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There's, dead. Sonic. We. Can. In each. Company. Yeah. James. The leaves, on. You. Jingis. Oh. Am, i old enough, just are. I'd say, below. Me, hard. Oh boy. No. Legally. A statue. My. File. Sorry, the water. But ER. Oh. You. Thank. You. -. Donut. Bang. Nice. So. Dead. Jin-ae, I would do the job that, you desert, dream man, when will. The, tides. Understand. The balsamic the, dude in the desert, is a big whale. Oh. Snap. It's. A way. Anyway. And. Cheap. Well, well, well. When. Thank. You. Thank. You so much for coming out and performing for us that, was really impressive I, think everybody agrees so. The first thing I want to ask you about is probably. The most obvious thing that's. Different about your band is these beautiful instruments, so. Could you tell us a little bit about. Which. Instruments. You're using today. What. Their kind of background is and also whether the specific ones you're playing are, modified. At all to handle the kind of music you're doing or if these are exactly as they would traditionally be built in play. Which. Means MC was at, our Patrol did you, teach my shortened Italian. And gentleness how, do teachers to Gemara, Nigeria. To, tune these. Are instruments. Traditional. Mongolian instruments, had, been played by our ancestors. For thousands, of years, the. Mana. The, moon's. Near Meru. Foreman for cheap, alternative. Chairs, in Samoa squash it, put to some new abroach akbar's, ever team, and critic, traditional. Mongolian modern core which were playing. It's. The, color is usually brown, and, also, the. The. Horsehead would be facing, towards the audiences. Today. He not Armitage. Myung-hoon. Arrakis, in. Who am Jack, Childress. Todd and. Which. Means of shooting, toward. Coastal, lagoons. In a Tahitian. General, person for, our I styled, the Hoonah rock this. Instruments. We kept the acoustics. The, sound of the instruments, as the. Same, as the older, version, at. A funeral, costs man much. Is. Neighborhood. As to Muay Boran, bottleneck, obnoxious in a British rock, art term, as in, village, terrific, at a monopoly. Stream asana in, the winery. Definition. Mangu, Simba's. Autumn. Staggers day because. Our style is the. Blend of. Eastern. Meets western. Old, meets new, so. We, for. Our style. We made, low change to the appearance of the, instruments. Like. Changing. The the. Horsehead direction, yet we wanted to our. Horses looking, at as when, we're playing and. Also we got this silver, ornaments. And. We. Made little changes, like you mentioned your music is kind of a meld of traditional, and like. A rock or a metal Sensibility. It. Seems like you've definitely leaned into this the theatricality, of metal with them it's some great costumes and, love all your boots amazing. Instrument design, are. There particular rock. Or metal acts that you would say inspired, you or that, you listen to or. Is it kind of they. You felt like that genre just fit well with your music with is awesome come to the root. Chakra. To. My social other, rock, meters and rotations, to a syndicate. Art all the trees and that, of situation. When we were students. And, music. School we. Used to play guitars and you know then, also I've. Listened to so many bands Western. Rock bands you do not need little sparks, cadetship, a little dark a slipknot - corns batura, many. Medicines system. Of town for, fighters. So, probably, you've heard the names. And he. Said. It's. A there's. So many bands you know and. Just. Just example, those names and the, list goes on, not only metal. So many events we listened to aside, from the instruments the other thing the, other aspect is obviously the singing so. You use a technique called Tuvan. Throat-singing could. You tell us about. How, that evolved, and maybe how it's different from here. You. Newman in, silent and combed in horns, or some topic new deserve it, and, get on senator mccain, he knows Manahan Kimball autonomous, to, me I was, nearing Dirac in Google each company, or simbad in today's topic intelligence. First. Of all I'd, like to thank you for everybody here, and listen, to us and it's a complete, honor to be here in, Google. Office, and. Playing. Our music here. So. They get, mmm. Most. Of the Latino me it was my shot in one sec it was a standard, some, more talk.

