The Great Wall of China with Beijing Hikers and in Luna Sandals (English + German Subtitles)

The Great Wall of China with Beijing Hikers and in Luna Sandals (English + German Subtitles)

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Good. Morning, and welcome to my vlog today. I will be hiking with the Beijing. Hikers, on the Great Wall, from. Who. Buy co2, in Shandling, I hope, I didn't butcher these words too much I'm very sorry if I did I'm. Gonna take you with me but. Since this is my first vlog in English let me have a quick word to my German audience good. Morn is. A block you at mine English sign but. As a tiny girl cries, the me as a 42-year, to see entrancing of stuff Maximus, in Maya. International. For Fupa you, can't you only want, a hit line shot enough to watch, announcing. It's funny a no English, fighter so I will continue in English now first. Of all I have to get this subway and, get. To the subway station where, the meter point is so. Join, me on that and catch, when I'm there just a, quick note I've never taken the subway system, here in Beijing and it's my first time here so. If. I can do it you can probably too. Well. That or super, easy may be one of the most convenient, software, systems I've ever seen in the world so. No problem and I'm way too early so. I've got some time to scout, out the meeting place and maybe do a quick coffee run. So, this seems to be the spot also super easy to find for the description on the Beijing, hikers web page I will link below now. Looking, for coffee I have 45, minutes, to kill so let's. See. No. Guys. Won't. Be ready on the hike at that time one. More chance, there's. A Starbucks that. Also doesn't, look very open. To me. Pickup. Point is that his Starbucks. So finally, some coffee. Welcome. To our hike today, today. We got 15. People on the hike it's, not a big group either. It'll. Take like five to six hours to finish all the height spectrum, you take care and we will go. To a, very, problems, Jean, shopping is, in every, province. So, now it's getting interesting. After, stop on the highway or money get collected and all the streets become there, and. We just stopped. Okay, I just, wanted to a little Pete. They're, not dumping us here. No honestly naturist, really. Gorgeous outside I'm, really looking forward to see where, that is going to take place. So we're there an organization holds, up to its promises, they have rain. Ponchos, hiking. Sticks water. Great. Snacks. Great. Guides it seems. I'm. Really looking forward and I also saw a little piece of big. War, pump. Really, fun. There. We go. Found, someone. All. This is just gorgeous. Raised, you and we had only at the first tower here. You're. On the edge. Of the. Hill. Here. They. Can see where for the, first tower. I. Almost. Don't want to speak here because, the place is so, quiet. Especially. Compared to the downtown, of Beijing. This. Is just gorgeous. Maybe. I'm repeating myself but, yeah. Look for your own and. It's a little bit funny to speak English here, because. Almost half of the people who are hiking with me how German and. Everybody, is concerned. About. My Footwear. But. I'm confident, good. Or lunar sandals. One. Flat spot. I'm. Sorry I forgot to talk English. It's. Just amazing. Unbelievable. I mean, obviously the. Wallets on the highest point where that the, defense advantage. But. You also have the best view and. The Sun comes out no no if I should. Be happy or sad about that I guess, happy. So. No up to the highest, point here the. 24 I store, it's, used to call 24, I store it. Goes before it to tell apart that. 24, windows. 6, on each side. Crap. That guy's flying a drone to get the footage. As. The siesta feel, this is the 24-hour. So. I'm. Not really sure if I minute, ago told you that in English or German, pretty. Exhausting, like up here but this is the highest point so it's downwards from here on this. Yes. It's gorgeous, that's. Why I will try to capture. This for you stop. Talking. So. Now we, went off the wall molls behind me not really like and we're entering Spider, Valley very. Hairy. Spider. Valley okay I'm really scared now when, I was studying. The. Trees already tried to catch my camera. So. We're up on a, way back, out of spider. Fairy. Belly. Vincey. Spider. But. Again. Gorgeous. Look on the wall just. Amazing. Not. Upcoming. Because. I just confirmed he usually has a lot of German see on the tour. Hey. You. Gotta look back every now and then yeah, it's. Really amazing. I'm. Missing I'm missing the, superlative. Words like, gorgeous. Amazing. Ridiculous. Out. Of it nothing prepares, you for it yeah really really. So. Guys if you really, want to have the full experience you have to come yourself and it's really worth it Beijing. Hikers put. A link here, below. Awesome. Here. When. I completely forgot the, Sun came out as, you probably already noticed on. The way here we drove through the rain, so.

