The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 12/28/17 2PM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino 12/28/17 2PM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

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Thanks. For joining outnumbered, overtime I'm Julie Banderas the daily briefing with John Scott today starts, right now. The. Alabama State canvassing, board is meeting at this hour to certify, Democrat Doug Jones as the next senator from Alabama this, move comes as a judge has just rejected. A challenge, by Republican, Moyne Roy Moore claiming. Election, fraud hello. I'm John Scott in for Dana Perino and this is the daily briefing. Jones, declared, the winner over more by a little more than 20,000. Votes in that closely, watched special, election held earlier, this month riff Jenkins is following, this story for Grif, hey. John Swift, news moving, quickly now this canvassing, board that you mentioned is meeting right now consists. Of three people alabama, governor kiv Turner General Steve Marshall and Secretary, of State John, Merrill. They are beginning, to certify, the results from that special, election earlier. This month but, what had happened is Republican. Roy morg filed a last-minute complaint, with the Alabama Circuit Court to intervene, and delay this certification based. On new allegations, of voter fraud and actually calling for a new special election but just moments, ago Montgomery. Circuit Judge Johnny Harwick, denied. Moore's request for a restraining, order to stop the canvassing board from certifying, Jones's, victory, that, means that, Doug Jones by the end of this hour will, likely be, headed to, Washington. Where he will be sworn, in by Vice President Penn's on January. 3rd, next, week, secretary. Merrill has office, spoke with me several, times today, as I tried to understand. Why, this, was occurring. Just. A quick primer in Alabama state law you have 48 hours after certification. To petition for a recount. There was no circumstances, for a recount so more did, this last-minute, effort. However Secretary. Of State Merrill's Office John told, me that they have reviewed. All allegations. Of voter fraud and found that there were no. Instances. Of that now, Moore's, campaign, issued, a statement today saying that. Alabama. Will suffer, irreparable harm. If election, results are certified without. Preserving, and investigating. All the evidence of potential. Fraud, I can tell you in talking with Merrill's office they see that as an affront to the. Election. Integrity. If you will of Alabama they have prosecuted, at least six people in recent, elections for, these, sorts of things, but. We, also have Jones's. Campaign, weighing, in and the spokes from their Sam Coleman. Saying this is just a desperate attempt by Roy Moore to subvert the will of the, people it will not succeed the, election, is over it's. Time to move. On so, there, you have it all John and that. Meaning that it is going on it takes about 30, minutes they have the. Formalities. Of a Pledge of Allegiance an invocation and then they have an actual reading of the explanation. Of the, certification. For, an election like this then those, three members the governor the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State will, sign those, results, they will become official and. There will be nothing left to do in Alabama it then comes to, Washington, this. Election. Means that Republicans. In the Senate of course will only have one.

Vote. To spare in that slim margin, John so we're watching live pictures from Montgomery, as the state certification, board gets ready to certify. The election results, in that state Grif you know one of the things that the more campaign, charged. In. Their challenge, to the certification was. That turnout, was higher than expected well, is that any great surprise I mean national, attention international. Attention was paid to this race, that's. Right he got a lot of attention and actually the allegations. In the eighty page complaint, that I read earlier this morning is that, there were a lot of alleged. Out-of-town. People, because. The numbers were so large but, again Secretary. Of State Merrill's office finding, no indication. Of that being true, in the court actually it's interesting that the court ruled. Just. Moments before this certification meeting, began John. Because there was no. Onus. There was no determination. That the court had to rule and, certainly the Secretary of State's office wasn't, going to stop unless that, court intervened. I talked, to one political. Consultant. If you will that said they, felt that Moore's, attempt. Was really, more of a, laying of the ground for, perhaps future claims, that, Jones. Was in some way not. Legitimately. Elected to. Somewhat, muddled, the, the. Process, but. Again mores, campaign, not telling me anything to that effect so they're taking the pledge of allegiance there as they get ready to certify, these votes, and you know talking about certification Grif, 20,000, votes that, is well beyond, the margin, that would have demanded, an, automatic, recount right, that's. Exactly right and to narrow that down you, would have had, to in some way make. The, case that, some. Of those the, majority of those 20,000. Were not legitimate voters. And in the 80 pages I read it certainly, did, not meet. That standard in, any form this, meeting, we're watching, by the way, takes. About, Merrill's, office tells me about 30, to, 40, minutes tops.