Down To me him, so, he doesn't get throat, singing is a big thing in our culture, and it's. Originated. From the. Mongol. Tribes around after. Mountains I, think, it you know. -. Oh cousin cosmos. At me yeah I told Sarah Stanner Rose much. Listen, David. Edges, to stay at, home. Mystic sticking, him at. Steve, Amador, harmed. Johan budi still home which became a stone been muhammad. Wa hayati. Mother's. Ass tomorrow Thurston's a stone dendritic it's originated. In Altai. Mountains, in Mongolia area and there are so many tribes, you know like including. - we, had the our, own different, style of roadsinger. Generally. Get song singing. Today, hello. Chip their. Mana. Torch, Amitabh Bachchan, John Thomas. For example in Mongolia. Mongolian. Styles is more high notes than. The two, one thought singing. He. Came home to it beautiful. Machine. Who. Knew rocket. On steroids taking. Home Nevada Muslim, you, could you stay those. The. Bit before Moses. Did all the talking say mitten in. Who me to come, on over Somali, to get machines took, damages, at, all he thought a shockable, or hire him, home, I go home he taught him punching. Voltage a third thing is very important, to our pants. Island and there's. A reason you know like we on this thing in Mongolian. Because it's. Very hard to sing in any other language and using. Throat singing a. Lot. More to me, that's. It someone going after at singing so, you. Mentioned, music, school could you tell me a little bit about how you all met and how the band came together and, then, how you decide to do rock. Music fused, with traditional. Music food. The, humility, throat of same, the. Barossa softer books are all the take too soon maybe. Storybook. Traversing, him mr.. Geum's daughter, we're. All graduate, from music. Schools professionally. Trained and. The. We, got the master's. Degree in, performing. Arts I don't. Under him cut I know, it's chamber Oh Jimmy. Jean colleges, even get listen I know, he can just have soft song yes. Carla. And tempio di I studied, for 12. Years together when. In. A Mongolian, music school to reassess, no, hunter. Hunter by what you think adenomyosis contraband. Which some back, in the days when they are the. Room they, had their own band not, even, included. Was dreams, or all the smartasses or at the. Red cottage. The truth never. Stop singing mixing mirage direct Commission. Ankush. She started, the. College and, university, and he. Is a professional, musician and also, throat singer mm-hmm, I mean, it was I. Get, from music. College today external, to set a conservatory. Saionji, Samara, amigo. Today at aha yeah, I'm, older than them and I I, want. To miss, a college, and conservatory. And and I. Used. To teach at Northern, State comes, rotary for 10 years as, flute. Teacher, to. Get an. Option Bittner, ethnic. Oh my, god histology. Son big, knee still, took Nick you, know my father took whom, to be a chatot, actor, in service bar and, before.

The Band we used to play together and. Different bit and, ethnic, rock, band and, we. We've. Been together long time and we respect, and love each other, Ted. Welcome. Aaron. Berger Scott. Electronegativity. You know I thought that ending, guitarist messing with beatnik, city, to human who chew on our tortures, in those, bit nearing at the exit to her aunt a billion-and-a-half, that who, tune hot and chatter squeaking, oh my how do I have that we came here a bit the salsa, okay in, 2016. We, really. Started to spend and we were just there. Together you know we found you know we knew that you know who should be in the band because of the. Love for. Music. And we we, shared this common thing so that's, what we gathered. Together, to. Do, not in that bikini or Dead Michonne cetera who, want a girl who, Chan didn't. Area, murmuring. Man at all I must, have sought recover being hostile, Dmitri do you know who to have setting at work she touches booking. He saw two men ago a team city, you mean men cannot just, versatility. 1500, Texan who need to need to consider 15, jump over tomato, juice party when we make music together we always. Remember. How much we love music that's. Where the, musical comes out of this band touched. People's heart and we always wanted to make it hard, to heart so. - so mind to mind so. That's why I think people starting. To like our music a lot. Yeah. I think that comes across I know, you have a lot of fans here even though most people probably can't understand, the lyrics but. You, know it's obvious just by watching you how passionate you are. So I went. And read a little bit about what, the lyrics of the songs actually say because I don't speak Mongolian so. Our audience I encourage you to watch some of the YouTube lyrics. Videos and. I know you you all have a really positive message, could. You talk a little bit about your songwriting, process, and, like what message you're trying to get across in, your songs in your lyrics, unisom. Anna chimbure, - sir - come on. Now happy birthday sermon to Humber to resist oh sandy, I'm Nixon, which, pootaroo. Still, put, two lanes with terroristic. We're. Work. Very closely with our producer. - and. With. The lyrics and his. Uh is. Considered, not. Only a, petition. Was one, of the member of the band. Together. Patria. Horn, blares Chariton. Mentality. Was, master. Stowed hitch at. A Moscow. Sonata during the need talk the. Talk on garbage charms Lettieri gasps hi Rohtang. It's torch isn't hard to the standard. Songwriting. Process is always. It. Can be you know like a so. Many days and we would record there were days you know we recorded, some three, times and. Recorded, the songs a week, then, go back and rerecord it, and, go back and visit and change. Together. Between, rooted such ah who. Took. Tear in, heater respected, to see artisan, shin at. His. Ingenuity. At. Its inclusion. Agility little twist in Eureka - Lara, so. Our, ancestors, are brought so many good things in, the, world, for, example, the, Garrick which, is the first.

