The Five 01/26/18 5PM | January 26, 2018 Breaking News

The Five 01/26/18 5PM | January 26, 2018 Breaking News

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Sir the news that mommy and daddy might not be getting attacks are because Democrats, say it's a waste of time all. Right maybe not maybe that's all just made up but tomorrow, live 10 a.m. Eastern Time we've, got you covered with the news that matters breaking. Biz news these guys you name it we're all over it. Hello. Everyone I'm Dana Perino along, with kimberly, guilfoyle Juan Williams Pete headset and Greg Gutfeld it's five o'clock in New York City and this is the five. The, media and liberals and even Hillary Clinton, herself proudly, proclaims she was the candidate, for women. Thank. You for being a role model to, the my daughter as well as young, women everywhere. A new, democracy, cannot, be built on the, persecution. Of women 22, years ago Hillary Clinton, declared that women's rights are human rights only way we, will get sexism, out of politics is to get more women into, politics, someone. Who has arguably, been a defining figure, in women's empowerment if we are serious about building a better stronger, fairer America. We, need to be serious, about supporting, and nurturing our. Girls fighter, for. Women and children hawks, and first, responders. Health. Care and girls around the, world Hillary's, devoted her whole life to, making. Sure women and children haven't even shot to all the women and especially, the, young women who. Put their faith in this campaign, and in, me I want. You to know that nothing has, made me prouder, than to, be your champion. Now. A stunning, new report claims Clinton, kept a senior advisor on her 2008, presidential campaign even, after learning of sexual harassment, allegations against. Him according. To the New York Times a 30 year old female staffer accused burned stridor of repeatedly. Harassing, her The Times says Clinton ignored, her campaign managers, call to fire stridor opting, for administrative. Sanctions, instead, he, was reportedly, ordered to undergo counseling, and, the, campaign, docked, his pay the, young woman was moved to a new job so, Kimberly now it made us all come full circle like, no one has been immune, to these accusations and. These allegations written about in the New York Times they finally now reach up into Hillary Clinton's, campaign what was really only a matter of time right but this has been something that she has been really. Trying to own the platform to say that she is for women she is for children she is for young, girls, for their voice and to help you. Know make sure that they are taken care of and aren't victimized, but then you see a situation like this which is continuing, to allow this, kind of enabling, behavior, but we saw it first with our relationship, with her you, know has, and trying. To attack, the victims there or trying, to cover up misdeeds, so, if you really look at the historical. Perspective. In terms of what she's done and how she's conducted, herself she really isn't, a champion. Of women and young girls you, really couldn't ask for a story that was. Better at putting together the, Hollywood. In their, situation, and the Clinton campaign of which Hollywood. Support, it that's true I mean she kept someone on her payroll after. Being accused, of sexual harassment I, never heard such, a thing. Anyway. But. It just goes to show you to your. Earlier point this these stories are equal-opportunity, embarrassments. They hit every political stripe so, you don't keep you you might say ha I knew it but then it's gonna come back and hit your team so, you can't look at it as a team sport but, it also talks about being compromised, these, stories, compromised, you.