But, Essentially. It's, a formality, again, we're watching, it's not that anything, is going to happen now in the next 30, minutes half, an hour or so because they, would essentially just sign it it's sort of like when the, president, signs a piece of legislation, that's already been voted by both sides, of the Senate and the house it's, just a signature but they had some some, formalities, to it that is what you see going on right. Now and. It looks like some signatures. So perhaps they're, actually moving things. Quicker to, hurry up and, get this out of the. Alabama, hands. And into the Washington it's my understanding that, under Alabama law the, Jones campaign, or rather I'm sorry the more campaign, can, petition, for a recount, within. 48, hours of this certification based, on everything they've done so far we. Can certainly expect to see that I would think Grif. Jenkins, thank you and later. This hour we will speak to Alabama Secretary, of State John Merrill to discuss the proceedings, today certifying. The election of Doug Jones to, the United, States Senate. Well. The IRS issues. A clarification. As homeowners rushed, to prepay property. Taxes, before the end of the year Gerri. Willis reporting, for the Fox Business Network what, is going, on here exactly Jarrell, anybody know I got, to tell you John this is a real head-scratcher we're. All trying to figure it out and of course everybody going into these two taxes says it's all over the country particularly in those blue states with, high taxes, I want you to hear what one Fairfax. Virginia tax, administrator. Had to say listen to this. This. Started off as a slow. Drip turned into a trickle, and then a stream, and now, a river we did not anticipate the. Numbers, that have shown that showed it particularly yesterday, on Tuesday and then today, much less but, it's, it's it's I'm amazed. So. The good news as you mentioned the IRS has put out a statement not. Completely. Clear but here's what they say a prepayment. Of anticipated, real property, taxes, that, have not been assessed. That's the important, word there prior. To 2018, are not deductible in. 2017. So that's the IRS, John on, what, you can expect here so, who, determines. Then whether. And when, a property, has been assessed, okay. That's the local government, it's all about the locality, whoever, is sending you that bill those are the folks who didn't say whether the tax bill has been assessed or not you've got to reach out to them to find out but, I would warn people here because I've been talking to my accountant, too and they are warning, us against, overpaying. Because. If you do overpay, you could tip yourself into the alternative, minimum tax which. Is higher, taxes. Yet again, bottom, line talk. To your accountant whoever does your taxes, talk to the local.

Government, Authorities, to find out whether, you can prepay and how, you can prepay John. Jerry. Willis Fox, Business Network Thank, You Jerry thank, you for. More on this art Laffer he was an economic, advisor for President, Reagan any any time the government gets into picking in losers. And winners you get into things like this art, people in the high tax state it's now rushing, to get their taxes, pre, paid their state and local taxes, because, they're not going to be deductible to the same extent that they were doesn't. Spread you can't just make this stuff up can you now it's amazing it's just amazing. And the IRS is not being particularly clear, about, what's deductible, and what isn't I mean if you they want their money no they're saying it's not going to be deductible as what they're really saying because they want their money really badly yeah I, want, to keep mine too so what can I say it's fight to the end right and and you know New York's governor is trying to make it possible for people to prepay. As, many of their state taxes, as possible, it partly, opens, up you know it it brings money into the state coffers but it's partly, also a snub at president Trump yeah, well you know this just goes to show you that by the way state and local taxes should not be deductible at a federal, level I mean they should be payable there and they shouldn't be and so this type of nonsense doesn't really make any sense whatsoever. For. The running of good government it's just a tax loophole. That you're trying to get around and unfortunately. They've, set it up this way the tax codes are so arcane, and complicated. That there are all sorts, of these things going on John yeah and and even CPAs. Who are in the business of knowing the tax law they're scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly what. What, is deductible, and what is have, you ever talked to Don Rumsfeld, on this he writes a letter every year to the IRS I have no idea if this tax return is correct I have no idea I can't figure it out but here's what I think it might be it's. Just a very clever letter that