The heart of Ascension Island - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.161

The heart of Ascension Island - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.161

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See. My, my. My. Sauce. One of. My favorite, age. Previously. On Delos, we. Take on the massive, hiked green mountain oh. My. God I finally, made it I watch, whatever mess I don't. Drink it busts the room before. You do massive hike a party, with some pretty amazing locals. Is. This what you doing. Perfect. Herbs are the pancakes happy. Fourth of July. Happy. Fourth of July. Yes. Happy, Americans, day yep. So today is actually the first of the July but, because. There's the US Air Force Base here and they. All have to work on, the 4th of July we're celebrating, the. 1st of July as the 4th of July today. Levers. On 4th of July, of. American, Bay, good. Morning pancakes a bacon coming soon. To. Get back in there. Cue. Music. Fourth. Of July you, have Stars, and. Stripes the, urge and, whites and, I'm. Going. To party, with you today. This. Year first fourth of July so it is, I've. Never had a thought, that you like pie can. You like can you wear some red white and blue yeah. Of course of course I'll, do that honor America, you guys know American, Crew Dan, said such a great job today it's. Every, fourth of July he does such a great job but. Today. A very special. Choc. Chips Chuck chuckles. Ooh, everybody. Likes chocolate chips yummy. Every. Fourth of July on Delos starts out with pancakes, and bacon no matter where in the world we are normally. We would move on to Bloody Mary's at this point but, first we have a little bit of work to do a new, intro is being made for this season's episodes. Behind. The scenes filming. Of an intro on Delos. So. I'm going like this. You. Say that this is centroid yeah. And then I walk like this and. You just kind of look at me I I'm just look at the camera. And. Then almost. Assume. Like this what, do we got, yeah. A. Lot. Of discussions, a lot of camera play so we never plan anything so it's really interesting for us to do something like yeah that's good, so the basement. Settings, are quite clear yeah, but. Yeah now we start detailing. Stuff. Today I'll. Smooth things you think all the communication, sounds good print them it's. Through communication. Issues like so different debris you just used, to filming, ourselves and now it's like actually, you should walk here you should do this in real life and. Man. Turns. Out we would end up taking another, four days of shooting and many, days of editing to get the final intro done 30. Seconds, of video actually. Takes quite a bit of work in time but, the learning process, is something we all love, anyway. Back, to the 4th of July and. In same is the big. Day fourth, of July and my. Wardrobe needs to need. The change-up, so I'm, gonna cut these, come. On sit on your bed with my yeah my emoji, I'm into you of course not darling, I'm. Gonna cut these so they're more short. Short. Like I'm. Pretty confident, that I could do, that boy if you had it torn okay, okay, let's do it. 2017. As two adults. Look. At how buddies I can do stretches, properly, now can, ever gonna make some headbands that turned, out to be better than possible, week I had bands now the whole earlier. It's. Pretty cool. Part, of the daily commute. Are, you proud of that's your American band right there. How. Could I not be. Yes. Wait until we get to Sweden for midsummer. Good. Cultural. I. Just. Had to repair my on this on my head Brian's, on my head. They're. Good to go. What. Happened to being a proud Brit I'm, a proud Brett I'm proud of the world. We're. Not separated, by countries, my, brothers and sisters you and I I don't know I just really like doing this. Our. Place. We are all set, up, we. Were the first ones here we're. A little early, our. Flag set up. With. Is ready to buy a beer soon as it turns three o'clock. What. Time is 7 min exactly that, breathe. First. Beer. Of the day brother. Nothing. Says America, like coronis. That's. American. We, never get to celebrate the 4th of July in a country where it's actually celebrated. Normally. It's just us dressed, in our American gear on some, random island, somewhere, this. Year it feels so nice to have a taste of home the, US air force base here on Ascension Island pulls. It off pretty well. The. Population, of Ascension Island is made up of many different cultures and it, feels really special to be part of the tight-knit community. Wow. Looky. Here, for example pork bro.

