The Haunted Mansion - A Grimm-Life Tour

The Haunted Mansion - A Grimm-Life Tour

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So. What is the name of your bet Spencer. Jr. this. Is princess, eua this. Is ring no no flyer my. Best name is Bartok his. Name is Charles. Desdemona. That. Is fake. But, then it always evolving. Away. I've, been so lonely. I. Sweetie. Sunshine. No, more tiny to us. Don't. I, don't. So. Today is August 12th a couple of days before Mickey's. Not-so-scary Halloween. Party. And it is also the birthday the official birthday of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, so. This is the big day this is also our first. Grim. Life video here inside the party first. Of many we're going to try to do it a little bit different and, there's. So much going on it is an event called upon the party we're, going to be going inside memento, mori to talk about some of the things they have in there and point out some ghostly. Secrets, but for now that's. Going to check out the Haunted Mansion. So. The queue line is an. Interactive cue line here at the. Haunted mansion in Walt Disney World and they. Just opened, right now they're having a little bit of delay so we, got permission to just kind of walk. Through and, take. A look at everything, now. These are. The buses there's. A birdie, over here and. Florence. Uncle. Jacob. The. Twins. And. Cousin. Mod. Now. Was interesting, about this, these, guys is if. You read, the, little Limerick a, little. Poem, the epitaph, at the. Bottom on the base under their names it is a murder mystery. An. Interactive, part you got to try to figure out what them who killed who and what. The story is, here. In the QI and they have, tombstones. Like such, that. Are the pay homage or honor the. Imagineers, who've worked on them and this is our friend britain so, who is this. One for davis, he, was the lead designer for the attraction if you do mostly Imagineering, painted. The famous portraits, in this room. They're. Cool. Wrote. The music for, the. Haunted mansion the famous song that we all know they, call necks he, also did the music for ya. He. Also did the music for Pirates of the Caribbean and the voice, for the. The. Guy in the casket. So. This is a bit of a musical instrument the, Haunted Mansion Disney, style and all you got to do. Its. Touch, the. Instruments. And they. Play. Magical. Haunting. Disney. It's, wild. Such. A sunny day. Right. Now. As, funny as sunny, and as hot as it is here in Florida today in probably. About two hours it's gonna rain and. Then, it's just going to disappear, the. Rain and you won't even know. Ravenscroft. Music. Play. Oh there, you go. Okay. Yes. Such, a beautiful, little centerpiece, to all this. So. Here lies captain, Culpepper. Klein.

