The FAMOUS KUNAFA in AMMAN JORDAN الكنافة المشهورة في عمان الأردن

The FAMOUS KUNAFA in AMMAN JORDAN  الكنافة المشهورة في عمان الأردن

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Good evening guys, from another video here in Jordan, specifically in Amman, Jordan, and I’m with the usual squad, you’ve been seeing in quite a few videos now. We've got Sophia here. We've got Harry; the British legend, and we have our Uber driver here. Kifak, kifak [How are you?] Perfect, perfect. So, we're about to yallah over downtown to get something to eat tonight, and hopefully we can get a couple Jordanian pints since tonight is the official last night here in Amman, and in Jordan before we move over to the next country. So I guess, we'll see where we end up. We really don't have much of a plan except that we wanna get to dinner, and then some delicious desserts, some famous kunefe, kunefe. I don't even know how to

properly pronounce it, so drop a comment below pronouncing exactly how to how to say it. So me, and other people both viewing this video, and the comments can know how to say it. Anyways guys, we will see you downtown in about 10 minutes from now. Alright, we have arrived to the place. Shukran [Thank you] my friend. We'll see you

next time, and we are getting to Books@cafe. Honestly, it seems quite quiet for a Saturday night tonight but well let's see if it actually looks like that upstairs. Alright, so Harry and I have actually already been here about how long ago were we here bro? When we first got here, the second night. Yeah it does, it does. Exactly about a week ago only but it feels like so long ago. And the first floor when you walk in, you have paintings, you have books, you have a bunch of like artsy stuff, and then when you go up to the second floor, that's when you get more restaurant space on the way up here. So, you got a- you got two areas in this place. You got an area to eat out front, and then if you're

interested in shisha, there's an area you can eat out back, and so it's got a very welcoming atmosphere to it. We lost the squad. A table for Telete [Three]. Shukran Ahmed [Thank you] Alright, so we're- we're walking out to the back area. You can get pretty much any book you want over here. So, we're gonna have to find our spot. Looks like we've got quite a big gathering out here. What do you wanna eat bro? Over here? Yeah. Alright, guys so

we just got here up to where we're gonna be sitting at the Books@cafe. The nice part is it's one of the few places near rainbow street where you can actually find a beer because all the restaurants we've been to in the rainbow street area do not have pints. So here we're lucky.

[Speaking Arabic] What do you guys think Amstel or-- Do you have a local beer? Yeah, Telete [Three] Carakale big ones. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] We’re still getting good comments on the Arabic. You guys are probably so sick of my Arabic because I use the same words in every single video but imagine the locals here, they just see this foreign guy speaking some Arabic, and they see me able to order beer. Say thank you all that it's impressive a little bit. So hopefully in like 10 videos from now, I’ll have

learned even more Arabic but in the country that I’m going to next, we won't be speaking Arabic. So, that'll give you a small little clue. Oh yeah, we've got three fresh beers here. We're about to slam them, right Harry? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So, unfortunately, they didn't have the traditional Jordanian beers but it doesn't matter because at least we're having a pint tonight on a Saturday night which is as I said before our last night. Cheers, and here we go guys. As we say, keskaan here in the Arab world.

[Speaking Arabic] Guys cheers. That is nice. Okay now, we're gonna play a game guys. Me and Mac on the count of three are gonna say a number between one and ten.

If we say the same number, Mac has got to down his drink. If we say the same number. Yeah. Yeah I know okay, it has to be the number, that I’m thinking though. Wait no, this is the worst. Okay ready. I’ll do it. Out of 10. Out of 10. Alright, ready. This is only a 10 percent chance guys, so don't get your hell-- your

hopes high. Alright, ready? Three, two, one. Nine. Seven. There we go. Alright, now- now- now if we- if we say the same one, Harry has to- Yeah okay. Ready? Three, two, one. Nine. I didn't know if his tactic would be to say what I just said.

Alright, here we go. We played this all the time in in England. No, I wouldn't enjoy my beer. So he's- yeah, he's giving in. Alright, you know what guys, I’m gonna slam this one here. I’m just kidding. Am I? Yeah, I am. Alright, guys so we just finished having a couple beers. I didn't share too much with you here at dinner because it wasn't dinner for me, that's why I didn't show too much. Yeah so basically, just so you know like generally speaking a

beer here will cost you for a big one. That was about a pint, and that'll cost you four JOD. So, I wanna say that's like 5.75, not having a calculator in front of me, As we have the total bill for both Harry and Sophia to eat us to each have two beers, and a shisha that comes out to about 52 JOD. So maybe around 70 US dollars. So, that's what we're gonna get obviously there's not as many places where you can get beers from, so you can expect to pay like prices that you'll pay in the United Kingdom or in the United States. Actually they're a little more expensive

United States, United Kingdom if you're in the big cities but generally speaking it's about the same. So now, we're gonna go and get me some food. I’m gonna take you over to a pizza place. I saw on rainbow street that I’m really hoping to have a delicious slice of some sort of pepperoni zaa but we shall see.

