The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 02/05/18 2PM | February 05, 2018 Breaking News

The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 02/05/18 2PM | February 05, 2018 Breaking News

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All, right so we showed you the president as he landed, and, is on his way in the Greater Cincinnati, area to, speak it's, about a 20 minute drive we're told from the airport, to the venue so keep watching fox news channel for that I'm, Harris, here's Dana. Fox. News Alert President, Trump right now in Ohio arrived in a short while ago to focus on the new tax overhaul we will have his remarks live later in this hour hello, everyone I'm Dana Perino and, this is the daily briefing. Before, the president speech he will tour a factory, where more than 100. Workers received, $1,000 bonus each, thanks. To the new tax cuts Matt Finn is live in Blue Ash Ohio Matt, what do you know. Dayton. Of the president, is scheduled to arrive here at any moment and when he does he'll be greeted by a handful, of protesters, and supporters who, have gathered here at this Ohio Factory this afternoon, the President's, speech today is considered, a part of his tax victory, lap and also, a part of his post State of the Union tour, at this factory behind me chef for manufacturers. Hydraulic, cylinders and equipment. For items like rock crushers, and even the space shuttle now Scheffer announced, a $1000, employee, bonus, right, after the president's, tax plan pass so this is prime, real estate for the president to tout the success of his tax reform and the American economy under, his administration Democrats. However say the tax overhaul benefits, corporate, America and the rich not everyday Americans, like people in this factory Nancy Pelosi even, comparing, a thousand-dollar refund, to crumbs the, White House hitting back saying Pelosi is out of touch with the middle class by calling $1,000, refund. Or more crumbs. Let's. Remember that I was during the State of the Union that the Democrats, just sat there and couldn't, even applaud for the huge, success that we're seeing in our economy, I mean these are real results.

The. First lady is here in Ohio today although she won't be the speech of the factory behind me she's visiting, a nearby Children's, Hospital, and she will also be attending a briefing on the opioid crisis, here in Ohio Danah yeah, that's gonna be an important event as well and I'm sure they'll talk about it when they return, to, Air Force One and take the ride home let. Me ask you though there's another government, shutdown looming, and what are we hearing from the White House this time around. Well. Dana a lot of uncertainty, surrounding yet, another government shutdown the. Government funding, runs out this Thursday House, Republicans, meeting, tonight to discuss avoiding. That shutdown their aim is to pass a short-term spending, bill through March but, defense minded members might not want to vote for another interim, bill because it doesn't yield more spending, for defense, and daca continues. To be a major sticking point in passing, a budget Democrats, maintain, they're not holding the budget hostage over daca and, don't want another shutdown but any Democrat running for election and the upcoming midterms could be in trouble if there were to be another shutdown this afternoon, the White House saying it's hopeful, there will not be another another shutdown but the president, is adamant, any immigration, deal must include the wall tweeting, this morning, and he do on daca that does not include strong, border, security and the desperately, needed wall is a total, waste of time March, 5th is rapidly, approaching and the Dems seem not to care about daca, make. A deal so when the president wraps up his speech here in Ohio Deena it's back, to work in Washington. Again all. Right Matt fin thank you. While. A political. Firestorm over, that FBI surveillance, memo consumes, the nation's capital, Democrats, say they want their version out too as we, learn new information about the former British, spy who compiled. The anti-trump, dossier chief. Intelligence correspondent. Catherine herridge is live in Washington Catherine. Well, thanks Dana this morning on Fox the Republican, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said at least one more memo is coming focused, on the State Department. So. Phase one of our investigation, was just getting to getting at the FISA abuse, what. We're looking at now is. A State Department and some of the irregularities, there and, we have several other areas, that we're looking at but, I don't want the American people to think that we're going to have a memo that will go through this process what, we'll do is we will follow in phase two we will follow the, facts where they lead and. When we get enough facts we will then figure. Out a way to let the American people know likely. It won't be done and the way that this was done on. The sunday shows a former State Department official confirmed, the trump dossier, was brought to their attention in, July, of 2016, and. They said the document, should go to the FBI. He. Passed. Two. To four pages of short, points of what he was finding and our, immediate, reaction. To that was this is not in, our purview this. Needs to go to the FBI if. There is any concern, here, that, one, candidate, or the, election, as a whole might. Be influenced, by the Russian Federation that's, for the something for the FBI to investigate, so.

