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Welcome. To manna-fest. Hosted, by, international. Evangelist. Teacher and author perry stone. Enjoy. Unique insight into prophetic and, practical truth. It's. Time to feast on fresh manna so. Get ready to be blessed and encouraged. And now. Here, is your host and, teacher Perry stone. I'm. In the city of Jerusalem, and I'm in a very important, area directly, behind me is the Mount of Olives and there. Are ruins. Of stones, rocks, steps, and colonnades. That are all over this area this is called the hoola steps and it was named after the, prophetess, holder, in the, Old Testament. Several. Months. Ago when. I was in prayer I had a revelation come, to me that. I taught, in, different churches throughout the States and I felt like I wanted to come to you and bring, it to you on the manna-fest telecast especially. Since manifest, is a global. Program. That's seen around the world I, saw. Three things that, are all biblical, they're, found, both. In the Old Testament and in the New Testament they, also have, been repeated, for. Generations. Even up to our present, day and it. Deals with how, the Holy, Spirit moves. In the three phases. That. He moves in, and I. Want you to follow me because I've got some very important things to say in the next few moments but I'm going to give you three significant. Words. One. Is revival. The. Second, is awakening, and the. Third is outpouring. Let. Me say it again revival. Awakening. And outpouring. Now. Sometimes, all three of these run together but when we really begin to break them down from a biblical perspective, all three are significant, in their own area, now. The first thing I want to do is talk about the word revival. Many. Of you watching me right now are new to the ministry, especially in the West. And Midwest where, we've added numerous stations so maybe you don't know a little bit about my history I want. To talk to you for about a minute - about this I was, called into the ministry at, 16 years of age during an all-night prayer meeting at my father's Church in Salem Virginia. At. Age 18, all the way into my 20s I began to take on, the, road correspondence. Courses through, Lee college out of Cleveland Tennessee and. Continuing. My education on, the road as I began, to have what we're called revivals, now revivals. Are local, they, happen, in a local, area or a local region, the. Revivals, were amazing, because at age 18, in Montcalm, West Virginia, conducted, a revival, that actually, went on for, three consecutive weeks, we. Had a very small crowd, in the beginning and by the end of the revival the building was packed to capacity then. I went from there and began to conduct other revivals. And so my life. Has been that of what the New Testament calls, an, evangelist. And that, Greek word is. A word of one who announces. The good news one that presents the good news and evangelist. Is actually, a soul winner it's, a person, and, it can be male or female who is called of the Lord who goes into a local region and conducts.

Evangelistic. Meetings, some. Of my meetings went 11, weeks every night in length for example in LaFollette Tennessee others. Such, as Daisy Tennessee, went seven and a half weeks Dalton, Georgia went five and a half weeks and. Pulaski, Virginia three weeks four and a half weeks five weeks and these, were not Sunday, through Wednesday meetings, most of these were revivals, that continued, every single night we, hardly, took a break in fact the longest series of meetings I ever preached was a total. Of 16. Weeks and I, only had one night off and that's when it snowed, outside. Now. A revival. If you go into the New Testament. Phillip. Was an evangelist, that went down to the city, of Samaria and began to conduct what's called a revival, and here's. What the Bible says in acts 8 in Samaria, and there, was great joy. In the city now. In that revival, notice, that the joy was, the result, of what, was happening in the revival the Bible, says revive. Us O Lord that that, people may rejoice, again. So, a revival. Is a. Reviving. Of the, inner spirit. Of those. Who are spiritually sleeping, for. Example, if you go into a church and you want to have a revival some people call them protracted, meetings but a real revival, will. Begin, to stir, the, spirit, up of the, men and women who. Are the, theurgy chol who are lukewarm and, suddenly things. Begin to happen in those services that. Cause them to become excited about the things of God I remember, our first week, of every revival, I went to that, you had to get the Saints, revived, and, the, Saints, becoming joyful, and the Saints, excited, about the Lord and then it would spread to the families, in the church to, the children, of those families, to the relatives, of those families and then, it was spread into the community, and many times as it. Was in the book of Acts there would be signs and wonders that would break out in those meetings and then word. Would get out in the entire community and I remember, I have never forgot this in 1981. In Pulaski, Virginia, I preached, a revival, there that went on five weeks and in, about the third week of that revival it may have been the fourth week but it was only on a weekend. 400. Over 400. Young people, from, the high school in the area all came to church in that night and the, power of the Lord came upon every. One of them and I'm, telling you it looked like a whirlwind, hit the place so. There's revival. Now we don't, have many. Revivals, today, you know why people are too busy, parents. Are working a mom, and dad both are working jobs they get off at a certain time then kids are involved in cheerleading, the, band sports.

