The Crags: Wildlife Sanctuary of the Garden Route, in Plettenberg Bay!

The Crags: Wildlife Sanctuary of the Garden Route, in Plettenberg Bay!

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- Welcome to our Plett vlog. We have started at the Plett Puzzle Park and I'm already loving it. I can't show you because I don't want to give it away, but there's a whole bunch of puzzles on here already, just as you walk into the café and it's so much fun. Then you can sit outside and play, there's giant games and board games you can rent.

Oh, and there's a whole bunch of puzzle things here and we haven't even entered the actual puzzle park yet. I'm excited. - It is really cool here, we haven't even like entered the puzzle park, as in gone to do the mazes or anything. We were so hungry we just came straight to the café first. - Which we shouldn't have done. - We shouldn't have done, because...

- Because if you do a certain number of puzzles in a certain amount of time, you get a discount at the café. - Ja, maybe we can have another something after we win. - So anyway, there's a whole bunch of like cool games and stuff out front and even you can play tic-tac-toe at your table, but Byron and I were just playing 4-in-1, which he beat me, which sucks, but-- - But I mean, come on. - We are officially in the maze, we have our blue discs.

- This is not a disc. - What is this? - It’s like a... it’s a pyramid, but I can’t remember, like the long pyramid. What's it called? - Well we have our blue stick, disc things and we need to find our way out now. So there's some riddles and basically there’s a lot to do.

- I'm so excited. - Let's go. - It's been 6 weeks since we entered the maze. - It's actually a really, really tough maze. Like we’ve been up and down and up and down and up and down and just when you think you've come around the right corner, it’s a dead end.

- But it’s very cool that it is 3D. That it’s not just flat. You’re going up and so you can look at the maze and say, “aha, that’s where I need to be”. - I know where to go.

And then you go under the bridge and then it’s like nothing. - Yeah. But, we have our last tokens. Look. - Yeah, look at us. We got these. Now all we got to do is make it back to the entrance.

- Oh, well done. (clapping) Thank you so much. - We got it guys. - Ja, you got it.

- We are now going down to the Forest Walk. This Forest Walk is super cool. You get a bucket with a whole bunch of tokens and they unlock these boxes and the boxes have puzzles in that you have to complete and they’re all like mechanical and like have time watches? What's it called? - Stopwatch. - A stopwatch. and there's pressure and they're really difficult actually.

- But fun, but fun. - Might I just say, Tams built the entire “R” by herself. - While Byron answered the questions. I was too panicked with the "R", I didn't even know what the questions were.

- This is so fun. This is so cool. - Yeah. - I love this. - So I know there's probably a lot of you out there that are just wishing, 'please show me some of the puzzles, I want to do something'. So it wouldn't be fair to show you the puzzles now because it will ruin the fun of doing it yourself, which you should do, but there are a few teaser ones that we can show you. Just quick word games that you can, I don't know.

I'm going to show you them really quickly so you're going to have to pause if you want to figure it out if you don't see it immediately. Here we go. And there's actually a few more, because I'm not going to ruin them all. There's a whole bunch more going up there, but those are the most the teaser ones that you get. For now. - We are at we are at Moss and Maple Farmstall.

And we've just come to have some quick lunch and also, interesting note, but they have a farm, like an actual farm stall, farm stall here on Sundays. Like a market. So we missed that, that was yesterday, but you can still come and have some lunch. We have now left Moss and Maple. - After having some lunch. - Yes, and now we are on our way to the Tenikwa Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre.

Lions! We are at Tenikwa, look at this Marabou Stork well, these Marabou Storks. They're huge! And apparently, there's a love triangle going on between these three. Very interesting stuff.

So sorry, I'm sorry. Hello. - [Guide] Hello, how are you? - We are now at Villa Villekulla and I am super excited. Ag, everything looks amazing. So we'll show you around, but we’re staying in The Captain's Cabin— Ooh! That was horrifying. and everything is like, it’s like being on a ship, but not.

