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Good day, few viewers! Welcome to another vlog! We're here at the trailhead of The Crack Trail, here in Killarney. So, according to some, this trail takes 4 hours. But like I said in a previous video, with our planned stop-photo stop-photo pace, it may take us 6 to 8 hours.

There's plenty of allowance for us... So, what are you waiting for? Let's Go! This trail is rated as highly difficult The Crack is an extremely rugged hiking trail and not appropriate for inexperienced or unprepared hikers. Am I an experienced hiker? I'd like to think so. Though it's been a while. Since... well, except yesterday...

Since the pandemic happened. I haven't hiked my usual hikes. Good luck to my knees...

Although, from those who has done this hike, the hike itself before the major part around three-fourths of the way, is sort of a flat terrain. But if you get close to the summit, it get's rocky. I think that's what we will have to prepare for. Time now is 9:55AM Let's say 10AM. Perhaps, we'll be done by 5pm.

at the start of the hike, the trail looks like this. Ok, actually I am using walking sticks. Because I am not too trusting of my knees this time.

Ok, this sign seems confusing. Is it supposed to be 2 kilometers to the Crack? Someone even wrote a 1. I don't know. I don't know, guys. But we'll keep going. They do say, it takes longer when going than coming back.

Especially if you don't know where you're going, right? So. Let's go. Ok, guys. After that 2 kilometer mark... The trail changes. It becomes narrower and more rugged.

And I noticed... The elevation is a gradual incline. So, we keep climbing. There are people behind me. We actually saw other hikers at the parking lot. So, we're not the only people here. So, we've come to this point where there is a lake down there.

I don't know if this is... This is not Killarney Lake I'm sure. This is not Killarney Lake. Wow! Ok guys, I was a bit surprised because... one of the landmarks of the trail is a bridge built over a beaver dam. And this looks like it. I thought it was just an ordinary bridge.

But we're here. Wow. It looks like there is where we're headed. In that mountain.

So, I guess... I guess... We have a chance. After the bridge, the trail has plenty of tree roots. We actually don't have designated roles in the hiking group. We really don't need a hike leader to get to the destination. I just made myself the sweeper. To make sure everbody is accounted for. There's just four of us anyway.

So, sweeper. You get to stay at the back. Making sure everybody is accounted for. So, there's a beautiful lake beside this trail. I think that is still Kakakise Lake. Part of the lake where the bridge is. Ok, we caught up with our group. We haven't been hiking for an hour yet. Actually. Ok, it's starting to get difficult, guys.

But still manageable. And the view is pretty, since we're just beside the lake. The trail are like this at this point. We haven't been hiking for an hour. Not an hour yet. It seems like we're making good progress. So, viewers, look at that! My friends said this is the "Now or Never Point" We have to make a decision if we wanna continue or go back. (Leny: Of course, we are)

Leny: Of course, we will. Of course, we will! Male hiker: You're here now. You might as well go up. (All: Laughter) Female hiker: You are not hesitating, are you? Leny: No, we're not. Male Hiker: Or you can just stay down here and catch me.

Armida: No, no, no, no, no. etc. etc. etc. Female hiker: It's worth it. Armida; That's why we're self-motivating. etc. etc. etc. Female hiker: If you're behind me, you can catch me.

So, yeah. There are other hikers. We're gonna try catch our breath here. Jocelyn: Let's see, see how they do it. It looks like we'll crawl from here.

We already had two groups of hikers go up so... Might as well.. We're already here, right? And it looks like this is not really the difficult part. I'll see you when I see you.

Ok, viewers, after what seemed to be a scary climb... It doesn't look that scary up here. The trails are like this after that short climb. So this is not the technical part yet. But we can already see the rocks, so that means it's going be here soon. The rocks that we'll have to climb. And we're still beside the lake.

Still a nice trail. And yet, we haven't reached the one-hour mark yet. Though I don't know where my friends are now.

