The Majority Rules Kickoff (feat. Stacey Abrams)

The Majority Rules Kickoff (feat. Stacey Abrams)

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Alright whoa. Thank. You Alejandra. If we give it up for her and the YWCA and the amazing, things they do every day. So. Awesome, and Portia, you're, fabulous. I cannot, wait to see what you do next so give it up for Portia and. It. Is awesome to be back in Atlanta and there is no place that we would rather kick, off this national, bus tour then right here, in the, heart of where all the good organizing, work in this country has, always happened and that's Atlanta, Georgia, so. I. Know. We've got a lot of folks here but I also want to welcome. All the folks on livestream, all. Across America, and probably across the world people. Are watching you so can trace say hi to the folks on livestream, from Atlanta, all, right. So. I, also, I want to thank somebody I'm not sure where she's the crowd but, Randy Gregory the, state director for the ndw, a it's the reason we are all here today so, can you give it up to Randy, and. I. Know you're really here to see my. Favorite woman Stacey, Abrams who's, gonna be coming out really soon. So. Um I, want, to say one thing cuz I don't want to forget and and Alejandra, I mentioned something that's really important which, is a year. From now it. Will be the hundredth anniversary, and. Our anniversary, of suffrage. But. It. Is really important to remember that, not every woman got the right to vote a hundred years ago is that right is. That right so. Let me just say right here, the. Whole idea of supermajority, is we are building the, biggest most badass group, of women, across the country across race, across, geography. Across, gender. Identity. Nobody. Gets left behind right so, a. Hundred. Years later we're going to get it right next to November am I am I right, okay. So this. Afternoon, as Alejandra said we are kicking. Off this 19. Stop national, bus tour we're, leaving from here to go to Birmingham Alabama and, see our sisters down there and we're. Gonna keep on going until we end up with Elizabeth Warren and Camilla Harrison Nevada, all right, go. And. I'm gonna be on the bus every step of the way so follow me. Super. Majority kicked off last spring, and it, was really because we but we believed, that we needed a home for. The activism, of women and their allies who believe it, is high past, time that we have gender equity in the United States of America, are you with me and. That. Means, equity. Across race across, geography, across background, across age. Women. Are more than, half the country all. Right we're more than half the voters more, than half the activists, more, than half the donors so is it about time that we have our equal, political power in America that's. The whole idea. So. Hear. It from me we are no longer as super we were no longer a special interest we, are the super majority in the United States of America, okay. And. I think the idea is of course that our issues get talked about we'll talk about that in a minute but, also that we have equal representation. From. The school board to. The governor's, mansion here, in Georgia right right. And, to. The White House and so, that issues that affect our daily lives like, the fact that we don't get paid the same as, other. People that, work with us and particularly for women of color right, the, fact that we actually have to worry about access, to affordable health care, we have to worry about things like maternity. Care which is still treated like a nuisance, by, employers, I'm ready, for that to end and here. In Georgia in particular but not only in Georgia we are still fighting for the right to control our own bodies and make our own decisions, about pregnancy, and that could happen anymore.

So. Here's. Our plan we. Have four main things we're gonna do this year and we're brand new so right you know we're just we're just getting started so the, good news is you're on the ground level first, is we're gonna build our community, and that's what you're starting here today in Atlanta, and we're building communities, all across the, country and this is the exciting thing is it's its, longtime activists. Like me I mean I got taken the principal's office in seventh grade and I never quit after that. But. Also millions. Of folks who are raising their hand and say I want. To do something more I've never been involved in politics I've never registered, people to vote but I want to get off the sidelines, put, me in right so that's our number one goal is to bring this entire community together second. Is we're providing training on everything, from how do you hold a house party how, do you talk about tough issues with your friends, how. Do you actually build the kind of movement we, need across, race across. Geography. Across experience. Number. Three we're going to lift up our agenda, for equality and my friends are going to come up in a minute and talk to you about that. And number, four, okay. Wait for the punch line next, fall with, all of you all together and, all the other women across this country and our allies we're. Gonna run the largest woman-to-woman. Voter. Contact, and turnout program that we have ever seen in the United States of America, right okay. You're with me, okay. We. Can do this and I, think the important part of this that I'm sure Stacey will talk about it we, know how important, it is that. Not only every woman is registered to vote but, every woman has the right to vote and every. Single, vote, is counted all right so we commit to that good. Because. As we know and it's my favorite line one. Of us can be ignored, two. Of us can be dismissed, but together we're. A movement and we are unstoppable all right so. I, am. Really excited when we started super majority, it was a bunch of us got together and said things got to change we've, got to channel all this power and I'm, thrilled that three. Of the other co-founders, are here today, in, Atlanta because, that's because, Atlanta, is so important, and to reminds, that are going to come up now so just hold your applause for a second.