What. Could she do, about this fella when, she herself is compromised, because how could she fire a guy who's. Done 1/10, of 1% of, what, her husband's, done so, she is compromised. And and, I mean she should know sexism, she was actually at a first hand front row seat of an Olympic athlete in sexual, harassment and, her husband so, she kind of you, know she, probably goes hi I can't do anything about this because look. At this so, I don't know why. One. Of the things that happened to this young woman she doesn't reveal her the name is not revealed in the, story is. That instead, of dealing. With him and firing him then she, had to move to another job well, I don't think that's true I think from what I read. He. Was put into counseling and then he had his pay, doc does I understand it's those essentially. At that point he, was suspended, but, the, problem, and well. I think I think he would. I. Think they. Stopped paying the guy for several weeks is what I understand yeah but my, point was that that. There. Might be a cultural shift going forward for. Women who make accusations that instead of moving. Them just to another job so that they don't have to well I think that's what the guy anymore that, but. That is what happened in 2008, right well I think that there should be a process I mean we on the show have talked about the idea that not everything, is Harvey Weinstein right and so, there should be a process should, they should be, able to hear what this guy has to say in his own defense but, to, my mind the. Idea that she kept them there is an opportunity for conservatives. To skewer her as a prime. Example of liberal hypocrisy right, so if that's what the point is here I say. Conservatives. You win this one. Looks. To me like liberal. Hypocrisy but. I will say that, it's, not fair, as. Some of my colleagues in this table say oh well Hillary Clinton had to put up with Bill Clinton and therefore, she excuses, I don't think that's what happened and I, will say I think most, American, women trying to keep, their marriages, and families, together will put up with a whole lot of nonsense so, you know, what I don't think that's fair but you know what if you, guys wanted the light in this story go for it I will say from everyone's, delighted well I think. But, I think from the Democrats, point of view the contrary, story today has, to do with. Steve Wynn and Steve, Wynn the the Vegas, magnate, who is in, power, as the finance chair of the RNC yeah that's a Wall Street Journal broke within the same hour as this story, in The New York Times of course but Steve as, an influential, as Steve Wynn has been in Republican politics we've all acknowledged, this has happened on both sides of the aisle right but your point Kimberly Hillary has always been for one thing Hillary, Clinton her campaign manager recommended. That this guy be fired this, guy is not just an adviser to the campaign he was the faith adviser he, was Hillary Clinton's advisor on faith listen I'm. An old-school Baptist, boy I know you know I used to be able to know about half the Bible I've forgotten 95%, of what I did know all have fallen and fallen short of the glory of God well everyone, sins in making mistakes but if you're the faith advisor on a presidential campaign and you're accused of kissing. People and suggestive, emails during the middle of the night maybe, the standard should be a little bit higher for you as opposed, to what she did for her husband excusing. It away and saying well actually she, gets moved and he, gets some training, and some counseling, but then put back in his position is everyone, to be believed only, when it's someone else's problem that's, the hit that's hypocrisy, that is glaring in this and it's not a scoreboard one but I think, it's important, to point out I don't she ran her campaign, on being a champion a winner history. Is riddled with women but we ran a montage, at the top of the show Pete and, I was waiting for her to say you, know anytime a, woman says. Something then the guy's got to be thrown out we'll say well she didn't do that but that's not what she said she said her campaign. Encouraged. And inspired women, especially young women and that she was a role model a tweet of November 2015 every survivor of sexual assault deserve to be heard and, supported. Except for Juanita brought her it should have been a tweet under that that's it except for one Nita Broderick I think that's that well I mean this what. She did in, this case pales in comparison to, the to the the things that happened before and how she treated people that had accused. Her husband of things, it is funny about the I mean needed what's.

It's, Called American, values, Network, prominent. It, sounds like one of those organizations, that are in, a made-for-tv, movie you, know it's a anyway but he was obviously doing the wrong kind of praying you got confused. Just. Shows you not everyone, is a per like perverts or everywhere, you can find him anywhere or you can find you. Can find people who commit these problems, everywhere, it's not just movie, producers, Kimberly then just going, forward then for this, we're not, gonna turn the page and go backwards, right they're not going that way that, going forward I guess, everybody's. On notice now right it's not just any one particular group or any one industry or any one company or any one party. It's just it's been everywhere and women. Have had their chance to be heard and do, you think that, there will be a permanent, cultural, shift in corporate, America yeah I think we're seeing that that evolution, has been pretty Swift and immediate and the aftermath of all this especially in the me2 movement, and now we're gonna have to see what does Hillary Clinton, do going forward, is she, going to try to capture. The mantle here and acknowledge. Some wrongdoing, or mistakes, and how she's handled things you, know in the past to, try to restore some you know credibility, and that's the point is like she has been, the one that has positioned herself as, sort, of the face you know of this movement and being supportive, of women what. She campaigned, on etc, so if you're, gonna campaign, on that you're gonna say that's who you are then you're conduct, and the way you can port yourself should be consistent, with those principles that's part of the reason she lost hand. On a bunch of things that she felt like would make people attracted. To her but in actuality they're manufactured. Issues or based. On a history that doesn't comport with those transitions, and, people saw right through that even though you. Know president. Now President Trump then Canada Trump was not a perfect candidate, on a lot of those issues either they forgave him for a lot of candor, and authenticity as, opposed to. So. In other words grabbing, a woman in that way that's excusable. But not he. Said. It was not wrong at all company, an opportunity to, speak but. It's okay to excuse, Donald, Trump and now the porn star but not Hillary locker room talk is a lot different than locker, room physical, that's how he explained, he. Said. Women that's what he said. Are. We gonna parse the words. We're. Gonna have to but what he from. What I remember which, by the way I condemned, when he said it was. That he was talking about when you're in power you. Can grab women. Nobody, said yeah nope, he.