And since this looks like an easy part of the trail, they might already be far ahead. Well, as long as we can see the markers like this, we're good. But I can see my friends now, The're resting. Ok, after exactly one hour of hiking, we took our first major break. Food and water break.

Ok, rest is over. We're also done with the one hour mark. I guess an update after the one-hour mark, it's really a climb. This is a climb. But the trail is built in such a way that the climb is not that steep, it's a bit of winding. Let's do it! We're following the red marker. Because the blue, that's The Silhouette Trail.

It's a continuation of this trail once you reach the end of The Crack. The the Silhouette starts. The Silhouette, that's a 78 kilometer trail. I guess it's also called the longest trail in Canada? So, it's all up from here guys.

I'll just update you later. I need to focus on this climb. Because it looks like it's starting to get technical. After that trail, it turns into this kind of trail again.

Other hikers have passed us again. They are fast. They are even carrying camping gear. But this is not a race. EVeryone goes at their own pace. Like life, everybody goes at their own pace. As long as you're happy, that's what matters. And hiking, at any pace, makes me happy.

Oh, so they did a rerouting. To avoid a steep gradient. Because that part erodes. The trail became longer. Though it became easier to climb. Then we get to a rocky portion like this.

So I think, from this part, it will be mostly rocks like this. Looks like this is not it yet. There is trail down further. After those rocks, we go down. SO, it looks like we have more to go.

Another rocky descent. I'm still alive guys. I'm still alive. We've seen so many hikers going down. Maybe a sign we're close to the final point. I wouldn't say summit. Because they say it's not the highest point of this mountain. But it is the most picturesque. It's still high.

We're already here, right? Down, then we go up again. This is the "A little bit more point", according to hikers we've met. Jocelyn: Wait a bit. so, this is what you'll be hiking. It looks like our other friends are already on top of this. Ok, viewers, it looks like this is the...

What they actually call the difficult part. Maybe the last one-fourths of the trail. Because I've looked at the map. And what's between us and The Crack itself are these rocks. And according to the people going down, it's still 15 minutes more to The Crack. We've reached this far. We can't go back now. We're almost there. And I think, our other two friends are already there.

They've been gone for a while now. A big group of hikers have passed us. I think there's more. I don't care anymore.

We've regrouped here at the top. But it's not the end yet. My gosh. Armida: Go, Jason! Is this the end? (Armida: Not yet.) Here is a marker, guys. But this is not the end point yet.

I think we still have to go there! My gosh. It's still high. So, guys, we've decided to take a break here. Because The Crack looks like it's still way up there. That mountain. But we've made it to this last leg of the hike.

We didn't bring any cooked food with us. I have a Clif Bar. They have chips. I suggest if you hike here, it's not really wise to bring cooked food that the bears can smell. Ok, we're done eating. So we're gonna make the final assault to end point of The Crack. Lord, help us. Still a bit high.

But thus is the final stage. And we're not rushing. Which should be the right attitude, you know. Just enjoy both the trip and destination. Ok, we're going. And according to another hiker we met, to be careful because there are lots of rocks. Like this rocks here are nothing compared to what we're about to see.

Funny thing is, they're the same hikers we saw at the parking lot earlier. And they said they even went farther than The Crack. Look how high we are already. At this point, the terrain looks like this. Rocky. Very very rocky.

No smooth surfaces to rest at. We're on the right track, there's a marker. Still alive.

Marker. But look at that. We're way way up. Let's go! Still high but we're already here. Ok guys, after that very rocky trail. You get to this sort of boardwalk.

And then you get to this. It's like a forest of rocks. And according to another hiker, this is probably the most difficult part. And it looks like, you're inside a crack.

Literally. It's really gnarly. Tree roots. Mud. Rocks. And I think we really have to climb those rocks up. To get to The Crack. Ok, this is the Boss Level. Guys. And...

On top of that is The Crack. Hopefully. Please. Pretty please. Hopefully, that's it. Very technical. Male hiker: There are a couple of big climbs there. But you can do it. You got it. To those planning to hike The Crack. I think the final ascent would be this one. It's like this.

