the grand tour S1E2 Operation Desert Stumble, subtitles in IT, GER,

the grand tour S1E2 Operation Desert Stumble, subtitles in  IT, GER,

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Welcome. To, the Grand Tour, and in this week's program. I, Drive. A saloon, car. James. Drives, a catering, lorry. And Richard, has a knife fight. Its, darts. That. Is all to come but first of all let, me talk you through where we are it's South Africa over there in the distance you can see Johannesburg. But this place here is called, the Cradle, of Humankind. Now, it's called that because archaeologists. Have determined, it was on this, very spot, that, mankind. Separated. From, the ape. You've. Learned to put socks on, listen. I'm trying to be profound, here, okay I'm, trying to be profound because this is ground, zero this, is where all of human history began, anyone. Who comes here it's like coming home, Jeremy. What, how. Long has it taken some, of us to evolve from being able to. It's. Taken. Two. Million, and a. Hundred. Because. While. The rest of mankind has, managed, to grasp the concept of, arithmetic. The president, of South Africa Jacob. Zuma, well. How can I put this he's sort of present I got a clip here show, you what I'm on about. We. Announced, that our. Membership, figures. Stood. At. 769. 800. And. 700. Listen. Properly. And. 69. Thousand. Eight. Hundred and. Twenty. Jacob. Zoomer is actually a bit of a controversial, figure here he recently installed, the swimming pool at his home and then, because, he'd used taxpayers. Money to do that he, said it was actually, a water, storage, facility. In case of a fire, so. In other words if he burst into flames he could jump into it and put himself out in ten hundred and three hundred. He. Has, also bought himself what he claims is a fire, engine, nice. Yeah. He's also got himself an ambulance, yep. Motoring. In South, Africa big, problem here of course is the wildlife, because how, do you accurately, warn motorists, that there, may be a deer ething ahead and that it could be full of Helium. Well. The, authorities, have had a go they've come up with this as a sign which is. Bad. Except. They got the word wrong.

But. Boons are actually, very dangerous here. Certainly. They've got a better idea of how to handle a gun than the local, police. Yes. Let's and we, start with Aston Martin because the company must have had a meeting recently the bosses must have said it's, gonna be a few years now until the next Bond film is out so what are we gonna do at Aston Martin to generate some headlines in the meantime and, what they must have decided is to make a car that is as good as a car compete, yeah now they weren't talking about making a racing car because in racing the rules about how big the engine can be and what sort of tires you can use yep, and they weren't talking about making a road car because then it would have to meet emissions. Regulations, it, would have to have come through rubber bits in the suspension and all that stuff would just slow it down yes exactly they wanted to make a car that adhere to no rules and no regulations. So. I have. This. Is, what they came up with. It. Costs, 1.8. Million, pounds. And it's called the, Vulcan. Spectacular. Isn't it. But, not very practical. Now. I'm totally stuck, oh. Yeah. You. Will, be able to edit this out won't he I don't. Want people thinking I'm fat. Right. I'm gonna pop it into gear now you may hear this a little bit. Good. First. Button. Clutch and now. It's time to fire, up the. Seven, liter v12. It's. Quite Noble. When, I got going feelings, didn't get much better. That's. The breaks. And. Things. Get worse when, you put your foot down. It's. Not a very well-equipped car, either the. Windows don't wind down for instance there, are no toys at all, and. You, only get half a steering, wheel. However. There is one amazing, thing you get for your 1.8. Million, pounds. An all, expenses, paid trip to a racetrack of your choice we're, an Aston Martin test, driver we'll teach you how to drive your car not. With the engine wound down to 500, horsepower but. With it turned up. To. The max. The. Other thing you get for your money is a squadron, of mechanics. But. Sadly. Not. A ham break. Right. What I've done now is I've taken yes. Taking, the steering wheel off so I can't put, it in gear to stop it rolling away. When. I'd finally got it to stop the jacks were deployed and the mechanics set to work. That's. The thing about the. Vulcan wing angle roll bar suspension brakes. Everything. Can be adjusted, to suit your. Personal, tastes. After. 10 minutes of pretending, I knew what they were doing I was. Back on the track. Carr, felt, just. As bonkers, as it had done before. You. Get phenomenal. Mechanical. Grip in the low speed corners and, then, on me isn't straight, you've, got a ton and a half of downforce, thanks, to its aerodynamics. And. What, I love most of all is that it's, not a testbed it's, not an example of what cars will be like in the future, it's. A celebration, of what, they were like in the past. What. It is. Is. Old time rock and roll. What. I love most of all is they made it out of bits that, they already had lying around in the factory if we like you going home after your trip to South Africa opening, up the fridge and using. What's there to, make a delicious, shepherd's, pie or some stale milk and an old piece. It. Costs, what is 1.8, million pounds yes how much is that Jeremy in rant ten hundred and thirty million in a million. But. For. That it does not 260 what 2.9, seconds, so it's nearly as fast as an Aventador, or a Caterham are 600, or an Ariel Atom v8 but. Much. More expensive, and, not, road-legal, yes thank, you very much for relieving yourself all over, my enthusiasm. Brilliant. Brilliant car an only one question now remains how. Fast, will it go round our track in the, hands, of a man who, thinks that everything British, is basically. Communist. A. Bit. Confused. Isn't. Straight, first. Corner coming up. Be. Damn ugly. Fully. Concentrating. Past old lady's house these, flat, out towards substation, is bumpy, here and there's. New tarmac, on the apex will kick the tail. He's okay, in, the field of sheet Lucy, today. Borden. Find, out how fast the American got round in the Vulcan let's have a look. Oh. Time, rock'n'roll. Old. Time rock and roll is beaten, rap. And techno, and R&B. Thank. You now we must move on because it's time for us to take a gentle stroll down. Conversation. Street. Right. Sticking, with Aston, Martin they've teamed up with red bull racing to. Create this, it's. Called the double O one, okay has a b12, no, turbos, none, of that sort of vybrid, witchcraft, yet, it produces.

