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My unpaid. Instagram. Husband, loved you he, took a really cute picture by the tree. He's. Sweating from the price. I. Just. Taught dad about all the different foods in America, and we showed him pictures of. Sang. Gonzo's. Ate the, total. Pervasive, oak of Vietnam, one whammy. Took. Me. Oh. It's, almost time to eat breakfast, hey, he's. Learning, a lot oh. Now. We're gonna have Ricky you know me oh I need to cook mine I, need, to cook my food here. Alright. Here's where we're staying this. House here. There's. My honey bun look. At our family there's, that moms walking, around looking at the roses we're, just waiting for the uber now oh. Look. At she's a model. Huh. She's. Modeling in front of flowers but yeah we're waiting for him we're going to the White House, so. Yeah. So. We'll see yeah the White House and some monuments, today at the National, Mall I'm. Excited wow she's really posing. We need, alright we're walking towards the White House mom and dad just bought hats because of sunny their. Hats are Trump slogan so they, don't speak English they don't know what it means but I don't. Like their hats, but. They need it so they don't get too sunny. Today. Very. Very pleasant reading. 73-72. Or garden city 70, reported by Dodge City liberal 72. All. Right I think that White House is just right over there so. I don't know how good of a view we're gonna get it in I honestly, don't know where I'm going but, only. We can see something it seems like there's people over there so I think that is probably the spot. All. Right there it is. There's. The White House. It's. Hard to see but there it is. Where. Oppression, 30.00. Is rising, and no precipitation or about a half inch behind Gretchen. A pitcher head for the year and one in fifty three hundreds behind or for, the year so far a little. Bit of a change tomorrow and first husband, leaves some scattered showers today of course there's nothing showing up on the radar however, the satellite, photo was pretty interesting, for the western half of the u.s. rain. Showers to the shores. And. That wide band of early heavy snow owers know what will happen each, time that you see the frontal system on there that begins at six o'clock in the morning and then you'll see the clouds better until.

Two O'clock this afternoon. So as of that time of course the front was way off in the northwest now however is, moving, into the central part of the nation with a couple, of high pressure cells, behind it. All, right we're taking a, little break here on this bench. So. It's a bugger now. The. Water looks kind of weird though so here's the water we're sitting next to. Looks. Kind of dirty, please. Walking, over there. So. Yeah. Mom. And dad we have to make sure we take breaks for them because, they're old and it's. Hard for them to walk far which kind. Of sucks cuz this is a walking, area but we're, trying our best to like give them breaks when they need breaks and stuff so I don't know how long they'll be out today they might have to go home after lunch but we'll see. Yeah. But hopefully, even, when they go home maybe we'll come back. Okay. So we have the. Washington, Monument which is right behind me, can. You see it I had, to bend down good so tall so, they're just taking a little breather sitting, on the grass there and then, I think we're going to keep walking down to, the like. Water. Area, like this like a big water pool and the Lincoln Memorial is down there so I think we'll do that next and then maybe after that we'll have to stop for lunch because it's. Time. Yes. Twelve so probably after that, we. Start. Our day, off. And, the breeze is, making. We'd. Be the Instagram, husband. He. Doesn't like that I said. I'm making you be my Instagram, husband. Okay. Yes. Unpaid, my. Unpaid. Instagram. Husband, love you he, took a really cute picture by the tree. That's. The reflecting. Pool this is the Veterans Memorial then. Down there's the reflecting, pool going to the Lincoln Memorial so, annoyed it says don't go in the water to respect, the. Veterans. But everybody, is getting in the water. People. Are also works. I'm, a law-abiding, citizen so. What. A hot day I'm sweating, so we're just waiting for the uber now and then we're gonna go hit some lunch. Shoutout. To Kenny. Commend. Dad and mom dad's, gonna have a pork sandwich mom's.

