The HOUSE or the BOAT? - Sailing Luckyfish

The HOUSE or the BOAT? - Sailing Luckyfish

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So. I can't you come from where, Oh little. Red Nova Scotia Canada so, you've got a history of obviously. A long nautical, history in that part of the world. And. It's a, unesco. World heritage site, it, goes, back to the 1600s, be, a lot of a. Lot, of ropemaker's but, also a lot, of smithing. Going on and there's, still a lot of not nodders, you're out what. Do you call the nozzles nice, treatments. And not even very. That. Was lovely, so. Here we are Georgetown, and we've just finished. We. Didn't know many of it but that's what's left. And. The side of it so we had. Fish. 2 of 3 which is caught in the. Unbelievable. We. Were lucky fishing, in the Bahamas. You, beautifully, lit the exact two with the, LED. Lights. And. It's like this. Yeah. Shaft of light what, I was thinking but today when we were gonna do the interview I'm, attached to James. Soul-searching. It's. Like a romantic idea to leave the land and go sail the seas and do all this kind of stuff free, but, what you're leaving behind is. Big, because. Everything. That you did all, of your life to become who you are today. Is. Formed, by all that stuff that you are actually leaving behind, so. You have to redesign, yourself. To. Be able to fit on to this, plane. Right. And. One. Of the things that I was concerned about was. Wait, a minute I'm. An artist I'm, a jewelry maker I'm a diner owner, I do all these things and, that's who I am. So, who do I become, now this, is getting real. It's. The other side right so. One. Of my biggest concerns was, how do I maintain Who, I am. And. Be on a boat which. Is basically, my, living room size without the walls right. And. There's. No running water you can't put your hands under the water at, the same time you have to pump and then pump you you know it's like there's so many different things and the boat never stops moving so. There's all these like little idiosyncrasies. About living on. Foot. Pump also finished yeah yeah, put coffee yeah so you could. Like. Have. To change because, now you have to eat dried or canned or you know caught or you. Know whatever so. Whole. Persona, sure, you give up a lot. But. I understand, that what you're gaining is may. Not be better but it's different, it's, more simple. And. Unless you get on the land you don't actually get like to. Walk very far, as everything is short distances, so, one of the other things I was concerned about is, staying.

Fit Right. Like. So what can you do I can bring my yoga mat I can you, know get. On shore and walk that you know as. Long as you get off the boat once the wetland do that kind of and. Then the other thing too is like I said I do. Acrylic. And watercolor and jewelry making mmm, so now I have to redesign that whole thing instead of canvases, on frames I can get canvas. Roll-ups. Right and, cut them to size and, all that stuff so there's gonna be a lot of mm-hmm. A, lot. Of alterations, in that night yeah. So. But. Like, we did today we made jewelry you, know I do jewelry, kits, oh so it's, all doable as long as I. Thought. I was gonna be bored out of my mind right so. But when. I would disappear, downstairs I wasn't always sleeping I was processing right. I just needed to get away from you guys in, the boat and just process everything, sure, so, in. The. In. The big picture I, think. It's very doable but. You can't go in with, a romantic, idea. You. Know and sailing. Away into, the sunset comes. Not. Often talked about but on orders of you know in, order to chase your dream, yeah, you, do have to give up stuff you know yeah how can this be a dream if I have to sacrifice you. Know exactly and that's but you also have to redesign your priorities, so. Yeah. I'd like totally, redesign, your priorities, in life like, stuff, I know and then you know what I I hear it all the time and I know that, you're getting rid of stuff, but. Me being my. Zodiac sign is cancer I'm all about home yeah, it's all about everything has an emotional attachment to, it so. For me to leave my home, my. Safe spot my only spot, in life where it's mine. And I, feel, secure. And. Stepping. On to a raft yeah. Yeah. Peacock. Pot paint. Tent, I like. That is huge I'm vulnerable. To, the earth I'm vulnerable, to the world I'm vulnerable. To the elements like. I can't just hide it somewhere and feel. Safe now now. I have, to find a different safety, net right so. This is like huge it's a huge emotional. Journey. And, I'm willing to make the journey but, I'm fighting it a little bit along, the way trying, to find little. I grew. Up on the water I grew up with motor boats I grew up sleeping. On the dock because I wanted to be near the water when. My grandpa, couldn't find me in the morning, it's, sleeping in my bed he would walk, down to the dock and there I was sleeping with my pillow and my blanket in the bottom of the little aluminum. Fishing boat so. I've always wanted to be on the water and live. On the water it's. Just that I lost sight of it through. All those years of raising. Kids and you, know business all that kind of stuff so. This. To me. Is. Like. A. Dream come true in. A way my. Childhood. Dream yeah exactly yeah but. I didn't, realize the steps that I would need to, mature. Into, in. Order to get to this spot and James. Has helped me with. His. Patience and dreams. Like he always throws his dreams out there and this is what I'm gonna do this is gonna happen and. Sorry, Kylie got caught up in that for a little while and then I started to reject it too right because, I didn't want to leave the land I didn't want to leave on my secure. Situations. And friends, I have to leave all my friends behind so, what happens when somebody dies so I'm very close to but I can't be there so. These are all the emotional, journeys, in my head right now that I'm trying to deal with and.