I like it. - And it's got a lot of history, it's all-- - Ja, it it's got a lot of history. It's actually really sentimental. I like it. We'll show you around. - Before you show-- Before we show you around, I'm going to just relax a little bit.

While Tammy takes some photos I will be over here sitting in the outdoor, but indoor section, Enjoying some coffee. We just came back from the most delicious dinner, with… - With Willie and Daniela. - Whom we… - You can't do that when I don't know what's in your head. - Had a delightful conversation for hours afterwards. - How was I supposed to know what you were going on about? - I have an idea.

Let’s dump footage and go to sleep. - Okay. - Ja. This is what it’s going to look like. - Good morning everybody.

It is a beautiful morning at Villa Villekula. Firstly, I just... I noticed while I was looking in the screen, but i'm loving these windows.

The decor here is so cool. It's like all antique and so, so, so cool-- wait. Now I'm excited. I have to tell you about; I went to go wash my hands because I was feeding the donkeys and then in the bathroom it's like an old train station train sink like from back in the day and it was so cool. Because you have to like press the tap and then water falls up into a bowl, but then like there's no drain in the bowl so then you got to like flip it back like almost like into the wall like you're putting the tray back of like an airplane table and then the water in the bowl goes into there and like drains out into there.

It's so super cool. I'll have to take you in and show you. The main point of this was to tell you that we're having the most delicious breakfast, but then I got excited and distracted. What are you having Byron? - The Stack. - The Stack.

And there's banana there are eggs, well, egg, bacon-- - Free like from the farm. - From the farm. Camembert, so that's a really cool thing. - Avo. - Ja, delicious. - Homemade seed loaf. - Ja, homemade jam.

And then I'm having the french toast, so it's really, really delicious. And today we are going to go to Jukani we're going to Birds of Eden and to the snake? - Monkeyland and Lawnwood Snake Park. - Monkeyland... - And to Lawnwood Snake Park and then hopefully we can fit in a hike after that.

So we'll bring you along through all of that, and some of my new best friends are chilling, letting me know that they need attention. Which I am happy to give. We have come to Jukani, which is a sanctuary or a forever home for some wild cats. These wild cats have been through a lot.

They've been born and bred in captivity. Some crazy stories; like there's a lion here that's come from Egypt who was kind of raised in a guy's backpack and he was making money off of her at the markets. So all kinds of sad stories like that and now they are here in these enclosures - and what's nice about these enclosures is that they are really big and spacious as far as an enclosure goes, but they are captive-bred, so I mean this is a lot better than what they've had before. And Jukani doesn't encourage any touching or interacting or picture taking with animals like nothing like that.

These animals are just free to go about and do what they want to do. And we're having a walk around now with Andrew. We are now at Birds of Eden, which is so super cool and there's literally just birds flying around everywhere. And man, they've got a gorgeous home, because they have a netting that acts as an aviary, but this place is huge and there's trees everywhere, there's ponds everywhere. They're free to do their own thing, they're not in little cages which is awesome to see. And I mean, there's so many different kinds of species of birds I'm like walking around shocked.

So luckily I've got a little booklet and I can look and spot the different birds, so I'm going to take some pictures and then later in the blog post I'll write what I got a snap of. - Now if you're wondering why they keep monkeys inside Birds of Eden it's because that was Monkeyland, we didn't do a vlog intro there. - So they don't, to clarify. - Yeah. It's two separate places... - Next to each other.

- Next to each other, but they're connected. So now we came back to Villa Villekula and we are walking through this forest path towards Lawnwood Snake Park It's so cool to have this, just this nice walk to-- - Ja, it's right connected. It's right connected? It is connected, so you can just take this footpath and walk from Villa Villekula to the snake park. We're on the way back now from Lawnwood and we had a great time with Mike, he knows his stuff, oh my word! It's like so much information, but good information.

