The Ice house, Eglinton Castle,Tournament Bridge,Eglinton Country Park

The Ice house, Eglinton Castle,Tournament Bridge,Eglinton Country Park

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Modelling. Guys on, the negligent, part today I'm, out with ollie if. You, can see them in the back here. So. I'll. Give you a look where we are bun them up. And. Then I'll kick your buck to build a castle was right, so. Here. Is the map of Eglinton. Park right, I'll. Look to open them up and it says it's like 400, vehicles. Of. Part, plant so. That's about yeah. 800. Take deals so we. Are right here this, is Bill the car park us and. There. You've. Got all. The rest. Of. The. Land that, so. I'm gonna go to the other car so as that's the old car so, I'll. Take you to the other lock as you, can fetch over there that's, part here as it's, a world life son. And. Then. Got. To be a Sosa's and. Then. We've also got an old dared of cut to. You, to that as well. Newtown, trail here. So, there's Olly running. Past this guy's so. Working through a slot woodland, and there the castle. Should. Be. Just. After us woodland makes love the study does Python, yeah. Quite recently I, think. It was Ali then this summer to be honest I used. To be really muddy but never thought I'd leave all her that son, that's. A lot better, so. Over here we've got the old coach house. I'll. Take you all on I'll show you that as well but first of all we'll go at the castle. So. That says what I've said the words part. That, is the remains, of their Castle, their. Castle used to have four of them. But. We'll take you down and we'll show you. Yeah. Those the whole yet that's. The whole everybody uses, that whole for you starting. Everybody. Rose a texture, but. We'll take you over to the castle, and we'll give you a look. So. That says as well rate inside the muddle that's what up in the middle part of that Jew castle. So, the actual castle would have been four. Stories, high. It. Would have been evading a nine castle. Yeah. What it happened does see. If you can see will be treason the, castle went all, the way around will very trees oh all. The way. To. Here so. It would have been massive the had a lot of rubs. The. White Hartman that is they took the roof off the castle Barkin. Nineteen. Hundreds, or something Lala there. Was some kind of rough tax so they removed the roof and then. During. World. War two, the army, but. Actually using this but. I don't know whether the army used things for and. There. But. In the eighties, at. Least uh what are their. Finally, 80s I think Eglinton part was given. To not. Fair share and then. It became a park and. I think I want this storm is sold off. So. Yeah when you go type, this is well he likes to do all that guys like to climb on the rock but. Yeah. And, then you have to jump over. So. Shows room that's a dolly shows what you do you claim run them you, like climbing, button your way are. You gonna do some boat near and yet all done, yeah. He's. A mountain, in. Expert. As ollie. So. I'll kick you off on though through the front of the castle. I'll. Take you in sure you build their to them. So. Here's the front of the castle I. Think. Their actual. Ice. But it, would have been four stories girls, all they come. That's. The only part that's left remaining you. Want to go and stand at the front and we'll get you a little picture at the front Neela. So that's the tournament, bridge guys yeah. That. Bridge was renovated. Back in, 2008. And. I was ice on the security, guard that what to, my. Carbon actually sat right there I, was. Working here for three months. So, you can go that way tickle, wanna. Come. Back oli. Come. Back over this way. There's. All I'd ever straighten, hope. So. There's the castle that, we just start I know but I showed you have it they looked. So. You would believe me my battery ran out on my camera and I had to go home get. Bodies i brung forward buddy's wife me, but. Yeah I hadn't. Charged them for a while so. That's. The old castle. As. Always show me the old castle. And. There that's, build the talus, was left. So. The entrance would have been up here. Right. And there. Was Jeff open. Yeah. It. Was Bolton. 1813. A. The. Tournament, bridge. For. The 13th, adult, of Eglinton. You. Can look all at us up one until there and 2008. Then it says there April.

2008. It was renovated. The. Dug over the bottom open. So. I was actually security, guard the lot till. And. There. My cabin sat right here. Months. And months I. Was on it for three months but it did take a long time. Ali. You, acquire. Holy. So. There's the actual bridge. And. That was for bringing people when from like a. Corner. Way. When. That was this was the actual main entrance. For. Eglinton. Park I'm sure a big, one I would, have been a nice tip so. That's. Real they chose. As. It's. Now been. Sold. Off and, there's a, property. Developer. Gotta and his boat and house is next up but. Used to be an old factory here, years ago as well next used to be Wolfson's fence. But. I'll take you over and I'll show you there the old courthouse very. Nice. So. That says the old coach, house has been a renovated, and so. You've got the courtyard, Burnside. I've. Been renovated, any flats now. So. Goes round about and I can I Square and you get the courtyard, levels, there people part if we can see what. See. What the casa. The. Unsafe park so those new how she's hears about and. Bow and USD it getting bolder. I think. That's despite till it 1400. Or something only you look up and here I'll. Put on this screen. It's. Very nice they're flat sensei didn't. Go. Getting so far about 300,000. So. No we're heading over to their walk. Let's. Feel their the tournament, bridge was, put it out, there. The. Court shows is here. And. Then the castle, is yes let's all play close. Destry's, I love lace even it's a April, all. The leaves grow red color very nice doesn't, Olli, we've. Got a few putts you'll see it of them so. Well. Heading to the walk and, then we head into the ice house something over yeah. You. Want to go forward. You're. Looking forward one today sirs oh. Yeah. You like to run up the hole don't you then you go I'll race you go go. So. That size will back up that hole in, the trees are. Really. Castles, again, and they're. Just. These short people there. When. I used to what Kunis is security I would see a couple years ago not. When I've done the bridge but I was also bike because. They. Travel. Laws about here and here a, lot. Of people whale camp and, they'll. Over. Trees. Are. And. There because they, used. To come and see me has it okay I. Didn't. See it nothin to them size 11 but. Most. Of them used to camp on there and then a. Good. Day. You. Believe it look he's fitting them on linkers it off to. Cult. Of. Sweetened bags. Went. To the laughs golly yeah. So. You had best way to the walk. There's. A little edge to teach you over to, the last. Now. We'll go to the lock first and then we'll go to the edge so trip. Right. We just passed that tree and, I say ste Ollie do you know what they are what. Did you see the red or what you. Did enough clothes doesn't he like the cold air as a juicier. I'm. Not to like I'm not like good that fungus but I'm sure that's what I called them. So, this is a walk at, the bike let's fetch honest that you can flush our. Partners, are big monster pike and here, that. I've been told I used to do for what a fashion here when I was younger. Apparently. If. You can hear those a dual, carriageway that. Goes past here. Is. It the East 17, a nothing cuz it. Was built in. 1978. So. Apparently. All the Sun came from here this, is where they, excavated. All the Sun so. Over that's part over here as a that. Wildlife. Reserve. And. That's see a lot of fashion. That's. Over there to fish it. Spike any.