So. America, they was. Cut a little bit short and continuing. On the boat because. We're going fishing tomorrow it's, awesome, we, got invited by one of the local dudes is next to us here like one of the neighbors it's. A badass local, fishing tournament yeah I was just gonna I'm excited, I'm excited to, see some big tuna, and I'd. Say wahoo yeah. That would be nice Oh, see. What happens, good let's see in the morning fishing see. At 5:00. Anyway. Hey. Today. Is. The fishing adventure. Of Ascension. Island. We. Don't really know what that means but, there's some sort of a competition, in honor of, somebody. A guy that was. A local. Fisherman out yeah I think he had a heart attack on this book actually. So. Everyone's. Gonna, fish and drink today and us on it we're, pretty good those, little things only got a ride with a guy we met last night at the 4th of July party, Craig. On, the Argonauts. And. So we made our way over to Craig and Ellen's though the, Argonaut, a 38-foot. Fishing, boat that they had purchased and, brought over from sait Hellena a few months earlier and off. We went as the sun rose from behind Green Mountain. We've. Been out for. 30. 45 minutes I thought for sure. Rhoda and I think we're getting somewhere. Creig, ended up on Ascension Island years ago for a job on a sport fishing boat after. Several years of working this industry, has attitude towards it started to change at. About that time ellen was drawn to the island by her passion for underwater, photography. They. Met by chance and quickly realized their shared love of the ocean and decided, to start a new unique, business, together on the Argonaut. Ascension. Island is well known in the spearfishing community, as being home to some of the biggest fish in the world it's. Not uncommon for a tuna to grow as big as 200. Kilograms, and up to ten feet long around here so, this has been the main attraction, to the island for about a decade. The. Island is also famous for massive wahoo mahi, mahi and swordfish. After. Trolling for almost 5 hours we, hadn't landed any fish, something. Definitely felt off and what was supposed to be a world-class fishing, spot so. When we got back we asked Craig and Ellen to sit down with us and have a chat about what if anything, was going on around here. There's. Never been a study done of the islands that no. One knows how much you know they do they come, and become residents, do they. Migrate. There's never been a study so we don't know how sensitive it, actually, is, or. How. Abundant. It is he, looking at 17, 18. Years old for 240. By 320, kita, fish. And that's not the biggest the world read was much bigger than that yeah almost doubled, so. You. Know it's those, are the fish that are your step, those are the ones that Noah did Bri they've been evading the, long lines and. Fishermen. Desert this you know there's, an important, fish to have in your system hunt.

What That all the big ones people think it's an abundance, of tuna numbers. Are going down and down and down you. Don't have so many spear fishermen shooting back many every day. Literally. This time should, we actually in a beautiful, ring, but, like yeah. And. It's true like them then they used to blame. Only. Ask with, anyone's running a business a. After. Years of working in the sport fishing industry, Craig's experiences. Were starting to get to him and making, him realize that things were going too far the, guys are coming in with. Photographers. And how. Spearfish, my just hammering them and. They would just shoot. So much like. What do you think I kind of the signals of Latrobe's and that's a. Meaningful. Answer. I have pain proof you shove a line you take trophy. You know your. Elephant. It's. Actually. The same you you, kill, an animal you don't really need to kill just for the killing. That's, what every time there's. People coming out you know there's, another big one some prostitute, as well. You. Know. Because. I've never paid, to come I want to see this, shit forever. Just. Crazy. And then sometimes, might even get a picture with the Chinna high. A visit, that's, hundred and thirteen healers are my one yesterday I was 118, no picture my picture I heartbreaking, my dragon, when he went and cutting, the thumbs up and dumping the. Fish back in the water, it's, like shocked bananas like mad that's, just, and that's. That's, not that's not on you can't do that my. Ears sailing, on Delos has, created, such a close relationship with, the ocean that, I love and respect it, as a great source of life and food, those. Years have also showed me the biggest problem facing the oceans so. Much of the world is constantly taking. But, nobody, is putting anything back and, we. Have taken as well living, off the ocean for years. We.