Good experience. - Because we ask a lot of questions. - We ask a lot of questions, so come prepared so you can nail him with the hard ones. - But he makes it fun as well, like... - Yeah. - Doesn't just explain it explains it, he explains it in a fun way.

- Oh he's got a lot of fun energy, you'll enjoy him. - And you can picnic and you do a forest walk, yeah. - You can picnic, you can do a forest walk.

- And if you're staying at Villa Villekula, you can just do this walk back. Sorry for stealing your vlog Tams. - Ja, never mind, I wasn't speaking anyway.

- Good morning family. So today is sadly our last day here, but do not fear the vlog is not over. We still have two places to go and explore today.

Byron looks so creepy in the background over there. But for now we're just gonna enjoy breakfast, so enjoy breakfast with us. - This is what I deal with on a daily basis. - But you don't see the other side, you don't see what he does.

- I can't do it now. - I tell him to stop, and he does it. - Where you can enjoy the dam, of course. - And then, he tries to be all posh, but he can't keep a conversation to me without going Yes? - We are currently in Tsitsikamma doing a pretty secluded hike along a coastal path to a lagoon.

It is beautiful and Tams is somewhere there, putting up stories. So we made our way all the way to what we thought was the Mermaid's Lagoon, went down a super steep path and we are on little rock outcrop surrounded by water. We can't get to the actual cove, which is there, back up we go. - Okay, we're here, we found Mermaid's Cove and it's so nice. Unfortunately, we're just doing the hike passing through on the way to where we're going next, so we can't like sit and relax here or chill or be in the lagoon.

I would definitely come here with a good book, something to eat and spend the day here. This is super relaxing. We found this on the beach, but I don't know what it is; if it's a shark or a catfish or I don't know.

We walked past another one. If you guys know what it is please let us know. I wonder there's two.

Like were people fishing and left them here? Or did they just wash up? This place is just absolutely gorgeous. We've come from the coastal route and now we are going back up the hike through the forest route, but there's just something to look at wherever you go. - So we're late.

We need to go to Hog Hollow and do some horse riding, but it took us a lot longer because we stop and admire the view and take photos and then we realise we're 25 minutes late already and we wanted to do the forest path, but it's 20 minutes longer but we wanted to do it. So we're doing it and it's so cool you can see the ocean, I don't know if you can see it there, as you're hiking and walking through the forest-- - But we're like - running through it. - Ja, but it's still cool. - Still cool. - Still cool.

So we arrived at Hog Hollow. A little bit late, but we arrived and now Tam has decided that it's time to redo her hair for no reason. - Well, I forgot that I'd need to wear a helmet, but my bun won't fit under the helmet. I got to try and fit my head in there. Okay, I think that's it. - Ready? - Is it right? - Yeah. - Perfect, perfect.

- After a very insightful and fun time at Hog Hollow, there's a lot to talk about, Tammy will talk about it probably in stories or blog posts or... Anyway we're at Nature's Way Farm Stall for a quick bite to eat. Got the Nature's Way hot chocolate.

We have the problem of: there is so much nice stuff inside. - Everything. - Ah man. - Everything. We have-- - So we've left Nature's Way now. - Thanks Byron.

Feeling better there? Byron was hungry. And we are-- - On our way to Tube 'n Axe. Look how cool, aww you can't see it now, but the mountains and the clouds and...

- It's a really cool day. Cool because it's chilly, but cool because it's like nice weather. Nice weather. It's not sunny weather, but it's--

- It's currently half past three, right now, and yet it doesn't look like it. You know what the best part of being on your own road trip is? Cake for dinner. So this is actually the end of the vlog. We've already arrived at the next place, but this is the end of today's or this vlog.

We're still in the garden route, we're actually in Tsitsikamma now, so we're heading towards the end of it. We'll show you around tomorrow morning, tell you where we are all of that kind of stuff, but thank you so much for joining us on this leg of the journey and as we continue towards the end of the garden route, we hope you continue to, I don't know, be a part of it. So, thank you and we'll see you tomorrow morning!

2021-04-05 11:03

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