900. Horsepower in, a car that only weighs. 900. Kilos. Staggering. Well more than staggering, that is actually a bit of a magic figure because that means it has one horsepower. Per, kilogram, and no other car gets posted motely, closer volcans no barely, half there it's staggering, the only problem I have with this you just have to look at it there's another angle we've got here look, at that you, know that. Car is gonna be all about aerodynamics, and particularly. Downforce. And I hate, downforce, what. Do you mean you hate downfall. Because they, tell you that you can go round a 90 degree Bend at a hundred miles an hour because of the weight of the air pressing down on the body is like having an invisible, elephant. See. Wait wait no I'm within because what if you drove through a sudden, vacuum. There. Has to be a speed in a car with active downforce, like that one where you go around a corner too, fast for the tires too fast for the mechanical, grip but not fast enough for, the downforce, to be working so you'd have to say to the police I crashed, because, I wasn't going fast enough. There's. Another point actually because the handling is going to depend on the weather isn't it because if it's a really hot day the. Air will be thinner no thicker no, it's thinner on a hot day that's why helicopters so messed, up already because I'll have the wrong you. Got a really hot day you don't really want to be driving a car where whether or not you get round the corner depends on whether or not the sun's out so you now want weather forecast to include cornering, speeds. Altitude. You, could drive that car around the corner 200 miles an hour in Holland sea level but, well we hit 6000 feet up here, 6000. Feet up here you barely be able to get around at 3 miles an hour they crashed. Into a tree or a visible elephant they are. Exactly. I just, honestly downforce, I don't, like to come in - trust me you can't see is like North Korea. Or. The contraceptive. Pill. What's, an overshare, okay there's, actually another hypercar, I want to draw your attention to, mmm, replacement. For the Veyron that, is the Bugatti Chiron, it's. Got a quad turbo 8-litre. W16, engine, which every minute inhales, 13, thousand. Gallons of air it's. Unbelievable. 1,500. Horsepower and the top speed is limited to. 261. Miles an hour yeah they do say it would do 288. And that would be irresponsible on, the road. Diamonds. In the speakers for better sound quality as. Yeah Oh got you like this at top speed the force on each tire is. 3,800. G a man. Dies at 9g if, you drive the serum flat out it will drain its tank in nine minutes. 261. Miles an hour at nine minutes that means you'd have to fill up for fuel every, 39, miles yeah, well actually slightly less because you can't drive until you run out you'd have to start looking for a petrol station so yes James it really isn't a practical car. The. Most amazing stat about the car itself is about the people who are buying them okay they've got 200 orders so far and the average, person who's ordered one already, has. 64. Cars three, helicopters three.