Aren't Against fishing or spear fishing specifically. But. What I don't agree with is killing, just for the sake of killing and this, is what Craig is talking about when. The ego gets involved and you're no longer fishing. For food but for trophy. So. What about this yearly fishing, competition, doesn't, that seem like an unnecessary strain. On the environment, well. Yes, and no the. Local population, of Ascension, Island lives, off either the sea or what, comes in by ship and even, though we didn't catch any fish on our boat the other boats did and it, all went to the locals. Here's. Past is it, more, normal for all books be pulling in Fisher is it normal that only elastin, like, every, budget. 2020, to tuna eat but, the. Thousand powers and follows it and this, year between all the boats in the competition, there, is less than twenty fish, nothing. Went to waste yesterday. Yeah they were not not one single, piece with caucuses, the guys are than the shitting the carcasses, to boil the stuff all. The spines, all at meat in between the. Heads came off its, careful he'll bite, others. Hang in the water mezcla moray eels come it, is get than that yeah that's. If every, single piece of that prick the. Baby the stomach the liver the, heart. The. Crazy thing is nobody. Really knows the health of the oceans around here even. This is the scientist from net net net yeah that racket couple. Weeks ago they couldn't explain it really. What, can seem like an endless supply of big, pelagic fish to shoot might not be the case the. Trophy killing of key fish that. Can take up to 20 years to get to maturity combined. With commercial, fishing in the Atlantic is taking its toll and people, are starting to notice, at. The time of editing this episode, we, heard rumors of the Ascension, Island government, taking a stand and making regulations. For spear and sport fishing so. I emailed them to ask. After. No, reply I tried calling. We. Went through one time and now it's saying call. Failed I couldn't. Get in contact with anyone so I had a look at the local laws listed, on their webpage and, as, far as I can tell there, are still no regulations. In place on, the size or amount, of fish you can catch while, sport fishing only. Laws and guidelines for, the licensing, of commercial, fishing vessels. So. We asked Craig and Ellen how, are you guys approaching, the situation. Catch. Hurley's. Kept. Fish when we need to foods or, like. Everything, that is respectful. For the ocean where they go in the water and we do some new stuff like. Taking. Images in my mind and, everybody said I want to do that to some people living, here for very, long time than. Us great, can we stop the boats to have like blue. Water mahi, clear. What a drifting, 15, pictures. Instead, of fishing and I was cooling oh yeah people, want to go in the water and just enjoy. The fish as they just want to see the turtles, among. And. Anyway, green weights again tittle, season is dramatizing. Head like males trying, to hook on you. In. Front of you and then a turtle, appear and, then mother, dog for me the cop showing. It that's, how wild it can be there is a way for people to come to the island and interact, with the wildlife and enjoy it that's sustainable, and still provides business for your eyes yeah. You. Know it's really cool interesting like all these pictures behind you you, know eventually the future could be a fish. Underwater yeah, it's the same thing give, my dad, some. Prints of me and that, should be you know like there's all these beautiful. Fish that are dead and they. Look so much more handsome a. Thousand. Pounds yeah. It's. Crazy then you know they bring that exactly I. Think. Times are changing, also yeah like some. People feel like it's for fishing people and I do I, do. Understand. It when everything is used to, it I had, no trouble, with catching. Fish because I still eat fish. There. Are lots of things you can do even. When you don't wish so, and it's beautiful, islands you can use the.

Five Time between hikes. Exploring. The int of the larva of the mountain, you have the diving you have. Beautiful. Sea turtles. From December. Until April. Like. 2030. On the beach. Water. In combination. But. That's the great thing to raise awareness for people to come and swim, with them and take pictures with them and interact just like you you would do on a game drive for example you don't got to shoot up go, out to see them and to experience what makes your house right, here change, it, to something, different then, there was a. Bit. And. We're making it small big times we offered an alternative and. We were changing minds could. We leave now we're. Losing, if we see. Everybody. Swimming in. Conservation. Issues. I think and just, keep the pressure up with it, that's. Good I mean you've got the whole business aspect aside, yeah what are we actually what, do we want to wait, for now and maybe once everyone comes back and reopens, business once the airport never been fixed, and you guys are hearing your constant, you're setting the standard and, things picked up Jana thank you. That. Change, has to come from so getting it themselves instead, of. Depending. On governments and that's, nice things up from, a doom scenario, a year. Ago we're. Growing. Into something, that's hopeful, again and the, more people raise their voices in a positive, way creating. Hope although, some, people believe. It's too late but if she'd just hold, on to the little things to, ecosystems. That are striving, again, or restoring, themselves. Then. You can bring with a positive. Message on. Making. The good of people and, people. Want to be changing, there's more of those. Connected. Seriously the knowledge. After. Hearing, from Craig and Ellen about this magical, island we, couldn't wait to get back in the water and do some exploring, ourselves. Today. Is. Died of attempt number oh shit, do. It okay today's, dive attempt, number two so we're headed out again today outlook so we're gonna head to the to, the arch, we. Had our first dive, in Ascension in our shark encounter, that week probably, overreacted, about but. Oh did you guys already did yes okay, okay. Today. Is dive attempt, number two for, the arch and Ascension Island and, last time we were there Brady, and Alex had, a big in Tower with a Galapagos, shark no. I think it worked out well but I'm definitely excited to go back with a different mentality. But. Since then we've learned that the behavior that they saw was pretty typical and, we've. Thought a little bit more how to act, appropriately, to, let the shark know that we're, calm cool and collected deep, breaths with these guys, keep your heart rate down point, the camera at them at all times and Karen's, gonna bring a broomstick. You heard from the locals here laughter sharks come closer just slowly pushing away with a broom and they don't like the Brussels on their on. Their sensors, so I just take a little piece of wood or a stick Brimley, I use as well I'm gonna feel the bristles, on line so, that's it we're off on designers.