Activities. So, it's almost impossible, to have the kind of revivals, that we used to have but, let me tell you why a revival, is important. Jenson, Franklin, and I are very good friends and we were talking about this many years ago when. We grew up in the. Church of God denomination. We had revivals sometimes, once a month or once every two months and here's what would happen right. About the time that, you as a young person would, begin to allow your spirit to get dry and your heart to get a little cold not necessarily, toward the Lord but the zeal of the Lord would begin dying out all, of a sudden here would come this evangelist, on fire for God and most, of the time with Jensen and myself my dad was the pastor of the Evangelist stayed in our house and I can tell you stories of staying up all night hear the preacher talk about the Lord and I'd go to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning having spent, time with these great evangelists, that my dad had coming to the church but, he said this he, said right about the time that you would get a little lukewarm here, would come a man of God full of zeal and fire and it, would revive, you and put the fire back in you and then you'd be back in school witnessing, and you'd be back in school talking about the Lord that's why revivals. Are significant. Because, what it does it keeps the Saints challenged. It keeps them on fire for God and it keeps the zeal of the Lord burning, robert, van der martin who's over knows where the travel takes us to Israel and Robert met me in, a revival, in Southern, California at. Westminster. Church as I said West Minister so a church in Westminster, California that. Was four weeks in length and when, the pastor, called me he said no we'll go Sunday through Wednesday because you know this is California people can't come everyone I said I'm not coming sad, you're gonna go Sunday through Friday if you want to take Saturday off that's fine and he didn't believe people would come out the entire week and he's probably watching this telecast right now and yes guess Floyd they did come out all week for four weeks and, Roberts laughing over here because he remembers, that now, that's revival, let's go to the second one because the third one it's the third phase that, we're going to come into in the body of Christ and that's where I'm going that's where I'm going with all this the, second, one is awakening, now there, had been according, to, researchers. Process, possibly, up to four awakenings. In the United States of America, for. Example, Jonathan, Edwards had the Great Awakening then. There was another awakening. That happened in the African American community up, north many many years ago and there, had been what, some suggest, for awakenings, now watch what I'm going to say a revival. Affects a local, region, a talent, community, the. Browns were revival, however was more than a revival, they called it the Browns were revival, in Pensacola, but it was connected.

With And awakening, and connected. With the third part I'm going to talk about which is outpouring. Now. The difference, between revivals. And awakening is an awakening affects, an entire. Area, it can affect a state it, can affect for example, the northeastern. Part of the United States it can affect the entire west, coast of the United States and there. Have been some. Call it the Azusa, Street revival, which. Happened, in Los Angeles California at his Easy Street and some call it a revival, because it was one building one place where, people came but. The impact, of Azusa. Street was, an awakening, now the reason, that America. Is due for an awakening, is if you will study every, Awakening, in history, whether, it was in Britain England Europe or the United States, awakenings. Happen, when, people get into very heavy apostasy. When, people are not following the Lord when people are not obeying the Lord when people are not interested in church that's. When God moves. And, raises, up a person, that don't forget this, revivals. And awakenings, are always initiated. By a person, you, had dl Moody you, had Whitfield, you, had Spurgeon. Now these some of these men Spurgeon, was a pastor, in London however, thousands. Of people came to hear him preach and he'll wake them awake in an entire area Jonathan, Edwards another, example, now, we, need awakenings, here's why because people are, spiritually, dead on the inside and their, spirit, has to become, awakened. By, two, things one. Is the conviction, of the Holy Spirit that shows them their lacked and what they're missing see. When you're not revived, in the Lord you have no joy of the Lord when people become awakened. They, become awakened, because they see the, power of God in operation. Miracles. Always, follow. Revivals. You can read Acts 8 but, miracles of, salvation. And deliverance. Unity. And love always. Follow, an awakening. After. The Civil War there. Was an. Awakening, as, a matter of fact during the Civil War there. Was revivals, going on among, the Confederates, and also among the northern troops now a lot of people don't read about this in history because it's not talked about but, they were baptizing, these soldiers you, could hear singing on in the camps, of both those from the north and the south know why because. They were about to go to battle and many, of these men would never come back alive and they knew it and so they would turn to the Lord before the battle be, baptized, in water and, convert. To the Lord Jesus Christ and then have ministers, that would be praying over them and this was both sides it wasn't, just in the south it was in the South in the north as well and there, are books that were written on this and historical, documents as well so. I have, seen revivals. That are amazing with four or five six hundred say four or five 600, baptized in the Holy Spirit in one location and this. Is how our ministry, became known in the United States wort were these amazing. Revivals. That God gave that's what made voice of evangelism, ministry that's what created Perry stone ministries was, the revivals, now.