Diplomatic, Passport to the world. Theater, and was tested to see his medal ship with associate Arturo need some critter. Tying shorten. Included, book session including shoot with some cans harvest intelligence, ambition, and. Also. You know there's. International, trading started, with our ancestors, long time ago which, is Silk Road and, also. Postal. Service the first postal, service in the world and. Also. There. Was there, back in the - 13th century there was only one. Empire. Actually. Loved. Everybody. Should. Practice, their own religion without. And, it. Was a very progressive back, then, image. Invert, ulties, neutral, tone. Portas, pause mistreatment whore Peter, Bava lickteig rosado's. Terezin. N'importe. Où atropos, who knows. Carla, rabbit rat poem, anta. En su atropos Giuliana's. Santa. Teams Turku, Chino. Combinatory. Intestine, battling. D'Souza, return Peter, Gyrich Hamas. Acoustic, neuromas. In constructor. Of gentle, teams, charity account. Of Houston. Understand. Sahaja yogi. With the roost in, dilute. A heated so. Not only just. Singing. About our answer, certain we also have a message, in our life through, our music we wanna inspire others, with courage. And, we. Wanna we. Believe that every, person has, worries, spirit, in. Her. Or in him and we would like to wake, that weary spirit, up and you, can be, strong. And powerful and. To. Do something good for the world you know because our, challenges. Are different today you, know when we are united together and, when. We are united. Together and stand, against, injustice doesn't. Take care of this world and protect it and that's, all we wanted to say. To, our listeners. So. You're in the middle of your US tour and I believe you've already done a European, tour so. Could you talk a little about if, there's anything interesting, stories, from the tour and how different audiences, have reacted, I know in the u.s.. Non-english. Language acts, have not, been as prevalent but recently we've had a lot of success from kpop another. Group. So have. You noticed US, audiences really, responding to unity contorted, Sagara, outside, C of G it, much. Faster at. The. Bitterroots. It was, beautiful. Near, passing, it yeah, statistical. How many got the domestic which, many Americans reached, some, static, they much as becoming. All still ahead but. No mr. Gangadhar just with this much document, if to puja Moscow, Xavier sauce chart with the elevator. We're. So happy. To be here and we're, about a month into our, three. Month or two and a half month tour and. Because. Of our the, YouTube. Views we get so many views and most of them are from, America. So we knew that America. Loves so. So. It's been it's amazing, again everywhere we go and we listen to we can see actually people. Intelligently. Like receiving. Our message. Doc. Knee put, my signature. As, it is any bit me mediumship. Interoperability. Avatar, to. Be technique whoo-hoo, at I didn't it immediately, sources just sang get with it jacket on, here. Snoring. It you start I have the total net October sisters design feature it. Gives us a goosebumps. You know and when, we, come. To this new series in America, and sold out then. Even. Though it's our first time before. We get on as a stage. And all the people, chanting. Whoo-hoo, who as if, we were like a. Piggy. Band around so long you know they're just they, were waiting for us and it's, it's, just amazing throwing. Me. My sword hitting each man so it - in automatic just. Fire in it. All. Their, talk to get more teeth in or in were contained, by, traversing. Musculature. In a constitution. That because. Of the, our. Language, you know it's very unique, and. You. Know also. The music is something. From the heart and we, feel like. The. People here, just receiving, our message, it fully. You. Guys ride horses. Another. Modern tech Pune sure yes. Let's. Do the same I think we should do symbiote us with this with, the boot boot manager. Everybody, can ride, horses especially. Jaya. And then push actually there when you were a little they used to participate for Mongolian, horse, racing, I kinda. Have two questions. One. Are their female, Mongolian, bands and two. I guess. I'd be a question for each of you guys which. Artists, would you guys like, to collaborate with in the future videos. I, go. AHA. News terrible Jim parrot I'm a superstar, at, the moment as result, and obviously a, vastly. Thought shot was, also shall teach. Have, to pay our syllabus. Prepared. To pass our temperature, yeah, we. Have so. Many things going on in enjoy music sin and yeah. There are so many, girl. Bands. Who. Tried to put in taste coexisted, right up to taste not annealing. Or. Up the team that children. The, dream. Of smoke inhalation, issue. An intended. Steep. Not in carotid. Mmm. So. Far you've heard the nation under God our, drink during, the big so we want to work with anybody like. Corey. Taylor of Sid not even. Eminem, you know we're open to any everything.