Said You know. I think you said you I don't think this is the problem with this when you go down this road as you said you're talking about this crap yeah but I don't think there's any question about things like the porn star I don't think that question so at one point you, say oh are you are you sex-shaming. Her know who because, she's a porn star is that that, what bothers you sounds like it yeah it sounds like you're sex change. No. But I appreciate your jeez I appreciate, that was. President. Trump is slamming, reports he once tried to fire special counsel Robert fuller new, details, next. My skin. So, you can't, even. President. Trump is pushing back hard against, a report by the New York Times claiming, he ordered the firing the Special Counsel robert, muller last june but back down after the top White House lawyers threatened, to, quit. The. Development, comes as the Justice Department's, inspector general has, recovered, the missing text messages between FBI, agents, Peter struck and Lisa page were, they trying to protect Hillary this text message from 2016. Certainly, suggests so it shows page telling struck quote she may be our next president the last thing you need is going in there loaded, for bear meanwhile. The chairman, of the House Oversight Committee says the texts confirm the, bureau's bias it's. Clear that they did not want her charged, they, wanted her to be the president you know States, they. Really, really didn't want Donald Trump to be President. And they concede, throughout, these texts, that they did things differently in this investigation, from, any other investigation, that they were part of all. Right so Dana you know interesting. Developments, coming kind of rapidly. One after the NAFTA this week where. Do you make of it and where we stand now well again. Like I still I want, to be the boy, chain when I what, I've said, from the beginning which is I want to wait until all of this is over but but it isn't inevitable that we're gonna talk about these little nuggets as they come through a couple. Of things about this is that I don't. Have any reason to not believe the New York Times and I don't have any reason to not believe what trey gowdy is saying I've not seen the text I've not talked to the people I do wonder about the, the. Leak on the in the New York Times like I always try to think who does that benefit, right. So and it, could, be that this, is all going to come out anyway, and that'll. Be what it'll be but I also am a realist and, perhaps. The two, lovers, of the FBI are in their text messages they, want Clinton to be President in the hate president Trump but guess what - sorry, great use this phrase Trump. Becomes president and. It also could be the case that President Trump thought about or wanted to or maybe even ordered, and backed off firing. Moeller but also, that, didn't happen so we're, talking about a lot of things that could have happened, we're not actually but they're not actually the reality of what it what is actually, today okay great we're talking about something that didn't happen you're right. And, here is a discussion, in which. The media is surprised, that, Donald, Trump mentioned firing. Somebody the, last half of his career he.

Is Known, for talking. About firing people to. Him firing, people is like a cat toying, with yarn, it's what he does and the fact is and this is the other thing to try some nights I remember. On a. Load. Of different cable shows talking about the firing of mule or mole or whatever and we'll hear wound D he's watching that it was actually, a topic of conversation and, it was just like something that was like whoa, it's probably a bad thing you shouldn't do that he's just listening to this stuff it's and so people are suddenly shocked at maybe he mentioned that that's. Garbage. The other thing too and I'm gonna quote my a friend, of mine ohm who said this to me that, basically what the media is doing is they're waving a red, cape in front of a bull and then they're shocked that he charged, and basically that red cape is this, this, insinuation. Of an investigation. In which people are actually saying there might not be anything there but we're still going to annoy you and bother you every, single day about an investigation, that is the red cape and so, it suddenly surprised, that the bull Donald Trump charges, so basically what you're doing is are you creating, a criminal, by investigating. An innocent, man by constantly, chasing, somebody, telling them and investigating. Them and then he says something, like oh they should be fired and they go AHA. Obstruction. We, didn't get you on collusion, but now we have you on obstruction, that's. Right. Yeah whether or not that's not the crime perhaps it's out but they'll get you a line, to the authorities I don't know what to guess what's from what on that one I. Was. Listening to you. Say. Sometimes you educate, me brother I. Just. Don't see the world that way I'm listening, because it's so interesting but I must say to me I'm. Struck, by the idea that this. Is just the latest example of what. Looks like an obstruction, of justice case. That, he's if he he fired call me right he, asked Comey are. You loyal he. Said to comb don't go after Flynn, right, and now, we know that he was, thinking about firing, Muller, thinking, thinking, thinking so, you say thinking but when it gets the dawn McGann, and Dawn McGann I don't know there's some dispute about whether I'm a game was, saying he was going to quit but McGann clearly, was like a stop, sign saying hold on mr. president this could be deeper.