Everybody's. Saw. That the truth said, being called. Around. Is, that. But. Leave the pie. Well. There, are no sharks on our second dive and to be honest we were all a bit disappointed. We didn't see one, but. That's the way it works with nature you can't control it or expect, things from it you, can only step back respect. It and be grateful for whatever comes along. The. Good news is next. Up on Delos we head to the remote side of Ascension, Island and find the beautiful Galapagos. Sharks we've been looking for down. Deeper. And out. Straight, through the town. Everybody. Saw, that. Okay. See first. Thing in the movie. That. She. Is that. Like, it. Alone. Beneath. The pines. Unheard. Shine, and. Am. I. Oh. Bullshit. The hole is too small and they don't fit with, accusations, like it's telling them in the switch crap that, you - the smells market health care. Complex. Is always quite. Morality they attend Explorer trash don't, recycle, so when you want a job that's, the type of temperature. Oh y'all. The night, before. So. Everyone's. Got, for, this fishing. Competition. Championship. Thing bamboo we. Were drinking for the 4th, of July. Yesterday. Morning. And. Wow, I just want to chill meanwhile, what I've been doing, I made some bread it's the the first time I've. Ever made bread I was inspired by the the, French, boat man in Madrid just made me, some. Bread there was like I will make your bread now ok and they use. Salt. Water they use salt water water for a lot of their cooking. So. Obviously. How this turns out I think I'm gonna do. Some. Potatoes. And, a. Blue. Cheese sauce I had it on the French boat it's a very French despite today I'm gonna try my best to make it delicious anyway, everyone, let's get this done the, crew have come back and they are very hungry so I'm really hoping, it's actually, going to. Taste. Ok so, everyone. Came back ravenous. And, they cook them. I may, do a pretty. When. I was asleep. Okay. Just, me.

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"Down, Down," is great for a dive song and the video is kind of amazing. Don't sweat the racists below, America has changed guys. No joke. Changed a lot. Also, she leaves the boat soon, yeah? Most un-Delos crew member ever. She's just a lazy drunk wasting her talent (which ISN'T writing) on partying and chasing the D (which is fine and all, but not when it is silly (aka, creepy) obsessive, not that I have to tell you, but some of them I do).

Nice Video.... I was just thinking recently that there may come a time when partying and playing may grow tiring ( not to your viewers but to all yall ) This video ( not the short fun werewolf/vampire clip) may be a precursor of what you may morph into. More educational and inspirational, making your viewers aware of what is happening in the ocean. Plastics... and eco killing industrial waste. All in all very pretty shots and interesting info for us to digest. Thanks to all the Delos crew!!!!! May your tribe prosper and be in health always.

Not a fan at all of the music video. I love you guys...but just saying it was weird to watch. It definitely does not belong in your video...but that is just my opinion. Cheers!

Great episode...kinda liked that last song. Until the video that is. Always a bummer when u like a song and then u see the video and it just ruins your entire vibe for the song forever. Kinda ruined my vibe from Brady's very well done message. Oh well u guys r still great!

SAVE OUR OCEANS!!!...SAVE OUR PLANET!!!...One example of taking the Best DNA out of the stock by ...unnatural selection,......Sad!!

i think your sailing adventures are highly faked and a cgi production

This was easily the worst video I have seen from the Delos crew. I'm not sure if they aren't trying to troll us at this point. The interviews with that couple went far too long and the bizarre piece at the end was terrible. Please go back to what you were. I have truly enjoyed the ride with you guys.

From Seattle (with Snow): Sayin' Hi and be careful who you leave on "watch"!!....Go Guys, keep the vids coming!!!

So..if you were celebrating on July 1st. , You were celebrating Canada Day! Thanks for thinking of us.

Hope u guys keep the same intro song!

Love your humble approach at every subject, not claimming to know it all, always wanting to learn and experience new things. That is why I watch and rewatch your journey. Thank you for that!

Dope episode! I love your guys’ stuff and the “random something else” LAIKIPIA music vid was an epic addition. Love the creativity!

again, I want to thank you guys for showing the issues of the oceans and how we can get along with it. It would be nice to see more of this, since you guys live on and around the water.

Celebrating 4th of July on Canada

You should feel good because they were having an independence day party with American military personnel who could not party on the 4th because they had to work.

But Canada day is on July 1st !!! How could you! haha also love how you give credits to the music big props on that one.