Two Things here are the timing really matters July, 2016. Is a pivotal, month because it's when the FBI opened, its counterintelligence, Russia investigation. And they, began working with Christopher, Steele's so you've got a situation here where Steele, is seeding information, with the FBI as, well, as the State Department, and later, today Democrats are pushing for a vote to get their memo released it's, ten pages in length and they say it's more complete than, what we saw be classified, on Friday Dana and we're getting new information, about the British spy behind the dossier what did you what have you learned about that well, the Republican, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey, Graham sent, a criminal referral to the Justice Department last month asking for an investigation of the former British spy Christopher, Steele who put together the Trump dossier, and whether, he lied to the FBI about his contacts, with the media Fox, News obtained this unclassified. Version of, the criminal referral, and while, it's heavily redacted senators, Grassley and Graham write, about another stream of information that was going to steal the, unclassified criminal. Referral, reads in part it, is troubling enough that the Clinton campaign funded, mr. Steele's work but. That these Clinton, associates, were contemporaneously. Feeding, mr. Steele allegations, raises, additional concerns. About his credibility the. Senators are now asking the FBI Justice, Department for an emergency, declassification. Of that, document, because they say a lot of that information is, what, we saw in that house memo released, on Friday Dana it's, never adult day for you. Thank. You so much see ya. Tomorrow. Marks nine months until the midterm elections, and while Republicans, are worried about a blue wave they also have a reason to fear a green one as well because, in the race for campaign cash the latest fundraising, numbers show Democrats, are out raising the GOP in some key congressional districts.

Joining, Me now Fox News politics editor Chris Starr Walt also the editor of halftime reports, thank you for joining, us today let, me show these numbers to you these are just in for 2017, that fourth quarter number, the, d-triple-c that's, the Democratic. Arm that helps the House races raising. 105, million, dollars, the NRCC. At 85. Million dollars in cash on hand the d-triple-c with 39, million and the, NRCC, with 44, million dollars one. Of the things that these numbers don't, tell us Chris, one, is enthusiasm, I, and the second thing is there, are a lot of outside, groups, that. Can spend money as well and Republicans tend to do a little bit better with them they. Do generally, speaking the Democrats have caught up in that regard and. You know we talked last week about the problems, that Democrats, have because, their party has was, so dysfunctional and so bad in. The Debbie wasserman-schultz, and sort of the Clinton Hillary Clinton candidacy, era that, they're. Having trouble matching the Republicans, but, raising money for elections, is like getting a loan the, easiest, time to get one is when you don't need one the hardest time to get one is when you absolutely absolutely. Need it the Republicans, are facing a very tough climate and a tough map this year for retaining the house and so they need resources, but their donors know that maybe it's not a good bet so they want to put their money on the senator they want to put their money in governor's races Democrats. On the other hand they feel good about the house of their donors are always used up they're feeling good about it they want to give money so, that's that is the catch-22, about, political fundraising so the d-triple-c will, tell you that the the entire field is their battlefield but, they do have 18 specific, races that they call the 18 red, to blue campaign, if I could pull that map up take. A look at that Chris these are districts. These are not Senate races these are House races in these various states some, of those are pretty expensive media markets other places like in Florida you'll have big, midterm, elections, with for a Senate seat there and also the gubernatorial race North. Carolina always, super, interesting, and of. Course in Nevada you'll have that big Senate race there so is that what. Does that tell you about what. The d-triple-c is seen and are you seeing the same things well, some of the races are obvious some of the races we've known all along now, part, of this stuff is is. Some chuff right you are mmm, saying oh yeah, we're gonna compete in this district in Utah and we're gonna compete in this bright red district, here some of this stuff is as they would say as they would say in try Delphia that's, some stuff people say so. We don't we take with a grain of salt both parties when they say which seats are in play but, what the message, the Democrats are trying to say here with this list and these resources, is we're, playing on the other guy's turf we're on the other side of the 50-yard line we're. Playing in all Republicans, that are all Republican districts here and these the ones that we're going to flip it's what they're trying to emphasize they're trying to get in the Republicans head and psych, him out but, the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, apparently, he's one of the most, the. Best fundraiser, that the Republicans, have had in that seat and today this morning he, doled out $5,000, checks to a hundred and forty-three members, so. I think, from his perspective he'd say look I'm doing my part I'm gonna be here to help you but you also have to get out there and have, enough money because these races could get expensive when it comes to getting out the vote buying, media time and paying, for stuff it, also helps him be the speaker in real time because, when, he's got a war chest like that. Guess, what restive, members, become, less restive, when he says oh yeah. You all need a lot of money for that race don't you yo yeah and you want to be in good graces with the speaker who's that who is a huge fundraiser, Ryan is a prodigious, fundraiser and that gives him added clout and added authority with members who sometimes want to do their own thing Chris. Starr Walt as, always thank you thank, you bet. So. It was a wild and disturbing week in the Michigan courthouse what, would. You give me one minute. You. Know that I can't, do that that's not how it goes. We. Have new details on the latest sentence for the disgraced gymnastic, team doctor, plus. A look at how social media and Twitter bots made the release the memo campaign, go viral and why that should concern you no matter which side of the aisle you're on. New, court action in the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the sports world former, USA, gymnastics, team dr. Larry Nasser sentence for the third time today receiving.