Gonna Have a salad because she saw a. Steak. Salmon we decided, not to go with you. Every. Time we die. We. Make more than 30 minutes just now, so. Yeah now we're gonna show, you when the food comes hopefully. It tastes good this, is called what small farmers, founding. Partners. The name of the restaurant and, it's, like, Oh what is it who meat from farm-fresh ingredients. It's. A biodegradable. Straw right here. So. It's not plastic I'm, happy we're, not killing sea turtles today. We'll. Show you. Nemo. From our days having tactical, detonate. Oh. Yeah. Wait I thought you wanted chips. Is. It good is. It good, it's. A potato good. Creamy. Oh yeah. You. Did oh. Don't. Say that. Want. To mentor. White. Agnew. His. Face. What's. That. The. Mayonnaise. Let. Me see. Look. At my face is so hot so we just got back to our Airbnb. We. Ate at that restaurant the food was pretty good but the service was terrible, the guy was like so, weird like, our waiter like. He had no confidence in, what he was doing it was very strange so he. Didn't get the best tip from us but you know the food was okay so now, we're home here is so hot here in DC and we're just gonna enjoy, some cool air conditioning. And take a bit of a rest I don't know what we'll do later but I'm dying of being full and, yeah. What. You're doing love. Carly. Carly. Could. This be our darling. Okay. Yeah. You can't, operate your phone but this is Carly. This is Troy this. Is Carly, and we. Might be adopting, her, so. When we were at the restaurant we, got a call and we had applied to adopt. One dog a couple, days back and, he. Followed up this morning, and then, they called and said that that dog was no longer available but, her the sibling, was so. We're gonna call them back and see like, how it works and stuff so. We might be getting a dog hopefully. Fingers crossed I'm, very, excited, if this works out cuz she, looks cute so it's like a, mixed. Breed, not, just like any purebred. Or anything it's just a mixed breed that needs rescuing so, we're. Gonna try adding, and not shopping I know I mentioned before we were having a really hard time getting. Anywhere. With this but hopefully this. Works out so we'll keep you posted on what happens we're. Gonna give them a call I think we're gonna call them now or. Soon, okay. Hello. So we are out now it's just we and I we've. Just decided to come to Georgetown for a bit to check out the neighborhood and see what's around mom.

And Dad are at home resting so. It's just us. Tell. Me wheeze by, bike. Place, do. That mural. Yeah we all like small. That's. Crazy. That's. Like what mom said we're in the store because, we're expensive, she said. All. Right we're home. I just turned on the air-conditioner. It is so hot. In DC, as I said we had ice cream for dinner then, we just took the uber back and, our uber driver was so funny and cool the, name is Albert he came, to the u.s. from Ghana, and man. Was he funny so he was just making us laugh the whole time which was cool and. Now we're home so I'm gonna get ready for bed it's like 10:30 I think yeah. It's 10:30 so when I get ready for bed and then tomorrow I think we're gonna go to the zoo in the morning and, then. I'm not sure exactly the afternoon, but, we'll see. Right, yeah it's a really good good. Day today I'm. Tired though it was a long day and. I. Think we mentioned something about the dog earlier we. Ended up talking, to them and saying that. Maybe it wasn't a good fit because the kind of dog it was we, looked it up and it. Was like a mix between a. Cattle. Dog and a Corgi, but those are both herding, dogs and they, tend to nip at like small children so we're. Not having kids like anytime soon but a dog, is a commitment, for like 15 years so, I wouldn't want to have him for like 4 years and then have kids and then the dog nips at them so we. Decided not to get that dog even, though we were approved for it so we could have got it but. I guess we, just have to be patient. And make, sure that we get the right breed because we don't want to make a decision, that's just like oh let's just get it and then end up not getting a breed that's suitable for our life so. We're. Still looking for a dog, hopefully. Soon I'll. Keep you guys posted but, anyways I hope you guys enjoyed seeing our second, day of Washington, DC, and I'll see you guys tomorrow for the third day.

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je vais m’abonner a ta chaîne et activer la petite cloche :-) Pourrais-tu en retour t'abonner à la mienne ? J'ai mis en place un nouveau concept grâce à la monétisation : 1 abonnement = 1 repas pour une personne sans abri. J'ai fais une vidéo pour t'expliquer ça te dit de participer ?

How beautiful wife you are !!! Hope you are always happy

Xem kênh chị học tiếng anh được luôn

Hai Anh chị đẹp đôi lắm ạ

I can't believe you let them but those hats! Lol

Hey, what can I do? There was no other options that they liked for style so I just kept quiet. When mom found out what it said she was like "oh my god!" hahahaha but you will see in the next vlog that something VERY FUNNY happens to her hat! Stay tuned!

Trẻ vậy sao lấy chồng sớm vậy em ,)))

Audrey Nguyen có phai là ( "bởi vì chúng tôi yêu nhau và muốn tiến hôn nhân" ) ,

Mình không biết nói bang tiếng việt. .... because we were in love and wanna get married. :D

I am a Vietnamese and i'm really u

Thanks so much!

Chị định có baby chưa


Con dâu Úc dễ thương.

Oh thế à. Trong video là ông xã bạn à

Không phải là con dâu Úc, mình là người Mỹ nhé.