Trophy Fishing or hunting is the Ultimate Barbarism and our incessant rape of the seas equally so. Fish stocks are crashing world wide. Seems man will only stop when it is gone :(

been watching your exploits since your first episode but i am now finding it extremely frustrating that us brits are being portrayed so badly.her behaviour is no way how a real brit behaves. she should be ashamed of her behaviour.

Been following you guys for years - the rapp video at the end is NOT Delos

Distasteful ending.  What were you thinking?  No more please.

Another great vid guys and girls, be safe and thanks.

Nice the US Air Force let you hang out with them. My taxi drivers - AIRBORNE !!!!!!! ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

I for one love the fact that Delos are mixing it up a little. Their creativity and fresh editing keeps us all coming back - the LAIKIPIA music video at the end is AMAZING! KEEP IT UP! PLEASE!

Great music! Will check out the artist!

Thumbs up for talking about the reality of game fishing and it's unfortunate effect on the sea world.

Celebrating on the 1st of July... That's CANADA Day! :-)

Great log and edit, glad you dived the second time.

so... Is the film clip an advertisement???

WTF just happened?

Rap video at the end, bizarre and unrelated. Not good.

Wow pretty sad and bummed out about this. Nothing I didn't know already. We all know that humans are really fuc@*&g up our planet. The overfishing, over grazing, burning down the forests and rainforests for cattle, drilling holes deep into the earth for oil so we can drive to work and heat our homes when other ways can work. But in the end its all about the money. People get wealthy over it all, including the fishing charters, the governments, and the rest of us, get a day where they feel alive while killing life that has just as much right to exist as we do, except we have the guns and spears and bows. We are polluting our air, our water and ourselves. And in the end this planet will be a real shit hole, what once was a garden. And we are all responsible for it. Our parents and theirs. The oil barons and 1%'er of the world. The fat cats. Maybe its time for nature to make a slight correction in the dominant species of the planet before we totally screw it all up for good. On the flip side loved the 4th of July party at the air base. Pretty cool. The video at the end.... wtf?

I'm siding with the "Great video", as usual, But the rap and red riding hood was a bit BAZZAR. It seem way out of character for S/V Delos. I'm very much in favor of ocean management and being responsible for the creatures within.. Catch and release what you don't plan to eat..

Amazing video. Like the editing a lot. A lot of work it shows...

whether u like it or not. Mankind is a virus!!!

that grooper at 26:42 turned his head and was like hu?? you looking at me??

Love your adventure but please be careful. This video came across as blaming spearfishing for the loss of fish on Ascension based on the acts of a few bad people. Then pushing for the ban of spearfishing. This would be like blaming all of the sewage polluted harbors on sailboats based on the acts of a few people who discharge sewage in the harbor. You are in a great position to raise awareness to the issues our oceans face but I feel you really missed the mark with the cause. Commercial Tuna fishing makes it available in every market around the world.

I love me some gossip. I think Ramatree is going to soon dish it all out and I will be watching. NICE! By the way, I only care about the gossip.

Great vid? Nice editing and voice overs, Brady.

Enjoyed the episode!   And appreciated the serious parts.   The Orca pods here in the PNW are on the decline due to overfishing salmon by both commercial and sport fishing.  Not saying zero is the answer, but needs to be sustainable.

Awesome as usual .. belated Happy America

Someone needs to quit drinking!!! No one needs to eat fish or animals. Go Vegan!!! Stop holding up the fish you just murdered as if you did some admireable thing. Live and let live on Delos.

Nothing wrong with eating fish you extremist nutcase. By the way, what's your take on killing babies in the womb?

Been watching you guys for about 5 years now. I really enjoy your videos. I'll be 62 years old this summer and if I could say I have any regrets it would be that I didn't just say fuck it, I'm going to live my life the way I want. Instead, I worked in a job that I absolutely hated. I married the love of my life, had a family, raised that family, and have two beautiful very smart adult children. One teaches in a university and the other has three degrees. I did everything I was supposed to do in the right way. Now, as I'm approaching retirement, the youthful spirit of wonder has once again taken over my life. I can't get my wife in a boat on the water so I'm buying an old Volkswagen van. We plan to travel the country and live the rest of our lifes the way we choose. I want to thank you guys for your video's. You helped me realize that working week after week after week is not living life. Living life is being what you're feeling from the inside out.

This happens watching this on my phone. Every time you guys show a bit of video where there is a bit of lens glare from the humidity or the lens was a bit dirty I reach for cotton and wipe my camera lens I am so weird.

maybe next time just leave a link to the music video :D I liked it though

mashup is the best! wow this is better than any tv... the reveal of the effort and planning of episodes was perfect.