Payouts. On here or trapping animal pelts. You. Have to pier to fishing. Very. Nice. So. There's a little Forbes when, I was younger we used to, walk. Over that and, the summer, is. Always really sloppy, most. Of the time you'd end up slapping, on the war. What, I've Algy. So, their, loft was up there so but continue in this way and. This is real there a, so. Says you've. Also worked the dovecot, as well. Yeah. Say. So. So. So. This is the ace house that. All day soaps that, say. Doesn't. Get used anymore. That's. Would have been part of their, when. Dust bazaar. Apogee. Steer. That's. Would have been we love it of a dog, the meat. Yeah. I think it's a lot dolly. Yeah. I told all you can say, that that you can. I'm. Doing a little that deal. Its. Artists table labissiere two ladies came past so. That's. What I've been a will. They've restored on me over. The one not and. Saved. Us so. It's. A big like it's like a big a glue is Holly Kozar all. Right so I'll take your end abode and show you, Brenda. Boat. So. That's, so high as, it's really quite high. Yeah. That's. Part is PI like sex. Feet high so. I'm, just say be careful here because I've slept here I've. Selected before, so girls Olly right. And. That's the back of it you, understand. That's still Olli just too sure like their comparison. For the height. Stand. Up next up up. There so Olly is a four foot. So, he's four foot. So. It must be about four eight ten feet deep. Petticoat. Wasn't and. Then you go down as a little bridge. Hope. You're not going right down oh. Yeah. I'll. Show you it from the bottom nice, going. Back up to me Holly alright, oh. Yeah. You gotta cross the road when you go. Just. Wonderful, so, there's their, ASOS. And. Sayd. Their, words. So, we're going to go that's really tough, cause that's where, so. This is the old woodland. Yeah. The. Woodstock Miller without all to me to be honest. That's. What I called old, woodland. It's. Very nice I put on my very first day. YouTube. Buddy one here I set, my tarp up. And. I think I'll uh. Sorry. My. Ladder. The, biggest are woodland sir it's not all whittlin diverges, to camp. But. Yes put ignite still common war for her I suppose. What. Pass for the woodland that's a faff up office and let us wonder Lewis. Very. Where. Are. We going guys I phoned that wow what rate, and the old woodland. I thought I would give you a look. What. Do you think it is what Ollie. It's. A good little why doesn't well they're linked, to a shower. So. We're heading today a dovecot. Well. On the right path that's the actual path over there and the dovecot, is down the bomb it's. Actually been through the trees so. Bring. Your bike. So, there's the back of the old dovecot. That's. The old woodland, that, we just came out off the path is here don't. Know but it was all muddy so. We just came through the actual trees. We. Wish wasn't, me other, yeah. Well it wasn't as my beef for the girl so, that's. The back of their dovecot. I'll. Give you a look at the front. Beautiful, an over-the-top. Car. I always, thought if there's a lot of chucks or charcoal teeth thing but. Part. Of my not. Because. I had their. There. Closes. In so. It's right next to the shrug. Very. Cool. So. Anything under. There. Right, there. Tells. Me they're, done. So. That size but back at the mark guys and a I looked. At my phone and I've done four males so. We. Started, from here. We. Walked through. That. Path and. We've, got to be able to castle as we can see and. Then we walked from the castle to their, tournament. Bridge, which. Is here, and, then we walked to, their. Their. First. Thing that you call like that. Yeah. What. Yeah this they're. The. Courts house then. We walk back from the court chokes back to the castle, then. We walked up to build a lock as you. Came back from the walk, we. Took that path here how. Long to, build their ice, houses. And. We went for the old wood.

To. Build the tough quarters. And. Then. You can come, back on that path. There. And. It brings you back to the start, so that was four males, who. Got legs away. Are. You tired and. He's good take one door after us at. Four o'clock so, he was super fun to be out yeah oh. He's. Feet are so sore. Oliver. Says he's not up there so. It's.

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