Hi Jen poo who is the national I know it I knew I couldn't stop you she's. Amazing, she's, the national, director of the National National, Domestic Workers Alliance and, Jess, Morales ricado the chair of families belong together give, it up for Jess and I Jen. Whoo. Hello. Everybody. I'm. I jump ooh I'm the proud daughter, of, immigrant, parents. And. Since. 1998. I have had the incredible honor of organizing. With women whose caregiving. And cleaning, work powers. Everything, else in our economy, domestic. Workers. Shout. Out to all the domestic workers who are here today and who are hard at work all over this country I. Am. Jessica, DOE, I'm a twin, I'm a proud, mexican-american, and. And. It's. The honor of my life to work with ijen and the domestic workers to flex one of our most important, superpowers, voting. For leaders who will support women of color all over this country. We. Are so, excited to be launching, supermajorities. Bus tour in Atlanta, Georgia home. To so many movements that have shaped our country from. Civil, rights to reproductive justice, and, home. To so many great women leaders, who have brought our country, forward, from. Dorothy, Bolden, a black domestic, worker. Who. Founded, the National, Domestic Workers Union. In 1969. To. Congresswoman, Lucy, McMath fighting, for the safety of our children. -, state senator nickimja. Williams who is here today. And. Stacey. Abrams the, two of them are fighting to secure our voting, rights and our democracy, today let's give it up for both of them. These. Movements. And leaders have proven, time and time, again. It's. The undeniable. Power of everyday, people coming. Together and, organizing. Around values, that, we share at. Super-majority, we. Knew when we launched, we needed to listen to women and meet, you where you are all, over the country and that's exactly what we've been doing. Through. House parties. Focus. Groups meetings. And community, centers, and our very, own women's.

Poll, We're. Really proud to share that more than. 75,000. Of you from all 50, states took. The women's poll shared. Your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams and. We, learned a lot. We. Learned that we're furious, about the direction this president, is taking our country. This. President, is taking us backward, making, our country less safe less. Equal, and less just, every. Single, day we're. Sick of seeing, our rights rolled back we're, sick of his hateful policies. And the politics, of this administration. But. We're not sitting back and waiting, for things to get better we're. Working, together we're, lifting each other up and we're supporting, one another to be successful, in spite of everything, we. Learned that we are tired of being invisible, treated. As an afterthought, or as a special, interest group and that, we want our leaders to reflect. Our values and our priorities, we. Know, what, we need and women. Are the only ones, who can make it a reality. So. Today I'm very excited to. Unveil the, majority, rules the, values, that will shape our future we. Believe these, values, should be the foundation, of every. Aspect of our culture our, government. In our society, no. Longer will we live our lives by the rules that have been set for us those. Rules try to tell us how a woman should be they. Try to tell us what to do with our voices our bodies, our clothes our jobs those. Rules whispered, you can't do it or no. One has done it before so. What makes you think you, can do it here's. What makes us think we can do it women. Are the most powerful force in America, today. And. Powerful. Women need a powerful, blueprint. For the future so. That's why we have the majority rules and they, are. Rule. Number one, our. Lives. Are, safe. We. Live free from fear intimidation. And. Violence at, home at, work in, our neighborhoods, no matter where we are from who, we love or how we identify. Rule. Number two our, bodies, are respected.

