a fire on stage. The. Sets not done on time we, can't find one of the cast members, someone. Gets hurt and. Gets. Knocked out with the play itself is just so well-structured, and it's just hilarious but. In the cast and you know we're just we're putting, ourselves in the line every night to just make sure that people, are having a good time. 40. Years after Edward Albee wrote his quintessential, one-act the Zoo Story he created a companion, piece for it called home life the, off-broadway production, of at home at the zoo brings, them together as one evening, of theater that explores both the love humans give and the cruelty they inflict on each other every, single day we, headed to the Signature Theatre to chat with stars Robert Sean Leonard Katy, Finneran, and Paul sparks about the show. Home. Life and the, Zoo Story our, plays. That Edward Albee wrote I think 40, years apart and he, always felt like the character of Peter was left. Wanting like we didn't know enough about him so, he wrote home life about, Peters, life with his wife and that, is the first act of the show so then you see he goes to the zoo I've been to the zoo then. His life sort of continues. With. Paul, sparks character there's no way to say, it that doesn't sound just horrifically, boring, but it's, not it's actually. Quite thrilling and strange and, beautiful. And funny and it's, kind of verbal, acrobatics. That's really a fun, thing to try to pull off every night I really, love this play I thought it was such a important. Play such a great. Play for where we are now it's about empathy, and, trying. To understand, somebody that might be a little bit different than you or you know I think all those things are are available, in and it's, politically. It's a good topic, right now the cast shared what they hope audiences take, away from the production I really. Would love for audiences, to see themselves. In one of these characters and, identify. With, just, sharing all of yourself my hope is that you, know for our part that we provide them a moment, of being. A little bit transported. Into you. Know the reality of like who these characters are I think that's it, those, when you actually realize how. Stunning, the world is and how what a miracle other people are and, maybe, you go in and look at your kids sleeping. When. Another night you wouldn't have before you go to sleep. Come. From away tells, the incredible true story of when the community of gander Newfoundland took, in thousands, of people whose flights have been diverted following, the events of September the 11th both. The musical characters, and the Casa portrays them are extremely welcoming, cast, member Sharon Wheatley recently welcomed us backstage, at the show involved theater trivial five secrets about the heartwarming, hit.

Hey. You guys hi it's. Sharon Wheatley from come from away I play Diane and others. And, I was out to reveal five. Secrets. Backstage. That, you don't know about come, from away so come on in welcome to backstage here it come from away the, first secret that I want to show you is some. Of the press that we've got in a comfortable way and our stage manager Gary Mickelson has. Been busy with his lamination. Machine we, actually had these press clippings all the way down the stairs so let me show you what I'm talking about. Oh there's. Chad singing, the national anthem. At Yankee Stadium, we got fifth place in. The Broadway show Bowling League last, Easter on April 16th I got married, and it was covered in. And. I like it because it's right outside my dressing, room so, I get to see my wife and my, kids, the, next thing I'm gonna show you is something that happens because we don't have a. Way. For the actors to get from one side of the stage to the other without, going downstairs and sometimes. It's, really fast, like, during costume, party Astrid, who plays Beulah, has to exit one side of the stage and in that same song she has to come back on so, the stage managers, flip. On this light right here and then. A stage manager runs, with her backstage, and I'm going to show you what the light does and where she goes, pretend. Like I'm Astrid. Here's. The light that I'm talking about so, when this is on if you're in this zone you. Have to clear out. It's. Here. Here. It is again and then once she's up the stairs, she, just reenters, now we're on stage at the Schoenfeld, and I want to show you something, super, cool on this. Side it looks, like a Newfoundland bark it just looks like a piano and a band so here we are on the other side look, it's a keyboard there's a computer, set up over here, they all wear, in-ear. Headphones. So that they can hear each other and so that the conductor, can talk to them and then, there's a little monitor here, and a camera, right, here, so. That the conductor, can conduct so, this is everything that's going on behind what seems like one. Piano so, the next thing that I want to show you is all the water bottles so we have backstage which doesn't seem like a big deal but if you've seen the show you know we don't really leave the stage at all so, we run off. Have. A drink and run back on here we are on stage, four. Come from away and I want to show you the very last thing which, is how, is it that we move those chairs around so quickly well each chair is numbered and it's labeled on the floor with a little piece of tape that has the chair number on it and a little arrow for which way it goes so. That if we're getting like into the first plane I know to just go like this. Done. Set. Wait. It was very good there, hey, you guys that was so much fun thank, you so much for joining me here at this Schoenfeld theatre and seeing all those secrets don't, tell anybody and by that I mean tell, everybody and come, see us at the Schoenfeld theatre for come from away ok thanks. Bye. When. We return the Phantom of the Opera is Peter Joe back offers an incredible performance. Of the music of the night. And. All. That chance, come, on babe I know a whoopee spot, where, the gin is cold, but the Vienna's. Hot it's, just a noisy Hall, where, there's a nightly brawl. We. Are back with Peter Joe back Broadway's, Phantom, of the Opera how are you I'm good how are you I am great I saw you a few weeks ago it was a big night in your life and in the life of Broadway, and in the life of phantom and enjoy but burn everybody the, 30th anniversary had, a great night so now, that it's happened, I'm sure there's a lot of anxiety building, up to it how. Does it feel that you got through that and how was that night for you I, mean. Yeah, it's it was a big night for me I mean being from Sweden and chosen to do it at the 30th anniversary, was really, big for me and also, to perform for Andrew and inhale again and camera.