he writes every year and it's every year it's so true it's just truer, than anything look at this just this last tax bill general it's a thousand, pages I mean, for what cutting the corporate rate from 35, to 21 go figure, but know they have to put a thousand, and if you read them those a thousand, pages are full of little nasty, things little nice things I mean all sorts of, stuff in there you're. In the business of well. Predictions. I guess, you. Know people, like to make predictions with the new year coming on what. Do you predict, as a result. Of this tax reform act well, I put my little Swami hat on and be what I want to assure you is that I'm far better John predicting, the past than I am the future that, having been said I, think, this tax bill will have amazing effect on the US economy and I expect to see a lot, of very strong growth over this coming year and I think that growth will build up for the next couple of years and the, one I think is most important, here is I, really believe tax, revenues, will increase, as a result of the corporate tax rate reduction, in this bill and I, think this, will lead to prosperity and, better.

Budget So, you don't you don't buy the idea, that we're gonna blow a 1.5. Trillion dollar, hole. Thing I've ever heard in my life these, guys who do that I mean they have no idea how accountants, and corporate, people work you know when you cut tax rates John they stop sheltering, as much income as they did there'll be a lot less tax evasion, as well companies, will move back to the US and there none, of these have anything to do with economic, growth which they are pretty good at but, this type of stuff the behavioral, responses, they don't get and that, stuff is enough to way offset the, corporate tax rate reduction, effective, tax rates will drop by a lot, less than the statutory. Rates a lot of the polls and you know you can decide whether or not you like to believe polls but a lot of the polls suggested. Only about thirty percent of the American people were, on board with, the idea of this tax reform do you think that numbers gonna change when people start seeing their paychecks, oh sure, and when they stop seeing all the negative, press on it I mean there hasn't been a Democrat, who says intestin said it's Armageddon it's the end of the world even, the Republicans, John were sitting, there all of this is a bad provision, that's you know all of that stuff makes voters, upset. And frankly, so they have a negative view of this but, once the storm, clears, once the dust settles I think, you're gonna see people like the growth I think they're gonna like their tax bills being, much smaller than they have been and I think they're gonna like the prosperity and I'm very excited, about this and if, you look at it from a political standpoint I'd much, rather be on this side of the fence then on the other side, going, into the 2018, elections, well a happy New Year to you hardly, new, here John thank you pleasure. Well. Trying to bring North Korea in line after, the break tough talk from the Secretary of State on Kim Jong Un's nuclear. Efforts and. Alabama's. Secretary, of State will join us after, the meeting that's underway right now to certified. Doug Jones as the winner in the Alabama state Senate. Race after. A last-second. Legal, challenge, by more Roy Moore is. Rejected. Fox. News Alert Alabama. Officials, have certified, Doug Jones as the winner of that special election for the US Senate this, comes after a judge this afternoon rejected. A last-minute lawsuit, from Republican, Roy Moore alleging, election, fraud Jones. Will be the first Democratic, senator representing, Alabama, since, 1992. Well. President Trump is slamming, China after u.s. satellites, spotted, Chinese ships, transferring, oils in North Korea and, the president tweeting caught, red-handed very, disappointed. That China is allowing, oil to go into North Korea there, will never be a friendly solution, to the North Korea problem if this continues. To happen, retired. US navy admiral robert, nader is former, commander of the seventh fleet and head of US fleet Forces, Command Admiral. Mater are you surprised, that, the, Chinese were apparently, saying. That they would enforce the blockade, but not doing so, not. Really and. I think they have done some positive, things to restrict the flow, of, resources. Out of Korea, and the flow. Of money into North Korea. Respect. Both, Russia. In. To a greater extent China have been working with us on tightening. These constraints. On North Korea, but. President. GE had assured President. Trump that you know he would he would crack down on, the north is, this something that President. Xi might not have been aware of that you know somehow. Underlings. In in, the Chinese government, were allowing this tap I, think. It's possible, look there's. No way the United States of America, can track all of our merchant, ship