The. Health care system, takes our needs seriously. From, treatment to research, to making, decisions about how if and, when to start a family. Rule. Number three, our. Work. Is valued. We. Are paid equally. For our work and we get promoted equally, to the. Jobs primarily done, by women from teaching to caregiving, our valued, and supported. We. Can retire, with dignity and. Enjoy, the life that we worked so hard for. Rule. Number four our families. Are supported we. Are no longer forced, to make impossible, and, unfair, choices, between family, and work, providing. The best care for our families from, infancy to old age is possible. And affordable. For, all of us. Rule. Number five our. Government. Represents. Us. From. The school bar to the White House we are represented. The, right to vote is protected. And promoted all. Voters, have access, to the polls and every, vote is counted. And. The. Last rule is what we call this super, rule and it's. That our lives and experiences. Particularly. Women, of color our front. And center in addressing, all of our nation's challenges, from, climate change to immigration, to criminal justice reform the, people who are hurt most by the status, quo must. Be at the forefront of our solutions. At. Super majority, we, believe that you don't need to be a policy, expert to. Know exactly. What is right. To. Know that equality, is not negotiable, and to. Be clear, about what matters most. The. Majority, rules will ensure that those in power, make. What we care about a priority. These. Values, they connect, us and they will help us live, work. And rise, together. We. Are in the fight of our lives for, the values, that will shape our nation's, future and we. Want the majority, rules to, be our future. I am. So, so excited to introduce right, now an amazing young women who, is an example of the kind of leadership we need I found out that she went, into her first campaign office, at eight years old. And. I'm. Gonna be taking that kind of energy all the way through this bus to her and, I was just so, honored to welcome Joby, Crawford, to the stage. Hello. Everyone. You. Can do better than that hi, everyone. So. Greetings to the exceptional, folk gathered. Here today for this momentous occasion to. All of those gathered, here on line with us hi mom I know you're joining and a, special, salutations.

To, The persons who continue, to serve as beacons of light and spaces, filled with darkness for, it is on your shoulders with that I stand. My. Name is Joby Crawford, I'm a junior, International. Studies major Spanish. And religious studies double minor at Spelman, College here, in Atlanta, Georgia. As. A child, my, parents always stressed the importance, of exercising, the right to vote when I became of age so. Naturally, just like everyone, else I registered. To vote the first down on my 18th birthday in, my, home state of Pennsylvania, the. Next fall I began my collegiate journey here in the state of Georgia and I, knew that my voting experience, could not be limited to my home state and that is a resident, of Atlanta, I must continue to exercise, my right, Spelman. College did everything in its power to ensure that each of its students, had the opportunity to, register to vote from. Hosting, registration. Fairs to having candidates, visit campus, Spelman. Encouraged, his students to let their voice be heard throughout, this state this, nation, in the world, so. As the 2018, election, approached all, of my institutions. Increase. Naturally. Is for our Spelman, sister miss Stacey Abrams was in the race and we all knew that it would be a tough one but, Spelman, nights don't let other Spelman, Knights fight alone I registered. To vote at my institution, at one of our many voter registration. Fairs in on November 6 2018. Like, many other students, I went to cast my vote at Booker T Washington, high school I was. Filled with only excitement, as I waited in line it was my first time voting in the state of Georgia when, I approached the poll worker and told him my name he, told me about he was unable to find my registration, I asked. For provisional, ballots so which he replied I only have two left and several people need one how, fair would it be to give you one and not then I. Paused. For a moment and looked around the room which was full of people who looked exactly like me, I thought, about my parents, my institution, in all of the communities of colors that would be disproportionately. Affected, by voter suppression and, lastly. I thought about Stacey Abrams and how there was never a fight that I had seen her back away from because she was too scared this. Was the moment that she and countless others had prepared me for I turned, back to the poll worker and reminded, him that to deny myself where anyone else in the room a provisional, ballot would be denying us a right provided, by the federal law. Which. Would not only be unethical, but, illegal in the state of Georgia, somehow. He was then able to find my name and I was able to vote regularly. I. Stayed. At that polling, place for a few more hours to ensure that no other voter had to experience, what I had to experience, alone. You. See there's, a line in the spellman, hem that requires its students, to be undaunted. By the fight miss, Abrams as, your Spelman sister I am here to indeed declare, that you are undaunted, you, see she is a change agent a champion. For communities, around this state this nation, and this world she, is indeed unbought, and unbossed she. Is formidable, courageous. For the only thing she seems to lack is fear, she, is everything that I aspire, to be so it is indeed an honor and a privilege to, present to you all my, Spelman, sister, miss, Stacey Abrams. I'm. Gonna say it once. Again. We. Won. Here's. The thing here's, the, thing as. Women. We are taught that there are certain rules we have to follow that. The, scoreboard, no, matter who's managing, it even. If that person is also the one at bat and the umpire.

