The Lebanon they WON'T show you (Batroun 4K)

The Lebanon they WON'T show you  (Batroun 4K)

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check out my patreon in the link in the description for more bonus content like deleted scenes thanks for watching this video [Music] good morning from batroon so you guys are gonna notice that this city is a little bit different than the other ones that uh we visited so far it's a beach village beach town and let me quick show you around where we're staying so obviously surfing is a thing [Music] it's uh not uncommon here in the room to be in a resort type accommodation like this this one's really cool because they have yoga classes lodging like they're known for their food they have a great restaurant and they also have like a shop um it's called dharmaji it's really the first thing like it that we've seen like in all of lebanon so where are we going valentine we're gonna have some breakfast at raise [Applause] your welcome beer is their password to their wi-fi you're welcome dear yeah don't tell anybody this place is like a completely different vibe than like any other part of lebanon that we've been in so far it's really like yeah of course [Music] anyone here okay nice i like it this place is like basically as if you're on the beach with a french accent yes so that makes it kind of like yes francophone yeah exactly i love that i know what's happening yeah so i got the uh vegetable omelette and valentine got the ham and cheese give us knives how is it good i'm gonna try the vegetable that's good yeah yeah i like it i mean it's not like fancy but it's like tasty it's definitely sunset boulevard in california los angeles hollywood there's a sunset boulevard and it's the same like you have the you have the hill over there like you know in the distance like the building style the street and the restaurants that line the street and the palm trees and the palm and the palm trees and the dragon but like the yeah the moss kind of like is an unexpected edition so i think that way is mostly just like restaurants and stuff and i want to check out the souk because i think it'll be beautiful so i want to head back the way that we came a little bit and go the opposite way are you done [Music] oh so i think we found the souk i think we found the only driver getting out of the way we're now stuck between two parts look there's no way around it this road is just barely big enough to fit this car or the car behind us yeah seriously there's like all kinds of pedestrians bikers can you imagine living here and like deciding to like drive just doesn't work so beautiful so now we're going to check out the souk of bathroom all the beautiful architecture and the beautiful local shops so this first one we came across has these amazing glittery bags so beautiful got a market got this guy yeah let's check it out babe so vance what are you getting i want to get one of these lavender sachets yeah they smell really good they're kind of spicy and i think i can put it in my suitcase and it will make my clothes smell nice in fact i can put one in the dirty laundry smells great we got the uh we got the souk food do you want it babe are you hungry no i'm showing you how he's preparing what he's saying why is it going well why because the the chemist is out yeah so this is a russian uh chessboard or is it chess yeah russian chess pieces chess pieces um yeah wow it's an antique shop chocolate he's got everything he has a different kind of antiques different set of antiques than we're used to yeah look at this puffer fish okay what's up feet [Music] there's turtle shells man you made it [Music] is out of shells oh they are on your shelves huh so you're taking the uh the chess pieces home to uh russia huh yeah blue the blue one yeah i'm gonna i think it'll be a nice present for the russians i think they won't be expecting some like old russian uh stuff from lebanon this place is so interesting don't you feel like there's like cafes bars like just like very california feeling things everywhere and then it's mixed in with like some like antique shop and like a place where they're making like you know like on the grill yeah like it's like an interesting mix between like super like hippie like california like modern vibes yeah with like the old lebanese style yeah like the ancient like arabic like traditional cultural and christian yeah and like mostly christmas mostly christian i think yeah although we did see a mosque so there must be some muslims in the area turkish coffee yeah you want to find a nice cafe somewhere yeah actually right here yeah all right watch the men work or do you think it's i don't kind of like it oh okay they're working here oh it's dirty so yeah you can sit on this side okay yeah that's right do you wanna stick uh i'm okay with that i was kind of hoping like they're more relaxed i didn't think it was that big okay well they're not doing it so it's like here or here or here uh let's do one okay yeah sounds good to me on this view hopefully the table is uh oh the table is stable a table stable valentine messed with the table delicious what do you got there i got an apple pie baked over there in a big oven yeah just just next door there's like a bakery place and it's apple on the inside yeah yeah in arabic like they really differentiate between the regular h like just the uh or like the i don't even know how to like you know but like and then there's the ha like it's like a ha like it's different it's breathier what's the third one different like more more distinctly different i would say than the verses but they will correct you you gotta pronounce it correctly all three h's don't you valentine yes i can barely tell the difference but that's hard we'll get there step by step that's the attitude quite the contrast of people you know yeah that are walking by like within one minute like 30 seconds of each other who's a cute trash kitty so we found elmina the port random engine they've got engines laying around it look at that stuff there's just nets everywhere no fish just nuts they're ready for the fish though we've got a big party uh boat over here oh look there's that thing yeah we'll find our way over there first let's check out what's over that wall yeah there's people taking pictures up there might be a good spot let's check out this wall what's on the other side wow oh my god this view is incredible okay i'll show you i want to jump down down there look at this is he fishing the water babe no no i swear valentine's always wanting to do the dangerous things look how beautiful all of this is i just can't get over it it's so beautiful and look we have these like little pools in the rocks here and uh in the dried up pools you can see that the salt has collected because it got dried out by the sun and you can see like all the salt crystals like this is all salt how cool is that see all this it's all just salt from the sea see if it smells salty yep definitely smells like salt so i'm not sure if these holes are like natural the holes in the rock like the little pool areas i'm not sure if they're natural or if they're man-made by like the phoenicians or some ancient civilization uh but this is actually like the perfect way to gather sea salt look a perfect little pocket of it right there so it's either either either it just happened naturally and it's a happy accident or uh it's the ingenious engineering of some ancient civilization [Music] emily come here [Music] it's salty [Music] valentine where you going so valentine whenever there's warm weather he becomes very like sluggish and like just tired and he's like this is probably like the fourth time today that he's just laid down this is the first time r.i.p so we have now transitioned into our evening attire how do we look hopefully good and now we are on our way back to ray ray's the restaurant that we were at this morning for breakfast because uh the server nur has something very special very traditional batroon waiting for us so here we go [Music] what do you think it is valentine thinks it's a dessert yeah i'm not 100 sure [Music] it's something simple but i hope you like the taste the taste yes it's videos videos videos yes it smells like smells like cheese no no chocolate chocolate oh [Music] you want to sit down yeah can we sit down on the beach yeah that would be nice i hope you like it i'm sure we will we'll tell you we'll finish it and then we'll come back and tell you how we liked it thank you bye all right is this our spot yeah i think so perfect huge drop here are the napkins huge drop perfect are you going to lay it down for me yeah [Music] i don't want to step on oh look at you getting all comfortable what you're getting all comfortable all right let's try these she like went to the or ordinary or something yeah yeah i didn't see these at the bakery we were like this is like way messy for me here i'll i'll let me kill him can you tear it yeah [Music] valentine's king of the sweets comes in handy in some situations here this look at that chocolate in the middle chocolate on top amazing do you like it that was your first bite right yeah yeah this is really rich all right let's i'll try it is really rich really good sunset dessert before dinner yeah we're doing things a little backwards but that's okay everyone [Music] you

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