Then There's my kids but. What if something happens. It's. Pretty big. Question. Obviously. In, the fictions of James. Is. What. You. Know what, is it within you that, makes you want to take this leap well, I've, always been a love piecing granola bar girl a little, bit hippie a little bit Skippy. But, I'm I've, traveled, all around the world and, like. I've taught English in, Peru mm-hmm. Oh. Every. State so many, countries, I've been to, but, it's all on land yeah, and yet my being, a zodiac, cancer. I'm all about water so. Link, was the water so. My. Thing is I would love to see all these these, countries, from. From. A different. Travel, perspective, right so. The. Thing I was talking with James, to earlier is that. Sure. It's great to be on a boat but I don't, just want to see what the water looks like in these countries I want, to see what the country is right so you, just have to remember to get off the boat once, in a while go. Meet the people cuz I'm a people person and I don't. Know it's just. Yeah. It's just traveling, on, water, but. The option to step on lands and the other glory of this thing yes today. Yes. You, can choose whether you know you're gonna be with other people yeah. On land you just surrounded by you people all the time sometimes we just get a little bit we. Need our space right, here so this is great, you get to have your space yeah and choose but. You also can't escape each other you're all the same perhaps. Label. Inside water coupled, is still wet. So. As long as each other respects, the other person's, needs and I just need a half an hour by myself yeah without your face. Because. You have no choice except, to be with this person is, Brad. But. The other thing too I was concerned. About with this whole boat, thing is. Recycling. Because, I really would like to live in harmony with no. Waste. Yeah. No I would live in harmony with nature yeah yeah. So. So, I've, been going through that is. What. Do you do how, do you reduce. The. Stuff that you have to recycle or you know train. Food. Overboard, that are totally, acceptable, yeah what do you do with the other stuff right, the. Big attention so, it's all about buying bulk, taking, your containers, with, you to the store to have them fill them up you, know all that kind of stuff so that's. One. Of my major goals will, be to how, to reduce, as much as possible you. Know so, so what you bring on the boat the less you have to rebut getting rid of I think that's, that's. Part of where it starts yeah for. Some land reduce your waste like we've been here and what one Bay garbage in a week for the board's, yeah yeah. That's, true as a matter of fact you know if I'm too bad in the world I, still should be safer either they should also be recycled, but yeah but. That's it that's a matter of law with that that's a matter of folks know what's available what's. Available the country you. Know. Every morning we'd see the cruise ships well. And in the two, of oats have come and visit them for the day trips to go out to dolphin island or wherever and, then 30 minutes after the two of oats and Keith you know zoomed, up the channel, all. The PolarStar in capsules come flooding back past, the boat and you think come on like with all the money pouring, into nests or surely. You. Know. And. There we are talking about you know so they've really spending. $25. A night staying in the room and you're watching polystyrene. Cups dripping, down the every, day yeah. It's. Just a year something, wrong. Right. You can see all the garbage there though it's. Not. Small. I think. It's very young, one yeah, probably because there's no much meat in the. Electrolytes. From coconut milk Wow totally. No treating the. Nutritionist, about the. Benefits, of coconut milk coconut oil thinks, it's gonna build a coconut. What's, the living yeah think it's the letting go thing it's a lot of people yeah they're, stuck in a rut in there and people go in there those are the people go that's crazier weird because, they can't see, that's. For the big picture to leave some room in the Anchorage's that's right yeah exactly, you know but it's seeing uncle Catherine, and I mentioned this idea she's, the, only person I think. Identify. It right away, she. Said I you, know I see and I guess she's the only god that's my dream to you and I go. Yeah. It's only does why. Yes. Now sometimes, she's. Met you she or heads get some things as sort of to do, that.