Another 40 to 125, years in prison Nasser, admitted, molesting, girls and young women while working at Michigan State University and, at, USA Gymnastics which trains Olympic athletes he was also sentenced to 60, years in federal, prison for child pornography. So. The mainstream media blasting, the president's, decision to release the Republican, FISA memo amid, claims the FBI relied, on news, reports to obtain a warrant against, an advisor to the Trump campaign a former, Justice Department prosecutor, telling, me Friday it sounds crazy I, was. A prosecutor for 27, years I looked, at numerous affidavits. Reviewed them all the time I can't remember one, that. Relied on media, reporting, for any aspect, of this relying, on media seems crazy the FBI has a lot of resources they don't need to just read a newspaper and, try to include that as a basis for probable cause they. Can go out and investigate and interview the people themselves and, have, much more reliable, information. Howard. Kurtz is the author of the new book media. Madness, he's also a host of media buzz and he joins us here in New York and it's great to have you congratulations, on the book thank you so much let, me ask you about the. Coverage. Of a story like this and how different it is than. It might have been even 20 years ago with all the different types, of media that you can read I mean I have here something from The Daily wire something from law fair I read all sorts of different pieces this weekend from lots of different places and that just didn't exist even, 15 20 years ago when I was a newspaper reporter and you were at the Bush White House is looking back it's almost like it was slow-motion Allah we all worked hard but so the the rise of Technology I think has allowed for, these giant mega phones and so, you had, I mean there was so much pregame, hype here for this new news memo it was. Like the Super Bowl and, at the same time once the memo came out there was an awful lot of campaigning from the left media, figures trying. To discredit it trying to denigrate it try and say it wasn't everybody yeah. Before saying it was irrelevant and all of that and trying to shift the focus to the president, versus the FBI and the DOJ rather, than the contents, of the, memo itself and so it's like they're these echo chambers that are competing at all times and yet the president tweeting, Saturday morning that this basically, vindicated, his position, that there's no collusion and that this investigation, is wrong but here listen to trey gowdy who was on the sunday shows. To. The extent, that memo deals with the dossier and the fysop process, the. Dossier has nothing, to do with the meeting at Trump Tower the dossier has nothing, to do with an email sent, by Cambridge analytic, Oh the, dossier really, has nothing to do with George papadopolis, is meeting in Great Britain it. Also doesn't have anything to do with obstruction of justice so. There's going to be a rush of probe even without a dossier and, that stuck out to me because it almost seemed like that was just a clarification and, the bright line that Republican, leaders were trying to talk, about before the memo was released but it does seem to get blurred when, the president and the Sun and others are saying that this is what, we are we've been saying all along that there was bias against, us and this is unfair both, things can be true there obviously. Are people at the FBI did not like Donald, Trump here in the campaign don't like him never been a lot of damaging, leaks it, doesn't completely, invalidate. The mob Mull investigation, by the way Muller was a private citizen at the time that this whole FISA warrant thing was going right that's that's, a good point brought. That up listen, look watch look at this I read it this morning and I just thought it's again, saying how different it is in as.

You've Covered media and. Been in the media political, writing, about Russian BOTS and how they, really helped fuel the release the memo hashtag saying whether it is Republican, or Russian or Macedonian, teenagers it doesn't really matter it is computational. Propaganda. Meaning artificially. Amplified, and targeted, for a specific purpose and it dominated, political. Discussions, in the United States for days so, this isn't going to be the last time we see something like this is this a new, way of basically. Geopolitical. Diplomacy. / warfare, through, the media a new and very troubling way now look I don't have any problem with ordinary Trump supporters or Trump opponents, using Twitter and hashtags, and technology, to mount grassroot, campaigns, that's democracy but, when we have these shadowy box and political says a lot of these were linked to Russia it shows you that the infiltration and, distortion. And propaganda that we were all concerned about the 2016 campaign is still, going on and the fact that I think that Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms need to do a better job, of rooting, out what. Are basically flying. Propaganda. Outfits we don't even know who's behind them and they clearly can push stories into the mainstream media I want, to ask you something more broad I have, a theory of when I feel, like I noticed that the media was biased, so I started, out as a reporter, before I went to Washington do. You have a moment in time when you look back and you think you started to see things change, yeah when Donald Trump came down the escalator I mean look there's been liberal, by I don't think it was during the George W Bush administration that, there was bias. Against him oh sure, they were there was a standard, kind of bias the Conservatives, have complained about for. Decades it was against vinyl Reagan it was against George W Bush. Exacerbated. Now I agree with Donald Trump it's a whole different level for a couple of reasons one is the president fights back he has made the press a very big fat target and there is something, that has more than ideological because, as you know many prominent media conservatives. Oppose this president it is sort of visceral and cultural, they just don't like the guy don't think he was going to be President they don't think he should be President the same time they fall into the president's trap because the more they hit, Donald. Trump with endless, waves of negativity, the, more it alienates, his supporters, who already don't, trust what they bank the elite media right and so I just think it's on steroids, now in a way that would've been hard for changing. At all anytime soon I would love to give you an optimistic answer on that okay we like optimism, here ah no but unfortunately I think President is dug in against, what he calls fake news and the media are invested, in the anti Trump narrative many of them and, it's making them lots of money everybody's right everybody, we love having you on and we love talking about the media it is media.