Happy weekend to you all

Thank you so much Elisa! Enjoy your weekend too!!

chị ăn gì mà xinh vậy

I personally love the hats

Thanks for always supporting, Katheryn! I hope you had a nice day!

Your in laws wearing "Make America Great Again" hat? LOL Was Donald home? LOL 2 Ice-cream cones for $15! It's Georgetown--the posh area in DC. I think a lot of people in Congress live there.

lol NO HE WASN'T HOME! haha he was in Singapore with Kim Jung Un when we were there. lol and Georgetown was fun but so pricy!

Cái chi này mời bố mẹ ăn cơm mà mình chẳng thấy cơm đâu hết.chị này vui tính nhỉ?

I like the pond and the lawn , it's relaxing. Is picnic allowed ? I don't eat often ice cream , I buy it in the supermarket and take the cheaper one , not picky at all.

Better be careful , do you know the " barbecue Becky " buzz ? ( if not see the videos on youtube )

I don't see why they wouldn't let you have a picnic there :) It was very relaxing there. haha yeah the supermarket ice cream is always cheaper!

DC looks real cool, Audrey

It was fun, I still want to go back though because I didn't get to see everything I wanted.

Chị xinh thật THANKS

Gia đình của bạn thật hạnh phúc vui vẻ.... Like like.....

Thanks! :) Nếu bạn muốn hoc tiếng Anh mình sẽ làm videos trên kênh mới ở đay:

chị ơi làm video nói tiếng việt đi chị nói tiếng anh nhiều quá ko hiểu gì hết hicc

Em muốn học nói tiếng anh không? Chị sẽ làm video dạy nói tiếng anh nhé! :)

Audrey - your interactions with your in-laws are so genuinely and cute. Love your personality.

:) I would say we get along pretty well, which is a lucky thing! :) Thanks for hanging out with us!

Thanks for sharing your videos . My wife watches your videos too ! Bye from Australia

And thanks for watching and supporting! I love having you here! I hope you and your wife have a beautiful day! :)

A perfect couple! Congrats to you both

You're making my night!!

Audrey Nguyen don't let anyone tell you different. And yw! Glad you guys had fun

Thank you! :)

Audrey, are Huy's parents Bac ? If so, I am too!

Yes! From Hai Phong originally!

Audrey I didn’t even realised until you mentioned it to me in the merch “poll”, that our fam was about to hit 30k!! Congrats Audrey! We were just waiting to celebrate 20k.... what happened!?? haha but I’m so happy that your channel is receiving the love and attention you absolutely deserve!!!

haha I know! It's so crazy!! I will be making a 30k video but it probably won't be what I originally envisioned since I only got 1 video submission. :/ But I plan to do a giveaway to celebrate!

Cool toothbrush where did you get it at ?

Thanks, it's made from bamboo, I ordered it on Amazon!

Audrey, really love the interaction between you and your in-laws. It's beautiful and genuine! Also, gotta say your vlogs have really been improving from a visual standpoint. Doing great! :-)

Thanks, I appreciate your support and am so happy you are noticing improvements! I want to learn more about editing but it takes time to figure it out. I will keep working hard to make the vlog even better in the future! :)

Your father-in-law is hands-down the chillest person ever :)) His personality is so cute and positive. My fam and I just visited DC like a month ago. It was beautiful up there :) Hope you're having a ton of fun traveling with the family and also safe travel!!!

haha yeah he is chill! I love that he got into the vlogging too.


YES! haha it's my favorite ice cream brand! I would rather have this once in a while than a not-so-good ice cream every day!

Your family is so cute I love you guys

Thanks, Haf!

He has a real wife. that looks like the vietnamese pgair

Audrey Nguyen I like people like you. Keep trying

Thank you so much! I will keep working hard! :)

Audrey Nguyen Your vlog is great. try to grow. I will always follow and support you. wish success


Gia đình cô đang ở mỹ ạ

Audrey Nguyen gia đình cô vui vẻ quá, chúc cô và gia đình luôn mạnh khỏe và hạnh phúc

Dạ, nhưng mà bay giờ gia đình về Việt năm rồi.


:)) it was

So happy. Love a lot

Thank you!

You look so pretty: earrings, dress, and lipstick look so good on you.

Thanks! I was loving it!

Very Audrey Hepburn-esque in the shades and dress! :-)

Thank you! I felt very fashionable!

Such a nice video, Minh Anh !!!!

Thanks, Ron! Long time no chat! How have you been doing recently? :)

Love your dress.