Alright, that's where we're gonna finish off our time over here. Shukran[Thank you] Alright, guys now it is time for me to get a little something, something in that belly. So, we're just like a block and a half over from rainbow street, and then where the pizza place is. I wanna say, it's like a six, seven minute walk. So, we're gonna cruise on over there, and try out some pizza here. I figured

since my last video in Iraq was trying out Iraq’s best pizza, then I gotta finish one of my last videos here in Jordan, trying Jordan's. I don't know if it's best pizza but street pizza here, so we shall see. Yallah, let's do it. I will say, it is a little chilly out here but you know, it is what it is. They're chatting about something back there but I can tell you here in a November time frame in Jordan, it's definitely time to make sure you have a jacket. Honestly, I can go for a hat and gloves right now. I’ve even

gotten the- the- the sweatshirt on which has like the thumb thing out, so it covers half- half my hands. Oh yeah, but a nice warm slice of pizza is gonna fix it, I’ll tell you that. So, as you can see guys, it's pretty quiet here on the ending side of rainbow street but I think that main reason is because the only people that are gonna be out tonight that are really gonna be getting after it are gonna be a lot of foreigners. That is because tomorrow is the beginning of the work week, because as I’ve said if you've been watching the other videos, I’ve shared with you that's over here in Jordan, the weekend is basically Thursday night, all day Friday, all day Saturday, and then so Saturday nights like a Sunday night in north America. So, it gets a little bit quieter, people are getting ready for the work week. And we're walking up a hill,

that's why I’m running out of breath. When we get to the top, I’m gonna continue with this, alright. So, we got our guy tossing here. Kifak [How are you?] brother. Oh, we're going live here. Oh yeah, we got good content brother.

Hey, good stuff. Good stuff. We're on live on the Tok. We got good stuff on the live brother. How are you? Kifak, keef kaan. I’m good, yeah.

Good music. How do we-- How do we find you on TikTok? We wanna tune in. Whoa. InshaAllah [God willing]. What’s your TikTok name? Where you from? United States, United Kingdom. And artists in the wild. Welcome. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] We have some music being recorded.

Yeah. How are you? I’m good. Yeah, we were walking past because we're making a vlog right now, and I was like, this guy is making music in his car. I gotta talk to him. Do you like to see some music? InshaAllah [God willing]. We would love to see some music.

Here we go. Arabic. Oh perfect, perfect. Whatever you wanna show us Let's do it. [Music] That was great. What's your name, brother? Amir. Amir, it's a pleasure to meet you. Amazing to meet you. What's your name on social media? Amir Ali.

A-m-i-r-a-l-i. Yeah perfect. On TikTok, YouTube, Instagram. TikTok, Instagram. Perfect. We're gonna follow you. Thank you so much. Welcome. It's amazing. Nice to meet you. Some of the best- some of the best

moments here in Jordan are is when you walk in down the street, and you meet Amir and he plays a tune for you, so Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Thank you. Thank you so much, bye. That right there guys, that is how we do it. We’re walking down the road, that's why you always gotta have your eyes peeled. I was looking, and I was like is that a

ring light inside of the car, and I was like that is definitely a ring light, and then I walked around. You know, I didn't wanna be invasive or anything, I was just curious what was going on because it was very bright, and so I saw his TikTok live, and I was like, oh this looks awesome, and he played a tune for us. That's amazing, what a fantastic last night here in Jordan. You never know what to expect, and that is why life is amazing because it's full of so many surprises. Now time to go to the next surprise which will be the pizza place. Alright, guys we're coming up on it, and it looks like it's called Chef Slice. Hello, hello, khaye [Brother]. Kifak [How are you?] Perfect, perfect. [Speaking in Arabic]

What pizza? Pepperoni or sausage, or- Okay, a large, extra-large, medium? Just a small. One? Wahid [One]. One for me as well. One pizza. No, one small pizza we’ll share it. Oh yeah, because they're not doing slices anymore. Anything with nutella. What do you have, nutella pizza? Yeah. Give me some nutella pizza, that's what I want. Wahid [One] pepperoni for two and then wahid [One] nutella Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Oh yeah, we came just in time, it looks like the boys are about to close up shop, and we arrived. So, it seems like normally you can order them by the

slices but they only have two sad looking slices left. So, we wanna make sure, we give them the proper review, and have the fresh out of the oven slices. So yum, yum, yum. Am I getting hungry guys. Hello, keefe khan.

