The Moon Festival Weekend Part 3/3!! (Ep 12)

The Moon Festival Weekend Part 3/3!! (Ep 12)

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On. This season, finale, of Vaughn, and Bibby, moon, festival edition. Part, 3, we. Had just spent a night in Joe fen and a lovely hostel, called my story in and we're now again on the hunt for more adventure, and for, our sins we found it in the form of beaches food. Crowds, buses, near-death. Experiences. And getting all and, so what kind of a show with this beep if we didn't give you the whole story. Good, morning welcome to part two of the, long weekend, they, still. In the hostel still haven't given you the tour the hostel, right now we're gonna go get the breakfast, or starving, woke. Up early because the people beside us were screaming. Check. Out this beauty by the way. Luckily. We didn't have to leave the hostel, in order to find delicious, fruit, and cheese sandwiches. After. Eating curiosity. Hat is going to check out the only other hostel, in Joe Finn but. I'll spare you the research, now it sucked, and they had spiders, big once they, did have a beautiful view, but so does everyone, in Joe fen it's. Raining, again. We, geared up for the rain and got on the bus our initial, plan was to go a couple of stops and see what goodies were available and what interesting, things were happening, we. Scrapped that planned in favor of seeing through Long Beach which was the furthest, from the hostel, and well out of the rain, making. Hairpin, turns, while clinging onto the side of a mountain like, a billy goat in a giant steel coffin brought, an entire bus, of strangers, together we. All peered, out of the window in silence, in a horror and collectively. We thought will, we make it, would. It help to give the bus driver and neck massage, maybe, then he would find the heart within himself to pick up his lead boot. That's. The kind of adventure I love, no. He, looks like a nice man but don't let that fool you is actually like a raging madman. Thirsts. For human suffering, so. We made it, where. Are we. Beach. Town about, I guess an hour bus ride from joy, pen Joe. Joe. It looks super nice. It's. Kinda like Florida, yeah, I'm gonna describe, if. Florida had huge, mountains. So. You know us by now we're on the hunt of food, I, think the girls are gonna coffee right now I'm gonna hit up an ATM but also did I mention that this is the last episode of this season, did. I just get robbed who knows but I didn't get any money I don't think it took any money yeah so anyway season two will pick up I think in October because, there's Aaron's birthday this Halloween Thanksgiving, we're. Going to Okinawa. November, so all kinds of stuff then, but don't worry about they I'll explain more at the end of the video for, now just to enjoy. We. Had a bowl of what seemed like chicken, noodle soup with a ton of cornstarch, in it it was strange and slimy but it was enough to appease the grumbling, stomachs. We. Then went searching for the beach which sounds, easy and it is but, don't fall into the tourist, traps. So. That beautiful walkway that you just saw with the nice bridge going. Over to the beach island. I was, playing Mexican music, you. Had to pay for it so based on principle, we're walking to the free place. Yeah. Especially. Like the. Amount that three beers cost. Seems. Ridiculous. That's, what we're trying to get to the. Beach we, keep getting close but then the road just veers, off in another direction or, you have to pay money. Doesn't. Want. We, didn't bring our bathing suits. I'm. Just gonna like splash, myself, anyways because it's humid. Whose. Water, is beautiful. We, saw the rain coming in the distance and decided, to get back on the crazy bus I think. There's a unique facial, expression, when you're pleading with God everyone.