Waters Than we are ready to go into so pick up on Dana's point now why. Is this story coming out exactly, the time and so you think who comes out as the hero the hero comes, out as bond McGann right. Though. As well what does the reason like when they decide what is the reason why would this come out now, right I've during this time so Bill Kristol had a thing Bill, Kristol had a tweet Kimberly. Said maybe, Don. McGann and some of trumps lawyers, put this out now seven months after the fair because, the. President, is now considering, firing, moment know or maybe that the Special Counsel released, it through four secondhand, sources the New York Times, to, build an obstruction, continue, to build the obstruction, case that they want to bring even, though there's no there there. You. Know what you can set your watch to every, time there's a foreign trip that this president takes because I host Fox and Friends on Saturday morning we're covering a fake news New York Times poorly, sourced story, that, distracts, away from the success of the president and builds a case based on old news this isn't just fake news this is old fake wait a second binary is fake news he never fired by a second, what the president's can talk wait a minute I can't. Front get out after lawyers, by I should fight I appreciate. Greg's point and your point that. Nobody. Nobody. Was fired I think that's a legitimate point but this is not fake news ed Henry. A fox, license, are their stories, why is it substantial news, what does it matter what is that one matter we've known about it since June why is it the whole media went wall-to-wall this is a buzz they don't matter no, I mean it's a department. What it's it's we talked, about this very point, in June. Right, part. Of the reason we did is because one of the president's good friends in source and Chris, ruddy of Newsmax was, on PBS with, Judy Woodruff saying, the president, is thinking of considering. I'm, firing Mahler and that happens on June 12th the neck and then for the next three weeks everyone, from the white house says never, happened, yeah so I guess that, that is one of the rear who is a storm what about Donald Trump he said oh not, true fake it was at that time well he's disputing a lot of the facts John.

Roberts Came out this morning and said there was a high person who. Didn't. Call for him to that began, didn't order he began to didn't. Order but also that he didn't threaten to his I did. Not render I just find it that everybody's. So shocked, by, President, Trump saying this or that he, probably said it i assuming. He said this and he's probably saying yeah that's a bunch of baloney, he's probably saying that too that's the person we have as president right wait wait a minute I thought you were a trump guy wait. Didn't you want him to listen to his advisor yeah. Who. Hires, and fires people, for what for decades, every day you expecting this shit and go oh by all means let me help you with your investigation. You're gonna sit back no he's going to fight now you said the guy's a liar you, shouldn't trust them no no I didn't the guy does, not tell the truth a lot of know. That. We. Know okay we know when, he doesn't tell the truth apparently, he's a transparent. Person come on to. Listen to his advisers except, when he does and doesn't do the thing that you'd. Like. To know that I can trust the president, I just want to know that I could trust the press and I love you've got four unnamed. Secondhand. Sources the New York Times timed nicely, to get to over the top of these texts that are devastating, to the investigation, there, might be a little there there too I. Was. Just going to add one thing about who Greg was and that he's been in business for four, decades he's, hired and fired a ton of people he's also been a part, of either suing, somebody or being sued and having to give deposition, he's well aware of how the justice system works and he understands what obstruction, is right I had. President, Trump blaze out his plan for immigration reform, so will Democrats get on board don't hold your breath. The. White House has released a new immigration proposal. It includes, a pathway to citizenship, for nearly 2 million, dreamers, 25, billion dollars for the border wall and an end, to the diversity visa lottery system, as well, as significant, curbs to chain migration.