Thanks, me too!

Nice shot of the Lincoln Memorial! 'Founding Farmers', catchy name, food looks good. The waiter might have been new on the job. $15.00, WOW, let's bring back 'Dairy Queen'!

Yeah I enjoyed the food (and the astronomically priced ice cream)!!

Audrey, make Biscuits Gravy n Oatmeal for ur parents in law, they’re good for elders!

Haha I don’t think they will like it!

Hello it’s Georgetown and Haagen Daz... I use to live in Fairfax in the mid 90’s... jumping on the metro to go into DC was fun

Lol yeah it was insane!!

a cute couple

Cảm ơn bạn nhé!

Ban noi tiếng Vietnam gioi qua .

Thanks :))

I live in DC I hope I can see you in the street one day and say hi.

maybe next time if you ever do a meet up in dc i would love to come.

Awww we are not there anymore but if we come back maybe we will cross paths!

$15 for two ice creams? You've got to be kidding me! I know prices are high in the cities, but yowza that seems a bit too much. Lots of interesting things to see, though. Very cool.

Yeah this was a whole other level!

Yeah it was crazy! If we saw the price before we might have thought twice about it but they put the price all the way down at the register!! So sneaky!

Doodah Gurl $15 ice cream? Geezus christ, and ppl say everythings expensive in California?? Not even close...

Trời đấc ơi..!

Beauty country Beauty guys


You have to learn to say backward in Vietnamese, for example, ơm căn = ăn cơm. Try it and you'll surprise your in-law or try it on Huy.

Or say, you gotta go "buc co"!

I asked Huy and he says his mom does that sometimes!

Rx Vlogs huh? I've never heard that method before :vvv

You're so energetic and hilarious, AN... I'm your fan fan..

Thanks, Steve! I appreciate the love!

You should take your in laws to Eden Center

I wanted to but it was so far from where we were staying and they got tired really easy. I want to go there sometime though!

you paid so much because youre at georgetown lls

Yeah it was insane!

Loved this vlog! I’m not far from DC so it was cool to see all the familiar places in your video montage. Summers here can get super hot and muggy. DC is really accessible by metro so if you ever come back to visit, you may want to try taking the metro so you don’t have to walk or uber everywhere. Anyway, glad you all had a great time and I love your dress! Keep up the great work!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked this vlog! I think we will for sure go back to visit again sometime since it's not super far away from NJ. I would prefer to use the metro but since we were with mom and dad I didn't want to get them lost because they get tired very easily. Are you in Virginia?

Hai bạn có baby chưa? 45 minutes to an hour from DC depending on traffic

You've a nice voice and house and happy family. Congrats !

This house is just a rental! Haha but thank you!

chị đẹp gái. chúc gia đình luôn hạnh phúc, ấm cúng ❤❤

chị đảm đang quá

đi tham quan ở đay có phải mua vé không chị

Cảm ơn chị Audrey. Em đã đăng ký kênh để học Tiếng Anh

i love audrey so much! i want to married American girl!

You two are so cute! :)

Washington DC có nhiều viện bảo tàng miễn phí nhé.

Bạn viết Tiếng Việt chuẩn không cần chỉnh. Mình thì xem video của bạn để luyện tập Tiếng Anh. Thanks for your videos.

Thank you for watching!

Awww thank you! Hope your dream can come true!

Hehe thanks!

I live in Maryland, you were so close to me!

Awww maybe I can come back soon!

Please introdue me a Amercian girl! I love you! what a beatiful lady!

Hey, Audrey. I have been doing quite well recently. I have changed my job since May after traveling to Thailand. I am working hard now to pass the probation first, and then to be able to adapt to the new field, environment asap. Hope you are doing well over there. Take care !!!

Audrey Nguyen in Vietnam there are a lot of people who want to learn real English conversation so they've watched your videos but they can not understand perfectly. Can you make English subtitles on your videos?

thích chị quá đi


Bố chồng chị dễ thương quá.

You should get the corn bread next time at founding farmers!!


Audrey Nguyen có đi chị cho tụi em ngắm với.

E nói toàn tiếng Anh chị không hiểu nhưng vẫn thích xem video của e thấy nó rất dễ thương mong một ngày gần nhất em nói toàn tiếng Việt để chị được hiểu về đất nước em nhiều hon

30$ , i can eat 100 cheap ice cream. Oh wow

chào chị

Minh Anh so cute

Em cười dễ thương


I loved this!! getting ready for my day trip today :)

I hope you had a nice time!

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