Allergic. To dirt so he's pickled, in brine. He. Braved the sea and all her wrath but drowned on lion while taking a bath now this one is a little bit dangerous because if you get close to it and it. Feels like it you will get wet. I. Don't. Want to get wet oh. Jeez. He's. Gonna sneeze. Nope. Anti-climatic. Over. Here and one of the corners, is the famed. Ring. The. Wedding ring or engagement ring. We've, seen so many people come here and look for this and ask where it's at and we pointed out a few times to different people but it, is here in the Q line, usually. There's a trash can over by this way. But. You guys have to look for it if you don't know where it's at so, from cast members, as well, as visitors there's all kinds of Legend and lore to why that ring is there, but, in all actuality it, used to be part, of a. Fence. Gate, in the beginning that it was eventually torn out and then had, this little tiny ring there, and then it was removed and the pit ticked, a lot of people off I. Believe, that one it take, a lot of people off and then they put this here and it's a permanent rate. Look at now. This is a interactive, library, of sorts here in the Q line where you can actually push on the books. Now. From what I heard it is a. Code. That you can decipher this, stuff right here and it actually says something. Now. You can go online and you can look and see what that code is, what, that deciphering, is what the message is but you, can try to figure it out while you're here that's, coughing singing bus shovel, 13, and key what, does it say. Monkey's. Uncle. This is driving me ape. Go. Whittle it is it wonderful. Simply. Wonderful, well, maybe not for hammer. Let's. Do another. It's. Kind of walking, through. Now. There's one thing I really, really want to point out on, the other side, and. It's. Over here. These. Final, tombstones, of course there's Liotta. Over. In that way and everybody pays attention to, that, but. We noticed that, if. You look way, up, there, on that hill but. Your centre of your screen. As. A tombstone, that says Ezra. So. Up here on the hill. Are. Some tombstones, way up here that you can't really see unless you look. More. Specifically, there's, Phineas. As. Ezra. And, Gus. That's. Over here to the right. Right. There. Now. If you don't know who those are then I am gonna have to say you're really not a haunted mansion fan because those are the hitchhiking, ghosts which we found out that, those weren't even really the names that. Disney gave them they were names that guests. Fans, of the Haunted Mansion gave them but. They're. Way up here on top of hill kind of just. Overlooking. All, of Disney, the. Guests. And. The. Mansion itself. A. Little. Hidden gem. So. Those are like four cats. Member see their left passed away I think. They put it in after you. Get a girl commit suicide here a few years ago. Oh, that's. That's, a nice little. Thing for them you, know I I kind of get that feeling where, if your. Haunted. Mansion your haunted mansion for life pretty much. And. Of, course there is madame leota stume stone herself, now if you watch, close. Enough and her, here, long enough but not too long you will see her eyes open. And. Her head move. She's, got pretty eyes. So. At the end of the Haunted Mansion near, that unload in between the unload and the stretching rooms there, is the VIP hallway. And. They. Have some things in here that you really don't get to see. And. Nobody really talks about. Unless. You asked for that asked. To see it these, are the servant, Belle's see. Some here those master Gracie's bedchamber. Uncle, Davis, sleeping. So long. It's. A pretty cool. Scene. If one's Belle. And. On. The other side of the hallway here are keys, to some of the rooms, in. The mansion. Pretty. Wild. Once. You get off the ride and come, out of unload. There. Are mausoleums. With some interesting fun. Dead. People's names on it. As. Well as. The. Giant mausoleum, of the loving wives. 7, win some wives some, fat some thin, six of them were faithful but the seventh, did.

Him In and, of. Course at the very end is, the. Funeral. Carriage. No. Coffin inside but there are some flowers own if you could see it and there's me hello, with. The, ghost horse. Now. I don't know if the ghost horse even has a name. But. You can come over here and you can pet them let's, pet the ghost doors. That's. A good boy that's a good boy there you go. Yeah. A little backwards usually. There's a photo pass photographer. Right here so whenever you're done riding, the haunted mansion and you. Come out. Off. Of unload, by the mausoleums, make sure you come over this way hit. Up the photo pass photographer. To, get a picture. Right. Here in. Front of the mansion and they also have photo. Magic. Faux magic shots which. Are really cool you can join and become one of the hitchhiking, ghosts and. The. Pet Sematary here in Walt Disney World a, lot. Of loving pets, who were once part of the mansion. But. There's also, that. Guy right in about the center of your screen. Who's. Mr. toad this is the homage there. Used to be a ride over in Fantasyland. That, was mr., Toad's Wild Ride but now that it's not here and he. Is technically, dead I guess. You would say he is part of the Haunted Mansion, Pet. Cemetery and there he resides so make sure you stop and look up on the hill. As. Well. Let's. Go, see what kind of spooky goodies memento. Mori has. Different. Figurines like this the stretching portraits, they are pretty pricey. But. I feel, that they should be. Part. Of our collection in our house. Including. The. Infamous hatbox, ghost. So. It's the tomb sweet tomb coaster, set, and. If you take the coffin lid off. Dear. Sweet Liotta beloved by all in regions beyond now but, having a ball. They. Say anything different each, individual, yeah here lies good old Fred great, big rock fell on his head just like the tomb stones. Man. We need everything dear. Departed brother Dave, he, chased a bear into a cave, -. One more. There. You go master Gracey laid to rest no, morning please at his request. Now, I am more of a Fedora wearer but if I wear baseball caps I would like to get one of these ghost hose hats but. It's. Really art for me different. Books this one here is the entire. Comic. Books all in a hardback which is really nice we've been meaning to get that still, haven't yet and this one here is a children's, book which includes a CD with, the popular, song I'm guessing, the popular song is grim. Grinning. Ghosts. I like, that. These. Are new luggage tags ghost will follow you home and. If. You are a beer drinker or any kind of glass bottle, the, hatbox, ghost bottle, opener another, thing that I would really like from my collection. Are, these keys I am. A key collector. The. Gatekeeper, these. Ears are Anu as well here at the haunted mansion. The. Dress has been here for a while it's, pretty pretty good. They. Even make board. Games there's life haunted mansion what we have clue tower of terror they. Also have this one as well we, have yet to play it and we. Just picked up the, Haunted Mansion playing, cards the other day from Disney Springs you. Can pretty much buy all. Kinds of, Haunted. Mansion merchandise, here one, of the things that I've wanted for quite some time is this, coffin, this Haunted Mansion coffin, which is actually, a. Pen. And. That's pretty cool what. Is this a jewelry box. That's. Really actually that's Oh - music box as well. That's, really nice, so, another thing that is hidden for. The most part inside memento mori' sits, back here on these. Shelves and. Thing. I don't. Think not many people know about these there's. The certificate. Of verification. For the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland that, was a opening. This. Brass where's is copper. Know. If it says on. Well. No other thing that they have and, I, really like is this. Biota. It's, not really a pin it's a coin a medallion, for memento mori' certificate, of verification. Absolutely. Beautiful. 999. Happy haunts t-shirt I you know what ultimately. I just wished that I can we can get a shirt that was black it, says something like that instead, of a typical. Those. Old retired, shirt the t-shirt is that what it is yeah oh. Wow. After. Breezy over here in a V whoo he'd be a skeleton.