On The bus had it making. The kind of deals that only make sense in a mind that is stunted, with fear one, more dinner man just, let me die on a full stomach I, thought and, by the way I've been meaning to call you I swear. A white. Car pulls in front of us slowing, our roll to a brisk but acceptable, pace I bet, someone on this bus is gonna have to go to church every Sunday for, the rest of their lives now that's. A rookie mistake. It, was mixed emotions, getting off the bus and into the kind of grain that makes a joke out of your umbrella. Enough. Rain was falling to, sink the Titanic and, while dealing with the camera, another bus nearly, killed me by pinning me against the wall, thanks, to Jermel for literally, saving my life. After, our near-death experience. We figured a calming, tea house would provide us some much-needed relief. We. Slopped our drenched bodies into the dainty seats of the lovely Joe fenty house it. Was hard not to feel classy here even, though we were far from it. The. Friendly, accommodating. Staff here taught, us how to perfectly, brew and pour traditional. Taiwanese, teeth. You guys are interested in the history of this place get ready to pause the video in three two, one. To. Get all that. Got, me together. We. All took a stab but sharing the intricate, process, of tea brewing before. Braving, the awaiting, crowds outside. If. You're, claustrophobic this. Is the place for you to conquer. Your fears. Joffe, an old street is pretty spectacular but, I guess that's what attracts the truckle of people the. Streets are narrow windy. Cobblestone. II and full of fantastic. Shopping and food options. After. Trudging through the loud moist, selfie, taking crowds we, reached the peak of old Street and saw, even more of the beauty that joven has to offer. But. Imagine. This. Yeah. I wish I could have filmed when all the umbrellas wrote and it was pouring rain but. There was no way I was going to be able to film. Mmm. Meet our newfound addiction. Quail, eggs props. To German for spotting these for us. Is. The best thing I might have had ever. Good. Job - mouth. We. Soon discovered, that Joffe and old street can indeed get busier I'm, assuming, a lot of this craziness, was because of the long weekend but either way being sardine, in here was not ideal to sarah least that. Was not, yeah. Too. Many people. Shopping. Like you were just you couldn't move any, direction. Yeah a little, much right now the, bids you at work all day. After. Chilling with our beers and soaking, in the view we decided, to give it another go. The, key to navigating, here is to waddle along hold. Your umbrella at half-mast and, shout, out military-style. Directions. To each other to power through. Like, very, different but. Yeah. Like a bunch of taro in there some beans. Thanks. My sweet potato. I don't. What that is. Luckily. Things. Had died down a little bit and we were able to try out some of Joe funs delicacies. Before, heading back to her hostel. Jemelle, what are you talking, us into right now alright, so we're, going in on Smith. Oh. My. God I don't look good this. Is not something, I would choose. Spicy. Good. The. Rest of it not, not feeling it. It's. Not like I can't explain it they can rubbery kind of something. About that I can't. The. Flavor is good though. There's a certain sense it is wet, like consistently. Yeah. Kind. Of cartilage if. You could if. You could make, a squid. Bang. A mushroom. Well. We made it safe, and sound back to the hostel, we're. Soaked ready. For wine, showers. Classic. Wine. Dinner. Jamel's. Getting a lesson on Canada, right now we've. Piqued our interest. We. Might steal her from the states. We'll. Take your melon you Americans, can have Justin, Bieber. Guys. Jenny is so rad lady that owns this place, amazing. We, got here to like have a draft beer that it's just something no sir, she.

Brought Us edamame, big. Beers that help, ourselves to war beer just don't fill it up at the top thanks, Daria yeah my story, in Joe Fenn there's, the cups. There's. The tops. Good. Morning again, we're. Just packing up our stuff at the hostel. It's. Another day with. A hundred percent chance of rain. And. We don't have any plans. We. Only have needs like coffee breakfast. Yeah. And, good chance. We. Have those morning, stairs. This. Is that, famous tea house that was in that movie. At, some point I, don't know. Well. I may in spirited, away. So. Famous. Tea house it's, in some movie somewhere everybody comes here to see it super clog really expensive is, it giving you some kind of visceral emotion. No it's really meet them it is beautiful, I've heard that it's nicer from the outside, than inside so. That's why we went to a different tea house yesterday, to do the whole tea house experience. That was more authentic and this, one that I just tourists. Enjoying, the outside there's, still a big serious we're still taking tourist, pictures for sure our girl Jamel is up there. I. Cheated. Up. Yeah. Last night this was a massacre, yeah. I almost. Crushed, a child right over there. We. Came back to the quail egg place from last night. For. Six quail eggs. Yeah. Skip the tea. Go. Right for the quail eggs. All. Right guys if you've ever wondered about. Who. In your coffee, here, you go so, they eat these there is nothing, for their beans. And food out that's, a distraction. If. You're looking for a shitty cup of coffee this, is the place if, you, didn't catch what Jermel said the beans are literally, picked out of no, thanks, there's no need for that I, can hardly walk through here yet somehow this, guy can just drive up crooked, motorcycle. There. Are times here where you wish selfie, sticks would attract, lightning I. Just. Realized, I never did take you on that tour of the hostel, so I'll do it now here's. The outside killer. Where, we often drink wine. Where. You leave your shoes and, get slippers. Run. This. Is the chill area, jemelle is. The office where you check-in. Obviously. Washroom. Hit, chin and. Then. Here. This. Was our bed. Here. Our. Lockers, a, tour. Of the hostel wouldn't be complete, without introducing, you to Jenny. Whoa. Jenny. Wotty. Wotty, of a yogurt temple, means oh boy. A lot harder to the current, momentum me, boys yeah-ha-ha coli. Alex. Now hotter than hot a YouTube channel no. Condition to ecology. Ha, side, transitivity. Television. Aha hello Judas is he, hi uncle, zero while you was a via the, majestic. Minnesota. Sitting need ok inside the channel panda say, unifying in Tyndall, to the channel lineage can Han pocket. Or semi Alex I tourism ah jokin, kucherov, why. You need. Well. We've packed up we've. Left the hostel. Everyone's. Sad to leave Jenny. And. It's a good spot to be like location is great. Yeah. To. Not be here we're going to the port that, elephant, elephant. Trunk rock which is right. There. Now. You would think that three clear-headed. Adults, would be able to catch the appropriate, buses to, get ourselves to a destination. That, we could literally see from, our departure. So. We asked, around. The. People say yes this is the bus T 99 with like total. Conviction, we, got on the bus and now we're halfway back, home Pepa. Yeah. Yeah. So basically we have to get on the train go, all the way back to the coats get, on a bus and then go to the rock but. We're gonna carve. Up on beer paper. Well. It's not all bad because we recently passed, a thousand, subscribers, on our channel also Dean and. Dean Big Time thank you to Dean a new patrons, subscriber. Of ours. Thanks, Dean I'll send you a message on patron, and don't forget to watch the little videos that we create, every, day on patron, tour just for you man and whoever. Else. Exactly. All. Right. What's, nice we're hitting up the train. Yeah. With. Jim, look. How happy you are with this little lantern right now. We're. Still in pinky because, we are all idiots. Yeah. Back. To the train station. It's gonna be an hour wait so. Now we've left the train station, or. At. The train station again. We. Got smart and we got a four pack of beer and. Taiwanese. Hamburgers, that. It's. Pretty good. Taiwanese. It's. That Taiwanese sandwich, but.