Hello, hello, Kifak [How are you?] Hello. Thank you so much, Jordan's a nice country. Jordan is amazing. Nice people. I can slide this thing. Oh alright, I’m gonna see if the boys will

invite me back for a- a view of how we're- how we're cooking back here. Oh, we slide right on out just like that. Oh yeah, so this is where the magic happens. Yeah so, we're getting the-- we're getting the pepperoni going. So we

got the dough right there. You already got the rolling pin out. We're getting some specialties out of here. And oh yeah, we're getting jibneh, jibneh; a little cheese. Zane jibneh [Good cheese]

And we're gonna toss some. Oh yeah, so we got the over here. Over here, we got a lot of dough. So that's probably at least 15 pizzas, you can make out of that one. That’s probably gonna be the nutella pizza there. That's definitely gonna be the pepperoni pie. That's gonna get

us going, and next step will be jibneh. Oh yeah, yeah, load that thing up with jibneh, brother. That is gonna be delicious. Oh yeah, perfect, perfect. And oh now, it's time to toss on the peps, I think. Oh yeah, fresh little taste there pep. We’ll get her nice and- oh yeah, oh we're going full center of the pepperoni. It's

coming on everybody. You know, you can never complain with extra pepperoni. That is looking delicious. Oh yeah, it's smelling good. I can smell that pepperoni, and as you can see, it is made with absolute art, just how we like it. Oh yes, so the next step for that nice

looking pizza right there will be the toss her in the oven, maybe toss a little spice or something on there. And oh now, we're now, we're going to the nutella. So, Sophia got the nutella over here. Oh, here we go. We got a fresh batch gotta get it all ready to spread across the pizza. There we go.

Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready. Delicious. Oh, this is gonna be good. Load it up, spin her up, toss her on, get her going. There we go. We've got the brick oven fired up over here. As you can see, we've got the nutella hearts going out on one side the pepperoni pie in there. I’m gonna maybe sneak through here brother just a little bit, and take a look at what we got going on in here. Oh

yeah, as you can see there, that's how we get them fresh and ready here, and guys when I snap my fingers, we're gonna have two pieces that pop out first. Ready? three, two, one. Oh, there it is. That is pizza right down here in Amman, Jordan. And guys, I can tell you, I can smell the oregano just coming out of that mix of the pepperoni, the cheese, the jibneh. Oh yes,

yes, yes, yes, yes, get in my belly except we gotta let it cool down a little bit first. So, see you in about two minutes, and it looks like Sophia's got a nutella pizza. Let's see what we got going on inside of there. I’m a girl with a sweet tooth. Oh yum, yum, yum, guys. We're still supposed to get kunefe. Kunefe, I still can't figure it out and we have all this to eat. Well, we better

get started. Alright, so here we go. We’re going to grab one of these large slices, I think it's cooled down enough for me to try it, and let's go for it. Oh yes. Oh yes, you guys saw that. That was a delayed reaction because the cheese here is so stringy that when I was trying to take the bite, it just kept going and going and going.

Pepperoni's nice. It infuses right into the cheese mixed with the sauce, and they cooked it perfectly. As you can see on the bottom there, not burnt just warm enough or crisp enough, where it's crunchy but not like too crispy where it's like, oh you got a little charcoal in there. So

I must say, that pep pie is quite good. Oh yes. Alright, guys and we have Harry's review coming here. If you haven't seen any of Harry's YouTube videos, make sure you check the link in my description below where you can find his YouTube channel. He is making videos both here in Jordan and our next country, and all

around the world. So, he's got some awesome content but until we get to that point, and until we get to the end of this video, make sure you check out to see what his reaction is about to be with that pep pie. Oh amazing. It was a bit of a delayed reaction, because I was just taking it in but boy, oh boy, that is the best. Oh, the best in Jordan, yeah. Probably the only piece, I’ve had in Jordan. So I can't really compare it.