activities, 24. Hours a day we, don't have a. Lot. National trade I just. Don't know whether this was known, to, the Chinese government. Leadership or not but the bottom line is we've got to continue working with China to tighten, down on. The, constraints, with North Korea the, Secretary, of State wrote, an op-ed in, The New York Times saying. That there is time for diplomacy still he writes we. Hope that this international isolation, will pressure the regime into, serious negotiations. The abandonment, of its nuclear and ballistic missile. Programs a door, to dialogue remains open but. We have made it clear that the regime must earn its way back to the negotiating table, until. Denuclearization. Occurs. The pressure will. Continue. There. This regime. Has thumbed its nose at. Every, treaty, every, obligation in, the past is there really, a chance for talks, to to get North Korea to abandon its, nuclear program. Well. I think so as long as we continue working with the Chinese and the Russians and, to, tighten down on them there's still, room for increased.

Sanctions And more, hurtful sanctions, in North, Korea I, would. Argue that we had stronger, sanctions against, Iran that we do currently with North Korea and in the past our sanctions, have been very porous, with respect to North Korea and certainly. Negotiations. And these sorts of sanctions, are much, better than armed. Conflict, but aren't there indications. That that Russia has actually been helping, on North Korea with its nuclear program. Well. There certainly are and. I would argue that some of those were on the part of the Russian, government but a large part of them were on the part of. Unemployed. Scientists. And engineers at, the end of the Cold War who. Were the elite of the Russian society and it, was the Cold War wound down they become I became. Unemployed so, some, of this is government some of this is independent actors, they. Had my Robert Nader always good to get your thoughts, on things like this we appreciate it thank you thank. You sir. Frigid. Temperatures, covering, much of the United States our, own Rick Reich view--the joins us to tell us how cold, we will be as we, head toward New Year's Eve plus. A deadly. Terror attack, rocks Afghanistan. Has, Isis, suicide bombers, target a cultural, center in Kabul leaving, more than 40 people dead and take. A look at this. Dramatic. Body cam footage of, police officers, rescuing, teenagers, from a burning car did. They get them out in time. Officers. Just. Like us and, every Milwaukee, Police District station even across the country they, would do the same thing because that's why we, joined in that's why were cops. They. Are called the NIC squad and, the two police officers got to this scene just in the nick of time. The. Cops both named Nick pulled, two unconscious. Teens out of a burning car in Milwaukee it hit a utility pole the, temperature, in the single digits, at the time those. Officers are being hailed as heroes one, of them says there is no better feeling than helping to save someone's, life. Extreme. Weather alert how the bitter cold sweeping, across much of the country with temperatures plunging to record, lows and wind, chills they, make it feel even colder snow, also a problem, check out this satellite, image over the Great Lakes after, parts of the area got pounded with almost 6 feet of, snow, chief. Meteorologist, Rick right now joins us now with more Rick lot of that look like ice on that picture there around the great layer did which is good that, means once that lake freezes over you don't get the lake effect snow and. So really, all of your snow is front-loaded, in a season in winter around the Great Lakes and that's what we're experiencing right now the cold air is certainly. In place here again across a lot of the north north. Meaning north into Canada but. A lot of it spilling down across the US a little, bit warmer here saying the southern half of the US right now that, is going to change the cold air will be back in fact overall we just have these surges, of cold air that are gonna continue to come down over the next number of days temps obviously right now very cold -, for actual air temperature, in Minot -, 27, wind chill -, 9 and Madison Wisconsin, so the cold air obviously in place along with that down. Towards the south we have this little frontal boundary continue to bring some showers here, cross parts to the south by Sunday, we have a chance for some snow here across parts of the south right now another clipper system diving, in across parts of Northern Plains and that. Is going to mean more lake effect snow coming in by, tomorrow by. Saturday actually into, Sunday, places, like Erie that has seen 65, inches of snow probably, about another 8 to 10 inches of snow by the time we're, done with this one temperatures the next few days obviously. Remaining very cold take a look at that a high temperature in Fargo.