We. Are taught that it's our responsibility to. Meekly, accept the outcome, but. We're also taught to trust, the rules as they are written down I, don't. You. See I went, to graduate school I went to law school and I began my education at, Spelman, College. And. As. Jodi pointed, out so beautifully, we've. Been taught that sometimes, the rules weren't, written for us in, fact. They were written despite. Us and even. Worse to, spite, us. But. This is the year we are going to take the rules over because, the majority will. Rule. We. Know we live in a nation that does not always believe in the whole of who we are we. Are told we don't look the part we, aren't from the right place we don't have the right resources we. Need too much we talk too much I'm, here. To tell you we're not going to shut up. Because. This is our nation, these, are our people and it's our responsibility. That. When the rules are broken you fix them when. The system, is broken you take it over. And. So, in my friend Cecile Richards when, I Jen who when, just rocket--oh Morales. When. Alicia Garza, asked. Me to come here today there was no other place I could be now technically, I'm gonna be on the plane in about 38 minutes after, this. But. I'm here first because. This is a bus tour to change America. We. Know that. We can win our nation, back and I'm. Not talking, about partisanship. Because. The reality, is that voter. Suppression was baked into the DNA of America. It. Is a feature it's not a bug, from. The beginning of our country there were certain communities, that we're told you get to be here and contribute. But you don't get to speak up and we. Have fought since our inception to. Expand, the pool of voices, that shall be heard and my. Work in the, wake of 2018. Is to ensure that that fight never stops. Now. On, November, 6 when. I stood. For office in November 16th, when I did mine on concession, speech I had. A lot of folks who got really angry with me because there's, a dance you're taught to do as a politician you are supposed, to very. Cordially. And graciously, acknowledge, your defeat, suck. In your ignominy and go on about your way because, they're only gonna let you come back and play if you do the dins well. I don't, dance well, and. I. Don't dance on command. Because. When. We concede. That a system, that. Silences. Voices like Jody's when. We can see the system that told a 92, year old woman in southwest, Atlanta who had voted from the same place since 1968. When, they are told they don't exist they're not just telling them they're. Telling us, because. They, may start with them but they're coming for all of us you can't erode, the machinery, of democracy. And not have it break down for everyone and. So. When I thought about what I was going to say on the day that I acknowledged. The legal sufficiency of. The, rules no. I did not become governor that day but I remain, an American, on that day and as, an American, it is my responsibility to, question, the laws of this land if those laws do not do their job it. Is my responsibility. It. Is my responsibility to. Ensure that a democracy, and yes we are a democracy. Yes. We are a nation that says that the voices that comprise who we are should, be allowed to direct, what we do and right. Now the direction, is wrong, but. We have an opportunity in, 2019. And 2020 to. Right the ship to. Turn this state around to, turn this nation around, because. Anytime you can rattle, off statistics, about maternal, mortality. About. About. Human trafficking. About. Mass incarceration when. We can talk about gun violence and we, don't have to search our memory banks for the last time there was a mass shooting that's, a problem in this country. When. Domestic violence. Is allowed to go unchecked and, we have to fight for the right to take guns out of the hands of those who would kill our women that's, a problem. And. These. Are problems that can be solved. And so. I'm here today to join, these women these extraordinary, women and these, good men to. Tell us how we're gonna get it done so. I've got three jobs for you number. One sign up say sign up, we. Have got to register to vote and then we've got to make sure we're registered to vote in them you got to double check that we're still registered, to vote. You. See in the state of Georgia and around the country we have this strange. Equilibrium. Happening, where, we have some of the highest rates, of registration. And some, of the highest rates of voter purging, and they. Would argue that if you're being registered on one hand you can't be purging with the other but these. Folks are very ambidextrous. And. So. We have to make certain that we are on the rolls and that we stay on the rolls because that's the first leg, of voter suppression we.