Excuse me. Very, very good pizza up there with the Italians. I don't wanna offend any Italians watching but boy that was a good pizza. That is a great pizza. Yum, yum, yum. Well, I can't ask you because you haven't had any pep pie, she's got a nutella cake going on. Nutella pizza over here but it is very, very good, amazing. Alright, well I guess it's

about time to try out the nutella. I got room for one slice, that's all we're about to be able to put down at the moment but let's go right in. It's like a sugar overload. That is a lot to take down. We've

basically got two layers of bread here, nutella on the inside, and on top. And the nice part is the inside part of it, you have the chewiness, the chewiness which is great. On the second or third piece of the nutella. Well we know, he likes it. I very rarely get dessert, so when it's put in front of me, you can't say no, and this is just incredible. It's everything I’ve ever dreamed of. And more. Little one, little one, it's chow

time. Do you like crust? Chow time. Analyzing, analyzing.

Delicious. That’s what we call “g double o d”. Yeah exactly. I see you going after it, don't be shy, don't be shy, just enjoy. Should I plop that right on the ground like that? Oh, delicious chow my friend, delicious chow. San we make the payment? So, we got

the nutella and the pepperoni. Eight and a half? Yeah. Shukran[Thank you] No change brother. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Yalabina. Thank you so much.

[Speaking Arabic] From where did you learn Arabic? Lebanon Are you playing with me, do you really talk Arabic or you are- A little bit. Shway shway Arabic. I think so. InshaAllah [God willing]. He pulls it of thought. He makes it look like he knows. Where do I look like I am from? Where do I look like I’m from? Lebanon? Yeah kinda you look like you're from- Chinese. You're not from the USA. No, alright. So maybe, Scandinavian country. Oh, Scandinavia. You know, understand that accent though. British. Yeah, that's a- that's a British accent right there. British. Where do you think I’m from? Maybe-

Heaven. Ireland? Yeah. Oh yeah, you look pretty Irish. Do you think I’m like Irish? Shway, shway Irish. No,

Canada. Close. No, I’m American and Greek. It’s not far. Not far from here, and two hours by plane. Kind of, yeah. Yeah. And do you have YouTube channel? Eh, Anjad [Seriously] Khaye [Brother] Where are you guys from, Amman? Yeah. Hey, Amman's a zane city. Yeah have you all- out of here. No.

Greece, USA, UK, USA. I’m American. Halas [Enough] You know what we call them, sharmutas. Anjad Khaye [Seriously brother] What's your name? My name is Riyad. Riyad, nice to meet you. Riyad, Harry. Anjad nice to meet you brother. Nice to meet you. Shoufak [See you]Bye Have a good time in Jordan.

Thank you so much, goodbye. Alright, guys so had some fun interactions with those guys. We met just randomly walk in on the street once again, another example during this series where so- Oh hey.

How are we doing? Honestly guys, sometimes I think the content Gods are watching over this. I’m explaining to you how nice people are, and they're very approachable, then we got another set of people who honk and wave to us. So, great people here in Jordan but at the moment guys, what we're doing right now is, we're actually calling an Uber to bring us over to get Kunefe to finish the night off the right way because we've been recommended by so many people to try this, and we have had it once in Aqaba, if you saw that video a few days ago, but it was from a random place. This place we're going to is actually very well-known. So we're gonna get the true kanefe, kunufa, kanafa, kenifa, kanafa one of those has gotta be right comment, whichever one it is. We're gonna try that

experience, and it's gonna be delicious or as Harry likes to say “g double o d”. Let’s send it. That’s actually my dad's quote. Dad, you'll be proud they learned “g double o d”, There’s our guy in the Kia soul. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] So, we've got the few minute ride over to the location. We're gonna be grabbing some Habibah Sweets is the official name of this place, and it looks like we'll get there at 11:25 Oh so, it's only four minutes away. It’s a quick little ride on over,

and we'll try out the famous desserts. Hopefully, my stomach will allow me to have a little more room after the nutella pizza along with the pepperoni pizza which were so delicious. So, I guess, we'll find out once we get there in about five, six, seven minutes that we have room for the kunefe but trust me, we'll make room no matter what.