- 17, on Saturday. Sunday, -, 10 but you'll notice all of these areas here, across. Even parts of the deep south getting below, freezing, coldest. Temperature, ever at, midnight, on New Year's Eve. John was 1 degree and that was in, 1917. So a hundred years ago was, the coldest ever 100 years later probably, gonna be about the second, coldest ever so, we're not to welcome a million or so people to, Times Square to watch the ball yeah, that's gonna be chilly not. Chilly it's gonna be dangerous to be honest with you what. Happens with New. Year's Eve people, have to go and get there for security reasons and they go and they have to stand in these pins for, hours and hours and hours pens I should say and that. If you're standing in that kind of cold you need so many layers on you need to keep your body moving to, keep that energy going you need to have stuff to eat to, be able to keep that energy going to. To be able to stay warm at all we're, talking about potential for hypothermia frostbite, a lot, of dangerous things going on across Times Square if this New Year's Eve I wouldn't be out there I probably wouldn't be out there anyway but, certainly this is one where I say stay away if you can you have been warned yeah all right we're cracking thank you, Isis. Claims, responsibility for. Bombings at a Shiite cultural, center in Kabul Afghanistan that killed more than 40, people the, suicide, attack attacked, left dozens, more injured many, of them seriously burned in what the Afghan president called a crime against, humanity, senior. Foreign affairs correspondent Greg Powell caught live in London what, do we know about this attack so far Greg. We. Certainly know that it is it was an extremely, nasty, event, and Isis, was behind it it happened as you noted, at a Shiite. Muslim cultural. Center in. Afghanistan. In its capital, of Kabul a suicide, bomber walked right into the center, of a gathering there leaving, a scene of death and destruction were, other explosions, around the outside, the, latest we are seeing 41, killed 84, wounded that includes students women, children. Shiite. Targets, increasingly. Have been hit by the Sunni, extremists. Isis there's, also a pro, Iran news agency, in that complex.

Iran Is also a target, of Isis Isis. In Afghanistan. Started, a couple of years ago and as it, recedes in other places of the world like. Iraq and, Syria it is growing there that and and the Taliban makes for a very dangerous mix for the US and its allies there, John so what's been the u.s. response. Well. We understand that the White House President. Trump has been apprised. Of this event we we heard from the, Kabul, US, embassy, they called the attack horrific, they pledged the continuing, support, of the United States now while the United States is there supposedly, in a backup, role in a training role the Trump administration is, in fact doubling, down on, Afghanistan. Raising. Its troop. Levels to something like. 14,000. Special, Forces have been involved in the last six months and about 2,500. Operations. Many of them against, Isis also there's been a lot, of airstrikes, three, times as many this year as last and again, Isis, is the target, Isis. Taliban. Very, dangerous mix it's a 16 year war, John back to you Greg POW cot live from London Greg thank you. Well. We talked about it a minute ago urine up for New Year's Eve and that big celebration. In New York Times New, York's Times Square where. It is going to be very, very, cold, we're. Live with the party preparations. Plus. President Trump closing in on his first full year in, office so how, do you do, our. Panel, will talk about Trump's successes, and failures up. Next. With. New Year's Eve just around the corner preparations, are underway for the Times Square celebrations, in New York City security. Is the top concern as hundreds of thousands, gathered to watch the ball drop on what is going to be a bitterly, cold night Ryan, dennis is live now in Times Square. Brian New York City's already seen a couple of terror attacks this year so, what's the Police Department doing to get ready for this one. Hi. John we'll look the Commissioner of NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill and the mayor Mayor, Bill DeBlasio are, speaking right now as we speak updating, people on security, look bottom line is they expect this to be one, of the safest places in the world if not the safest place to enjoy New, Year's Eve and they said that this year will have extraordinary, security, more, than in recent years take a listen to the commissioner. No. Direct credible threats to New York City to Time Square specifically. Or to any of our New Year's Eve events generally adamant. Abundance of caution however you'll, see a stronger police presence, out there that, we've seen even in recent years. Now, that strong police presence is, going to look like this people are going to be able to start coming in here come, mid-afternoon as a matter of fact we'll start closing