Madness, That is the book we. Are waiting for remarks from President Trump, in Ohio what, one business is doing that will help him play, up support for the Republican tax plan as you, see the president is getting a tour right now. Boxing's. Alert president Trump live in Ohio touring a business that handed out bonuses to its employees because of the new tax law amidst a rocky day on Wall, Street the CEO referencing, Nancy, Pelosi labeling, of those bonuses, as crumbs earlier, today. We. Know some, people have said that's crumbs, but for, the Scheffer people we, consider that fine dining. Business. Networks Deirdre Bolton joins me now Deirdre how is the tax bill helped the economy I feel, like I read it in the news every day but, you tell me well I mean plain, and simple it's helped GDP right because people feel more confident, there are a lot of people who got bonuses, cash bonuses, more, than 300 companies have given them either $1,000. Or $2,000, and this started before the holidays so, that last read on GDP that we got right product, of all goods and services produced domestically, it. Was 2.6, percent but the star, figure in that was what we spend right you spend on your dog I spent on mine we buy more presents for, friends for family when, we feel good or when we have an extra thousand bucks so, that's helpful that's a direct link the other direct link is that listen this tax reform helped, corporations. A lot, can't understate that so, CEOs. Have more confidence they're more committed to investing, in the u.s. there have been numerous CEOs, even ones who are very blatantly. Openly, democratic. Fundraisers Jamie Dimon JP Morgan CEO I mean they're saying we're building 400. New chase, branches, and areas that have been underserved, they're. More likely to invest in their talent, their employees, as well so all of that is, a direct effect and positive, positive positive some. Little quirky, things have been happening on the sidelines, which, may or may not have anything to do with anyone's, policy, if. You look at unemployment at, a 17-year, low that's fantastic. But then we saw wage, growth which had been stagnant, for almost, a decade and I mean maybe, you speak to people are like okay great I'm happy I have my job but I haven't had a raise in a gazillion years I'm, tired whatever, is this, last month's, data showed, the fastest. Wage, increase. Rate, of raging increase since 2009. Wow, of January, so, that's what's kicking off what we're seeing in the markets right now there's a little anxiety like, oh are we growing too, fast how, is a little bit overheated. Is the Fed going to and raise rates the, reason of course the only reason we care about that is because it makes all borrowing, more expensive, you want to get a car loan you want to get a mortgage I do we, have to pay more so you, know there, has been direct, positive, effects that we can measure but, then there's always you know a little bit of a sideshow on things, that we can't always control it. Just happened, to be showing up on a similar check so what is the most important, thing that will affect the economy going forward well. I think continuing. To see these companies invest, right that's and the president has spoken a lot about this investing, in jobs investing. In infrastructure, here but then as usual you know a few little wild cards right we're facing another shutdown is. That going to affect the economy going forward, NAFTA does, the us stay in do we pull out I think Canada pretty much thinks we're pulling out I don't know if that's true or not obviously Congress is, gonna weigh in on that the. Stock market this is a horrible, day following, up a horrible day on Friday that can shake confidence, a little bit with.