We just got dropped off by the Uber here, and it was funny, I was filming out the window that probably that last clip you saw and our guy is like at the end, he's a nice guy. He was just asking if we had a permit for it. I was like oh no, and he's telling us that you need a permit to be filming in some areas around Amman. So, just keep that in mind, if you're

coming around here. I don't know the details of that. I told him, I’m just a YouTuber making videos promoting this country. So, I can't expect them to be too upset that I’m just filming content to bring more people to see this amazing country. I figured, I’d mention that to you guys just in case any of you are

thinking about filming, so you know that we have walked past police before in film they never had an issue, and maybe even included police in videos. So, I don't know how like strict the whole permit side of things are, but you know it makes sense makes, sense to know. I think we're coming up on an area where we get the kunefe. We've got something called 70 years right here with Harry modeling in front of it, and is this- oh the 70 years is Habibah. So we've got zane knafeh here, hey anjad. Oh yeah, so this is the spot, best kunefe in the world? The last one of the night. Yes, we finished the- the-

So, we gotta go with the only option. Knafeh, ah so we finally figured it out its called knafeh. That's how we say it properly. I will take telete [Three] Khaye [Brother] Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] [Speaking Arabic] Telete [Three] knafeh. We have just knafeh-- Perfect How many? Telete [Three] Oh, we are going for four that means we are really chowing down. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] You visited Lebanon? He knows he knows from the accent. That smells quite good.

It's gonna be delicious. That is great. Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] Yeah, she does kinda look a little Lebanese. It's somewhat believable. That’s a compliment? It is, it is. Now we gotta make the payment. We got the- the knafehs here.

Hello, this is gift. Oh, no gifts, no gifts. But Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] We've gotta pay. These guys are too nice, these guys are too nice. They're hooking it up with all the knafeh. Shukran Habibi [Thank you]

Alright, nice people here. I’m excited to try out the seventy year old knafeh. It’s gonna be delicious, but just so you guys know, that's what the price list is for knafeh options. Alright, there we go, and it's over here at Habibah since 1951. So here we go. Oh, oh, it's nice and warm, guys. There we go. It is ready to be chowed down on it. One side's a little hard, the other side's nice and steamy hot, and it looks like it's gonna be chewy. Let's give it a shot.

That is what we call “g double o d.” Honestly, it's so good. We're gonna have to finish it off in one more bite. Send it. Oh, and the lights went off right at that moment. Alright, let's see I love that, they turned the lights off, perfectly for me right when I did that massive bite. The content creation Gods are watching over you, my friend. Always. Is it really hot for you? Yeah you know.

Make it count, make it count. And sahtein [Enjoy the meal]. Oh Harry's really getting into there. Oh man, it's going in and out. Are you good over there bro? Okay guys. Analyzing full send, and oh we got something big coming up. Oh, it's going in the brain. It's going through all of his blood vessels.

It’s brought out all my senses, my smell, my taste. Oh it's just incredible, incredible. I feel like, I’m just making this up. Honestly, amazing, amazing. Harry, what would you rate it one out of ten? It’s a solid eight, nine. No, I think you said eight because I’ve had the nutella pizza bit too sickly in terms of how much sugar I’ve had but really, really good. Guys, if you're ever in Jordan, come check

it out, seriously. We're still gonna have more. And when the lights came on for her, they're putting her in the spotlight. Top three desserts I’ve ever had, honestly.

Phenomenal. Boldest statement I’ve ever heard of my entire life. Amazing. I know. Well then you gotta finish the entire thing. Listen, I’ve had a nutella pizza. I’ve had a chicken alfredo, and a couple beers. Guys, comment below if you believe it's her third favorite in the world, because if it was my third favorite, I would go over the whole pan, and chow down. So, there's no tomorrow.

Alright. I think the commentator- commenter is called [ __ ] Call me out. I really can't finish it. Good Arabic, yeah. We got the spectators over here laughing, yeah. Zane [Good] Knafeh So, that was great. The- the fingers are sticking, you might have to clean them

off here. Oh yeah, that is delicious guys. Shukran, shukran, shukran [Thank you] Alright, I guess they couldn't really hear me. Oh, that was great guys, that was a- a good final two sets of dessert, a little bit more than I expected to have on the last night, but you know in the last night in Jordan, you gotta make sure it counts, and so if that means extra desserts, lots of pizza a couple beers in there, that's what you gotta do.

So, I really hope you guys have enjoyed this final one. In tomorrow's video, we'll be doing a question and answer of my entire time traveling Jordan with the squad here, and so look out for that video, and until next time. We will be sharing with you in future videos the next country, we're gonna be going to.

So, really looking forward to that, because it is gonna be an epic experience. So, make sure, you guys hit that subscribe button below. If you wanna see videos both there and all around the world. Annihilate the like button guys. Yeah listen to that, and we will see you guys in the next one. [Music]

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