We Feared that we would have to walk you're soaking wet, well. I'm. Still soaking wet, but. It's. Nice to walk in the Sun and. I better put my hat back on. John. How. Did you get there did you go down here. Okay. So. We. Reached little more than half time off the hike and. I'm so amazed at, these old Chinese, guys that, airconditioning, built into their towers. Awesome. I mean, this, is 500, years ago come on and Europe it took us quite a while to figure that out just, kidding. It's, very nice in here was pretty hot outside my, all, my clothes are dripping wet even. My shoes and, my head and everything but. Here, this. Is nice. Maybe. Four. Five six degrees colder. At. Least and an amazing, view and I'm not even upstairs. I'm, not sure if I died going, upstairs so. If you never see this okay that's pointless out I. Mean. This is now on the top of one of the watch towers the. One with air conditioned. Look. At this. This. Is just. I can. Imagine they built this stuff, I don't. Know 500. Years ago also. It's. Just. Get. All of this up here build. All this, design. All this engineer. All this. Mind. Blown. Yeah, so we are airborne so, I I. Will. I wanna sure, try, to get this footage. You. This. Lady self cold-smoked here on the top of this air-conditioned, tower yeah, I love her. She's. A savior. We, are now about, eight kilometers out, on the wall here, still. Amazing and. I have to call one of my fellow hikers here you, just have to be grateful that that. Or. I have to and I am very grateful that I have to the opportunity, to be. Here right now and. Witness. This. Awesome. And amazing piece, of history and piece of engineering. Yeah. I'm grateful I'm. Very happy. If. You could see what I can see right now. Wait. I'll turn you around. Isn't. That breathtaking. This. Is. Our goal for today just. Learned. Yeah. The highest one. That's. Higher you're. Right I like. That attitude. Go. There you'll be on the news tomorrow. It's. Really great company, here. Beijing. ICA's very recommended, awesome, people here. I'm. Kind of happy and kind of sad to see the end of the road. I. Could. See someone jump out of that window with a skateboard and then go. Straight down there, maybe. Fall on that bump. What. Happy. Holidays, yeah. For. Sure don't drink beer right now then, I will stay here and here. Here. They have ice, cream water beer I think that's one thing and I really want to have that. Nice. Place. I'm. Good I'm. Good. Honestly. What's. The point of this. Maybe. The, guys on the wall needed to stay fit I. Have. Some exercise, from time to time. Not. Just dully, walk up and down the wall you. Get flat feet from that. Too. Boring nope. There's. Nothing down every now and then. Look. At this. Why. Build our own steps. If. The nature I provided, summer. There. Are always small steps, and, big steps. Never. The right size steps. But. That doesn't matter still. Amazing. Bake. Bake. Bake bake. Small. Small small small small. Yeah. Come on come on you. Can do it. Come. On there's, five steps keep. Going man. So. Now we are two, towers away from our, top. Destination. Like. About. There. I drank, about four liters of water to, coke. I bought, along the way and. I could use some more but, this was yeah, it was quite okay. Was. An awesome, trip I really. Recommend, to go with the Beijing hikers here this. Was nice, people. People. They the other hikers if fellow hikers here were also very nice people and the guides were awesome, so. This is a ten, out of ten recommendation.

For The. Beijing hikers, trip we. Will now go down from, the last hour. Have. A cold beer water, whatever, some. Snacks and. Then go back to Beijing, so. That's it from on, the wall maybe, I will call in back later but. That's. It for the hiking party what's. Nice awesome. So. Thanks, for hiking with me see. You then. Bye. Bye Great Wall been, a blast. I. Think. Bullying in China. Well. Just had dinner in this nice little restaurant behind us it was really good so, that's an 11. Out of 10 for Beijing hikers. Before. I say more also, migrate and this, was ridiculously, good just. A great. Experience. Beijing. Hikers thanks, for having me with, an awesome, rule, here and awesome, people. For, whom, I'm really thankful to be able to travel with them and to hike with them so. Highly. Recommended, and, that's it for me over, out.

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Fantastische Ausblicke, wunderbar grüne Landschaften, und super Einblicke in die diversen Stufenvarianten - das weckt Erinnerungen an eigene Touren an die Mauer in 1988 und der großen Überraschung: die Mauer besteht fast nur aus Stufen und Steigungen! Folglich: You really have to climb (erklettern) Changcheng, the Great Wall! Und dann erst die leckeren nordchinesischen Gerichte in einem typischen Restaurant zum Abschluss. Tolle Aufnahmen!

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