Some People and and I think we just see what the Fed does do it how will known person overall a very, positive picture I would say today is a hard day to make that case I'll make it all the same you can with red on the screen economic. Underpinnings pretty, strong all right thanks Deirdre starts in she's the best president. Trim shooting down a new bipartisan, immigration plan, the senator is behind the bill say it protects, the dreamers and beefs up border security but. The president says it's missing one thing and we'll tell you what that is Plus. President, Trump live in Blue Ash Ohio where, he is about to deliver a speech on tax reform a key topic from his State of the Union speech. We. Enacted, the biggest tax cuts and reforms. In. American, history. Our, massive, tax cuts provide tremendous relief, for, the middle class and, small business. Fox, News alerted we are awaiting president Trump's speech on the tax overhaul at, Scheffer corporation, in Ohio as the clock ticks down to another government shutdown this week chief, congressional correspondent Mike, Emanuel is live on Capitol Hill Mike what is being done to come up with some funding. To extend the government. So that doesn't shut down again well, Dan it looks like they're looking at a 6-week government, funding package until March 22nd. Or so and they may add some additional, defense, spending some additional military money to appease, national. Security, hawks a, Senate. Democratic with dick. Durbin, said yesterday he does not see another government. Shutdown coming. After a partial three-day, government, shutdown just last month House Speaker Paul Ryan late, last week explained, why another temporary funding measure is needed. The. Reason we're having these CRS in the first place is because the Democrats have been holding the, cap agreement hostage, the military funding hostage for an unrelated issue I think we're making progress on, a cap agreement and even. If we get everything figured out by say, Tuesday we. Still have to have a CR if only for the fact that we have to give the appropriators time to write an omnibus appropriations. Bill so. House Republicans, would do to meet this evening to talk about next steps now there's also a bipartisan. Immigration plan, being offered that, the White House does not like at all because it does not include any money for the president's, proposed border wall it's being offered by senators, John McCain and, Chris Coons and Senator, Coons says this will be a good starting point for a debate in the Senate. It. Lays out a plan a pathway. Towards. Securing, control of the border by 2020. And I, expected, an order for this to be, embraced. By Republicans. As the solution, that, will get us moving forward towards fully funding, domestic, and defense spending we, will need to add some, border. Funding, to it but. If the president, thinks it's a waste of time it seems unlikely that Republican, leaders would be taking, it up Dana all, right Mike Emanuel thank you so much we, told you the president's going to be giving a speech, the. President's about to give his tax reform speech. What. Great memories. And. We're starting to boom you know that it's great to be back in Ohio and, be. Here with the hard-working. Men and women of Scheffer corporation. Congratulations. You. Have a lot of great people with us today. We have our secretary. Of the Treasury Steven minuchin, a. Man. That you know very well and has done an amazing job, and a great job in helping us with the massive. Tax cuts that are helping, everybody so much and everyone, has fallen in love with it I tell you Rob Portman he. Knows his stuff thank, you rob, thank you a. Terrific. Guy a friend of mine from day one and he's been behind me from day one Jim Rene see Jim, Jim. Thank you. Jim, has been a great friend of mine lieutenant, governor Mary Taylor Secretary. Of State Jon, Husted. And, another great friend of ours Brad Wenstrup couldn't. Be here he's Army. Reserve duty that's okay right that's. A good excuse, that's the only excuse, would accept. Great. Guy I. Want. To thank you all and I want to thank Jeff Norris, and everyone here at Scheffer Corporation. For hosting us at. This really incredible, facility. We just toured it I love. Equipment. And. I love workers, you. Have them both, but. It's, really some, wonderful. Place I'm here in. The, beautiful, Cincinnati. I'll, tell you you know I was here. I worked here for a long time people, don't know most people don't know Swifton village long. Time ago really, uh you, know swift it came, here a long time ago had a great success with my father was a young success. And. You know if I didn't have a success, maybe I would have gone and just, done something else who knows but. I spent a lot of time in this state and a lot of time in Cincinnati, and I loved it and. What. I really want to do and come, here and give, something very, big back and that's tax cuts I signed into law your paychecks, are going way up.