Jets And one, yacht. Zoomer. In. South Africa, okay there are 35. Carjackings. Everyday. The. Day every, day I've. Got to say well. Done that's an amazing, figure I can't believe it that's, just how have you got time to come here. You've. Got stuff to do one of it they've, all come here in someone else's car. They're. All walking home anyway. I've, done a bit of research the most commonly. Jacked, cars carjacked. Cos are. The VW. Polo the Toyota highs and the Toyota Hilux, but those are all the best-selling cars in South Africa exactly the VW Polo is the best-selling car in South Africa so why would you buy a car which increases. Your chance of being shot in the head new car being stolen, wouldn't, you all just buy a car that nobody. Would want to steal ya, know cuz if I live here I'd get something well not one of those I'd get something like a beige, Volvo estate that's, just a car you want. To. Get your dream car. Look. Hammond, I've. Expended you before having a Volvo, a Volvo estate is a bit like needing to go to the dentist it's gonna happen you've got to get a boat just do it I don't. Want to just get it over with it's like going to the dentist and saying take all my teeth out because they're gonna fall out look at that barbers I'll just pull it all out it's gonna fall doctor. Can you just stop me being able to retain my you and it's gonna happen - I'm gonna bury myself and get it all over with once, it's got a point seriously, let's enjoy it before we have to have the Volvo exactly, but why do you all buy cars that you're going to get carjacked, - has, anyone got a Volkswagen Polo here well. How do you know that's what you think did. You buy that for yourself, your. Dad bought you of what. Does. Anyone got a Toyota Hilux. Yeah. This. Is insanely, señores. What. Did you start out with this morning.

It's. Unbelievable. Anyway listen we've got to move it on because. Here. In South Africa people have a very interesting approach to preventing, car theft but a picture here of one man's solution. There's. No question, it's gonna work only would not steal the car that had that on the dashboard, however a poisons. Not like a burglar alarm cut turn it off now, when, you come back how, do you say to the snake it's my car don't strangle me. I'm. Pretty sure you can't train a Python, game you know you can't that's why you never see sheep snakes or guide, snakes for the blinds they're never. In. England, we've got an even more stupid, solution, okay this chaps came up with an idea called bike, mine, got. A video of him here explaining, how it works it. Can be attached quickly, to protect almost any personal, possession you store outside or in a garage or, shed its, robust, steel construction, is covered in a rubber skin to protect your property, bike. Mine is safe because, the detonators, are self-contained. Bike. Mine is reliable, because there are no batteries to run down and only one moving, part. Can't. Understand he said it could it, could also be used to protect any other personal, property you may have well I can mean vast. About. Your child being kidnapped simply, hang this bond round there now. So. Moving on to Jordan, weirdly, where. The government, has just built a mock town so that Special Forces from all over the world can, turn up and have a competition, to see which one, is best, yes. And this year mr. Willman who is the fat man who controls, our lives decided. That us three should, go and take part now obviously there be a lot of shooting, and running about and doing somersaults, none of which would be any good at no but, the SAS the world's first special, forces unit was created, to, be fast, to get into the battle quickly and then get out again so there would also be a lot of high speed driving, yes. I know that is a bit of a problem well gloss over there anyway. We were sent out there and this, is what, happened. This. Is it the. Special, Forces training base deep inside, a man that. The city obviously not, not. Anyway arriving, now to demonstrate, what, we'd have to do later a squad, of Special, Forces soldiers. They, exfoliated. From a blackhawk helicopter, on ropes and then, fought their way through a terrorist, infested. Building. Their. Next task was to steal a car which, they used to reach a hijacked, airliner. Here. They stormed, the cabin killed the bad guys. I. Rescued. A VIP. There, was then a high-speed. Car chase and, a running gun battle as, they escorted, the rescued, hostage, to the safety of a nearby embassy. That. Was quite impressive. Well. It's not like that we're using real bullets yes they were they. Were not they, were are, you saying but on this let's, be honest. Training. Ground people, are allowed to run around with real bullets in these guns yes. Real. Bullets. And. Now I'm gonna shoot myself. But, because I'm. An assault rifle but the bullets come out this side my man left-handed Schultz, so they just go up my arm the casing, so you're. Gonna be rubbish at this well. I'm not going to be able to use an assault rifle I'm. Not gonna be able to storm that hairline I'm not gonna be able to get out helicopter. Fearing. That things, may not go well we were told to go and get ready, and. Even, that was fraught with difficulty. Why. Are you wearing white. It's, no camouflage it. Has never ever snowed. In Jordan I, didn't. Know where Jordan was. At. This point we received details, of our mission from our boss mr.. Wolman each. Time one of you is killed you, all have, to begin again. So. It's not that Tom Cruise movie I'm. Cocktail. No, not cocktail, all. Ramah this is gonna take forever. Nevertheless. We, were soon in the helicopter, on our way to the start of this important, rescue, mission. Let's. Just get this straight. Penny. Punch and I say that's how it goes you can, be leader, get. Out there show, us how it's done we, will father I don't want to I've. Never climbed a rope or gone down one of my life before ever for what a time get on why don't you go first.