Sad Josje not offered a fair split of the Patreon money when she had been a core part of the Delos success. Too bad Brady did not stick up for her.

That song is my new jam!

Your intro is epic! When I first saw it, I knew you guys took some great amount of time pulling this off! Good job!!

That last bit was just over-the-top ... bizarre. Distasteful, to say the least. It turned my stomach, and added nothing to your video. But I did appreciate the interview, and the worldwide implications of sea-life depletion. Again, a lot can be said for things done in good taste and discretion.

Great Episode until that rap crap at the end. My guess is alot of viewers will be turned off by that guys. Judging by the comments below I is correct. Stick with what works, its very easy to loose interest in a channel just from one thing. my 2cent. Love the underwater footage per usual!

Haters gonna hate... i thought little red riding hood was a bit off base but hey enjoyed it all the same :-) great episode!

Very slippery slope,scripted intros,next scripted episodes?pfff money root of all evil!

Mashup was risky. While it didn't work, it was still good to won't lose anything unless you didn't learn from it. The rest wasn't your best. Felt like a dissect in the crew. As for Josje, ignore the buzz, or quickly contact her for reasons you only know and fix it. Would hate to lose this channel.

Lots of people thinking it did work... but thanks for your professional opinion.

WTF is up with the music video at the end??? That junk was weird. Maybe you guys are trying to help out some friends but that felt entirely out of place.

I've watched every one of your videos and have enjoyed every single one up to this one. This episode was all over the place...from serious & thought provoking (over fishing) to the camera bouncing all over the place at the end. It made me seasick to watch it! So many things were disturbing...from the lack of respect for the American flag and the "4th" the hideous, disgusting, disturbing video that was shown. Hope you will go back to what you do well.

A`hoj there! Karin/Kazza nu får du översätta till besättningen

Fish limits and restrictions are on a minimum size. The most sustainable way of fishing remains to be spearfishing. Most unsustainable way is commercial fishing. Buying fish in any way is unsustainable and contributes to depleting our oceans. Fishing off a boat or ski does more damage than spearing. If people are not eating 200kg tuna they should donate it to the poor.

what was that at the end?

Can't wait til they cross the equator. That is always fun to watch!

WTF is that silly, useless rap video at the end ?????? Terrible....... please stick to what you have been doing for years. Quality, informative, educational scenes of your worldwide travels. Not commercial garbage.

What was the bit with the wolf man and the rap?

Nothing says "Happy 4th of July" like a corona with a lime!! YYAAASSSSS!!!! Being a mexican-american, I have always said, everybody has a mexican in them that wants to come out and drink a corona!! LOL!!

I am a long time follower of the adventures of SV Delos, now a patron. Your documentary skills teach us while chronicling your amazing travels...keep going. I’m buying you a beer

I... Liked that... Thing?

You all have been amazing in telling the message of the peril our oceans are in. Thank you for using your unique platform to fight for our planet!....and keeping us entertained!

Hunting with no intention of eating it... Unforgivable. that image of a marlin getting its head hacked off made me sick.

Alex playing "Wagon Wheel" on guitar. One of best campfire songs! :) :) :)

Awesome ending guys love the cheeky mix up you bunch of cheeky devils!

Best episode yet! Might be slightly biased seen as Ascension is where I'm from but all together it was amazing. Great clips, editing and music! Love that vid at the end. Looks like Elizabeth might need counselling to get over frenchy tho...

I have been watching for years and this is my favorite episode. I too am a scuba instructor and lover of the oceans. I too see its decline and wonder if we will save it before it is too late. In this episode you offer a great discussion about the problems and consequences and offer an alternative to random slaughter of the creatures that make our oceans rich! Well done Brady! Well done indeed sir!

What a way to live life. God bless you guys

As always, incredible episode. You guys set the bar high!

Sailing SV Delos what’s the next step for the channel? You need an extra deck hand just let me know! I’ll be there.

Do not understand the video at the end, did not enjoy it...especially after Brady's political slant. I've watched all your videos...this was the first I couldn't appreciate all the way through.

Re the taking of too much fish , I believe the mass taking of fish by trawlers is the biggest problem. Sports fisherman, if they eat the fish, not much of a problem. We do see sportsman (if you want to call them that?) take deer for the racks (horns) and leaving the carcasses behind, criminal behavior , not sure that's being done with fish, like taking the photo and throwing it away, couldn't imagine that being done with a beautiful fish. will edit re the ending ... loved Brandies "you can't control nature" , and the Flounder, what a peculiar fish , Liz, your first loaf of bread is always awesome, its indispensable for sailors, baking bread that is.. Congrats. Little Red was pretty weird. Oh well.