Your. Taxes, are going way down and. Right. Now for, the first time in a long time and, you've seen it factories. Are coming back. Everything's. Coming back they all want to be where the action is. America. Is once again open, for. Business, right. We've. Already created, nearly. 2.6. Million, jobs, since the election, including more, than 200,000. New jobs in. Manufacturing. We. Love manufacturing. Those are real jobs not the, other. Kind where, they talk but, there's nothing there we're. Bringing back those, four. Magnificent. Words made, in the. USA. Will, count USA is one word is that okay I've just said have. To think about that what, unemployment. Claims have hit a 45. Year, low, think. Of that I mean just think of that. And. Something. That I've been talking about for two years. Campaigning. And, everyone said you'll never do it, after. Years of wage, stagnation. Wages. So, what happened two, days ago and a, month ago wages. Are now the, first time in many years rising. Fact. More companies, are pursuing. Pay, increases, right now than at any time in, the. Last long. Period, of time they actually say, in the. 21st, century can you imagine that, it's. Amazing, what. People, with some good ideas can do it's. Amazing, what we've all done together this. Has been an incredible, journey but. It's, happening, even faster and, when you see GDP. Over the next year, or two what do you see what happens to our country, because, people can feel it, billions. And billions of, dollars are being poured, back into the United States at, the center of. America's. Resurgence, are the massive, tax cuts that we just passed, before. Christmas, remember, two things number one I said we're gonna be saying Christmas again and number two I said I was going to give you a Christmas present. And I. Don't. Know if you remember I was gonna sign it around January, 5th and then. I heard one of the hating groups on television, he promised, a Christmas, present here's the thing that hasn't been done in a long. Time many, years really never done to this extent, you include a noir, which. Is tremendous. Energy potential. And you, include getting rid of our. Individual, mandate, the worst thing there is an Obamacare, which really leads to the repeal. Of Obamacare. When. You look at those things it hasn't been anything but I said I want, to give them a great. Christmas, present so January 5th I heard him saying he didn't make it with the Christmas wish I said you know what moved that bill up a few days will vote and it. Was rather inconvenient. For a lot of people I said we have to sign it so, we signed it just before Christmas, better write better. Otherwise. I would have been hearing. Rob. He, did not, fulfill. His campaign. Obligation. Or promise right so, now they can't say just one more thing we check off the list, but. It is the biggest tax cut in reform in American, history, and at, the heart of our plan is tremendous, relief for. Working families, and for small businesses, a typical. Family of four earning. $75,000. Will see an income, tax cut of more. Than, $2,000, a year and you're already seeing it, slashing. Their income, tax bill in half. We. Nearly doubled the standard, deduction, meaning. The first. $24,000. Earned by. A married couple, will, be 100%. Tax-free. Not. Bad. And. We have doubled. The child. Tax. Credit. That was compliments, very much of Ivanka, Trump she would press us right Rob she. Would press us. Pretty. Amazing, but, we got it done not, easy and we had. By the way we had no Democrats, we had nobody, not one. Including. Your other senator, voted, against, it no, he voted against, it I don't care, Republican. Demarest a voted against it and if. They ever got in and if they ever took over your, taxes, would go way up and you'd. See some bad things happening, so wouldn't, be good that. I can tell you would not be good when. I signed the tax cuts six weeks ago it set off a tidal, wave of good news that. Continues, to grow every single day. Before. The ink was dry companies. Were announcing, thousands. And thousands, of new jobs and, enormous, investments. To. Their workers. Apple. Announced, a, 350. Billion dollar investment in American when I heard it I said no no they mean 350 million because. I've been saying to the head of Apple good guy Tim Cook, from. The beginning, as, soon as I first met him I said Tim it's. Not complete, until you start building plants. In our. Great states, otherwise, when, you build them where you're building them I'm not interested, you gotta, build them and believe.

Me The reason it's happening is because of what, we did but I heard the number I heard 350. And. I figured it was 350. Million dollars that's, a big plant, you know 350, is big, even. For your great company it's big, so. I figured, they're gonna build a big beautiful plant someplace, then. They came to me this is it sir, it's not three, hundred and fifty, million dollars, it's 350. Right. That's. A big number I would. Have been happy with the 350, million but you know it's I like this number slightly better and. They're. Gonna do incredible, things they're gonna build plants they're gonna build a tremendous, campus, they're gonna hire 20,000. People. Mobile. Just announced, a fantastic. 50 billion, dollar investment. If. You look at that Exxon, Mobil fantastic. Fiat-chrysler announced. 2,500. Jobs are, coming back to Detroit to Motor City 25. 2,500. And you know where they're coming from Mexico. Wow. Think of it. Nothing. Against Mexico, we. Are renegotiating. NAFTA I can tell you that, we. Are renegotiating. I've been telling you that for a long, time happens, either you renegotiate. Or you terminate. But. We're renegotiated. We'll see what happens but, Chrysler. Leaving. Mexico coming, back. To Motor City with a massive, plant I mean. You haven't heard that in, how. Many years would you say rub 30, 25. We're. Reversing, it and many, other companies are coming back and many other car companies are coming back in a lot of them which. Is of most interest to you coming back to Ohio. They're. Coming back here right here. And. Right. Here in Cincinnati on, this very beautiful. Factory. Floor the Scheffer corporation. Announced. That every single worker was, getting a $1,000, tax cut bonus you're so generous thank, you. Congratulations. Everybody. That's. Good. Hard-working. Patriotic Americans. Like you or what make this country, run and run like no other but. We took away all of that pride and all of that incentive. And we're losing so many of our companies and we're losing so many jobs and. How. Long have I been talking about this 10 15, 20 years I've been talking you know some of you have, heard, me saying this as a private, business person we're losing all our jobs we're losing our companies. They're. Coming back. To. A grip it's your pride and your determination, to, do the job right it's the foundation, of American. Strength and the. Key, to. America's future, but. You know you. Can work hard, but. If you don't have the right leader setting, the right tone in all fairness aying. I am, non braggadocious. But. If I don't set a tone like, you're not gonna keep taking our jobs you're. Not gonna keep doing what you're doing and what do you see what's happening over the next 2. Or 3 months, with. What we're doing two countries, that have treated us so unfairly. In many. Cases, so-called. Friendly, countries I don't call them friendly I don't. Call them friendly, but. It's all changing, and those, companies are coming back and those. Jobs are coming back so you are among, more than 3. Million Americans who, have received, a tax cut bonus, because of the tax cuts that we, just signed into law, everywhere. I go I love to hear what people plan, to do with the money so I thought we could take a few minutes to. Hear from some of your co-workers you, know who I'm talking about right I assume. You like these people. I assume. It's central casting rate boss. Tyler. Berkshire, you know, join. Scheffer corporation. Through an apprenticeship. Come on up here Tyler. Six. Years ago and. Now. He is a machinist. And, a. Talented, one. They. Like him okay. Nice, to be loved it's, nice to be loved I, think. It had only send popular, ones up here you know the unpopular. Ones don't worry you don't have to worry about in. Addition. To his one thousand, dollar bonuses, paychecks, are bigger because he's paying less. Taxes, Tyler. You're. Up here I'm, gonna give you a chance like maybe 30 seconds, or less. To. Explain what you're gonna do with all that extra money in this case over a thousand, dollars. Thank. You mr. president, and with. The tax cut and the bonus, I will be trying. To save up money to start a family and. Eventually. Get a bigger house. So. I like that that's. Good. I. Appreciate, all your hard work that you've been putting in and all. Your. Portman. And everybody else yeah. Just wanna say thank you it's, out of this beautiful. Beautiful. Job. Thank. You Tyler, that's. A good guy that right there Jim huh I think. He'll probably be, very.