Check. It out yeah, seeing. A little things you never really notice. There's. Even, a mirror on the wall that if you look at it just the right angle at. Just the right time you can see Madame Leota staring. And. Then. She disappears. Back. Into the Haunted Mansion also. Here inside memento, mori you, can get some spirit photography done. Where. You go inside the room. And. It take your picture and it, turns out. Like. This. You. So, for me the, haunted mansion here, at Disney is was. Honestly my first impression, of what a haunted, house is my, person question of ghosts, and everything spooky. And scary so. Everything. That I have seen since my, early. Childhood going, on the attraction, I always, compare to the Haunted Mansion so it's the staple, for me in the whole spooky. Haunted, genre. The. Haunted Mansion really, opened up my mind to. The. Darker, things in, life and actually was the beginning, of me. Now I. Was. A very closed-minded, child but. Began. Accepting, more people, after experiencing. The Haunted Mansion and, have fun the. Creepy things can be. Growing. Up I always kind, of had a thing for the freaking things and. Even. Though I don't show it the way that I dress usually, I always, have, loved horror, movies from one of my favorite movies has always been the Haunted Mansion even, with like eddie, murphy and it was fantastic, and that's what I knew if the Haunted Mansion before I ever came on the ride because I never went. To. I've never been to Disney until I was like a full-grown adult, but. Knowing. That there was a ride that the movie that I loved so much was based off of kind. Of sparked. A lot. Of like one of the reasons that I wanted to. Just. Give you guys a video picture. Picture. Picture. Fabulous. See. Everyone yes. All, right ready one two three. We.

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So cool that you guys got a behind the scenes tour so to speak with no one but the worker. When I went of course lines were so long I didn't take in all the things leading up to getting in the mansion.

10:52 Beuregarde was the name of a butler who would serve as a tour guide in an early draft for the ride.

So much more informative than Adam the Woo. Great job.

Thank you so much. That means a lot.

Thanks for the tour!

Love the Haunted Mansion! I have heard about all those little spooky things hidden around but I have never seen most of them. I will have to check them out in person next time I go to Disney. Can't believe I did not go into the gift shop last time I was there!

I loved this. Thank you for showing the details. My goal in life is to get my son with Aspergers there. It's all he wants. great video

The store definitely has some cool stuff..thanks for the tour

One day you guys will make it there.

Just found your channel, the Bob Ross video was recommended to me, I watched your channel trailer (and can't wait to see the videos featured!) and subscribed but I wanted to leave a comment because your videos are great, great style- both the video and your guys clothes! Love the music. Love the way to talk. :D can't wait to watch in the morning (it's like 1am)

Thank you for watching and the kind words, they really mean a lot to us. We really love making these videos and sharing our adventures .

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