Awakenings. Are significant. Because America. Is do a spiritual. Awakening and, these. Awakenings will, come now don't don't you miss what I'm about to say these. Awakenings will, come when preachers. Go. Back to preaching the Word of God with. The authority. And the power of the Holy Spirit now, we've got very good preachers, today I mean Christian television is, full of men who, are teaching the word and some of them can almost mesmerize. You with, the information, that they present to you in a sermon and I, love watching a number of friends of mine that are just wonderful preachers, my wife has, men on Sunday, ministers, that she watches, on television. But I want to say something to you to have an awakening, you, have to confront, the, social, issues, the. Social, injustice, the. Unjust. Balances. That you see in the nation and the, unjust about an unjust unjust. Balance, it's when evil is called good and when good is called evil and when, people will take one, group treat, them a certain way but, take another group they don't like and treat them the opposite, but demand that group they're treating opposite, treats them different themselves, there's, an unjust, balance, in Washington. There's an unjust, balanced, in politics. There's, an unjust, balance, in the nation now, the only way that this can be corrected is, not by peace people just getting up and screaming, as talking, heads on talking, news networks, you, know this one screams this one and that one screaming at that one then you got an argument going on and they basically bring people on that are controversial, and say controversial, Thanks to bring the ratings up that, has got to stop, we have got to have ministers. Of the gospel that will go back to take the Word of God and stand on a pulpit, and preach it. With such power in, such, authority, that people come to their feet under the anointing of the Holy Spirit rejoicing. Or that people run to the altar praying, and seeking God for 30 minutes or an hour at a time can. It happen it absolutely. Can't happen and there, are places where it's been happening so, my point is, revivals. Come, through prayer. And seeking God but, awakenings, not only come through prayer, through prayer and seeking God they, come because, there is a hunger, in the people that there's something better than this there's, something greater than this there's, something that we need are high we're. Miserable things, aren't going well morals, aren't going well social. Things are collapsing. Around us but, an awakening, comes when, the human spirit is alerted. To the light of God and the, illumination, comes and then, all the sudden as the illumination, comes the power of God's Word is preached with authority. And with anointing, and it, causes people to turn you, know most of you know this that we have something called warrior, fists we have them in the fall - in the farm sorry - in the spring one in the summer, and, when. The ministers come in these kids are so hungry that when an altar call is given I have seen them literally run, to an altar and fall, down on their faces before, the Lord and spend, one two and three hours pray where we had to pick them up and carry them out of the building to an automobile that's. The kind of awakening, that will change a nation now, the third part is very important, because it is predicted. In Scripture. That this is going to happen and this third part is called the outpouring, of the Holy Spirit so you have revivals. You, have awakenings. And then you have outpourings, now Joel chapter 2 declares, that in the last day or in is shall, come to pass after. That's the exact wording in, Joe - it shall come to pass afterwards. I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and your young men shall see visions and, upon my servants, and my handmaidens, in the in, those days well, i pour out of my spirit saith, the lord now, if i were to have a glass of water.