Ay yay yay. I haven't climbed yet. So hard-headed. Don't want to let go of the GoPro. Almost slipped. Jocelyn: I'm giving up.

NO! We've gone this far. Don't. Don't. You can rest. You can rest. You can take a rest if you can't go yet. Jocelyn: It's hard. Wait.

Take it easy. Still alive, guys. Still alive. And I'm halfway through this technical part. It's like Find Your Own Way.

My gosh. We're technically inside The Crack to be honest. This is The Crack. That's why the trail is called The Crack. But the lookout is still there at the end. And there's sort of a cave there. Sorry. (etc. etc. etc.)

Ok, I think I have to ditch the GoPro. Because it's either I fall, or the GoPro falls. Ok guys, we've come to marker in the middle of these rocks. Look at it. Oh my God.

You literally have to conquer your fear to get here. My God. This is the way, they say.

Ok guys, still alive. And we've got to the literal crack. The crack that is the source for the name for this trail. This is a crack.

So, we're going inside the crack. We're now inside the crack. There are a few cracks I'd rather be than here. But this is not bad. so, I guess...

OK. I guess we're here. Over there? Looks very high. Ok, Wow! Wow! I guess we made it, guys. My friends are over there, resting.

Wow... Oh my God. Wow. Wow. They're right. It's worth it. Yes, it's worth it. Really nice, really nice. My God.

So this is literally the end point of The Crack Trail. The trail continues on. But it's not part if The Crack Trail. It's The Silhouette Trail. It's end is 73 kilometers, I don't know where it goes. But I'm ok with this. This is the reward. I said at the start of the trail that I was quite hesistant because it's been a while since I did a long hike.

before our hike yesterday at Granite Ridge. Yesterday, I felt that my knees were not up to it. The walking sticks helped. For sure. And we made it. So all that hesitation, all that apprehension. Wasted energy. If you have the opportunity, I said in my past vlogs. If there is an opportunity to do something, do it.

And this was an opportunity. Thankfully, my friends were really decided and determined to come here. So I'm here at a higher spot with the group. Look at that, it's so beautiful. Right? Ok, so pretty, eh? And since the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is just around the corner in Canada... I'd like to take the opportunity to say that this land, this beautiful land, belongs to the First Nations people. And we're just guests and visitors in this land.

We're just transients here. There's a beautiful lake down there. And all the other lakes there. I think that's Georgian Bay in the horizon. If you're wondering what time we got here, 12:45pm. Around that time. So, 3 hours? Including two major rest stops. And we didn't rush ourselves.

That's it. We're going back down. I don't know how long it's gonna take to go back down. It's bit technical. I won't take much video since you already saw the trail going up. So, there. It was a really beautiful place. It was really worth it. They were right. You just need to have strong will.

Ok, 1 kilometer to parking lot. Finally. And there you go, we're here at the parking lot. We've reached it. This hike was a success. We're here. There, we're going home.

We left The Crack at 2pm. We got here at 4pm. From The Crack to here, it took us 2 hours. There. We're here. What is my impression of The Crack Trail? Well, it was rated highly difficult there at the start. But my overall impression, maybe... A large part of the hike was not really that diffcult. Maybe medium difficulty at best.

But when you get to the end. And when you have to get up The Crack itself, The difficulty multiplies by a hundred factors. You can have it fairly easy before you reach the rocky part. But once you get to the foot of The Crack and you see those big boulders you have to pass to get to the top. Then you'll understand why it was rated highly difficult.

You really have to be exprienced. We're back at our campsite. And that was our hike to The Crack. It was quite the successful hike. The video ends here.

Don't forget to like, comment, share... And most importantly, subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet. And if you still have time, click the notification bell to be notified of future vlogs. I hope you learned something, if not I hope you enjoyed the video. If you didn't enjoy it, I hope you learned something somehow. It ends here for now. Thank you very much. Until next time. Bye!

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