Have To ensure that the people we love who take for granted that their voices will be heard we've, got to make sure that they're still there and then we've got to go and find them friends, we've. Got to register more and more people because despite. The argument, that voter suppression can't, exist when more. Voters turnout, I can, tell you that's like saying that because there are more people in the ocean there aren't sharks. The. Sharks are still there they just have more choices and, so. Our obligation. Is to overwhelm, the ocean and make, certain that we do so much that the sharks turn tail and go home, so. We've got to sign up. And. We have to sign up those communities, we tend to speed pass the ones we don't want to stop, at you know that light you get to and you're hoping that it stays green so you don't get caught at that block I need. You to park your car and walk down that Street. I need, you to make friends with those who've been overlooked, and undervalued and, under-resourced. Because. That's how we get their voices added to our own we've. Gotta sign people up and let, them know that we see them and want them to be part of our American politics. So. Number one your job is what. The. Second, job is speak up say speak up, now. I know this is a quiet crowd. With. No opinions. But. I need you to start speaking aloud I need you to go on social, media but then I need you to come off of social, media I need, you not to talk to the people who already agree with you because that's why they're your friends, and why they follow you I need. You to talk to the folks that no one ever talks to and, when. Someone says well you're being political, say yes. Because. Look people, may not believe in politics but I can promise you politics, believes in them as. They. Like to say you were either at the table or you are on the menu, but. If we speak up we, can talk to people who think that it doesn't matter that their voices are so muted it will never change but. We proved that wrong in 2018, in the state of Georgia because. Despite the most vicious voter suppression in a, generation we. Tripled, Latino turnout in the state of Georgia we tripled. We. Tripled. Asian, pacific-islander, turnout. In the state of Georgia. We. Were told young folks like Jodi didn't want to vote there were so many of them voting they ran out of ballots often. Incompetence, was also part of the problem but. But. We. Increased youth participation, rates in the state of Georgia by a hundred, and thirty nine percent. We. Were told in Georgia that all the black folks who were going to vote had already voted but. I want to put this into perspective in. 2014. 1.1. Million people cast, ballots on the Democratic, side of the ticket in. 2018. 1.2, million black people voted, for me I. Tell. You that number I. Tell. You that number because we have to understand, that, communities, have three choices they. Can vote for vote, against, or not vote at all and too.

Often The people who share our needs have, chosen option number three because, they haven't been taught to speak up and sometimes. You've got to speak up for folks so they can find their voices themselves. But. I also want you to understand, that by centering communities, of color by, organizing. The marginalized and the disadvantaged, we did not ignore. The white community despite what some of the myths would tell you because, you see we are all one people and, we. Are a united, community because, poverty. Doesn't care what color you are. Illness. Illness. Comes for all of us and in. The state of Georgia in 2018. We, increased, the turnout rate of white Democrats, for the first time in a generation. Now. Supermajority. Is a c3, organization they, are not partisan I don't. Have that problem but. But. I want you to understand, that this isn't just about party, I'm using the, statistics, from my election to, illuminate, a larger point, because. Progress doesn't care about your party, there. Are poor people who vote Republican, and there are poor people who vote Democrat, and there poor people who don't think their votes count. And until. Our politics. Reflect our values until. We speak up and say that poverty, comes, for all of us that illness comes for all of us that mass incarceration is, going to come for all of us that gun violence comes, for all of us that reproductive, freedom is necessary, for all of us until, we speak up for all of us the majority, will not rule and, we. Have to do that work. So. First I need you to do what and. Then, I need you to and the. Third thing I need you to do is show up say show up. Election. Day is coming and we've got to meet it where it is and we've got to bring our friends and our family, and our neighbors and our enemies folks who owe us money folks, we don't like folks, who blocked us on social media folks we have blocked we. Have got to show up because our world is at stake. Our. World, is at stake, because. The values, that made us the strongest, nation in the world those. Values are being shaken. When. We have leaders that celebrate, racism. And misogyny. Who, revel in their xenophobia, who. Put children in cages, and call it good or, worse. Who. Look away and say well it doesn't really matter because they're not us. We. Are all in this together. This. Climate, that keeps, us all healthy and alive is in. Danger and climate. Justice has to belong to all of us and that. Means we can't just, be for. Us we. Have to be for them and the. They that don't know they should be in this room have to be invited by us so when you show up you, need to show out and show, everyone, around you that their voices will, be heard if they come with you if they vote with you if they stand with you we can. Get this done. The. Majority, rules when we show up the majority, rules when. We stop letting silence, terrify, us when. We realize, that this is our nation, we. Are one nation, that. Is not divided, by. Our politics, we are divided, by our fear. But. If we put that fear aside if we stand together if we believe that what has been done can be undone and, what needs to be made whole can, be done by, our hands, and our hearts and our voices and our feet and our, ballots, cast, then. We will turn this nation back towards the, lodestar, that should always guide us, freedom. And justice, for, all so. You need, to you. Need to do what and. Then. And, then. And then. We will be able to show them that we are the majority in the majority, rules thank you so much. Alright. Y'all. Don't have to stop clapping, for Stacey in fact I feel like. Let's. Just blow the roof off this thing. So. My name is Alicia, Garza. I'm. The, co-creator, of the black lives matter global, network. And. A. Proud, co-founder. Of the, super majority education. Fund. You. Know one of the things I love about Stacey, Abrams is, that. She gave us something to fight for. There. Are so many times when, we hear things like well you just got to get out there no matter what and that's true. But. We have so many talented.