Let's. Go and look at this to see so, I can, go into the speck on here now. You've. Heard Jame you've suffered, James, and I particularly. Talking. About this boat for a week and. It's a big step because James, has brought. You not on to have just a sailing, boat for the first time in the Bahamas, sailing, for the first time. This. Environment. Living on the hook for a week yeah you know none of the amenities, yep you know she's this pretty Spartan vibe. Can. You see yourself on earth well. When. I first saw, a, cat. In, the. Halifax. Harbour I was. Like look, at all that plastic. Because. I'm all about wood, I had. A wooden boat right and. It. Was all about it oh my. God I hate plastic, I don't buy plastic utensils. I don't buy anything plastic, so, my whole brain went I don't think so no. Way I'm not going to contribute to this plastic world right and I. Was. A monohull, person, it's. Just who I am. So, when, I. Come. On you gotta be coming I can't convert, as well. And. I really wasn't convinced. At all about a, cat at all regardless. Of the style. As. Pretty as my. Academy. All. The beautiful sailing pictures are Manos right yeah so, when. I came down here I was a little bit, cold. Inside. Because. I, didn't know what to expect but, the more that we travelled this week on the cut. It, was like yeah, okay I can see for long-distance travel and all around the world all that kind of stuff the balance of the boat the, setup of the boat. The. Unique. Simplicity. Right. But you've got everything you need but it's very simple, mm-hmm is simply, presented, and it's simply organized, so. And. Just you, know being. Able to get into like little shallower areas close to the beach and everything that was like. Yes. I've, been won over as. Far, as this. Is what the. Dream is to, be on the water sailing, for, great distances, so. For this instance, I think, it's the best choice. Ever, and. Then. The, thing that won me over completely to, the the, word thing is, that this is wood, it's. Painted wood but it's wood yeah sure so I feel better about that it feels, more. Earthy, because it is made out of wood yeah and you can do more alterations. To whatever you want so. Yeah I see a lot of good, qualities, about this and this is after. I. Wouldn't. Have got to this choice as quickly as James did just, cuz I'm a die-hard wood, person, and. Like. I said now I'm being on here I can see, I. Can, see the benefit, of the. Style of boat plus this. Layout. Of the boat it's, pretty amazing you I didn't get to work on one then. You get to work with wood that's right. You know and it's actually another with you with you working with your hands yes. Wooden. All the maintenance in the back beer there's actually an upside to that really, satisfying, you know because.