Not. Betraying, a totem, to Hoonah and rock, hunter. Dangerous, a swiss cherishes, por una, record book, to reach an stay at. Hunters. At nikita's, pigeon Bella mm-hmm. Because. Our. Music the, style we chose is we knew rock that which we created, it's, very dynamic it, can be, collaborated. With anybody. You know not on the rock we, can we. Can go, and work with anybody. In. Any genre, hi. Thank you for coming um I just want to share that I, sure. The same name as your band's name my, last name is also who. Is. Happy not nigga music Simba I mean they all give hope to connect. Thank. You guys for coming and I have friend who also tried to learn to throw thingy so, just for reference I, wonder, how many years, have you guys practice, to, get to this level of throw singing. In. Distance invited. Thought a man and a net, homies. Requests agony ticket. At the bouncer. Hidden. Janine homie great was July rich. General. Of the her NGO determine who is cheating it -, GG arent down. Automata Latoya, mm-hmm, so, in, between four, members from. Two years - like 20 years of experience. Also. What, percent, of you, know your. Homies, can. Do this like do you actually karaoke. And throw things. And. The smuggle that you. Have to carry. That you're. Doing. In. The tastic, and also. Miss you did okay it indeed not so much you. Know some when. We go to Carrick, is some of the signs that behind, the saying you know the Mongolian songs clears throat. Singing going on and we do that you know I usually, just, saying regular. Songs. Hi. I hope you following, your bands, on YouTube of for a few months ago and. I. Just want to ask since. You already take your music internationally. Do, you have already plan to translate. It into other languages. Dan. Singa betina. Singhania, I'll teach you three, times of Tangut also sir engage or torture, Stannis Hitler. And. He. Told the judge told who. Do. You know that team, module backhoe advert erroneous tourism, omigod, bitter in. Who knew rock who are tolerant a little chart here in. Whom he was Mongol didn't come, he touched on.

What It is all he throws my, senses talk. You. Know. We. Answered. This question before. Because. Because, of our style of music and. Singing. In throat. Singing in Mongolian is the the, the. Best choice it's. Gonna be so hard to sing in every any. Other languages. There. Is a like Inner Mongolia and, it's called a Hank I I believe quite. Popular in China and. This. Cannot be some mix our like folk, music and look. And. I. See, the translated, some other sounds into Chinese and it's quite a disc are good actually. Defined. This Callahan, hunka, yeah. Was. It a question, or I'm, just saying that it's possible to translate the music into some other languages, if you're trying. Okay. It's a suggestion, then, yeah. I. Would, prefer to understand, the music I'm. A bigger fan so. Thank. You China unlike. At home together or, something. Together hit start oh that I go from Sunday with the gate, exchange can't be in a sorta move it since Yahoo Atwood, to. Go to achieve. The. End it was diversity, and seconds, on, the. Hangul. Monarchs. I saw a hot wrestling, girl, posted. Here pistols. Did, you come from the - yeah. Hunger. It's hungers choice to do it, translate. Their songs and saying and also. Hung guys are saying is just a regular singing, they're not doing toward singing maybe, it's easier for them. Can. You talk about the history of Mongolian, music because it sounds so so, different from other, Asian. Ok. At, under a monkey a huge, a mere teacher pooja, Matteo didn't. Tell, me until carrier to Hogan the other Twitter post. Ads who tremendous courage Ando, and in sunscreen, sunscreen minute. Also to make sure he took that, witnessed. Movin, out talking. About Clara quite a para are also custom. Why you stood over me little, Indian Navy not danger in. Territory, booked in the. Sriracha. Sauce. Okay. This. Instrument I'm complain is torture, it's been played by our answer, to so many years, and, and. We. Got like two tortures, in. Our. Band the. Sort. Of human, yet mocking. The. Who know gonna sustain each. Means, it. You know with the higher octave a text Bittner parts are Yosh know towards, our part. They. Put design there and. This.

Instruments, Is one of the first instruments. From our ancestors, and, it. Started as like, to. String as we modified, it into, three, strings. Occasion. In surah, jumma hidden the, who Tony I think East don't, know look Eric water - I know at least to me IRA, go to Pechanga, behind honkers didn't get your money as man had. Deteriorated. Don't, sink in big. Expense. Okay, let me trance, you know the girl even. Today in. Countryside. In Mongolia out of nowhere people. Make. This instrument their, own way, using. This, channel. How he said. The. The. Kind of big spoon you know like a wooden, spoon they used the clothes in over it and string it up and they would just start. To play which. Was probably. Invented thousands. Years ago. Okay. Excuse, me I think they misunderstood, the question I'm sorry let me just. Associated, who which means insufficient. If. You take it Amana. And who to say you deserting a hot rod but mostly. Under. Which mother horrid Cheney akuto, Admiral, right okay Marco. Here, if Martin, Tony. Horton. Told Nora to entertain him, who, master, had such a human, test and put a whole agent English but you. Know do good things or don't let you seen the scholar genetic. So. I'd. Like to clerk for something because you know you. Are sitting got in music and the, music and mystical, instruments, the same word but that's, why I had to redirect, so. He. Is saying there. Are good. In music is it's. Just the very deeply, connected to the way we've lived as nomads. It's, going around and, and. Also the murmur you know it's been played. By upper and such as so many years and, it's made by. You. Know that you can see that the horse is very important. Into our lives and also. Because. The nameste of her you, know like for example if. There's a. You. Know like how do you explain this, sometimes. Little animal. In a hurt give a birth to a baby and, the, mother, doesn't want to nothing to do with the baby and, in. Order to their. Get. Them together they had to use this instrument, and seeing certain, songs until, at the mama accepts, the baby so. It's such things it's just always something to do with how. We live. Our lives. There's. Ninja. Hoedown. Art and tons of our uni portal, table a huge. Mirror crystal, basin till, 18. So far not enjoyed, our clearest. Image was, bastard, mm-hm, not only it's using, just, in our homes, in the years in even.