My favorite episodes are the ones where you throw in your editorial and cultural commentary. Brilliant. Thanks for always bringing warm (and sometimes serious) stories about yourselves and others.

Je suis surpris que vous ne soyez pas équipés d'un émetteur AIS afin de pouvoir suivre vos routes en mer.Jean-Yves

Did i miss some episodes

You people need to catch up. SSL has you sailing in the Carrib, yesterday, with video. I wonder if Darwin made the same mistake by not telling anyone what was happening in the places he was visiting - on purpose, for a year after it happened.

All of you are truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world!

Delos, you got three newbees and three pros. Here is my question for each of you. Do you think/worry about a disaster happening? Hitting something just under the surface and puncturing Delos's hull. Getting caught in a storm with opposing current. Pirates or any other unforeseen life threating problem? You all are so casual about the environment you are living in and Alex, Lisir and Lizbef seem to have adapted so quickly to the seafaring life very impressive. I do see Brady checking trip weather prior to departure. I am just curious. Happy and safe travels, keep up the good work. Sad thing the killing of the large fish for no reason other then trophy and ego. You all make the sailing life seem so easy and relaxed even the chores and fixing things. Brian you are great at the fixing. Dan

Dan Artful hey Dan! Thanks for your comment. We are not all new to sailing. I am a licenced skipper and Alex has sailed on a catamaran before. Liz is new to sailing, but like a true Brit, she inhales saltwater and rum like a professional pirate. Anyways, we check weather regularly and during our watches radar is key. Of course we pay attention and try to be safe. But if you worry too much about what could happen out on the open ocean, you would never leave the harbour. But that's not what a ship is built for, right? Hope this answers your question. All the best, leesir.

Another great episode Delos! Very important to highlight the plight of the oceans, especially when you get to see it first hand. LOVE the music! Laikipia are awesome and the video is my favourite.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

tropicalday88 Thanks man! We appreciate that!

Jack Cade Every crew member is loved and respected. And each crew member loves the Tribe. Sending you peaceful vibes.

SailAwayItsaBreez Thanks buddy! This was an issue we felt really strongly about and felt it was really important to highlight. Delos is so much more than just partying, bikinis and sunshine. We want to inspire and help make a difference. Thanks for your love and support, brother!

Mic 4 Of course man!

kenfox777 Thank you so much for your support, brother!!

Awesome work guys. Great balance of everything and insight. And a funky music clip!

Don’t care for the music video at the end

Nicely done! Totally out of left field ending which oddly makes it all very memorable. Editing feels looser and relaxed. Feels like it clearly picks up the vibe of being on Delos!

this is y i love you guys so much even with a filler episode youll still made fire

Here is some update on Mello to Kazza so how she can tell you all about it on Delos A Swedish tradition. Love your videos love from sweden :))

What the heck was that all about at the end....... LOL Bizarre x

LOL, great to hear the backgrounds. You are right about to much worry, if that dictated our path nothing would ever progress and life would be just a empty void. Yes you answered my question perfectly and thanks for the time you took to do so. I once stood on a shore of a river holding my sailboard for dear life. It was a December day and the weather was sunny and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I stared at what mother nature held before me. The river was solid smoke which occurs when the wind is blowing 55mph and above. I estimated the wind at 55 to 70mph like the tv news had reported. I had never sailed in 70mph winds that's why I had shown up that day. Nobody else was on the water. I launched into the smoke, it was ripping. I sailed as long as I could having a blast in those survival conditions, with some huge crashes and nice jumps. When I got to shore my hands were super cold and hurt like hell. After my hands regained feeling I cut the frozen outhaul and downhaul ropes that held my sail, put my rig away and drove home with a big grin on my face. What a day. Just a short sailor story. Dan

I though corona was Mexican?

That the joke?

i see you guys are parting w/ rick

The choice of the video clip has Brady written all over it .

time to get an interview mic, save yourself a lot of editing

Very tasty smorgasbord! Visually, and from the point of view of ideas presented. Humans in Nature should examine the data we have from the days before machines. People did starve to death, did they not, before pneumatic rubber tires, lasers, and subscriber trunk dialing? My view? Be at least ethical, if you won't be moral, and recall that the end of the world is always tomorrow.

Damn man... our oceans are cying

Thought the ending sequence with the vomiting wood nymph or whatever it was, along with the juvenile rap crap that sadly is supposed to be music in some quarters, was below your usual standards. Tentative thumbs up, enjoyed some of the video; the videography quality and story was somewhat disjointed. Not your best, from a longtime subscriber who has watched literally every episode and many more than once. I think your earlier videos were better when they were produced about every two weeks, instead of weekly, quality trumps quantity, just honest opinions, cheers.