down roads and had a concrete blockers. Concrete. Barriers, they're gonna use those sand trucks to prevent vehicular, attacks starting, at 11:00 a.m. and, the commissioner says they can start seeing people in here it seems like earlier in earlier every, year we're talking about people out here for 6 10 12, hours, we also know that there will be armed, police personnel. In all the, hotels, surrounding. New York's Times Square obviously. Given what happened in Las Vegas in the worst mass, shooting in US history on October, 1st there will be vapor wake dog and, every, single person we're talking about a million-plus people will. Be checked twice at a checkpoint coming, in to Times Square and then again when they are put in their holding, pens well, there will be for the remainder of the night remember, no bathrooms, and no way to get inside that, is, how some people want to experience New. Year's Eve now in terms of preparations. We had good riddance date today people, began ripping, up their worst memories, writing them down on paper and ripping them up in the middle of Times Square as the, preparations, continue, here for the big night on Sunday John. Alright, I'm, sorry Brian Dennis. Stay. Warm out there Brian what stuff Thanks thank, you president. Trump keeping, a low profile, today after yesterday's, visit to a Florida, fire station, as he maps out his 2018, agenda, rich, Edson live in West Palm Beach Florida rich.

I'm, Gonna have to do John and president, Trump has just returned tomorrow logo, after spending the morning part of the day at, the Trump International Golf Course, it's where he spent the last couple of days soon. The focus will be on, 2018. And the legislative, agenda the, White House says the president will be meeting with House, Speaker Paul, Ryan Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at. Camp, David the, first week in, January now, the White House is expected to push an infrastructure. Proposal, it's a campaign promise for the 2016, election. That the president would like to fulfill it. Is unclear, how much congressional. Republicans, support, there will be in particular. To spend hundreds of billions of dollars on, infrastructure. Also, how much local, funding, will be involved, with the funding mechanism, will, on top of that Democrats, say they're willing to work with Republicans in, the White House on infrastructure. Though, what's unclear there is how many Democrats want, to work with the president Republicans, in 2018. Which, is a midterm election year, before Congress, addresses that it still has some routine, business it has to take care of first off the government is only fund until the middle or latter part of January, so, to keep the full government operating, Congress has to address that it, has to address other issues eventually. Like the debt ceiling and the president, on top of all of that has asked Congress to fill, a couple of other requirements, like immigration, and the dreamers, those who were brought to the country illegally as children president. Is phasing out Obama era protections. For them and wants, Congress to deal with that John and, he also wants them to deal with health care. That's. Right health care on top of that the president while here has, tweeted that he wants Democrats, and Republicans, to work on health care there, was a health care provision, in the tax law the president, just signed it it eliminates, the individual. Mandate, and Obamacare, that's that requirement, that says nearly every American must, have health insurance but analysts, say that will further to stabilize, the individual. Markets the individual, health care markets that were set up as part of Obamacare so you do have some lawmakers working on that as sort of a longer, bigger, deal Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says they probably, will move on to other things John, Richardson. With the president, in Palm Beach Florida that, rich thank you for. More on all of this Kevin Sheridan is a Republican. Strategist into former spokesman for the Romney Ryan campaign. And the RNC. Leslie. Marshall is a syndicated, radio talk show host and a Fox News contributor. Thanks both of you for being with us, Kevin. To you first. After. The failure to repeal, Obamacare. By the Republicans, to do it does that give the president, and the Republican team momentum, going into 2018. Yeah. It says it's historic, tax reform, it gives them momentum. Minh. You look back on 2017. The narrative and the entire year was Republicans. Can't shoot straight and they, end up the year with historic. Tax reform, a 3.3 percent GDP. You know that, haven't seen in years and and. Judges, and so you've got an actual legislative. And and. You. Know executive. Accomplishment. Record here if he goes into and, wants to do entitlements. I think they've just got to keep pushing because you. Know the 2018 elections, are coming fast and it's not looking good in, terms of the polling numbers now they're just