In Our Great Khans time, you know the Kublai Khan had, like 500 people, a castra, in his palace. So. It was. Just not only just small things and we had even orchestra, back then. Yamato. HD. In support. Passivated. Bigger. In these are cutters mostly, which me working in, what. On this server does mushy speech spacing, you can also as, I stated a sore. Throat aside. There's. A lot of Mongolian. Old scripts and stuff talked, about McGirt instruments. And we see that it's it's. Like very. Old, longer. Than we think it, existed. Before you. Cool. I think. We can do one more question, I'm. Thank, you for coming the performance, is amazing. I'm. Curious about the mental instrument, you were playing with your mouth. It reminds, me of a looks like a jaw harp which I believe it's in some like American, bluegrass, music so, I didn't know if it was a traditional. Mongolian instrument or something you've decided to incorporate so, talk, about that Cheney, I'm gonna talk to same come on Horace Chan get her since. Your. Heart baited statues, are terminated. To start Jenna, in monuments, new which move schools panels hum, to still take it under Authority a little more vinegar. Mounting, option. More. Loss viewers. Rod and get Allison solid, mesh bang - Nene working tomorrow. Most should be long hidden a got, mushrooms my, that, you get got that good in, the moring who stood intact as mentioned isn't. Even idiot in, a tunnel which ensure the, first an arson who given to industry, lobbyists, to be, testing material some of the tensions. Between which. May come clip I'm started. I just should be trusting, which often, times negative John, was just a, this. Is mango in a traditional, instruments, also it's. Been played by our ancestors, so many years and it's. Originated, from us and also it's now it's really. Big. Thing in Russian. Siberia the. People called Irkutsk, and. When. We only went, there the. People said you know this instrument, even though we cut, it like better than you this. Instrument. Originally, from comes. From you guys and. So. There. Is no Jewish. On swatches. My. Son register Toronto. 22,000. A you, know a toxic hormonal, change didn't know who, knew who knew it yak or Tibetan, yak, took, a shot, which which tomato for, destruction, period. Work on the basin yet till he motor. Or a stack to, get Hampshire, a turn you. Over 30. Which. Is restricted. Get, your own, last rescinded he go to lipstick, scoring, motor even, get it yaki new teach destroyed or on taking, hook over oh come. On are soaring it. Won't a bear it's geoff chalmers. Additionally. I wanna say this, is also mongolian. Traditions. Man called sore and. 2200. Years ago. Millions. You, supply this and, it's still the same today, with only two three. Holes and. Yeah. It's. Very everything, we. Use this mongolian, traditional instrument. These. Especially dancers. Are technically, to. Go prove it with the Queen should never had sort of a long. Story you. Depict, that. The technique is so, different than, any other instrument. This. Is tour yeah. Well. The. Music everybody, understands. I. Think, we have one question in the back that we're gonna cram into them I. You. Said you turned the horses, heads towards, you but. You didn't really say is there a specific, meaning or did you just think it looked cool like what was the intent, behind that okay, tonnison, did moroni.

Autogyros. The kitchen Tara, yeah. I'm a little person most well two words I just general how. Did. Manga. Comic harm Eric much at a built-in speech and Mohammed, would, you sing mysterious. From. As Mongolians, we love. Verses it's. Something. We love. And, respect, and it's, like our best. Friend mmm, girls need its interval outputted, I'm dr., Horton that which I so. I'd, like to be connected with my best friend you know and to. You. Know go, fast and. It's. A connection yes, wanted. To be connected when their plane. Thank. You okay. I think we're out of time so let's give the who another and. Thank. You thank you thank. You very much. You. You.

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Mongolian heavy metal, fuck yeah!

Ayanga met nurgeentee Salhi met uter Gal met orgiliun Bult uil tani hurts baig... Uuhai Uuhai Uuhai...