Supportive Of you I. Think. Everybody's, gonna be supportive, we need people that are gonna do a great job and keep us in, the right direction. We. Need them badly too. Or. It all goes back to where it was and worse oh, but. Did we catch them in the act or what you know what I'm Joe did. We catch them in the act, they. Are very embarrassed. They. Never thought they were to get caught we caught him a. We. Caught a lot so much fun, for like the. Great sleuth. Dinah's, Poletti is, also with us where's Dina she. Joined Scheffer come. On up Dina in, 2012. As a customer, service rep and has, climbed her way all the way up to become a manager. Dina's. Looking, at a tax cut of one thing five hundred dollars and. That's on top of her. $1,000. That jefra is already giving there so that's. $2,500. Plus, what. Are you gonna do with that money dinner how, are you. When. They asked me what this would mean to my family, really what it means to my families the same that it means to all hard-working. American families right. Now for reaping the benefits of your, tax cuts it means that we'll have more money in the bank more money to make ends meet personally. For my family, my husband Tim and I are in the process of buying a home and in, the fall both of my kids Katie and Matthew will be going to college so, we'll be using that money that'll. Be like a bonus we received Thank You chef ur a one-time, bonus but, it'll be an ongoing bonus, in our paycheck every week and it'll just help us make ends meet so thank you very much. Beautiful. Oh. I'm. Glad she's not running against you Jim. That's. Very good thank, you very much she's, doing a great job oh good. Like. Tyler, and Dean or millions of workers are thrilled to have more money to. Save for their children's. College or, to fix their home or put aside money for a rainy day but. Believe it or not Nancy, Pelosi and, those in Congress who want to, raise. Your taxes, they, want to raise your taxes, they don't want to give the money to the military, where we need it you. Know without the military we might not be here. Or. We might not be here for long believe, believe. Us all. Nancy. Pelosi what she's doing to this country, and. She's. Gone so far left and Schumer's. Gone so far left oh. I. Look forward to running against them we've. Got to do well in 18 and I know we're gonna do great in 20 but I think we're gonna do well in 18 I think. We're gonna do well at 18 I. Think. We're gonna do very well. They. Have gone left, they. Want to raise your taxes, you. Know I figure, we're safe, historically. When you win the presidency, you know the story just. For whatever reason, it is and I think I figured it out nobody really. Has, been able to explain it properly I think I figured the. Party, wins, the presidency, and now. The people, are happy and you, see tax cuts in this case or whatever that party has got but you see the big tax cuts you see what we're doing jobs are coming back and the. People that voted for us become complacent. A little bit they're happy and. It's only two years between 16. And 20, and so so it's a short time so. The people are happy and. They don't get out and they don't vote like they should maybe they go to a movie in. 18 none of you will go into a movie I hope right so. What happens, is, they. Sort of take it for granted they sit back and then, they get clobbered, because. The other people are desperate, and they. Get out and they have more. Energy but. I think because of we've done because, of the tremendous success we've had I have, the feeling, that we're. Going to do incredibly. Well in eighteen and and I have to say this history. Is not on our side but. It's not because of that word complacency. You win the presidency, and you take it easy and then they come, and surprise, you in, the midterms they call him the midterms we've. Got to get out there and win or they're gonna take and I say it a Nancy. Pelosi Chuck. Schumer they, want to raise your taxes, they. Don't want to give the money to the military, which we have to because our military because of Obama and even, beyond Obama, it's. Depleted. It's. In bad shape. And we're. Gonna build it stronger, than it ever was before we've, already started, we've. Already started. So. That's. What happened, and that's, what happens, in midterms, but we're not gonna let it happen to us I mean it's, traditionally. That's what goes, on I. Love. That person whoever where, I. Love. I knew I liked that man I. Thank. You, well. We're gonna be in there fighting because, we don't want that tradition, to go we.