Can't. Do that scared of heights lead. By, example be. An inspiration. To you're exactly. Okay. But actually it's, surprisingly, easy so. Why. Don't you go first. I've. Got a better idea, what why. Don't you just land the helicopter but, it's a good idea helicopters. Can laugh. You. Open the door I'll. Throw this stun grenade and. When. The smoke finally, cleared, we started, our sweep. Don't. Talk. There's. A door, there's. A door. Soon. Though they, were there. In. This room why. Don't we just go out of the window. As. Jeremy. Laid down covering, fire. May. And I climbed out of the window but then there. Was a problem. Probably. Cuz you're so tense Oh James. Watts kill. Me, shoot. Me gladly. God. Please hurry up, fully automatic. In. Ten No. All, right in three. Two. One. It's. True what they say about machine, guns admit you commit, what. We're. Trying it's, not that easy. Hang on I meant. Right. Hey. You know I've dreamt about it I read it, incoming. Well. Why don't we just go out of the window do. You mind if I go through the door. Heroically. We fought off all the attackers outside, the building. But. Then we were pinned down by. A sniper. Jinx. Jinx. Go. Down there and steal, that Renault why. Because. This is a car show we need a motoring element good, point, go. Anybody. On God's green earth less able to do this. Play. The harpsichord but, that's not a skill we're gonna need to do. Why. Because, this is a car show we need a mood ring element good point. Anybody. Oh. James. You can't just keep doing the same thing over and over again oh you'll miss eventually. Because. Corporal, stubborn, wouldn't budge from his tactic, Richard, and I decided that, on our next attempt, we'd go into battle with some new equipment. Go. And steal that rent away with it. The. Wind steel Renault over there no, we, didn't know there's. A garage over there have some vehicles, in it. Yeah. We're, in a car show right. Jeremy, you go sort that sniper yes, we'll get these stuff good plan right. There's. No keys I'll Hotwire, it, oh. There. He is. Say. A lot of my little friend. Will. Never be able to do that again Jeremy. What. James. Is electrocuted. Himself. Right. There are no keys I'll Hotwire, it, have you not seen every single movie ever made. Nowhere. To put a gun that is a bad mark morality. Sport. Drive. Control. Off, here. We go. Why. Why, did your trousers, fall down because, there were so many grenades, attached, to them and in the downdraft, of the helicopter, oh it, was very brave. I'm. Sure I saw him crying. Anyway. Look there's a bit of a trend in South Africa for making your own cotton I'm talking about actually making a car from scratch bits, all by yourself and got an example here this. Man's built this one based around the engine in a few bits from a BMW 3 1 8r and I've got to say I do you think that's pretty cool, it.