Амжилт залуусаа!!! Та бүхэн урлагаар Дэлхийг байлдан дагуулах их Аян Дайны тэргүүн эгнээнд явж байгаа шүү!!! Араасаа олон олон Монголчуудын замыг засаж буй Их эзэн Чингэсийн дайчид шүү!!! Манайхаан дэмжээд лайк дарцгаагаарай)))

Woow The Hu

Arþur D Ну если хлеб соль то Славяне ну именно куда мне податься за ними)))

@Оюу-Эрдэнэ Баясгалан хлеб-соль, ждём в гости :)

Arþur D Это передовой отряд ждите большое войска в скором времени)))

Цэцэн цэлмэгээ барьж дийлэхгүй байна ааа

@Naka Gonsam Хөдөөнөөс ирсэн гарууд хотод Драгон дээр маанагтаал явдаг биздээ хаха

Huduunii hun bhaaraa Yadagiin?!

Shanaga big spoon zerlg orchuulj bnaa hha

hamtlagin ahmad ah sain bailaa

yag zuv mongoloooroo l bai

metallica tai hamtraa

hezee mongold togloh ve daarachin album

orchulagch myy bnaa solih huvzastai boly Ariunaa suri

Respect! Such talent musicians!

I just want to ask a google add Mongolia to playConsole, also translator not translating fully

The Hu is amazing!! I wish the guy translated better!!

Солонгос улс урлагтаа маш их хөрөнгө оруулалт хийснээр Солонгос улсын түүх, соёл, урлагийг дэлхий даяараа сонирхож эргээд улсынх нь төсөвт маш их хөрөнгө орж ирж байгаа. Харин Хүү хамтлаг маань ямар ч төрийн дэмжлэггүйгээр(болсон болоогүй төмрийг нь тооцохгүй бол) Монгол улсыг дэлхий даяар сурталчилж байгаа нь гайхалтай юм. Нэг ёсондоо Монгол хамтлагууддаа дэлхийн шоу ертөнцөд гарах үүдийг нээж өглөө.

Translation is not good enough, you guys need to hire better translator

Proud of ourselves as a Mongolian, Thanks HU

Чиний цамцан дээр яагаад үгүй үгүй гэдэг ташуу бичиг бгаам бэ? Чадна чадна гэж дохидог босоо бичиг хаачсан бэ? Чиний биенд яагаад бүсгүй хувцас бгаам бэ?Жорлон, хөнжил болдог лавшиг дэвэл хаачсан бэ? Чиний хөлөнд яагаад дөрөөнд ороолцдог гутал бгаам бэ?Зөв буруу өмсгөлтэй ээтэн тоохуу хаачсан бэ?

Ху что значает? Хүннү /гуну/, хүү /сын/, хүн /человек/, хуй салхи /сильный ветер/, хуй /русский мат-половой орган/, хуу хамах /нападение/.... The HU LIVE IN MONGOLIA The HU LIVE IN MONGOLIA

J and K pop please move over for some Mongolian heavy metal.

All these viking shows on television. Vikings don't have shit on the Mongols.

Мундаг шүү #THEHU.. Монгол улсыг танин мэдүүлж байгаад баярлалаа.Та бүгдээр төлөөлүүлж Монгол улсыг харж байгаа учраас Хөгжмийн түүх болон улсын түүхийг маш гүн судалж унших хэрэгтэй шүү.Амжилт

амжилт хүсэе залуусаа .... дэлхийг тэр чигт нь эзлээрэй. дэлхий монголоор дуулдаг болог ...

that chinese dude, you should learn how to speak mongol. Why would they translate to chinese?

The hu хамтлаг дэлхийд гараад siri болон айпонь д Монгол хэлийг албан ёсоор оруулчиж болох юм хайртай шүү THE HU хамтлаг ❤️

Whe not Kazakh Mongol Tatar Turkmen Uzbek Kirgiz Tuvan Saha Chuvash All asian nomads we have one name whe are one nation whe are brothers THE HUNS Don't Forget!!!

Ter neg xujaa xuuxen yu ve. Minii ovog HU ch gex shig...yeah? Yu gex geed bna? Ene neg xutlugch n Tuvan xuumii ch gex shig? Neg ix Tuva meddeg xun garax n

Гоё байна аа. Зорилгоо их сайхан тайлбарлалаа. Шударга бусын эсрэг, байгаль дэлхийгээ хамгаалахын төлөө дэлхийн ард түмнийг хүчээ нэгтгэхийг уриалан дуудаж байгаа нь үнэхээр сэтгэл хөдөлгөлөө.


The Google employee looks like the type that wears a mask and attacks conservative women for their point of view.

Proud of you guys. Love your music. #HU

Odoo kinonii soundtrack sanal ireh bhdaa

14:30 the horse sound

Bumburgu baih bas sonsohod ewguma gu yu.