gonna have to run on the record at this point well, alright so Leslie what about Democrats, do do, around, with the president, in, the year ahead or will it continue, to be you know mostly opposition. Well. I think despite. The fact that a speaker of McConnell, said that he wanted I'm sorry as I Majority Leader McConnell said, you know he wants Democrats, to help going forward well you can't say you can't become to the first party but come to the second Democrats. Were not included, in any of the decision-making with regard to tax, or farm and any of the legislation, that the Republicans, have put forth so the people want as we see from the polls over and over they want Congress to work together to get things done that's what left him right we vote these officials. In the House and the Senate to do for us but I don't think that's going to happen John and as a Democrat, that only helps with the polls going forward because the Republicans, are pushing forth their agenda, which if you look at the polls is not, the people's.

Agenda. And certainly, doesn't benefit, the people that put them over the top within. It Trump into the white house which is the white working-class voters right, now are behind him but I think that will rapidly change, especially, if they look to attack entitlements. Next Kevin I want to read something from The Wall Street Journal, Ari Fleischer Fox News contributor former spokesman for President George W Bush wrote this the, tax cuts just enacted. Prove, president. Trump's, president. Trump and the Republicans, can govern next. Up could be immigration, reform, a major infrastructure. Package and perhaps, welfare. Reform, being tough and hitting, opponents, is part of the political game but. The lesson of the first quarter is that avoiding penalties is, just as important, mr. Trump is capable. Of scoring a lot more points as any, head coach would advise however. It won't happen if he doesn't show more mental, discipline, on the, field that in Trump's, first, quarter. Does does, that analogy, that ball analogy work, for you Kevin, it. Does an re spot on there, look the opposition, to Donald Trump has not been largely. His agenda his agenda is a fairly, mainstream, conservative. Mostly, agenda, and, the. Opposition, do him though is just a hatred for him that is, not all his, doing but it there are some simple things he could do to make it better and that would be to go back to the play he ran at the end of the. 2016, campaign where he stopped tweeting for three weeks and his poll numbers went from around forty. Forty one percent to forty five percent and he ended up getting close enough to to, knock Hillary Clinton off in a in a very close race so if he just goes back to if, he could, just control, the Twitter I'm not saying don't tweet at all it's a very effective tool for him but, if he could just tone it down not get in fights with cable hosts not getting fights with celebrities, just toned it tone it down a little I think his numbers would go up five ten points Lesley, what would be your advice for the president going into 2018, I. Would. Say I would agree with that somewhat, I mean you have to stop being so bombastic, and start acting presidential right, now a violent. Crime is up in the United States attacks, on minority, groups like Muslims are up we practically, were at the brink of war with a madman, in North Korea the, tweeting is not only juvenile, and unpresidential it's, irresponsible, and could put Americans here and abroad at risk if he want one of the things he needs to do that he said he was going to do when he hasn't done John and the numbers show that the facts show that he, hasn't United, us and that's something that's hard left to right for any leader to do but I think that's what he or any leader should, do he hasn't United, his party the, Republican, the Republican Party is frakked you know in disarray in a sense and he, has not United this nation and I think that's something he would need to do going forward, sorry, if I sound like a pessimist, I don't think he'll succeed in that mission it's been less than a year we'll see Lesley Marshall Kevin Sheridan thank you a. Final. Decision coming, down moments, ago as Alabama officially. Certifies, Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of that special, Senate, election, will, speak with the man in charge of certifying the election Doug Jones just, a plus. The effort to rebuild wine, country, after a series, of wildfires. Devastate. That part of California. I'm. Rick Leventhal on the Fox News deck it's been more than a week since that deadly Amtrak train, derailment in Washington, State but we're just starting to get a glimpse into the chaotic moments, after, the train went off the tracks while, crossing a highway overpass will, play the dramatic. 911 calls, for you that, and a whole lot more coming, up when I fill in on Shepard, Smith reporting. Well. Thousands, of homes in the California, wine country destroyed.