Scripted...not up to Delos standard.

...Ai will make you bread now...a-ok, hilarious

Ok...12:00 begins with AMAZING footage.

I feel like at 6:30 you should have a moonshine still. OH SHIT WAIT YOU HAVE A MOONSHINE STILL ONBOARD!

It's good that you recognize you are just takers too. I haven't seen any significant giving back.

Love how you guys add the conservation that the ocean really needs right now. Great clip as always

If too many eat fish it has the same effect on the ocean as trophyfishing. Apologize my english I am german.

"So much of the world is constantly taking, but nobody is putting anything back." I hope that since you can't follow "and we've taken as well, living off the ocean for years" with anything you've put back, it is recognized by you that you are just takers and exploiters too.

Yea Yea. Go Navy!

Corona is like having Sex in a Canoe... focking close to Water

I really love your videos. I've always wanted to sail the world so I get to live a bit vicariously via your amazing filming and editing!

7:07 If everyone would think like Liz, war would be a thing of the past. TIme to make some children I guess ;D

You guys are in another level!....dark? Bitter sweet?..I see and understand the message for sure!!

I can tell you why the fishing has changed because of experience. The ocean and climate is always changing but that’s not the main reason. The sharks are the problem. The Sharks hunt the Tuna and Mahi-mahi. Why are they just showing up? There could be a few reasons. It maybe over population and they found a good source of food in the waters around the island. I have done Scientific studys for the Woods hole oceanographic institute and NOAA. I have seen this before. It would not be hard to do a study if the local fisherman where involved. Go tag some fish/sharks with gps trackers.

Wow, I guess the video at the end is either love it or hate it! Yes, it's totally different and yes, I liked it :)

Killing those great big AMAZING fish for fun? ---- For FUN?? --- Geeezus.

Brady - If you ever need a "real job", I think you could be a professional narrator. Good job !

Hmmm .... Mexican beer on 4th of July. Why not some good old Budweiser ?

Silvia Earl of Mission Blue says that 80% of big fish have been killed.Gave up eating the wildlife

Your web site isnt compatible with Chrome. Please fix to optimize hits -> more trafic -> more fund to make fantastic videos! Keep it up guys, I LOVE your videos!

Great crew .. its amazing how girls make everything so much better :D

I like how you made the English girl celebrate the United States independence from England, hilarious.

I think Laikipia likes making cool music videos just as much as they like making the music.

It's funny I always look at comments on other sailing channels and see people talking about how it's the best channel,and I know everyone has their own opinions but I've never came across a channel that offers what Delos offers,so to me in my opinion by far Delos is the best channel on YouTube and I watch a lot of different stuff on YouTube.much love to you Delos I'm very grateful for you guy's do for our viewing pleasure.

Hi gang, here is something worth looking into for shallow water diving and for working on the underside of Delos (air-compressor).


Top notch episode! Whole family enjoys my Delos habit.

If spear fishing has been the main attraction there for so many years, where people dump dead fish back into the water, it's no wonder why sharks are so attracted to divers...they are used to getting a free meal

Yep you are actually right, in fact one of the people bitten by the sharks was actually bragging to us how he spear fished from his paddle board. Imagine the blood trail coming off the board. Common sense prevails.

Liz is one loose woman!

The Coronas must have been a pleasant surprise, who woulda thought you could get them there?

Amazing, the video sparked my wish, that in some way, I need to fit it into what is to come in the fate, in order to know Ascension Island... Cheers!

Sorry ramatree ans elezibth lady

For those complaining about the music vid... It is not the first time Delos has added to their content to support and promote artists they are friends with, but at the same time , Delos crew, I have to agree... Music videos is not why I watch you guys. I hope it will remain a rare piece tossed in only on occasion.

I think your new friends at Ascension Island Adventures had some rather important things to be said about how we treat the ocean. consider this ep shared.

Talking bout the ocean health subject - Props SV Delos You may not realize, but you have so much influence and I love that you discussed the subject. SV Delos as always —> so legit. And props to the peeps on Ascension. Love Love Love you guys. xxxooo Oh! Red at the end was awesome. You all are the best.


Sorry I also meant to say I’m big Trig ... if you look closely at the beer I’m holding it says it all lol

Awesome Delos ... what a experience you guys had and the memories that will last a life time ... say no more biatches lol

when this binge ends....

Trigger warning fer muricans

Man you guys are real...

I hear Oscar Buzz! best short film, best director, best crew........LOL

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