Cyber Man zugeer bna.

Tanantara Wanderer

iEnglish Class that is not important!!! Don’t be silly.

Оюу-Эрдэнэ Баясгалан одоо лайк дархаасдаа

@Оюу-Эрдэнэ Баясгалан особенно если учесть что я Татарин :) Но мы все люди Тенгри - ХУННУ.

Zugeer l bna.

Одоо үед эх хэлээрээ юм яриад англи хадмалтай их гардаг болсийшд. Харин ч англи хэлээр ярьдаггүй нь энэ хамтлагийн давуу тал. Англи хэлтэн орнууд их холын, учир битүүлэг, чадварлаг санагдаж байгаа. Өөр гаригаас ирсэн ч юм шиг. Хэрвээ англиар ярьвал өө эд нар чинь бидний өдөр тутамдаа л тааралддаг хүмүүс шиг юм шив пээ гэж бодийшд тэнэгээ

Huvisagch ex orondoo erguuteed yavna l biz, chamd xamaagui.

Xarin ch medexgui gex n zugeer um shigee. Angle xel medexgui bol xun bish bolchixdog umuu? Bagaxan erguuteerei.

Тэнэг лалар аа чи зайлдаа.

The words in English are the translation.

Well, I'd like to say that our language is simple but those guys are talking with old words that's not adopted fully to modern days and it's of course harder to translate. In my opinion i can't imagine translating those words also

Baigalmaa A yarix arga n ix sain bish um. Yadraad baigaa umuu...probably.

Who did what to who?

But not in China

Thanks band for great music, and thx google gore the interview.

shireg shireg is most amazing in this performance... HU HU HU HUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Тэр айрагны модон шанагыг товшуур гэж яаж орчуулхымбээ. Ямар ч төсөөлөлгүй хүмүүст түүх ярих хэрэг гарна. Миний бодлоор орчуулагч сайн байна. Утга төгөлдөр Монгол хэлийг төгс орчуулна гэж яаж байхав дээ.

шанаг - dipper гэдэг юм байна.

В этом ролике актёр в роли Чингисхана, тянет только на китайского полупокера!!! Вы там на роль Чингисхана получше не могли бы найти!!!

The Hu are great! Mongolia is awesome! Google sucks ass.

Love from Hazarajat.

Yu we Yu we Yu гэдгээ хэлэх үе нь шар үс босгож байна шүү!

so happy for them they are really blowing up... and other people appreciating them and their culture

Congratulations to The Hu. But translator is not good enough in my opinion. He could not explain the band's some main nuance. It is really dissappointing. Band members talked some things but it is translated wrongly such as they said that make throat singing in other languages is may not be good sound than singing in mongolian language. So they prefer the native language and culture and will sing song in Mongolian language, it will give more happiness to the music lovers. Inversely the translator just said and mean that it is diffucult to singing in foreign language. It is little weird and rude.


Амжилт залуусаа. Санаагаа тод бас монголын урлаг хөгжмийн талаар сайхан тодорхой хиллээ. Даанч орчуулга муу байлаа.

I'm from Cambodia

They are amazing. I have never been this excited to a rock band since System of a Down back in early 2000s.

Миний Бидний The hu хамтлаг

I love your sound and your message! If you never ever sing in any other language, I will still love your sound and your message! I do not need to understand the words to feel what you are saying. As you guys have said before, music crosses boundaries and borders to bring souls together. Never change!

Yuve Yuve Yu gonna be for The Hu what Creep was for Radiohead.

I could listen to Jaya speak for hours. He has beautiful enunciation and diction. And no, I don’t speak Mongolian.

I hope they will get a better interpreter. He kept missing the point. The band members were saying so much more than the interpreter could deliver.

@Imti Jamir You had no English classes as a child? You really started and learned English as an adult? Could you communicate the complex ideas the Hu were saying in this interview... that even sadly the interpreter had trouble translating on the spot? Still.. I for one for rather the Hu play their music then study English intensively for next year or more . If you feel differently, ok.. to each their own.

@Imti Jamir p

@Austin SmithI did exactly that. English is my third language. My English is not as good, but stil good enough to hold a conversation.

@Imti Jamir Have you learned a new language as an adult? Do you have any idea how hard it is for the majority of people? Especially to learn the high level English they would need to master to communicate the complex ideas they are saying in Mongolian here.

@Imti Jamir English is not a global language. That's a fallacy that's mostly believed by those who speak English. But asking you to learn their language is no less absurd than you asking them to learn yours. And to imply that they should change to fit someone else's ideal is really arrogant.