Was There and all the other great, people yeah so, yeah. It was it was good but I was prepared, and I felt I, felt, proud afterwards. And I party. Was great you, should you're a fantastic phantom thank you what I love about this show is that I've seen so many really. Talented actors, play the Phantom and and, you. Really do have a lot of ability to bring, yourself to him you know it's a character who's covered. For most of the show but. You really are able to see the personality there's a lot of physicality to it obviously, the singing amazing. Singing on your part what, did what do you think is the key to phantom or your phantom, or I just. You know when I was. Asked. To audition for it in 2012. And the 25th, anniversary happened, in London I I, was bit surprised, that he asked me to do phantom because I have just under like the first you vinay leads and stuff like in London, before so I thought they were gonna ask me to do route and. I felt no I don't I don't want to tell another of those and then, they said nobody want to try you for phantom and that. Was not a role that I thought would be mine ever you know and then and then, I went over to see it and and I just it. Was something with the character that touched, me in. A different way that time I thought then because I just I just recently, had been to rehab, and you know worked. On my childhood, and so, there are so much things that connected, to me like, I was abused when I was decayed and and so. What. I felt was like if I can do this role and focus on the abuse child and what, happens to someone who are used and, you know when they grow up the. Self-centeredness, trying, to survive and. Also, make, him very vulnerable because. Underneath, everything, he's still a child you know that's what he is Wow I actually, didn't realize any of that. Really uh that was brings a lot to it and then I played it for six months and then. Cameron, asked me to stay and I said, I, was. There was enough for me in London and then, but I said if you if you, could consider having me somewhere else I would say yes and I said where Rena said you, know my childhood dream is to be on Broadway and and, he. Called me the day after and said can you go next, Wow. And. You're back through March 31st so, Phantom. Is in beautiful, shape at the Majestic Theatre, it's been there for 30 years what is it like walking into and, I love the stage door the majestic - is that great long very classic, Broadway experience what is it like I've got all the garbage yeah, yeah walking by the garbage - go do your show that's classic rotten story, what. Does it like every night when you walk into that stage door and you're getting ready to do the show no when I was 10 my first job was the sound of music and I, met this Swedish actress called Ola. Salat who was one of the first Swedish. People, on Broadway and she told me about this place magic, place called Broadway in New York and I was like oh my god I have to do it if she can do it I can do it so, just walking, into the theater the first time was like my, god I made it you know I'm here and it was possible, for a Swedish person, to make it here and and you, know because of dedication, working, hard and and I'm I'm so impressed with all the people here I'm so humble you know people. Work so hard here, and it's so inspiring and, I've. Grown so much working. Here and and just. Coming back you know being asked to come back doing, this it's been amazing. So you're gonna treat us with a song I, know a classic song yeah I think we know this song this is this I mean this is maybe a bit the most famous song and Broadway history I mean this might be the, song cool, it's called the music of the night yes do you know it you, got it all down I think so.

Okay Well let's all let's get a peak of your phantom yeah. Night. Time. Sharpens. Heightens. Each. Sensation. Darkness. Stirs. And. Wakes imagination. Silently. The. Senses. Abandon. Their. Defense. Slowly. Gently. Night. Unfurls. Its. Splendor, grasp. It. Sense. It. Tremulous. And. Tender turn. Your. Face, away, from the. Garish, light. Of day, turn your. Thoughts away. From cold, unfeeling. And. Listen. To the, music. Of the, night. Let. Your, mind start. A journey through. A strange new. World leave, all, thoughts of. The, world you, knew before. Let. Your, soul, take, you. Only. Then. Can. You. Belong. To. Me. Floating. Falling. Sweet. Intoxication. Touch. Me trust. Me. Savor. Each, sensation. Let. The. Dream, begin. Let, your. Darker, side. Give in. To. The power of, the, music that. I write. The. Power, of. The, music, of, the. NA. You. Alone. Can. Make my song. Take. Flight. Help. Me. Make. The. Music. Hmm. When. We come back we head to rehearsal with ramin Karimloo, raúl, Esparza Karen, Olivo and the stars of chess ahead of their Kennedy Center bow. And. All. That chairs, come. On babe, I know a would-be spot. Where, the gin is, cold but that Vienna's hot is, just a noisy, Hall where, there's a nightly. Hi, I'm Anna Chlumsky and, I'm Adam pally you're, watching the Show. Thank. You for watching the, show. We leave you with a fabulous, look at ramin Karimloo Raul, Esparza Karen. Olivo and the stars of the Kennedy Center's Ches in the rehearsal room see you next week.

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