Brilliant. Visionary. Creative. Leaders and they. Need, our wind. To be beneath their wings. Stacey. Abrams is, the, rightful governor of Georgia. But. Stacey Abrams is, also. Representative. Of the. Power and the brilliance. And the vision. And the imagination. That women, bring to this country. No. Longer are we, going to allow women. And, especially, black. Women and women of color to. Be held back by a system, that was designed for. White men. Let. Me say that again. We. Didn't build these systems and, these. Systems were not built for us but. We have an opportunity. Starting. Right now, to. Build the, systems that we want, we. Have an opportunity to build these systems in our image if we want a different kind of democracy, we, can build it if we, want a different economy we, can build it if we want a different society we. Can build it but you know what it's gonna take. Women. Now. I'm already clear we are the new face of power we're not the future where the now. We. Are ready to ensure that our. Leaders. Prioritize. Us or we're, gonna make sure that they no longer lead. And. We're, ready to take action in fact we already are and we know that the state of Georgia is in play right now you don't actually have to wait until, 2020 to be powerful, in Georgia and let me tell you why, you. Know last year in 2018. Women, were over 55%, of, the, vote and, more. Than, 800,000. Women. Voted. In, 2018. Than in the last midterm, election, what does that tell you women, are on fire and. What. We know is that all we need is a little more oxygen, to spread that fire all across the country. With. The majority rules we are taking, action and, the, majority, rules is now our rallying, cry. Super. Majority, is building, the, largest, woman-to-woman. Voter. Contact, program. In the history, of this country, and if you are a part of that that means that you are a part of making history. We. Are committed, to training, and mobilizing. Two million. People who. Then will activate, millions, more to make, sure that, the people in power truly. See us or like I said we'll. Take them out of power. Now. This bus tour is the start of that action, I know you all saw that beautiful thing outside. It's. Amazing. Tomorrow. We're headed to Birmingham. After. That we're going to Tallahassee. After. That we're going to Columbia, South Carolina. After. That we're going to Hampton, Virginia and, we've got a whole ton of other stops we, are, unstoppable. But. We need you to come with us. Now. This, isn't a publicity, tour. Just. To be clear this. Is not a publicity tour that bus looks really good and it's.