@Bad Wolf Media so the whole world should learn Mongolian just for The Hu? That's absurd. English is the global language, and to communicate with the global audience better, wouldn't it be better for the band too to learn English? I don't think you're getting my point. I'm not a native english speaker, but I know english enough to enable me to communicate with the global community. You see my point now?

@Imti Jamir Not everyone needs to learn English. That's not exactly how the world works. As someone commented above about the guy saying they should translate their songs into Chinese, you could also learn Mongolian. It's the same thing to ask, yeah?

Translator: "whell you heard teh naymes"

Or better still, they could learn english as they've become internationally famous now. Seems like every one wants a piece of them at this moment.

Gadaaduud manaihnii hooloinoos iim avia gardgiig medku yanzaltsan duun deer hooloi barijiin l gej bodoj baiga bhda huurhii

Inner Mongolian are trying our best to translate into Chinese

Баярлалаа. Thank you.

Dembee Tsogoo The HU-iin gadaadad hariutssan manager ni shdee

Орчуулагч биш. Google-д ажилладаг хүн байлгүй дээ.


@Money boook And you wrote this is piss poor English grammar. :/ Can you speak English? You really expect them to stop their touring and supporting their album when they are hot for the years it would take them to master English to the level necessary to communicate the complex ideas like found in this interview?

all speak need english


Whatever mongolians are not turk. We are just mongol.

Hussen huseegui chinii udamd hytad hun bga

Гүнбилэг Uuriig chin sonsox xuntei yari daa. Nadtai margaj namaig xujaa bolgox geed yax ve. Butexgui. Taivan amgalan baitsgaay.

Chamad 10 jild chine tuuhiin hicheel gedeg ym ordog bsimu? Hublai haan chine hurtel hytad dhu teneg min

@Гүнбилэг Bidnii udmiig chi meddeg n bish. Xerev chi at least 40 Mongol bol, Mongolooroo uld. Bitgii uvaj xurvuud bai.

@Гүнбилэг chinii 9 "ue" dotor Xujaa baigaa bol, well, thai is you . Not me. Bitgii Mongolchuudiig Xujaa bolgox gej orold.

@Гүнбилэг chiniixeer magadui. Miniixeer bish.

Chi uuriinhuu 9 uyiig medku baij mongol uls ard urd 2 hurshuusuu hytad bolon oros udamtail bga terige medku baij hujaa gej ih yarihimda zailul ter yariad bga hujaagii chine tsus chinii sudsaar urasjaga ged boddoo

Enkhzaya Zundui ингэж малтахаа л больчих л доо, бүүүр нэг хужаа нтр гсн тэнэг юмнууд өөр юу ч мэдэхгүй. Гадныхан мэдэхгүй шдэ, мэддэгээрээ л ярьж бна, манай залуус мэдүүлэх гээд явж бн, чам шиг тэнэгүүд жалгандаа хуцаж бн

You sound like a dumb conservatard who will attack liberal man for their liberalism

Jaya is fucking charismatic. Every live video I've watched, he's the one I can't take my eyes off

Harin tiimshvv orchuulga 80 huwitai l bailaa

Gar chin tataasai bile Zvger yu ch bichehgvi vzvvl vzeed chadahgvi zlaachee danda tiim doosho tatsan yum bichhiin uuruu chi lag helten hol morin huurnii tatlga zuv hiigeed surchih tegeed olon yum solior

Wtf dude !!! Hope u just act like dumb ass beaaach

@202vampirebaby too bad your reply wasn't

I agree. The translator could have tried, at least, to deliver the message. It contains deeper meaning than he made it sound more shallow. It’s the philosophy that this band is all about. And the band emphasizes on it with every opportunity they get. Instead, the translator ignored the main message and put his own irrelevant point into it. No judgment about linguistics here. Myself, would have done even worse. It is not easy - I agree. Therefore, why don’t give someone else who is intellectually and linguistically more competent in the area do the job. ...And yes, English language does have , maybe not technical terminology of the nomads, all the words to convey ideas, philosophy and concepts.

ichka odko take any translation with a grain of salt. I didn’t find anything wrong with it. IMO

The Hu on fire ! I love all of your songs !

orchuulaga bas l

These guys are great! Seriously. Something new and unique with a good sound! And if I heard them correctly when the one guy was naming bands that influenced them I could have sworn I heard him say KoRn. And hey, KoRn has been my favorite band for 25 years.. if these guys were inspired by KoRn, that just makes me like them even more! :)

Mongolian translator sucks.

Delhii mongoliig sonsohiin toloo bid zalhuuralgu hicheeh heregtei urgelj buteej bla bla bla.....


This band has made me want to learn Mongolian, but I can’t find any good sources in the US

they dont even speak english LOL!

That was cool to see the guy with the flute make the sound with his fingers!

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