You Have a project can you fix it and you look at you got hang on to that and it works and you know I don't have to do it again for another five or six years whatever. But. I like fight enjoyed the whole trip um. But. Like I said I came in not with completely, open-minded. I had. Preconceived. Desires. In my head and not. All of those were met, just, because I was stuck in the mono ha brain. But. I, can. Definitely see, that I've been swayed. Educated. Ly okay. More - I can and over to this particular. Back. To craft. Because, you and I are being busy well we've, been doing, the sailing. So. You've been creating these little bits of craft work yeah. Well, we've been praying, up the car yeah, well the one thing about doing this is that even, though I have a diner and I saw my stuff in my diner yeah, I can now give. Up the diner but not give up the craft because I can send. My. Completed, works to, another business in Lunenburg, but. Even that even if that wasn't going. To be the case just. To maintain. A part of that, need. To create which. Is what I do in the diner right create food and create jewelry, I create, paintings. That create everything I need, to create right. So, this will be a really, good outlet and you know you can train it on the islands you can do whatever. The. Creative, outlet. I think we all crave. We. Realize. You don't know we'll do we found what air outlet, yeah. That's. Awesome that, you can take, your talent, and bring it onto a boat its, transportable. Yeah and it's also really linked, to the whole lifestyle, like. Screws. On the the. Wheel hook to whatever material, they had they had wild wine you know. These. These a sharp the end of their knife to carve like very ornate pictures and pieces of whale bonus stuff so. Why. Is that not possible in this no, idea. Which is a wonderful thing. To boys yeah that's actually being my buckler's, and you've made well. I don't feel like you know you, know look, when we went to the island the other day right, I wanted, something, made, by somebody, on the island, it. Was a $5 little tiny you know yeah, bracelet, but, it was like I'm so proud of that because I met the person who made it it's, hand done not some machine and you know North America it, was.

Well. That's brilliant what a good wrap up and, thank. You very much to both of you for what's, been a wonderful, week has been again it's been a two-way, street this week we've learned a lot from you, and hopefully you can smell, it sounds like you're gonna take away but from this experience. They buy my new book and we're really excited to, hear what happens, next in, the, next chapter. Of these. Four eggs. Yeah, whatever, it might be but. It's been a very emotional, week for me I've kept, it away from you guys. Yes. Away from everybody always. Bollocks. Behind all have a silver life. And. One of these shekels, for their IR I, make bracelets I, use the shackles, and. Then I do it like port. In the starboard descends. Just little Knight there okay she lost yeah, I love that they're not beautiful. Let's. Find the styling ships of all time yeah that's uh no diamond and clearly quick to write. 17. Knots under sail why is it a world. So. Why am i leaving it, because. The winters are pretty miss, miserable. Well. It's good you guys got a magic background, I'm coming from the part of the world you do, ya. Know. Surprised to find you here in the Bahamas fondue, at this time of the year. I, love. Traditional boats but. And. So, that's the finished product, one keychain, you. Did that in less. Than 30 minutes, 15. Feet of twine and, it floats handmade. And, in. Nova. Scotia that would retail for. A. Couple. Of fish. Dry. Coconut dried. Buddy. You tell me was 30 minutes for dry coconut there would be a bargain. If. You'd like to see more regular uploads from us help us replace camera, gear pay for video uploads, then, you can become a patron or you can make a one-time, donation to. Lucky fish through PayPal, your, generosity, is very much appreciated and you'll. Find links to those in the description below, thanks. Everyone and Cheers.

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We want to say a BIG THANK-YOU to James and Cat for sharing their story in these two episodes. Please SHARE if you know someone who would enjoy this. COMING UP NEXT! - We are winding the clock back to tell the story of our first sail on Luckyfish way back in Cape Town, and the work we did on the boat preparing her, and ourselves for an ocean crossing, the passage to Namibia with Rory McDougall (who sailed the smallest catamaran around the world, a tiny Wharram Tiki 21) to meet the girls, Zaya and Tuya in Luderitz. See you next time !

She would be Happy & Content on a large Lagoon or such, but not a fast cat... Not condemning in any way, my wife fee'sl the same way & occasionally i do like Air-Conditioning.