President. Trump says he may be open to quote shifting, on daca, in order, to reach a deal with Congress but, some Democrats well, still, not happy, Senator Dick Durbin says, the proposal holds dreamers quote hostage, House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, she, agrees they, want the ransom, for these children to be twenty five billion, dollars, for a wall when we have all the needs that we have for, infrastructure, in our, own country. So. This is the fight that we will be having not. About people but about value, not just about people but, about values. So. Kimberly let me come to you because one of the angles, here that surprises, me obviously, Democrats aren't, on board but there's, strong opposition, coming from people like Ted. Cruz who, says hey there was no pathway, to citizenship. In daca, and you're offering them one or breitbart, that calls this evidence. Of amnesty. Done or. You look at some of the people who have been so strong on this heritage, saying, this is a non-starter. Yeah. Well you can imagine though but this is pretty consistent with some of the earlier. The precursor, criticisms, right of some of the president's, viewpoints on immigration, and, darker. But ultimately, we've always said at this table that you know he's a deal maker and he's going to want to get this done and get the wall done so he's gonna do what it takes to be able to compromise, in the spirit of a negotiation, okay, so of course the people that have been very consistent, on this from the beginning people, like Ted Cruz and like heritage and others that would not like to see any leeway saying listen why are you giving something they feel like it is a regression. Backwards. That this is giving even more than. Say, President Obama or somebody else would have given so that's why they're finding, it to be I think it's an opening, bid Inc yeah well I think it's an opening bid he's got to do that I mean what. Happened before didn't work right like they weren't able to come to some positive, resolution he's. Going to have to give something so. But he's gonna also have to listen and heed some of the warnings and criticisms, of his, constituents. And his, core, conservative base that came out strongly to support him in the election so he's in a bit of a tough position I don't, think he Minds it he's not and you. Know I guess, uncomfortable. Or unfamiliar, with being in a position you, know like this but you've got to be able to sit at a table and show that, you have an open mind you're willing to hear all sides of it it's not nailed down and stoned yet they, should be expressing, their viewpoints, so should the other side then hopefully there's gonna be some way in between, to get some consensus, building while still maintains okay the president has said he's willing to take heat to make a deal the heat right now strong.

From The right and rightfully, and understandably, so it's, one of two things it's, either a bad opening bid that will only get worse yeah it, went from 800,000 which the original docket, number now it's 1.8, million some estimates say we'll be end up being 4 million its citizenship. When you could have provided some form of legal status at the beginning or others. Are saying hey this is brilliant, you're, calling the Democrats Bluff and forcing. Their hand by giving them all more than they could have expected in the opening bid and then daring them to be against it because you don't need dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi they're gonna resist, no matter what you need Joe Manchin you need an 8 or 9 Senate Democrats, to cross the aisle and vote for this the question is how far can he go cuz there's a lot of skip that the scars for the Conservatives, on immigration are deep and even, the the Center for Immigration Studies is pointing out that while there are no new applicants, for Visa Lottery and chain migration through this it provides, for the continuation. Of those categories, until the admission of all four million people on the current chain migration waiting, list which based on an estimate for 2007, means it could take 17, years for the current process to run out now, it takes us that long to build the wall so where are we really so Dana now from the Democrat, side they say 25. Billion, wait, a minute that's a ransom, demand well what's interesting is if you think about what where President Trump started on tax reform for the corporate tax rate he opened, that 15%, he agreed to a 21% okay so I could imagine going from 25, billion maybe down to 17, billion economic. Growth of which there was a good GDP number today at 2.6 percent for the last quarter gives you a lot of Running Room for that and it was I think it actually border, security. And the. Republicans, are on the right side of this tab where public opinion is and I think the other thing is so the presidency, they're gonna get a great compromise or. He. Thinks the Democrats don't want to make a deal so if they walk away he can say look I was. Willing to give, almost. Two million people. Amnesty. And the chance to become citizens, we're going to take their tax dollars we want them to work we should allow them to be citizens and the Democrats, wouldn't play and I think that is actually a strong hand for him right now so the contrary, point of view Gregg is this, is from Dick Durbin Wright who has been such an important player on the Democratic, side he says you, know it's not only 25, billion Trump, also wants to limit legal, immigration, hmm, yeah I would, I would caution anybody. Tool, it not to listen to dick Durbin it's. An idiot I mean I think we figured that out by now this is a guy who claimed, that the phrase, the. Phrase, chain. Migration is. Racist. Because of the word chain, so, I guess you can't put chains on your tires during a snowstorm because, that would be racist and tires are black so obviously you hate blacks that's, how dumb this, guy is he's, an idiot, so I hope I fix that for you speaking, of chain migration I would. Like to know what Mexico, thinks about all of this like when, shouldn't, Mexico be applauding, the end of chain migration in the end of sanctuary, cities in the end of amnesty, because, these. Are methods all these are methods that allow the fastest. Desertion. From your country of families, people, leaving, wouldn't. You want that stuff to end so people stay in your country and make Mexico great, again I would like to hear them I like if you act I mean I would like somebody to ask the Mexican president you know what do you think of chain migration and and, also the idea of chain migration, when you think about it imagine you're in line for Slayer tickets, the, guy in front yes is in line any waves in all of his pals in, front of you that's chain migration so. I am for a path for everyone I, think it's great yet for everybody, for everything but no cutsies, no. Cut. Everybody. Hates cuz I think the bottom line if what, unites everybody is the. Sense that somebody's getting something for nothing or somebody's cutting in line and that applies to everything, in line like, whether it philosophy. Of taxi, and everything if you think that somebody's getting something that they don't deserve it bothers, people and I think that's what's happening here is when you think that okay there's a lot of people that want to get into this country but they're not dreamers, so what. Does the Mexicans. I want, I don't think I think they're totally they would be fine with keeping chain migration for 17 years because of all the remittances, yes the president really wants them to get or not to come then you have to limit the amount of money you can remit to another country. We're. Picking. Up. It's. Always picking on know.