Want To have tremendous success. We want to get Jim in and we want to get a lot of other people and but we have to have tremendous, we. Have to have tremendous, success, and if. We don't were just full of so we can't I know we're gonna do great in 20 because by that time see, what happens, is if, you, did badly in 18 now you're all angry again and you're going 1 now, 20 comes along but, we want to do great in 18 and we're, gonna do really. Well in 20 that's when we, go again and we keep this great journey going ok. So. Start. Thinking about. Start. Thinking about 18, start, thinking about November. Start. Finding. Out exactly that, little slot you're not going to a restaurant although, you could you could go and vote and go to a restaurant, but. That's. What happens and we're not going to let that happen to us in addition to the bonuses. Created. By our, tax cuts. Economists. Estimate, that our business, tax cut will raise the income of a typical family by an average of. $4,000. So. Nancy Pelosi again. Said. That's crumb as well she's a rich woman who lives in a big beautiful house, in. California. Who. Wants to give all of your. Money away and, she. Talked about crumbs and I really think her statement, about crumbs because you're getting thousands, and thousands, of dollars and you're getting it every year so. I think her statement, crumbs will be equivalent, and I said this the other day for the first time, when. I first heard the word deplorable. I. Thought. It was a bad thing but I had no idea it. Was, not going to be good for. Our opponent, it, was not good because. About. Two days after she said it I go to a rally and. Everyone's. Wearing shirts I am a deplorable. We're. All deplorable. I said what's going on with the word deplorable, RUP you know we had that right, it. Just, went pretty, wild it was not a good day for her, and I think this is not a good day, for. Nancy Pelosi. She's.

Our Secret, weapon. No. She's our secret I just hope they don't change her. There. Are a lot of people that want to run her out she's, she's. Really out there I'm supposed to make a deal with her but. You know the other day. Did. Anybody happen, to see the State of the Union address. Okay. So. I got good marks. But. I said, you have the lowest black. Unemployment, in. The history of our country it. Was like. It. Was a game you know they play games they were, told don't even make a facial, movement, and I'm, talking about you, have the lowest, Hispanic. Unemployment. In the history, of our country this isn't me said this is the charts, the polls, we. Have the lowest in the history of a country dead. Silence. Not a smile. In. Fact there was one guy, when I said the lowest. African-american. Unemployment. He. Was sort, of clapping, like, who. Was that guy you a nice guy I think, he was a reverend, and. He was I, wouldn't say it was exactly, a rousing but, he he. Was putting his hands together, and. I want to find out who he is I'm gonna send him a letter of thank you and. He was probably severely. Reprimanded. Don't you think Rob I think so cuz he was the only one. So. That means they, would rather see Trump. Too badly. Okay. Then our country do well that's what it means it's very selfish. And. It. Got to a point, where. I really, didn't even want to look, too. Much during the speech over, to that side cuz honestly it was bad energy. That. Was bad energy, you're. Up there you've, got half the room going totally, crazy wild. They, loved, everything, they want to do something great for our country and you. Have the other side even. On positive. News really positive, news like that, they. Were like death. And. An. American, an. American. Somebody's. A treasonous. I mean yeah, I guess why not. Can. We call that treason why not I. Mean. They certainly. Didn't. Seem to love our country very much but you. Look at that and it's it's really, very, very sad, so. We have to keep it going because this country is turning and it's turning much faster, and I said I'm gonna do it but. It's happening faster, than I thought and a big part of it is the fact that the companies kicked in because nobody saw that AT&T, came, in another, one came in another. One Comcast, and that so many companies. Kicked in hundreds. Now it's gonna be end up big houses, of companies this company, - it's. A little smaller than AT&T, but we'll take it, for. The people in this room it's much more important than AT&T right. But. But. Great companies, like this many, come and and, that's honestly. We said, come February 1st nobody's. Gonna beat it because, you're, gonna get your checks and you're gonna see you have more money, because. They're taking a lot less taxes, out of your check and I. Just. Don't think that anybody can beat it and, senator. Brown, voted. Against, us and fought us like, crazy okay just remember that he, voted against, you just when you go in there he voted against, you not, good not, good so. We've gone from being one of the highest, tax, countries.

Anywhere. In the world to. Being one of the most competitive, because, when, our workers, have, a level playing.

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