Yes, great comment. One thing we have to continually remind ourselves of is that it is a slippery slope once you start adding amenities. Complications, expense and maintenance quickly mount up. The Wharram is a platform that embodies the Keep It Simple approach. It takes a bit of discipline to resist the temptation to keep adding stuff, and appreciate the boat for its simplicity. Like all things in sailing and relationships for that matter, its all about compromise :-) Cheers, Stew

Your videos are hard to listen to. The sound varies from whispers to blasting loud. You should try and find a way to equalize the volume. Constantly adjusting the volume gets old fast.

Do use the closed captioning if you are having difficulty with the audio. We do the subs manually on all our videos. Audio is normalised as best we can do. Peaks -3 to-6dB. We do try to do our best. Cheers, Stew

A great video on the meaning of it all, what makes it work for us. S/V Harmony.

My guess is that syncing up the "life goals" of potential couple/multiple liveaboards is a HUGE topic, that few actually talk about in "public". As a pair where the wife has reasonably severe mobility issues and the husband would be sailing as a solo sailor manning/doing everything, it's quite an issue indeed with us. I have an enormous burden to PROVE that all anxieties are nearly completely unfounded, which should be "fun" and quite interesting,.. and hopefully not utterly impossible. :) We shall see... Aloha and big mahaloz to you guys! :)

good video team. some more on running the boat, systems and maintenance would be really interesting

Thanks Marcus... those topics are coming right up !

O my god Thank you Thank you for the very real conversation about cruise this is answering a lot of the questions I have been contemplating

That's great to hear Larry, thanks so much for commenting - good luck with your plans

Yay Nova Scotia

its a no brainer Cat gotta be on a CAT ,, love your show guys ,, im packing up going sailing for a whole week ,,,

If it were a no brainer, it wouldn't be the biggest controversy in sailing besides anchor types. Cats have plenty of cons.

I always look forward to your vid's but this one was like watching girders rust.

Watching and listening to Catherine I knew what she was talking about when she talked of who she is, well, do we KNOW who we are? Here is a video by Prem Rawat, watch and listen, maybe you might understand something, he does not just talk, he can back up words with an experience we can all know.

Very interesting and important topics told! Good cutting m8!

Saw the few clips of you and the girls doing a little maintenance on the boat and decking. (taking a few things apart and painting and/or varnishing) Not sure if those were just clips from the next episode, or not. Would love to see a video of what weekly, monthly or seasonal mauntenance you need to do on the boat. Wishing you Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Yes, those clips are part of the work we just completed in Florida. We will be airing soon! Cheers

Ok...... I look forward to your vids...... but could not watch this one.

whiny bitch aint she

Come on guys - it can't be all guys stuff. The video is out there so our 95% male viewers might get some understanding what some women have to go through to set sail

I can understand her dilemma.. but people forget.. there are no trailer hitches on a hearse. Maybe that sounds cruel.. but settle your debts and your will.. What else do you have to do? Decide what is more important.. Adventure or complacency. Either is acceptable. As for me.. Sailing the world at least once makes all things worth while. Life is an adventure.

well said RC

With you on that Rob! No roof racks on a hearse! Who wants to die wondering?

Matey you are really a special couple to invite strangers on board for a cruise.

You know how it is... you don't stay strangers long on a boat :-)

That coconut knife! Great upload, good insights and interesting story about the cruise ship.

+D Main thanks for the link. Shared it to the Wharram Catamaran FB group...

What a great lady! ;)

A lesson in who not to go to sea with?

Well her biggest problem is she's like most western women, spoiled by 1st world amenities. It's good that she's willing to try, but I wouldn't bet the farm on her. When it's time to get the farm back, it'll cost twice as much. It's why I gave up years ago looking for a sailing partner.

A bit harsh. Takes a ton of courage to share your journey, emotions and all, don't you think?

Lucky fish has inspired me to rethink how I would like to retire and sail. If I don't live full time because of partner wants. I like the Tiki 26 to Tiki 30. If you need a break from sailing or change location you can shipping container it. Take it apart easy. Build it quicker and cheaper than a bigger Wharram. My wife is the same mind set maybe not wanting a full time cruising lifestyle. So that is why I like the portablity of a smaller Wharram cats. Cool video have a good weekend!!!!