Is There are lots of it I prefer this one which has also got a BMW engine, a v8 but, not the bodywork is made of denim. Is. So good we've actually brought it into the, studio and that what's down here unbelievable, this it's it's a replica of, a Mercedes c9, now that Hammond, was the car that won. The 24-hour, LeMond race in, 1989. And, it's so amazing I've actually brought out the man who built it ladies and gentlemen give him a warm hand. Can. I just ask. Can. I just ask you and how did you get the styling, to, work well. During me there was no drawings, on the Internet so I, got, a book on the dimensions, but the, closest I could get was a 1:32, scale model. So, you measured, you toy car yes, multiplied. It by 30 days and built a full-size one yep. Legal. Fully, rounded. Everything. How, long did you spend building this from, start, to roadworthy, over 16 months right. Was. There or is there a marriage to survive this. Well. My. Wife is here so it's either a good sign patient. Lady. Well. It's a remarkable, achievement and, well done ladies and gentlemen yarn acumen. We're, moving on to a great, idea, that Richard, Hammond and I have had all by, our own and it is brilliant, it is it's called me, King James may do something he doesn't want to do and. We. Kick off with, spinnings, a South African thing fairly simple you get an elderly rear-wheel, drive car, take, it to a car park where you do donuts, in it to a backdrop, of strong, rap music, it's. Lively, it's, interesting, and it's youthful it's, everything, he isn't. Well. Here we are then at one of Joe Berg's, top spinning, destinations. The aptly, named wheels in smoke, arena, and the. Object of the exercise as far as I can make out is, to create. Smoke. Drive. Round and round the arena until the tyres go bang. And. Then what's left of the tires I'll, put on a bonfire over there just to make sure there's absolutely nothing left. About. 17, I think. And. The word round here and the noise and the crowd says that stacy is actually, very good at this but how the bloody hell but I know it's just a massive crowd. To. Help me get into the spirit of things the organisers, suggested, I should become more involved. I got, 20,000 miles out of the last set of rear tires on my car. Anyway. James. May was there any part, of that that you enjoyed, good. Now. It is time for, celebrity brain. Crash. Now. After what happened last week our guest this week declined. Our offer to arrive at the studio on a hovercraft, saying, she would prefer to walk. I'm. Sure, that this pointless you will still give her an enormous welcome because although. She's now a major, Hollywood star she was actually born here in South Africa ladies. And gentlemen please welcome, Charlize, the wrong. Ladies. And gentlemen Charlize, Theron, has been attacked by Lyon. Nothing. We can do. Does. That mean she's not coming on then. Are. There any other well-known. South Africans, in the audience maybe it's not very likely James only two globally, famous South Africans ones now in a lion. Now. Earlier, on we were at a Jordanian. Special Forces training base learning to be super, army soldiers, and we. Pick up the action as, we rush towards the hijacked airliner to rescue a VIP, and, take. Them to safety. James, and Richard will use the catering, lorry as an assault, Vic and.

Then. After we rescued, the VIP, will. Use the Audi as a getaway, car. Now. What we're doing here very cleverly is the going around the back of the plane because planes don't have rear. Windows, or dormers, so they won't see us sneaking, up it's stealth, ins. Right. Hammond. Maneuvering. In, the. Breaks. Right. Only. Think the terrorists, going to notice this assault. Policing. The terrorists, are going to notice this assault. Which. Is why I shall now cause it to leave this. I'm gonna make smoking, doner in front of the plane to distract, the terrorists. Turn. The traction control off it, is fully. Off. Chaps. I have. Located the, VIP and, it, is the Queen of England I don't, like the wrong sadly James. Now is not the time for your Republican, views ma'am. We, are an elite, fighting force we, have an Audi outside, we will gate. Ma'am. We are an elite, fighting force we, have an Audi outside, we will gate. Somehow. In our next, attempt, Hammond ended up on between oh. I. See. You, want to do this the, old-fashioned, way, okay. Elite. Fighting force we, have an Audi waiting, outside to, get you to safety, yeah what do you do I just said we are an elite fighting, force we have an Audi waiting, outside to get you to safety you'll like it it's German like you are thank you James are all the terrorists dead back there everybody's. Dead back there good man okay Your Majesty we've got to follow us. What. Was that, he's. Just shot the Queen in the back of the head, well. Now what we're gonna do. I'll. Have, thank, you very much I. Mean. Finally got the Queen into the car we were now faced with a perilous, drive to the embassy. This. Is the. The, immense power is harmless not only, by all-wheel-drive but also. Great. Sitting. Behind a six foot five inch driver means that rear legroom is and rather at a premium having said that however for, a high-performance. The, right policy is rather, good will you two stop reviewing. The car. You. Have an opinion to clean. Daylight's. 90, miles an hour well, here is a top. If. You did chase by a car man Jesus slower than the car you're in simply. Drive faster. Than it. That's, one big cage or two thoughts but really in the block and, that man, in Rome with the SI chasing, the citrus, talking. About. Suited, petrol tank there's, no point suited, his petrotech potential. Only blows up in films. Queen, to safety. You. Cannot modernize, the royalty, because royalty. Is at, the very best a medieval. Concept. James, he's, dead I. Know. Wait a minute going, again he's moving, again, Jeremy, come on you can do it come. On keep, going come on. There's. The finish line. Roll. Over it you can do it oh yes. We. Have done it. We. Actually managed, to complete, that course in 9 hours and 48, minutes and, that's, only nine, and a half hour, slower than the actual soldiers. How. Many times were you shot what on the run in yeah do it on the way to the embassy. 17. To the torso two to the plum sang. And. You lived, obviously. James yes look I live yeah, that. Terrible, disappointment it is time to yes it is thank you so much for watching see you somewhere. Next week. You.

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