Here That's full and i were to bump it with my elbow it would be spilled, and that would be an accident but, if I pick that glass of water up and I decide to literally pour that glass of water out then, I have willfully chosen, to pour out the water and I, love the phrase pouring, out because number one it's a rain term it's, a term of rain coming from heaven when rain pours, that we used to call it in in, Virginia, and Tennessee a gully, washer and it meant the rain was falling so, heavy that it cleaned the gutters out it cleaned the streets off now, the outpouring, is of the Holy Spirit, and it, involves, three things number one sons. And daughters that are that is the young men and young women it, involves, number two servants. And handmaidens now, the servants, are the older men the handmaidens are the older women and then, it involves, visions, and dreams now. The older, men will. Dream, dreams and, the younger men will see visions now, I must, be getting older because I'm not having as many visions, as I used to have but I'm having a lot of dreams and one. Man said to me years ago he says the way I look at this old, older. Men often dream about what was younger. Men visualize, of what's going to be and that can be true as well but I believe these dreams here are referring. To supernatural. Visitations, from God where, revelation. Knowledge and information is being released to, the person, to reveal to them things that's going to happen in the very near future many. Of you who've kept up with my ministry, you're aware of this so this is nothing new but, I remember, in 1998. In Brooksville Florida seeing, a vision not, a dream a full-color. Vision of what appeared to be the World Trade Center shrouded. In black and, I didn't know what it meant and then there's five Grace tornadoes. Spinning, and there, it's coming off of the building well. Six. Months later I have a dream, and it's almost like a night vision, more than a dream and I'm in a city and the city all. Of a sudden I heard people say the storms coming and I saw, african-american. People praying here and it was in a church, I saw, Hispanic, people praying here and I saw Caucasian. People praying there they were like with their ethnic, group in other words praying prayers and I, remember, seeing these tornadoes. Grayish, in color with. Paper and, coca-cola. Cans, and just all kinds of it looks like trash and they're spinning five of them well, little did I know that, that had a reference to the, twin towers that collapsed and when they collapsed, I watched it on TV in shock. And amazement and my office remembered. I had all of an artist, draw, this vision, out there was the Tri brought the paper I said here it is it was a terrorist attack I didn't know it and the, Trade Center was shrouded in black it collapsed, and when those gray looking, and it looked like little tornado, started coming down the street Trade, Center one two I mean the two towers and Trade, Center three four five and six fell in other words a total of two, towers, five, buildings, were, affected, I, should say and those, were the five great tornadoes, that I saw so, God gave me a vision now, I've also had and I'm not going to get into this because I don't want to get sidetracked from the theme but, I've also had visions, of tsunamis. Very, heavy dreams and visions of tsunamis. In coastal, areas some, said do you think that can be an outpouring, of the Holy Spirit and the answer is no I personally, think that it's going to be literal. But I do believe this I do know from Scripture, that God is going to pour out his spirit, on all flesh this, is the outpouring, cycle, when, the outpouring happens, there. Will be manifestations. Of cosmic, signs in the, Sun and the moon and the stars when, this happens, they'll be young people that God is going to give them visions, there'll be people that will be having dreams and there'll be dreams with meanings, dreams, that are going to come to pass dreams, that have, an interpretation. To them that's going to mean something but ladies and gentlemen please hear me, there. Has been a preaching of the gospel Matthew, 24:14. That's gone around the world especially. Through Christian television and also. Through, great churches all around the world in countries of the world but, there is coming and you need to hear me carefully the, greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

That's Going to be accompanied, with praying. In the prayer language of the Holy Spirit the Bible calls it speaking with tongues interpretation. Of tongues prophecy gives. To the spirit this, has to happen and the reason that it absolutely has. To happen is because it is predicted, in Joel chapter 2 and then, is repeated, in Acts chapter 2 and in acts 2 Peter said it will come to pass in, the last days I will pour out my spirit the. Holy Spirit, is going, to revive, the hearts of people so here's what's going to happen there, will be areas, local. Areas where there's little revivals, breaking out in churches, rural churches large. Churches revivals. Prayer meetings breaking, out of reviving, then, the Holy Spirit is going to use those people, to, stir the hearts of people through preaching and teaching to an awakening and through, that awakening, we're going to experience the final you hear me the final, third, phase of God the third phase of God the, outpouring, and here's, my message before. The tribulation comes. If you'll read Joel 2 the. Outpouring. Happens, before. The, great and terrible day, of the Lord comes the last sign. That. Jesus will, come and, he's. Coming soon will, be the global, outpouring, of the Spirit and can I tell you it, has already begun ladies. And gentlemen we are without a doubt in the time of the end we're coming near the great sign of Christ's return and, it, is the outpouring, of the Holy Spirit, Wow it's in the Bible and it's going to happen and we our ministry, is already, seeing it take place around, the world two hundred thousand people have been baptized, in the Holy Spirit in our ministry to God be, the glory, but I want to say to you thank you for joining me but listen we, have a new offer. To get it helps keep manna-fest on, the air but it'll be a blessing to