Luckyfish Gets Away Yes I do like the Mana kit as well. Also the Wharram Mana CNC machined kit is reasonably priced at roughly 14 thousand US dollars. That is an awesome price for a complete CNC cut wood, epoxy, rigging, sails, etc. Wharram boat kit all included except the paint. I purchased the Wharram study plans for the Hitia 17, Tahiti Wayfarer (21 ft) and the Tiki 21 so far. Ok take care!!!!

Great to hear that news. We love the Tiki 26 and 30's - such capable boats that can do way more than most of us dream. Yes, the portability is special too. Also, check out the Mana 24 kit - designed to do similar things with more emphasis on quick assembly and disassembly. You can still scratch the itch and not do it full time! Thanks alot for your comment and good luck from us in your boat search!

Fantastic discussion

Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers

i think its quite easy to choose "a house or a boat", especially for this channel, because " lucky garage gets away" as a channel might not fly very well, just a hunch. =P

Glen Petersen Ah, I didn't even notice that was her name.

hey Josef ,, I was kinda just saying a cat because of CATHERINEs name CAT ,, it was a fun thing , it was nothing to do about cats being best ,, I thot everyone would catch that ,, myself I have a mono hull ,,,

Hey Stew : Thanks for the video mate. Even though I am saving up for my Tiki 38 plans, this video was a helpful reality check when transitioning from the land life to the sailing life.

+fmagalhaes1521 Glad you enjoyed. Excited to hear you are planning a build!

Agree, Lucky garage... not going anywhere :-) not even with a boat in it :-) Cheers!

..amen, bro. :)

yes, fear is a huge factor and requires managing. surprisingly, just taking the first step is all it takes to overcome it.

what an absolute load of CRAP!

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+Samual Whittemore thank you. really pleased to hear that it resonated with you!

Wow, she seems majorly conflicted!. I can’t imagine that’s going to work, even though she claims that she has wanted to live on the water since she was a little girl, really?? That’s NOT what I’m hearing

I hear you but credit where it is due. We all started somewhere, just have to begin by taking the first step, which is often the hardest. Sometimes the most unlikely ppl end up loving the cruising life... Zaya and Tuya are a case in point :-) Thanks for commenting

Interesting conversation. We were cycle touring through Nova Scotia on our tandem exactly 2 years ago and stopped for a few days in Lunenberg as it's just a fantastic place to visit. Wouldn't like to be there for winter though. There's a memorial near the waterfront to all the crew and boats that have gone down over the years that Lunenberg has been a port and it's a very long and very sad list.

Yes, listening to Cat and James talk about their home makes us want to visit one day too. Great part of the world. Thanks for the comment.

I like this real world approach and i like honest People Thank you for sharing

Agree. Really good of you to comment and also good of Cat and James to share their stories. Thanks Bruno! Stew and Zaya

I would suggest to James that he get the boat and sail a couple summers with Cat to see if she can let go of land for progressively long chunks of time. Cat seems fearful but it's not an unreasonable fear however the things she's fearful about (what if something happens to her kids or a person she cares about) are things that don't necessarily change if you're on land in Nova Scotia or on water in Tahiti. Her kids are grown up and presumably don't live with her now. They'd handle whatever and if the need is greater, there are airplanes and airports nearly everywhere and airfare costs in other countries are actually cheaper.

+Gary Myers thanks for that comment. Seems sensible to me. No one really has to "let go" fully from the land these days, Cheers Stew

When I hear "I'm an artist" I switch of.

+Mike Mckelvey Ha. Why is that though? If someone says "I'm a scientist" do you feel the same way? My background is science and logic etc but I enjoy art and see it as being central to who we are. Thanks for the comment, Stew

Pretty much, yeah. If it's used as an introduction it just sounds pretentious. As an answer to a question, no problem. I enjoyed your other videos very much. Georgetown brought back great memories from 2009 when we were there on a 28 foot cat.

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