What. About you risk coming over the northern. Border sir I'm against that Towanda I'm. Against that I appreciate. Directly. Ahead is that vanity fair or vanity. Fail the magazine's, latest, cover causing, quite a stir and, we're gonna show you why next. Come. On alright could this be one of the biggest Photoshop. Fails ever. Oprah, and reese. Witherspoon along, with several other a-list celebrities, graced the cover of Vanity, Fair's newest, Hollywood, Issue but, the image is sparking, confusion, look closely over the, Stars extra. Body parts when you look very closely the zoomed in spot there that we've circled. With a red circle it appears, that Witherspoon, has three. Legs and magazine. Claims it's simply, the lining of her dress and in another shot three right, here, Oprah, appears to have, three. Hands, so. Vanity. Fair and now this happened as a result of a Photoshop, because James, Franco, who's accused, of sexual, misconduct was, edited, out of it now now Greg you've edited. Magazine, editor should, if this mistake happens on the biggest, issue of the Year arguably, does someone get fired how does this happen well ironically that it happens, to me James Franco's hand. Sorry. I couldn't resist it. But. It is you know it is an open secret that some celebrities, do have hidden third limbs and this, could be it. You. Know what this okay we like to listen. Bunch. Of magazines that in which there was a lot of over tinkering, people. Your ladies spent a lot of time erasing. Blemishes. And stretch marks and scars on dudes and it becomes completely, unreal and they missed literally, they missed the big picture just the obvious they missed the big picture so and this has happened with um you'll, see misspellings, on covers really, obvious, ones because they're so busy looking at the details that they set back and I mean this. Has happened a lot more than you think I might happen to me would they won't get into it but if someone get fired. No. I don't. Happen. To person hi. Kimberly. Answers give, Photoshop. They. Gave me a tabs, instead of six. Wow. They didn't have a picture of a 1k. You've. Probably I don't know I haven't been on a magazine cover yeah you have, what if they photoshopped, extra, hands, or legs how, does, it meet the actress I work, really well. Yeah. I don't know that I think it's bad is embarrassing for Vanity Fair to be having this you know position, but it just goes to show you I'm sure Oprah Street was like we're not gonna be on a cover you, know with him given the current circumstance, and we're talking about her running you know for president, because not in her DNA, but. Apparently our DNA contains. Very. Interesting, but, news about it's a bad position for them to be in because so many times you have to crash on a magazine cover or do something you're rushing to get it out it's last minute objections, are you gonna make publication. Time so. What happens one you know they edited out James Franco because of accusations, of sexual misconduct which he denies but, you've got you know pictures of Oprah him Winfrey out there with Harvey Weinstein buddy it budding up for the longest time is this a lipstick, on a pig moment, they're editing, out a guy that's currently passe, and Hollywood's, a strangest, meta meeting. Meaning they forgave, Harvey Weinstein, for a decade, but now they edit out James Franco to make themselves feel good on the cover of Vanity Fair I mean is this Hollywood hypocrisy. I don't, buy hypocrisy, I think what, strikes me more, people are interested in that magazine cover people, and other otherwise, they would even have any reason, to look at it you're saying it worked I'm. Just gonna say a quick comment I think they did it on purpose so we would do a segment about it kind. Of like Rolling Stone remember that yeah yeah this are not Vanity Fair if that was your point you, win, all. Right well don't go anywhere Facebook, Friday coming up next.

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