I Also heard Taiwanese burger there's. Like pork. Cilantro. Pink. Pickles and. Peanut. Sprinkle. Yeah, that's whatever. We. Made it. I'm in a pretty cool spot after all I'm by myself, Aaron. And your Mallard over there. And. I'm just chillin yeah, all. We have to do now is to try to not randomly, touch the emergency, bowel. Sitting. On the train and watching the exotic, scenery pass by the window, was especially nice after, we had spent our mental bounty, on just, catching, the train in the first place. There. Was enough time to just relax and gaze to the outside, watching, the people jump off the tracks with their lanterns, like we did the day before fed. My imagination. And I began wondering what their story is where they came from and what they're doing. Holy. Crap we made it or, well not I think we're one step closer. Yeah. At this point it's. Great I. Learned. That if you want to get somewhere in a hurry find, the taxi driver chewing, the biggest mouthful of beetle, nuts. Our. TWiki, little friend got us to Elephant Rock in record, time and at one point I thought he'd drive us straight up the mountain is, my, kind of guy. We've. Made it. We're, here I don't. See the elephant, yet Oh. Puppies. There's, nothing quite like feeling, an ocean, breeze and listening. To the sound of crashing, waves and for. Me the, promise of witnessing, anything, elephant, related, brings, on an uncontrollable. Sense, of joy. The. Rocks here super, cool a, little. Bit crazy. The. Wind is strong, the. Mountains, dark, the. Waves are big. Super. Cool I'm. Just happy it's not raining. I. Was. Mesmerized, by the bright blue water rocky, terrain, and obviously, the extremely, large elephant, I thought. It was totally worth the shitshow, of a day we had to get there. Serious. Step. Do. You guys also find it funny that our hostel, is right over there and we spent the entire day getting, here. The. Sun was sinking unlike, our enthusiasm. For eating we, looked for the busiest place that served seafood, and went inside for. The, first time in both of our lives were going to crunch through a little baby, fish head. But. Also the rest of the taste is so good. Oh beautiful. All. Right. Some. More smooshy like brains think crunchy, like sports ya. Know. Well. Once again all's, well that ends well, oh yeah. Saw the damn rock. It. Was actually really cool and, we had some seafood. Now. We're just walking through a slightly stabby, district. In Taiwan. Trying. To get back home before. Work tomorrow. We. Weren't in Taiwan, right now we would totally be stabbed. Chopped. Up in the little panel, they'd. Be harvesting. My organs right, now. The. Uber did come and if you're watching this we didn't lose any body parts, by. Jamel. We're. So close to home I can taste it. Oh, man. Freddie's. Shower. Pack. And sleep before work in the morning yeah thank God it's a short week at work no, kidding. We'll, talk to you later. If. You've watched the entire season, thank, you we're happy and surprised, that you join us on our journey. Our. New life in Taiwan has given us only good things to say about our experiences. Here our, little world expanded, drastically. The minute we landed and made plenty of room for all our new friends. We. Don't for a second, take for granted how lucky we really are. We've. Learned so much from the Taiwanese people like, how little is needed to be happy and even, on a dark rainy day everyone, can afford to give you a smile or a few minutes of their time. They've. Shattered, all the expectations. And assumptions, we broadly created. In our heads before we came here and has, caused me to wonder a little bit about Canada, I always, thought we were the kindest, and save this country a. Current. Market value, how much does empathy, cost in a shithole country, we'll. Save that for another video. We. Came here for the adventure the, experience.

And To have a high horse to ride on when we're too old to walk. But. What we're getting feels, much deeper. The. More I learned the more I realize how naive, I really am, the. Only thing I'm certain about now is that I'm not certain about anything. And. By. The way 9,000. Kilometers doesn't. Seem all that far after all. You.

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