After Fires tore through Napa and Sonoma County's, in October, miraculously. Though most of the wineries, were not damaged, although you might not know it based on the media coverage Adam. Housley is live in Napa Valley right now so. Adam how's it been out there since the fires. Yeah. Yeah John you don't want to discount the fact that 9,000. Different structures were lost here and 42 lives but when you talk about the wine industry here, tourism, is so intertwined in this economy that you don't want to have a second tragedy which is people that are trying to keep their jobs within looser jobs because of the drop in tourism now I'm standing at Cigna reloj winery, take a look to my left here to, your right my left this is a winery, that used to be here I've been here for about 35, years you, can see now it's just a lot it's already been cleared progress, is actually, going forward here but take a look at this compared to the video of what it was like on October. 9th when one of seven fires roared, through this part of wine country again destroying, nearly 9,000. Structures the cost expected. To be in the billions, and, it. Really did knock down tourism in fact that coverage, has a lot of people staying away from wine country when there's more than 600, wineries, with, no effect at all affecting here the construction in the background take a listen to some of those in the industry about how important, is for people to come back. Most. People are very surprised. They're expecting. To see, charred. Areas burnt areas and. There. They're few and far between, it's trench but, we know we're gonna rebuild and we, know it's going to be a nice building again so. We are faced with. This. Time of year the tasting rooms are packed the restaurants are filled there's, still people here but if you want to make take a trip to wine country now may be the best time John sounds, like some good advice Adam Housley thank you, the. Results, are, in, and Doug, Jones will, be sworn, in to the Senate next week up, next, we'll, talk with the man in charge of certifying Alabama's, election, results. The. Certification was. Completed, in 1:10, p.m. this, afternoon. Alabama, officials, today certifying. Doug jones as the winner of this, month's special senate election, this, comes after a judge rejected, a challenge by Republican, Roy Moore claiming, election. Fraud joining. Us now the man in charge of certifying, those election results Alabama Secretary, of State John Merrill, Secretary, of State Merrill thanks for being here, does. This speech for having me as your guest does this mean it's over I mean are, there any other challenges. Any other possibility. That Roy Moore could somehow win this seat, well. There's certainly things that Judge Moore could do giant, if he, wanted to advance a challenge, he could ask for a recount which would require him to complete, some paperwork, within a time period he, also would have to put up a bind to indicate that they had the money to conduct that challenge. If he chooses to go that direction there's, obviously other court, challenges, that he, could file if he chose to I don't, know what judge Moore and his team would do. In this particular instance, but I do know that we have followed Alabama state law and we have performed a certification as required, by the code in the constitution of Alabama to certify doug jones as the winner of the election on December 12th his side that is judge moore's side has said there was massive, voter, fraud evident. In this election did you find any evidence of that, well. Look, John people are entitled to their own opinion, but they're not entitled to their own facts and the facts are that as of today by, the time I came on the air with you we'd, had 118. Instances, of alleged five of those which means that 33 are still outstanding two of those complaints have come from outside the state of Alabama the other 31 have come from Alabama residents we, will investigate each and every one of those is we have the others that, have been introduced, to us and we will follow through until they've all been properly adjudicated what. About the military. Ballots, and the provisional, ballots have those all been counted, and accountable yes they're all.

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