Gonna Be our home for the next couple weeks but this is not about publicity this. Is about changing, the equation of how politics. Happens in this country, now. Y'all know because. We're here in Atlanta. Politicians. Come here all the time and they, ask you to come here to listen to them tell, you what they're going to do we're. Changing that equation that. Bus is going to be gathering, women, all over the country and we. Are going to have mayor Pete Buddha judge we, are going to have senator, Kamala, Harris we, are going to have senator. Elizabeth, Warren. We. Are going to have amy klobuchar, we are going to have candidates. Who are running to. Represent us but, here's where it switches up they, don't get to talk to us about what they're gonna do they're, gonna listen to what it is that we want and what we dream about for, our futures. And. They're. Gonna know at every stop of the way that. If they weren't listening then they're, not gonna be able to lead us later. We. Know that, when women come together. We. Are unstoppable. We. Are already the majority of this country we. Are the majority of voters we, are the majority of donors, we are the majority of volunteers, we're, the majority of people running for office and winning we are. The. Majority. And. So. It's time to change the only place where. We are not the, majority and that's, in the halls of power so. I, would. Like to now welcome to the stage one. Of my heroes. Payal. Telo who. Is from the National, Asian. Pacific American. Women's, Forum give, it up for piyo please. Good. Afternoon you guys. Good. Afternoon Atlanta. Hello. To everybody at home my. Name is payal and I'm happy to be here as a native of Atlanta and, I am with the National Asian. Pacific American. Women's Forum. Right. Now. Pop has been fighting for reproductive. Rights economic. Justice. And immigration. And racial, justice for, over 20, years. We. Fight for Asian, American, and Pacific Islander women. Girls. And gender, non-conforming folks. When. You win we. Win, when. We win you. Win, and. When we come together as a community to vote we, also win, for those whose voices cannot. Be heard. Each. And every single one of us despite. Our race has a right, to be represented by elected, officials who. See us who. Hear us and who, represent. Us the, way we deserve. That. Is why we must get. Out and vote. I'm. Here today especially, to. Call out on my fellow AAPI, folks, we, got to get out and Rock the Vote I'm tired. Of society. Implying that we reap the benefits, of the American Dream because. We keep quiet and we, don't challenge the status quo that, model. Minority myth it's. A tactic, and they, use it to erase us and neutralize. Our power. And, that's. Why allies, we. Need you to because. One in seven of us is undocumented. And we don't have the right to vote and. What. About those of us who do have the right to vote because, as you've heard and you know the people in power still. Try to silence us when we have that right to vote with, two words voter. Suppression. What. Does voter suppression look like it. Looks like one in four AAPI. People, being, turned away from the polls I was. One of those people I, know. How, hard people before, me have sacrificed so. That I can even have a right, to vote as a brown woman. Between. My role as a mother and doing. The work on the ground I stopped. At nothing to. Perform, my civic, duty it. Took. Me 36, hours of phone calls. Multiple. Uber, trips to, polling, locations, and they, even lied to me and told me my registration, status was fixed but. At the end of the day I fought, back and I won my legal right to vote. I. Am. Now a part of the fair fight action, lawsuit. I even. Published, a letter to the editor in a newspaper I called. Him out for, his cruel platform, on abortion, and I, called him out for trying to silence me last November, I, am. What, fighting against, voter, suppression, looks. Like. And. By. Supporting, this movement so. Are all of you. Become. A voter defender, with nappa and help, us make sure that the members in my community, are seen, and heard at the ballot box natpop, has 11, chapters across the nation and plenty, of ways for, you guys to get involved.

How. Else can you get involved, team-up, with super majority give it up they put on this amazing, event today. Team. Up with them so we can get on a nationwide, scale in, this fight, go. To supermajority. Dot-com, slash, pledge, get. 5 friends to do the same even if. You don't have 5 friends I know you have a mailman, you. Got a next-door neighbor because. Imagine the impact, we can make if each, one of us here and at home got, 5 people mobilized, to get out and Rock the Vote, and. I. Want to end on a happy note I have, to shout out my twin daughters Nadia, and Mariah, they. Are the future youngest. Members, of nappa. And they, insist on being part of the work because they say mom I'm a woman. Too. So. On behalf of my six-year-old, daughters, who, could not be here with us today because, of those broken systems, in place I'm, gonna, leave you with their, favorite rally champ so. I want to hear it from you we. Must organize. We. Must strategize. We. Will continue. To resist. And. We. Will win I. Believe. That, we will win I. Believe. That, we will win I. Believe. That, we will win. Thank. You Atlanta, it's been real. Hey, Thank. You Atlanta, for kicking off this bus tour in the way that only Atlanta can do thank. You. Thank. You to Stacey Abrams. Can. We give it up for Stacey Abrams I, thank. You pile for closing. Us out in such an awesome way. We. Just want to say we're. Done but this is really only the beginning and we can't thank you enough for turning, out so hard.

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