you and then I want to tell you about where I'm coming to you so don't go anywhere stay with us on manna-fest. Do. You know the many secrets, of paradise, the temporary, home of the spirits, and souls that have died in Christ which is located in the third heaven Harry. Stone in his latest book secrets, of the third heaven delves, into some of the most interesting, in-depth. And mysterious, questions, ever asked, about the third heaven as a believer. Can you answer these questions, at death. Do, all children, go to heaven can. God show you the actual day an hour when you will die what. Is the difference between the human soul and spirit do. Departed, Saints now in heaven pray for those living on earth in heaven. How will we communicate, with people from different nations what. Happens if your name is not written in the book of life when. Your spirit leaves your body at death are you naked or clothed how. Is time counted, in paradise, and are they aware of earthly, events, will. A person's, body be raised from dust at the resurrection, will. We remember family members in Hell once we die in enter paradise, do. Infant spirits, age in heaven do they go to the same paradise, as adults can. A person repent of sins once their spirit, is out of their body these. Questions, along with more unusual, and difficult questions concerning, death angels. Heaven, and paradise are, answered. In Perry's latest, 220. Page book secrets, of the third heaven this. Book is filled with stunning true stories, and amazing, biblical word studies this. Offer also includes, the two audio CD, teaching, standing. At the Bema you. Will one day stand face, to face with Christ at a judgment, called the Bema what. Will you be judged for and how will you answer Christ, when he exposes the idle words you spoke and your, actions, on earth this, two-hour teaching, will explain from beginning to end what. To expect and how you will be rewarded, or stand, ashamed, perry's, revelatory, book and this informative, audio teaching, are available, for your gift of just $35. Or more call. Toll-free. 1-800. - one two seven three two three or order, online at, You. May also write perry stone PO box. 3595. Cleveland. Tennessee, 37320. When, ordering ask, for offer th. 135. And enclose, your gift of $35. Or more if. You have questions, this book and audio teaching, has the answers, order. Your set today. You. Know I can't tell you how excited, I'm about the new offer because this subject of life after death the third heaven is my favorite, subject to study so. I spent a year writing this book it's now available it's brand new it's not a reprint, it's not a rehash of old material this is a great book and it'll. Answer a lot of your questions by the way many of your questions and there, will be a card in the book that you, get it go, to your computer and you access, private.

Things. That we taped which are life after death experiences. For people so don't forget that also. Let's talk for just a little bit about a couple of the things that I want to share with you, I'm. Going to be coming to Rock, Church International, May. The 6th all, right I'm gonna be K and that's in Virginia Beach Virginia may, 13th, Wednesday, night family. Christian's center Munster Indiana you guys got to come hear me preach I got a word we're gonna have a great service that night and I'm looking forward to first, nations camp meeting in New Mexico, we're going to a lot of places and I've told you that we're gonna be going more into the West because, the Lord really put it in my heart to do that now. I want to talk about everything. That we're seeing taking, taking place here. In 2020, the. Situation with the viruses. That have broke out the situation with the locusts that are eating the food in Africa. In different parts of the world, folks, listen to me very carefully I have, been preaching for about, Willis. Since I was 18, years of age but for about probably 20. Years pretty heavily on prophetic, themes and you see a lot of those from our Israel tapings, but. I kept, telling people it's, not a war a rumor, of war famine pestilence an earthquake it's when Jesus said when all these things begin to come to pass then, look up, lift up your head, the. Issue is, I have, never seen, on. Such, a large, scale, such. What we would call and the, news media is using these terms apocalyptic. Events, now. Listen to me carefully you knew it and I knew it and, you. Are now informed, through you. Know ministry such as ourselves and through our resource material that we offer your, informed, about what Jesus, has predicted, now, there are people that. Are, trying to silence our voice in social, media areas, because they're saying well Perry stone is a, conspiracy. Theorist they, call the rapture conspiracy. They call demon possession of conspiracy, they've actually flagged, material. To, say it's conspiracy, now ladies and gentlemen listen to me it, is important, that while we can preach the word to you that you hear it make, notes on it get. The resource material, get it in your hands, because, I'm telling you there's there's there's very strong, forces, that, want to try to silence, any voice that, would bring you the Word of God so. We're gonna do what we can as long as we can while we can with everything we have to, gift the Word of God out to you now. On the flip side of that I want you to go to and. Follow us there I want you to go to I so gorg, began, to download, and work, with downloading, some of our material, for Bible, research and. Our our Tuesday nights I want you to come to Omega center international we, were growing to seven 800 people on a Tuesday, night and then, we have some powerful services, as well so stay, in touch with this Perry stone ministries Facebook. You can stay in touch with me that way as well through social media god, bless you. Perry. Stone invites you, to join him for his 2020, as realtor, the dates are November 23rd, through December, 2nd with an optional, visit to Petra in the country of Jordan call, one eight eight eight three two one three six two nine or, visit, for, more information, and how to register seating. Is limited so, call today. You.

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